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May. 8th, 2016 05:11 pm
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So I've been thinking a lot about Mike Trevino lately, as evidenced partially by the long post I did on Tumblr this past week. He's figured a lot into some of my recent Ginger and Lou pieces. It's been very interesting developing Mike and Ginger's interaction throughout the past three years and actually getting them to a place where they actually like each other and are comfortable being around each other. They don't confide in each other and probably never will, but Ginger finally apologized to Mike for the shooting (whereas previously he had only apologized to Lou).

I've thought off and on for years that I should probably make a Mike plushie to go with my Ginger and Lou plushies, but sewing is such a pain that I've always put it off. I decided I should really do it, so I used a coupon on Friday to get another pre-stuffed doll at Jo-Ann's for half-off and am planning to start work on the plushie this week, since I have materials for ears, hair, and pants already here. I'm already trying to start by finding a good picture of 1970's Joe E. Tata that I can use as a guide in making the expression, which I practice many times on paper before actually applying to the plushie.

On that, I'm running into some trouble, as it seems like most of his 1970's characters don't have much to smile about. I can't use a more recent picture as a guide. And the only 1970's shots I've got of him, save one, are side views. I'm going to need to get out everything I have with him guest-starring and study it for possible shots. If I don't draw the expression from an actual picture of the person, it never looks as accurate.

I finally solved my Amazon problem by waiting for another gift card that was just about ready to come and then using all of that plus a little cash to get the complete Cannon boxset. I waffled a bit on whether to really do that, since I'd end up having to pay a little more cash than before and I'd been hesitant to add that much cash. But the price was right and Cannon is a show we love in general and not just when darlings guest-star, so it seemed like a very wise investment. I don't have a lot of episodes recorded compared to how many there actually were, and I don't know if the ones I have might be cut. Some of them look like they might be. Crystal encouraged me to get the boxset and last Saturday I finally did, with no regrets. It came yesterday and Mom was thrilled. We watched a couple of episodes, including Don Knight's and the second one with Joe E. Tata.

Joe had a pretty big part, unlike a lot of the times when I see him. He appeared to work for an old man who did a lot of crooked things but had never been caught at it. I say "appeared" because he really seemed to be so much more than just an assistant. They'd been together for years; Cannon mentioned a drug operation that both Joe's character and the old man were involved in eight years ago. He spoke as though they were more like equals or partners in the operation, although I admit that could have just been my interpretation. But there was much more as evidence; it seemed like they lived in the same house, either that or Joe's character Higgins was just over there all the time. And when the nutcase in the episode sets a bomb in the old man's car and he's seriously hurt, Higgins is extremely distraught. He goes to the hospital and is there for hours waiting to hear if he'll be alright. Of course, an assistant or other employee could be that devoted to their boss, but all in all, I got the vibe that maybe even if he technically was an assistant, the relationship was more like a surrogate son and father or extremely close friends. We actually never learn the old man's final fate, but I like to think that he did pull through since Higgins would be so sad if he didn't.

In thinking about it in the hours since, I determined that there are two basic criteria that need to be met, in general, if I'm going to be intrigued by antagonist characters to the point of wanting to write about them. #1, For them to show some indication of caring about someone, and/or #2, That there is some indication that redemption is possible.

Of the two, #2 is the more important reason for me. That could manifest in several ways, including reason #1, or by them doing something decent, or even just by the idea that they will be going to prison and maybe they can be rehabilitated. In this case, while #1 is definitely present, there didn't seem to be any indication that either Higgins or the old man would be or could be interested in changing the way they handled life, so despite being curious and interested in their interaction, I seriously doubt I would write about them.

In the past I somehow got so intrigued by Gin and Vodka that I ended up being willing to write about them performing their jobs as assassins, although the stories were more about them as characters than about what they were doing. But I am still appalled that I did that. That just isn't me. More recently, when writing about Ecks and Wye, I did have to touch on their canonical jobs a bit, but mostly the stories were about them running for their lives after canonically betraying the organization and trying to start over and go straight. I still had to write Wye as having some darker views than I am generally comfortable with writing, but I tried not to touch on that as much and I did have him finally determine, at least, that the organization with which he had been affiliated did do things worse than most governments.

Sometimes I don't intend to get intrigued by a character and I end up doing it anyway because of what I'm writing about them to flesh them out. That was what happened with both Sephiroths (especially KH Sephiroth) and Snakes Tolliver. It also happened with Baby Face Morales. I had honestly originally intended that he would be the dark foil and counterpart to Micky and nothing more. I wrote The Return of Baby Face Morales with that idea in mind and I did not have the character show any redeeming qualities at all, that I recall. But then when I wrote the sequel and had to have Baby Face work with the good guys and later when I wanted him and Tony to patch things up, I got myself intrigued by the idea of him being more of an anti-hero and also developing his interaction with Tony. That was how and why I ended up changing how I wrote for him and started diving into his past and trying to flesh out possibilities of what could have made him such an angry and dark person. Some of it probably went into sob story territory and I might not follow that exact backstory now. I seriously doubt that I'd write about him at all anymore, really, both since his and Tony's story is probably as a standstill and since he really is a dark character and not one I'm that comfortable writing for anymore. If I were to do anything with those characters again, it would probably be to finish that hanging story about them and the Monkees held captive by mad scientists, and/or to keep writing that crossover with Kolchak. Tony Ferano would be the main character in the latter. I toyed a little bit in my last burst of Monkees stories about Tony and whatever goodness he still has in him. If I were to write about him again, I might further that angle and have him finally break away from Baby Face and try to get his life back in some semblance of order again. Even though I'm probably not comfortable writing for Baby Face, I have to admit that I do still love Tony. Jimmy Murphy's portrayal of him was classic.

Of course, Ginger is really quite a dark character too, so it's possible that in the future I will also not want to write about him anymore, either. But in his case, there was that actual chemistry I sensed between him and Lou (which could have been chemistry between the actors) and that is really what set the whole intrigue off. The fact of that chemistry combined with their interaction in general just fascinated me for some reason and led to me being unable to stop writing about them. And in their case, they really are trying to go straight after their stint in prison (something Baby Face would likely never do), so it's not uncomfortable writing about them. So I really hope that I will never feel differently about that, especially now that I've learned some more information that might possibly put a different spin on the elephant in the room of the shooting. I went into that in detail on Tumblr. http://lucky-ladybugs-lovelies.tumblr.com. Of course, as I say there, I will never be fully satisfied on that, but this is the best I can do to handle it. And in my timeline, as I mentioned, Ginger finally has apologized for that.

Bottom line is, I usually really don't want to like or get intrigued by certain characters, but sometimes I do because of those criteria.

Occasionally, I suppose, I can also get fascinated by a character for one other reason: if it feels like they got a bum deal in canon. Dutch Ingram would fall in that category, because the idea that he committed a murder was just shoehorned in, said by Ken Swofford's highly questionable character, and there was no proof it was true. I still don't believe it is, and that is the basis of my Rockford fic featuring him. But if it weren't for feeling like he wasn't the murderer, I doubt I'd write about him. He isn't really the type of character I like either. I don't think just the fact of Christopher playing him would have made me want to write about him, since I don't want to write about every character played by a darling.

And I need to decide what to do about another Amazon gift card I got. There's no chance of any other one coming soon, so with their changed policies I'm thinking maybe I should get a few books with this one. I considered that recent set of Kolchak short stories, which I want to get since I know the author of one of the stories, but I keep hesitating on getting it since I don't know if any of the stories deal with Tony (Vincenzo now and not Ferano, heh) and his and Kolchak's intriguing relationship. I know that in general, the prose stories do not. That collection of 43 short stories I have only has one where Tony really gets to shine, so in a set of 14 stories, there's not much chance Tony will have good screentime. The comics are better than the prose at giving Tony stuff to do, but I don't know if there are any graphic novels out that give him a lot of "screentime" since there are also some comics where he doesn't appear much. If I knew of any I don't have with good Tony content, I would jump to get them.

