Feb. 17th, 2016

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Now that I've seen all the Persuaders! episodes, I decided to go back and watch A Death in the Family since it was the first one I saw. I thought I'd see how it holds up having watched all the others.

I still don't like the black humor; I'm just not into that and don't find it funny. But ohmygosh, the hurt/comfort scene! It's even more special having seen all the episodes. For one of the only times, we see Brett drop that calm, cool, and collected attitude and show the worry he's feeling. His expression when he sees Danny lying on the ground ... ! And then he runs over calling to him and kneels down to examine him and exclaims, "At least he's alive!" And then Danny wakes up and is dizzy and Brett is all worried asking him if he can walk.... I think that was about the moment I fell in love with the show when I first saw the episode. And it will forever be one of my favorite moments. Just think how Brett goes from saying to Danny in one of the earliest filmed episodes that maybe he cares about Danny's safety only so he can hate him alive to being so visibly concerned and worried and fussing over Danny asking if he can walk! It's just so beautiful. I love, love, love this show.

But it does present a problem, as in that episode Danny meets Brett's uncle the Duke for the first time. Originally my first Persuaders! fic was supposed to be set after all of the episodes, but now that I've seen all the episodes I see that the way they interact in it only makes sense if it's earlier on. But the Duke is in the fic briefly and mentions that Danny is like family to Brett. So ... what do I do now? Rewrite some of the dialogue so it's later on in the series, or change the Duke to a different relative, or ... ? **headdesk.**

Also, I dreamed about Ginger and Lou yesterday. I miss them. I put them in one scene of my Saint fic and it was so much fun to have them around again. I wish I could get unstuck on the current fic I was writing for them so I could move on to some other ones. I periodically get stuck on the long installments I write with them, and then finally I get unstuck and write a whole bunch more. I want to write another conversational fic and have Ginger react to Lalaloopsy. LOL. Then I just have to decide if that's something Mike watches as a guilty pleasure or if Ginger found out about it through some other means. I don't think I've run into any guys who like Lalaloopsy yet, but I imagine they could like that just as easily as My Little Pony or other shows usually directed at girls.

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