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So while I was going through stuff tagging it recently, I stumbled on that entry where I was comparing Napoleon and Illya's interaction to Jim and Arte's. That was before I'd seen The Summit Five Affair, so I didn't even really believe there was a friendship between Napoleon and Illya and in any case, if there was, I preferred Jim and Arte's insult-free friendship. It was interesting to read that again. And even though now I have come to believe in Napoleon and Illya's friendship, the comparison still made some observational points that are relevant regardless. I've been thinking about it ever since.

It was amusing about Napoleon and Illya, really. The whole fandom pretty much celebrates their friendship, and then there was this one person who insisted she didn't see their relationship that way at all and felt they were only partners, and then there was me in the middle. I wanted to believe in the friendship, but I wasn't feeling it, and I wondered if she was right. I was thrilled when I watched The Summit Five Affair and finally saw clear and present friendshippiness. Yet in spite of that, and in spite of the fact that I enjoy reading other people's friendship fics with them now and then, I personally don't seem to be that interested in writing about friendshippy, hurt/comforty situations with them. For that matter, I don't really seem to be that interested in writing that sort of thing with Jim and Arte, either.

It could be the fact that I don't actually crush on any of them very seriously. (I do have mild crushes, to varying degrees.) Generally, I reserve hurt/comfort scenarios for characters I'm actually crushing on very seriously. On the other hand, it could be that plus the fact that for both shows, my favorite things about them are the plots and mysteries rather than the friendships. (And some of the guest-stars....) And that may sound strange coming from someone who can get so intrigued by friendships that she'll even tinker with characters she normally wouldn't go near, but considering that mysteries and detective shows were always my first love, it makes sense. I mean, seriously, I was four years old and I knew I just had to watch Carmen Sandiego because it was about detectives in these awesome fedora hats and catching crooks and that just sounded so epically awesome. I'm still puzzling over how I already knew I wanted that type of show. I certainly hadn't been exposed to it before; Mom felt I was way too young for that sort of thing. Then the same thing happened when we got this thingie in the mail telling about upcoming shows and I learned about Darkwing Duck. I was like "... A crime-fighting duck?! I MUST WATCH!"

So yeah. Pretty much if it was a crime show, I wanted it. That was my original motivation for getting into The Andy Griffith Show too. (Well, that and Barney sounded hilarious.) Then I started learning all I could about classic TV and found out about U.N.C.L.E. and WWW and all those great things and I wanted them. But it took years before I actually had access to them. And I was all over the James Bond film Moonraker when I saw it (aside from the bed times). Spy stuff ... yay!

But back to Napoleon and Illya. Their specific friendship type is not being very open about their caring. As Crystal pointed out, the best way to see their caring in most episodes is through their facial expressions. It's a very visual thing. That, of course, doesn't translate to stories (unless they're illustrated). But that could be part of my disinterest in writing friendshippy fics about them too, since in lieu of seeing the caring via pictures, it would have to come out some other way. I don't want things to get too mushy/goopy since that would be OOC for them, but sometimes even them discussing deep things at all can result in them seeming too open/OOC. With them, I usually prefer to keep things pretty much as they are in the show, and hence, my stories usually seem to focus on their adventures instead of being hurt/comforty (aside from one creepy fic). I do like having them discuss deep subjects at times, which they do in The Peaceful Meadows Affair, but it doesn't really feel like I'm having them be so open.

Then we have characters like Brett and Danny, who also have that insult humor I don't like but can also do a 180-degree turn and be very open about their caring like it's the most natural thing in the world to show it (which it should be, but it's understandable/professional/better if secret agents like Napoleon and Illya don't follow that idea). I'm hoping to write more fics with them, but I am wondering if I'll be able/comfortable getting the insult banter into things. I haven't really needed to yet, and come to think of it, I've left that out of the U.N.C.L.E. fics too. The thing I adore about Brett and Danny is their openness and I find that easier and more relatable to write than friends who are holding themselves more at arm's length.

When I really think about it, Brett and Danny may very well be an exception to the usual, as it seems like the friendships I usually enjoy writing about the very most ... are often ones I've developed almost or entirely on my own, rather than being fully in canon. With the exceptions of the canonical friendships of Sephiroth and Zack (as shown in Crisis Core), Joe Mannix and Lew Wickersham, and now Brett and Danny, it seems like most of my main friendships have only really been developed into friendships by me. The familial relationships I've loved to write about are canon, but the friendships ... either hardly ever are or else there's only the slightest smidgen of it shown in canon and the smidgen is enough to intrigue me and make me want more. Even with Seph and Zack, there isn't a whole lot showing them together in canon, although as I recall, someone does specifically identify them as friends in-game.

Usually I characterize working partners as friends, regardless of whether they're actually depicted as such in canon. Other examples would be Gin and Vodka, the bikers, Schrank and Krupke, Ginger and Lou, and Ecks and Wye (although the evidence for the latter being friends seems pretty strong to me, given Wye's actual flipping out after finding Ecks stabbed).

With the bikers, Raph seemed protective of Valon in canon, but Valon and Alister couldn't seem to get along. And usually aside from that, they didn't interact together. But it became a fanon thing to have them be friends anyway, with several people adopting the idea of them deciding to start over together after the Doom arc, since they'd already been through so much together and they were really all each other had.

With Ginger and Lou, you have to look pretty closely to see what's going on there, but there is definitely some kind of chemistry between either the actors, the characters or both. I think that essay I wrote pretty well examines every possibility and shows that it is possible that they could be friends. I develop the idea by saying that they became closer and more open while in prison, thus opening the door for their interaction as I've depicted it. Of course, one could certainly use the argument I made with Napoleon and Illya and throw it back at me, saying I shouldn't portray these two being open either. I've worried about that. But one thing is, we've only seen how Ginger and Lou canonically interact during a high-stress situation. With Napoleon and Illya, we've also seen how they behave during downtime. So with Ginger and Lou, I figure there might be some leeway since we don't know how they behave during normal times. I try to make their interaction as fitting the characters shown in canon even though at the same time I'm trying to develop it a bit beyond that. (I guess I also figure no one would care if I soften Ginger a bit, really, since I doubt anyone really became intrigued by him and Lou in canon like I did. I kind of worry what David Chase, the writer of that episode, might think, though. Yes, that David Chase....) Of course, that's what a lot of the U.N.C.L.E. writers do as well, often with excellent results.

