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So I've had the weirdest urge to watch The Alaskans, something I thought I'd never have the chance to do. It's never been released on DVD and isn't aired on television. Lately I've particularly been bemoaning the fact that I'll never see it. I figured it was nothing spectacular, but I still kind of wanted to see it at least once. Then I found four episodes today and watched one of them then and another right now. Unfortunately, the Simon Oakland episode isn't among them, but I look forward to seeing them all anyway. I've heard the series was notorious for simply recycling other shows' scripts (typical, Warner Brothers, looking for ways to be cheap and greedy and cut corners). The first one I saw was an alright episode, but I don't know if it was a recycled plot or not. The second one definitely was one of the recycled plots (you can always tell because they list the writer as W. Hermanos, heh), but I've never seen the show that originally used it and I loved it. Roger's character was the only one of the main cast in it, so I got to see plenty of him.

I was confused about exactly what the main characters do, as I had originally had the impression they dabbled in a lot of get-rich-quick schemes. Then reading up on the show earlier today, I ended up thinking it sounded more like they were crooks. Actually watching the episodes, it kind of looks like my first impression was closer to the truth. Silky Harris is always coming up with some sort of money-making scheme, but it doesn't seem like he wants to hurt anyone, nor is he a criminal. And he seems to honestly believe his plans will work. He reminds me a little bit of the Maverick boys in his dislike of real work, albeit the Mavericks prefer to quietly gamble rather than to make exhibitions of themselves. In the second episode I saw, where he was on his own, he reminded me tremendously of Beau. (He even got accused of murder, like poor Beau always did. **headdesk.**)

Also, Maverick is now airing weekdays on Cozi again. Yesss! And The Virginian is back as well. They're both starting over, so I'm going to guess it's something new they decided to do for the new year. I'll have to keep close watch and get the other ones I wanted of those shows.

And here is a blurbfic I've been writing based on that latest Ecks and Wye dream I mentioned. It's clearly part of something bigger, but I don't know if I will ever write the rest of the story. This is mostly conversational, character developmental, and shameless hurt/comfort. Napoleon and Illya are in it a lot, but I don't know if I'll post it anywhere other than here, since it's just a homeless scene.

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What to do?

Mar. 9th, 2012 02:37 am
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I have nine chapters of my Perry mystery The Spectral Stalker up by now. And since about chapter 5 I've been strongly implying that Jerry's stalker is indeed the real Captain Caldwell, restored to life by Dr. Portman's outrageous experiments. The last couple of chapters have been much stronger, pretty much outright saying it's him.

And yet of course some of the characters have doubts. The most recent doubt is that maybe he's an impostor conditioned to think he's the real one, and that Portman's inside contact in the Air Force replaced the real Caldwell's fingerprints in the files with those of the impostor.

I've been debating since the start of this wild ride how it should go, and with the continuing doubts and possibilities I can always swing one way or the other in the end. The question is what I want to do.

The outline in my head calls for the happier ending, with it really being Caldwell and he and Jerry being able to repair their canonically damaged friendship. The whole reason I started writing this story was to revive Caldwell, as I was devastated by his needless death.

And yet on the other hand, the strange and bizarre elements of the last couple of Perry mysteries have probably been getting out of hand. And aside from that, sometimes I feel that bittersweet endings pack more punch/are more powerful than happier endings. Sometimes I regret picking a more fantastical ending instead of something realistic.

While trying to decide what to do, I wrote a short blurb that would be the final scene of the fic if the bittersweet angle is used. Here it is:

Regrets )

Opinions? Should I go with the happier ending originally planned and wanted? Or would this more realistic twist be better? (Or should I do both endings and let the audience choose, haha?)

Personally, I think the bittersweet ending is better, but it's not what I wanted. Which only makes the dilemma worse. The better one or the desired one?
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Something I've noticed, both now and in the past. Baby Face seems to generally be very calm and smooth and relaxed. The only time we actually see him at a murderous level is when Micky accidentally slaps him and his temper bends and breaks and he tries to choke Micky. Even when Micky pretends to be him and is slapping the gang around, he stays cool and collected while doing it.

Of course, there's often the feeling that Baby Face could easily snap at any time. Naturally, if he can become murderous over an accidental slapping, potentially anything could set him off. He's dangerous; there's no question about that.

However, I've wondered if, a lot of the times when people have died at his hands, it's because he didn't control his temper, rather than that he always meant to kill them. I remember having Ruby think so in one fic or another. I'm sure he probably meant to kill some people, such as ones who got in his way, but I'm just not sure if he always meant to. I'm also not sure the title Captain Hargrave gave him, "The Most Vicious Killer in America" really fits. Of course, it is a sixties TV show, and they couldn't show much, but surely there's worse out there than Baby Face. I think there's even been more cold-hearted villains on The Monkees than Baby Face.

