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It continues to exasperate me that there are only 15 icon slots. I wanted to try using a Simon Templar icon for a while, but I couldn't decide how to get it in.

Finally I decided to do the unthinkable: delete this Alister icon. That lasted for about five minutes. I wasn't happy at all and put it back. I've used it since ... I'm not sure when, but I suppose since 2004 or 2005, maybe. It was my default before I fell in love with Aubrie's Faye Valentine icon. And I've stubbornly hung onto it ever since. I don't use it a whole lot anymore, but apparently I still want it here pretty badly.

Finally I decided that since I have three H.M. icons, and two featuring Coley, I would try removing the one of Coley by himself and keep the one of him and Lafe together. I'm not entirely happy with that, either, but I really did want to try using a Simon Templar icon for a while, and at the moment I'm a lot more satisfied than I was when I tried removing the Alister icon.
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In the morning I tinkered around with Baa Baa Black Sheep (a.k.a. Black Sheep Squadron), a WWII-era series. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first, although I absolutely adored a scene where General Moore talks with the main character Pappy and ends up yelling his name in frustration, just like Tony always does with Kolchak.

I watched straight through that episode until it decided to start buffering. It was all together in one chunk and the website didn't seem to know what to make of it, either. Once it started buffering I got impatient and skipped around to other parts. It continued to buffer.

By that point I didn't have enough time to watch a full episode, so I switched to one in several parts and skipped around a bit in it to see if it was one I'd like to watch in full later. And that episode, #4, made me decide I loved the show and that I'd definitely be giving it another chance.

Why? Because the plot involved the main character, Pappy, going missing in action. It flipped back and forth between his adventures and how the rest of the unit was dealing with him being missing. And they were not handling it well. They were neglecting their duties, refusing missions, and lying around getting drunk. This went on for a while.

And General Moore finally had enough. After he was informed of the problem by the colonel, he went to bawl them out. They were letting him down, they were letting Pappy down, and they were disgusting him. He had this whole big rant and I was eating it up. I loved it. It really helped them, too. After that they started getting their act together.

In real life General Moore would probably scare the heck out of me. But in fiction, when I can sit back and just watch, I highly admire his actions. I've always tended to do that. Sephiroth, whom I'm loved writing for in both Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts, is much the same. He's stern, he's tough, and he will be as blunt and harsh as he has to be to get things done. I adore writing scenes where he chews someone out who really needs to be chewed out. I've also done that with Alister, definitely in RPs and I think in stories, too.

I think the reason for my admiration is that I wish I were more that way. It's the same reason (well, one of them) that I like Autor so much. But also, it's the same philosophy I fully believe in. When people are depending on you you can't just keep lying around as the unit was doing in the episode. You have to get up and keep going, even if you want to break down. I've had to put that into practice in real life before and I hope I'll always be able to do so. And I'm of course not saying you should never have a time to break down/cry/grieve/whatever, just that sometimes there truly isn't a time.

So, hats off to General Moore (played beautifully by Simon Oakland, if you haven't already figured that one out).
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I should not have wasted time taking this. But it was interesting. One selects five TV shows and then answers the questions.

1. Princess Tutu
2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
3. The Patty Duke Show
4. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
5. The Monkees

Who’s your favorite character in 2?
In YGO ... I'm not sure. The first one who popped into my head was Alister, and he's certainly still one of my favorites. He's serious, blunt, and is really good at disguises. And he's devoted to his younger brother. I think Seto is right; deep down Alister blamed himself for Miruko's death, but it hurt too much so he shifted the blame to Gozaburo Kaiba. He's a fascinating character to pick apart.

Who’s your least favorite character in 1?
In Princess Tutu ... Lilie, of course. I'll never like her, but I have started to wonder if her denseness is an act. There's a scene in Akt 11 where she's exclaiming about Ahiru being sad and Pike flatly says, "You seem happy." Lilie blushes and holds a hand to her mouth like "Oh my" and says "No way!" She looks and sounds like she knows she's been caught in the act. I would actually find her marginally interesting if she knows she has a problem, rather than for her to be empty-headed as she comes across.

What’s your favorite season of 5?
In The Monkees ... season 1, hands-down. The characterization was a thousand times better than season 2. So often in season 2, I want to slap Micky. This makes me sad, since in season 1 he's my favorite character. In season 1 he's intelligent, hilarious, sarcastic, and brave. In season 2 he's been degraded to a whiny, hysterical, random coward most of the time.

What’s your favorite ship in 3?
In The Patty Duke Show ... I think George Tutwiler/Cathy Lane would be an adorable couple if the problems concerning Cousin Betsy were resolved. If I remember right, they seemed to be studying together when Betsy stumbled upon them, so they might have a love of learning in common. And George is a sweet, innocent boy; he just had a very thoughtless moment when Betsy charmed him. But he could change; Patty's boyfriend Richard has certainly had moments of weakness too.

Ted Browning/Cathy Lane is a more canon couple and a lovely one. Ted seems intelligent and level-headed, and he's crazy about Cathy. She thinks highly of him also. Their personalities mesh very well.

Who is your anti-ship in 2?
In YGO ... I'm not sure. Seto/Serenity, perhaps. I understand the basis for it, but it seems too syrupy sweet and cliche. I also don't like Alister/Valon. If they're going to interact and come to like each other more, I'd prefer seeing them as friends/surrogate brothers.

How long have you watched 1?
Princess Tutu ... since June of 2006.

How did you become interested in 3?
The Patty Duke Show.... It's on late-night/early morning on THIS TV network. Mom watches the oldies block and I started seeing it with her sometimes. The Patty Duke Show attracted me because it's more of a domestic comedy than a sitcom and the characters are amazing and well-rounded. And most episodes have a moral point, but it's not annoyingly drilled into you. It's got so much more meat to it than say, Mr. Ed (which is also on the block). Mr. Ed is just a silly sitcom, but that's a rant for another time.

Who’s your favorite actor in 4?
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon ... is an anime. I'm not sure who my favorite voice actor is. Maybe Emi Shinohara, who plays Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter. She is incredible and her singing is powerful. When Jupiter isn't being boy-crazy, she's really a superb character. She's strong and determined and justice-driven, and always puts boys aside to fight for the greater good. She also has a wonderful relationship with a childhood friend and fiercely believes in Sailor Moon. Emi Shinohara portrays all of Jupiter's emotions flawlessly. Jupiter has really become one of my favorite characters. Even her English dub actress, Susan Roman, is really good. I think Jupiter had just about the best voice in the dub.