Other possibilities are Miles Edgeworth manga or Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books or some combination of several things. There are also a couple of new Pony/Equestria Girls books I want, an artbook for the series and a new Equestria Girls novel that will be out a week from ... Monday, I think. I almost always ponder for ages on what to spend gift cards on, since it's a treat I only have several times a year and I want to make sure I get what I really want and what will be meaningful for years to come. Hopefully I'll come to a decision this week.
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Found this on Tumblr and thought it looked interesting. But I don't post these types of things on Tumblr, so I brought it over here. Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number. (Or if I have a lot of time to kill/a lot to say, I may just answer all of the questions for every fic suggested.)

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?
2. What’s my favorite part of the fic?
3. What’s the part of the fic I’m most proud of?
4. What part of the fic was the hardest for me to write?
5. What part of the fic am I still dissatisfied with?
6. Who’s my favorite character in the fic?
7. Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?
8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it? (themes, motifs, symbolism, etc)
9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?
10. If I had to sum up this fic in a sentence, what would it be?
11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?
12. Did any thing about this fic’s reception surprise me?
What were my beta’s major comments about the first draft of this fic? This one doesn't apply since I never use a beta. I am my own beta. I don't want to wait for someone else to find time to read each of my fics before I can post them!
13. If I were to write a sequel to this fic, what would it be about?
14. Any other question about the fic!
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Made a few new icons the other day, when I realized The Disappearing Declaration was a season 1 episode with high enough quality that the icons would probably be good. This is my favorite, although I wish I could have gotten Barry in there a little better. But this one still does better than my last attempt, I think, to get them all in fairly equally. And Sean still gets highlighted as lead singer. Awesome.

Yesterday I finally got to go in to use the birthday coupon at Build-a-Bear and I bought the bat plushie. I didn't have enough money to get the cat right then, and anyway, after Halloween the bat will be gone but the cat will still be there. And the bat is so cute! Probably the cutest bat plushie ever made. I had the oddest urge to name her Milly, and yes, it had to be with a Y. So that is what her birth certificate says.

For some weird reason, earlier in the month I was muddledly thinking that bats were rodents and naturally I didn't want any rodent plushie after this summer's disaster. (Note that I still love Mickey Mouse and any other cartoon rodents I previously liked, however. In general, they behave more like people than rodents. Heh.) I'm assuming the misconception is because Batman is sometimes called a rodent by the villains in the 1960s show. But so I Googled "Are bats rodents" and went "... Well, duh, what's the matter with me" at the information that they are not and that was the first step to feeling okay about a bat plushie. Anyway, too, I've cosplayed Rouge the Bat three times and I love Batman, so a bat plushie rather makes sense for me, doesn't it?

Also, at Build-a-Bear I was thrilled to see the online exclusives Zecora and Shining Armor! I didn't have enough money to get one of them, and anyway, I had my heart set on the bat, but I hope I'll have the chance to get them both now that I don't have to buy them online! I was so excited to see them there!

I also had a coupon for half off something at Jo-Ann's, so we went there and I found that the doll I'd put away in the back in hopes of buying it when I wasn't broke was still there, so I bought it. It will become Barry. I just hope I can find a decent doll wig. It's bizarre that I can't find a simple brown shoulder-length doll wig.

Then I've been contacted by a sweet girl who really loves my Detective Conan fics and especially my Gin/Sherry stuff. She was hoping I could finish Snow White Queen. I doubt I ever will, which I told her, but I told her how I planned for it to end and I let her see an unfinished chapter I'd apparently started years ago, and she was happy with those things.

When I was trying to help her, I ended up re-reading what I have of that fic and pondering on things regarding it and how it happened. The whole idea of Gin/Sherry is twisted to begin with, and then I was trying to figure out how to turn that twisted mess into something that could be happy for both of them. That happened mainly because when I was scoffing at the idea that the pairing could ever be anything but twisted, someone (Claude, I believe) talked to me about different possibilities that could make it end up happy. And I was curious and interested and decided to take up the challenge, so I started writing various things with them, liked it, and eventually started work on Snow White Queen.

I have to admit, I do think it's written fairly well, but it's very strange seeing me try to take the twisted canon information and make something positive out of it. I suppose maybe it's possible, especially considering those characters' backgrounds (both canon and what I invented to flesh out their pasts), but I am still pretty skeptical that it could work realistically.

It's interesting that what started as an experiment became something I genuinely loved and was enthused about. I think I always struggled a bit, though, and I think that's why the story trailed off. I just wasn't sure how to get them from Point A to Point C. Point B baffled me. That didn't stop me from writing stuff after they get to Point C, but I really needed to show how it happened and that problem stopped me in my tracks.

I used to write a lot of darker stuff that handled twisted situations, twisted characters, etc. etc. It wasn't just Detective Conan, but some of the psychological horror fics I did for YGO and maybe other categories. I think a lot of the reason why I did it was because I was encouraged and I really liked the praise I was getting. It was fun to impress people and have them feel like I was smart and deep. But I don't know, I don't feel like writing twisted things was really me. Or maybe it was me then. Eventually I got tired and worn-out and didn't want to play in many of those fields anymore. Maybe I stopped wanting to impress people so much. I still want them to like what I write, but that's not as much of my drive as it used to be.

I'm still tired. Mostly now I just want to write fun things or hurt/comfort. That doesn't mean I don't like deep subjects or exploring how characters' minds tick; that's still a lot of how my stories run. But I don't think I'm really into dealing with twisted stuff like figuring out how to make a positive relationship when the canon is Gin being possessive and sadistic towards Sherry (and of course, Sherry hating him). Somehow in the "after Point C" stories I actually did manage to get them to a more normal place where Gin wasn't sadistic and Sherry wasn't hateful and Gin's possessiveness was softened a bit into more protectiveness. And I know it probably all sounds terrible and like a bad fanfic from what I'm describing. It actually isn't as bad in actual fact; it's certainly not like Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey or something that tries to make it look like the bad stuff is okay. And it's not hearts and rainbows and suddenly everybody is good, wheeee. It's more the characters being able to gradually get past the bad things and grow and mature into better people. But I'm skeptical it could ever really happen in a situation like theirs and I don't think it's a place I want to explore again.

Some of the characters I write for are still somewhat twisted, though, like Ginger. And it certainly took a lot of pondering and struggling to try to figure out how to make it make sense that Lou could both care about Mike and forgive Ginger for shooting him. I think my essay approached the problem from all possible angles the episode hinted at and presented every possible answer. The difference with those characters is that, more unlike Gin and Vodka (or Baby Face and his gang), I do have them try to go straight. They're still antiheroes/unconventional heroes and don't like to get involved in trouble if they can at all avoid it, and Ginger can be dark and vengeful, but mostly what I write about them is cute slice-of-life, conversational fics, and mysteries and hurt/comfort.

And then there's Ecks and Wye, who are in the same sort of situation as Gin and Vodka from Detective Conan regarding employment. (I do, however, try to soften it a bit with the implied idea that Ecks and Wye are in it for the spying part and go after other spies and don't have much, if anything, to do with going after innocent civilians. I also tried to make Ecks a little sympathetic with the idea that he grew up in the organization and couldn't get out, same as I did with Gin, actually....) I honestly probably wouldn't even be interested in them if not for two factors: Ecks is played by darling Christopher Cary and Wye absolutely flipped after finding Ecks stabbed, indicating they were very close. I was immediately intrigued. Actually, the idea of interaction between Gin and Vodka is how I got interested in writing for them, too. But I did keep them with the Black Org and carrying out missions, at least until I developed that Snow White Queen timeline where they and Sherry escape to make a new life elsewhere. With Ecks and Wye's situation, were they to survive their episode, they would very likely have to run for their lives to avoid being killed as traitors to the extremist organization. Which is how I approached that. I wouldn't exactly say they're going straight now, but they are trying to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

The Riddler is in the same situation. I didn't really want to have him completely straight, and he's certainly an unconventional hero in that he's most interested in matching wits with his opponents rather than bringing crooks to justice, but if they're so heinous that even The Riddler is upset by them, then he will go after them for the purpose of bringing them to justice. Of course, since he probably always will be at least a little twisted, his justice would include making them play through one of his complex, booby-trapped mazes. But they would survive; I actually question whether any of the traps set by The Batman's Riddler would kill or if it was only a tease. (Yes, maybe even the bombs were set up in a way that wouldn't have killed Gorman. Possibly. I debate over that because The Riddler wanted Gorman to really experience failure, so maybe he would want to keep Gorman alive to experience it for a good, long while. On the other hand, maybe he wanted Gorman's last thoughts of be of his failure and then the bombs would kill. I just don't know. But anyway....) He seems like the type who might tease, especially considering his first appearance on the show. Batman: The Animated Series' Riddler sets traps to kill, but he is a completely different character.

