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Mar. 8th, 2016 03:54 am
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Reason #1001 why I love Kojak: He says to a horrible crooked lawyer, "When you're ready to drop by, call first. You'll feel right at home; we have cockroaches." Later in the episode, he fights with an evil fly and finally gets it with the telephone while talking to Stavros on said telephone. (Oh, poor Stavros.)

Interesting to note that all of the poor main guest character's grief with the lawyer could have been avoided if his wife had only trusted him like she should have. But on the other hand, the lawyer was pulling the same horrid stunts with many people and needed to be brought down, so it was good that what he was doing was brought to Kojak's attention. And at least the wife eventually realized she wasn't being fair. Meanwhile, even though the husband was being put through outrageous hoops by the lawyer, he was worried about his wife and saying how the long drawn-out court actions must be Hell for her.

And I managed to get in on McDonald's Pony toy promotion this year! I got Starlight Glimmer. I was looking for her and Coco Pommel especially. Suri Polomare was also available, but I wasn't really interested in her. I'd be curious to know exactly how she turned from being an apparently nice Pony to a rotten liar and cheat, but since she has a very obnoxious speech pattern and showed no remorse for what she did, I doubt I'd be interested in her unless she's given some more development and shown to still have some good in her (like with Coley Rodman and certain other antagonists I'm intrigued by). Hmm, maybe I should try writing a fic with her, since I really am interested in her backstory. Maybe she'd even end up being a female Snakes for me and I'd really enjoy writing for her and get more interested in her. She does definitely have the potential to be at least somewhat like a female Snakes. I had kind of wanted the brushable of her, in any case, but it doesn't seem like we're going to get it in this area.

Starlight has certainly had an interesting season. She was definitely one of the most disturbing antagonists due to her complete belief in her twisted ideology. Then, after she stalked Twilight for revenge all through the season (!!), they ended up reforming her in the season finale. I was extremely skeptical of her reason for getting so messed-up, honestly. It was horrible that her childhood friend left her as soon as he got his Cutie Mark and never even talked to her again, but it seemed a little hard to swallow that one event made her decide that all Cutie Marks were evil and should be done away with, etc. etc. If it was the final straw in a long line of things, as JP suggested, that would be more believable to me. In any case, it also seemed hard to swallow that she could flip her ideology so thoroughly in such a short amount of time after being so insistent in it and so bitter at Twilight. But ... I do love reformed antagonists and she does have potential for interesting things down the road, so I'll go with it.

A lot of people started insisting that it looked like Starlight was going to appear in season 6 and might even be part of the main group. I remained skeptical of that too, but she is definitely going to be in the two-part premiere, at least. And I have to say, if they do a good job developing her like they did Sunset Shimmer, she could very easily become a favorite of mine. In any case, I thought I'd like a figure or two, so that's why I went for the McDonald's one.

Speaking of season 6, by the way, all those rumors of a year-long wait between seasons was nonsense. Then we heard a May release, but now we know the season premieres on March 26th! Squeeee! That's the day before Easter. Ponies and Easter are just so right together.

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