So what do you think, fellow Monkee fans? Is Baby Face Morales truly the most vicious killer in America? Or is he truly dangerous, but not the worst out there?

Going along with the subject, here's a very short blurb I jotted out that's been coming together due to that idea I had from watching High School Big Shot. Baby Face is very calm and cool throughout. He seems to be in a fairly good mood here.

Smuggling )

And I have the urge to call this new creepy fic I want to write, the one based on the [ profile] sharp_teeth/Buffy prompt, Lullaby of Silence. I'm still unsure of exactly what goes on, other than that there's these creepy people wearing white tuxedos and top hats going around trying to kill or harm people. But if I call the story Lullaby of Silence, they're probably going to be trying to kill/seriously harm at least some kids, and I definitely wouldn't want them to succeed in that. I have this image of Tony trying to ask one of the kids what she saw and the kid still not able to speak from whatever the people did to her. Also, rather than it being strictly supernatural, I'm thinking that they hypnotize/mesmerize the people into not being able to speak.
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I had an odd dream that involved David. Because of it I read through the currently existing chapters of Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart and started hoping again to get it going once more. I even finally picked a prompt for the next chapter, something I've been braindead about for months. This time one leaped out at me. Maybe that means it's finally time.

While looking for the file on a floppy, I found something else. One of the other possible follow-ups to Lead Me Through the Fire was this, liked and encouraged by Lisa. I never did quite finish it, and I'm not sure I will for several reasons, including that I like the darker idea of Duke reversing time to get David back much better. (Also because I've never been that crazy about the concept explored here. I only tried it because it brought about some intense interactions.) So here. Have it as it currently is.

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Nov. 6th, 2010 12:02 pm
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This intense Tutu scene was written for [ profile] 31_days's awesome prompt today. Since it's a blurb, it won't be going on, so the link is here. I quite like it.

When I write stuff with squee scenes between Autor and Ahiru, like here and in the random thing I haven't put anywhere yet, I wonder why I ever get the urge to pair them romantically. It's so much more squeeable for them to have a close friend/surrogate sibling relationship.

Actually, I know the real reason I get the romantic urges is because I'm projecting my crush on Autor into stuff and putting myself in Ahiru's place. Luckily, if I wait a few minutes, the urges usually go away and I can go back to platonic stuff.

I did indeed write a short thing for Rex Raptor, and I may write more. Also, if I can decide on a plot, I may write something YGO-related for the [ profile] 31_days prompt today too. It's so perfect for a YGO fic.

Christmas music and lights are putting me in a YGO mood, since I was writing a lot of YGO fics last year at this time. And also since it was around this time when I bought the YGO movie in 2004. I remember watching it while having the radio on in the background, playing Christmas songs.
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The AMV [ profile] nuitsongeur was making for me is done! Eeee, I love it! **hugs it.** ^O^ A budding friendship set to one of my most favorite songs. *___* So awesome!

There's a detailed plot to this, and though I think the basic idea should be able to be followed by anyone, reading the summary is a very good thing. Click the video to do so. ^^

Also, the fridge thing? I think it may manifest as a walk-in freezer and be part of a fic where Autor and Ahiru are taken prisoner and have to escape. Autor is forced to write a Story in music for the kidnappers while Ahiru is locked in the freezer. He writes, but tricks them, and enables Ahiru to escape. Then he is overpowered and thrown in the freezer when his deception is discovered. Ahiru realizes he's not with her and calls Fakir for help, then goes back inside through the ventilation system. The criminals have left Autor in the freezer and Ahiru has to get it open and get him out.

And here, have another blurb. A bit longer this time, and a scene that will eventually appear attached to a fic for the prompt Hold On at [ profile] 10_prompts. This time it's Autor and Fakir friendship. I love the banter in the latter part.

Come back )
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I honestly am getting a little annoyed with myself that I can't seem to stop being fascinated with the thought of Autor/Ahiru as a pairing in the back of my mind. I never write or draw them as such; they're always close in a familial sense (as will be shown in a short blurb I'm attaching. I promise this one is not weird). And yet, even though I adore their friendship in my timeline (it's my preference over having them as a couple) and I love Fakir/Ahiru and want them to be together, I can't stop thinking of Autor/Ahiru romantically. A rather bizarre dream I had isn't helping, either.

I honestly feel like I'm blaspheming the fandom, but I don't know how to make my mind shut up.

Worse is that I'm afraid it may be at least partially because Autor is the one I crush on, and that I'm projecting my feelings for him in the thought of him and Ahiru as a pairing. **crawls in a hole.**

And more blasphemous thoughts: sometimes Fakir and Ahiru's arguments make me think of them as acting like quarreling siblings rather than being in a potentially romantic scenario. These thoughts don't really last long, but they do come.