And then there's Snakes, oh boy. With him, though, he really is trying to go straight. But he's selfish and cowardly and in most verses, is struggling to learn about friendship. I have so much fun developing him everywhere.

I dunno; thinking on things in these lights, I definitely still do a lot with criminal-type characters (even though sometimes I just want more true-blue heroes, like the ACME characters). And even though, yes, I do like reforming them when possible, I always try to keep their personalities intact, especially if they're wild cards. I think the reason why I'm more burned-out on Detective Conan stuff is Gin's specific personality, the absolute twisted mess of the Gin/Sherry pairing, and the fact of not particularly being into writing about enemy assassins at work in their organization. Well, and the fact that I was never comfortable with the series' basic premise. It took me ages to feel like trying it at all, and after playing in the waters for a while, I don't think I'll go back. That doesn't mean I won't, though. I sometimes end up doing a lot of things I hadn't planned on doing again.

Like writing Carmen fics, heh. But I do love the semi-fictional Rockapella and I just couldn't stay away. Once Crystal's enthusiasm started us both on a second renaissance, it didn't take long and we both started writing fics again. And we haven't shied away from hurt/comfort, either, heh. And not just with the Dying Informant character, either. However, I do think the stories are a little more mild this time around, anyway, even mine.

Sometimes it's fun writing about more true-blue hero characters rather than antiheroes/unconventional heroes. They aren't just blandly good guys; they have a lot of personality and they struggle with things too. Not all deep things have to involve dark and twisted characters and situations.

I guess it all depends on my mood. But even though I did kind of like looking at that old Detective Conan fic, and feel a little sad it will probably never be finished, I still doubt that it ever will be.

That said, my romantic side does still like the idea of the "After Point C" stories where Gin/Sherry are a thing. And I still love the things that others made for me regarding the pairing.
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I started pondering over the last couple of days why, when I write characters, it's usually the male characters that have aspects of my personality and not the females. Usually the females, whether they're good or bad, will be about as far removed from what I'm like as possible.

For one thing, it might simply be that the male characters I often gravitate towards tend to already have some aspect of my personality and the females don't, at least not much of the time (Pony characters excepted). LOL. However, there's also times where it isn't expressly part of their personality in canon, yet I slip it in when making a backstory if it makes sense (which is what I've done for Ecks, for one). So it might be more that if they're male, I can relate to them at least somewhat through their personality traits, yet they can be far enough removed from me that I don't feel uncomfortable. See, while I adore fictional hurt/comfort, I'm not comfortable at all with real-life hurt/comfort. That's just worrisome and agonizing. If I write a female character I can relate to into hurt/comfort situations, it might feel a little too much like I'm writing myself into it and hurt too much/be uncomfortable for me. With a guy, I wouldn't feel that way, since I am not a guy.

I've had the same sort of problem in the past with putting both genders of OCs of mine into hurt/comfort situations. Since I created them, it feels like it's hitting a little too close to home and I become uncomfortable, like they're a part of me being hurt. Sometimes that doesn't apply as much as other times; I know there have been some OCs that I did end up wanting to put into hurt/comfort situations and did so at least a few times. I haven't done much with OCs for a long time, except as standard supporting characters in various fics, so I can't say whether I'd feel the same or not. Note that this doesn't tend to apply to villainous OCs that get killed off in stories, at least not certain ones. I killed off the bad guy in Lead Me Through the Fire without batting an eye, for one. I guess I felt that he wasn't like me at all and I could eliminate him from the story without feeling like he was a part of myself.

When it comes to the canonical female characters that I do see reflections of myself in, like Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, I'm pretty sure I'd feel uncomfortable writing them into hurt/comfort situations. But I wouldn't mind just writing about them in other plots, if I got some inspiration. While I like Twilight the best, I'm probably more like Fluttershy. And there's a bit of Rarity in there too, especially her love of cleanliness. Those three are my top favorites, and then I've started to love Applejack a lot too, for her practicality, seriousness, and love of family.

I think every writer has a particular formula for characters or storylines or both that they like using the best. My favorite formula for my buddy fics will almost always involve a character who is aloof and serious to some extent. That will pretty much always be the one I'm relating to most strongly. They may in addition have traits I wish I was better at, such as assertiveness or bluntness when called for. I may not relate to them extremely, depending on their personality as a whole. Ginger I don't relate to a whole lot, except through the aloof, serious part of his personality. And that's the same thing with Sephiroth, Gin, and other such characters. They're not really much like me overall, just in that one key element.

The other buddy can be any of a variety of personality types, although it's very rare that they're silly, a prankster, or quirky in a silly way, since I am not generally fond of those character types and do not usually gravitate towards any characters that are that way. I do like Micky of the fictional TV show Monkees a lot, and he's probably the one exception to that rule ... only the Micky I like best is from season 1, where he didn't act so random and could often be serious. Also, Zack from FF7 can be kind of silly, but nothing really extreme, even though that's how some fanon portrayals are. He's more cheery and happy than silly, but he sobers up a lot later, which is bittersweet but kind of cool, too.

I love to see a character emotionally/mentally grow up, maybe because of my own journey from being silly and random to more serious. The early entries of this journal make me cringe. But I sobered up quite a bit soon after I started it, due to a lot of painful things that were happening in my life right then. I emerged from that quite cynical, even hating myself for several years before that cleared up due to a, well, I don't want to sound preachy, but a combination trial and spiritual experience from God. I never mentioned those dark feelings anywhere, that I recall. I didn't want to talk about it, didn't know how, and I dealt with it completely privately. It was a Hellish emptiness that was always with me; even when I was genuinely happy about something or another, I could feel that emptiness of self-hatred inside of me and I honestly wondered how anyone could care about me or think that I was a good person when it seemed like over and over I was always inadvertently hurting someone or another or snapping at them. (The snapping is, unfortunately, another trait I canonically share with Ginger, as is the trait I gave him of him wondering how he could be cared about.) Sometimes I still go into moods where I hate myself for several hours or days (usually when my emotions are see-sawing). And I'm still pretty cynical overall. I wish I wouldn't go into the "I hate myself" moods and I'm thankful they don't last indefinitely anymore. But I would rather be cynical than silly and random.

Actually, in real-life I was always pretty serious, even as a child, despite times where Mom and I would start quoting some hilarious comedy movies and crack up about them. LOL. Dad always got annoyed saying that we were being too silly. Really, though, I was more serious than most of the kids in the neighborhood, and although I had some moments where I'd blossom and joke a little, I was usually the withdrawn, quiet member of the group when compared to everyone else. And while I was amused and laughed at some of the others' antics, I didn't always appreciate some of their silliness, if they made their silliness directly involve me and I didn't want to participate. Hence, the buddy characters I'm usually drawn to reflect that a lot and both/all members will probably be more serious than silly. That's not to say that they don't joke; Ginger and Lou, and Joe and Lew, have some wonderfully snarky exchanges in my fics. LOL. I enjoy banter, when it's shared and enjoyed between the participants.

I wonder sometimes if my penchant for serious characters and the earliest beginnings of my own seriousness is all because of my dad's influence, which is both ironic and amusing if so, since I always felt, and still feel, that he is too serious. But I know that parental influence can be really strong, even if one doesn't fully realize it's happening.