Then there's Autor and Ahiru, who were certainly not friends in the series proper. But Autor seemed friendly in that little follow-up play some of the voice actors did, and given Ahiru's gregarious personality, I have a hard time believing that she wouldn't eventually come to see the good in Autor and accept him as a friend. So that seemed to have good potential even though it wasn't expressly canon and that became another of my favorite friendships to work with.

Then we have Duke and David. There's no indication of who David is to Duke in canon (aside from the dub note that he's the store manager), but since Duke confided in David about his plans, at least partially, and David teases Duke without consequence, I would say it's pretty likely that they're friends.

And of course, things like Ray Norman and Coley Rodman, Snakes Tolliver and Beau Maverick, and Snakes and Duke, are most certainly not canon by the slightest stretch of the imagination. Those characters are not on the same show in canon, nor are Ray and Coley or Snakes and Duke canonically in the same time. It's interesting how things like that can just develop in fics or role-plays and end up feeling so right.

Perhaps I usually prefer focusing on things like that because I feel that either canon or the other fans are handling the main friendships just fine and I'd rather do something different and explore other angles. I know that's how I tend to feel about Rumbelle, even though I still enjoy writing my vignette series now and then. That's more in protest of the way Once has gone downhill, though, instead of a desire to actually write Rumbelle. I like to write them talking, which the show should have done more of, but I am pretty useless when it comes to romantic stuff. In general I find romantic/kissing scenes tedious, boring, and almost impossible to write, and I don't want to let down the fans who want to see lots of that, so I still hesitate to post my vignettes on (That, and the fact that I don't update that story very frequently....)
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I should not have wasted time taking this. But it was interesting. One selects five TV shows and then answers the questions.

1. Princess Tutu
2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
3. The Patty Duke Show
4. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
5. The Monkees

Who’s your favorite character in 2?
In YGO ... I'm not sure. The first one who popped into my head was Alister, and he's certainly still one of my favorites. He's serious, blunt, and is really good at disguises. And he's devoted to his younger brother. I think Seto is right; deep down Alister blamed himself for Miruko's death, but it hurt too much so he shifted the blame to Gozaburo Kaiba. He's a fascinating character to pick apart.

Who’s your least favorite character in 1?
In Princess Tutu ... Lilie, of course. I'll never like her, but I have started to wonder if her denseness is an act. There's a scene in Akt 11 where she's exclaiming about Ahiru being sad and Pike flatly says, "You seem happy." Lilie blushes and holds a hand to her mouth like "Oh my" and says "No way!" She looks and sounds like she knows she's been caught in the act. I would actually find her marginally interesting if she knows she has a problem, rather than for her to be empty-headed as she comes across.

What’s your favorite season of 5?
In The Monkees ... season 1, hands-down. The characterization was a thousand times better than season 2. So often in season 2, I want to slap Micky. This makes me sad, since in season 1 he's my favorite character. In season 1 he's intelligent, hilarious, sarcastic, and brave. In season 2 he's been degraded to a whiny, hysterical, random coward most of the time.

What’s your favorite ship in 3?
In The Patty Duke Show ... I think George Tutwiler/Cathy Lane would be an adorable couple if the problems concerning Cousin Betsy were resolved. If I remember right, they seemed to be studying together when Betsy stumbled upon them, so they might have a love of learning in common. And George is a sweet, innocent boy; he just had a very thoughtless moment when Betsy charmed him. But he could change; Patty's boyfriend Richard has certainly had moments of weakness too.

Ted Browning/Cathy Lane is a more canon couple and a lovely one. Ted seems intelligent and level-headed, and he's crazy about Cathy. She thinks highly of him also. Their personalities mesh very well.

Who is your anti-ship in 2?
In YGO ... I'm not sure. Seto/Serenity, perhaps. I understand the basis for it, but it seems too syrupy sweet and cliche. I also don't like Alister/Valon. If they're going to interact and come to like each other more, I'd prefer seeing them as friends/surrogate brothers.

How long have you watched 1?
Princess Tutu ... since June of 2006.

How did you become interested in 3?
The Patty Duke Show.... It's on late-night/early morning on THIS TV network. Mom watches the oldies block and I started seeing it with her sometimes. The Patty Duke Show attracted me because it's more of a domestic comedy than a sitcom and the characters are amazing and well-rounded. And most episodes have a moral point, but it's not annoyingly drilled into you. It's got so much more meat to it than say, Mr. Ed (which is also on the block). Mr. Ed is just a silly sitcom, but that's a rant for another time.

Who’s your favorite actor in 4?
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon ... is an anime. I'm not sure who my favorite voice actor is. Maybe Emi Shinohara, who plays Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter. She is incredible and her singing is powerful. When Jupiter isn't being boy-crazy, she's really a superb character. She's strong and determined and justice-driven, and always puts boys aside to fight for the greater good. She also has a wonderful relationship with a childhood friend and fiercely believes in Sailor Moon. Emi Shinohara portrays all of Jupiter's emotions flawlessly. Jupiter has really become one of my favorite characters. Even her English dub actress, Susan Roman, is really good. I think Jupiter had just about the best voice in the dub.

Which show do you prefer: 1, 2, or 5?
Princess Tutu, YGO, or The Monkees.... Well, as much as I love them all, I still think YGO will always hold the #1 spot for favorite show. I shared adventures with the characters for so many years and I learned so much about writing while doing stories about them and I met so many people I likely never would have otherwise. I think YGO has had the greatest and most long-lasting impact on me of any show I've ever watched. I really think of the characters as friends (albeit I feel the same about the characters on any show I love).

