May. 22nd, 2016 02:33 am
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And now Alan Young is dead, as of Thursday. I just learned this past day. He was 96 (!!) and still doing some acting and voice-work.

I think this death hits me the hardest this year. Such a good, full life, but he was so much a part of my childhood with DuckTales. I loved Scrooge McDuck so much. I wanted a plushie, but wasn't able to get one. I doubt I'll do much, if anything, with the reboot, but I'm really hoping it causes new plushies to be made so I can get one. I do have a couple of figures, a tiny one from Kellogg's mail-in thing and a bendable one.

Alan Young was also in The Cat From Outer Space as a veterinarian. That was probably the first time I ever saw what he looked like. It's a hilarious movie filled with wonderful character actors and an adorable cat. (And you get Harry Morgan and McLean Stevenson in the same place. It's a must for M*A*S*H fans!)

And then I discovered a whole new side of Alan Young several years ago when I watched Mister Ed. I honestly thought the horse was pretty mean sometimes, but I did love it whenever he showed that he really cared about Alan Young's character. And I totally ate it up when Alan played Wilbur's father in one episode and used his Scrooge McDuck voice. Epic.

I watched a couple of my favorite DuckTales episodes tonight in tribute. I don't think I've ever actually crushed on Alan Young or his characters, but I loved him and Scrooge McDuck about as much as I can love actors and characters without actually crushing on them, and that's a lot.
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So this morning I finally got around to looking up what the heck The Lion Guard is about. The concept sounded ludicrous to me in the past (a Prince running security? WTH?), and learning more about it is not helping me think it sounds any less ludicrous. In addition to that weirdness, we've got him with the absolutely bizarre ability to ... channel his ancestors' roars? What? And since it takes place around halfway through the second movie, I have to wonder, why was there no mention of him in The Lion King 2 (other than because of course the character hadn't been animated yet)? It makes very little sense to have him absent throughout that entire film. (Now I can't remember if he was the character they used in some kids' books long before The Lion King 2 came out. If he was, that's cool that they finally animated him. But it doesn't help the series sound any less weird.)

I actually liked The Lion King 2, so I do like the idea of getting to see those characters some more. But I don't like that they never use the original hyenas from the first film, except in that silly, generic Timon & Pumbaa TV series from the nineties. Why create new hyena characters? What's wrong with the original ones? I do love the concept of having one hyena in The Lion Guard be nice, though. It's about time there was a protagonist hyena.

And then I have to admit that while even though the original Lion King featured a smidgen of scatological humor, it at least wasn't a plot point. Apparently in The Lion Guard, we've got the Prince's security team saving Kiara from a stampede because ... the honey badger passed gas? What? **headdesk.** That is so stupid. About on par with The Lion King 1 1/2 saying that the animals bowed not because Rafiki was holding Simba up, but because they were all fainting from the smell of Pumbaa passing gas. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I've never wanted to see The Lion King 1 1/2 because it sounds like it deconstructs the original movie and I loved that film. I rarely like parodies or satires because I don't like to see things I like being made fun of.

(Then a minor quibble with The Lion Guard is the character's name. Kion ... really? It rhymes with lion. Why, why, why would anyone want to name a lion character Kion? How can you take that seriously?)

I'll admit that perhaps the show looks better than it sounds on paper, but overall I am not that impressed by what I've learned. I suppose sooner or later I'll give it a try, but I'm not looking forward to that so much.

I also learned that this year's Equestria Girls movie will have a camp theme. I can't say I'm excited. I'm not an outdoorsy person and camp is not my thing. I can't imagine it would be Rarity's thing, either, for that matter, although the Pony Rarity went glamping once. LOL. Anyway, though, it seems like the movies just keep getting better and better, so I'm going to keep hoping for the best. Rainbow Rocks didn't sound like much at first, but then it ended up being wonderful. As long as there's lots of Sunset and naturally human Twilight character development in the camp movie, I'll probably love it.

And then Muffins is finally being re-released as Build-a-Bear promised. But she's still a web exclusive! **cries.** Why? Uggggh. I was hoping so much they would put her in the stores this round, like they finally did for Zecora and Shining Armor. I just don't know how to buy from Build-a-Bear online. You have to get $40 to get free shipping, or else shipping is about $6, and Muffins is $30 instead of $25 for some mysterious reason, and it's all a big mess. I just can't afford to buy from them online, but it doesn't look like they're going to put Muffins in-store, so if I want her, I'm probably going to have to get her online somehow.

