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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a very short blurb about Bryn Watson thinking on Mr. Wye following The Odd Man Affair. I've meant to post it here but hadn't yet. I'm going to do it now, and following it will be a silly oneshot I wrote sometime back where Ecks and Wye fight Siegfried and Shtarker of KAOS, LOL. I posted that on Tumblr in the past, but someone here showed interest in seeing it, so I'm putting it up here now too.

By Lucky_Ladybug

Bryn Watson had always been leery of the man known only to her as Mr. Wye.

Even when the Resistance had been forced to use people like Raymond's group during the war, she had tried to steer clear of them as much as possible. Of course, there hadn't been anything for it when she had needed to deliver packages and messages to Raymond's people. She had always gone obediently and tried to get it over with as soon as she could.

She had dealt with most of the group at one time or another and she had to admit that she likely knew more about them than almost anyone else who wasn't actually part of them. More than once she had heard Mr. Zed giving Mr. Wye instructions for some mission or another or laughing in delight over the thought of some destruction. Really, he was almost as bad as Raymond in that respect.

She had always thought of Mr. Wye as Mr. Zed's right-hand man and probably just as much into the chaos. He had never said or done anything to alleviate that opinion. Certainly his last hours alive had proved that he was a sadistic and disturbed man. He had never taken much apparent notice of her during the war, but when they had encountered each other on the London bus and then at Zed's house, he had most certainly noticed her. Imagine, going ballistic on her because of his "show" in Hyde Park being interrupted! She hadn't even had anything to do with that. And regardless, it was such a shallow motive for more than one assault.

It was only later that it was suggested to her by Napoleon Solo that Wye really hadn't had anything against her at all and that he had lashed out at her because he had needed someone to blame and only she was there. It was also suggested to her that his fury really wasn't about his show being interrupted, but the reason why it had been interrupted.

As she gazed down at her sleeping children, she found she could understand Wye better than she had ever thought she could. If he had felt even a fourth of the rage she knew would sweep over her if one of her precious children was harmed, it made all too much sense that he had snapped. Rumor had it that Wye had looked after and trained that other, younger agent, the one Illya Kuryakin had stabbed in the park, and that Wye had thought of him much as a younger brother.

She couldn't say that it was true, as Wye had always been a loner when she had known him before, but she certainly couldn't say that it was not true. Perhaps Mr. Ecks had been someone Wye had really, truly loved. Enemy agents weren't always made of stone, after all. They had feelings and they loved, just as any other normal humans did.

She gently brushed a lock of her boy's blond curls away from his face before she straightened and crossed to the other bed. After adjusting her girl's quilt, she quietly walked to the door and into the lit hall. As she rested her hand on the doorframe, she found herself whispering a quiet prayer under her breath for the strange Mr. Wye and the mysterious Mr. Ecks. Perhaps in death they would find each other once again, and perhaps then, Mr. Wye would also find peace.

Clash of the Spies
By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: The characters are not mine and the story is! This was inspired by watching Get Smart and imagining that Ecks and Wye probably got into the same kinds of weird situations that Napoleon and Illya do. Then I thought of them encountering the weirdest and most amusing KAOS agents.

Ecks and Wye had certainly been in some weird situations during their years as spies. Just like Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, they had often been detained or almost executed and had to use their wits and gadgets to get out of it. Even so, as they stood with their hands tied behind their backs and stared at the German agents ranting and raving and arguing with each other, they both had to wonder what manner of madness was this.

"Und now we will see the sheer and utter brillance of KAOS's new scheme!" exclaimed the one in charge, who seemed to be around the same age as Wye. He raised his hands to the ceiling in an overdramatic gesture.

"Ja, Siegfried!" cried the other, who was both broader and younger. "We will launch our special satellite signal into space and override everyone's television programming with our own! Then everyone will be under our control and do whatever we want in our quest for international supremacy!" He cackled delightedly and rubbed his hands together.

"Shtarker!" wailed Siegfried. "This is KAOS! We don't-" He copied Shtarker's mannerisms. "-Here!"

Ecks and Wye exchanged a Look. "Beggin' your pardon," Wye said now, "but you've got some ruddy lofty goals. And I thought the organization we worked for had delusions of grandeur!"

Both German agents turned to look at him with a jerk. "Silence!" Siegfried bawled. "You don't even work for them anymore! You're both filthy traitors!"