Which show have you seen more episodes of: 1 or 3?
Princess Tutu or The Patty Duke Show.... Well, Tutu only has 26 episodes while Patty has 104. There's only a handful of Patty episodes I haven't seen now.

If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?
I don't want to be anyone from any show. I like my life.

Give a random quote from 1.
Princess Tutu....

Autor: You're late.
Fakir: What are you talking about?
Autor: It took you eighteen days, seven hours, and twenty-four minutes from the time you started researching your power to when you noticed me.

Would a 3/4 crossover work?
The Patty Duke Show and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.... Um, I don't think so. However, if the girls just all met and could hang out without all the magic and bad guys, I think that would work. Ami and Cathy would get along well with their love of studying, and Patty could introduce Minako and Makoto to all the cute guys in school.

Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.
Princess Tutu.... Autor and Ahiru. There's not much canon evidence in their interaction to support it, it's true. Well, other than Autor's friendly behavior in the follow-up, which may or may not be canon. (But it's squeeful in any case.) It's in their personalities that the evidence comes. Autor is a kind person underneath the arrogant facade and Ahiru is someone who accepts and cares about anyone shown to be good. I think if they got to know each other more, they could become very close. And from there, who knows?

Has 5 inspired you in any way?
The Monkees.... I'm not sure what kind of context "inspired" is being used in, but offhand I don't think that it has. Unless it was that I think the little teddy bears cosplaying The Monkees were my first "big" purchase and I had to work really hard to earn the money to buy them. And the show certainly gave me lots of laughs. It's a joy to watch.

Overall, which show has a better cast: 2 or 4?
YGO or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.... Oh gosh. Well, one problem with Sailor Moon is that a lot of the good guys are better in the manga, but the villains are better in the anime. In YGO, the characters are pretty much all awesome in the anime. They only made a couple of slip-ups (Duke's intro ... ugh), but overall I prefer YGO characterization in the anime to the manga. So YGO would probably get my vote.

Which has better theme music: 3 or 5?
The Patty Duke Show or The Monkees.... I love them both. I was originally going to say The Monkees, since it's so catchy and I've loved it for a longer period of time, but I also really love The Patty Duke Show theme. All the horns are awesome and the vocals are great. The lyrics of both amuse me. Patty is more my obsession at the moment. In the end, for me, it might be a draw.

Though I suppose nothing could really top the utter silliness of the antics in The Monkees' theme.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 09:50 am
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Please note, I am not directing this at anyone in particular or anyone at all.

I just have to wonder if my chapter 4 is really that bad. I waited to post it until Saturday, when I thought the main festivities would soon be coming to an end. But without even one review, I don't know about posting the next chapter yet. If it's that people haven't got to it yet, then I don't want to put up yet another chapter and overwhelm them. But if it's that it was so mediocre that they can't think of anything to say, it would be nice to know that they have read it so that I could feel that it's time to put up chapter five (which might interest them more if chapter 4 was a bore).

I actually don't think chapter 4 is bad, unless allowing Autor to carry on a full conversation when he revives is so unrealistic that it overshadows everything else. I don't know how that sort of thing is looked upon in the Tutu fandom. All I really know is that the hurt/comfort genre doesn't seem to be very popular. I'm too influenced by the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books I love, I imagine. But he does suffer effects from the fall for the next few chapters, even though he was able to talk with Ahiru....

I am glad that someone put the fic on Story Alert. It happened after I posted chapter 4, so I know that someone must have read it and, I suppose, did like it. I just wish I knew whether I should post chapter 5 yet....

And I have to figure out what to do with a squee Christmas image I got of Autor out in the cold with Ahiru and trying to warm her. He ends up trying to comfort her/keep her alert by singing a couple of Christmas carols to her. Ahiru tells him he should sing more. Potentially it could end up a Tutu version of a YGO bikers fic I did with Alister and Valon in the snow. And I'd rather get the plot further removed so it isn't so similar.

I wonder if Autor can sing. It's never been addressed in canon, and in my fics it was only alluded to that he can carry a tune when, possessed by his Story, he hummed to keep the melody of his composition unbroken after his left hand was rendered useless to play the piano. In any case, if he can sing, he probably doesn't do it much.

Now, to switch gears (but still keeping somewhat related where Autor is concerned). Tentatively, I think Eros (and that is indeed only the name of the character in the school play, not the student playing him) is probably Alan. Alfred probably would have wisecracked at the ridiculous situation in the climax instead of just staring on.

Expect many pictures of the Autor look-alike very soon. High-quality ones this time. I'll probably put them in my Scrapbook. I don't know if I'll show them to the comm. I wonder if there would be much interest if I did.

I did discover that by the second season, Jeff Siggins' hair had gotten shaggy in the back. Which means that aside from his hair parting to the right instead of to the left, he looked pretty much exactly like Autor by then.

And Alfred seems to have a little crush on Patty. It's cute. I think maybe I'd better tweak some of their dialogue in their scene in my fic to reflect that. They seem to be on pretty good terms, in spite of Patty being upset at his teasing of Cathy in one episode.


Jan. 26th, 2007 04:00 am
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I've never done this before, but now I must. X3 It's a biker tribute using We Are. I never realized how well that song fits them during the Doom Arc!

Gotta get off in a minute and get some sleep. XD We're going to a funeral today, up in the area we moved from, and we've gotta do a lot of stuff while we're there. I really hope we won't be gone too long into the evening.

On Sunday I begin teaching music to the children at church. Hopefully they will like me. XD; The previous person was in at least five years, and she's very extroverted. Last week I went to see how things were done, and I really liked her after just seeing her teach then, so I can imagine how the kids would get attached after five years.

I finally got the next chapter of Snow White Queen done! I think it came out quite well. ^^ And I already have some of the next chapter planned out.

And here's a blurb that would not go away, as usual. XD It takes place in a timeline within a timeline. ^^ It's in the Good Enough For You timeline, and from there has branched into what I call the Apollo's Reign timeline. He's never mentioned by name, on purpose, to protect his usage in my original story, but it's him, and he's put the whole world under military rule. And he's got some real morons working for him. I was making fun of odd rules that he might enforce, so ... yeah.

