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More Ghostbusters pondering. I definitely think Peter is in the right when he's upset that Slimer has eaten all the food and doesn't think about the others enough to leave any for them, even when he promises he will. But on the other hand, I think Peter goes too far at other times. It's fine if he and Slimer just want to tease each other, but he actually got Slimer scared in Adventures in Slime and Space and that's definitely what caused the whole problem. It was frustrating that Peter kept wanting to leave and didn't acknowledge his part in what went wrong. Actually, I don't think anyone acknowledged it. Typical of some cartoons, but some others do acknowledge in the scripts when a character has caused something to be set in motion. (And to be fair to the show, they did acknowledge when Peter perhaps went too far in Slimer, Come Home, although that was an occasion where I thought there was definitely reason to be angry.)

Since Adventures in Slime and Space sounded like it had so much promise from the initial summary and then was a let-down, it's tempting to write my own version of it with some things a little different. Slimer would probably run into a cloning machine or a machine that malfunctioned into being a cloning machine, instead of a disintegration machine, because that is too creepy as heck. And there would be some acknowledgement that Peter shouldn't have terrorized Slimer that much, either from Peter himself or from the others. And I think there'd be more detail of how to turn Slimer back from being evil, because that was too glossed over and that was the most interesting part of the episode.

Of course, I don't know that I ever actually would write it. And I'd like to have a better copy of the episode that I could refer to some more before I'd try. Sigh. Someone finally replied to my thread and they found some of the discs still at their Wal-Mart, but theirs didn't have the episode either. I am so bewildered as to why mine did, and so frustrated that they stopped having them right when I would have bought it there despite the higher price....

I also still kind of want one of the Slimer plushies, which are still there. The little ones seem too much for the price ($10, I think), but every time I see them, they look bigger than I remember them as being and the price doesn't seem so bad. And they're really soft! They have a really big talking one that's only $5 more, though. But Dad would probably hit the ceiling if he saw that, LOL. The small one would be much more inconspicuous. Yet the bigger one seems like a far better deal. And I know I really shouldn't get either one of them right now. I should keep the money for DVDs. And then there's a Build-a-Bear coupon I was hoping I could use. They have a Slimer too, but the coupon wouldn't work for that. And actually, I think the ones Wal-Mart carries look more accurate.

And really, I shouldn't spend any money for fun stuff other than perhaps using the coupon. I need to be saving so that I'll be able to do fun things on my birthday. It won't be long now. Sometimes I start saving for that in July.
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So the saga of The Real Ghostbusters DVD is a real WTH venture. I'm on the free trial of Prime and last week I bought Volume 2 like I wanted and sent for it with free two-day shipping. So of course, the logical thing is for it to take almost a week to get here. **rolls eyes.** The other stuff I got came in the correct amount of time! WTH?

Then, unlike the Wal-Mart version of Volume 2 which clearly had Adventures in Slime and Space, the Amazon copy does not. I don't know whether Wal-Mart released an exclusive version or what. What's even more maddening is that I would have bought it from Wal-Mart in the end despite the higher price, but by then they didn't have any. They'd just got rid of them a few days before. What's really weird is that the episodes on at least the first two volumes are in the proper order, except for that one. It should logically be on Volume 2! And yet, at least with the copy I have, it isn't. And no one seems to know why. They all just sit around whinging that the new releases aren't the same as the Time-Life ones, which is definitely annoying considering the number of episodes the Time-Life releases had, but there's other information that's important too. Why hasn't someone documented this problem with two versions of new release Volume 2?! And unless I can find a Wal-Mart-type copy again and prove it, I don't really have much grounds to do anything but complain and be confused.

I've been checking YouTube off and on in case someone put up a copy again for a few hours before Sony sees and pulls it, and last night I found a really horrible quality one, but I watched it anyway just to be able to see it once. It really wasn't as good as I was hoping for, unfortunately. I knew about the cracky plot twist of Slimer ending up as millions of Slimers, but I actually thought he fell into a cloning machine or something like that. LOL. What actually happened was that the machine was something to disintegrate ghosts instead of just humanely capturing them. That is seriously a WTH invention right there. So needlessly cruel! I'm glad they decided not to use something like that after the disaster in this episode. (At least, I assume they didn't?) But so Slimer actually ended up divided into all these different Slimers and that is seriously skin-crawling even though he is a ghost.

The best part of the episode was when he finally gets back together but has gone evil, but they were awfully vague on why it happened (the shock to his system), and it was also vague as to how what they did about it helped. He had grown huge because all the Slimers were eating things and got big, so reforming made him gigantic. LOL. And they blasted him back down to normal size, but I fail to see how that would get him switched back to his normal personality. I mean, does anyone else find logic in that? The shock to his system turned him bad, so shocking him even more will fix it!

The most classic thing was the King Kong parody where he grabs Janine and takes her to the Empire State Building. Peter comments, "Well, that will keep the gorillas away." **snerk.** Peter was really kind of a jerk throughout the episode, though. The whole mess was actually his fault, because he was terrorizing Slimer and got him scared and that caused him to flee into the machine while trying to escape. And then Peter kept wanting to flee the scene instead of staying to fix it. He is so my least favorite of the team....

On the disc, I watched the silly opera one and it wasn't as good as I'd hoped, either. The stuff with the Phantom of the Opera sounded like the funniest stuff, and the idiot who wrote the summary apparently had the episode wrong, as he didn't summon the Valkyries at all. He was annoyed with all the noise and decided to move out. He came carrying his luggage, spoke to the Ghostbusters about the noise, and departed. **snerk.**

But then I watched the one about Egon's uncle coming to visit and that was a good one again, so that was nice. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the disc. And Mom expressed interest in seeing Ghostbusters stuff after I showed her my favorite scenes from the first movie, so I'm thinking I may show her some of the episodes since I think that would go over better than the movie as a whole. Much more family-friendly, while still just as creepy.

I also saw this awesome board game based on the new movie, where you're in a hotel and trying to get all the ghosts out and it just keeps getting more and more haunted. You roll dice and that determines how many ghosts get into the different rooms and such. So much creepy fun! I'm going to see how much Wal-Mart has it for, and if they don't have it, I'll think about getting it on Amazon. I hardly ever buy board games or have time for them, but they are fun and I really like the sound of this one.


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Since there's only one other fix-it fic with Baxter that I can find, I quite naturally keep comparing and contrasting theirs and mine. The one major difference that I'm thinking of now is how we each portray Baxter.

Theirs is probably closer to what's actually shown in canon in season 2: If you do something nice/helpful for Baxter, he will be endlessly grateful and loyal to you. Shredder busted him out of the insane asylum and Baxter seemed to idolize him for that (until he got fed-up with the abuse). In the fix-it fic, the Turtles deliberately try to help him become human again in the hopes that he will join them in their fight against Shredder. He is so grateful to them that he fully agrees. I admittedly didn't read the whole fic because I didn't want to end up unduly influenced by it into wanting to copy some of their ideas, but it looked like Baxter was immediately fine, no after-effects from the long cross-fusion or the increasing instability.

Mine almost seems to turn all the concepts in theirs on its head, but not deliberately. I started writing mine before I found theirs. Mine takes the increasing mental lapses into account and assumes that Baxter would be much more broken upon finally being free. It's taking him longer to figure out how to put his life back together and there are lingering fly-like impulses from the cross-fusion that he'll have to fight against, such as snatching fruit off April's table. He also turned himself human again, albeit Leonardo kind of helped when he knocked the retro-mutagen ray gun away from them and pointed it at Baxter instead. And while he's grateful to the Turtles for taking care of him during his delirium, he's been so beat-down by life and people by this point that he doesn't want to blindly pledge his loyalty to anyone just because they threw him a bone. Definitely darker than most of the 1987 series, but I felt it fit better with the way Baxter deteriorated during the cross-fusion.

Theirs also assumes that Baxter was the one who betrayed Barney, while I have it just the opposite. Technically, that could work either way, but I wanted it the way I did it because to me it felt more logical considering that Baxter wanted to be honest in season 1, whereas the sole time we see Barney, he's working for a crook. I'm assuming the differences in what they wanted out of life probably separated them, and I have it that Barney scoffed at Baxter wanting to be honest. Barney was the cynical one to start with. Theirs has it that Baxter left to make it on his own, I believe. And maybe he did if Barney didn't want to go honest with him, but their story sort of implied that Baxter was the one in the wrong for leaving. If what split them up was whether to go honest or not, then to follow canon it's more likely that Barney was in the wrong. Of course, on the other hand, maybe they both wanted to be honest at first and each went down criminal paths eventually. There's so little canon information on Barney that almost anything goes for their backstory.

I also mused on how Baxter and April have had some interesting interaction in my fic, while Baxter and Irma haven't even met yet. I still don't want any romance in the fic at all, but I ended up dreaming about a Baxter/April pairing. Only the creepy thing is, it was the 2003 Baxter. Um yeah. Evil unrepentant genius and April? So not happening. I don't really think April would ever be interested in the 1987 Baxter either, even one trying to turn his life around. At least not as anything other than a friend.

Then I wasn't sure the fic would end with the first invention Barney made for Shredder being defeated, as I had last planned. But if I decide to make this entire fic a "season" of the series, that could go on and on indefinitely and I really didn't want that, either. I wanted the fic as more of a "pilot" for a "season." I guess I'll have to decide on that when I get that far, though. Maybe it won't look like a good ending place and I'll need to keep going. I really hope that doesn't happen, though. The longer it is, the more it could scare people away. Plus, I always think about this long, long story about Fang the Sniper that someone wanted me to read, and oyyy, it just kept going on and on and on.... I think it got to 35 chapters eventually, and most of the events were honestly not connected to each other. The person could have easily split the multi-chapter off at an earlier point and wrote oneshots for the other stuff.
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Still puzzling over The Real Ghostbusters. On the one hand, I'm so sure I didn't watch it, because I tend to remember everything I watched regularly even if I don't remember details about it. (I totally remember Mighty Max, about a human teenager, his anthropomorphic bird mentor, and a big strong guy.) On the other hand, the opening and ending are so dang familiar that I know I must have seen the show coming/going, if nothing else. Yet even though I wasn't the biggest fan of people shows back then, I think that one would have appealed to me because of subject matter. So if I saw it coming and saw what it was called, I'm sure I would have checked it out. I also have crafted the memory that if I saw it, it was during weekday morning reruns rather than on Saturday morning, but that could just be me wanting to think I watched it and making a memory to fit.

... And suddenly I got the giggles remembering probably one of the most bizarrely titled shows ever: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. What? Just what? ROTFLOL. I remember laughing and laughing about the title while Mom was in a general state of befuddlement.