Here, have a nice blurb that is fully in support of Fakir/Ahiru as a pairing and Autor & Ahiru as a close friendship.

Reflections )
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... a really bizarre scenario.

I ended up on TVTropes last night thanks to [ profile] dai_atlas. I found myself at the Fridge Horror page, and some links thereabouts led me to the Stuffed in the Fridge page.

I don't remember if I've ever had the courage to say so, but that scenario has been a guilty h/c fascination for me. I think it probably started when I saw the movie Donor. For those who don't know, it involves the food and the shelves being removed from the fridge and a person placed inside, usually dead or thought to be dead. o.o It's horrifying, and done to horrify someone else. I think I only ever did it in a private roleplay, since it's such a dark thing.

So anyway, I see the page and start to contemplate maybe doing something with the scenario. Then I go to sleep and have a weird dream involving my femme fatale character Vivalene, who turns up at some point in almost every major fandom of mine to wreak havoc. In a roleplay, she's been bothering Autor (cradle-robber), and that came out in the dream. In a half-awake state, I mused on combining the two elements.

In a fully awake state, I come up with the following tentative plot: Vivalene, determined to have her latest evil wishes, hires on at Kinkan Academy as a teacher (possibly teaching English, which I've heard is a required subject in Germany). She wants one of the fabled Story-Spinners to write a Story for her in which she gets a treasure she's having trouble finding, but she needs to get into their good graces. Fakir is immovable and does not trust or like her; Autor is a bit softer but soon becomes suspicious of her as well. Vivalene continues to try with him, but ends up in a situation when Autor plays along to trick her. Determining she really can't let him tell what he now knows, she has her henchmen hurt him and then puts him in the fridge before departing her furnished flat. Fakir and Ahiru find him there later. He's still alive, but very cold. He revives and is able to tell Fakir and Ahiru what he knows of Vivalene's scheme and they're able to stop her before she gets away.

That is so convoluted. I think Vivalene might try to drug Autor and make him write the Story for her that way, but something goes wrong. And that's when he's hurt and shoved in the fridge.

My only real question is whether people would come at me with pitchforks and torches for having a working fridge. LOL. For those who are unaware, I set my Tutu fics in the modern day. A controversial move, I know, but I think there are enough odd things throughout the series (such as Ahiru's midriff shirt, Raetsel's modern-looking wedding gown, and especially Fakir's Velcro-looking sports shoes) that modern-day can't be discounted as a possibility. Actually, I feel the only real options are a twisted AU world that's a mix of all eras or modern-day.

If anyone has read this far and actually dares to look, I've attached part of a scene below the cut. I swear it will be much more fleshed-out and polished if this bizarre story ever gets written in full. And oh, the cat stuff? Something else I threw in from the dream. It may be eliminated for the final draft. This scene is convoluted enough without them having to worry like that.

I promise my stories aren't usually this level of weird....

Fridge blurb )
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This is for a story I may write that will be very creepy and horrifying and Halloweeny. Thanks to Kaze for the suggestion of how Ahiru realizes what's going on. It's so wrong, but so plausible, knowing Lilie. XD; And there is nothing romantic going on between Autor and Ahiru; I want Ahiru to be with Fakir. X3 But I love Autor and Ahiru friendship.

This is a very unpolished blurb. If I ever write this fic, I hope to flesh the blurb out better.

Axe murderer at large )
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If this really comes to pass, it will be in the second fic of the proposed trilogy. Interesting how it goes: Yami Bakura saves Bakura in the first one, Bakura saves him in the second one, and they both must fight to save Earth and Juno in the third.

Yes, the third (if it happens) is maybe going to have a battle that spills into the main dimension. And if that happens, it's possible that it will be the battle that Yami Bakura must fight to prove himself worthy of a second chance. I have an image of the aftermath of the battle, with Shadi coming to him and telling him to take off the Infinity Ring. He, perhaps, wonders why and if he's failed, but finds he's still solid. Shadi tells him the Ring is his; he will not misuse its power. But he no longer needs it to be mortal.

Anyway, here's the other ice blurb. I've purposely not said how Bakura broke the ice, because I'm still working on that. XD;

Free From the Ice )


Feb. 28th, 2010 10:09 am
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The ice fanart kept wanting me to write a blurb. And since it seemed like it would work best in a fantasy setting, this is what came of it. A few modifications have been made from the fanart, but I've tried to capture the heartbreak and tragedy I saw there. ;___;

In the original Paper Flowers trilogy, the Ice Queen was to be the villain in the final part. Still will be, if I get it written. But so I decided that twist was too perfect here, despite the different events and timeline.

This will not happen in the fantasy fic I'm writing now, but if by chance it becomes a duology or trilogy, it will be in one of those parts.

Looking Through the Ice )
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Two posts in one morning! Man. This scene insisted on being written; it's been bugging me for the last few days, but I wanted to get chapter 2 done first.