And of course, any time I start getting seriously interested in characters who are canonically bad guys, I will feel extremely guilty about it for a while, just as I did years ago. Several months ago, I posted more than once about that guilt regarding Rumpelstiltskin, and Ecks and Wye. I still really wonder how I ever wrote about Gin and Vodka with ease. I realize it was their interaction that intrigued me and that overcame all ordinary barriers I have in writing about assassins, but I still can hardly believe I did that. I do not at this time write about any characters who are currently working as assassins, even if that was their occupation in the past. (Ecks and Wye had to leave the spy business due to their canonical actions of betraying their organization and are currently private investigators in my verse.) Unless Lucius Bowen, The Fugitive's Pinto character, counts as a current assassin, but I haven't written about him for some time and I have him working for U.N.C.L.E. now, albeit I have never shown him on an assassination job and probably never would. No matter whether the assassin is working for the good guys or the bad guys, I'm not terribly comfortable writing about such exploits, even though I will admit that I feel more at ease if the character is working for the good guys.
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So last night, after I posted that YGO entry, I wrote a drabble for [livejournal.com profile] ygodrabble, both because I always wanted to write for that last prompt and because I'm trying to revive the comm. Then I got out Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart and by now have actually finished the next chapter. I'm going to quickly review the rest of the story before I post it, to make sure I haven't left out any important points. I remember there's going to be a traditional heavy bad guy in white, like these adventure quest stories often have, and I had considered having part of the story take place in Germany. I'm not sure now if that latter element will happen, due to information the gang learned in the chapter I did right before this new one.

When I slept, I dreamed a Detective Conan dream. I'm not entirely sure why; maybe my mind was equating the bad guys in the YGO fic with the Black Org from Detective Conan. But so it was kind of a role-play and kind of a movie being acted out, with Shinichi on the trail of a new Black Org plot. Yes, he was his normal self, finally, and seemed to be able to stay that way. I was playing Shinichi in the movie we were filming. I don't know anyone else in the cast.

Gin and Vodka chased him down to the docks, Gin shot at him, and he pretended to be shot and fell in the water. When Gin went over to look down, Shinichi pulled him into the water and they started fighting. Shinichi eventually got away and Vodka was worried because Gin hadn't come back up. He was going to dive down and try to find him. I remember that I think my Vodka didn't know how to swim in the fics, but whatever. It was a nice hurt/comforty dream.

... Even though I was having trouble getting the other actors to focus on what I wanted to do and how I wanted the scene to go and they kept trying to move on to other things before I got my fill of hurt/comfort. Apparently I was the director as well as Shinichi. And when I wanted to do the hurt/comfort bits, I said I'd take over as Gin in order to have interaction with Vodka. It seemed like the same person was playing Gin and Vodka, which I know makes no sense for a live-action movie being filmed, but again, whatever.


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Third post today. I just spent some time on the Sailor Moon Wiki. Sooo confused ... so many canons to keep straight.... No wonder I threw up my hands in despair when trying to write that Sailor Moon fic. I think I made a couple of errors in plot points that I'll need to get corrected. I'm trying to mostly follow the anime, with the exception of a couple of manga and live-action elements to flesh out the Shitennou's backstories and personalities when not under Beryl's control.

I remember another point of frustration was that people would read, but they wouldn't review. And I really wanted some help in knowing whether I was getting characterizations right. You know, I don't have one review on that thing from an actual Sailor Moon fan, except the very latest one, which wasn't very helpful? Two friends were reading, neither of whom were familiar with Sailor Moon, then someone popped in just to comment on Dr. Portman skipping fandoms between Sailor Moon and Detective Conan (actually, I figure each of those fandoms are in their own separate verses, as I don't like to think of either of them existing in the same verse with more realistic fandoms), and then someone popped in to talk about Sailor Moon Crystal as though I was unaware of it and oh, by the way, great story, keep it coming.

Mama Mia.


Nov. 13th, 2013 05:09 pm
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So I've been talking to someone about the Black Org. I'd already been thinking of them a bit because Ginger and Lou remind me of Gin and Vodka in a few little ways. And talking to this person renewed my interest in those characters and I went searching for stuff on Tumblr. I couldn't find much in the way of fanart, even though I'd heard there was supposed to be a lot on there. Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms.

I did find an amusing and brain-breaking "Ask Gin & Vodka" Tumblr. I like the person's headcanon about them living together and dealing with domestic problems, but the person also engages in various antics that I prefer not to have anything to do with, like humans turning into animals and M-preg. Bleh. I had a lot of fun reading the characters' answers to assorted submitted questions, though. And I love the sketches the person makes of them.

I also went and looked through all my icons in the Scrapbook here. I think I lost most of my graphics upon switching computers, except for ones I sent to other people (which may have been most of them) and all of my icons, which I uploaded here. I got a big laugh going through the Gin and Vodka ones. I'd forgotten some of the cracky things I came up with.

Now I kind of want to watch the Countdown to Heaven movie again. Gin and Vodka had some good interaction in that. I have a very old Hong Kong release of the Japanese language version, with bad English subs. I always meant to buy the official English version when they finally released it, but I never had the money at the right time.

I am so far behind on any Detective Conan stuff. I still don't have any interest in really returning to the fandom, but if there's any good scenes of Gin and Vodka interacting in the semi-recent episodes, I would be interested in seeing that.
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For the past several weeks I've been involved in a new role-play, and for a great deal of those weeks, my RP partner has been detailing her favorite character's fever in every particular. I've ended up realizing some more things about myself and my own tastes along hurt/comfort lines.

My favorite hurt/comfort scenarios still seem to be knockouts and/or characters being thought dead. But where it comes to knockouts, I only seem to like things done semi-realistically. I don't generally go the old media way of having a character wake up and be perfectly fine; they usually are dizzy and have a bad headache for a while. Sometimes there's concern of a concussion, although I usually don't actually have there be one.

But sometimes I will have a character get up and walk around, even with a headache. Depends on how bad the knock was (and the kind of mood I'm in at the time). On the other hand, I once ran across a paramedic who said that when people wake up from a bad hit on the head, they tend to throw up everywhere. Blech! And that is one bit of reality I'm never going to input.

I also realized that in general, I have very little interest in detailing every particular of a fever, illness, and/or recovery. (And I've discovered that I'm extremely grossed out by copious amounts of sweat. Ewww. I abhor sweating in real-life and feel filthy when I do, so I guess it's not a surprise it would extend to fictional scenarios.) Some of my lack of interest may be because characters usually end up in the hospital and I figure the staff is taking care of most of that, rather than the characters' family or friends. And I have very little interest in writing a lot of interaction with the staff.

Some of it may be that when I do things like that, even where the character's family or friends are the ones helping, I quickly lose interest. That old Detective Conan fic I was trying to work out kind of followed a plot like that and I soon got lost on how to help the character recover. And I felt like I was going in circles, repeating the same sorts of scenes over and over.

Usually, if a character is bad off enough that recovery will be long, I skip over that part of it and just summarize a few bits here and there. I did that with my Alamo fic, because the main point of that fic was the interaction between Emil Sande and Graciela after Emil recovered. I still wonder if I did the right thing there, though. I went back and added another segment, a sweeping look at Emil's recovery through Emil's eyes as his attitude towards people began to change over time. But I kept feeling (and kind of still feel) like I should have detailed his recovery in every particular, even though I didn't want to and felt that it would deviate from the main point of the fic.

I mentioned a few things about Micky's recovery in my Return of Baby Face Morales fic, but there again, it didn't play a big part in the overall storyline because the details of the recovery weren't important to the fic's plot. (And I wasn't really interested in detailing everything, either.)

Part of me wonders: If I don't like detailing recoveries in every particular, can I really call myself a hurt/comfort fan?

And another part of me answers: Yes; just a different breed of one.

I love writing character interaction and I enjoy one character emotionally comforting another one, but if it's a long-term thing like in the Detective Conan fic, I can't seem to do that very long. I like writing scenes of emotional comfort, but not to have the character so broken that a whole fic is required to heal them. (Except in special cases; I liked that fic where Bakura tries to help Yami Bakura recover from being tortured by Yami Marik, although there again, I'm not sure if I wrote it that well.)

I like writing a character helping an injured character to limp along, get in or out of the shower, and treat wounds and burns. But if I were to detail in every particular, I would also need to have them redress the wounds every day, and I realized I wouldn't have any interest in writing that out every time, either. Maybe once or twice, but not more.

I suppose in one way, I'm not sure if this will come out making sense, but I often like instant gratification with my hurt/comfort scenarios, such as the knockouts. But if I were to be completely realistic, it would probably take a while to really recover from those, and I hence wouldn't have much interest in writing a knockout if I was being completely realistic.