Which show do you prefer: 1, 2, or 5?
Princess Tutu, YGO, or The Monkees.... Well, as much as I love them all, I still think YGO will always hold the #1 spot for favorite show. I shared adventures with the characters for so many years and I learned so much about writing while doing stories about them and I met so many people I likely never would have otherwise. I think YGO has had the greatest and most long-lasting impact on me of any show I've ever watched. I really think of the characters as friends (albeit I feel the same about the characters on any show I love).

Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 or 3?
Princess Tutu or The Patty Duke Show.... Well, Tutu only has 26 episodes while Patty has 104. There's only a handful of Patty episodes I haven't seen now.

If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?
I don't want to be anyone from any show. I like my life.

Give a random quote from 1.
Princess Tutu....

Autor: You're late.
Fakir: What are you talking about?
Autor: It took you eighteen days, seven hours, and twenty-four minutes from the time you started researching your power to when you noticed me.

Would a 3/4 crossover work?
The Patty Duke Show and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.... Um, I don't think so. However, if the girls just all met and could hang out without all the magic and bad guys, I think that would work. Ami and Cathy would get along well with their love of studying, and Patty could introduce Minako and Makoto to all the cute guys in school.

Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.
Princess Tutu.... Autor and Ahiru. There's not much canon evidence in their interaction to support it, it's true. Well, other than Autor's friendly behavior in the follow-up, which may or may not be canon. (But it's squeeful in any case.) It's in their personalities that the evidence comes. Autor is a kind person underneath the arrogant facade and Ahiru is someone who accepts and cares about anyone shown to be good. I think if they got to know each other more, they could become very close. And from there, who knows?

Has 5 inspired you in any way?
The Monkees.... I'm not sure what kind of context "inspired" is being used in, but offhand I don't think that it has. Unless it was that I think the little teddy bears cosplaying The Monkees were my first "big" purchase and I had to work really hard to earn the money to buy them. And the show certainly gave me lots of laughs. It's a joy to watch.

Overall, which show has a better cast: 2 or 4?
YGO or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.... Oh gosh. Well, one problem with Sailor Moon is that a lot of the good guys are better in the manga, but the villains are better in the anime. In YGO, the characters are pretty much all awesome in the anime. They only made a couple of slip-ups (Duke's intro ... ugh), but overall I prefer YGO characterization in the anime to the manga. So YGO would probably get my vote.

Which has better theme music: 3 or 5?
The Patty Duke Show or The Monkees.... I love them both. I was originally going to say The Monkees, since it's so catchy and I've loved it for a longer period of time, but I also really love The Patty Duke Show theme. All the horns are awesome and the vocals are great. The lyrics of both amuse me. Patty is more my obsession at the moment. In the end, for me, it might be a draw.

Though I suppose nothing could really top the utter silliness of the antics in The Monkees' theme.
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Ever since I was introduced to the song by Aubrie, Life is Like a Boat has been one of my most favorite songs ever. I used it as a character theme for Alister for a long time and even made a very amateur wallpaper with him and some of the lyrics.

It also had the effect of singlehandedly *almost* getting me into Bleach. Because of that song, and my intrigue with the character it pertains to, I did actually get to where I got a manga down from the shelf to look at in Barnes and Noble. But I took a look at the story with Orihime and her brother and promptly decided, Um okay. This is really too depressing for me. Thus was the end of my attempted foray into Bleach.

Fast-forward to now. I still love the song, and Rukia, and I dug out the song after deciding I wanted it as the song in an AMV I've commissioned from [ profile] nuitsongeur. (And I'm very excited to see how it turns out, even moreso after hearing what she's doing with it!) I ended up deciding again maybe I'd try Bleach, after my past curiosity resurfaced from listening to the song on Repeat and mushroomed into me having a really crazy dream in which my aunt gave me one of those season boxsets. **headdesk.** I thought my interest would fade, like it usually does after I'm awake and getting back into my normal routine, but it didn't.

So finally I broke down and had a look at the first episode. I liked it. And I liked the English dub, but that's no big surprise. (It honestly still surprises me that I detested the Princess Tutu dub, even moreso since I'd *never* heard it in Japanese before. I think that's the only time that's happened, other than when I saw Inuyasha playing at Media Play and didn't like the English dub of it, either.) Rukia was awesome. And random, but I totally cracked up when she very calmly drew a mustache on Ichigo after he insulted her drawing. LOL. I'd been expecting the cliche anime girl freakout, and her blase reaction was absolutely priceless.

I kind of rolled my eyes at the stuff with Ichigo and his father. That guy is *weird.* But it didn't deter me. It was stupid, but stupid in a way that for me is like "This is so stupid it's silly and amusing."

Anyway, so then I decided that maybe I'd go ahead and buy a Bleach manga with a coupon I had. The next day I went and looked through it, reading most of the Orihime and her brother one. Yes, still depressing, but not so much to me now that it would be a barrier. However ...

I got tempted with the YGO manga where Shadi first appears and challenges Yugi. I've wanted those for years. I remember standing in Smith's and reading the rooftop encounter when they printed it in Shounen Jump. And after much deliberation and worrying over taking far too long ...

I ended up with YGO #3.

Though, if I'd had the money, I probably would have gotten Bleach too. And I probably will, once I have that money.

And once I'm able to get YGO #2 as well, because I want the whole Shadi arc! It's been far too long that I've loved it and haven't owned it.
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... July 7th? I totally forgot, today is Mokuba's birthday.

I think I just took one of these five questions memes very recently, so I'm not sure I could already think of five new questions to ask everyone. XD; But here's my answers to what [ profile] nuitsongeur asked me. ^^ If anyone really wants more questions, let me know and I'll see if I can think of some.

1. Do you prefer RP or fanfiction writing? It depends. RP is actually sometimes an exercise for fic-writing, because it allows for interaction with others and gives insight into other versions of characters I might write in fics. Then I sometimes am introduced to ideas concerning them that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. So RPs can help improve my writing. And RPs are also just plain fun. I love the interaction. But RPs can also only continue while the other players are around, while fics can be written at any time. And since there are other players, compromises sometimes have to be made in what to do with the characters and the plot. Overall, I probably prefer fics a little more, because I can fully explore and develop my own verses.
2. What is your OTP, of any fandom, friendship-wise? Only one friendship OTP? Oooh, what to pick.... I'm not sure I have any one I love more than any other, since when my attention is focused on a specific one, it's the one I'm most enthused about at that time. But then I focus on others and the circle goes on.

