Jun. 5th, 2016


Jun. 5th, 2016 06:38 pm
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So I was reading over some of the early Ginger and Lou pieces, the [livejournal.com profile] 31_days set, and there was one where Lou mentioned he was surprised to think of Mike as a gamer. It fit at the time, but after much more fleshing things out, it sounds too unbelievable that Lou wouldn't have known that, as by now Mike has been pegged as a gamer from childhood. Maybe I could modify the line to Lou not knowing Mike still had an interest in gaming. That would work, maybe, because I have it that Lou and Mike kind of drifted apart for a while and Mike didn't confide in Lou so much because he thought Lou was happier with Ginger and Mike felt left-out, which were the feelings Donny Waugh preyed on to get Mike to eventually betray Lou and Ginger.

It's interesting to see how things developed and changed from what was written in the earliest fics. I try to have things match up, but sometimes it doesn't quite work. I can definitely sympathize with things like George Lucas deciding he wants to do some things differently than he had originally planned on to begin with, since I keep discovering that happening with me. I don't always agree with his decisions of what to alter to match up with his new ideas, but I do understand those feelings.

I also realized that saying that my first multi-chapter Rockford fic is set in season 5 won't wash, because there are references to season 6 events. That means that I really do need to get in there and promote Dennis from Sergeant to Lieutenant, because he definitely was a Lieutenant during the time frame of the story.

Another thing I really need to fix is at the end, where Lou is asking Ginger how he got the nickname Ginger and Ginger reveals it isn't a nickname. It doesn't make sense, because it would have come out in the court trials that Ginger is his real name. I hate to change the scene because it's funnier the way it is, but the illogic of it bugs me.

Also, I'm not sure I can ever watch Gilligan's Island without madly giggling at places where one wouldn't ordinarily madly giggle, because Ginger is Ginger Townsend to me and hearing the name Ginger will always make me think of him, not a female actress or any other character named Ginger.

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