I finally snagged one of The Real Ghostbusters DVDs on Amazon. They released five volumes with 11-12 episodes each, and next month they're going to do it again. I wanted the one with Adventures in Slime and Space on it, where Slimer apparently goes evil and they have to stop him/reverse it. I found a clip on YouTube when he grabs Janine and climbs to the top of the Empire State Building in a King Kong parody. LOL. (Apparently Evil Slimer is really big. And blue.) That only made me want it more. The disc also has A Fright at the Opera, where they discover the Phantom of the Opera summoned valkyries to the opera house. LOLOLOL. It should arrive on Tuesday.

I'm wondering if I'll really like anything beyond seasons 1 and 2, though. I think after that was when they changed some of the voices and Janine's character design, because apparently her glasses shape and her hair and her beautiful Brooklyn accent were thought to scare kids. WTH. I love Janine just the way she is and I abhor the thought of changing her! Although I'll give them points for actually explaining her character changes in-show, although it took them several seasons to do it. I do want to see at least a couple of the post-season 2 episodes, like the one where Egon gets stuck between planes or something and is pretty much a ghost and they have to get him back.

And there's a lot of episodes to enjoy before the changes, at least. Season 1 was only 13 episodes, but season 2 was 65 (I think). So if I don't like the re-tooling, there's a wealth of material to focus on instead.

I also wonder if I'd like the re-tooling of the show to Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters. Slimer is fun and cute and all, and his scenes are among my favorites of the movies, but he was meant to be a supporting character and I'm not sure I'd like him being center stage all the time.

And it occurred to me that if I get the Ghostbusters logo bear plush from Build-a-Bear, I'm going to have trouble naming it. Naming it after any of the darlings would be too sad/morbid, since you know, it's a ghost. So I most likely would either pick a random name or else name it after a ghost character, like Casper or maybe Gus or George, ghosts in cute kids' books of mine. I'd rather not choose George, though, since that would probably make me think of George Savalas more than the ghost character George.... Oh wait, the ghost was Georgie. I think. I'm leaning towards Gus. Maybe.

Then I've been enjoying the 1987 Turtles series more. Raphael really is similar to the other Raphs in many ways. In addition to the already-cited ways, he also seems to be the one to get angry the quickest (even though this Raph isn't angry/sullen most of the time in general). In the fic, I've depicted him as having the hardest time forgiving or trusting Baxter, and as I discovered after writing that, it seems to be canon-accurate. In contrast, Michelangelo seems to be the most forgiving and he and Baxter are having an interesting conversation. Despite what Baxter did to Mikey in one of the fly episodes, somehow I just can't picture Mikey holding a grudge about that. (Now, if it had been one of his brothers instead, hmmm....)

I'm in chapter 7 now. I had tentatively planned 10 chapters, but I don't want to limit myself if it looks like it will go beyond that. The story keeps flowing. Any time I get a little stuck, I soon think of another scene and it starts flowing too. I love when this happens, especially since it doesn't usually.

I also want to tinker with drawing a few fanarts for an imagined "opening" based on my story concepts. One would be a split-screen with Baxter and Barney glaring at each other, similar to the Yami Yugi versus Pegasus split-screen from the YGO opening. Then one of Barney with Shredder-tachi (a term I had to write out just once for the utter crackiness factor, LOL) and one of the Turtles ready to fight them, with Baxter standing somewhat apart from the Turtles yet still closer to their side of the fight. I don't think Baxter will actually join them; he doesn't want to and wants to instead try to get his life back to normal. But his brother being involved with Shredder makes everything complicated.

(And I wonder if I'll be able to draw the Turtles. I discovered Baxter is easy to draw, but I was never very good at drawing Leonardo as a kid. Of course, maybe it would be easier now.)

Also complicated is how to keep Irma from persisting in trying to snag Baxter, since she wants a man so bad, poor thing. There's someone else who's actually written Baxter/Irma, and while it is cute, I don't really want to write it too. But I can't imagine Irma not pouncing upon learning that Baxter is single. Although maybe knowing that he worked with Shredder for a while would keep her away ... but I can imagine her eventually making excuses or trying to decide that he's changed/could change. And while I don't think Baxter has been that interested in romance, he would probably be thrilled to have someone, anyone, to really care about him. So even though I honestly do not want to put a romance in the story, I'm a little concerned it may just end up happening without my express permission. I guess I'll just have to see what happens when I get that far in the fic.

(Side-note: I adore Irma. She's so cute! And she's played by Jennifer Darling, which is epically awesome. Jennifer played Oscar Goldman's secretary Peggy Callahan. Such a great character. A little person, but so full of spunk and determination and goodness. I read something about Irma's counterpart in the Nick series being a spy of the Kraang enemy aliens, and just ... boo. BOO! One more reason that I'm hesitant to try the Nick series now.

Of course, I could always mellow out in the future. I know I at least want to try the Nick series once. But it took me years to be ready to try the 1987 series. I just wasn't ready for it five years ago when someone was trying to convince me to give it a chance, and when I did try it, Bebop and Rocksteady's idiocy and Shredder's whining kind of made me go "... No." I definitely preferred the 2003 series at that point. Now I'm just having a ball with all of it. It could take another while for me to be ready to try Nick's.)

I wonder how old Baxter and Barney are supposed to be. Shredder makes a bizarre comment in an episode while trying to trick Baxter, that he thinks of Baxter like his own son. WTH. Shredder is fairly young in the 1987 series, 30s or so, and Baxter definitely doesn't seem to be any younger than that. I actually kind of get the impression he's older, maybe in his 40s. A puzzle.

And the hair color issue. In season 1, Baxter is clearly blond. By season 2, it looks more light-brown. I describe it as light-brown in the fic and will probably color it that way, but I've noticed that most people color it blond. And when they draw human Baxter at all, they usually seem to prefer the season 1 look. I kind of like the season 2 look better, because ... fluffy long hair! The season 1 look is more "respectable professor" while season 2 is closer to "cliche mad scientist." Makes sense, since in season 1 he seems to be sane and honest, while season 2 has him tip over the edge. He apparently grew his hair out while in the insane asylum and then left it that way when Shredder busted him out.

It's interesting pondering on the different Baxters. Usually he seems to be a character that crap happens to no matter what verse it is. Oddly, though, it seems like the comic versions escape that fate. Even though the Archie Comics version started as the 1987 version, they stopped adapting TV storylines and he never had the fly accident. (He also vanished from the series in general.) And then maybe the IDW version is okay; I don't know enough about his role in those comics to say. (I have a vague memory that things may have gone wrong for him too, though.) And then in Mirage, it's hard to feel sorry for him there, since he deliberately turns himself into a cyborg when he wouldn't have had to. WTH. Also, the current movies Baxter is fine, but the actor said that if there's a third movie, Baxter will probably get the fly treatment.

The TV show Baxters, though ... oy. 2003 and 2012 are both evil geniuses, I believe, and yet I can't really feel that they fully deserved the many horrible things that happened to them (the 2003 one being dismantled body part by body part, UGGGGGH, and 2012 getting the fly treatment and not being able to reverse it). 2003 actually did get a better ending than the others, though, apparently; at least he gets a humanoid robot body or something by the end (not the one with the creepy holo-projector head, but a better one.) Meanwhile, the 1987 one, the only one that seemed to actually start out wanting to be honest and cracked up, gets a total bum rap that never does get fixed in canon. And his show is supposed to be the funny one. Odd, isn't it?

Ah, fics.

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So writing time in August has been very occupied, both with the [ profile] 31_days challenge each day and the 1987 Turtles fic involving Baxter Stockman. I'm in the middle of chapter 6 of the latter. The chapters are short, but still. I love how this story is flowing!

I decided to bring his twin brother Barney from season 4 into the action, and while an early, long oneshot draft of the fic included an ending scene where they reunite, that has ... pretty much been changed and scrapped. I knew that I couldn't really tell the whole story in a long oneshot, and I knew I wanted it to all be one story, so it became a multi-chapter. And then I decided that there would be a rift between the brothers that wouldn't be so easily overcome. Canon slightly indicates it's a possibility. Then Shredder got into the act and decided to recruit Barney to work for him. Barney accepted.

The first draft of that plot twist involved him finally getting out of it at the end and reuniting with Baxter, who had tried and failed to convince him not to work for someone abusive like Shredder. But I'm seriously thinking I won't do that. I kind of like the idea of one of those guys working for Shredder indefinitely; Baxter was really underused in the series and transformed too fast. It could have been really interesting if he'd been there longer. It probably wouldn't have worked, though, because Shredder seemed to hate him more than Bebop and Rocksteady, and unlike those idiots, Baxter soon had enough of the abuse and just wouldn't put up with it anymore. I don't want him to go back with Shredder in the story, both because I really don't think he'd do that after everything he's been through and because it's canon that he originally tried to work honestly. I want to give him a break now.

Barney, on the other hand, we know very little about. He throws fits if people think he's Baxter and he's only ever seen working for a gangster. If Shredder liked his work, he could easily stick around indefinitely. So now the story is set to end with that still as the case, but with Barney occasionally trying to help Baxter if he's in trouble from one of Shredder's plans and/or from trying to talk to Barney. There's a years-long rift between them, yet Baxter still hates to see his brother work for Shredder. Ending the story with Barney still working for Shredder opens the door for many possible stories in the future. Depending on how it goes, I might write some short episodic-type fics continuing the concept. It was kind of fun how each season of the 1987 series did employ some level of continuity by the Technodrome being stuck in specific places each season and such.

I'm also debating how permanently scarred Baxter is from what happened to him. I previously explored the effects of extended cross-fusion with Yami Bakura and Zorc, and they are probably the grand-masters of it. But Baxter was cross-fused with a fly for months, if not years, and that canonically took a serious toll on his mind. Each time he appeared, he'd regressed further and become more fly-like. It was quite tragic, really.

In the story, now that he's finally free, I decided it wouldn't be logical for him to be able to quickly bounce back, like April did after being cross-fused with a cat for just a few hours. After a spell of fever and delirium he seems to come back to himself and is definitely more sane than before, thanks in part to the kindnesses shown to him by Splinter and the Turtles. But I'm thinking he has what will be lasting fears of both flies and spiders, and that for at least a while he may unconsciously exhibit fly-like behavior on occasion, such as grabbing somebody's fruit off the table to eat or as Crystal suggested, rubbing his hands together. When he realizes what he's doing, he hates it and wants it to stop, and he will probably eventually be able to get it under control.