At this particular time, for YGO I am most interested in Duke and David. I really wish David would have turned up more in canon. The scene between him and Duke in the upper room of the Black Crown was so intriguing. What interests me most is that Duke confided in him about his true motives. And David was actually bold enough, or stupid enough, or something, to tell Duke he may have gotten in over his head. And of course the infamous "Otogi-chan"/"Dukey-boy" nicknames. No one could get away with that if Duke didn't trust him. (Well, of course Pegasus gets away with all kinds of silly nicknames for everyone, but that's different.) And it would be very asinine to call your new boss a silly nickname if you didn't know him well. Duke ignores the nicknames in both versions, suggesting that it's something he's used to. Especially note how tense he is in the dub; he tells David never to question him. If he was going to be mad about the nickname, that would have been a good place to insert a scolding for that, as well.

For Princess Tutu, I love the dynamics between Fakir, Autor, and Ahiru. But I also love pairing them off and exploring the friendships between Fakir and Autor and Autor and Ahiru. Of course, Fakir and Ahiru interaction is also very much enjoyed by me. So far I mostly explore the friendship angle, though I have mentioned off and on that they have other feelings for each other. They're pretty young for anything serious, though (especially if Ahiru is around 13), and I'd rather not have romance as a driving factor in my fics, so I largely leave that alone.

At the moment, I've been extremely focused on Autor and Ahiru friendship. They have barely any canon interaction, but there's so much interesting potential. I think Ahiru could come to like Autor in time, especially seeing his kinder side. The follow-up seems to indicate that Autor has softened towards her; he addresses her as "Ahiru-kun" and acts friendly towards her. And while I don't accept the actual events of the follow-up into my canon, the characters' personalities and feelings themselves I do indeed embrace. And it would just be too horribly sad if Autor thinks of Ahiru as a friend and she never reciprocates.

In my timeline, Ahiru does come to like him and is trying to reach out to him in friendship. He is afraid of forming friendships, and covers that up by saying he doesn't need that sort of thing, but deep down he has thought of her as a friend for some time. He eventually recognizes that and their relationship deepens to the point where they decide they have familial feelings towards each other.
3. Which character in YGO do you identify more with? Oooh. Hmmm. I remember the days of Aubrie saying she associated Alister with me, and he certainly has been one I've closely identified with. Blunt and serious and with an apparent interest in impersonations. He acts tough, but deep down he's still a frightened, hurting boy.

Bakura, also, is one I can identify with in some ways. Quiet and reserved, but always full of surprises and a love of eating. LOL.

I guess overall, though, there's no one whom I identify with extremely, especially when the majority of the cast has had all some tragedy in their lives. I probably most closely identify with the ones who have lived relatively normal lives up to the start of the show, like Yugi, Tea, and Tristan.
4. When writing h/c, do you prefer writing the angstiest scene or, rather, the scene where everything gets better, if that happens? I prefer writing the darkest part, either the onset of the scene or the pain and anguish that follows. I love the joyous part at the end, but I sometimes find it hard to write. XD; When I write blurbs, sometimes the happy ending never comes. Characters die a lot more frequently in blurbs than in fics. Or at least they seem to die. LOL. They might actually revive were I to continue the blurbs.
5. Have you ever seen Avatar: the Last Airbender? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, I highly suggest it- it seems like something you would enjoy. :D I have not seen it, but I've meant to try it! It seems very interesting.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 02:44 am
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You know, I decided to try Lauri Carrigan's album again and this time I liked it. ^^ I wonder if the problem before was simply that I was looking for a second Cherie Call, even though I told myself I wasn't. The songs don't seem so cheesy now, and the arrangements don't bother me as much.

And I have new ideas for Candy Clouds. ^^ I'm still trying to sort it all out, but now I have a better idea of how the ending will go and what the disaster will be. I'm also considering moving Starfire to Purple Skies. I'm not sure that it will fit in Candy Clouds.

I also did a bit more research on doppelgangers, but I came to the conclusion that I really can run with my ideas and not worry about conforming to anything. There doesn't seem to be too much information on this bizarre phenomena, and so I think I can bring in my concepts of a winged race of doppelgangers without any trouble. Look at how Tolkien changed ideas about the Elf race! (Though I'm certainly not claiming to be the next Tolkien. . . .)

Actually, doppelgangers are rather creepy. XD; It was telling how they're often seen shortly before the people's deaths. I certainly don't believe that they really exist, unless they're evil spirits taking on those forms to bring confusion and mayhem. But I like my idea of a race of the creatures that are both good and bad. The good ones are more like guardian angels, while the bad ones are like the doppelgangers that you hear about.

I'm more interested in developing that world of doppelgangers rather than writing a story about Alexander as an angel of death, I think. For one thing, keeping the doppelganger angle means that I don't have to worry about working in religion/my religious beliefs. I'm rather touchy when it comes to writing stuff directly religious, because I don't really want to write stuff that I don't believe in (such as angels of death; I believe that people are met at death's door by relatives who have died at some earlier point in time). It seems different to use supernatural concepts if you're not trying to write something directly religious.

I drew a picture of a new character over the weekend. Only Aubrie and Lisa know about him right now, and I'm quite pleased with him. He's another doppelganger, an assassin named Daniel. (When looking for characters' names, I go to the name sites, go through the lists, and invariably, the right name will jump out at me.) Daniel is not a bad person; on the contrary, he was sent by the ruler of the race, Alger, to kill the wicked doppelganger council, who are trying to set up a New World Order of Doppelgangers. They believe that doppelgangers' sole purpose is for chaos and mayhem, and they have been killing the good, kind ones. This causes them to target Alexander, of course, and so Daniel moves in with Dartz and his family, wanting to protect Alexander and to kill the council members if/when they come. He also has a past with Alexander, which Alexander does not remember because of the council wiping his memories years ago. Alexander used to follow him around and consider him to be an elder brother, so it's hard for Daniel to now watch Alexander glomping Dartz and Alister and to know that Alexander has no remembrance of their times together.

I've been considering making a letter-writing journal, as several others here have done, and to address the letters to Alister. If I do that, though, it will probably be restricted to a few close friends. Letter-writing journals are invariably more personal than the regular kind, and I don't think I want strangers reading something like that. (I wouldn't want them commenting, at any rate.)
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Wah. Media Play is closing. >< They said that they're being crowded out of business by discount stores (i.e., probably Wal-Mart) and such. Right now everything in their store is 20% to 40% off. We were there earlier (and then at Deseret Book), and I was able to get some more stuff for Mom and Dad. ^^ Now I really think my shopping is done, except for one or two other things that I'd get if I could find just the right ones.