This is an idea I've had for a while. It's an unpolished, unfinished blurb, and while I wrote it, I got more plot bunnies. XD I can imagine Sherry and Vodka had a lot of time to bond during their experiences....

Apollo's World )
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I do believe I'm starting to cramp. I figured it would be happening around this time, but I had really hoped it could hold off for a bit. I hate it when it happens on the weekend. Then it means I'm in agony on Saturday morning. I suppose I can be grateful that the worst of it will be over by Monday.

I did finally type something for Alister again. XD; I don't want his journal to die. It's fun, writing a journal for one of the most underappreciated yet fascinating, complex, and wonderful characters on YGO.

That Doom poster is on eBay right now, and for a good price, too. I think I just may have to snap one up. wwwanimestuffstorecom has a really awesome selection of anime products. I've bought CDs from her about three times now, I think. The prices are always reasonable.

Media Play sold that Alucard wallscroll. XD Not that I would have considered getting it. I was just curious. Now they have some cool T-shirts of Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin. I may consider getting one.

I honestly have not known much of anything to ask for for my birthday. Most of what I want is online, and Dad doesn't do much online shopping. But it wouldn't be practical to ask for books, because I already have so many around that I need to read once I get my school done. Most DVDs I prefer buying myself. And most of the music I like is foreign. XD; I did think of a few things to ask for that can be found around locally, but eh. ^^;

Blah, I wish there'd be more cool YGO merchandise released. There hasn't been much around for a while. There are those interesting figure sets each with Yami Yugi, Seto, or Marik, accompanied by their respective God monster, but I already have the Marik figure, and my versions of the Yami Y and Seto figures are better than the ones that come with the God monsters. XD;
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Blaaah. First the phone rang, then Dad didn't want to stop doing what he was doing on the Internet on the other computer. We need to figure out how to both be on at the same time. All in all, I was offline for fifteen minutes short of two hours.

At least I was able to write more of chapter 9 of LATT. I'm doing a scene with the Von Schraiders right now, and I like how it's coming out. Then I'm going to do a scene with Vivalene, and then I'll switch to the bikers. ^^

Trigun is one of the strangest animes I have ever seen. XD; I got a DVD from the library last week because I decided what the heck, I'd try it out. The first episode was one of the stupidest things I've ever watched. **laughs.** But I liked the second episode. Vash is amusing. ^^ I like Meryl, too, but Milly is such an airhead. I just hope there aren't a lot of cheesy character designs like the green mohawk guy from the first episode. That reminds me a little too much of One Piece. Not that One Piece isn't great, but seriously, you know some of their character designs are outrageously cheesy. You know it!

I'm pretty sure we're going out tomorrow. . . . I need to pick up the Hellsing anime DVD that I finally ordered from the library. **smirks.** I've just become so very fond of the manga, but I want to see the anime too. **just hopes Dad won't see the anime cover and have a conniption because of all the sharp teeth.** XD; I hope it won't take too long for us to get the OVAs in America after they start being released. I wonder how much stuff one 35 minute episode will be able to cover. Two manga episodes, maybe, if they're taken directly from the manga without adding in filler? **is rather anxious to see the Millennium stuff animated, and well, Schrodinger, of course.** It's cool that they're starting over from the beginning, though. ^^ Maybe some of the episodes will be done better than they were done originally.
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It is a working mouse! My brother must have been right about my computer's old motherboard not accepting more recent mice, at least if they're made by a less well-known company. The Microsoft mouse we got earlier in place of the Micro Innovations one works like a charm. **pets it.**

Using the mouse, I was finally able to finish touching up a pic I'd scanned in a while back, with the bikers and Alexander. I also scanned in a picture of Alexander looking confused that I did earlier. They're both here. ^^

I also finished chapter 7 of LATT yesterday morning. I am proud of myself. XD Now if only I can continue with being able to write stuff....


Aug. 10th, 2005 03:52 am
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You scored as alternative. You're partially respected for being an individual in a conformist world yet others take you as a radical. You have no place in society because you choose not to belong there - you're the luckiest of them all, even if your parents are completely ashamed of you. Just don't take drugs ok?




Middle Class


Upper middle Class


Lower Class


Luxurious Upper Class


What Social Status are you?
created with

Yay. XD

As Stacey said, Happy Birthday Elora "Ra-Chan"! ^^

Wow. My American Literature class is highly interesting. It really pushes me to do my best and to think hard, which the World Literature did not, and the exams are more of a challenge. The textbook has pretty color pictures and is organized in a much better way that seems friendly and welcoming. Also, it has juicy pointers throughout that talk about elements in stories and characters and such, which is all very fascinating and good for a writer.

And we watched Rebel Without a Cause on Monday. I had already thought I might be interested in it, but wow. Just wow. It was absolutely awesome. It was so much better than I had even thought it would be, and I could relate to many of the feelings of the main characters. It seemed to be directed more to people my age, so it seemed more "real" than movies that are all about adults and such. And it was definitely sad at the end, but it's the kind of movie that's really trying to put over a point, and sometimes to do it effectively, there has to be sadness. But just, Wow. That was a great movie. I can understand now why it made the list of the 100 Best Movies.

I finally finished the picture of Dartz with Ironheart, Chris, Sky, and Alexander. XD I like how it came out! Alexander looks adorable.

... And I absolutely love Track 14 of the Requiem album. I believe it's my favorite one. It's played during the flashbacks when Sanzo and Goku are talking to Dougan in the airplane room, and on into when Dougan does his "Now I'm just like Sha Gojyo, etc." thing. Dougan is definitely a disturbing and creepy character, but it's really sad about him too, as I wrote about before. The poor thing let his obsession with being Sanzo's companion drive him into madness (though he may very well have had some screws loose before that).

