Jul. 7th, 2016

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So I finally got my Mikey figure! I've been looking for a Basic one for a while now, without any weird gimmicks. (Seriously, why do we have tongue-popping, eye-popping, spitting figures? Why can't we have Turtles figures with gimmicks that are actually cool and relevant, like the old ones that actually performed ninja moves? Those were awesome! My Donny is from that line and he cartwheels.) Then when I found a couple in a new shipment at Wal-Mart, I still had to wait because money has been extremely tight and I couldn't spare any for fun stuff until I was able to find more things to write at Textbroker. On Saturday I was relieved to finally be able to bring Mikey home. For the last couple of weeks or so, I've been tensely watching the figure section and making sure that the ones I put away were still there. (I put them both away with the idea of choosing between them when I could actually buy one.) I had my other Turtles figures gather around for the de-carding and it was pretty fun having them "reunite".

I also discovered my Raph is now plasticizing, which is not fun. **cries.** But at least it's more logical for an old figure like that to leak plasticizer than it is for figures I bought new nine years ago or so to do it. I've got red plastic dripping off of Vincent's cape and it is not cool at all. I wonder if it's something in these Japanese-made figures, because they are the only semi-recent figures doing it. The American ones don't do it for 20 years or more. (My Raph is 25 years old, actually. Oh gosh, I feel old.)

And I should never judge any series by the first episode. I've been watching more of my 2003 Turtles episodes and the characters are definitely better in the others. Raph seems to have calmed down after his experience in the fourth episode of almost clobbering Mikey in a fit of rage. He was horrified, just like in the TMNT movie with Leo, and he went outside screaming, "What's wrong with me?!" He's been nicer to Mikey since then. Also, Mikey is definitely more likable since the first episode. Maybe I'll like this version of him this round. I loved in the fourth one when Raph accused him of thinking he was better and Mikey said No, he didn't think that at all; Raph was just too cocky right then. Maturity I wouldn't have expected from Mikey.

I also re-discovered the 1987 series. I found a disc with ten episodes in the $3.74 bin on Tuesday, and unlike a previous, similar disc I found that seemed to mostly have episodes with tropes I hate (shrinking, April getting weirdly mutated), this disc's episodes sounded intriguing. I decided to buy it. I knew I'd seen that series sometimes and must have liked it; I saw that before I ever saw the first movie (I think). The 5th season opening seemed really familiar. I like to think I remember watching the show and not that I just saw that opening on YouTube several years ago or something. And the episodes ... oh gosh, they are absolutely priceless crack. One has Shredder getting zapped by his machine and ending up thinking he's Mikey! It's just so nuts it has to be seen to be believed. Another has Leo and Raph traveling to a fairy tale world to get a crystal they need to neutralize Kraang's ray gun and Raph is horrified by everything. ROTFLOL. I almost want to stick Ginger and Lou in such a situation just so Ginger can react to the three men in a tub flying overhead and getting kidnapped by the Giant and other totally bizarre stuff. Of course, it would probably have to be one of F.O.W.L.'s virtual reality worlds, but it would still be highly amusing.

I haven't finished the disc yet, but I love it and all its wonderful, cheesy, 1980s escapism. As much as I like Shredder being a more serious villain as per the 2003 series, I also like him being human instead of something like Kraang. And I have to admit, I always liked April being a reporter. So there are definitely things I like about the older series and now I think I want to get some of the season sets Wal-Mart has for amazing prices.

I also kind of want a plushie in the style of the 1987 series. I still need Donny and Mikey, and there is a Donny in that style. Unfortunately, he's fleecey and not furry. I don't really like the fleecey feel for plushies. Of course, neither is really accurate for turtles, but furry just feels so gloriously soft and wonderful. I'm debating whether to get the fleecey one anyway. It would be kind of nice if all of my Turtles plushies had different expressions, instead of Leo and Donny having the same basic expression. But the Donny in the same line as my Leo is only $9.97 right now if I order on Wal-Mart's website and ship for free to the store like I did for Leo. And he would definitely be furry. On Friday, I plan to go feel the fleecey Raph that Wal-Mart has (and check to see if there are any Donnys behind him) and try to decide which Donny to get. (Of course, if I got the Build-a-Bears for both Donny and Mikey, there would be different expressions. But I don't even know for sure if I want to buy any from their new line; I need to see it in person. And I've never been crazy about Nick's re-design of Donny, so I'm not sure I'd want a plushie that clearly depicts those changes to him. Also, I'll be lucky if I can just get one of them from Build-a-Bear. They've hardly sent any usable coupons in ages and then even with one, money is still way tight. I've only bought two plushies from them this year, and both were paid for largely with gift cards and coupons.)

And on to fic issues. I'm writing a new Perry Mason fic based around a dream I had. I've never liked how short-tempered and angry Andy is in season 8, and I've headcanoned that he's stressed from taking the reins from Lieutenant Tragg, and that Tragg was seriously hurt to prompt Andy having to take the reins. The dream involved Andy finally snapping and screaming at a murderer because of all the stress. So the fic details the case that led up to that scene. My problem is, I'm trying to decide whether Perry's client should be innocent, as they were 99% of the time in the series (yes, there were a couple of guilty clients), or if this should be one of those few times where the client is guilty. Andy hates Perry's law-bending antics in general and he feels that way even more as the stress builds up. He also hates that Perry is defending this particular client, because the case involves an old man being beaten to death and Andy just can't handle that right now, especially while still worrying about Tragg. But if the client is innocent, as per the usual formula, Andy will probably look more like a fool and a jerk than ever. If the client is guilty, it might look like I'm only doing that to try to make Andy look a little better. So I'm not sure which way that element of the story should go at this point. I've planned the story out in just about every other way.

Also, I kind of want to do the utter crack crossover of Kojak/TMNT. Kojak reacting to the Turtles would be kind of epically awesome. He would wonder WTH at first, but I think they'd end up getting along and he would be one of their allies in the city. Kojak is already a fictional series in my main verse (Ginger and Lou watch it), so such a fic would be in my fantasy/magical people verse instead. Which is just fine with me; as much as I love and adore the Turtles, them being real just wouldn't fly in my main verse. As for Kojak, though, sometimes I wish I hadn't made it fictional in my main verse because it would be fun to have Ginger and Lou interact with Kojak. But I needed to keep some series as fictional so they could be discussed, and I chose that one as one of them. Of course, I could always retcon that....

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