I also invested in two Sailor Moon S volumes, because I was afraid that if I waited, they wouldn't be there. I got 4 and 6, my two favorites. They were 20% off of their price of $17.99 each, which is a very good price for anime, and especially when it's the good titles.

I also added some more stuff to Alister's conversation with Dark Alister. I got the idea while pondering in the car. I really like this addition!

The Truth )
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On Saturday night I was able to receive my daily fright due to someone's colorbar. **laugh.** It read as follows: "Herr Siegfried is a pink-haired, German sex machine." Errr ... okay. Nice to see you have your mind in the gutter, madam. XD; Siegfried's little fun with throwing his rose to the audience in episode #186 makes me think he's not above flirting at times, but that's a far cry from being a "sex machine." .__.; Seriously, he's probably a virgin. He's too busy obsessing over making his company better than KaibaCorp to bother with jumping in bed with people.

I loved the YGO episode! =3 I know the dub altered some things here and there, but I couldn't see as how they changed too much, and it really didn't bother me anyway. And it sounded like Ted Lewis is still doing Bakura and Yami B, even though it didn't sound like him in that preview I saw before. Yay for Ted Lewis! ^^ Aubrie put up the Japanese raw version, both in a downloadable size by itself and also in three segments, but I'm having trouble getting MegaUpload to cooperate with me. It keeps freezing during the 45 second wait. And if it does get through it, it sticks an ad over the button I need to click, and there's no way to get rid of it. -__-; (Yes, I've looked for something to use to close out the ad window.) I'm afraid all that leaves me with a bad impression of the site. has a whole bunch of YGO dolls now! It's so awesome. XD I wish they weren't so expensive, but maybe for custom-made dolls, they're actually a decent price. I wouldn't know, as I don't often go shopping for custom-made dolls. ^^; They have some strange pairings, including BakuraXRebecca and the dreaded SetoXSerenity, but I just try to ignore them and concentrate on how awesome the dolls look. ^^ Hey, they even have a doll of Rishid! They have most of the main characters right now, except for Yami B, Yami M, Solomon, Cecelia, and some more of the anime-only characters (Doom bikers, Dartz, and the von Schroiders). And they've made Marik, Tristan, Miho, Yugi, Vivian, Mokuba, and Pegasus dolls, but the links aren't up for them yet. ^^; But go see the ones they do have! Pretty much whoever I didn't mention here they have working links for.

I wrote a bit more for my story with Seras and Schrodinger (whoops, started typing Schroider there), and had Alucard come and talk to Seras. Now I must figure out how to resolve a plot problem that I've been musing over for several weeks. How on earth am I going to get Schrodinger into the Hellsing Institute? XD; Alucard and Integral aren't going to want him in there, and Seras won't want to go against them, but she also doesn't want to just leave Schrodinger bleeding on the battlefield. ^^;

Oh yeah, and thanks to a lady I saw at church, I now know how to draw Alister with realistic hair! LOL. Since Side7's not working right now, I'll put it here: Now I need to figure out how to do the same with Valon. I want to keep the star-shaped formation while giving it a more real look. Is that even possible? XD;

EDIT: I need to figure out where SchroiderCorp is located. What's a large German city that has mountainous areas nearby? I doubt Siegfried would want to travel too far to get to the company building.

And I have Eyes on repeat. It really reminds me of him, for some reason. XD; Maybe because he and Leonhard appear in the final ending sequence, when they're playing Eyes in the background? I was surprised when I read the translation and found that it only added to me associating it with him, after the events of the Grand Prix.


Oct. 8th, 2005 10:09 pm
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The last two Grand Prix episodes aired earlier. ^^ I loved them, though I feel sad thinking of how Siegfried's anger and pain drove him pretty much to madness. Poor little Leonhard.... He's such an adorable kid, and so pure, to be able to just forgive Siegfried for everything. Of course, forgiveness isn't the same as trust, and I imagine it took a long time before Siegfried was able to regain Leonhard's trust. I have various assorted angsty ideas for the two of them, some for RPs and some for stories and some that will probably overlap, since I often test story ideas in RPs. Their relationship really intrigues me. It seems so different from any of the other sibling relationships on YuGiOh.

I'm also intrigued by the idea of what Joey's reaction would be if he saw Siegfried selflessly trying to protect Leonhard from something and getting hurt himself. Joey seems to hate Siegfried even more than Seto, and that's really saying something. XD

I also keep having this random fic idea of Alister sitting in a darkened corner, finally breaking down and crying and looking at the locket with his family's pictures in it, and then Valon finding him in there and them talking. I see Alister being closed off as usual and Valon getting frustrated and telling Alister that he wants to help him bear the pain. Alister would probably tell him that he couldn't, and perhaps Valon would yell and say that Alister wasn't the only one to lose a loved one, and that Valon knows what it's like too.

I was drawing a picture yesterday of Alister staring at the locket. That was sparked because I was irritated after reading a bizarre description of Alister that talked of him being self-absorbed, insecure, and hanging around in Raphael's shadow. WTH? Okay, granted, I think Alister's somewhat insecure, but he is not self-absorbed. Not even the dub makes it seem like that, even though they did give him a lot of attitude. And where does he ever linger in Raphael's shadow? While he's insecure, he's not that insecure, and he's not some pathetic puppy dog who follows Raphael around everywhere. He's a loner, just like Valon, and stays closed off from people.

Stacey sent me her Mother Earth CD. =3 I adore it so much. **purrs and pets it.** The songs are just awesome and deep. I do believe that Deceiver of Fools is becoming my favorite, as it is hers. In one sense, it really sounds like it's talking all about Yami Marik and how Marik must overcome him. And Dark Wings reminds me of Doom Arc Dartz in places. Within Temptation is such a great band. Since I'm having such trouble sending Deceiver of Fools to anyone, maybe I'll put it on Yousendit.

For the last several days I've been writing the second part to the blurb I posted the other day, where Siegfried was stabbed. For the next part, I wanted to detail his out of body experience, and I even brought in Brunnhilde for a cameo. XD; I've been toying with that idea for a while now as well, and it seemed to fit here. The blurb's in italics because it's Siegfried's remembrance of the experience while he's recovering.

So Long and Goodnight, Part 2 )
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I do believe I'm starting to cramp. I figured it would be happening around this time, but I had really hoped it could hold off for a bit. I hate it when it happens on the weekend. Then it means I'm in agony on Saturday morning. I suppose I can be grateful that the worst of it will be over by Monday.

I did finally type something for Alister again. XD; I don't want his journal to die. It's fun, writing a journal for one of the most underappreciated yet fascinating, complex, and wonderful characters on YGO.