Then there's angst fests. A few weeks ago I was musing over the idea of an amnesia fic with Ray, Lafe, and Coley. I figured Ray or Coley would be the victim, and I test-wrote a scene where it was Coley. I realized that I didn't want to write a fic where it was either of them. I could tell just from that scene that a fic would depress me and burn me out.

And that's the way I feel about a lot of angst fest fics lately. Even if I know they'll end well, I don't seem to like writing all the heartache to get there, except in certain cases. In some other cases, for both fics and role-plays, I've almost always felt like I didn't want to do certain plotlines because I felt they'd drag out too long and I'd be depressed with the Hell the characters would be going through all along the way. Sometimes I can be convinced to do the scenarios anyway, and sometimes I end up liking them once I'm into them. Other times, I never do quite come around to them, although I can't think of any specific examples off-hand. And sometimes I don't like reading big angst fest fics, at least unless they're already finished, because it's agonizing reading about the characters in such torture and wondering when it will end for them.

But so, with all that in mind, why in the world do I still like scenarios where a character is thought dead? I think that ties back in with my life-long fascination of death, which is also something I can't fully explain and I know it sounds morbid. And I think I like it mainly for the utter, unmatchable joy of being reunited with the character, alive and well. (Although I also like exploring the grief process for different characters and how they handle it and interact with each other because of it.)

I think to some extent, that's where my relish of knockout scenes stems from, too. That Little Audrey cartoon where she thought she killed the bird and it was only knocked out and revived really has had a huge impact on me ever since I saw it when I was five-ish. I used to write hurt/comfort scenes in my mind where a character was knocked out and thought dead by other characters. Eventually they would revive and there would be much squee.

When I moved to fics and role-plays, I realized quickly that except in serious circumstances, a knocked out character would not be thought dead for more than a minute or two. And so sometimes, if I wanted an extended scene, I would do a form of a fairytale-ish enchanted death that could be broken by any show of true love, not just romantic. Usually there would be no real explanation for the Disney death (something that exasperated some of my past RP partners, haha), but Hamilton got a very big explanation for his in The Broken Ties fic. It was expressly stated to be part of the villainess's plan to put him into a state like that.

These days, I try not to rely on Disney death scenes very often, and when I do have one, it's sometimes a case like Hamilton's.

Bottom line: I am a hurt/comfort fan, but I think I have a mindset far stranger than the great majority of us. Although I suppose that each H/C fan has particular quirks about what they like and dislike and why.

We certainly are an interesting breed in fandoms.

... Odd.

Apr. 22nd, 2012 02:26 am
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Something a little strange I've noticed: my Detective Conan fics are getting a lot of attention. They have been for the past few months or so. Far more than they ever did when I first posted them, I'm sure. Favorites, Story Alerts, Reviews ... my goodness. Suddenly there's this influx of interest in both my Gin and Vodka and my Gin/Sherry stuff. And I feel bad for those people that it's highly unlikely I'll ever finish the stories that are hanging. Of all my fandoms, Detective Conan is the one least likely for me to return to, for various reasons. I'm still interested in the characters and in what happens to them (if anything major goes on for them), but as far as writing for it, I really doubt it will happen anymore. I'm still trying to figure out what I was thinking by going nuts writing stuff for the Black Org. That is so unlike me. I know sometimes I write for criminals/antagonists, such as how I still enjoy writing for Baby Face and his crew, but that seems somehow different from actually writing for a bunch of villainous assassins.

Now, to the main strangeness. On Saturdays Perry Mason airs earlier in the evening. I was exhausted, so after I watched the episode (The Witless Witness, involving a very upright judge falsely accused of first constructing a governmental fraud and then committing murder) I laid down to have a nap. I was able to go to sleep for a bit, and I dreamed a weird dream. A weird dream the contents of which I think I dreamed before. Not a recurring dream, per se, but a recurring event in the dreams. Usually when that happens it's about that big creepy haunted mansion I think I've mentioned before. This time it was about the Perry characters, an episode I was "watching." And while in the dream I felt I'd watched it before, in real-life I'm sure I've dreamed of watching it before.

A neat trick since it's an episode that only exists in my head.

Also rather hilarious, since it was an episode, I dreamed in black-and-white.

The basic plot, as near as I can remember, started out with Hamilton not feeling well. He thought soon in that he might have a heart attack. Later on he did collapse and was taken to the hospital. Perry and Lieutenant Tragg were worried and hurried off to see him there. I'm not sure if he really had a heart attack or if it was something else. It almost kind of seemed like maybe someone had been trying to harm him? He was conscious when they were there, and talked with them for a bit. There was also some random scene with Perry talking to Tragg as Tragg was lying down to go to sleep. I'm not sure how that fit in.

I also don't remember what the crime was, who got killed, who the defendant was, or anything like that. But I remember talking to someone (not sure who) and telling them this episode was one of the best ever. The other person agreed, but said that the courtroom scenes were sadly "basic." I don't know why that term was used, as what seemed to be meant was that the courtroom scenes were very season 1-inspired and leaned towards Perry and Hamilton not getting along (and by that I mean far more than just regular objections to things going on). I suppose "basic" might have referred to Erle Stanley Gardner's book formula? Anyway, while we were discussing that fact, the episode was still on and we were watching the courtroom scenes. I agreed with the other person's assessment and remarked on what an interesting blog post this episode would make.

I want to say the episode ran through to the end and that there was a nice epilogue with Perry and Hamilton having a nice conversation again. But I can't swear to that. It seems like there was some detail that I'm forgetting that's right on the tip of my tongue/mind. I just can't remember.

I woke up scratching my head, a bit disappointed the episode wasn't real, and weirded out because I was sure I'd dreamed of it before.

It's the kind of dream I might be able to do something with, although if I did I would definitely make some alterations. No season 1 courtroom scenes, for sure. (Actually, I don't know if I'd try writing courtroom scenes at all, but if I did they'd be more likely to be closer to later seasons' courtroom scenes. No wild accusations, no trouble getting along. Just standard objections.) And I don't know what I'd do with the heart attack angle. There was already something canonically done with fake heart attacks (really poisoning), and Paul was the victim there. But I don't think I'd want a real heart attack either. So maybe just the collapse and there would be another explanation for it.

Sometimes I think my favorite hurt/comfort is still the standard knock on the head. Occasionally I get a craving for something more, but usually a good old-fashioned knockout suits me just fine. (And when I want a near-death scene, sometimes that's a good point to bring in some magic/do a Disney death/etc. Because sometimes, dang it, I'd rather have the solution involve friendship squee and have the person be able to recover without a long hospital stay. It's funny how I really don't see what's so great about magic and yet I utilize it like that sometimes. It's a means to an end for me. I'd use something else if something else would get the job done as good or better.)

And I've been doing a role-play involved Hamilton and his always unseen secretary Leon. I might turn some of that into a blurb. I might also put it into my current mystery story, if I can figure out how to make it a subplot that looks like it fits. Hamilton has a lot of staff and what seems to be either several secretaries or stenographers. I don't even really know what Leon is. But he fascinates me more than any of the others. Possibly because I was sure he was the one Hamilton addressed the most, and because he's one of only a handful of male secretaries/stenographers/whatever on the show. And we know absolutely nothing about him! So I can pretty much run wild. I've written for him a little bit, but pretty much standard dialogue, nothing that interesting or character-developing.

The RP involved Yami Marik trying to get a rift going between them. Yami Marik would not feature in the blurb or fic; that would be changed to one of their enemies in my stories or someone working for one of their enemies. But the plot was succeeding and Leon was getting upset thinking Hamilton didn't trust him. The climax was when Yami Marik set up a fake phone conversation that made it sound like Hamilton was doing something illegal. But instead of having the desired effect, it backfired and Leon realized he was being manipulated, as he knew Hamilton would never do anything illegal. So he went running off to the courthouse, certain that Hamilton was in danger. Which he was; Yami Marik had broken in and was on top of the judge's bench, blasting at Hamilton. Leon tackled Hamilton to the floor and took the blast himself, ending up seriously injured. He managed to tell Hamilton that he was sorry for falling for the tricks at first, before lapsing into unconsciousness and leaving Hamilton stunned and shaken with his body. Right now they don't know if Leon will survive. (He will, of course.)

