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I meant to put this in the earlier post, but somehow forgot (of course). I think one reason why Once's decline affected me so seriously is because it was the only modern live-action show that I loved enough to keep following for so long. I remember trying three shows that season, and only Once made it past the first season. I loved the characters on all the shows, and I probably would have continued watching the others as well had they continued (but I might not have in the case of Pan Am, as I was just so aggravated that it turned into a primetime soap opera instead of the more adventurous and character-focused show I had originally thought it would be), but Once was the one that spoke to me the most. I saw the ads for it on before it premiered and it looked so intriguing that I wanted in, which was a rarity for me and modern TV. I was onboard from the very first, championing it from the first and encouraging others to watch, and I was so intrigued by it and the characters that in spite of whatever problems I had with it (and I did have some), I stayed. When it declined so badly, it was seriously disillusioning and felt like a slap in the face and a betrayal. And one more reason why modern TV is not my favorite thing and I prefer older shows. Not that they're perfect by a long shot, but I've certainly been less disappointed by them.

Sigh. And then I've never understood why it's so hard to find merchandise for the series. The soundtracks, for example, are seriously rare. I've never seen them outside of the Internet. I just did a search for them on and eBay, hoping that by now the season 2 soundtrack would be cheaper. Instead, it's more expensive, and the season 1 soundtrack is really outrageously priced. And we don't even have any figures, except for those Funko POP things that I'm really not crazy about. Why can't we get some real action figures, like we finally got for Lost? If the show is really so popular that it keeps getting renewed long after its quality decline says it shouldn't, why isn't the merchandise easier to find (and exist)? So illogical.

Date: 2016-10-26 07:44 pm (UTC)
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I know what you mean about "Once Upon a Time." It was so different when it first came out, a novelty like nothing else. I watched the first two years and enjoyed it. Then it morphed into something else. The eps were almost boring. My theory is that the writers only planned on so many episodes. Then the show was picked up for any season and they weren't ready for it. They were grasping at straws, so to speak. I quit watching it altogether. Just doesn't hold my attention anymore.

Date: 2016-10-26 08:41 pm (UTC)
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I think you may be right. Even in season 2 it started to do that morphing; the latter half was overcrowded with characters and strange plotlines. The first half of season 3 was so bizarre and confused that I was tempted to drop it then, but I liked enough things about it, especially Rumpelstiltskin's arc, that I kept on. But the second half of season 3 was too much and I did drop it then. I've kept up on the news, but I haven't been impressed in the least.

Date: 2016-10-26 09:00 pm (UTC)
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I'm not crazy about Funko Pop either, weeks ago, I was at the mall, and almost every store was selling Funko Pop stuff, it was driving me crazy. Yeah I'm not even going to give Funko Pop a dime unless they give WitWiCS that treatment, but sadly that won't happen, which is a shame, because it probably would have been worth it paying for Funkopopapella

Hmm I think it's because they have to go through Disney first to get Merch done because the show is on a Disney owned network and let's face it, Once is the ultimate Disney fan fiction which is weird because I can easily see a Mary Margaret Figure having a little plastic wig. I do know they put out Novel tie-ins but I haven't ready any nor have I found any.

I too am running out of modern tv shows to watch. I know Nashville has moved to CMT but I don't know if CMT Canada will air it. All I have left to watch is Once, Whose Line and Jets games I gave up on the Simpsons four years ago

Date: 2016-10-27 02:42 am (UTC)
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Hmm, Funko POP breaks my brain so much that I don't know if I'd even get some of any of my darlings. Then again, I remember when I heard there was a Darren McGavin one for A Christmas Story, I tried and failed to find it.

I suppose that could be it, but then one wonders why Disney doesn't okay it more. On the novels, I thought there was only one for season 1, which I saw at Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble years ago. Then there's two graphic novels, which I haven't looked for nor seen.

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