Also, I finished watching The Persuaders! tonight. I am sad that there are no more new episodes to see. I stretched the last few out as long as I could. I will definitely start re-watching my favorites now. I've already seen some of them twice, as I've been introducing Mom to the series and showing her the best episodes. She likes the series, which I'm thrilled about. But I regret that we'll soon have watched all of the really friendshippy ones together, leaving the earlier ones where they're not as close. I'm not as anxious to show her those or to see them again myself.

I can't understand why they didn't air the episodes in the order of filming, since that makes so much more sense regarding character development. In the earlier ones, you have things like Danny questioning why Brett is even concerned about his safety. (And Brett just makes a quip about "Maybe I'd rather hate you alive than dead", heh. Not my type of humor, but at least I know he doesn't mean it. I've never been a fan of the insult humor that heavily populates male buddy stuff.) But by the later ones, you have Danny telling everybody that Brett is his very best friend and they never question each other's concern; they have complete trust in each other by that point and know that they can rely on each other. And you have things like Brett growling furiously that he will take an old house apart brick by brick to find the missing and hurt Danny. (And he also says things like that he's terribly, terribly hurt that Danny hired his housekeeper from under his nose. He wouldn't have expressed hurt in the earlier episodes. Not knowing Danny very well, he wouldn't have had reason to feel hurt then. I didn't like what Danny did, but I did love what Brett's reaction says about him and their friendship.) The progression of them as people and as friends is just so beautiful. But by airing them out of order, some of that gets lost in the translation.

I think my very favorite episodes are The Time and the Place and Someone Like Me. Those are two gems just overflowing with friendship squee. They're the first ones I showed Mom. And Someone Like Me also has the distinction of being very much like some of my fics. Heh. Other big favorites are Someone Waiting, The Ozerov Inheritance, That's Me Over There, Chain of Events, Anyone Can Play, and The Old, The New and the Deadly. And while I didn't like the black humor of A Death in the Family (which was based on Kind Hearts and Coronets, oh my), there are some great friendship moments in it. It was the first episode I saw. I had previously been led to believe that the characters were not that close throughout the entire series. Imagine my surprise when I watched that episode (one of the later ones, naturally) and saw many expressions of close friendshippy concern and even some hurt/comfort! I was immediately in love.
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I'm slightly worried to use this as The Persuaders! icon that everyone probably knew was coming, since it makes it look like Brett and Danny are different heights when they're really about the same height, but it's such a squeeable picture. I don't have the DVDs yet, and this was the picture I liked best that was available in the highest iconning quality when I did a search.

It has been a very busy and interesting week. Maybe I'll type things up in more detail later, but right now I just want to blog about a couple of things.

We got a couple of awesome coupons to try out McDonald's Create-a-Burger thingie, so we investigated last Wednesday. It was epic and awesome and it's hard to think of ever eating their standard burgers after eating one of those. It was sooo good. I had two kinds of cheese and tomato and lettuce and a special artisan bun....

The coupon I used gave a free Happy Meal with the purchase of a Create-a-Burger. The kids' toys this month were ShopKins and Rabbids. I rather abhor Rabbids. I knew nothing of ShopKins, but anything sounded better than Rabbids.

I waited until I got home from our little shopping trip before I took the toys out of the bag to examine them fully. Apparently they're inanimate objects with faces. I got a ring and a mirror, and they came in a plastic bag (which, oddly enough, didn't have a face). I'm such a sentimental slob that I found the things utterly adorable. I looked at the available ones at Wal-Mart when we were there next, but I didn't find them as compelling. They're much smaller than the McDonald's toys, interestingly, and the current line is anthropomorphic food, which I ... really kind of don't like. Then it makes me uncomfortable thinking of eating food if I'm picturing everything from cheese to ice cream having faces and being alive. Um, no.

Actually, I kind of liked the McDonald's ones so much that I kind of wish I could get more of theirs. But I don't have the money to spend on that. (Plus, I guess they'll probably be gone now if they were December's toys.) They were really high-quality, though, and I was really impressed.

