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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a very short blurb about Bryn Watson thinking on Mr. Wye following The Odd Man Affair. I've meant to post it here but hadn't yet. I'm going to do it now, and following it will be a silly oneshot I wrote sometime back where Ecks and Wye fight Siegfried and Shtarker of KAOS, LOL. I posted that on Tumblr in the past, but someone here showed interest in seeing it, so I'm putting it up here now too.

Requiem for an Enemy Agent )

Clash of the Spies )
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If anyone's interested, I've posted a couple of blurbs for a fantasy AU YGO thingie in different comms. Since they're blurbs, they don't get posted on or in the fic journal.

Concrete Angel Being written first, it offers more explanation of the setting.
Paradise Lost Chronologically first, but written second.

... I still really need a good Yami Bakura and Bakura icon. **feels a little ridiculous posting lots of fic for them without even having an icon for them.** I wish had more screencaps of the first series, because I am pretty sure you see them in the same scene/place, talking to each other, at some point. So far, the only existing icon I've seen and like with them is a fanart, and I dunno if I wanna parade a fanart icon around. The original artist might not like it.

Though admittedly I'd really like one of Yami Bakura in his Thief King form, and I definitely know there aren't any pics of him with Bakura like that. The only choice there would be fanart.
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Here are three blurbs. First, a short one of Zack coming to visit Seph after he's released from stone. Then, Cloud and Seph converse and we have the FF7 version of their truce. Lastly, the reunion between Zack and Seph at the end of S&M. X3

Blurb 1 )

Blurb 2 )

Blurb 3 )
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First, art. Two pics of FF7 Seph and Zack, and a KH Cloud, the latter of which I'm particularly pleased with. XD **will color it soon.**

I ended up doing the KH blurb, about the aftermath of the penalty game between Yami Marik and Seph, with Cloud and Zack as the human shields. Yami M is never mentioned by name, but it was definitely him. And I can't get anything else to come out on the S&M one, so here it is too. XD;

Angst first!

Send Heartless Angel )

Random S&M Blurb That May Not Actually Happen )

I wonder if will still be broken when I get chapter 6 of T&D done, so that I'll have to use the exporting thing again. -.- **positively must get the chapter done this week!** The prompts at the weekly FF comm are very intriguing, especially where T&D is concerned: "Redemption" and "Broken Wings." The latter gives me an idea for an odd dream sequence where Seph's one black wing shatters like glass.

Two Blurbs

Mar. 26th, 2007 08:09 pm
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But first: Crisis Core just got a million times more awesome! *____* **swings on virtual chandelier.** I adore pre-Nibelheim! I think I'm developing an obsession with that time period, as I have for the Star Wars prequels. XD **hasn't been this excited in a while.**

This is definitely a nice surprise after all the frustration I've been having with the mail lately. At the first of the month, I bought the Cloud figure. The company keeps having "shipping delays" and I'm getting irritated. They seem like an honest company, but I don't think I'll be buying from them again!

And the mailperson *again* delivered our neighbor's mail to us, while ours went who knows where! **almost hopes we didn't get any today, because of that.**

Anyway ... blurbs! I've been tinkering with them for the past few days, and I finally decided to go ahead and post them.

If you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave )

Nightmares )


Jun. 21st, 2006 01:41 am
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Now I can't seem to keep my mind on any of the stories I should be writing. XD Instead I'm doing blurbs. These are two from different parts of a considered story where Sach gets amnesia while he and Duke are being held hostage at a mansion in Switzerland. I couldn't resist toying with the idea. ^^; Amnesia in fics is too fun, even if it usually isn't handled in a completely realistic way.

Later I plan to write a blurb about when Harry had to shoot Baby Face, and another that will involve that crossover I've been thinking of, even though I think that would work better as an RP. Before I do anything much with that, I should test out how I write for those characters, after all.

Anyway, I know no one's familiar with these characters, but if anyone would care to review based on content and presentation, I'm much obliged, as always. XD

What pal?! )

And this angsty piece from near the end. . . .

Remember Me )

Oh well, I found some dramatic NewsRadio stories earlier, so I know I'm not the only one who like to put comic characters into dramatic/angsty situations. XD; I'm always afraid that people are going to throw rotten tomatoes when I do that. But I can't ever seem to stray too far from my favorite subjects, even though I really am trying to write a couple of Bowery Boys stories that're more lighthearted. **pokes yet two more of her multi-chapter projects.**


Feb. 13th, 2006 06:40 am
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I actually had another dream that was useful! It was so sad, but I loved it all the same and I wanted to see if I could get a blurb out of it, so I tried and I came up with this:

Pull the Trigger )

And I've been debating on posting this for a while, but I finally have decided that I will. XD; It's a Monkees blurb from that fic I was talking about. It's a later scene, and incidentally, I've since started writing it from the beginning and it's coming along great. This scene here goes back and forth between seriousness and humor, as some of the greatest Monkees episodes (The Devil and Peter Tork) did. It's been a long time since I've written for them, but it felt natural to slip back into it. ^^ It also feels good to write for them with more detail than I used to.