I've also been involved with Ghostbusters stuff. My movie-going friend and I finally got to see it on Tuesday, following a disappointment where the theatre claimed they would air it at the time we could see it on the previous Friday but then changed their minds and the times when we got there. WTH. (I'm blaming Suicide Squad for that....) Immediately after seeing the movie on Tuesday, we had to stop at Wal-Mart, and that was great for me because I wanted to get the original film and take it home to compare.

My end determination is that both films have pros and cons. Each has a specific type of crude humor and I don't like it in either film (scatological stuff in the new one and other rude comments and a creepy succubus bit in the old one). Both also have more swearing than I'd like, particularly the old one. The new one, however, has much character-bonding, something the old one doesn't have a lot of. The old one has Janine, who is awesome. She really didn't deserve having her male counterpart in the new one be a complete moron. What a slap in the face! I also like the library ghost scenes more than their counterparts in the new film, and I adore chasing Slimer through the hotel. Classic! But Slimer stealing the car for a joyride in the new one is priceless too. LOL.

I like the cartoon best overall, really. It has ghost-busting, friendship squee, and family-friendly content. I wonder if they're going to try to make a new cartoon based on the reboot. I'd probably give it a try if they did.
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I'm working on my first of the [ profile] 31_days pieces. I'm hoping to keep them all short, a page or two, so that they won't be all I'll write for the month. I think they'll be told in first-person POV, as though Snakes is telling it all to someone, maybe Chita herself. Maybe the last prompt will show that he's been writing a letter all this time, not with the intention to actually send it to her, but just so he can get the whole story written down as part of his own closure. We'll see.

I was thinking that another writing project I've often longed to do is an adaptation of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles combined games. I love them so much, and oddly enough, I think I've only ever read one adaptation of Sonic 3 by a fan. That took place in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog verse. It wasn't a bad read, but I'd like to put my own spin on it and have it take place more in the game verse. Problem is, for me a story like that relies heavily on the descriptions of the amazing surroundings and a fic could get pretty bogged down by excess descriptions. But it always bugged me that the Archie Comics never really took advantage of the awesome zones to write their game adaptations. They mainly just did silly stuff like Sonic sees this box and realizes it leads to several zones Eggman has set up for him to complete, so he goes through it and there's maybe one page of that before he comes out the other end. It's so lame. They ought to have whole chapters devoted to the amazing scenery and adventures in each zone! Plus, I never pictured the zones to be in a box. I figured they were actual areas of the part of the world Sonic happened to be in that Eggman had just booby-trapped during his takeover.

I don't know when I'd ever get around to writing something like that, though. I'm really bad at writing Sonic fics, as I have repeatedly discovered. I used to write lots of Fang/Nack ones, but they were mostly shameless hurt/comfort or occasionally, utter crack. Actually writing big long multi-chapters with plot and purpose keeps seriously failing. Maybe a Sonic 3 & Knuckles one would work better for me since it was during that era that I fell in love with the franchise. I should at least give it a try and see what would happen. The encounters with Knuckles would be the best parts to write, but he only pops up every now and then to play tricks on Sonic and Tails since he believes they're the ones trying to steal the Master Emerald and ruining the Floating Island. I don't want the rest of the fic to basically be, "Oh hey, look at this cool Loop-de-Loop." "Here's a platform with more rings!" "Here's ... yikes, a break-away platform! We're falling!" I guess that's probably why Archie decided not to really explore the zones, but I'm sure there's a way to do it without it looking seriously lame or like script directions.

It's always interesting to see how Knuckles is portrayed in different things. The first time I ever encountered him was in his first Archie Comics appearance and they basically gave him a tough New York accent. I always pictured him like that until probably when I saw the English dubbed version of that bizarre thing called Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. He doesn't seem to have any accent at all in that, but he also sounds rather bland. (I love his hat, though.) Then came Sonic X, and while I loved hearing Yami Yugi's voice coming out of Knuckles' mouth, that really did make him sound pretty old. Sonic Underground gave him a voice more fitting for his age, but he sounded a lot gentler than I really pictured him to act, at least at the beginning. (Of course, contrast that with his creepiest behavior ever, intending to feed intruders to his pet dinosaur. WTH.) I think I've heard some of his non-Sonic X-era video game voices too, and I've also heard Sonic X in Japanese, but offhand I don't recall what I think of those voices. And Sonic Boom ... no, I am not going to go there. It just trivializes everybody and makes Knuckles a brawny idiot with no brains. No thank you. Part of the appeal of the character is that he's a little guy but he's tough. And he does have intelligence, even if he is kind of naive sometimes. He's been alone most of his life, with no interactions with much of anyone. It would be strange if he could get along with people immediately after that.

(Sonic X and also the more recent games seem to have made him more gullible than he used to be, I think. Sonic Boom took it many notches beyond that. I remember in season 3 of Sonic X, when Cosmo encountered Knuckles believing one of Eggman's tales and everyone else is yawning like it's business as usual, Cosmo says that Knuckles likes to believe in the good of people. That sounds cute and all until you really stop to think about the context of the situation. Um.... So he likes to believe that Eggman has some good in him and isn't lying, but at the same time he hates Sonic so much that he jumps at the chance to believe something bad about him. Um yeah. Really logical deduction, Cosmo. And really cringe-worthy behavior, Knuckles. Sonic and Knuckles are rivals, sure, but I think in the earlier games and media Knuckles only believed Eggman twice: in the Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles saga (which is really one whole storyline and not two separate things) and Triple Trouble, which sometimes isn't even seen as part of the main storyline since it was for a portable system and not the Sega Genesis. I think when they argued at other times in the comics, it was because of their differing points-of-view and not because Knuckles kept believing Sonic was actually the bad guy. That's one thing the comics did right, if so; I have many grievances with them on other matters. Game-wise, I think maybe there were one or two later games where Knuckles thinks Sonic is a bad guy again, but that was probably more for the nostalgic factor of his first appearance and not meant to be taken that seriously. I don't think those games, the Sonic Advance ones, are considered part of the main timeline either.)

If I ever were to write my Sonic 3 & Knuckles fic, I think I might return to my roots by giving Knuckles a Brooklyn accent. I always insist on the games taking place on Earth anyway, instead of some other planet called Mobius or whatever. (And none of that comic nonsense about Mobius being a post-apocalyptic Earth millennia in the future. No thank you!) Later games do seem to make it clear that it's Earth anyway, especially Sonic Adventure 2.


Jul. 30th, 2016 10:12 pm
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So I participated in an U.N.C.L.E. poll that was an exercise for people to come up with story plots. I may be able to get my Napoleon h/c, if I decide I can really put the story together from my answers. We'll have to see what happens. I jotted down a few ideas and I'll probably give it a try.

One question would be whether to write it totally chronologically or whether I should jump into the action at some point and then brief the readers on what happened to get them to that point. I'm considering starting it on the flight to their mission, instead of showing the briefing first. I might flashback to the briefing, though. Or I could open it even farther ahead, after an abduction occurs and the other is trying to go about with the rescue, and have some level of flashbacks.

I of course am planning that Ecks and Wye will turn up on the mission, having been hired by a mysterious client to solve it. But the only hurt/comfort victim will probably be Napoleon. Well, I imagine there may be some level of Illya h/c too, since it wouldn't be easy to abduct him without harming him first.

It's frustrating when I really kind of want to write U.N.C.L.E. fics but I just can't seem to make them come. The last time I tried to write an U.N.C.L.E. fic and insert hurt/comfort, it was like pulling teeth. It would naturally be so much simpler if I actually, fully crushed on either Napoleon or Illya (or one of the actors). I like h/c best when I'm crushing on one or both of the characters involved. It's just almost impossible for me to write it otherwise. I have the same problem in the WWW fandom. A mild crush, like I have on both Robert Vaughn and Robert Conrad, still brings the desire for some h/c, but doesn't make it easy to write. I do like to write mission fics for U.N.C.L.E., but I need to have a strong desire to write it like I did with The Peaceful Meadows Affair. And overall, I really prefer writing character studies instead of adventure. The main reason why The Peaceful Meadows Affair worked for me was because I loved the conflict between Napoleon and Illya and Ecks and Wye. It clicked and it was so much fun to write. And people loved the plot. There hasn't been a great deal of interest in anything U.N.C.L.E.-related I've done since then. There probably would be if I could write fics along the lines that everyone else does, but I can't do that. I have to write what makes me the happiest. I still wonder and wish I could recapture whatever it was that made people love The Peaceful Meadows Affair, since I loved it too.

I watched a bit more of the Turtles DVDs. Even though 1987 Raph isn't angry/sullen a lot and he doesn't have a rivalry with Leo, there is a lot about him that mirrors the other versions of the character. He's sarcastic, often seems to want to charge into fights, and does seem to think Leo is a bit too optimistic. He's a cynic and sometimes cocky. And he is the most likely to get mad of the group.

And I pondered a bit on why I decided to get the season 2 set since it had several episodes with tropes I don't like. One reason was because it was one of the cheapest options and I needed something cheap to fill the last bit of the gift card. Another was because I wanted to see some of the other episodes. A third is because one does have to have a certain tolerance for mutations to watch any Turtles series at all, so that is slightly easier to tolerate than something like shrinking (ugh). That said, I decided to pass on the episode where April ends up mutated for now. I figured it would be easier watching it happen to Baxter Stockman than April.

It really is terrible seeing all the horrible things happen to Baxter in the various series, though. Of course, the 2003 series seems the absolute worst. The first time or two, it was a "Yikes" moment but felt realistic. The loss of an eye and then a limb. Not cool, Shredder is horrible. After that, it quickly started descending into utter outlandishness and it soon became clear to me that the creators were not taking it seriously. Dismantling him to the point that he's a brain, an eyeball and a spine, floating in fluid? Seriously, that is just utterly sick. In all his states, though, he acts so arrogant and like he's pleased to still have survived. There is an unaired episode held back because they felt it was too disturbing where he goes absolutely bonkers, decides April is responsible for all of his troubles, and tries to kill her. It ends where they think he's been killed, but he somehow still isn't. And he's really upset that he wasn't finally able to be put to rest. Even though he was always an out-and-out villain in the 2003 series, he certainly wasn't the worst villain out there and having such horrifying things happening to him makes it seem like they're saying he is the very worst and deserves all of this crap more than even someone like Shredder does.