**cuddles Alister.** I definitely do not think he is the "weakest" of the Doom bikers. I don't even think that's a fair question to begin with. Everybody's strong in their own ways and weak in others. And if we're using the fact that Alister can be mentally unstable as a factor, that's not fair either. His insanity was probably caused largely by the Orichalcos. Even when Alister wasn't actually using its card, its influence was probably still seeping into his mind, since Dartz has to infuse his soldiers with the power. And where one is weak, another is strong, and vice versa. That's how people help each other through hard times.

Aubrie is making me very fond of Alucard, and I haven't even read/watched Hellsing. XD; He is reminding me strongly of Runihura now, which is probably one reason for the fondness. Also, he just looks COOL. I love his hat. I've loved big floppy red hats like that ever since NegaDuck wore one. NegaDuck was also cool, though sadly, perhaps a bit one-dimensional.

I was wondering earlier why the show is called Hellsing, and I wondered if it had something to do with Gabriel Van Hellsing, that guy from stories who battles strange creatures such as vampyres and werewolves. Aubrie may have told me the reason, but alas, I must have forgotten if she did.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 02:54 am
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You are Yaone!
You're Yaone, the beautiful quiet chemist and medic
of the Kou-tachi.

Which of the Sanzo-ikkou or Kou-tachi are you? (Saiyuki)
brought to you by Quizilla

Since I'm now starting to actually read and watch Saiyuki, I decided to try the quiz. I was surprised by the result, but not so much when I read about her. ^^

The Saiyuki movie came earlier. I was surprised that the mail person didn't knock. It said on the Best Buy website that someone needed to be home to sign for it. XD; Anyway, I wish I could leave them a comment or something, like I can on eBay. That was really quick service. Anyway, I'll probably get off soon to watch the movie, since I am tired. ^^; And today is Dad's birthday, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing for it. He usually just likes to watch movies, though. XD; He was hanging around at the library for about thirty minutes trying to pick stuff out, while I got done what I needed to within five minutes!

We had to get some stuff done before six, when we had an appointment with the home teachers (though that probably doesn't make much sense to anyone here except Darcy and Kim). Dad had to get some ink for the printer and he had to go to a specific place to get it wholesale, because he uses a big fancy printer and the ink is way too expensive getting it retail. And I needed to go to the libraries and get something for Dad at Media Play. (While I was at Media Play, I ended up buying another volume of Gundam W, because after watching the first volume, I craved to see more of it again. I bought 7, because I haven't seen those episodes yet. Since I bought so much stuff last month, I'd better try hard to refrain from buying anything more for a while.) And we ended up not being able to get to the city library before we had to go home. By the time we got out again, it was pouring rain like mad. Seriously, I haven't seen the rain come down that heavily for a while. And it stayed that way for close to a half hour instead of the usual five minutes. The umbrella actually turned inside out. XD;

We didn't get back until around nine, and Dad wanted to see a movie (surprise surprise). I decided I'd rather wait to go down till latenight, since if I went at nine I'd only be there for an hour or so. I busied myself with drawing a picture where Valon looks like he's going to ride off on his motorcycle without a helmet, Raphael looks frustrated, and Alister is deadpanning, not even seeming to notice that Alexander is kneeling on the ground hugging Alister's legs. XD I still have to draw the motorcycle and most of Raphael. ^^;


Jul. 18th, 2005 05:26 am
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One Piece on Saturday was great! XD I loved the part where Luffy is giving Buggy a hard time. "Booger the Clod!" **laughs.** Seriously, Buggy is such a fool. Kuro would definitely see him as a disgrace to pirates everywhere.

Let's see. . . . I just got done doing a picture of Dartz encountering Alexander. I'm putting it on Side 7 right now. Also, I finally decided to post my computer-colored version of my first Alexander picture, which I've been working on off and on for a few weeks.

I finally finished my war fic. I couldn't think of a title for hours. I hate when that happens. Finally I just made one up instead of continuing the search for a good song lyric. XD; I'm lucky the title came to me. ^^; Now I must continue my chapter fics. And I must write a random scene that's been in my mind all weekend.

And the debate over what jobs the bikers might have presses on. XD It's very interesting. And I'm getting some possible ideas, from what people have been saying. Some of my ideas are rather bizarre, such as Alister designing websites. For some reason, I imagine him working at home. The stuff he does with the children is purely voluntary. I can't see him ever accepting money for doing that.
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Ugh. I love summer, but heat is not something I deal with well. The official high for Wednesday was 103 degrees Fahrenheit! And it's going to stay around the same for the next few days. Oh, what I'd give to have a properly working air conditioner. . . .

Dad's finally home. On Sunday he left to drive to California with some other family members to get to a funeral. Mom didn't feel up to going, and neither did I, especially with the arrival of cramps, so we stayed home. It was weird having Dad gone overnight for two nights. I was somewhat edgy as well, since we are prone to having prowler problems in the neighborhood. Blah. I wanna move.

I started my World History and Sociology courses. Interesting stuff. I think I'll be able to breeze through both courses fairly quickly.

**pokes the animated Raphael icon.** My first animated avatar. XD I'm so proud. I want to make one of Lafarga that says "Raphael Look-Alike." Seriously, he looks so much like him. They both have blonde hair, blue eyes, lots of muscles, and two earrings in their left ears. Lafarga seems to have some of the same personality traits, too, such as loyalty.

I've been working more on my war flashbacks fic again. I think I should cut back to the present right after this scene I'm doing now, which is when Alister is recovering from being shot. I don't want the flashbacks to simply drag on without a purpose, after all. And since the whole thing started after Valon got shot, it seems a good place to end it.

And ah yes, I've finally seen four episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. I must say, it's rather bizarre. XD; Normally it wouldn't be my thing, but I love some of the characters and of course, the sibling cuteness. Muwahahaha.