"Even when we worked for them, we often had trouble with other extremist organizations," Ecks remarked. "THRUSH often got in our way. But I don't recall ever dealing with you people before."

"Because we hoped you and THRUSH would cancel each other out and we could pick up the pieces!" Siegfried retorted. "Instead, you betrayed your organization and U.N.C.L.E. took it out right on the hills of that! And THRUSH is still going strong!"

"Alright, alright," Wye grunted. "Nevermind."

"Just . . . what are you going to do with us?" Ecks asked warily.

"You will remain our prisoners and watch us conquer the world!" Siegfried replied. "Once our plan has gone into effect, we will kill you both!"

Shtarker made a gruesome sound and drew his finger across his throat. "Just like that!"

"SHTARKER!" Siegfried screamed. "We don't-" He copied the sound effect and gesture. "-Here!"

Wye turned to Ecks. "Is it just my imagination or did the walls shake just now?"

Ecks had to smirk.
It was awkward sitting with their backs to each other while tensely waiting for doom to fall. KAOS agents rushed around, readying their claimed base for the satellite launch. They barely paid attention to the prisoners, much more interested in the thought of hypnotizing the entire world.

"So what do we do now?" Ecks grunted. "They removed any of our gadgets they could find."

"Yeah," Wye scowled. "But did they get it all? I think I was wearin' my diamond cufflinks. . . ."

"Well, that's just great, if you can pull up your coat sleeves to get to them," Ecks said dryly.

"I can't, but maybe you can," Wye replied. "Try it, Ecks. If you can pull up one sleeve, I'll see if I can use the cufflink to cut you loose. Then you can untie me."

"Alright," Ecks said hesitantly. "Just try not to cut my hand instead of the rope."

"I'll try," Wye said, his voice thick with dry sarcasm. "It'll be really easy when all I have to do is feel around behind my back and not see a ruddy thing."

Ecks struggled to maneuver his hands to grasp the hem of the wool sleeve. "Got it," he announced at last.

"Good," Wye told him. "Now all you have to do is push it up past the cufflink."

In their position, that was easier said than done. But Ecks did his best to oblige, leaning forward to give his tied hands more leverage. "I think that should be enough," he said presently. He eyed the KAOS agents. "We'd better hurry. Just because they're ignoring us now doesn't mean they'll keep at it."

"You got that right. Okay, now hold as still as you possibly can," Wye instructed.

"Don't worry, I will," Ecks shot back.

Wye forced down the nervousness as he felt for the rope around his partner's wrists. Finding it at last, he struggled to position the cufflink on it and begin to saw. "This is a heck of a lot harder when you can't see what you're doin'," he grunted after a moment. "I can't tell if I'm really accomplishing anything. I just have to hope I really am. Leastwise, I know I must not be cuttin' into you."

"You're not," Ecks confirmed. "But this had better not be a case of the power of suggestion."

The rope started to part moments later. Ecks strained against it, finally managing to pull free when enough strands had been severed. "You did it!" he exclaimed. He turned around quickly, untying the ropes around Wye's wrists.

"Perfect," Wye grinned. "Now to give these maniacs what-for." He gathered the rope pieces and stuffed them in his pocket, just in case they would come in handy.

"We'll need to get to that console over there," Ecks said, looking across a glass railing and a gap in the floor to where KAOS agents were milling around and making sure every dial was positioned exactly right.

"And when we do, you can work your computer magic while I hold 'em off," Wye smirked.

"The question is, How do we get over there?" Ecks said.

"Usin' nothin' but our wits," Wye replied. "And maybe a little one-two punch, if we can get that in."

Ecks grinned. "We'll get it in." He slipped forward to the path leading around the gap in the floor, walking completely normally as though he belonged. Many of the KAOS agents didn't give him a second glance. Any that did were promptly karate-chopped to the floor and relieved of their weapons.

Wye cackled. "You cheeky devil." He punched a KAOS guard who was just reaching for his communicator to call for backup.

Ecks half-turned and smirked, pulling his fedora slightly lower and pushing his sunglasses up. "You know how they say that the best hiding place is in plain sight." He turned back and rounded the corner.

The rest of the trip to the console room was surprisingly uneventful. Ecks wasn't sure whether to think he and Wye were walking into a trap or not. But as they reached the door, they paused and hid on either side of it, listening to Siegfried rant and rave inside.

"In just five minutes, Shtarker, five minutes, we shall see the most incredible thing KAOS has ever developed!"