That Doom poster is on eBay right now, and for a good price, too. I think I just may have to snap one up. wwwanimestuffstorecom has a really awesome selection of anime products. I've bought CDs from her about three times now, I think. The prices are always reasonable.

Media Play sold that Alucard wallscroll. XD Not that I would have considered getting it. I was just curious. Now they have some cool T-shirts of Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin. I may consider getting one.

I honestly have not known much of anything to ask for for my birthday. Most of what I want is online, and Dad doesn't do much online shopping. But it wouldn't be practical to ask for books, because I already have so many around that I need to read once I get my school done. Most DVDs I prefer buying myself. And most of the music I like is foreign. XD; I did think of a few things to ask for that can be found around locally, but eh. ^^;

Blah, I wish there'd be more cool YGO merchandise released. There hasn't been much around for a while. There are those interesting figure sets each with Yami Yugi, Seto, or Marik, accompanied by their respective God monster, but I already have the Marik figure, and my versions of the Yami Y and Seto figures are better than the ones that come with the God monsters. XD;
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You can learn very fascinating things from being obsessed with YGO. I was wondering why Siegfried's one Goddess card was Verdanda instead of Belldandy, so I did a search and ended up at Wikipedia. According to it, Verdandi is the name of the mythology character, but in the series Ah My Goddess the Japanese changed it to Belldandy because it was easier to pronounce. XD; That doesn't explain, however, why in YGO she was called VerdandA instead of VerdandI.

I also looked up some stuff on Valkyries. Listen to this:

"Wagner's valkyries

Richard Wagner incorporated Norse tales that included the Valkyrie Brünhilde (Brynhildr) and her punishment and subsequent love for the warrior Siegfried (Sigurðr) into his operas Die Walküre and Götterdämmerung. In Wagner's treatment the Valkyries are nine daughters of Wotan (Odin) and Erda (Jörð) 'Earth' and are named Brünnhilde, Helmwige, Ortlinde, Gerhilde, Waltraute, Siegrune, Rossweisse, Grimgerde, and Schwertleite.

In modern media, the valkyrie Brünhilde singing the Ride of the Valkyries is one of the most recognizable visual and aural motifs from opera."

Rather fascinating, wouldn't you say? I think I'll be bookmarking Wikipedia . . . and watching Siegfried's duel with Joey again.

On Monday I had a whopping two and a half hours of sleep. **sweatdrop.** You know, I really hate insomnia. XD; But at least it ensured that I went to sleep quickly when I next went to bed.

Before I did, I watched the first three episodes of YGO uncut, and then had a craving to see the episode where Dartz takes over KaibaCorp, because I'd only seen it once, when it originally aired. So I watched that too and really enjoyed it. It's such a great episode. X3 I love when Yami Yugi is frustrated that Seto doesn't believe the monsters are real and he's like, "Do you have a better explanation?" and Seto goes, "I think you're nuts, but this isn't the best time to argue."

Also, I think I determined that the lady who does Mai's voice in the uncut episodes is the same one who plays Rouge on Sonic X! I wish they'd gotten her to play Mai during Doom Arc. ^^; Bella Hudson is a good voice actress, but she simply could not do Mai's voice the way Megan Hollingshead did. I need to find the name of the VA who plays Rouge.

EDIT: WTH is this? "Note: While it's unknown where the Japanese name Amelda came from, his dub name was based off of Aleister Crowley, the British warlock who created the Unicursal Hexagram, the symbol used for the Seal of Orichalcos. The obscurity of this fact is most likely what helped it slip past the censors."

Um. If it's so obscure, where do they get the idea that the information is fact? I don't like the information that was submitted about Alister, Valon, and Raphael at Wikipedia. ^^; It seems to be consisting mostly of the author's own opinions and not the facts. Also, the authors attempted to give their ages, which is impossible since ages were never stated in the anime. I don't think Wikipedia should be so lax and allow "anyone to edit," as it says on the main page. XD;

EDIT AGAIN: I think I found out where Hermos/Helmos comes from! It's already been determined about Timaeus and Critias, but Helmos has been a mystery. XD; Well, I kept looking through their YGO section and read about the Orichalcos, then went to a page about an Indiana Jones game revolving around Atlantis. Look here: "On some point, the team must find The Hermocrates, the lost dialogue of Plato discussing Atlantis further than his previous works (Timaeus and Critias)." Hermos!

YGO manga!

Sep. 8th, 2005 04:08 am
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**puurrs.** Look at the purty icon Aubrie made! =3 The German lyrics are from a song, and it translates to "Master, Master, give me roses." XD She says she always thinks of Siegfried now when she hears the song.

**flops over.** I am so tired. -.-; I haven't been getting much sleep of late.

I had to take the stuff back to the library earlier. Along the way we stopped at Barnes & Noble so that I could look for Alucard's alias in volume 3 of the manga, because I didn't want to have to search through the online manga translation for it. However, B&N didn't have any Hellsing manga at all. .__. I was rather stunned. XD; I did find the last Duelist Kingdom volume of YGO, however, and I bought that. I'm getting slightly more interested in the manga now that we're approaching Battle City. XD; I'll probably be collecting it regularly now.

I dunno, though . . . the manga never has had the appeal for me that the anime does. I thought it seemed kinda farfetched in this one that Pegasus broke down and told Yami Y about how he got the Eye, when their duel was done. The anime version seemed more plausible, where Pegasus was mentally broken and left the room. Then when the others chased after him, they found the diary in the tower and Téa read it. I just don't see Pegasus telling Yami Y all his deepest secrets. And his grand plan to bring back his wife failed. Why shouldn't he be broken, as he was in the anime? Plus, Pegasus is funnier in the anime. XD; His best lines are mostly there.

And the whole thing with Bandit Keith was just weird. Penalty games are based on illusions, right? What he saw must have been an illusion, hence, is he really dead in the manga? If he's dead, the only explanation that's logical is that because he believed he saw a gun, his body reacted as if there was a gun, and he actually did die because he fully believed that he had been shot in the head. You know, that's the way Jin-E from Rurouni Kenshin played his mind tricks.

Viz did a whacked out translation with Mokuba. What the heck is up with him going "Kaiba"?! He would say "Seto." Oy. That just looks so wrong that I feel like whiting out him saying "Kaiba" and replacing it with "Seto." **smile.**

I did enjoy the scene where everybody was crammed into the helicopter. XD That was great. I wish the anime had done that. Seto looked so irritated! I also liked where Seto saw his younger self and the doppelganger led him out of the dungeon cell.