I saw episodes 5, 6, 7, and 8. That includes Nina's terrible fate and Barry the Chopper. O__o;; I cannot stand Barry. XD; He annoys and creeps me out as much as Buggy does. **bemoans the fact that Buggy has returned to One Piece.** But I do love Ed, Al, Major Hughes, and Hawkeye. ^^ Not sure yet what I think of Roy, but I'll probably like him. Not sure about Winry yet, either. I'm told that she throws wrenches at Ed, and characters that throw things at other characters tend to annoy me. XD; When I first saw her in episode 8, she did somehow give off the impression of being one of those violent anime girls, so I wasn't too surprised to hear about her throwing wrenches. **laughs.**

I had to take stuff back to the library earlier, so I was able to pick up the next Saint Tail DVD and a Magic Knight Rayearth 2 DVD that I haven't seen for about a year. XD; I wanted to refresh my memory with that part of the arc.

We also had to do some shopping and get birthday presents for people, so we dropped in at Media Play and Wal-Mart. At the former, I browsed through the third volume of the first round of MKR manga and decided again that I prefer the anime version. XD; There's more character development, it stretches out longer instead of rushing by so quick, and Lafarga gets a bigger role, among other things. Of course, the anime version also gives us Nova, and for me she's one of the sweetest things about the whole fandom.

It's interesting. . . . I was thinking about it yesterday morning, and I realized that I think MKR has been the second biggest anime writing influence, right after YGO. It gets so philosophical, and I adore that, and then my stories get philosophical too. The Doom Arc is also that way. I think that's one major reason why it intrigues me so much (well, other than the bikers, of course). I've become more philosophical in general ever since I got into anime, and I'm quite pleased with that.


Jul. 7th, 2005 06:36 pm
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^^ I made an icon in honor of that fic idea. **pokes it.** See? XD It just was too good to pass up. It's not really me, though. But it's cute for Valon. Icons with Alister (like my default icon) are better suited to me.

I got a temporary paid account for two months, to kinda test it out and see if I like it. ^^ It only cost five dollars. Having more user icons is definitely a plus. I guess that's my favorite feature of the paid account. XD;

So let's see. . . . Last week, on Wednesday, I did get to get the Saint Tail DVD, as well as My Neightbor Totoro (on Aubrie's recommendation) and the only volume of Magic Knight Rayearth I hadn't seen, the sixth volume from the second season. I'll talk about them in a minute.

We got them on our way down to Lehi to get my aunt, because as I mentioned in a previous entry, we have been planning for months to take her on a nice drive through the small town of Salem that I've talked about before. Something always seemed to go wrong. First somebody would be sick, then the car would get sick, and on and on like that. XD; (And now the car's sick again! It can't seem to pass inspection!) Anyway, so this time we finally managed to go. It was really hot, but at least we went in the late afternoon, when it wasn't as boiling as when it's earlier in the day. We had a good drive, and found a house or two for sale that we'd like to look in once the car recovers.

So then later on when we were home, I watched Saint Tail. I decided to use the Japanese track. For most shows I like them in English, but others just seem to sound better in Japanese. Saint Tail is one of them. ^^ I really enjoyed the episodes, but I'm so used to the manga that I feel bad the anime altered some of the great manga moments. There's this hilarious part where Meimi knocks Asuka Jr out with a potion that Seira made. XD That wasn't in the anime, sadly. ;__; But I love it anyway! And Meimi has a pet hedgehog. How's that for unique?

The next couple of mornings I watched My Neighbor Totoro. Aubrie was definitely right about it. It's so cute! There's just something about it that's really nostalgic and magical. I adore it. Much better than a Disney film.

And of course, MKR was awesome, as always. Nova was devious and wicked, the little rascal. And yet, when you know her true motive and the reason why she had it in the first place, she really doesn't seem that terrible. She's really childlike, not understanding the true consequences of her actions and trusting Debonair, thinking of her as a mother. She's one of the most fascinating characters on the show.

I was horrified to hear about London this morning. I wasn't really surprised, with everything that's been going on, but it made me really sad when thinking about all the innocent people who were hurt or even killed. It makes me mad that people do things like that, not even caring who they're killing. They just want everybody to die, it seems.

I've been writing that fic that has lots of flashbacks to Alister's childhood, but I'm thinking that in light of what happened in London, maybe I should put it on hold for a little while. At the beginning of the year I came up with Alister's mother being on a bus that was attacked. I had a scene written that is the aftermath of that, but as soon as I heard about London I rushed to try to change it. The fic is supposed to be showing the horrors that happen in war and what happens to children such as Alister and Miruko, but still, I don't think I'll finish the fic for a little bit. I should work a bit on the chapter fics anyway.
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Today I concocted a scene in my mind for a confrontation between Alister and Alexander. I just finished writing it. ^^ And I am pleased, because I believe I've made Alexander sufficiently different from Nova while still keeping some of her doppelganger qualities.

Alexander's Mission )

I also started writing something for the war flashbacks fic, but I can't decide whether it would be better to have the flashbacks in Alister's POV or in third person POV. Actually, I'm dissatisfied with the whole fic, but I can't put my finger on what's wrong.

**begin sarcasm.** In other news, say hello to the latest Idiot of Idiots Come Out of the Woodwork Year! This person's name is "?" because he/she is too much of a coward to give me a real name. He/she left me a beautiful, caring, and oh so mature review, which I now present to you in its entirety:

"your fic sucks."

Isn't it lovely? XD I'll treasure it to my heart always! **end sarcasm.**


Jul. 2nd, 2005 03:57 am
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Janime's Forum has been down all day. I hope that stupid hacker didn't get in again and ruin things!

In the meantime I went to the Balto Source forum and looked around a bit. I don't really like it there, though. I feel so out of place. Most people there don't like anime, and I was just in a topic where the person starting it had everything backwards. He thought anime was created mostly for humor while American shows were deep. X__x; Uh HELLO! Very rarely is that the case. It's usually the other way around. I admit, there's some wacky anime shows and some serious cartoons, but usually we get wacky cartoons and serious anime. I dislike most all American cartoons for that reason. I prefer a show that's more deep and that I can really get wrapped up in. I like something that makes me really think about life and people. Only a handful of American shows do that for me at all. It's fine if someone doesn't like anime, but at least they should TRY to get the facts straight. He probably compared one anime with one cartoon and thought that all anime was like the one he'd seen.

