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So a long time ago Dad wanted me to add a bunch of Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and Gary Cooper movies to the Netflix queue. Naturally he wanted dramas, not comedies, so I looked through what they had and tried to add every drama that sounded interesting. Unfortunately, they had an incorrect summary for the movie Only Angels Have Wings and I thought that brief summary sounded so interesting that I got the thing without looking up more in-depth information.

It was ... pretty lame, honestly. Not super terrible, but not great either. It was just kind of ... there. And while the summary made it sound like Cary Grant's character had made some terrible error and was spending the movie trying to regain respect from the other pilots, that ... wasn't how it was at all. It was some other dude who made the error, and honestly, it really was a super bad one. He bailed out of a malfunctioning plane and left his mechanic to die (which he did ... die, that is). Apparently he deliberately left the guy to die because he was a coward. That was the impression given, anyway, rather than that he bailed out thinking the mechanic was bailing out too. And his wife had acted really awful with Cary Grant's character in the past, and she was supposed to be acting really awful about her current husband, but they didn't do a good job of showing that. She wanted to know what he had done that was so horrible it was causing everyone to shun him, which is a normal reaction for anyone. Apparently she wanted to know for her sake and not because of his, but they didn't really bring that out very well. So instead the movie came off looking like it was bashing the idea of a wife wanting to know the skeleton in her husband's closet in general. Naturally she should respect his privacy if there are things he doesn't want to/feels he can't tell her (which was something Barbara Keane on Gotham couldn't seem to grasp and was one of the main things that ticked me off about her), but sometimes if you really love someone you want to know everything that's going on in their life, especially if it's something that's bringing sadness. And honestly, this character was coming off as just being worried about her husband. If Cary Grant's character hadn't gone off on a tangent insisting she was only concerned about herself, I wouldn't have realized that was what they were driving at. It was still hard to believe it after he said it, because the woman just wasn't being portrayed that way.

There were a few moments of humanity, mostly involving the best friend of Cary Grant's character, and I did like that they showed Cary Grant's character felt things deep down but just tried not to show it. That was moving on some level. But mostly the movie felt very cold and emotionless and macho, really. And it was supposed to have a lot of exciting scenes of planes flying, and there weren't that many, honestly. Most plane scenes were close-ups that were filmed on a soundstage. I find it hard to believe that such a blah movie could have actually been the inspiration for a TV series like Tales of the Golden Monkey (which was the inspiration for TaleSpin, according to Wikipedia). TaleSpin, with all of its heart and soul, couldn't be more different from this thing.

And I had a dream today about Charles Nelson Reilly being dead (which he has been for ten years) and them doing some kind of tribute with his All Dogs Go to Heaven character feeling sad about him being gone. Also, H. M. Wynant was in it for some reason. That was a nicely depressing thing to wake up from, especially considering how special Charles Nelson Reilly and that character are to me. I became obsessed with All Dogs Go to Heaven during a very discouraging time in my life and the movie and that character really helped to buoy me up. I really didn't need to have his death fresh in my mind again right now.

I hope tomorrow's Pony episodes are good. I wasn't that impressed by the trailer, but I am remaining ... cautiously hopeful. I'm also not that happy that the main characters and Spike get transformed into sea creatures in the upcoming movie, but hopefully it's just for a scene or so. I am excited that we're getting Sea-Ponies in general. And all the merchandise planned for the movie thrills me and makes me very nostalgic for the G1 era.

Also, now I've gotten so far into my Turtles timeline and Barney has improved himself and his relationship with Baxter so much, it's kind of depressing reading back on the older fics where they're still having problems. I still feel kind of weird about the fact that I created most of the details of their problems, albeit they definitely had some in canon judging from Barney's episode. At least I don't feel outright guilty about it anymore. That dark and depressing and twisted fic I read certainly cured me of that.

It's strange when I have one thing planned for a character and something totally different happens. Both with Baby Face and Snakes, I never intended for them to be anything other than bad guys. Then I got intrigued with various elements of how I was writing them and that's what caused me to flesh them out. With Barney, it was sort of the same thing, as I started out planning to make him like the 2003 Baxter, albeit with a little more humanity. Then I decided that wasn't fair to the character when we knew so little about him in canon and I wanted him to be better than the 2003 Baxter, who was basically sane but evil. So Barney became much more troubled instead, and unlike the 2003 Baxter's idiocy, he regretted being with Shredder and Krang more and more until he started working against them at times and finally turned against them altogether. Now he's actually turning his life around and it's lovely.