I'm sort of considering writing a test blurb using [livejournal.com profile] 31_days's theme The network of the lie.


Aug. 20th, 2011 01:55 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I saw a very fascinating Perry Mason episode on the local station, The Shoplifter's Shoe. It's Leonard Nimoy's episode (or one of them; I think he may have been on twice), and lucky for me, a fangirl decided to compile all of the scenes he was in into one video. Among those is a wonderful scene between Perry and Mr. Burger that really depicts how close they are by season 6. And then they pin the guilty party down together. It's very unique all around.

And while reading my West Side Story book, I see that the author shares my opinion that if Schrank is racist, it's against more than just the Puerto Ricans. Of course, she is also of the opinion that he most definitely is racist. It looks bad for him, I know, but with his canonical shame and guilt there has to be more to it than just flat-out racism. If he's racist, he can't be hardcore. Hardcore racists don't give a darn. They say whatever they please and are beyond feeling. It's possible that for Schrank, it's a combination of his frustration and despair ending up turning a bit racist over time. Or it could still be like I've said, that his frustration and despair just caused him to blurt out things he didn't mean.

In any case, I'm wondering if I pussyfooted too much in my defense of him at [livejournal.com profile] hated_character and if I should have been more firm in my declarations of why I believe it's not as simple as deciding he's racist. I'm also wondering if I should edit it now or whether I should instead write a second, more hardcore defense to begin with.

And speaking of Schrank, I was rather unsettled that, while answering yet another reviewer's questions about my old Detective Conan fic Breakdown, I suddenly realized that if I had previously written a partnership similar to Schrank and Krupke, it was probably Gin and Vodka. Vodka and Krupke definitely have their parallels as the bigger, slower members of the team. Schrank and Gin are the sharper, more hardened members. (And they both smoke, albeit I have never had Schrank smoke in a fic.) Schrank's speech pattern, however, is worlds away from Gin's. Schrank is rough and uncultured, often using slang and bad grammar (and just plain not caring, even if he knows what he's doing). It's actually a very different experience writing for him. Most of the main characters I write for, including or especially Gin, have a more refined manner of speaking.

Of course, the other major difference is that Schrank and Krupke are police, the good guys, while Gin and Vodka are criminal assassins. I still don't know what I was thinking, writing for a bunch of crooks. That's not like me at all. Although my attempt to find some good in Gin and craft a dark past for him is like me. I do the same thing with Baby Face Morales, it's true, but it seems different with him somehow.


Aug. 17th, 2011 01:59 pm
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First and foremost: Does anyone have links to the very old Phoenix Wrong parodies? They were so hilarious. I'm not too interested in the newer ones that have been coming out; they're largely dirty all the way through, compared to the old ones being mostly clean, if not completely. I used to laugh at almost every clip, but in the recent ones I'm lucky to find one thing to laugh at.

My order arrived yesterday! At last I was able to read two more Kolchak Moonstone graphic novel stories I've been interested in for some time: Lambs to the Slaughter and Eve of Terror. I may review them on Amazon later. For now, I just want to say that according to the Moonstone canon, it looks like Tony is (or was) married. There was a kid killed in a drug-related shooting and Kolchak did an article on it. Tony praises his work but then becomes emotionally pained. Kolchak realizes why and says he's sorry for bringing it up. Tony says "Not your fault ... my boy ... went the same way." It was heart-breaking; he looked so down-trodden. He and Kolchak have a quiet moment and then Kolchak says they should go out for a drink like the old days. Tony says in the old days, Kolchak insisted Tony pay. Kolchak says he still does. It was a wonderful friendship scene. And it's begging to have something done with it. It's the first thing from Moonstone that I've really wanted to bring into my TV show canon, or at least tentatively experiment with. There's a ficlet I'm thinking of writing. I'm thinking along the lines Crystal suggested, that the son's death dissolved the marriage, because it really does seem like Tony is a bachelor by the time of the movies/TV series. Maybe I'll try it as a disconnected piece and then decide if I want to incorporate it into my full canon.

I also got a West Side Story book and the first Phoenix Wright manga (a real manga, with cases!). The West Side Story book I've been eagerly devouring as I skip around in it (I rarely read books like that straight through). It gives character summaries and it was very fair, and I think kind, to Schrank, which I was thrilled by. But it seems to mostly focus on the Broadway production, with little being said about the movie version by comparison. And a lot of what is said about the movie version leans more towards the negative, at least from what I've read. I also want to get another book, one that does focus more on the movie version, and even tells how Simon Oakland ended up part of the cast. (One of the co-directors was Robert Wise, and he specifically wanted Simon after directing him in I Want to Live!)

The Phoenix Wright manga is very interesting. It plays out like a combination of Detective Conan and Perry Mason. When characters are introduced, they seem to use the same format as Detective Conan, with a blurb showing their name, age, and occupation. And the trials are filled with intensity (and kooky witnesses, as per the games). They even have Winston Payne as the first prosecutor encountered! And everyone looks IC. Phoenix is wonderful as the straight man with sardonic comments, Maya is her typical ditzy self, and Larry is nuts over his latest girl. LOL. Miles has not appeared, but he is thought about, and Phoenix comments that he hasn't seen Miles in a while. That's usually a signal that something exciting is planned, and I know for certain that Miles will be in volume 2. And I learned of the manga's existence shortly before that volume will release in America! If it comes out on time, it will be out in less a week. I hope I can get it right away! Even if B&N has it in stock on time, I cringe to think of buying it there. It's $10.99, and I'm sure they won't offer a discount (unless by some miracle I get a rare 10% coupon). On Amazon, it's only $8.79, but I'd have to wait to buy other things with it and get free shipping. Oh, Borders, why wouldn't anyone help you stay afloat?!

And I watched an amazing Wild Wild West episode. I've been devouring episodes lately, and it was a show Mom liked and watched back when it was on, so I'm having a ball sharing my new love of it with her. It's just what I love: friendship and adventure and mystery and crook-fighting and hurt/comfort! And the romance level isn't high enough to get on my nerves. It's just perfect, as far as I'm concerned. The steampunk angle is just the icing on the cake, too. I just love Western stuff and steampunk adds a whole new level of awesome to it.

The episode I saw was The Night of the Death Masks. The whole ghost town angle, and the wax dummies that keep popping up with the masks, were so creepy! And it was heart-breaking when the crooks manipulated things so Jim thought Arte was the crook due to Arte being forced into a disguise while unconscious. They have a gunfight and Arte ends up thinking he shot and killed Jim when he comes over closer.

Well, the whole episode was extremely plunnie-inducing. It would make such an intense role-play or fic. I think I might write a blurb of Schrank and Krupke having gotten into a gunfight like that, with the end result being Krupke thinking he's shot Schrank. I don't know yet whether he really would have or not.
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Like Crystal, I'm not tagging anyone. And you can ask about more than one character, within reason, of course. And unlike the previous meme, I don't care whether you ask about a character I've talked about a lot before, since I think most of these answers would be new for almost anyone.

Give me the name of a character, and I'll tell you:
1. Whether or not I like this character
2. What name(s) I call this character
3. What image-song I associate with this character
4. What color I associate with this character
5. What character I like to put this character with (romantic-ships and/or friendships)
6. What I would want to say to this character
7. What my plans would be for this character


Mar. 22nd, 2010 11:06 pm
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Comment with a romantic or platonic 'ship that you know I like and I'll tell you:

1. When I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them

You'll probably have more luck if you go with platonic.
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Now this song is a blast from the past. When the computer was still on Windows 98, I had to give up most of the songs I had because it ran too slow with them. But I've hung on to this one all through the years. I'm not entirely sure what the attraction is, since I never really even got into Yu Yu Hakusho despite liking Kurama. Could be the awesome beat. But a lot of the songs I had were awesome that way, and I was forced to let them go. Why keep this one?

All I can figure out is the intense nostalgia it brings, moreso than any of the others. When I play it, there's a feeling there, something I long to recapture, but it's always just out of my reach. And I know that no matter how I try, I'll probably never again have that feeling in the here and now. It's bittersweet, but it also makes me happy thinking of times long past. I was a wide-eyed 15-year-old, enamored by my discovery of anime and YGO, and engaged in my first sweeping YGO RP. The song reminded my RP partner of something in connection with her character, which could also be part of the attraction, because I loved that character and those RPs. I still have the logs.

