May. 15th, 2016


May. 15th, 2016 07:46 pm
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I decided to write a silly "two characters are forced to share one bed" story with Ginger and Lou. Naturally it bears some similarities with that old Detective Conan story I did, but some things I left solely to that story. I don't know why that silly cliche amuses me so much, but it does, and it's always fun to write something like that in a platonic light. Now I need to decide whether my next piece should be one of the heavy ones or another lighter, slice-of-life one. I've been getting a lot of plunnies for the table lately and I'm thrilled.

I still wonder what I'll do once I've finished Table 3. I'll probably still want more, but I've already scooped out the best of the Table 2 prompts for the other two tables. I suppose I could put in all the prompts I didn't use on those tables and maybe cobble together another complete Table 2 from that, but I probably still won't want to write for some of those prompts any more than I did in the past. But I've tried to find other communities and I don't like any of them as much as I like [ profile] 100songs. Plus, with it there's the awesomeness of the mod giving her blessing on people just choosing their own claims and starting to write without having to get mod permission first. Most other comms have just plain died, yet I worry to just jump in there and start writing without mod permission if they haven't officially posted that it's okay to do that.

I also started trying to make the Mike plushie. I've been having a lot of trouble with it. I'm still not so sure the expression is right; it didn't go on as good as the practice ones did. Sigh. I posted a few progress pictures here, along with a picture of Mike for likeness comparison:

I also watched The Queen of Peru again and tried to calculate distances and such to determine how far apart Ginger and Mike were during the shooting. Logic says they could not have been very close, yet the camera angle seems to indicate otherwise. I try to blame that on time and budget constraints, because it just really doesn't make sense. I wrote up a whole post about what I'd calculated about distance and such, but I'm not sure whether I should post it. Overall, I think I'm just driving myself nuts, which is about what I was afraid would happen if I ever tried to examine this element in more detail, and I should just accept what I've recently determined about it and move on from it, as I've had the characters do. I felt a lot happier when I went back to focusing on the current point in the timeline instead of dwelling on the past.

One last notation, though: in thinking about it, and how you can see Mike has a bandage and there's just a small amount of blood coming through, that makes perfect sense when thinking that maybe one little buckshot pellet went deeper than it should have done. It makes no sense whatsoever if someone was shot at close range with a shotgun. Of course, it's '70's TV, there's constraints and censorship, etc., but since they bothered to show some blood at all, they could have easily shown some more if the injuries really were absolutely horrific. I think I shall take this as my final piece of evidence that Mike was not shot at close range and leave it alone from now on (unless I decide to do the one final thing and put up my post on Tumblr).

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