It's hard to really explain why I don't like the manga as much. When I write stuff down, it just doesn't look right. XD; I just know that I prefer the way the anime handled things, for the most part. Maybe it's just because it's ingrained so deeply in my mind, or maybe it's because in the anime, I see new scenes with my favorite characters (and no, I'm not just referring to the anime-only characters). Some of it may be that the manga's too gory, but I know that isn't it all the time.

Speaking of gory . . . I oddly enjoyed the page where Yami B was licking the Millennium Eye. XD; Good opportunity for Pegasus hurt/comfort.... Takahashi-sama, if I remember right, said that Pegasus might as well be dead because he was no longer needed in the story, but he didn't come out and flatly say that indeed, Pegasus was dead. Of course he isn't, in the anime. But there's no concrete proof that he's dead in the manga, either. For my part, I'll probably say that he's not dead there, either.

And for the last week or so, I've been pondering over an interesting idea. Alexander said that he's always existed. What if Alister met him when Alister was a child? I wrote this scene of their meeting. I know it leaves a lot of loose ends, but I plan to tie those up. Perhaps Alexander has no memory of this meeting now, just as Alister does not. But as you can see, Alexander was not greatly different then as compared to now.

The meeting )


Aug. 11th, 2005 05:03 am
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I figure I'll do the quiz for everyone who does it. XD **pets it.** Yay for quizzes!

» I committed suicide: I'd be pretty confused, then sad.
» I said I liked you: In what way? XD
» I kissed you: .... W ... T ... H....
» I lived next door to you: Whoo! That'd be great. XD **imagines living on the same block with all of her closest friends.** That would rock.
» I started smoking: I'd be like . . . Yikes. And want you to stop.
» I started drinking: Same. ^^
» I stole something: Find out the details.
» I was hospitalized: I imagine I could find out from Elora. Then I'd be very worried and hope you'd be okay!
» I ran away from home: Want to go look for you, even though I'd know that'd likely be impossible. XD;
» I got into a fight and you weren't there: Be worried and try to find out if everything's okay.

» Personality: You have the ability to be hyper while staying intelligent! An amazing talent. XD
» Eyes: Haven't really seen them good. XD;
» Face: Ditto.
» Movie preferences: Action/Adventure, with sibling and friendship cuteness!
» Hair: Purty, from what I remember. ^^
» Clothes: I haven't seen much of your wardrobe.
» Mannerisms: Hmm.
» Musical preferences: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and assorted others!

[1] Who are you? Faye-Faye!
[2] Are we friends? 'Course!
[3] When and how did we meet? You emailed me about my stories. XD
[4] Have I affected you? How? You made me fully realize that one can laugh and have fun joking without being an idiot. ^^;
[5] What do you think of me? You're awesome! Definitely one of my closest friends, along with Aubrie. ^^
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me? Hmm. I do love our jokes about the International Idiots!
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies? Friends always, we must be! **talks like Yoda.** Enemies never, we must be! (You know, I think my tiredness is showing. . . .)
[8] Do you love me? In a friendship way! ^^
[9] Have I ever hurt you? Not that I remember!
[10] Would you hug me? Sure!
[11] Would you kiss me? Nooo. XD
[12] Are we close? Yep!
[13] Emotionally, what stands out? You seem to be cheerful most of the time, and ready for sibling and friendship cuteness!
[14] Do you wish I was cooler? Nope!
[15] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I? 10
[16] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. Weeb! Because that seems to be the only nickname of yours I know. XD
[17] Am I loveable? Yep!
[18] How long have you known me? Not sure.... Over a year, I know. ^^ Maybe a year and a month....
[19] Describe me in one word. Cheerful!
[20] What was your first impression? Yay, a fellow fan of Ishtar sibling cuteness!
[21] Do you still think that way about me now? Sure! ^^
[22] What do you think my weakness is? Dunno.... Maybe ... that you kinda worry too much sometimes? ^^;
[23] Do you think I'll get married? Not unless you find the right person. ^^
[24] What about me makes you happy? That you are fun to be around. ^^
[25] What about me makes you sad? Hmmm. That you are having trouble feeling ill recently.
[26] What reminds you of me? Sibling cuteness!
[27] What's something you would change about me? Nothing. XD
[28] How well do you know me? I think I know you fairly well. ^^; I imagine you could still surprise me, though!
[29] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? Don't think so.
[30] Do you think I would ever kill someone? Nope!
[31] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you? I am, but you did the quiz first. XD

Yaaaay. Wow, I'm getting tired. I'm going into slightly goofy mode. XD; I finally updated Alister's journal, though. (And he stays serious in his entry instead of getting goofy. Goofy Alister . . . DISTURBING.)


Aug. 10th, 2005 03:52 am
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You scored as alternative. You're partially respected for being an individual in a conformist world yet others take you as a radical. You have no place in society because you choose not to belong there - you're the luckiest of them all, even if your parents are completely ashamed of you. Just don't take drugs ok?




Middle Class


Upper middle Class


Lower Class


Luxurious Upper Class


What Social Status are you?
created with

Yay. XD

As Stacey said, Happy Birthday Elora "Ra-Chan"! ^^

Wow. My American Literature class is highly interesting. It really pushes me to do my best and to think hard, which the World Literature did not, and the exams are more of a challenge. The textbook has pretty color pictures and is organized in a much better way that seems friendly and welcoming. Also, it has juicy pointers throughout that talk about elements in stories and characters and such, which is all very fascinating and good for a writer.

And we watched Rebel Without a Cause on Monday. I had already thought I might be interested in it, but wow. Just wow. It was absolutely awesome. It was so much better than I had even thought it would be, and I could relate to many of the feelings of the main characters. It seemed to be directed more to people my age, so it seemed more "real" than movies that are all about adults and such. And it was definitely sad at the end, but it's the kind of movie that's really trying to put over a point, and sometimes to do it effectively, there has to be sadness. But just, Wow. That was a great movie. I can understand now why it made the list of the 100 Best Movies.

I finally finished the picture of Dartz with Ironheart, Chris, Sky, and Alexander. XD I like how it came out! Alexander looks adorable.

... And I absolutely love Track 14 of the Requiem album. I believe it's my favorite one. It's played during the flashbacks when Sanzo and Goku are talking to Dougan in the airplane room, and on into when Dougan does his "Now I'm just like Sha Gojyo, etc." thing. Dougan is definitely a disturbing and creepy character, but it's really sad about him too, as I wrote about before. The poor thing let his obsession with being Sanzo's companion drive him into madness (though he may very well have had some screws loose before that).