Ugh, I hope I feel happier later today. That dream really did bum me out and I was also feeling a little depressed from looking in one of the earlier Turtles stories, as mentioned. And then other unhappy memories came to the surface again that I would rather not talk about.
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So apparently I'm more excited for the Pony premiere next week than I even thought. I had a weird dream on Friday. The mirror had malfunctioned and sent Cadance, Shining Armor, and baby Flurry Heart to the human world. Flurry Heart had got lost somewhere and Cadance and Shining Armor were frantic to find her. For some reason, Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven was there, human as well. Guess he used another Miracle Pin or something. Lieutenant Anderson from Perry Mason was trying to help them find Flurry Heart. He was highly skeptical that they had come through a portal and were really Ponies. But he did believe that their child was lost and was fully into helping them find her.

Even though I don't want to consider that the Pony verse takes place in the same verse as my more reality-grounded shows, I kind of want to make this into a fic (minus Charlie, probably; I don't know what the heck he was doing there and I don't think he'd really fit into this plot in a fic, unless I just decide it's free-for-all crack). I am very amused by the thought of Andy interacting with Cadance and Shining Armor and trying to grasp WTH is happening here.

Also, I love my dad's tablet's camera! Squeeee. I had totally forgot there was a camera in there! He doesn't use the tablet much, as the laptop is his preferred portable technology, so I asked if I could use it. I thought maybe some websites would work better on it than on the old laptop I use. The websites don't always work too well on the tablet, either, but eeee, the camera! It is simply gorgeous! Such clear pictures, unless I accidentally jostle something! It's so much better quality than the cheap digital camera I can't find the installation disc for!

So, here are some pictures I've taken of things people wanted to see. First, my Scott Leonard circa season 2 plushie, as made by HarukaKou:

Scott )

Also, an obligatory shot of my incomplete Barry plushie because I want to show the face:

Barry )

And my Roger Moore figure, which [ profile] kirarakim wanted to see! Close-ups didn't turn out so well; I'll have to re-do those.

Roger )

I've gotta say, I am thrilled with this and I am so happy to finally be able to join the ranks of people who find it commonplace to take pictures and have them instantly ready!
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So the other day I decided to try the first episode of The Persuaders! to see how it all began. I had assumed both characters were probably equally distasteful of each other, but while Danny definitely disliked Brett, Brett actually didn't seem to dislike Danny, merely to find him an annoyance. And Brett was actually the one who seemed to behave the most jerkish of the two, which I was a little disappointed by. Of course, Danny was being a little pushy about the bartender including two olives in Brett's drink instead of one, but he seemed to honestly be trying to be friendly and share the version of the drink he liked, even though Brett had previously irritated him. (On the other hand, it's possible Danny really was trying to be cheeky.) And then it's Danny who actually wants to fight about it when Brett absolutely doesn't want the drink that way, ROTFLOL. So Danny is definitely being immature even though Brett is being a bit of a jerk. And then Brett is being immature too when he agrees to the fight even though he really hadn't wanted one.

What's interesting, however, is that even while they're fighting and immediately afterward, they're not hating each other; they're starting right in with the banter that they developed through the rest of the series. You can immediately see that there's something awesome here, and by the end of the first episode they seem to be on the path to genuinely liking each other. I love how the episode ends with a callback to earlier, when Brett gets in the elevator and the doors shut before Danny can get in. At the end, it happens again, only then Brett opens the doors and tells him to come on in, he isn't going to leave Danny standing out there. Squeeee. I can think of other shows that would have just had Brett keep Danny out of the elevator again and leave it on that obnoxious note, so to end in a squeeable way thrilled me indeed.

I think I've seen three full episodes now and pieces of a couple of others. (Then Adobe Flash finked out and made it impossible to go on. But it and other things are updated now and Flash has been working a lot better since then.) I've seen more than enough to know that I must own this show, so maybe I won't watch any more and just focus on trying to get the DVD set as soon as possible. This series is just overflowing with friendship squee! The other episode I saw had the bad guys kidnap Brett and hypnotize him to obey their commands, and poor Brett instead thinks there's a double of him doing these things because he just doesn't remember. At one point he attacks Danny and they have a huge fight in an alley. Danny shows up the next morning angry, haunted, and hurt, saying Brett tried to kill him. Brett honestly doesn't remember and insists it was the double. Finally Danny figures out what's going on and has to rush to stop Brett from killing a businessman the bad guys are trying to knock off. I am so in love with this show.

I've also been having a conversation with a friend that has included some talk of the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. I have to admit, while in the past I was all over the TV series, I haven't been as enthusiastic about it for years. I am still amused by the detective/spy parodies, but even with them, there's really no comparison with the depth of the first film.