I got some awesome Build-a-Bear gift cards from Ladyamberjo and Lisa, and then the store sent me a $10 off thingie that was only good for this week. So I was worried about getting there and being able to use the certificate/coupon thing. Dad doesn't like to go out for just one thing. There's several things we need to do up there, but last night he finally agreed we could go up and we were borrowing a car again and we had to have it back by a certain time. Our car went kerplunk again earlier this month and the only way we've been able to get around is by borrowing a friend's car. Gah.

The store was so extremely crowded that it proved impossible to go anywhere else. I swear, I have never seen it that crowded except before Christmas. I didn't think it would be so active after Christmas! But I was able to get Shining Armor, as I hoped. I also checked out the new Pikachu. I was surprised he was $28 instead of $25 (yikes), but he looks really high-quality too. I'm considering getting him, depending on when Muffins is reissued. I still have plenty of gift card money and another coupon good through part of February. Meanwhile, my Funrise Cadance is perfectly in scale with Shining Armor, as I'd hoped, and she looks so happy to have him here at last.

Among the things I watched for Christmas was Mickey's Christmas Carol, which got me thinking a lot about Scrooge McDuck and Alan Young and how awesome it is that Alan still voices Scrooge. I can hardly believe that they really won't use him on this DuckTales reboot. Terrance McGovern says that everyone is being replaced. That is sacrilege. Why not use anyone who's still around and interested from the old days? I think I need to look into Terrance's Facebook; he sounds adorable. I read the blurb where he was talking about everyone being replaced and he said he hadn't told Launchpad yet. Launchpad was out in the garage working on the Thunderquack. I love someone like that who really cares about the characters they play, instead of just considering it a job. I can't imagine anyone else bringing Launchpad or Scrooge to life, honestly.

They used Alan Young for Scrooge just earlier this year, in some silly Mickey Mouse cartoon. He only had a line or two, but it was so wonderful to hear him again! He sounds just the same; it's incredible! He's 96 and still kicking. So, so awesome.

Apparently there's a series of Mickey Mouse cartoons airing now. They use a pretty retro style for the characters; Mickey only wears shorts and shoes, for instance. And it's some strange slapstick thing like old cartoons were. I read an episode guide and one episode said Mickey loses his ears.... Um, WTH? Mickey isn't Felix the Cat. But so I don't think I'd go much for the show. I didn't cotton a whole lot to the episode I watched. Goofy fell in love and Mickey and Donald were trying to help him, only at the end they find out he's in love with the sandwich the waitress was holding and not the waitress. The episode ended with a marriage ceremony and being pronounced "husband and sandwich." Goofy then ate the sandwich. It was so, so weird and stupid. But I have to admit, Mickey and Donald exclaiming, "He's in love with a sandwich????!!!!" was kind of epically priceless. ROTFLOL.

Another thing I didn't like a whole lot was that they kind of simplified Scrooge's character. He acted more like his namesake, LOL. He promptly kicked everyone out when Donald asked for money. I think the DuckTales version would have started choking on his tea and exclaimed, "WHAT???!!!" But regardless, it was so good to hear Alan again, and I'm so glad they had Scrooge wear blue, like on DuckTales. In the comics it's usually red.

If the whole cast is really being replaced for the DuckTales reboot, the only good thing about it is that there will hopefully be new merchandise. Maybe I can finally get a Scrooge plushie. I tried to get one years ago, when I got Darkwing, but I lost the auction.


Sep. 20th, 2015 03:48 am
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Counting down the last couple of weeks until my birthday. Belle is still unopened and by this point I definitely plan to keep her for my birthday. Anticipation is highly mounting and it's fun. The last couple of weeks kind of fly by.

Not to mention, next Saturday is the new Equestria Girls movie. I've been waiting so long for that! I wondered how I'd ever stand waiting the last couple of months. Then the new Carmen renaissance happened and it wasn't miserable waiting at all. I'm so psyched that it airs a week before my birthday. I hope I'll get to see it that night. Since I don't get the channel, I have to rely on YouTube to see Pony stuff.

And the Pony episode this past day was AWESOME. Rarity solved a mystery and it was a detective/noir parody and the detecting scenes were in B&W and Rarity had a fedora and trenchcoat and narrated like it was an old detective show ... ! I am ecstatic. I may have to re-watch this one very soon. I sooo want Rarity as a detective to be a thing. She seems like such an unlikely candidate for a detective, but she was awesome! And she used her knowledge and love of fashion to solve the mystery! Now I want to dress both my Rarity plushies in fedoras and trenchcoats. And I want an icon of Rarity like that, although I don't know where I'd put it. But seriously, so much awesome! That's one of the few episodes without Twilight that I really like. Of course, Rarity is one of my other main favorites.