Of course, the fly-monster from the 1987 series was not a good fate either. And since the problem was actually being cross-mutated with a fly, over the course of the episodes he loses more and more of his mind each time he's shown, becoming more like a fly and less like a human. The final episode with him, I read, has him try to steal a ray that will finally turn him human again, but it seems he still fails and is unable to use it before it's taken away from him. And in this series, from what I read, he actually started out as a fairly nice person who wanted to create an honest invention. Then he saw the Turtles, got thrown in an asylum for talking about them, and his mental state started to deteriorate from that. He certainly did some bad things when he worked for Shredder, but the fly fate still seems undeserved. And his mind deteriorates so bad after that that he can't even remember why he wanted revenge on the Turtles. One wonders if being free of the fly would give him his mind back or if he would still be in an irreversibly damaged state.

A lot of people felt sorry for him in the 1987 version. Sometimes, even if I don't particularly like a character, I want to give them a better fate if I feel like they got a bum rap. I'm tempted to attempt writing a fic where he finally is able to become human again. I'm guessing it would be a hard road back to complete sanity after that experience, though. Part of me wonders if this version of the character might ally with the Turtles, especially if perhaps they helped him to reverse the transformation. I'll admit I like those types of storylines. But even if I toy with them in my mind, it doesn't mean I'll actually write them. I do know that I would have him finally be able to regain his mind altogether, or at least, as much of it as he had before the fly mess happened.

Ah, if only there was more time to write in the day....


Jul. 30th, 2016 04:47 am
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I was sure I never watched the Real Ghostbusters cartoon growing up, because 99% of the time I wasn't interested in people cartoons and preferred animal cartoons instead. But there was that exception with Peter Pan and the Pirates (and oh, Beetlejuice too; that's ... technically a people show), and oy, the more I watch the Real Ghostbusters now, the more the opening and ending both look familiar. It's possible on the one hand that I saw the opening on YouTube when I was just fooling around, but that wouldn't explain the ending. I know I must have seen the show coming and going; perhaps it came right before something I was trying to catch. The big question, whether I actually watched the show itself, I honestly can't answer. It ended the year I turned five and the memories are patchy at best. I'm sure enjoying it now, though. It's just perfect for me: friendship stuff and ghosties and creepy situations.... I don't suppose Mom would remember if I watched it if I asked her. Couldn't hurt to try, though. It would be kind of cool if I actually did watch it and liked it and that's why I was given the pinball game. But on the other hand, Dad sometimes just picked up stuff if it was a cartoon, whether I watched it or not. LOL. Like, I have some toy walkie-talkies from the short-lived Fish Police, which I definitely never watched. But since he's not into supernatural creepy stuff and usually doesn't like my interest in it, it's kind of surprising either way about him getting the Ghostbusters pinball game. Still, he sometimes indulged my love of Turtles stuff even though he didn't really like that. So hmm. A puzzle.

Egon was pretty much immediately my favorite watching it now and that hasn't changed. Not surprising, since he seems to be the most logically-minded of the group and I almost always go for that type in shows. My first (recent) episode was the Boogieman one and I really loved Winston in it too. He was also adorable in another episode, when he was excited about a blueberry fudge cake (yuuuum) and Slimer ate the whole flippin' thing. **headdesk.** Winston was such a good sport about it and it was very endearing. I like the whole group, though. Slimer is still cute, but it is exasperating that he keeps eating everything and not leaving any for anyone else, even when he promises to. Oy, in life he must have been like Sergei on WWW, always wanting to eat. But I love when he manages to do something to help.

I'm going to get to see the new Ghostbusters movie in a week. I went to see my movie-going friend this past day and she gave me a cool mini-poster for the film. At home, I was still tired and took a nap and I had a weirdo dream about watching the film because of looking at the poster. Naturally, in the dream the movie wasn't anywhere as exciting as it probably will actually be. Earlier, I was reading one of my Batman fics, the one where The Riddler comes back alive after they thought he was dead, and I had a dream about that too. It was one of those kind of "run/evade/don't be seen" dreams and he was trying not to let someone in particular know that he was alive. He had to go through a series of ten mazes without being spotted by them. Naturally, he was eventually seen and the chase was on.

On Tuesday I went out to see if I could find the Donatello plush locally for a good price. I couldn't find any at the Wal-Marts we visited, which wasn't surprising. But I finally found the Lyra Pony plush! I've been looking for her for a year and a half, so I didn't want to leave without her. I decided on the best one and brought her home with me. I also got Sweetie Drops. She appeared at our Wal-Mart recently, but I didn't have the money to get her and I'd kind of hoped to find a better one of her. Two were understuffed and a third had a slightly crinkled nose. And I wasn't sure I wanted to get her at all if I didn't know I could get Lyra too, since they're best friends. But once I got Lyra, I immediately wanted to get Sweetie Drops too. Wal-Mart still had one of her and oddly enough, it was the one I felt was the best of the three. I don't know why she wasn't snapped up but the other two were. But that was good for me!

I finally broke down and decided to do the Amazon Prime trial, since they at last got some more Donnies in and I really couldn't afford to add $29 cash to the $25 gift card to get free shipping right now. The two-day shipping certainly was lovely! I got some Turtles DVDs (two season 3 sets and the season 2 one) and Donnie and they showed up this past day. But Donnie is a bit understuffed compared to Leo, which is really frustrating since what I like about these plushies is that they're not understuffed, and gah, it looks like maybe part of his left arm is loose and I'll need to go over it with stitches to make sure it's secure. I already found a small hole near his wrist and had to sew that up. That sort of thing is why I hate buying plushies sight unseen, sigh. But overall he's great and it looks so good to see another splash of Turtle mask color. Now to get Mikey and complete the team.

Also, I went back over my Six Million Dollar Man entries and saw that the previous Dynamite comic arc left a whole slew of loose ends. That makes this new arc even more maddening, because I don't think it's in the same continuity. It doesn't sound like it addressed even one of those loose ends. WTH. They had a bunch of unresolved stuff there and the series really couldn't continue based on that arc without addressing most of it. They should have focused on those things for their second arc instead of starting something completely unrelated. That definitely makes me even less enthusiastic about trying this new arc, sigh.

I am totally in a hurt/comfort mood too, and have been for the past few days. But instead of wanting to write hurt/comfort, I seem to want to watch and read it, and about a random assortment of subjects. I wanted to see some Dying Informant segments (which I finally got around to now). I wanted some Turtles h/c and delighted in re-watching one of my favorite episodes of the 2003 series, Tales of Leo. I also delighted in more Leo h/c in one of the 1987 episodes I watched today. I wanted Riddler h/c and re-read some stuff in my fics. I watched most of my music videos and want to re-read some of my Princess Tutu stuff and get a helping of Autor h/c. I crave Napoleon h/c too, and that I might actually write. I'll have to see; I really don't think I'm much good at U.N.C.L.E. hurt/comfort. At any rate, it doesn't come easily for me when I try to write it, unless it's about Ecks and Wye.


Jul. 28th, 2016 08:50 pm
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So there's an article linked on the front page about the creators of Sherlock trying again to stress that their Sherlock and Watson are not a couple. They stressed that their Sherlock isn't gay or straight. (Personally, I think almost all incarnations of Holmes are probably asexual.) They're totally cool with fans writing whatever they want in fanfiction, which is pretty awesome, but they just want to make it clear that in canon, it is not their intention whatsoever to have the characters hook up with each other. That is pretty much how I tend to feel when it comes to my own fic verses: I don't care if slash fans want to imagine things going the way they want to, just as long as they realize it wasn't my intention to write the characters as couples. A lot of my stuff probably looks like a slash lover's paradise, LOL. But that stems from the fact that ultimately, aside from any sexual things going on, slash lovers and platonic enthusiasts often want pretty much the same kinds of squeeable things.

Anyway, I was just amused to see that article there. It reminded me of a lot of my YGO adventures and encounters with slash fans. And it also kind of made me think of my Ginger and Lou fics, which probably look more slashy than anything else I've written yet are actually probably the least slashy in actuality. LOL. There's the same set-up there as there seems to be on Sherlock, with Ginger completely asexual and aromantic and Lou straight. The whole point behind the Ginger and Lou stories is to explore the idea of platonic soulmates and what if two people can have a completely platonic relationship that is every bit as fulfilling and enduring as a true romantic relationship and never, ever goes on to anything besides platonic. And I'm feeling squeeful just thinking about it, heh. I have the same kinds of warm fuzzies and thrills and excitement over a good platonic relationship as slash fans (or any romance fans, really) have over romantic relationships.

Speaking of romantic relationships, though, I finally decided on my own what I might do about that [ profile] 31_days themeset. I may try writing it for Snakes and the Chita character he was involved with in my backstory. Now, normally I do not create OCs to hook them up with canon characters. I think the only times I ever do that is if the relationship has ended for one reason or other and therefore there is no OC hanging around and horning in on canon character time in the present-day. The idea for these two was based largely on the song Fliptop Twister by Rockapella, just reversing the end idea that it was the guy who was unfaithful and making it the girl instead, since Snakes is usually a protagonist character in my stories and I didn't want him being the unfaithful one. It also wouldn't have agreed with how his character developed, since I have it that he longed for someone to genuinely love him. Anyway, I've always meant to tell their story more fully, and maybe the themeset would make it an easier thing to write. I'll have to see what happens.

Also, there's apparently another new Six Million Dollar Man comic arc being put out by Dynamite. I'm wondering whether to even bother with it. I didn't really like their previous one because it was so dark in many ways and not what I wanted to see from a Six Mil story. It sounds like this one continues in the same vein. And it's a plotline that I don't even like, where Steve ends up finding out information that makes him distrust the OSI agency and he runs off to try to find more answers. Meanwhile, the OSI thinks Steve is a traitor and is out to get him. One of them wants to shoot him on sight to keep the secrets of bionic technology safe. I assume that is either an OC for the story or Oliver Spencer; I can't imagine it would be Oscar. But Oliver was in a coma at the end of the last arc, and in it because he did something heroic, so I would be kind of irritated if they made him an out-and-out antagonist in this arc.

It actually sounds rather OOC for Steve. If he got super mad at the OSI (again), he would likely go to Oscar and Rudy, bully them by throwing them around and threatening to do worse, and demand to know the truth. That's pretty much what happened in The Return of the Bionic Woman episodes. I'd hate to think that he now doesn't trust them after so many years together. But he has some bizarre voice in his head that could be partially responsible for his weird behavior in this new arc, and if that's the case, that could be an interesting angle to explore. But overall I'm not very impressed by the sound of things. And I'm wondering if they'll try to hook this arc up with the events of the first reunion movie, which had it that Steve quit the OSI and Oscar has to go to him for help again several years later. Honestly, it would seem really stupid and lame to me for Dynamite to go to all the trouble of bringing the series back in comic form only to have Steve permanently leave the OSI in its second arc, so I really hope they aren't going to try to connect their comics with the reunion movies. I hope that the voice Steve is hearing will be a large part of what's wrong here and things will end with Steve back at the OSI. But considering the information that upset Steve so much (that apparently they tried to give other people bionics in the past and it went wrong and they died), I don't know if there will be any way around this hurdle for him.