I feel out of place in the whole neighborhood, really. There's not really anyone around who's interested in anime. I've always been the odd one out in almost everything, and I accepted that ages ago, but I still wish sometimes that there was someone who lived close to me who likes what I like.

Heh.... Once I remember a girl at church reading over my shoulder as I was writing something down in my notebook for the My Immortal story. It was the part where Ishizu is hurt, and she tells Marik, "If I live, I will live, and if I die . . . I will die," and the girl commented on how dark/morbid that seemed. I can't remember what I said, if I said anything. I probably just shrugged it off. Boy, it's a good thing I wasn't writing Something the Boy Said or The Darkness Within at the time she was watching. XD; **only partially sarcastic here.** Then she really would have been creeped out. At the time, I believe I was thinking, "Yeah, I know it's dark/morbid, but guess what? Some things in life are, and I'm out to write about some of them." Not everything can be happy frolicking rabbits and pretty flowers, after all. Most good forms of entertainment do touch on death and other subjects. Even something sweet and nostalgic like My Neighbor Totoro has the girls worrying if their mother will be alright.

Hmmm. To relax, I'm going to type out some random dialogue that's been floating in my head for a while. I love this. XD Consider it part of that hypothermia scene I posted a while back.

What's in a name? )

Someone on eBay has been selling a new box set of the first season of Magic Knight Rayearth for $24.99 plus shipping and handling. It's about the size of a two disc set, but it has all five discs of the first season, plus a bonus disc! I bought a set and it came earlier. It's officially made by Anime Works too, so it's not a bootleg. I hope they've made one for Season 2 as well! **is anxious to start watching it.**

Oh yes, and I heard that Mucha Lucha has at last been cancelled after three long seasons. I'm really not sorry at all to see it go. I know there was clever humor in it, but I did not like the animation style at all and The Flea completely ruined any possible hope of me ever liking it. That little creature is so disgusting. o.o I think he also betrayed his friends in a couple of different episodes, too. I didn't really like the other main characters either. Rikochet seemed full of himself a lot and rather idiotic, and Buena Girl was so self-righteous. If people didn't follow The Code of Masked Wrestling to the letter, she got really vicious. I really don't like her and I don't think she's a good role model, even though she is a strong, determined girl. I'm willing to admit that she is. I just don't like her. Rikochet was the only one of the three that I even remotely liked.

I feel better now. XD; **likes to rant.**
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About fourteen years ago, maybe more, there was a movie called Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. I never saw the movie, but for some reason the title came back to me just a bit ago. That would make an awesome fanfic title, probably with Valon as the main character (he has a "wild heart," after all). I was thinking of possibly combining it with an idea Darcy gave me. The idea was an AU where the bikers had never met (and I guess, Doom hadn't happened), but one day they all meet up and they feel like they know each other. I didn't want the AU slant, but the idea was so good that I filed it away anyway and I've been pondering on how to utilize it.

I was thinking of, perhaps, a scenario where Valon can't take any more of the disasters that have been happening, and he blames himself so strongly for something that recently happened that he again wonders if things would have been better if they had never met. Then he experiences what would have happened if that were so. His memories would probably be wiped clean, replaced with memories of an alternate life that is probably full of crime and prisons. He meets Alister and Raphael one day and they all do feel that they've met before, but they wonder how that could ever be so. They try to forget their meeting, but cannot, and seek each other out again. They are the closest of friends, and not even an alternate universe where they have different lives can change that. This meeting ends in tragedy and Valon's old memories come rushing back. He realizes that their paths in life are forever entwined, and that he's glad of that. He is returned to the present, where Alister and Raphael welcome him gladly. ^.^

**Idea subject to modification.** You can be sure this will be a fic sometime in the future, though.
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Look at my Alister icon! Isn't it purty? Awww, poor Alister. **cuddles him.**

I loved the Jackie Chan episodes today. ^^ It really did seem like a series finale, the way they brought back all the old villains the way they did. It was really awesome! They had to revive Shendu to come fight his son. XD And Section 13 collapsed and they thought Tohru had died at one point, because he had been inside. ;__; And there was this cute part where Hak Fu was holding Jade. XD I loved that. And the Enforcers were around, helping Uncle briefly, but then went to get hot dogs during the big fight at a ballpark. Valmont even made a cameo appearance. He was on a bus that nearly went over the bridge. Jackie recognized him, but he hurriedly pulled his hat down and his collar up and fled. It made me wanna write a Valmont fic, but I doubt I'd ever get around to that. XD;

... Is it my imagination, or were Ice and his gang a lot cooler/smarter than the original Enforcers ever were? ^^; At least Drago (is it Drago or Draco? I can't ever remember which) got wise and kicked the Enforcers out after only one episode. XD; That's when he found Ice-tachi, instead. All of the other villains kept the Enforcers around, in spite of their idiocy.

I also got an idea for a new plot twist to use in Life After the Tears. I opened the chapter with that scene. Kudos to anyone who figures out who it's about! **includes a quick segment.**

Haunted )

Now I've gone on to writing the scene where Alister brings Valon home. That's gonna be interesting. . . .

I don't like Netscape version 8. ><; It's not nearly as good as version 7.2. It makes Hotmail work all weird and won't take me to the correct page when I hit the Back button. That's only on Hotmail. Everything else works okay. But I'm actually considering reinstalling the older version of Netscape. It was so much better. . . . It's odd when they try to improve something, only to find that the new version is worse than the old one. That's how it is with WordPerfect, too. The only good version of it is 6.1. Everything beyond that is irritating.

Lisa and I did a cool RP tonight. ^^ Hopefully we'll get to talk/RP a lot over the next week. The main people I RP with are all away. I like RPing with Lisa and I wish we could do it more often. ^^ She plays a great, cute Valon.
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Green is your Lightsaber's color.

