Apr. 16th, 2016

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So today I've been doing some serious YouTubing and finding awesome stuff with darlings. I started out Huluing and watched Don's Night Gallery episode before moving on to YouTube. One thing I failed to find was so much as a clip of Don's Little House episode, but I did learn that the popular two-part episode The Lord is My Shepherd was from the same season (season 1). I have a pre-recorded VHS tape of that saga, given to me as a child, and I remember that back in the day when I used to watch the show on the local PBS affiliate, I wondered why scenes were missing from those episodes that were present on my video. This tells me two very important things.

1, The episodes on TV were cut. Therefore, the tapes we have around here that my sister recorded from the TV are most likely also cut. Even if I find the tape with Don's episode, it may have scenes missing, possibly something with him.

2, I was absolutely watching religiously during season 1. There is very little likelihood that I did not see Don's episode. That would mean I "met" him probably the very first of any darlings (with the possible exception of Roy Stuart, since I used to watch Gomer Pyle before kindergarten. However, I have no memory of watching the color episodes at that time, which would mean I did not see Roy then).

I think that if Wal-Mart still has season 1 for an epic price on Monday, I'll buy it. Don is most definitely a darling now and I keep craving to see more of him and his character on Little House is supposed to be adorable. Which of course only makes the death all the more upsetting and means I will probably try to find any loophole possible to save him after watching said episode. Screw the fact that the crew wanted him to die; I don't! Especially if the story is completely fictitious and it isn't something Laura wrote about. I guess I should try to find that out first of all, since if it was based on something she wrote as having happened, I'd have to accept the character death.

I just find it so intriguing that in every case so far, all of the people whom I especially liked so many years ago eventually find their way back to me. Or rather, I find my way back to them. I'm sure that I would have liked Don's character, and maybe when I see the episode again, I'll remember it and him.

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