For now I think I'll keep monitoring what's happening in the issues as much as I can, but not make a move to buy any yet. I still need #5 of the previous arc, too.


Jul. 25th, 2016 02:53 am
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Weird dreams and I go hand in hand. I had a concourse of weird ones the last time I was asleep. My favorite involved us back in the creepy three-story haunted house that we can only live in about half of because of the ghosts. I had all my plushies in the living room for some reason and I took out a crocodile that looked like Vector from Sonic the Hedgehog, only it wasn't because it was a girl. Then we were having our kitty in the garage, and somehow the other neighborhood cats that hang around in real-life were in there too. One of them, a ginger tabby, kept getting in the house and we had to get it out. I kept calling it Ginger because of its color and because hey, I just wanted to name something Ginger. Dad was calling it Caruso. LOL. And my Hello Kitty plushie was in the garage for some reason. And she was alive. There were bunk beds out there and she was sleeping on the top bunk and leaned over upsidedown to look at me. She was bigger than the one I really have, she didn't have sprinkles, and she had a blue dress. She fell out of bed and I helped her up onto the bottom bunk.

Weird. But nice.

Then I've been reading a lot about all the different Ghostbusters series. There was that live-action series in the 1970s called that with Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch as the Ghostbusters. LOL. Then ten years later, the company that made that decided to make a cartoon based on it after the success of the unrelated Ghostbusters movie. But what I seriously don't get is that, of all the totally lame things, they made the main characters the sons of the ones from the live-action series. Uggggh, I honestly hate when shows do that. Gosh, only ten years later. They could certainly have had the original characters there instead, especially considering it was a cartoon and characters don't have to age in cartoons. Maybe there was some concern about celebrity likenesses, but cartoons can easily get around that. Look how they changed Egon from the movie. MeTV was doing an article about that and showed a picture of a figure line from that other Ghostbusters cartoon. One of them was this bizarre two-faced thing and I totally recognized it as a toy my brother had. I always wondered what it was, but I didn't think it came from anything specific. Anyway, that Ghostbusters cartoon is actually why the more popular one had to call itself The Real Ghostbusters. LOL. I always wondered why it was called that.

(LOL, and speaking of toys my brother had, I'm remembering the silliest and most random things. I have a couple of Gremlins, a big one and a little one he gave me later, and the big one was always the Federal Marshal when I played with figures and the little one was his son. Then we had a vampire figure who was our main crook until he fell behind the bed. Then I brought out a Penguin from Batman figure to be the crook, and I creepily named him Oswald without even realizing that was Penguin's real name.)

[ profile] 31_days has an interesting themeset for August. They're calling it "A Summer Romance, A Summer Horror." I like the themes so much that I'm tempted to try to write for all of them. I can't decide what my subject should be, though. I instantly thought of Paul Gantry from Mannix, the cutie in my icon. But it was so heartbreaking how he thought Sheila loved him and she ended up betraying him to the bad guys because she loved material things more. I want to write at least one piece with him because what happened certainly qualifies as a horror for him, but I'm not sure I could take writing that much heartbreak all throughout the month. Another thought was alternating themes between him and Captain Scofield, but that would also be sad since I've set Scofield up with Giovanna and they'd be happy while meanwhile Paul was being used by Sheila. Yet another thought would be Rumbelle. They would certainly fit with a lot of the themes. Or I could write about a whole bunch of different characters.

Next question is, Could I really write a whole month of romantic themes, no matter who the characters are? That's just not me. I'm lucky to be able to write one little Rumbelle piece every few months, and even at that, they're not really blatantly romantic pieces. What I'd really like is if the themes could be used platonically. Some of them could be, so I'm also considering using those themes platonically and then figuring out what to do with the rest of them. It feels a little like cheating if I don't use them all romantically when that seems to have been the themeset author's intention. But they always figure the themes are open to wide interpretation, so maybe it wouldn't be too terrible.
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So I finally admitted in the U.N.C.L.E. comm that I don’t see Napoleon as a chronic bed-hopper even though he certainly loves a pretty face and is a serial dater. What I didn’t say was that if I really thought he was a bed-hopper like James Bond, I doubt I would be attracted to him or find him appealing at all. Part of the reason why Napoleon appeals to me is because I’ve always had the impression that he’s a more moral person than James Bond. I don’t like James Bond because he’s a chronic bed-hopper. I do like Roger Moore, and yet when it comes to Bond, there’s just an automatic turn-off. No attraction.

(Years ago, when I was experimenting with walking more on the wild side, probably because I liked how impressed someone seemed to be when I did it, I had a character who was kind of a bed-hopper and that continued even after he became seriously involved with one particular person. That was gross. We never wrote out any bedroom scenes or anything like that, but it was always known what he was doing. I couldn't do that now, especially the continuing with playing the field even after starting a serious relationship. I would be totally uncomfortable, especially if the character was very important to the story as he was in those role-plays. I would also be uncomfortable with the character having a big role since he was a big-time crime boss and very unrepentant. If I ever get my novel off the ground, he will either have a very reduced role, not be a bed-hopper, or possibly both.)

Speaking of Roger Moore, though, it’s interesting how I can be totally obsessed with him for a while and then it fades and while I still like the characters, there doesn’t seem to be much, if any, crushing. That’s happened more than once. I wonder if that means he’s more on the fringes of my darlings instead of smack-dab with them. With all the rest, there is constant crushing on the characters when I see them even if there isn’t a constant, serious obsession with them/the actors.

I think a lot of why it faded this time was because of Simon Templar, actually. I like the character, but I am one of the few who prefers the color episodes to the B&Ws. There were a lot of B&W episodes I hadn’t seen before and then they finally released the DVD sets of those seasons and I snapped them up. In the B&W episodes, Simon seems rather sexist sometimes. And I know that was likely largely a product of the times and has to be looked at in that way, but Simon by his very nature is an anachronistic person. I think that even in the present-day, Simon would probably have some sexist ideas and feel that women are silly worrying things that need to keep out of the men’s worlds and stick to their own place. The book Simon is a lot more that way, I think, but the TV version has some of it too. I hadn’t seen some of the worst offending episodes of that sort before and when I did, they were kind of a turn-off. The most sickening episode of all was the more humorous Luella. Everyone was unlikable there, from Simon to his friend to his friend's wife. I think those views aren't expressed as much in the color episodes. Or maybe possibly Simon matured beyond such views. I should have been watching the color episodes on MeTV once they came around to them again. I keep longing for a new DVD release of all the color episodes, but I’m not sure they’re going to release separately from the boxset. I'd better watch my scant few color episodes again; maybe that will cool things a bit and I'll like Simon more again.

I still love Beau Maverick and was thrilled to see a couple of his episodes I’ve never seen before when Cozi showed them. The Town That Wasn’t There was sooo good and establishes why Beau is my favorite Maverick. It starts out seeming that he’s being a selfish prick, but throughout the episode he grows to honestly be fond of the people he’s with and sincerely wants to help them. He even turns down $10,000 when accepting it would have hurt one of those people. He then comments to himself something like that his uncle would send him back to England if he knew.

(Honestly, I really don’t like Beau’s uncle. He treats Beau like crap and most of the sayings he gives sound really selfish. And yet when he actually appeared on-screen, he acted more like Bret and the others in that he seemed to try to help people, so I ended up torn on what to think of him. Although it also seemed like he mostly helped because he liked giving the finger to the bad guys rather than because he wanted to help the people who were being hurt. When I write about him in stories I try to be kind, since even when I don't like certain characters I try to examine them from all angles within the contexts of the stories unless they're meant to be out-and-out villains and don't need to be examined more closely. Part of me seriously wants him to just flat-out not care about Beau since he treats him so rotten, but I always try to instead stress that he's just worried about Beau doing something that will get him hurt or killed. Although the $10,000 thing makes me question that idea.)

I think Lord Sinclair may be my favorite Roger character. Part of me would like to say that my Roger Bond figure is Lord Sinclair, as I think he’s the one I want the figure to be the most, but I feel I can’t since I don’t have a Tony Curtis figure to be Danny. Sacrilege! If I had a Tony Curtis figure that’s around 6 inches, my Roger figure would totally be Lord Sinclair. I don’t suppose there is such a thing as a Tony Curtis figure? Sigh.
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So the plushie war continues. Amazon is still being ridiculous about getting more in stock, while meanwhile Wal-Mart got a few more in. There were 7 yesterday, and today they sold out again. **repeated headdesk.** It's obvious that people are flocking to Wal-Mart because they're really fed-up with Amazon promising to get it back in stock and then not following through. If Amazon has any say over things, you'd think they'd want to get that Donatello plush back in stock as soon as possible. Now they're claiming Monday, but I seriously doubt it. If Wal-Mart manages to get some again, I'd better just get it there. I was going to tonight and then I saw that once again they were gone. Seriously, what is the deal with the sudden run on Donatello plushies?! The others seem to stay in stock!

I looked up an episode guide for The Real Ghostbusters, since that sounded like a show I'd like, and then I found a few episodes on YouTube. I watched a couple and I definitely do like the show; it's right up my alley. I even got a creepy plunnie for a Ginger and Lou fic where an evil spirit tricks them into following up on a call they got for help with a haunted house. The house is a death trap for them because the forces of evil are sick of them vanquishing the evil spirits rampaging through the world. I'm basing that on the episode Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood (LOL), but I'm not sure if I'll do the possession angle the episode had since Lou has already had that happen and Ginger's been mind-controlled. I think I'll get some of the DVD sets that just came out. And series Slimer is really pretty cute. I judge on personality first and if I like that, it doesn't matter to me at all what the character looks like. Maybe I'll see how much the Slimer plushies are at Wal-Mart.

Another thing I did while on YouTube was to curiously look at a bit of a clip on the Nickelodeon Turtles to hear their voices. Wow, they all sound so young. I know Nick's idea was to present them more like real teenagers, and I suppose they succeeded. I also heard Leo's two voices and I assume the younger one came first. I wonder why they didn't explain the voice change as simply his voice breaking rather than the rather depressing angle that his vocal chords were damaged in a brutal fight. I mean, that's something that can likely never be fixed. It seems too sad. Meanwhile, Raph is afraid of cockroaches (can't blame him) and he actually pulled himself into his shell at the sight of one. LOL. I've never actually seen the Turtles do that in any other version, except once when Mikey ducked to avoid a weapon in the first movie. I've actually wondered if as humanoid turtles they were capable of doing it. Someone in the crew also mentioned about Raph getting so angry because he's actually the most sensitive of the group, which was something I hypothesized some time ago, so it was rather squeeful to hear it from a canon source.

