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I had another Once dream today. This time I wasn't even thinking about the show consciously, but I still dreamed of it. It was another season 2 dream, and it was set in a beautiful snowy, wintery scene similar to that one I documented some time back. It was supposed to be Storybrooke, but there was either a big house or a castle that was very prominent. I'm not sure whether that was Rumpel's place or someone else's, but there weren't any ominous feelings about it.

In the dream, I was introducing Mom to Once and I had decided for some reason that season 2 was the place to start. Of course, this wasn't the season 2 of reality. In this season 2, it seemed like the characters still hadn't figured out who they were in regards to their fairy tale counterparts. Episode 1 seemed to focus on Mary-Margaret trying to solve the mystery about herself. Also, Rumpel and David had both gotten injured somehow and were at the hospital, and for some bizarre reason, both of them had decided to sleep in the windowboxes under each of their respective windows. WTH. Rumpel was very mysterious, as he was in season 1, and someone was talking to him about what he knew and Rumpel seemed to want to make a deal. Or maybe the other person proposed the deal. Hmm.

Mom loved it and I wanted to show her more. But then Dad came up during a scene where The Evil Queen was onscreen and I flipped it off, because even in this different Once, I knew Dad probably wouldn't like what we were watching and I thought it better if it wasn't on when he was around. Heh. (In reality, I don't think I'd ever show Mom Once, although I've told her about it.)

There was some other influence from reality, as I remember thinking and longing for a plotline where Rumpel sacrifices himself for the townspeople and Belle is able to revive him a la Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to write the story if they didn't ever make it. In reality, of course, Rumpel already did sacrifice himself, the last time I really liked the series and not just a stray episode, and the townspeople really didn't care or appreciate it. And they're far worse now (using Belle to force Rumpel's hand in the Underworld arc is the most repulsive last straw; that is not the behavior of true "good guys", especially when Belle actually considers them friends! UGH), so I wouldn't even think they'd be worthy of Rumpel trying to make such a sacrifice for them now.

It's kind of both funny and sad, the deep impact this series made on me. I swear I wasn't even thinking of it yesterday (I even forgot to post the discussion post on Sunday, oh dear), and it still crept into my dreams. Subconsciously, I obviously feel extremely badly about what happened to it, even more than I do consciously.

And ... I don't know, I am seriously heartbroken that they decided to make Robert Carlyle's Trainspotting 2 haircut a plot point in the series instead of just giving him a wig until it grows out again. Maybe it's shallow, but the long hair was one of the first things that attracted me to Mr. Gold. I would have been fascinated by that mysterious, well-dressed man in season 1 no matter what he looked like, but the hair was the icing on the cake. And it made him stand out more from all the other men, since I don't recall any of the other regulars had long hair. After all the OOC changes they've heaped on the character since season 4, the hair was just about the only thing still the same about him. Stupid, but I think in the back of my mind that was always a slight comfort, like the one constant about the character that they wouldn't change. And now they've gone and done that too.

I've always felt guilty for liking the character at all, but I will continue to remember him as he was in the early seasons, especially when he was trying to turn his life around, before the creators deliberately had horrible things happen to him because he was trying to do the right thing (as they admitted they did).

Date: 2016-10-26 12:28 am (UTC)
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hey for the record, they noticed Whale's sudden transformation when Zelena went into labor so of course everyone's going to notice Rumple's haircut, besides how else would they have explained anything, he wasn't in the most recent episode (though Zelena and the Evil queen were gossiping about his haircut, I'm thinking "Have either of you seen him at all in this episode?)

if only Morpheus didn't open his big mouth, we wouldn't be dealing with Rumbelle's latest know I'm starting to wonder if the reason is because Belle is afraid the unborn child will inherit Rumple's darkness.....but then again I don't think it works that wa

on the other hand I like where they're going with untold stories because at least they're getting some other ones out of the way. On Sunday they finally gave Aladdin some love (and it made me sad because next year is Aladdin's 25th anniversary and Robin Williams isn't around anymore) I wonder what else they'll work on untold stories wise,

I think my friends feed has slightly changed, usually there's a big red square whenever there's comments

Date: 2016-10-26 12:38 am (UTC)
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As I said, they could have given him a wig until his hair grew out again. There was talk of wondering if they would do that, so it wasn't an unheard-of possibility.

I am actually intrigued by the idea of their unborn child being a character in things. And I can't blame him for being worried, all things considered. The last two seasons have just been a trainwreck for Rumpel's character. And it's hard to say what Belle's thinking. I am just exasperated by everything they've done to those characters.

That's good. Yes, I heard they were doing Aladdin stuff this season. And that is very sad about Robin Williams' absence on this milestone.

Hmm. I couldn't help you there; I still refuse to accept the new style of Friends feed and I still do the old version.

Date: 2016-10-26 01:13 am (UTC)
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Ooh, a castle in Storybrooke would have been so intriguing!

Mary-Margaret trying to solve the mystery is intriguing (and makes me thing of Ginny's character from Zootopia, Judy the bunny cop, heh)

Yeah, my dad would never have the patience for Once, either.

And indeed, Rumpel and Belle were treated really poorly by the main cast. Ugh.

It certainly seems like it. *hugs*

Yeah, the haircut didn't jive with me, either. It makes no sense why they couldn't have a wig; that's what Matt Smith did when he had to shave his head for a play but then had to come back and film his final DW episode. You couldn't even tell he was wearing a wig!

*hugs* Indeed, I wouldn't feel badly about liking Rumpel up to and including the end of 3A. Sigh. Someone pointed out that the way the 3A finale had been done was such that they could have easily made that the series finale, with the open ending of Hook finding Emma being how it ended. ...I really, really wish they had done just that.

Date: 2016-10-26 01:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

LOL. That is a really cute movie.

I can imagine.

Totally. And what's worse is that they're rarely ever called out on it, so one wonders if the creators even realize how horrible it is. I think the only time anything was done was when Belle chewed them out in The Bear and the Bow, but that was never really followed up on as a plot point.

**hugs back.**

Yeah, I really wish they had done that. Sigh.

I remember you mentioning that! It would have been really interesting had they done that. And it would have spawned so many intriguing fanfictions.

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