This is basically what I've been thinking lately:

Charlie Barkin in the first film is wow, quite a dark character, actually: a wild crook and a gambler who becomes obsessed with the idea of taking revenge on Carface after Carface tries to murder him. He's boistrous, loud, and loves to live a riotous life. But he still has a heart deep down, even if he is loathe to admit it. Frankly, he reminds me of the way I've fleshed out the Snakes Tolliver character.

Charlie Barkin in all other parts of the franchise has been lightened to varying degrees to make him more kid-friendly. It's like the writers of the second movie and the TV series kind of are aware of the basic parts of Charlie's personality, but they don't put them together quite right and thus, don't create the same character. On the one hand, I can kind of see how first movie Charlie might get bored of Heaven eventually, and yet, it's disappointing to think about because he was supposed to be okay with being there by the end of movie 1 (and it seemed like he was going to liven up Heaven in very interesting ways). Now, perhaps his attempts to do so kind of epically failed and he grew bored, but I really don't think that was Don Bluth's intention with the character and it made me kind of sad. (That said, I did love that he got a second chance at life at the end of the second film.)

The TV series is basically standard cartoon fare and mostly has the kind of plots that you can find in many other sources, even a Freaky Friday episode. Which, when you think about it, makes very little sense. Charlie and Itchy lived together in an OLD CAR for who knows how long and they apparently didn't have any problems. But when they have a whole apartment to move around in, suddenly they can't abide each other's living habits and Anabelle has to switch them to teach them a lesson? I suppose one could argue that having a much bigger space made them spread out a lot more and be more "in your face" with their habits, but it's definitely started to make me scratch my head in confusion.

I also have a very hard time imagining first movie Charlie doing something dumb like creating copies of himself to take care of various things he needs to do that day. He's definitely always looking for a quick solution, but somehow I can't imagine him thinking that would be a good one. Again, it's basically standard cartoon fare and could happen with pretty much any Saturday morning characters if they were presented with the way to do it. I doubt first movie Charlie wants to be a detective either, or that many other TV series events quite align with the first movie.

Of course, the TV series is really a continuation of the second movie, which was made by different people and naturally wouldn't capture the feel of the first movie. One interesting thing, however, is that I believe Itchy and Killer carry the same personalities throughout the franchise, or at least, are usually much closer to their first movie selves than the other characters. (There's still Itchy's illogical behavior in the Freaky Friday episode.) I always said Itchy and Killer were the only characters that absolutely could not be replaced by other voice actors, and of course, now Dom DeLuise and Charles Nelson Reilly are both dead. Not that I think there will ever be any other attempts to revive the franchise, really.... The Christmas movie was a pretty good place to leave things off and I'm pretty sure that it will remain that way.

Now, I also realize that people who didn't come in on the first movie may not have the same problems with characterization that I do. Maybe even some who did wouldn't have such problems. I used to not. I don't remember exactly when it was, but one time I was watching the TV series and thinking "... This is really silly." And I never have felt the same about the series since. As I said, to me, even the episodes I still like are pretty much standard cartoon fare compared to movie 1. That doesn't mean they can't just be enjoyed on their own merits. They should be, really. That's pretty much the only way I can enjoy them now. When I try to think of them relative to movie 1, I hit a brick wall. I know they're supposed to be the same characters from movie 1, and yet, they're not. If I think too hard about the differences and try to reconcile them, I won't get anywhere and will just drive myself nuts.

(A whole other can of worms is the differences between Vic Tayback's menacing Mob boss Carface and Ernest Borgnine's softer, more humorous portrayal. Even Ernest's Carface's freak-outs are usually funny rather than downright scary.)

As a closing thought, back to Snakes. The thought of trying to write Snakes differently so he'd be more kid-friendly kind of makes me go "...". I just don't think it could be done without dismantling or dumbing down his character. It's rather a scary thought. Although at the same time, part of me is darkly, dementedly amused by it.
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I shall squee about a couple of things. First, it's definitely true that Mike Connors answers fans quickly! I sent him a letter last week and got a picture back this week! He sent a fun picture of Joe Mannix in a tense situation. He seems to be standing on a balcony or fence. LOL.

And Amazon just released a disc of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir TV show! It's DVD-R, but finally, at long last, it's some of the episodes officially available! There's seven on it, which is pretty good. Maybe if this disc does well, they'll release more, or even season sets! Please buy it, people, if you like this series or are curious about it! Earlier this year, Australia actually got season sets, so I'm hoping for some action in other parts of the world. This seems to be the first indication of something happening!

