May. 25th, 2016

Uh oh....

May. 25th, 2016 07:24 pm
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Ty's small Twilight Sparkle plushie suffers from the great indignity of the wings being placed too far down on her back. Apparently, however, some particular copies get it right. In Walgreens on Monday, I found one Twilight out of the four they had where the wings were placed in the correct position.

I kind of want to go back and buy her, if she hasn't been sold yet.

I already have two Twilight plushies. Indeed, I have two of almost every character, in both Funrise and Build-a-Bear sizes. (My medium Twilight is the talking one instead, however.) It is highly unusual for me to have two of any character, but I make exception for many of the Pony characters because the brands make them so differently. (And I still wish I had a third Shadow the Hedgehog that is both a decent cuddling size and furry....)

Twilight is my absolute favorite; I only love Sunset Shimmer anywhere as much (and possibly more). The Ty Twilight is tempting because she's small and would be a good traveling size, if I wanted to take a plushie with me on the go somewhere. I am still frustrated with myself for passing on the sitting down Aurora Twilight when Smith's had her for $10. I thought it was too much for the size, and it was, but after seeing other prices I've realized she was a bargain. I keep checking Smith's floral department in case they get one again, but I haven't seen any more of her. (The Ty Twilight is smaller than her, costs $7, and has brushable hair instead of cloth-sculpted.)

Also, I watched The Friendship Games in the morning and I renewed my feeling that I really like Sugarcoat and I want a doll of her. She intrigues me because while she's blunt and kind of rude, I kind of had the impression that maybe she was trying to help human Twilight improve herself, at least at first. (I grimace at some of her later comments and actions.) And then by the end of the movie, the students from both schools seem to be getting along better.

I'm not sure which doll, though, because the basic one is styled better, leg-wise, but the deluxe ones with bendable limbs are so nice. But of all the idiocy, instead of giving her real tights or even leaving her legs skin-color below the cloth shorts, the deluxe doll has tights painted on, which looks really stupid on a bendable fashion doll's legs. And in addition to just looking stupid, it irritates me because another intriguing thing about Sugarcoat is that she apparently has no desire to have her legs mostly bare; she wears what looks like the boy's uniform trousers underneath the short skirt. The doll having really short shorts kind of spoils that aspect. (And then the Basic has a short skirt, if I recall.) If I had some extra tights from a different doll, I could give those to her and that would disguise the awful legs. But I don't want to take the tights from any doll currently wearing them and there are no extra pairs.

Another problem is that I think Toys R Us is the only store in the area that carries either doll at all, they only have the deluxe, and they often don't have good enough sales. I don't think they'd be clearancing anything, since they tend to keep the dolls from the previous movies even when the merchandise for the new ones starts coming in.

Sigh. Well, I'll keep thinking about it.

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