Then I found a clip from the bizarre cross-over episode between the Nick series and the 1987 series. I was wondering how they'd handle the different art styles, but good grief, I wasn't expecting them to actually have both in the episode and say that there are 2D and 3D verses. That is both cracky, hilarious, and kind of creepy-weird all at once. I suppose maybe it was their idea of breaking the fourth wall, like the 1987 series liked to do, but I think that breaks it maybe a little too much.

I also wasn't sure I liked all the anime-esque faces the Turtles make in the Nick series. Somehow it looks weird in 3D; I've never seen a 3D series do that before. And I'm not sure I like it for the Turtles. I also ponder on how the Nick 3D styles make the Turtles look kind of Lego-ish/block-like. Or their limbs, anyway. The 3D designs for the TMNT movie are so fluid and beautiful, so I don't know why Nick chose something that doesn't look nearly as pretty or advanced. You can really see some of the blockishness in the figures, especially the way the shells look compared with any other line, and it looks, well, kind of cheap/little kid-ish. (And yes, I mean the main line and not the Half-Shell Heroes thing, which I'm still trying to figure out.) And yet I hate to say that, because the figures are better articulated than any previous line (save for the recent movies' lines, which are also awesomely articulate) and hopefully they're really sturdy too.

I dunno; maybe the Nick series is an acquired taste and I'd like it if I really sat down and tried it. I've always had problems with it, but I've also always intended to at least watch one episode. I owe it that much. I was looking through an episode guide a couple weeks ago to try to see exactly what's been going on since I last looked and to see if I was still bothered by the stuff that annoyed me before. I still was, but I still want to give it a try. Maybe the best thing to start me out would be the stuff where Leo is brutally defeated in a fight and they retreat to April's farmhouse. I love that arc no matter whether it's Leo or Raph who's seriously hurt and I'm always curious to see how another branch of the franchise handles it.

I also wondered if possibly there were any 1987 episodes on YouTube so I could see one or two while waiting to get my DVDs. I saw at least two were there and I picked one, but then I decided I just wasn't keen on seeing it right then, both because I'd rather see it nice and big on my DVDs and because it's the one where it's Mikey's birthday and everyone is pretending to have forgotten it and thinking that will make the surprise party even better. Honestly, I get sick of that cliche in sitcoms and cartoons and books and everywhere else. It's really a pretty nasty trick to play on someone. Sure, maybe the surprise party cheers them up, but before that they're going around all sad for hours thinking everyone's forgotten their special day. I fail to find anything funny about that situation. That's just plain sad.
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So I finished the 1987 Turtles disc about a week ago and greatly enjoyed the rest of it, although I think I like the earlier episodes the best (1-4-ish). The season 7 episode on the disc, where they have to fight a whole rogues’ gallery of past villains, seemed really familiar to me, so I think that must have been one I watched when it first aired on TV. I liked it, but I prefer the utter nonsense of earlier seasons. I went and read through an episode guide and decided that I want the season 3 discs first. Season 4 sounded kind of “eh” except for a few episodes and season 2 is filled with tropes I detest (shrinking, humans mutating, etc.). Season 1 was just a five-part mini-series/pilot-type thing, which I want, but not ahead of some other stuff. Seasons 5 and 6 sounded fun and I might plan to get Wal-Mart’s combined set of those. Also, season 7 sounded like a blast, especially with the Europe vacation arc that took place around seasons 3-4. Seasons 8-10 don’t sound as fun; I don’t think I’d like all the changes to the show. I know I watched some of those episodes on TV, though, but the only one I remember involved a biker gang and Donatello nearly getting hurt by one of the members as he speeds past. I couldn’t find it in the episode guide, but I know I saw it mentioned before. It seemed like any time I was actually awake and able to watch the Turtles, I always caught that episode. Heh. I saw it at least three times.

This week has been the saga of the Donatello plushie. I find it very sad that I don't have a Donny plushie yet, considering he was my second-favorite all through childhood and on into the 2003 series, until I somehow became super-fond of Raph. Without rehashing all the details, I basically decided I wanted the Donatello plushie the most that’s from the same line as my Leo. Only problem is, there’s suddenly a run on that plushie. Amazon is sold out and keeps changing the price and the date it will be back in stock, the only decently-priced one there right now is from a seller with 90% positive feedback and I don’t like to dip lower than 97% positive, Wal-Mart sold out (probably because people were mad about Amazon selling out; they were charging the same price), and Target has only three left. WTH…. Then I got mad and started thinking maybe I wanted the one styled like the 1987 series again, just to be able to get Donatello without waiting for ages. I do like it, but it’s just not stuffed as full and it’s not as soft. The other one has pros all around except for having the same expression as Leo, and I think I’d prefer that over one with a different expression but so many cons.

This year, the Scottish Festival was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed it much better than some recent years and I actually found something I liked enough to buy that was decently priced. It’s a beautiful turquoise necklace that I thought had Celtic designs on some of the beads, but now I’m not sure and think it’s Native American designs instead. But either way, I love it. We also got to see a favorite band, The Fire, finally return after a three-year absence, and we got one of their CDs. We stayed on Friday until they closed up shop around ten, which was so awesome. I wanted to go back on Saturday and look around some more, even though I’d probably seen everything. But we weren’t able to make it until the very end, when The Fire went on again. That was when we got the CD. It was sad seeing all the booths close up while the concert was going on. I thought they might stay open until after the concert for one last hurrah, but no. After we got home, I took pictures of Christopher Cary as a Scot from Batman.

After the festival on Friday, I bought the second Turtles movie, which I shouldn’t have done. But I’d wanted it for at least seven years and was exasperated at never being able to spare a few dollars to get it. I’d never seen it in full and it was a blast. I still like the first one best, but the second one has lots of cute and funny moments and the nightclub scene and the ending scene are still priceless.

Also, Build-a-Bear sent me an email about a Boba Fett-themed bear. That is … kind of awesome. I have to say that if the character hadn’t intrigued me as a six-year-old child, he probably wouldn’t interest me now. But that six-year-old child never stopped being fascinated by him and there's nothing I can do about it. Dad would probably go through the ceiling if I bought that plushie, and I can’t get any there anyway without some coupons (which they hardly send anymore, waaah), but I am definitely considering it. First priority is looking at their Turtles up close and personal, though, and deciding whether to get the Mikey from their line. But there’s still that problem of not liking their second run Mikey's expression. He looks so cheeky instead of just cute like the first one.
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So I finally got my Mikey figure! I've been looking for a Basic one for a while now, without any weird gimmicks. (Seriously, why do we have tongue-popping, eye-popping, spitting figures? Why can't we have Turtles figures with gimmicks that are actually cool and relevant, like the old ones that actually performed ninja moves? Those were awesome! My Donny is from that line and he cartwheels.) Then when I found a couple in a new shipment at Wal-Mart, I still had to wait because money has been extremely tight and I couldn't spare any for fun stuff until I was able to find more things to write at Textbroker. On Saturday I was relieved to finally be able to bring Mikey home. For the last couple of weeks or so, I've been tensely watching the figure section and making sure that the ones I put away were still there. (I put them both away with the idea of choosing between them when I could actually buy one.) I had my other Turtles figures gather around for the de-carding and it was pretty fun having them "reunite".

I also discovered my Raph is now plasticizing, which is not fun. **cries.** But at least it's more logical for an old figure like that to leak plasticizer than it is for figures I bought new nine years ago or so to do it. I've got red plastic dripping off of Vincent's cape and it is not cool at all. I wonder if it's something in these Japanese-made figures, because they are the only semi-recent figures doing it. The American ones don't do it for 20 years or more. (My Raph is 25 years old, actually. Oh gosh, I feel old.)

And I should never judge any series by the first episode. I've been watching more of my 2003 Turtles episodes and the characters are definitely better in the others. Raph seems to have calmed down after his experience in the fourth episode of almost clobbering Mikey in a fit of rage. He was horrified, just like in the TMNT movie with Leo, and he went outside screaming, "What's wrong with me?!" He's been nicer to Mikey since then. Also, Mikey is definitely more likable since the first episode. Maybe I'll like this version of him this round. I loved in the fourth one when Raph accused him of thinking he was better and Mikey said No, he didn't think that at all; Raph was just too cocky right then. Maturity I wouldn't have expected from Mikey.

I also re-discovered the 1987 series. I found a disc with ten episodes in the $3.74 bin on Tuesday, and unlike a previous, similar disc I found that seemed to mostly have episodes with tropes I hate (shrinking, April getting weirdly mutated), this disc's episodes sounded intriguing. I decided to buy it. I knew I'd seen that series sometimes and must have liked it; I saw that before I ever saw the first movie (I think). The 5th season opening seemed really familiar. I like to think I remember watching the show and not that I just saw that opening on YouTube several years ago or something. And the episodes ... oh gosh, they are absolutely priceless crack. One has Shredder getting zapped by his machine and ending up thinking he's Mikey! It's just so nuts it has to be seen to be believed. Another has Leo and Raph traveling to a fairy tale world to get a crystal they need to neutralize Kraang's ray gun and Raph is horrified by everything. ROTFLOL. I almost want to stick Ginger and Lou in such a situation just so Ginger can react to the three men in a tub flying overhead and getting kidnapped by the Giant and other totally bizarre stuff. Of course, it would probably have to be one of F.O.W.L.'s virtual reality worlds, but it would still be highly amusing.

I haven't finished the disc yet, but I love it and all its wonderful, cheesy, 1980s escapism. As much as I like Shredder being a more serious villain as per the 2003 series, I also like him being human instead of something like Kraang. And I have to admit, I always liked April being a reporter. So there are definitely things I like about the older series and now I think I want to get some of the season sets Wal-Mart has for amazing prices.

I also kind of want a plushie in the style of the 1987 series. I still need Donny and Mikey, and there is a Donny in that style. Unfortunately, he's fleecey and not furry. I don't really like the fleecey feel for plushies. Of course, neither is really accurate for turtles, but furry just feels so gloriously soft and wonderful. I'm debating whether to get the fleecey one anyway. It would be kind of nice if all of my Turtles plushies had different expressions, instead of Leo and Donny having the same basic expression. But the Donny in the same line as my Leo is only $9.97 right now if I order on Wal-Mart's website and ship for free to the store like I did for Leo. And he would definitely be furry. On Friday, I plan to go feel the fleecey Raph that Wal-Mart has (and check to see if there are any Donnys behind him) and try to decide which Donny to get. (Of course, if I got the Build-a-Bears for both Donny and Mikey, there would be different expressions. But I don't even know for sure if I want to buy any from their new line; I need to see it in person. And I've never been crazy about Nick's re-design of Donny, so I'm not sure I'd want a plushie that clearly depicts those changes to him. Also, I'll be lucky if I can just get one of them from Build-a-Bear. They've hardly sent any usable coupons in ages and then even with one, money is still way tight. I've only bought two plushies from them this year, and both were paid for largely with gift cards and coupons.)