**cuddles Alister.** I definitely do not think he is the "weakest" of the Doom bikers. I don't even think that's a fair question to begin with. Everybody's strong in their own ways and weak in others. And if we're using the fact that Alister can be mentally unstable as a factor, that's not fair either. His insanity was probably caused largely by the Orichalcos. Even when Alister wasn't actually using its card, its influence was probably still seeping into his mind, since Dartz has to infuse his soldiers with the power. And where one is weak, another is strong, and vice versa. That's how people help each other through hard times.

Aubrie is making me very fond of Alucard, and I haven't even read/watched Hellsing. XD; He is reminding me strongly of Runihura now, which is probably one reason for the fondness. Also, he just looks COOL. I love his hat. I've loved big floppy red hats like that ever since NegaDuck wore one. NegaDuck was also cool, though sadly, perhaps a bit one-dimensional.

I was wondering earlier why the show is called Hellsing, and I wondered if it had something to do with Gabriel Van Hellsing, that guy from stories who battles strange creatures such as vampyres and werewolves. Aubrie may have told me the reason, but alas, I must have forgotten if she did.


Aug. 8th, 2005 07:01 pm
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Wow! I wasn't expecting the soundtrack to get here already. Didn't I just buy it on Friday? Or maybe it was Thursday. In any case, that was really fast service. And it's my third buy from eBay user Animestuffstore. It seems that when I buy anime music, I usually get it from her or from Max-boons. At any rate, I must not buy anything more this month, unless I find some other way to get a bit of money, such as selling some original stories. I just don't have the time to write any, though. XD; And I'm having a combo of writer's block/unmotivation with the chapter fics. I hate when that happens.

I am slowly getting ideas for how to transform my hypothermia blurbs into a fic, which is a good thing. I've been wanting to do something with those for a long time now. And I got inspiration for some cute dialogue from a show that Mom and Dad were watching last night. Muwahaha.

I'm much too fond of Alexander. XD; I don't think I'll be able to ever send him back to Alister's heart. Maybe he'll get so he likes the mortal world because of the people he cares about who live in it, so he won't want to leave after all. Alister speculated on that in his journal, which I also immensely enjoy writing.

I have more ideas for pictures right now than stories. I'm working on a family portrait of Dartz with Chris and Ironheart where Alexander is glomping Dartz from behind. XD Dartz looks like "Not again," Chris looks amused, and Ironheart is frowning. I also wanna draw a picture where Dartz is injured and Alexander is with him, looking distraught. And I wanna draw an exhausted Alister. In the biker club earlier, I mentioned that I see Alister sleeping in a loose-fitting tank top and dark pants. Now I'm thinking of a dark grey T-shirt instead. XD; Maybe it depends on the day and the temperature. I speculated once on if Alister doesn't like the heat and that's why he dresses as he does. Or maybe he just dares to be different. In any case, I sure as heck don't think he does it because he's gay, since he isn't. XD


Aug. 2nd, 2005 04:27 am
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I've been having a long and fascinating conversation with Stacey about Jackie Chan Adventures and how it's gone downhill of late. I just love talking to people who have the same mindset as I do about the shows. JCA was one of KidsWB's best shows, but starting in the third season, it started to feel like it was deliberately being stretched out. I did love Daolon Wong, though. He was a great villain. It's a pity that JCA ruined him just like they ruined Valmont. -.- I wish I felt the drive to write those JCA stories I wanted to. Some decent stories need to be put out, especially since the actual show is drowning.

And I've started a journal for Alister. XD I thought it would be a fun way to get into his thoughts more and to fine-tone his character (and Alexander's, as he will be mentioned frequently) for RPs and stories. The somewhat scary thing is, I feel like I've tapped into another part of my personality. ^^; I really do feel drawn to Alister. He's such an awesome, complex character. And I feel like my Default icon really describes both him and me. "Nobody knows who I really am." I'm not sure even I know entirely who I am.

The song the line came from, Life is Like a Boat, really seems like Alister's song. At least the English parts do. ^^ **wishes she could find a translation for the rest.** It follows him from during Doom, to realizing that Raphael and Valon care about him, to realizing that he cares about them.


Jul. 19th, 2005 03:30 am
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**sniffle.** Earlier there was a moth that kept hopping all over the table here. I don't know why it couldn't fly away, but it just kept staying around and it seemed to be limping. It even went under the keyboard. o.o I got it out from under there, and then it continued its hopping. When I came down a little bit ago, the poor thing was laying dead on its wings. I don't even normally like moths, but I felt really sorry for that one when it was obviously hurt.

**listening to Knuckles' Theme.** XD; I am still amazed by the "Once they penetrate, they'll put you to your death" line. I wonder if they cut that lyric out of the game....

And why the HECK isn't MSN letting me tell Aubrie about the good Alister cosplayer that LOTT knows? I've tried to send the message more than half a dozen times, and it refuses to go through, while all the other messages I send go through fine!

Here's the link, BTW. See her brilliance! I'm anxious to see what color she'll dye the top, and what kind of wig she'll use. ^^
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One of the Saint Tail DVDs finally has come in at the library! Really, I've been waiting years to see that show. XD; Albertson's used to have the first two DVDs in their rental section, and for months I wanted to get them. When I turned 18 I tried to register so I could rent them, but the rental place had some dumb rules (such as that I had to show a telephone bill before I could register), so I wasn't able to do it. ><; The bills would be in Dad's name, after all, not mine. Ugh. Anyway, so then finally the library got the DVDs and I wondered if Albertson's had donated their copies, because I never see them there any more and the library has the same volumes. I put myself on the waiting lists and that was months ago, in April or so. I'm hoping that now one of them finally came in, we can go get it tonight, along with the other stuff that's on hold.

In the morning I rewatched a couple of the Magic Knight Rayearth episodes that I own. They were the final episodes of the series and it made me both want to write a sequel that picks up right where the anime left off, and to create Alexander for the YGO fandom. XD;

Alexander, like Nova, is a doppelganger, a shadow of one's heart. He resembles his "creator" immensely, but he has two wings similar to the Change of Heart card: an angel wing and a demon wing. I'm still trying to decide if his motives will be similar to Nova's. So that the readers will understand, I'll explain about her. Nova was created during an intense moment of self-hatred for Hikaru, when she was forced to kill Princess Emeraude. As a result, Nova says that she loves everything Hikaru hates and hates everything Hikaru loves. She is always trying to kill Umi and Fuu, and later goes after Lantis. But! Here's the kicker: She believes that she's doing what Hikaru wants, because she believes what Hikaru was wondering at the moment of Nova's creation: Do people have to die in order to be together forever? Nova is naive, actually, and innocent as a child, which makes her all the more dangerous (and tragic).

