May. 13th, 2016

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Recurring locations are one of the weird but cool things I experience in dreams. Another is recurring characters/ideas/fan products.

Yes, fan products.

For the second time I dreamed about reading through a fanfic someone else wrote about Ginger, Lou, and Mike. I received an email from the person in the dream, thanking me for my interest in their fic and mentioning they liked my characterization of Ginger. Then I got out their fic, which I'd printed, and was flipping through it.

There were some scattered comic pages in it, including at the beginning, where Ginger was awakened in the middle of the night by some weird sound and was irritated by it. Lou and Mike also had a sister, around Lou's age or maybe a little older, named Donna. She lived with Lou and apparently Ginger did not live there too, but was visiting. He lived nearby, though.

The main plot of the fic concerned someone who was always being nasty to Mike and involved Lou and even Ginger being annoyed with said person and trying to help Mike not take things to heart. By the end of it, he was able to feel better about things.

It was the same basic fic as the one from the first dream, so the dreams were definitely connected. I don't recall for sure whether Ginger really didn't live there in the first dream, though. It seemed a bit like the fic I read in the second dream was a revised version of the original.

Weird dream, kind of weird but nice fic (aside from Ginger not living there), and I woke up thinking that it would be kind of nice if someone else wrote about/drew the characters too and we could share that fun. But on the other hand, sometimes it's nice being the only one, since I have a particular verse and vision for them and probably wouldn't like reading fics where some key things are different (like Ginger's residence). I have to admit that if someone either had a vision similar to mine and/or wanted to write a fic set in my verse, I would be totally thrilled.

Along those lines, it was pretty fun when I found other people who liked writing about Baby Face and his gang. I guess with The Monkees being a cult favorite show and not having many episodes, it allowed for oneshot character love more than some other series. Number of episodes doesn't necessarily mean that will happen, though; The Andy Griffith Show has 249 episodes and the fans are pretty fond of anyone who stops in for so much as one episode or even one scene in one episode.

Anyway, even though I'm the only one who writes about those Rockford characters (and am honestly one of only a handful of people who write about The Rockford Files at all), I do love that I can talk about those characters with Ladyamberjo, who watched the episode so she would understand what I was talking about. Of course, I enjoy talking about them with other people too, but it is particularly nice when the person fully knows what you're talking about.

And speaking of revising fics, I really should go through my multi-chapter Rockford fic and alter it so Ginger always says "Michael." That is the one thing I most love about the script version of the episode, because it feels so right. When I wrote that fic, I hadn't read the script and I knew it didn't sound right for Ginger to say "Mike," but for some idiotic reason it never occurred to me to have him say "Michael" instead. I also want to change where I intimated that Ginger and Lou were still crooked; being the first thing I wrote about them publicly, characterization is raw and a little different. After that fic, I determined they were definitely going completely straight (aside from Ginger's feeling that he needs to still have guns around for protection, even though as an ex-con he isn't supposed to have them). And I also definitely need to alter an actual screw-up with the episode, where I said that Donny Waugh had never been caught. He was, as mentioned by Mr. Wrongko in the episode's tag. So I need to change it that he was caught and served time and now is out, as opposed to still being on the lam.

I had previously thought I needed to alter that Dennis is still a sergeant in the fic instead of a lieutenant, but maybe I can leave that one alone. If we assume that each season is approximately a year, then perhaps I can say that my fic took place near the start of season 5, shortly before Dennis was made a lieutenant. Then that fits pretty well with my Hawaiian fic taking place shortly after a season 6 episode and taking place after that first fic. I had already kind of determined that Ginger and Lou probably only served a year or so in prison before their company approached the warden with the idea of letting them out early on the condition that they would be re-hired and build up the Los Angeles branch of the company, since they were advanced and skilled graphics designers with over twenty years experience in their field.

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