Jun. 17th, 2016

... What.

Jun. 17th, 2016 04:41 am
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So Wal-Mart has a new, paperback-bound set of the first three Nancy Drew Diaries books. I haven't ever tried them because I've heard that they're not as dark/heavy as the original series was and I'm not in the mood to see the series kiddie-fied in a series that isn't even the one marketed towards very young children. But I couldn't resist a peek. For a minute it actually didn't sound too bad; they even described Bess and George's luggage tastes pretty accurately: Bess was fashionable and George was sporty.

But then it got weird. George got worried about her laptop and Smartphone and hurried to dig them out of her duffel bag. Bess got annoyed and commented that they would be on a cruise with beautiful scenery and there wouldn't be a lot of time to look at cute kitty videos on YouTube. George retorted that they might need the technology to help Nancy research something.

Um. Their personalities like, totally flipped. George looking up cute kitty videos? That is a sarcastic crack the likes of which George herself would make. I can kind of see Bess excited about beautiful scenery, but it still doesn't seem right. I just can't feature her saying that to George, or George being more interested in technology than the outdoors.

There was also an odd part where some college guy is interested in Bess and she doesn't react. Nancy is thinking that Bess doesn't fall for just anyone. In the original series, though, she kind of did. She was always crushing on every cute guy that came along. Now in this case, maybe it's not such a bad thing to have this Bess be different from the original series. But it's still a little jarring, especially combined with the other incident. This also sounds more like George.

I dealt with the George character basically being Bess in the TV series, but somehow I'm not crazy about seeing their personalities flipped in the books. One more reason why I'm not too keen on this new series. Why can't they just make it like the original series, save for being in first person? Sigh. There's a reason why the original series is the one that lasted for decades, while the other attempts faded away within a few years.

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