And on to fic issues. I'm writing a new Perry Mason fic based around a dream I had. I've never liked how short-tempered and angry Andy is in season 8, and I've headcanoned that he's stressed from taking the reins from Lieutenant Tragg, and that Tragg was seriously hurt to prompt Andy having to take the reins. The dream involved Andy finally snapping and screaming at a murderer because of all the stress. So the fic details the case that led up to that scene. My problem is, I'm trying to decide whether Perry's client should be innocent, as they were 99% of the time in the series (yes, there were a couple of guilty clients), or if this should be one of those few times where the client is guilty. Andy hates Perry's law-bending antics in general and he feels that way even more as the stress builds up. He also hates that Perry is defending this particular client, because the case involves an old man being beaten to death and Andy just can't handle that right now, especially while still worrying about Tragg. But if the client is innocent, as per the usual formula, Andy will probably look more like a fool and a jerk than ever. If the client is guilty, it might look like I'm only doing that to try to make Andy look a little better. So I'm not sure which way that element of the story should go at this point. I've planned the story out in just about every other way.

Also, I kind of want to do the utter crack crossover of Kojak/TMNT. Kojak reacting to the Turtles would be kind of epically awesome. He would wonder WTH at first, but I think they'd end up getting along and he would be one of their allies in the city. Kojak is already a fictional series in my main verse (Ginger and Lou watch it), so such a fic would be in my fantasy/magical people verse instead. Which is just fine with me; as much as I love and adore the Turtles, them being real just wouldn't fly in my main verse. As for Kojak, though, sometimes I wish I hadn't made it fictional in my main verse because it would be fun to have Ginger and Lou interact with Kojak. But I needed to keep some series as fictional so they could be discussed, and I chose that one as one of them. Of course, I could always retcon that....

Fun quiz!

Jul. 1st, 2016 04:14 am
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So I took this interesting quiz here: What Decade Do You Actually Belong In?

And got this result here:

If you are young in this century, you are considered an "old soul". People of the 70s can go anywhere between coo-coo disco and sweet and calm guitar playing. The 70s were where everything started to change. Black Sabbath came in, introducing heavy metal, and the Beatles ended, causing a lot of sadness in teenagers and young adults of the age. To find an old soul like yourself, pay attention to peoples' styles. Look for someone wearing a 70s band t-shirt or a modern hippy. (you may find this in Urban Outfitters)

Music: Queen, Steve Miller Band, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, The Who, Elton John, Foreigner, Journey, Boston

Interesting. I certainly have a great love of the 1970s. The cars were awesome, I definitely like some of the music, many of the TV shows had this wonderful cheesy innocence (Charlie's Angels, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman), and the more serious shows (Mannix, Cannon, The Mod Squad, Hawaii 5-O, Kojak, Adam-12, Emergency!) were also great. I think I said once that the '70's might just be my favorite decade for television. And of course, it can't be overlooked that the characters I love writing about the most are from an episode of a 1970s show. I moved the time period to the present-day, but they still originated in the 1970s. Wow, that is suddenly a weird and wonderful thought. I mean, I knew it, but I didn't consciously stop to think recently about how people have known about Ginger and Lou for almost 39 years. I guess because The Rockford Files just isn't a period piece (i.e., it doesn't have to take place in the 1970s) and to me, it slides into the present-day with absolute ease. And I'm so used to the world I've lovingly created for the past three years where it is the present-day that I have to admit, it feels like that is canon. Whoops.

I thought I might get the 1980s, but I don't know if that was even a choice in the quiz. Given the options they had for each question, the 1970s makes perfect sense.
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So I'm still on a Turtles kick. I watched the very first movie and still loved it. I also wanted to see TMNT, but I wasn't sure I'd still feel the magic for it since there are things I don't like about it. But I did get caught up in the magic again and I was thrilled. It really is a very good, very powerful movie. And the whole thing with the 3,000-year-old warriors and the man cursed with solitary immortality for his mistake and the portals to different dimensions and escaping monsters all reminded me of something out of a YGO film. I think that was part of what excited me so much before.

Also, while I still wish they had actually had Leo apologize to Raph for the nasty things he said to him, they did have quite a touching make-up scene. It wasn't enough for me before, but this time it seemed to mean more (maybe because of Crystal's enthusiasm over the subtleness of Napoleon and Illya). Raph comes and helps Leo up as the drug wears off and hands him some new katana, saying he'll need them if he's going to lead them out of there. Leo smiles and says he'll need Raph too and they smile at each other. Not exactly "I'm sorry" on either of their parts, but it really was a beautiful moment with each acknowledging they had been wrong.

And while I still think the problem was on both sides, I really was horrified at how far Raph allowed his anger and hurt to go, actually fighting with Leo quite viciously and eventually breaking the original katanas and pinning him down. The moment where Raph comes back to himself and realizes what he could have done is very powerful. He can't even stand to be there and turns and runs. And Leo is so drained and shaken from the episode that he isn't paying attention when a tranquilizer dart is shot at him. Raph hears him cry out and runs back, but he's not able to stop the bad guys from kidnapping Leo.

I watched a lot of the bonus material and while I'd seen some of the scenes before, I didn't see all of them. And I didn't remember that originally they were going to have Leo and Raph talk at the end. There was still a lot they needed to talk out: Raph's feelings of abandonment and how he had to take over when Leo was gone, Leo's feelings that he just wasn't good enough to be the leader and the brothers would be better off without him.... I wonder if that scene would possibly be in the novelization. I always wanted to get it, as I knew it had stuff that was left out of the movie. If it's not in the novelization, I'm really tempted to write my own version of it. That movie has so much pain and hurt, especially on Leo and Raph's parts. It seemed to be Raph's movie in a lot of ways, and we didn't really get in-depth on Leo's issues.

Several weeks ago I read through all my journal entries tagged with TMNT (which is the general Turtles tag, not just for this movie). I found that one of the movie's creators had said that he wanted to show that animated movies didn't just have to be about characters running into each other and passing gas. LOL. But yes, it really is a very deep, very serious movie with moments of humor here and there. It's a beautiful film and I love it again and want to see it again very soon.

I decided to follow it up by watching an episode of the 2003 series. I have the first 12 on DVD. So naturally I started with the first one. Mikey was a little more tolerable this time around, but still kind of too much. I seem to like him everywhere else, but I don't know, he just comes across as so obnoxious and frustrating in this incarnation. And Raph ... yikes. He really could be pretty nasty in this version. I forgot that in addition to Leo, he also seemed to have many problems with Mikey, to the point of hitting him and trying to fight with him. I did remember how upset Raph was when Mikey beat him in some tournament thingy later on in the series (and how obnoxious Mikey was about winning and kept rubbing it in everyone's faces). I'm so used to Raph in the movies, who never seems to have any specific problems with Mikey and actually "teamed up" with him in the newest film, that this was kind of a jolt. I had other issues with the 2003 series in the past, and I wonder if I won't like it much at all this round. I was thinking that I seem to prefer the Turtles in movies, any of the movies. I grew up with the first movie more than the original series and I'm absolutely nuts about the current movies while I still don't know if I want to touch Nickelodeon's TV series. Nick seems to have a concept of Raph being rather protective of Mikey in all their stuff, though, so that would be one adorable thing in their TV series.

Another thing I've never been able to make peace with is Nick's decision that April should be a teenager too. They felt it was too illogical for an adult to want to be friends with teenagers. Actually, there's probably not that much difference in their ages. Maybe five, six years. And I never found it illogical that April had made friends with them; I always thought it was beautiful. I like that Nick found a way to make things work in their movies without resorting to making April younger. In the movies, the backstory is that she was the one who owned them before the mutations. That is seriously adorable and I am all for it. And it would totally work in any branch of the franchise. After all, the story is that they were pet turtles that were lost. Somebody owned them. But I don't think April would have to be the previous owner in order for it to make sense that she made friends with them. To me, it still makes sense in every branch of the franchise. April was never conventional and was always open-minded; even though she generally freaks out in every initial meeting with them, she warms up pretty quickly once she knows they're friendly. She was probably always a little strange/different from everyone else. Having unusual friends just doesn't seem such an odd thing for her. And after all the crazy things she went through with the Turtles in their early adventures, it makes a lot of sense that a lasting bond would form and she would want to stay in touch.

I was also thinking about The Next Mutation, which is the bane of the franchise. It was finally released on DVD a little while ago and you can find it at places like Wal-Mart or K-Mart for $5. For that price, I've considered buying it, but I don't know if I want to touch it, either. I'm not that crazy about the idea of a fifth Turtle, or that April and Casey are bizarrely absent, but what bugs me more than anything else is that in this thing, the Turtles are not biological brothers. By all indications, this was done just so that there was a possibility of any of them hooking up romantically with the new Turtle. Um, that is seriously beyond lame. Actually, if the series had instead kept the brothers angle and the storylines were all "Hey, we have a new sister! Yay!" I would probably think it was seriously adorable and would be very enthusiastic about trying it, even if I still wouldn't want the girl Turtle to be canon in any other branch of the franchise. But getting rid of the brother thing was sacrilege, and doing it for the possibility of romance is utterly unforgivable. Why does everything always have to be about romance? The Turtles were always more about platonic relationships. It should stay that way.
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The A-Team is such a cheesy, silly, ridiculous show. But still probably way better than almost anything currently on TV. It's so outlandish, how there's so many wild crashes and bullets flying and no one even gets hurt. But it's escapist entertainment. The good guys win, the bad guys lose. And I have to admit to having a soft spot for it because my brother apparently liked it. He had an activity book for it that he gave me. I used to like having Mom read it to me. No, I don't know the logic of reading an activity book like a storybook, but there you go. Also, apparently at least some of my other siblings liked it; Dad has a book of it that I think is an adaptation of the pilot and probably belonged to one of them. I'm sure it wasn't Dad's book. LOL. But he seems to have a soft spot for the series too; he'll let the TV stay on it when it's on Cozi and sometimes he'll even watch it.