I just love that show; it is so cute and really feel-good. It's not mindlessly silly and stupid like some comedies; it has real heart. And Charles Nelson Reilly is hilarious as the nephew. I waited years to be able to see this show; I think I learned of its existence in 2000 or thereabouts. It took I'm not sure how many years before I finally saw some of it and I've still been waiting to own it and have nice, sharp prints to watch. Now I can finally start to do that!

Of course, it was because of Charles Nelson Reilly that I learned of the show's existence in the first place and had an interest in seeing it. He's been special to me ever since around 1997 when I really started taking note of his character in All Dogs Go to Heaven. He and that movie got me through some rough times back then, when Grandma was in the hospital and we'd be going there multiple times a week. I always looked forward to seeing the film at least once a week. I've never forgotten that, or him, and I like to look up his guest-spots on TV shows whenever I can. He gives me such a good laugh on shows such as Car 54, Where Are You? and The Patty Duke Show and of course, game shows. Match Game is hilarious and I greatly enjoyed watching him on Celebrity Bowling on MeTV's website this week. They switch episodes weekly and they had two with him this week.
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I've puzzled over why I generally (but not always) am fascinated by animals turning into humans, but the reverse repulses and horrifies me. I've figured it out. However, it will probably sound a little arrogant/vain/etc.

For an animal to become a human, they're progressing to a higher state of being and are able to do more things. It's intriguing and fascinating to see how they handle it.

But for a human to become an animal, they're regressing to a lower state of being and are able to do less things. And to me, that's a horrifying and skin-crawling proposition that I don't even like to think about.

As for the times when I don't like animals turning into humans, I'm still trying to fully decide what motivates those feelings. Perhaps it's when I really don't care to see how that particular character handles it and feel they should remain always as they are. My Oreo character is one example; Charlie Barkin turning into a human on the All Dogs Go to Heaven series is another. (Although you know, I might have been more okay with that if Itchy had been turned too. From what I've heard about that episode, he wasn't.)


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... My brain is strange.

This becomes very obvious when it gives me dreams of Carface from All Dogs Go to Heaven (the more humorous Ernest Borgnine Carface, not the menacing and downright frightening Vic Tayback Carface) being upset because he's a criminal. So upset that he decides to go kill himself by laying in the snow until he freezes to death. .___.; Killer and some other dogs (apparently Carface's gang, even though one of them oddly looked like Sasha) find him in time and the Sasha-lookalike chews him out. And they start building a casino-thingie that they say will be legit. **BLINK.**


There was also an intense dream involving the guys, and I can't remember if it came before or after. But Scott was in trouble and was in some van fleeing down the road, and Sean was coming in another van to help him, but there was a terrible accident. Sean walked away from it, but he was badly hurt. And he had to confront some gang members who were waiting for him on the road.

Back on the subject of ADGTH, I still want a Killer plushie. XD; One of these days, I may try requesting one from Setsuna. **is really ticked off that there wasn't even a PVC figure made of him.** They made one of the *crocodile*, for crying out loud! Killer gets no love from the marketing people. I'm surprised he made it into the TV series, but I'm glad he did. X3

I confess, about twelve years ago, I had a crush on the character. XD; I don't think I still do, but he is still my favorite character from that fandom. And I was very sad when Charles Nelson Reilly passed away a year or two ago. ;___; And this year Dom DeLuise died.... **can't imagine a revival of ADGTH without those two.** Sure, you can change the VAs for Charlie and Carface and Anabelle, but Killer and Itchy? I just can't picture anyone else playing them. Well ... Ted Lewis does do a very good impression of a voice similar to Charles Nelson Reilly's, but I've never heard anyone imitate a voice anywhere close to Dom DeLuise's.... And of course, in any case it just wouldn't be the same.

I also had a crush on the English Cat from Scat Cat's band in The Aristocats. I saw a beanie set of the five of them on eBay once, but it was too much. ;__; I keep hoping one will turn up again, but I haven't seen one yet....
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1. Are we talking chat-based RP, journal-based RP, a combination of both, neither (in which case I would have to wonder why you're filling out this meme in the first place)? If you've done both, do you have a preference? Chat-based is totally my favorite. I prefer one-on-one RPing to something with a big group, except in very rare occasions. There was a really great message-board based RP I was in, but real-life caught up with almost everyone else and it all died. ;__; **sniffle.** Even though we've tried to revive it several times, it's never really worked.

2. How did you get started roleplaying? I'm guessing it must have started when Mom and I would make up adventures with my action figures. Then I also had paper dolls of the characters that Mom made (both canon characters and OCs). Sometimes I'd want to continue the story while she was fixing Dad's food. I used to bring the figures into the kitchen, but that became impractical. XD; Also, I didn't have figures of all the characters we used. So we developed a vocal role-play, and we still do that now, even after we've stopped with the other ways.