Lessons Learned )


Oct. 23rd, 2009 12:50 am
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I'm now considering, in light of the oneshot I put up, that Bakura and Yami Bakura will be in Dragons at Dawn. And there will be something where the Neo-Orichalcos soldiers have taken Bakura's father and end up forcing Bakura to feel like he has to use the Neo-Orichalcos to save him. ;___; Yami Bakura orders him not to, knowing that even he can't triumph over the Neo-Orichalcos's power, but Bakura insists. And then there's a reverse of what happened with Yami Yugi and the Orichalcos, kind of a combo of that and a different version of the Cruise of Chaos thing where Bakura went evil. The end result would be the same, with the other being taken instead. Though in Yami Bakura's case, he is utterly furious and incensed and says Bakura deserves what will happen to him. But he takes Bakura's place because no one knows what's happening to the trapped spirits and he wants to find out. And some part of him doesn't want Bakura to suffer through whatever it is, just in case he wouldn't survive. He believes that he himself would get through it.

And here's the blurb of the possible scene from Dragons at Dawn, with Joey clashing with Duke. ;___; I can't write duels, but out of necessity I did show the tail end of it. I hope it doesn't look too awful. XD; Overall, I really like how this came out. It's very haunting. o.o

Oh, and while I'm still using the more manga-ish backstory for Duke, I also picture him having really beat Joey at Duel Monsters, because that was a pretty cool scene. It was just what Duke did to him afterwards that wasn't cool. -.-;

Joey vs. Duke )


Oct. 1st, 2009 03:07 am
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Blurb of the motel scene with the assassin, which insisted on being written.

I Will Not Bow )
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The scene I mentioned I'd be writing. These guys are really dysfunctional, which I tried to portray here. It's just Charmy and Espio, because I couldn't fit Vector in I wanted to explore their interaction a bit.

The trouble with angels )
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I'm going to try to catch up on everyone's stuff tonight and tomorrow (very busy week!), and meanwhile here's a short blurb that I worked on off and on over the last couple of days. The end of episode 25. Yeah, yeah, I know. Darn thing wouldn't leave me alone.

Goodbye, Shadow )

I had a very, *very* weird and disturbing dream in which I was RPing Espio's death and the aftermath with someone and then this person took it upon themselves to decide that we would do a "Search for Spock" revival of Espio; i.e., he would start out as a baby and grow up again. Which I immediately protested (rightfully so, especially since I was Espio....). **headdesk.** I didn't like it for Spock and I didn't like it for Sailor Saturn (even though I think it was done better with her), and I sure as freakin' heck don't like it for Espio! Anyway ... that means I'll probably have to write a blurb of Espio's resurrection to get that crap out of my head. Of course, I've been wanting to write that blurb anyway. XD; But right now I was trying to start the multi-chapter fic that will contain most of my season 4. (Minus the already-posted episode 1/prologue.)

And does anyone know if any good fics exist about the friendship between the Chaotix members? Preferably game/Sonic X verses, but I'd take Archie or Fleetway too, if the story was good.
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This idea came to me yesterday morning, but I wasn't sure how it would look executed, so I didn't include mention of it in the entry in the evening. But then, looking over [ profile] 31_days's amazing prompts for this month, I decided I'd see if it was possible to jot it off in time for yesterday's. And I kind of made it. XD; I was a few minutes over midnight, but I had the Update window open before midnight and it was still before midnight on the West Coast, too. So ... **shrugs.**

It's a blurb for the Washington State/Thunderbird fic.

I'm almost done with Elliott's scene at the beginning of the fic where the double plops them into an alternate reality. It's lighthearted and squee, though there are hints that something isn't quite right. (Besides the obvious.) I just open with them already in the situation, so the readers will be confused until they start remembering. XD I think chapter one will definitely have an underlying melancholy to it, but chapter two, where they start to meet, will be squee! ^O^
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Finally I got over my problems with this scene. I'm posting it here just as a test/preview.

He Came Into Your Apartment )


Jul. 6th, 2009 10:54 pm
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Yesterday was a very long day, filled with things such as more insomnia and an insistent allergy attack/cold (all of which overstayed their unwelcome through today). -.- But I did get plunnied for the blurb below. X3

And I saw some adorable geese swimming (and honking)! ^O^ I love waterfowl; I think they and chickens are probably my favorite birds. And peafowl. **so amused thinking of that peacock walking around the zoo.**

This blurb is for the third Southwest/West fic. X3

Private Property )
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I had a really weird dream yesterday, in which this scene approximately took place. I fleshed it out a bit, as I don't remember the contents of the actual dream conversation, and in the dream it seemed to change between Valon and Elliott with Scott. XD; It's always Elliott here.

Dream blurb )

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