Aug. 22nd, 2016

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The final scene of Knock, Knock is really cute. (Which is good, because that is seriously one of the creepiest episodes I've seen yet. It needed a sweet ending.) And Peter also shows a much better side to his personality in the second half of Station Identification. Slimer is also squeeable in that one, rushing to save Peter when he's in serious danger. There is something both sweet and sad in how Slimer is so nuts about Peter no matter how much Peter yells and threatens. And apparently Peter does care deep down, as shown in these episodes and also Slimer, Come Home. (And probably many more.)

Also, the more I watch the series, the more I think the new movie was drawing more from the series than the original movie. As I mentioned, the new movie and the series both have character-bonding stuff. Then the Egon counterpart is blond in the new movie, just like the series. And I think I finally determined that the Ray counterpart is Abby, and Ray was heavyset in the series like Abby. (And bringing the original movies into it, Ray got possessed in the second one, like Abby in the new one.) Ray and Egon pal around a lot and are excited by science, like Abby and Jillian. Erin, like Peter, was more skeptical and really wanted to stay out of things. (Of course, unlike Peter, Erin became really gung-ho later on.) And then I can't really draw a personality parallel between Patty and Winston, but of course they are counterparts. Unlike the other three in their respective sets of friends, they don't have fancy degrees. But they are every bit as valuable to their teams. Patty is probably my favorite in the new movie, while Winston is still second-favorite in the series. (Egon is still my favorite in the series, naturally....) I liked Winston in the movie too, but you didn't really get to know him much there. Which was really sad, because the actor signed on because of being given an earlier draft of the script where his character was more prominent.

I am so in love with the series version. So much friendship squee and creepy ghosts and family-friendly content. Yay!

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