Okay, so, with that information in mind, this is what I've been musing on for Alexander: I think he probably does love his creator and hate everything else, and he may want to kill his creator's loved ones, but I don't know that I want him to have the same motive as Nova. Nova should only be the inspiration for the character, after all, and not the pattern for everything he does. I do have in mind when Alexander was created: The point when his creator was being forced against his will to attack and injure his best friends. This caused such immense self-hatred that unconsciously he made a shadow of his heart. As to why Alexander has the wings, they're mostly symbolic. He has bad plans, but his intentions are good. Which actually describes the creator very well during a certain part of his life. Wow. **just realized that.**

Possible motives for Alexander:

--Because his creator wondered if it was always his lot to kill his loved ones, Alexander had decided to spare him the burden and kill them himself. Then he'll kill the creator, too, because he knows that at the moment of his (Alexander's) birth, the creator wanted more than anything to die, rather than to hurt his loved ones.
--Something similar to Nova's motive, but I don't think that would exactly fit the situation.
--Alexander is not after the creator's loved ones, but only wishes to kill the creator, because of the reason stated above.

And who is Alexander's creator? Just think about the various forms of that name. XD I picked the name Alexander for a reason. **often ponders for ages on just the right name for a character.**

YGO Quiz!

Jun. 13th, 2005 07:32 pm
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Who is your Favorite Yu-gi-oh Character?

Created by ShadowHimura13 and taken 59 times on bzoink!

Who is your favorite Yu-gi-oh Character?At this current moment, it's Alister
Why?Good question. Because of his personality (in the original, NOT the dub), his devotion to his brother, and ... well, he's cute. XD;
Would you like to marry him or he?No.
If so tell us why if no why not.Because, like Roene said, I don't wanna mess with the character's life. XD; I'd like to glomp him, though. ^-^
What is his or her Favorite card?I don't know... Probably his gigantic fortress thingie (Ziggeraut?) that looks like his brother's figure.
Are they obnocious or just sweet or just plain weird?He's mistaken for many things that he is not. I think he is very kind and sweet, when he's not under the Orichalcos's influence. He's also aloof and quiet.
What are they mostly doing in their spare time?Thinking, probably. I like to say he goes visiting orphans. ^__^ And that he plays the harmonica. XD;
Is your character stupid?No!
Why? What does he or she do to act stupid?N/A
Do they hate or dislike Seto Kaiba?YES. XD; But by the end of the arc, No.
Are they jealous of him?You know, that's a good question. I wonder if some part of him did feel jealous, because Seto still had his brother.
Are they friends with Yugi?Umm... not really.
Why? Just because he's short and doesn't have many friends?Because he fought on the opposite side, and we see little of him after he changed sides. XD;
Is your Character a pervert?NO.

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

Blaaah.... **kicks over math.** I can hardly wait until I have this book done with....

I watched The Cat Returns in the morning. I am in love with that movie. XD Miyazaki films are so awesome. I can understand why he's regarded as the Japanese Walt Disney. His films have that same magic that Disney films often did. Though . . . may I say that I prefer Miyazaki movies over Disney movies, in general? XD; I loved Disney films when I was little, and I still love some of them, but I think I've finally started to get annoyed with how much Disney changes classic stories when they adapt them. They sugarcoat things and the villains are almost always one-dimensional. I do not find that cool.

I need to find out how long that sale on Miyazaki films is that Suncoast and Media Play are having.... I wanted to get Castle in the Sky, but now I'm torn between buying it or The Cat Returns. XD;
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Hmmm. . . . I don't think I posted my opinions of last Saturday's Jackie Chan Adventures episodes, did I? I was musing that maybe I'd like one out of the two episodes. And that was exactly what happened. XD;

I thought the first one was interesting and fun. They were in Australia at the beginning, and Tohru drove up with the car, and Uncle goes, "Tohru! Put steering wheel back where it belongs!" LOL. I got a giggle out of that, even though it doesn't seem logical to me that Uncle wouldn't realize that in many places outside of the U.S., the steering wheel is on the opposite side.

The second episode was dumb. ><; I imagine there were good points in there somewhere, but it had so many things that I hate (weird mutations, gender changing, people turning into animals) that I couldn't even bear to watch. XD; I wanted to see things get resolved, though, so I ended up flipping back and forth between it and the Winx Club. -___-; That should be an indication of how bad it was.

Though . . . I am a closet Winx Club watcher. -.- I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I actually have broke down and started watching it religiously on Saturdays. I like it better than Mucha Lucha or Xiaolin Showdown, which is what Kids WB usually has on during those slots. Winx would be really great, if it wasn't for those major flaws I ranted about a few entries back. XD; For good or bad, I'm a sucker for magical girls shows. . . .

And I was thinking earlier about one of the shows I used to watch on PAX TV. It was called Twice in a Lifetime. It was kinda like Quantum Leap in some ways. . . . It was a second chance show. When the people died, they had the chance to go back and try to unravel their biggest regret and see that it didn't come to pass. They would have three days, and they would be accompanied by either Mr. Jones (season 1) or Mr. Smith (season 2). I was really into that show at one time, but you know what? I don't know that I was ever crazy about the premise, and I know I don't like it now. What happens in our lives happens, for whatever reason, and no matter how much we dislike some things, those events helped shape who we are. We can't just go change them, because that would change us, and not necessarily for the better, even if we think it would.

I think I liked the show mainly because of Mr. Smith. XD; He was a great character, and I think he was a lot better than Mr. Jones. Smith actually seemed to genuinely care about the people he was helping. With Jones, it was all business. He acted like he just wanted to get his monthly quota filled up. Once he said as much to one of the people he was helping. I guess he could have been joking, but I dunno . . . I think he probably meant it. XD; Mr. Smith just seemed more real, more human, and more lovable.

I've been working on chapter 3 of Life After the Tears. I can already see that this fic is gonna be a lot different than the RP I did with Lisa, but that's okay. XD I really like RPing story ideas, because that helps me see what will work and what won't. I'm lost on how to use the cemetery scene in this fic and have it be just as poignant, though. Maybe I'll have to make that into a one-shot by itself, using elements from that RP with Lisa. XD; When I did that RP, I saw ways to make the conversation a lot longer and more poignant.

**randomly.** Does anyone think Alister would ever wear a fedora hat? The image just popped into my mind now and it won't go away.

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