"What are you going to do once everyone in the world is under our control, Siegfried?"

"Not 'everyone in the world', Shtarker! Everyone with a television set or streaming Internet connection! . . . Which is almost everyone, granted. But they will do our every bidding! They will act completely normal to everyone who knows them, but secretly they will be working for KAOS!"

"Oh, that is an evil plan," Shtarker grinned.

"I know!" Siegfried said proudly. "The best part is that even the goody-two-shoes in CONTROL and U.N.C.L.E. and other counterspy organizations will be affected as well! The Chief of CONTROL and Alexander Waverly and all the others will really be working for KAOS!"

"I like it!" Shtarker exclaimed.

"We don't," Wye said smoothly, moseying into the console room.

"Not at all," Ecks added, going in with him. Each held a weapon stolen from one of the knocked-out KAOS agents.

"SHTARKER!" Siegfried bellowed. "How did the prisoners escape?!"

"I don't know, Siegfried," Shtarker exclaimed. "I've been here with you!"

"Well, nevermind that right now," Wye said, calmly pointing the gun at Siegfried. "That's a right twisted plot you've got goin' here. But I don't think it would've amused me even during the time we were workin' for that organization, since I'm guessin' we would've been affected by it as well."

"That is correct!" Siegfried humphed. "And we would have taken great delight in hypnotizing your entire organization!"

Wye nodded. "Nothin' I wouldn't have been expecting. So just tell us this: how do you keep your own people from bein' affected?"

"All KAOS agents have been debriefed against hypnosis," Siegfried replied. "They know it's coming, so they can't be affected!"

"Right handy, that," Wye drawled.

"But you're not going to have the chance to test it out," Ecks said with a certain amount of glee. He held his gun on Shtarker. "Both of you, get on the other side of the room."

Seemingly sullen, Siegfried started to move. At the last minute he whirled, a remote in his hand, and pressed a button. "I do not think so, Herr Ecks!"

Ecks stiffened, staring at the forming picture on the monitor without moving an inch.

"You did it, Siegfried!" Shtarker exclaimed happily. "You have placed the traitors under our control by using our computer demo of the hypnosis program on the satellite!"

"Not both of them," Wye snarled, his voice dark and cold as he spat a string of British curses at them. He took aim, shooting out the monitor. "I realized what you were doing and I didn't look." He looked at the frozen Ecks and a chill ran down his spine. "You just completely surprised Ecks or you couldn't have got him."

"Yes, that is how he was stabbed in Hyde Park, I believe," Siegfried sneered. "He doesn't handle surprises well. Not a good trait in a spy." He placed his hands behind his back and started to walk around Ecks. "Alright, Herr Ecks. Now you are under my control. You will respond only to my voice. Kill your friend."

Ecks slowly turned, raising his gun at Wye. His sunglasses obscured his eyes, but perhaps that was just as well; Wye wasn't sure he could bear seeing the boy look at him so blank and unfeeling. Still, he wasn't able to give up. "Ecks!" he exclaimed in desperation. "You're better than this. Come on, you won't hurt me. You can't! You'll never forgive yourself. And I'd never forgive myself for letting it happen so you'd have to suffer through it."

Ecks stood doing nothing while continuing to clutch the gun in his hand. Suddenly he came to life, spinning around and shooting up the console. "Sorry, Wye."

"WHAT?!" Siegfried screamed, even as Wye stared in joyous and disbelieving amazement. "What is this?!"

"Siegfried, now we cannot launch the satellite!" Shtarker cried.

Ecks turned, firing at them now. "You said that your agents couldn't be hypnotized because they knew it was coming." Siegfried and Shtarker scattered, returning fire as they dove behind equipment. "I may not have known specifically what was coming when you turned on the monitor, but I knew it wouldn't be good. So I steeled myself for it. You see, usually I can handle surprises well."

Siegfried rose up, firing at him and screaming curses in German before ducking down as Ecks fired back. Shtarker got off one round and then dove behind a desk.

Wye joined Ecks in firing, sneering at their enemies all the while. "Take that, you bleedin' trash. You tried to make Ecks shoot me. Even though he's a better spy than you gave him credit for and he didn't get affected by your tricks, I'll never forgive you for tryin' to put him through that."

"What kind of spy are you?!" Siegfried demanded, firing at Wye now. "You don't even care that we were trying to kill you?"