It's amusing---I've thought off and on about how much I've changed in just the last three-four years. I could *not* grasp what someone was telling me about how she believed Mr. Muggs of the East Side Kids would act if this kid who always imitated him got hurt sometime following him on some dangerous thing. I was trying to write a story on the idea and have him feel guilty over the kid being hurt. This person was trying to get me to see that he probably would not; he would probably be angry and frustrated that this kid, who had never been through what he had been through, was coming along trying to be a poser and act like him. I could not understand it; I even wondered if Muggs would be so mad he wouldn't help the kid. But I realized a while back that I perfectly understand now what that person was trying to explain. Yeah, Muggs probably would have felt exactly as that person said he would, and of course, he would have helped the kid in spite of it. But he would not have blamed himself. I could probably write that story now if I wanted. But I realized years ago that while I enjoy the films, writing for the characters is not my forte. I can do it, but it's a lifestyle and a time period quite alien to me. Of course, I'd probably update the time period to modern day, like I always do if it doesn't really damage the plot/background of the story I'm trying to write. But I'd rather just leave it be.

I think it was probably the fandoms I went through right after that which improved my writing the most. I dabbled with writing for assassins and romance in Detective Conan, and while there's still at least one sole oneshot I'm determined to write someday (inspired by a song, I think by Poets of the Fall), I also don't want to go back to writing for those characters frequently.

Final Fantasy and KH brought me Sephiroths, also someone very different from previous characters I'd written for. KH Sephiroth in particular, was an anti-hero through and through the way I wrote for him. I think I really improved a lot on writing for anti-heroes in general because of him.

Now I'm back to YGO, and I think my efforts now are far better than most of my previous ones (though I still love my later YGO works, like Life After the Tears and the few Siegfried fics I did). I love what I've done with Duke in all three of my new timelines (the updated main one, the Fallen one, and the Alone Again one). I love that I finally have given a name and a fleshed-out personality to his unnamed manager, a character that intrigued me from my first viewing of episode 46 (and whom I think I mentioned in the old fic In Memory ... one I still need to fix the formatting of on FF.net...). And I love my updated version of Yami Bakura. I also think I write for Yami Marik far better than I used to, and of course Atem and P. Seto.... The manga has helped a lot with that, as well as rewatching lots of anime episodes.

My one regret is that I'm really struggling with details. -.- Also starting with Detective Conan (and a bit with my Baby Face fics), I've tried to infer things more instead of spelling them out. It makes things more powerful. Downside is, I think a lot of times I need more details in something and I can't get them to come out. I feel so rusty. I don't know if I could ever write something again as detail-ridden as part 1 of Until You Find the Answers, one of the semi-recent YGO ventures. And yet sometimes I'm still able to churn out a scene with quite a few details, like the final scene of part 8 of Taming the Darkness, but it still doesn't feel like enough. I keep thinking there should be more. I'm driving myself mad because of this frustration over wanting more details and not being able to get any more to come out. I can't tell whether the scenes really don't need anything more and I'm just being picky, or if they do need more and I'm not giving it to them.

On a totally different subject ... I was in a store today, looking over the Valentine's Day stuff. I actually have always loved the holiday and feel a thrill of excitement for its arrival, but I roll my eyes at the emphasis on romance and being with a lover that day. I always loved it because when I was little, I'd get something awesome for it. X3 Like one year I got a 101 Dalmatians plush. That was probably my favorite Valentine's Day ever. (Well, actually, probably tied with the year we went to the mall and I found a Berlioz plushie at the Disney Store. My favorite Valentine's pretty much always involve plushies, except one year when I went on errands with Dad, went to a youth group activity delivering valentines to people, and then came home to a cat book. X3 Totally awesome day.) The thrill of the day has stuck with me all through the years, even though lately there hasn't been much exciting going on for it. This year, though, I'm pretty much squeeing for it to come. From my calculations, if the girls are able to be on schedule after the Christmas rush and are ready to ship in eight weeks (and they've always been on time in the past), I should get my plush sometime around the first couple of weeks of February. It could end up being right before or right after Valentine's Day. (And amusingly, this year it's on a Sunday, the same way it was the year I got my dalmatian.) So I say, bring it on! Come, you wonderful holiday that people ruin with their over-emphasis on romance. XD; People think that Valentine's Day can't be fun without a significant other, but it can be totally awesome without having anything to do with that!

To be honest, I get far more excited for Valentine's Day than I do for New Year's. XD;
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I'll probably regret this, but it looks fun, so what the heck.

The Rules:
1. Comment to this post with the name of a character that I have written in fics. Or geeked out about. Or RPed. You should probably make sure it's one I've written more than once or twice.
2. I will comment telling you the following:

A. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
B. One of his/her best traits.
C. One of his/her worst traits.
D. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
E. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character (if I've written them).
F. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.


Apr. 25th, 2008 08:26 am
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I got a new fic posted, but I'm not sure if FF.net was nice and sent out the notifications. XD; **hopes they're not screwing up, especially since LJ is already screwing up.**

I finally tweaked and posted Highway Crash on FF.net, too. I've also been tweaking Jenova Corp Shooting, which needed a bit more work. Might get it up later.

Started watching the live-action Sailor Moon show after being prodded again, this time by someone in the Sailor Moon comm. Finally decided it was about time to see what everyone's been talking about. And ...

I totally love the reinterpretation of the girls. They just seem so much more real now, and I don't know whether that's because they are real people here instead of animation cels, or because their personalities are more well-rounded or what. But they are made of win.

On the downside, I really don't care for PGSM Nephlite. XD; Which I expected. Seriously, he seems like a wimp, and he's always buttering up Beryl. Unless he shapes up (I'm through Act 8), I'll continue to feel that his anime self could totally whup him! Anime Nephlite rocks.

And even though they screwed over Nephlite's personality, why did they also have to take away his beautiful hair? ;___; PGSM Nephlite's hair is ... **headdesk.**

I do like PGSM Zoisite, however. He's cool. Oh, it looks weird to refer to Zoisite as "he." (**still thinks of his anime counterpart as "she". Can't help it.**) For that matter, it also looks weird to see Zoisite not acting effeminate. LOL. I'm so digging the whole mysterious thing. PGSM Jadeite I am undecided about. But the bad wigs amuse me. XD

The show itself ... so far really isn't cheesy like people are saying. The most idiotic thing I've seen so far are some of the Youma designs. Maybe it gets more cheesy later on. I don't know. Right now it's just fine.

Oh, and one random musing about English anime female Zoisite? I was re-reading my Sailor Moon novel #8 (with all the good Nephlite/Naru stuff) and one scene where Zoisite comes and taunts Nephlite amused me terribly. XD She sounded like Vermouth. **snickers.**
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1. Are we talking chat-based RP, journal-based RP, a combination of both, neither (in which case I would have to wonder why you're filling out this meme in the first place)? If you've done both, do you have a preference? Chat-based is totally my favorite. I prefer one-on-one RPing to something with a big group, except in very rare occasions. There was a really great message-board based RP I was in, but real-life caught up with almost everyone else and it all died. ;__; **sniffle.** Even though we've tried to revive it several times, it's never really worked.

2. How did you get started roleplaying? I'm guessing it must have started when Mom and I would make up adventures with my action figures. Then I also had paper dolls of the characters that Mom made (both canon characters and OCs). Sometimes I'd want to continue the story while she was fixing Dad's food. I used to bring the figures into the kitchen, but that became impractical. XD; Also, I didn't have figures of all the characters we used. So we developed a vocal role-play, and we still do that now, even after we've stopped with the other ways.