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth,
harmony, and freshness. Green has strong
emotional correspondence with safety. Green is
also commonly associated with wealth and
happiness, so someone with a green lightsaber
like yourself is a fortunate soul.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

You know, what's amusing is that I do have a green lightsaber. XD; I bought Qui-Gon's Lightsaber off eBay a couple of years ago. I don't have anyone to get into lightsaber fights with, though. . . .

Right now I'm working on the fic where Alister has a lot of flashbacks to the war. I haven't started the flashbacks yet, though. Alister is having a long talk with Raphael and he hasn't gotten around to telling him about the past yet.

Here's a couple of paragraphs from the fic. ^^ I may add more stuff to them later on. I usually do. XD;

Alister and Raph )


Jun. 15th, 2005 02:47 am
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Not because you have to, but because you WANT to! Things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it to your journal... and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs!

* Watching TV on Saturday morning
* Writing and drawing, when I have ideas
* Role-playing, especially hurt/comfort stuff
* Sleeping XD
* Good music
* Relaxing with a good book/anime/movie
* Singing
* Looking at cute animal pictures, especially of cats
* As SK said, sometimes friends and family XD

I shall tag the following:






SK already tagged you, Aubrie, so I won't tag you as well. XD;

Hooray! I have finished the math exam! =^___^= Now all I have left in the book is a review exam with stuff from both of the math books. **huge sigh of relief.**

I finished a picture I've been working on for about three evenings. It's based on the "bizarre cemetery fic." XD I'll probably get it up on Side7 in a few minutes.

I watched Grave of the Fireflies yesterday morning. Mygosh.... what a heartwrenching film. It was one of those "hauntingly beautiful" movies. There was so much sibling cuteness.... **cuddles movie.** And it was so sad, too. I did find it highly interesting how, when it showed them bathed in red/violet, it seemed to be their spirits, watching the events of the past. That means they did get to be reunited and all, so it was really sweet.

It gave me plot ideas, too. I should do a fic where Valon is seriously hurt while protecting Alister and it causes Alister to start remembering a lot of the events of the war while he and Raphael are waiting to find out if Valon will be okay. I imagine it would be a multi-chapter fic.... Or else a very long one-shot. **remembers how long Spellbound was.**
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**pokes dream with a stick.** I might be able to do something with it. . . .

It started off, to my remembrance, with my old youth group (and myself) wandering through a building that had a lot of reception rooms. There was also a place that was a hallway of doors, and somebody (me?) was wandering through there, apparently trying to escape from someone. Then some stuff was pushed under a door for me to look at (and now that I think of it again, it seems like it was Jango from One Piece who put the stuff there o__o;) and it seemed to be material that would help in some way to accomplish something (maybe to make it look like I was undercover. I'm not sure).

Then I wandered to the balcony of a reception room, where some others were trying to set up a distraction. And there was this really nasty lady with a pocketknife that basically grabbed me and threatened me by trying to prick me with the darn knife. >.>; (She'd make a great villain.) She was like . . . some cold-hearted female General for an evil organization. . . . Hey! Maybe she should work for Doom Reborn.

So anyway, then everyone continued wandering through the building, and then I escaped to the large attic for solitude. I had a cat with me that was like Liu. Then I started wandering around, looking for someone who was missing, and then Alister showed up. From that point on, Alister was the one in the dream, not me. XD;

Alister went all through the attic, and here we learned that it was Raphael who was missing. o.o Valon was nowhere to be found, either, it seemed. Maybe he was looking for Raphael elsewhere. But anyway, Alister found several odd nooks where there were various old toys and big playsets and such. . . . And he passed a place where there were a couple of beds, but Raphael wasn't there. Alister obviously suspected foul play, and as he continued to wander, he found a cute little boy in there. He asked the boy if he'd seen anything suspicious. The boy said No, but he could keep looking. Alister told him not to do anything dangerous. Then he took the boy with him and continued trying to find his way out.

Suddenly Raphael appeared in front of them. He didn't say anything and he vanished in the next moment, and Alister was stunned out of his mind. He called for Raphael to come back, and after a moment, he did. He embraced Alister like a brother (a gesture which Alister returned), and he showed them the way to get out, but he wouldn't answer when Alister asked what had happened to him. Then he vanished again.

Alister left the attic, taking the child with him, and now the building had suddenly become a house. o__o; Apparently Alister was staying there, too, because he went down to "his" room and set the child on a bed as he tried to figure out what to do now. Finally he started wandering all through the house, which seemed to have two large floors in addition to the attic. Then he went back into the attic, looking for Raphael again.

Then . . . there's a large gap. XD; I do not remember if there was anything else before this, but suddenly Alister, Raphael, and the kid were all at a lake area and apparently looking for Valon. They got in the water and starting swimming, searching for him, and that was it. XD;
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Star Wars: Episode III is out! YAY! **cuddles Star Wars.**

I determined that my malady is a cold. However, it's a very strange one. o.o; There was really no sore throat stage and there hasn't been too much of a sniffle, but I'm glad of that. XD Maybe I won't have to cough for two weeks, either.

The Darkness Within continues to move along at a good pace. I'm thinking maybe there'll be three more chapters, bringing the complete total up to 10. Doom Reborn won't be defeated in the fic, though. It'd be way too soon for them to be disbanded. This problem with Alister is only the first major problem of several that the poor bikers will have to deal with in relation to Doom Reborn.

And I got yet another plot bunny idea. o.o; It involves Valon being with a motorcycle gang and not remembering any of his life from before he wound up with them. For the gang members, I got the brainstorm to bring back the "Whipped Cream Avengers," only make them humans and ditch the whipped cream. XD; Rocky, Rambo, André, Angel, and Thorn were some of my most original OCs for any fandom, I think. It would be interesting to bring them back, in another fandom, and see what happens. Vivalene was originally from my original stories, and she was a skunk. XD; I turned her human, made her more of a murderess, and stuck her in the YGO fandom as one of the cruellest villains.

Here's a random blurb I've been working out, from a later scene in the fic.

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