"It don't make me very happy on general principle," Wye replied, "but that kind of thing happens in the spy trade. Still, that don't mean anyone hurtin' Ecks is goin' to get off easy. I'm much angrier about that than about you tryin' to off me." He fired at the sprinkers overhead, breaking one open and starting a shower across the room.

"Oh no, Siegfried!" Shtarker wailed. "All of the machines are going to short-circuit!"

"And we are going to get out of here!" Siegfried yelped, pressing another button on his remote. They ran through an opening panel in the wall just before the consoles started to spark.

"We'd better get out of here too," Wye said, grabbing Ecks by the arm.

"I'm perfectly alright with that," Ecks declared.

They ran into the hall, where chaos was reigning upon KAOS. Agents were scrambling in all directions while alarms sounded overhead, desperate to get outside as the sprinklers throughout the entire building started to come on.

Wye sneered up at them. "This is the perfect time to leave this place," he said. "No one's payin' attention to us."

Ecks grinned. "There's an exit over this way." He led Wye back down the corridor to a door he had noticed marked Exit. They ran through and safely outside, where they didn't stop until they were in their car and Wye was pealing out of the parking lot.

"Well, that's over and done with," he said. "We'd better never have to tangle with that bunch again."

Ecks sighed, leaning into the seat. "I really am sorry that I had to make you think I'd fallen under their control."

"Eh. Don't worry about it, Duck. It was the best way to catch 'em off-guard." Wye gripped the steering wheel tightly as he drove. He repeatedly checked the rear-view mirror, but without need. They were not being followed.

"I know, but I know it hurt you." Ecks slowly pulled off his sunglasses, sticking them in a pocket.

"It helped save us both in the end. You're right, it hurt, but the relief of knowin' it hadn't really worked more than made up for it."

"I hope so. I wouldn't have done it if I'd thought there was another way." Ecks closed his eyes, resting against the seat.

"Let's just hope that there won't be any more of runnin' into this KAOS," Wye grunted.

"I'm sure Siegfried and Shtarker hope that," Ecks giggled.

Wye shook his head. "Makes you wonder what might happen if we ran into THRUSH again now that we're independent agents. You know, I bet we tangled with them more than we did with U.N.C.L.E. or any do-gooder organization like that."

"I think so," Ecks mused. "They were always worried that we were going to cut in on their rackets." He opened one eye. "And as much as I despise our organization, I have to wonder why outsiders think ours is worse than THRUSH."

"Yeah. Talk about extremist! I'll never forget the time THRUSH actually threatened to release some kind of gas all around the world that would've made everybody unable to reproduce." The expression of disbelief on Wye's face was obvious even without him fully turning to look at Ecks. "Maybe the ruddy thing wouldn't have worked anyway, but they were pretty sure it would. And alright, so a lot of humanity is stupid and probably shouldn't be allowed to breed more stupidity into the mix, but can you imagine anyone tryin' to bring the whole human race to a grinding halt like that?"

"Maybe they planned that they would take an antidote and the only generations after that would grow up in THRUSH." Ecks sounded dark and cold. "And they would've eventually created more orphans like me, children forced to stay and grow up there under pain of death if they didn't."

"I wouldn't have been surprised." Wye stared into the distance. "I've got no interest in gettin' in romantically with anyone and creatin' kids, but I have to say I'm glad U.N.C.L.E. put a stop to that plot."

"I'm glad they broke up our organization too," Ecks added. "That made it safer for us to try to start over fresh."

"It did at that." Wye sighed. "Who'd have ever thought we'd have any reason to be grateful to U.N.C.L.E., after what Kuryakin did to you?"

"Who'd have ever thought Kuryakin would save my life the next time he held it in his hands," Ecks remarked.

"Yeah," Wye said soberly. "As far as I'm concerned, we don't owe him anything, since he was paying you back for saving Solo . . . and since he never should've stabbed you in Hyde Park in the past. Still, I expect that if we see him in trouble in the future, we'll do something to help him out."

Ecks nodded. "I think so." He smirked a bit. "I wonder if he and Solo would believe that we stopped a doomsday plot today."

"Maybe, since they know we get hired for jobs and do them," Wye said. He smirked too. "But I sure hate to think of Siegfried and Shtarker trying to explain to their superiors how they were beat by a couple of traitorous chaps."

Ecks grinned. "Only you're really loving the thought."

"So are you, I imagine."

Ecks closed his eyes again, enjoying the rolling motion of the car. "Yes," he said. "I am."

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