Online, I tried to join an All Dogs Go to Heaven RP shortly after we got the Internet. It didn't end up working out, but I discovered the joys of one-on-one chat-RPing. X3

3. What fandoms have you roleplayed for? All Dogs Go to Heaven, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Detective Conan, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Megaman.EXE, Rurouni Kenshin (I was in the RP because a friend wanted me in it, and I tried Kaoru, but that was an EPIC. FAIL.).... One girl who used to want me to do RPs with her had us do all kinds of random convulted stuff, from Teen Titans to Harry Potter. Of course she always had to be the Mary Sue hero.... XD;;

4. Out of the characters you play most frequently, who is the easiest for you to play? Sephiroth and Zack are both amazingly easy for me, in general. I used to say I could really relate to playing Gin from Detective Conan because of his pride, and Sephiroth has that too, but he is a LOT more compatible to me than Gin is. XD;;; When he's sane, I mean. He's a warm and caring person, and honorable, but he can be so sarcastic/blunt. And playing Zack, I discovered, involves using a lot of the same tones I use when I'm writing casually in my LJ. Just more ... hyper sometimes. XD I see them sometimes as playing two different sides of my personality. And then Cloud would be another part, with his own brand of bluntness and always putting his foot in his mouth (mostly KH Cloud here). And the dorkiness...!

5. The hardest? Hmm.... Kaito Kuroba. XD; I play him using the base of the Zack-type character: friendly, a bit mischievous, but I have to give him his own voice and personality. Which might be easier to come forth if I would just read all of Magic Kaito. **has only read chapters here and there.** But I try to get in the various aspects of his character: the pervertedness, the hidden depth, his determination to find his father's killers, and how he sees himself and Kaitou Kid.

6. Your favorite? Probably a toss-up between Sephiroth and Zack. Then I have to determine *which* Sephiroth. XD; They're both so fascinating, but while FF7 Seph has much more of a weight on his shoulders and is often sad (in T&D era), KH Seph is so bitter and anti-heroish.

7. Do you create OCs for your roleplays? Depends on the RP. XD; There's really no need for them in the one with Lisa or the one with Kaze (except for ones previously created in my stories), but others, such as the RP with Mom and the one with Aubrie, thrive on OCs and I have quite a few for each. There's anthro animals in the one with Mom, as well as Vifa, who is probably human there (the original version was a skunk). Vifa has totally evolved, too. Instead of being a gold-digging murderess, she's still a gold-digger, but kinda helps the protagonists out and chats it up with one of them a lot. And there's the doppelganger race in the one with Aubrie. The idea of Alexander evolved into creating the entire race. Though Alexander was created previous to his introduction in the RP, the majority of doppelgangers were created for the RP.

8. The characters in your RP have just stumbled upon your RP logs/RP journal/they're reading an RP over your shoulder. What is their reaction? Sephiroth is appalled/annoyed that I play him in general. XD Zack is pretty cool with it. Cloud is ... probably grumpy. All of them are probably creeped out by all the hurt/comfort situations.

9. Any characters/fandoms you'd like to play that you haven't played before? I agree with Lisa, FFX/-2 would be fun to try! I'd like to see how Nooj would come out.

Five people are supposed to be tagged, but anyone who wants to can go ahead!

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Glad to see that the strikethrough is over and that things are getting back up. I'm also relieved that my journal didn't get deleted/suspended for the immense amount of clean, friendship hurt/comfort blurbs I have in it. XD

I found out the other day that Charles Nelson Reilly died. That was rather a shock. His Killer character is still my favorite from the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. I went looking for the clip of the song I Always Get Emotional at Christmastime because it's such an amusing sequence with him. YouTube has it, as well as an AMV with Smooth Criminal and the episode of the TV show where they parody old detective films. Killer kept trying to off Charlie at a nightclub, and Charlie was so enamored watching Sasha, but that kept being what stopped him from being hit with a pie/oven/etc. XD

After I finished the most recent blurb, I felt very blah and burned out and didn't feel like writing anything. Then, during this waking period, I was talking with someone who commented on my [ profile] 20_heartbeats KH Sephiroth fics, and a plunnie immediately whacked me. I wrote the whole thing and just put it up now. XD

And wow, writing a whole first draft in one sitting really is exhausting. Not like Must Sleeep-exhausting, but like ... I'm Too Worn-out to Sleep. Pleasing and rewarding, though.

Keep forgetting to mention this, which I am amused by. In the FF7 Ultimania, I read that they wanted to give Seph an eerie feel in AC and that they animated him as not ever blinking. Well, either they decided differently in the end, or they just screwed up. I counted at least three blinks.

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