Online, I tried to join an All Dogs Go to Heaven RP shortly after we got the Internet. It didn't end up working out, but I discovered the joys of one-on-one chat-RPing. X3

3. What fandoms have you roleplayed for? All Dogs Go to Heaven, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Detective Conan, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Megaman.EXE, Rurouni Kenshin (I was in the RP because a friend wanted me in it, and I tried Kaoru, but that was an EPIC. FAIL.).... One girl who used to want me to do RPs with her had us do all kinds of random convulted stuff, from Teen Titans to Harry Potter. Of course she always had to be the Mary Sue hero.... XD;;

4. Out of the characters you play most frequently, who is the easiest for you to play? Sephiroth and Zack are both amazingly easy for me, in general. I used to say I could really relate to playing Gin from Detective Conan because of his pride, and Sephiroth has that too, but he is a LOT more compatible to me than Gin is. XD;;; When he's sane, I mean. He's a warm and caring person, and honorable, but he can be so sarcastic/blunt. And playing Zack, I discovered, involves using a lot of the same tones I use when I'm writing casually in my LJ. Just more ... hyper sometimes. XD I see them sometimes as playing two different sides of my personality. And then Cloud would be another part, with his own brand of bluntness and always putting his foot in his mouth (mostly KH Cloud here). And the dorkiness...!

5. The hardest? Hmm.... Kaito Kuroba. XD; I play him using the base of the Zack-type character: friendly, a bit mischievous, but I have to give him his own voice and personality. Which might be easier to come forth if I would just read all of Magic Kaito. **has only read chapters here and there.** But I try to get in the various aspects of his character: the pervertedness, the hidden depth, his determination to find his father's killers, and how he sees himself and Kaitou Kid.

6. Your favorite? Probably a toss-up between Sephiroth and Zack. Then I have to determine *which* Sephiroth. XD; They're both so fascinating, but while FF7 Seph has much more of a weight on his shoulders and is often sad (in T&D era), KH Seph is so bitter and anti-heroish.

7. Do you create OCs for your roleplays? Depends on the RP. XD; There's really no need for them in the one with Lisa or the one with Kaze (except for ones previously created in my stories), but others, such as the RP with Mom and the one with Aubrie, thrive on OCs and I have quite a few for each. There's anthro animals in the one with Mom, as well as Vifa, who is probably human there (the original version was a skunk). Vifa has totally evolved, too. Instead of being a gold-digging murderess, she's still a gold-digger, but kinda helps the protagonists out and chats it up with one of them a lot. And there's the doppelganger race in the one with Aubrie. The idea of Alexander evolved into creating the entire race. Though Alexander was created previous to his introduction in the RP, the majority of doppelgangers were created for the RP.

8. The characters in your RP have just stumbled upon your RP logs/RP journal/they're reading an RP over your shoulder. What is their reaction? Sephiroth is appalled/annoyed that I play him in general. XD Zack is pretty cool with it. Cloud is ... probably grumpy. All of them are probably creeped out by all the hurt/comfort situations.

9. Any characters/fandoms you'd like to play that you haven't played before? I agree with Lisa, FFX/-2 would be fun to try! I'd like to see how Nooj would come out.

Five people are supposed to be tagged, but anyone who wants to can go ahead!
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Give me a fandom and I'll give you at least three of my unpopular opinions about it.
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Very interesting. XD But too many pairing questions!

Do you read or write fanfiction?Of course! X3
When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction?I started writing it when I was about five. Reading, not till around '98, when I got online.
What was your first fandom?All Dogs Go to Heaven was the first fandom I became majorly involved with online. Offline, when I was five, I was obsessed with the old Disney Afternoon shows.
First ship?Eh. I've never been big on romance. I can't even remember for sure what pairing I liked first.
What website do you use most?Fanfiction.net; Livejournal.com
What do you think of Fanfiction.net?The new changes they're making are finally awesome. X3 But a lot of the writers could be better. I've found some good stuff there sometimes, though!
What fandoms have you written in?ADGTH, Gomer Pyle, The Monkees, The Bowery Boys, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Talespin (kind of), Diagnosis Murder, Twice in a Lifetime, Scooby-Doo, M*A*S*H, Star Wars, LOTR, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Megaman, Detective Conan, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts
Pairings?Gin/Sherry (Detective Conan), Zack/Aerith (FF7). I've dabbled in ambiguous Jack/Amanda (Diagosis Murder) and Seto/Téa (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Any fandoms you would like to write in?I'm pretty happy with what I write. I wish I could do more with Sailor Moon, though.
Do reviews affect how you write in any way?Yes, if they're well-written, they can motivate me to write new chapters and such. And sometimes the tips they give stay with me and change how I write.
Do you use a beta?No, not officially. I've never been comfortable with the concept. But when I'm concerned about something in particular, I do ask close friends to look it over for me.
What ratings do you read/write?It amuses me that when I wrote YGO mysteries, I'd usually start at G and end up with PG-13, no matter how much I vowed not to. And PG-13 is the most consistent rating for my stuff. As for what I read, I'll read from G to PG-13.
What warnings have you used on your fiction/read?Violence, thematic elements, cruelty.... Several times recently I've used "non-sexual, non-graphic nudity", which is of course the only kind of nudity I'd ever use in a fic. ^^
Do you have any squicks?Sex fics. **shrugs.** Doesn't matter whether it's het, yaoi, or yuri. And I'm not that crazy about shounen-ai/shoujo ai in general, either. I just don't like seeing certain characters in romantic relationships if I just don't think of them that way. Also, I hate fics where characters are changed unnaturally (aging, shrinking, gender-benders, etc. Oh, and M-preg. Haaate. XD)
Do you Role-play online? If so, what?I role-play one-on-one with my close friends. I'm not big on group RPs. I do YGO, Detective Conan, and FF7. I'd like to try KH.
Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?I hope not! I have sometimes used certain concepts, like Marik and Mokuba being friends, but I've always made sure to not credit myself for them.
Favorite fandom to write/read?The Monkees, YGO, Detective Conan, FF7, Kingdom Hearts.
Favorite pairing?What's with all the bleeping pairing questions? XD; .... Gin/Sherry, Zack/Aerith. That is about all. Well, and Baby Face/Ruby, Syaoran/Sakura, and Heero/Relena.
Favorite writer/writers?My friends
How long should a chapter be?3,000-4,000 words, sometimes longer.
Do you write/read drabbles?I read them, I don't write them. I can't possibly cram my thoughts into that few words!
Any fandoms you avoid?I can't think of any fandom I actively avoid. Though, I use the word interchangeably to mean both shows themselves and the actual fanbase.
Pairings you avoid?Almost everything? XD; Well, my most hated pairings are Cloud/Sephiroth and Sephiroth/Zack. And Alister/Valon, or any combination of the bikers together.
Warnings you avoid?Sex, graphic violence, pointless humor, pretty much any of my squicks above.
Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?Not really. Honestly, the majority of good stories rarely get many reviews.
What do you think of Mary Sues?Haaaate. XD; I have some old OCs of my own that are Sues, and I am so ashamed of them. But not all OCs are Sues, and there's really some awesome OCs out there; they're just hard to find.
Have you ever flamed someone?Not that I can think of.
Have you ever been flamed?Yeah, several times.
That's it, aren't you glad?Sure. **shrugs.**


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Jul. 4th, 2007 08:02 am
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http://www.side7.com/cgi-bin/S7SDB/Display.pl?act=gallery&aid=3749 Got those pics up I was mentioning.

Aubrie and I are doing another visit to an AU world. X3 Tazi, Kaito, and Cloud-tachi (Cloud, Sephiroth, and Zack; maybe it should be Zack-tachi, since Zack is the only one of the three on good terms with both of the other two?), end up visiting another dimension due to one of the Alter Kaito's freak accidents with his dimension machine again. XD In this world, Alister is a goth, Valon seems fairly laid-back, and Seto is intensely bitter because Tazi left to be Kaitou Kid's assistant. And he sent Mokuba to boarding school because of the scandal in the city.

And my obsession with encasing Sephiroth in stone continues, as that was the fate of the one in that dimension, as told by Seto. Sephiroth and Yaminah, who lost her mind after Jenova's possession, had a battle to the death and he was froze in stone just as he impaled Yaminah. So Yaminah was froze too, because of the sword plunging into her body and Seph holding the hilt. Though I imagine she's either dead or would be dead once released. A rather morbid statue. XD;

**supposes Jenova caused that to happen, after leaving Yaminah to find another host, probably the one she has in S&M.** Since Yaminah doesn't have the powers for encasing in stone.

Can't guarantee what times I'll be on today. Happy 4th of July, to those here in America! ^^

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