Return of Baby Face )

And I remembered another reason why I'm not extremely fond of season 2. It seemed that sometimes Micky's and Peter's roles reversed and they tried to make Micky the dummy while Peter would rag on him. XD; That just seems wrong for their characters. I know that Peter was getting tired of playing the dummy character, and I don't blame him, but I don't like having his character insulting Micky like he did in episodes such as The Monkees Watch Their Feet and The Monkey's Paw. It just seems OOC. I can't imagine season 1 Peter doing that. And I also can't imagine Micky being as stupid as they tried to make him seem sometimes in season 2. ("They won't learn much from him. He doesn't know much.") He seemed quite intelligent in season 1.

I finally got a picture of Apollo and Veleda drawn. ^^ I also threw in Damen, a mischievous, preteen doppelganger who idolizes Apollo. I just came up with his character on Saturday evening. XD is having another anime sale. ^^ I decided to buy Saiyuki volumes 7 and 8, plus another one of Sakura Wars. They're still out of 1 and 2, and I have 3, so I got 4.

... I just found out that my grandma died today. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm sad to lose her, but I'm glad that she's finally out of her misery. She's been saying for some time now that she wished she could die.
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Here we go. I think they're done! ^^; Well, I had Aubrie's done a while ago, but I still wasn't done with SK's. Now I added some dialogue at the end and I think that's probably good enough for a first attempt at a Saiyuki drabble. Hopefully I didn't do too badly at characterizations!

SK's Saiyuki Blurb: Reflections in the Snow )

Warning: Runihura is the Destroyer, and hence, he destroys things. XD So, some people may be disturbed by this blurb, even though he's already done the destroying by the time it opens. Heck, I was disturbed myself, so there's no harm in it.

Aubrie's Runihura Blurb: Musings of the Destroyer )
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XD I loved the episodes on Saturday, as usual. The best line was Joey's "I got knocked out of the tournament by a guy with pink hair!" He wailed it as if it was the worst thing that could possibly happen. Is it just me, or has Joey been really tense and on edge during the Grand Prix? He seemed to easily freak out during both of his duels, and I don't remember him acting like that before. I heard that in the original Japanese, Siegfried called Joey a clown a lot during their duel. Well, frankly, Joey has been acting like he deserves the title. **laughs.** He seriously needs to chill.

Leonhard has a very unique deck. ^^ Of course I knew about it before seeing the episode, but still it's nothing compared to seeing it in action. I think both of the Von Schraider brothers must be very comfortable with their sexuality. XD

I hate the original opening I wrote last week for my fic with Seras and Schrodinger. ^^; I just dashed it off really fast because I wanted to get a basic idea of how it started, but it looks horrible. I rewrote it completely earlier in my notebook and recently got done typing it up. It looks so much better now. The original scene had her finding him randomly in the water in a forest area. The revised version places them on a battlefield, at the end of a battle between Hellsing and Millennium.

I do wonder if it's plausible for Schro to be wounded, though. XD; But he seems to be a huge mystery. If we're deciding that he can be in two places at once and that's how he survived what happened in manga #4, then maybe if he was not in two places at once, he could really be injured? Anyway, that's what I'm theorizing here. I assume that there's really no "wrong" answer for this, since no one else seems to know, either. ^^;

**contemplates displaying the blurb.** I suppose it couldn't hurt. . . .

Battlefield Meeting )

I've finally seen some of the Hellsing anime now. ^^ I really like it, but the manga is tops. And Alucard's dub voice just doesn't suit him. I got attached to the Japanese voice just from the clips Aubrie sent me. XD; It just sounds so right for him. I watched the first episode in English and the other two in Japanese. I like Seras's and Integra's dub voices. I'm glad that for the OVA, they're bringing back Alucard's and Integra's Japanese voices!

. . . Dang, is it Integra or Integral? -.- It seems like both are correct.

I've also been writing an odd blurb where Siegfried is found strangled to death in the Kaiba Dome and Seto is the prime suspect. XD; It's just a random thing that I was thinking of on Saturday morning, and it will probably take place completely in the Kaiba Dome. I'm toying with the idea of some of Seto's employees being responsible. Of course, I'm not planning to keep the poor man dead. **smiles.** But whether he's dead or not, someone still tried to kill him. I don't think I'll bring him back until after the culprit is caught, however.

Here's what I have so far:

Who killed Von Schraider? )

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