Jan. 18th, 2016


Jan. 18th, 2016 06:55 am
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... I was watching a show about talking rag dolls. And ... loving it.

On Saturday I had a chance for a sudden unplanned shopping opportunity, so I pounced on it. It was a window-shopping trip in the end, but I learned something important: what I want the most that's available is online. I was scouting for things to use my share of an amazing $100 gift card present given to all of us on, but I couldn't turn up any of what I was hoping for, including the Star Wars books I want. Barnes and Noble has greatly reduced the amount of Star Wars books they have just since last year. Considering the new movie, I find that rather odd. (Unless they're just low after the holidays and haven't replenished yet?)

But anyway, so I determined that nothing other than The Persuaders! would do. I looked for it at F.Y.E. and Barnes and Noble without success. I can't figure out how to use the card online, because I'm asked for the name on the card, and I figure Dad will want to put his name on it, and that could look sticky when I'm the one ordering. So we pretty much decided that I'd get what I want and Dad would give me the cash in my account for my share of the card money. The Persuaders! was down in price too, so it was the perfect time to buy. I had wanted season 1 of Get Smart to go with it and The Saint book I wanted to read, but Amazon is being greedy and decided no one can get that unless they have Prime. Aurgh.... So I decided I would finish my collection of Phoenix Wright manga at long last. Then I can start on the Miles Edgeworth volumes. (I had a weird OCD idea that I needed to read all the Phoenix ones first.)

I also still have a Build-a-Bear coupon and gift card money, so I decided to stop in there and see if I wanted Pikachu since Muffins hasn't been re-released yet. Pikachu is cute, but in the end I really didn't think I wanted him, especially at his price. I was getting worried about the time and needing to eat, so I didn't stay to debate longer over other options, but over the weekend I've thought and thought and come up with two things.

One, I could get the other members of the Honey Girls band so that Teegan the purple cat/tiger will have her friends. They're the same price as Pikachu, but they're bigger and seem more worth the price (especially after I take $5 off with my coupon).

Two, I could get the blue-haired Lalaloopsy doll. I never considered buying any of those until the sweet girl who gave me the coupons suggested I might like them. I meant to research them and see what they actually were all about, but I didn't get that done before the shopping trip. I liked the looks of the blue-haired one, but I didn't want to buy until I knew more what she was like.

I did the research over the rest of the weekend. The line sounds really cute; it involves these living rag doll characters that were sewn from scraps. Part of the purpose of the line is to teach kids that things can be repurposed and deserve a second chance. There's also a TV show, and well, I found it and watched a couple of episodes. I also saw a couple of random clips. The end result? I think the thing is adorable and I love the blue-haired character. I wish I'd done the research before; if I had, I likely would have bought her on Saturday. Hopefully I'll get another chance to go up there soon.

One interesting thing about the series is that it sounds like all the characters are voiced by children, instead of by adults trying to sound like children. Unfortunately, that makes them sound a little wooden sometimes, but it also adds to the adorable factor.

I honestly seem to have a weakness for little kids' morality plays. I love stuff like My Little Pony, Care Bears, Thomas, and now this. Of course, I loved Ponies and Care Bears and Thomas years ago, so that's all just continuing interests from before. I dunno; it's just really nice to escape reality and watch cute things where problems can be resolved and friends stay friends. I guess it's part of my burn-out on really dark things. While I like stuff where characters are thought dead and then aren't, I think mostly I like that in oneshots so the payoff is soon and you're not in torture being dragged through chapter after chapter of character misery. I like slice-of-life and conversational fics and other happy things. That said, I do want to finish that Sole Survivor-inspired fic I started writing. Somehow.

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