I don't like George Peppard much, though. He seemed so juvenile! When he got invited to some thing in ... Hungary, I think it was, he thought he was the only cast member invited. When he knew the others had been invited too, he refused to attend. WTH. And then he had problems with Mr. T at times and wouldn't even talk to him except by other people relaying messages. **headdesk.** That's what children do when they're mad at each other! It did sound like maybe he matured later in life, though, so I'm trying to give him the benefit of a doubt. Anyone can change. I liked when I read that he overcome his alcohol problems and tried to help others do likewise.

Also, I always thought the pilot was ... well, not very "with it" since the poor guy has so many screws loose. But he really shined in the episode I saw on Monday night. And it was one of those kind where the character is on a game show, and usually I hate those because they think it's funny to have the contestant lose everything, but he won and he also apparently got the girl of the episode. The show's standard Casanova looked pretty frustrated that she was more interested in the pilot than him. LOL.

The Casanova is played by Dirk Benedict, whom I know from the original Battlestar Galactica. And then of course Mr. T. Everyone knows Mr. T ... right?

I don't think I'd ever watch the show religiously, but I do like having it on while we're putting groceries away. Classic '80's.

Also, I always thought it strange that plushies weren't made of the ghost character in the Ghostbusters' logo. That would be a really cute plushie! I'd much rather have that than one of the Stay Puft thing. The mascot itself is innocent, but since the evil ghost used its form to try to destroy the world, I'd always be thinking of that. A Stay Puft plushie would hence creep me out.

I realized that the logo ghost is actually in Build-a-Bear's new Ghostbusters plushie collection. It's a ghost bear and it's actually way cute. And I don't understand the logic of dressing it in the Ghostbusters' uniform. (Or the logic of Stay Puft being online-only. WTH? He's probably what most people would want the most!) I kind of want that ghost bear. And I think the Ghostbusters uniform is clothing I might actually buy. Not for the ghost, but for one of my other plushies.

Also, I apparently have a Slimer fingerpuppet. I always wondered what that thing was; my brother gave it to me and I liked it, but was puzzled by it. When I saw pictures of Slimer in the first movie, I realized that's what it was. I also have a pinball game based on the TV show, which is weird because I don't think I ever saw the TV show. I really want to see the reboot movie when it comes out next month, and that will be my first time seeing any of the media for the franchise (unless I watch the older movies between now and then).

... What.

Jun. 17th, 2016 04:41 am
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So Wal-Mart has a new, paperback-bound set of the first three Nancy Drew Diaries books. I haven't ever tried them because I've heard that they're not as dark/heavy as the original series was and I'm not in the mood to see the series kiddie-fied in a series that isn't even the one marketed towards very young children. But I couldn't resist a peek. For a minute it actually didn't sound too bad; they even described Bess and George's luggage tastes pretty accurately: Bess was fashionable and George was sporty.

But then it got weird. George got worried about her laptop and Smartphone and hurried to dig them out of her duffel bag. Bess got annoyed and commented that they would be on a cruise with beautiful scenery and there wouldn't be a lot of time to look at cute kitty videos on YouTube. George retorted that they might need the technology to help Nancy research something.

Um. Their personalities like, totally flipped. George looking up cute kitty videos? That is a sarcastic crack the likes of which George herself would make. I can kind of see Bess excited about beautiful scenery, but it still doesn't seem right. I just can't feature her saying that to George, or George being more interested in technology than the outdoors.

There was also an odd part where some college guy is interested in Bess and she doesn't react. Nancy is thinking that Bess doesn't fall for just anyone. In the original series, though, she kind of did. She was always crushing on every cute guy that came along. Now in this case, maybe it's not such a bad thing to have this Bess be different from the original series. But it's still a little jarring, especially combined with the other incident. This also sounds more like George.

I dealt with the George character basically being Bess in the TV series, but somehow I'm not crazy about seeing their personalities flipped in the books. One more reason why I'm not too keen on this new series. Why can't they just make it like the original series, save for being in first person? Sigh. There's a reason why the original series is the one that lasted for decades, while the other attempts faded away within a few years.
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I believe I've mentioned my desire to have a website devoted to information on all my favorite character actors. Right now it's mostly vintage interviews with or about the darlings that I've dug up, with a few recent ones thrown in the mix as well. What excites me the most is the extended interview I had with Elen Carysfort, Christopher Cary's widow! Today is Christopher's birthday, so I am especially happy to be able to bring this interview to people right now. I am hoping others who knew Christopher and the other darlings will find the site and come forward with stories to share of their own.
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Yesterday was a long and interesting day that started with horrible, horrible insomnia. Ugggh. I was so tired I actually felt ill, and yet when I was able to lay down to sleep I didn't even get three hours worth of sleep! WTH? I rolled around for a long while, gave up, and watched the rest of something I was recording before it was time to get ready to meet a local friend for the new Turtles movie!

Honestly, I loved it overall. I kind of might love the first one a little more, but I don't know. They are both great. Like the first one, there was really only one crude moment. There was a little bit more swearing, but pretty much only at the beginning and then there wasn't any more. (YAY!)

Mild spoilers )

We also went shopping a bit. I'd called Toys R Us and asked if they had Sugarcoat dolls and the guy couldn't find any. They had a whole bunch. **headdesk.** But she wasn't on sale, so I'm glad I went ahead a couple of days ago and bought her at Hasbro's eBay store. She was only $9.99 there and they have FREE SHIPPING. Also, people told me that they've shaped up and their shipping is faster than it used to be. As I'm watching the tracking information, I see it looks like that's true. I think she'll get here before the estimated date of June 16th, and even that isn't bad. One week is about what it takes for Amazon's free shipping.

I bought Charlie's Angels season 1 at K-Mart. I should have got it two weeks ago when I bought a present for my movie-going friend's birthday, but I held off because I wasn't sure I'd like season 1 as much and I wanted to review the episode guide again. I regretted not getting it the instant I got home and read it, ugh. It's been driving me nuts that it's taken so long to be able to get back up there to get it. We watched one of them already and it was fun. I love 1970's cheese.

Wal-Mart is having a sale on their basic Equestria Girls dolls, or rather, I think the price has just lowered to get rid of the stock so they can start getting in stuff for the new movie this year. I'm hoping to at least get Lemon Zest; I decided the expression on the basic doll is way cuter and more fitting for her than the expression on the deluxe doll (which can't seem to be found in the States anyway, oy vey). I was willing to pass on Sunny Flare, since she wasn't very nice through most of the movie, but I still think the post-movie novel didn't do her justice at all, and when I think about how she was really upset and shocked that Principal Cinch wanted to get away from "that monster" instead of trying to help Twilight, considering Cinch manipulated her into unleashing the magic in the first place, I think that Sunny Flare is probably really a pretty nice person. Plus, I love her color scheme. So I might end up getting her doll if I can only get one.

Each one has some flaws, though. Lemon Zest doesn't have her bangs, which is weird since Hasbro has been so good about giving bangs to the dolls whose characters have them. Her forehead looks so unflatteringly big without the bangs. (I think they used the Rainbow Rocks-era head for her that has a really high forehead.) And Sunny Flare's hair is long when it's actually short in the movie. I don't know why Hasbro wouldn't let her have short hair when the DJ doll has accurate, short hair. I could cut it, of course, but it's so beautiful that I hate to do that even for the sake of accuracy.

Of course, I'd really like to have them both, but I don't know if I'll be able to with money tighter than usual lately. It's been slow going on TextBroker for weeks. Sigh. I want to get at least one of them on Monday, though. Hopefully Wal-Mart will still have them; they have for the past couple of times, even with the price drop.

I've been planning for the Equestria Girls fic I want to write with the Crystal Prep girls. My next fic for that was going to be the one where Sunset Shimmer learned what happened to her naturally human counterpart and I was outlining some of it last week, but after reading that novel and feeling like the Crystal Prep girls just weren't portrayed IC, I really want to try my hand at writing them and see if I can do it better/more canon-accurate.

Sugarcoat will be portrayed as probably the only one Twilight really associated with in any kind of a friend capacity. Of course, they won't have been very close, but considering that Twilight reaches out to Sugarcoat and says her name, and Sugarcoat is actually the only Crystal Prep girl who calls Twilight by name anywhere in the movie, and since she sounded like she might have been trying to help Twilight improve herself in the early part of the film, I do kind of like to think that they had some connection. It might have just been that Sugarcoat was almost the only one willing to talk to Twilight at school, or maybe they were also at each other's houses a time or so. Still thinking on this.

Lemon Zest likes Twilight just fine; she never acted mean at all until the climax, when Cinch led all the students in ganging up on Twilight to unleash the magic. I think I'll portray her as friendly, but probably not really into the science scene like Twilight is. She's one of the top students, so she can likely do the work, but has no interest in it (like me with math). She wanted to share her music with Twilight, and maybe that happened semi-frequently. Twilight definitely didn't like her pounding rock music, or trying to be polite in listening to it, but in hindsight I think she would appreciate that Lemon Zest was generally nice to her. Usually, however, I'm guessing that Lemon Zest was lost in her own world of music and probably didn't approach Twilight except to get her to hear things.

Indigo Zap probably thinks Twilight is kind of an idiot after her awkward response to Indigo's "Are we gonna win?!" exclamation. She was also irritated when Twilight bumped into her and caused her to drop her glass. But she's loyal to Crystal Preppers. It was right after that irritation that she jumped to Twilight's defense when Canterlot High students wanted to know what she was doing. Whether her loyalty extends to former Crystal Preppers who transferred to another school, however ... good question. The movie did end with the schools on better terms, but she still might not like that Twilight left Crystal Prep and wonder why Twilight would do that. On the other hand, maybe she would have some level of understanding about it, after everyone ganged up on her and it resulted in her transformation once she unleashed the magic.

Sour Sweet was definitely the nastiest in the movie. But again, since it ended with everyone on better terms, figuring out exactly what to do with her will be a little hard. I think she still won't like Twilight, but she won't be as hostile as in the movie. She also, however, won't try to say some nonsense like that she was Twilight's friend at Crystal Prep. She clearly didn't want to associate with Twilight at all, and only did when circumstances forced them together. She and Sunny Flare seem to be friends in the movie and they seem to get along great, unlike the portrayal in the book.

Sunny Flare is the real puzzle. Since she's Rarity's counterpart, I might give her an interest in fashion. Or maybe she's a little vain. Or both. Maybe more stuck-up than just vain. She certainly won't be portrayed anything like the book portrayed her, what with being scared that Twilight will turn into a monster again. They all know it happened because she did what everyone was pressuring her to do and unleashed the magic, and Sunset Shimmer saved Twilight, so there's no real reason to believe that she'll turn into a monster again.

I'm really excited to try this fic out.

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