I was going to make a dream post a couple of days ago and wasn't able to get to it. It has been so hectic this week. I wonder if now I can remember enough details of the dreams to even write down.

I remember my dream redesigned Snakes and gave him longer hair, about like Scott in season 2. It doesn't suit him at all, but it did look very nice in the dream and I woke up kind of wanting to try illustrating it.

There was something weird going on where we were at a mall, I think, and Snakes was with a girlfriend. It wasn't the Chita character I created, but someone else. She wasn't so nice either and she'd done something to make criminals angry. They slipped something into her food and apparently into Snakes' as well, and both of them collapsed unconscious. I think Snakes found out she was a creep first.

Later on there was a dream where we went to a recurring locale that hasn't turned up for a while: a very weird place with aquariums where the fish are huge and can jump out of the aquariums and swim through the air and be held for a little bit. I've been there maybe three or four times in my dreams, so it doesn't recur as much as some other places. It was kind of nice to see it again. So many cute fishies!

The last time I was asleep I had another Once dream. They have definitely been coming with increasing frequency over the past month. I don't know if that's solely because of Belle or if it's also because I sort of wonder if I'll actually be interested in trying the new season. The stuff I've heard about it could make it really good, but I've been burned so much over the last season and a half that I don't know that I dare believe it will be decent. The dream seemed to be about me having watched the first half of the season and being frustrated when the mid-season finale ended with things being left up in the air and the villain biding his time and waiting to do whatever he was going to do, which put Rumpel and Belle in a spot.


Sep. 11th, 2015 08:46 pm
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Neither of the two mice we know are still here have appeared again. This is very concerning. Aurgh, we can't really start cleaning the house until we know they're all gone! There must be some little nook in Dad's room where that mouse is managing to hide. The other one must be holed up in the wall downstairs. UGH!

Belle remains unopened as I try to save her for my birthday. Still three weeks to go. And I have very little hope that the house will be back to normal by then.

I've been planning out my list of stuff to look for on the shopping spree and trying to decide what I want the most (aside from Belle, who would have been at the top if I hadn't wisely decided to get her and not wait). I think that would be the two-pack with naturally human Twilight and Flash Sentry. And now that I'm more into the dolls than I was two years ago and Hasbro has improved so much since then, I think I'd be willing to pay full-price for the set, which would be $30, I believe. I'd rather get it a bit cheaper, but if I see it for $30, I'll probably go ahead and get it. I'm really impressed by both it and the dolls in general lately. I think this new line is the best yet!

The other top thing would be the Sunset Shimmer plush, which I'm starting to lose hope will ever come to this area. I probably should have taken that Arena member up on her offer to get one for me, but I was worried about shipping costs and I was so sure that we would still get her as Fall merchandise came in. That was two months ago and I am no longer sure at all.

I think I'll probably want to go to Toys R Us first to look for the two-pack, but Target might have it too, and they might more likely have a sale than Toys R Us. Well, we'll see what happens. I wish that Funrise would release Sunset Shimmer in other sizes so that other stores might have her. The 10-inch size is a Wal-Mart exclusive. If I actually find her somewhere, it will be such an exciting surprise.

The Perry fic is moving right along. I have four chapters up and I've started on the fifth. It feels so good to write one of these again! And I remember three years ago, one of my reasons for hesitation on the plot was wondering if I could carry a story with Della as the lead. I must have felt like I came to know her much better in the interval, because it's coming together so well now. I feel like I know much better how Della would act, even determining that she would hope to solve Ellena's murder and Ellena would then manipulate Della because of that and end up taking full control of her due to it. (Ugh.) Della is a very compassionate, romantic person, sometimes taking pity on people in canon whom she probably shouldn't. It never seems to come back to bite her in canon, but I have no doubt that sooner or later it would.

I need to write a tribute for Raymond Burr tomorrow; it's the anniversary of his death. I watched a nice documentary tribute to him recently, so I'm planning to talk a bit about that. I also hope to have chapter 5 ready to post sometime that day.

Also, I'm excited! We're planning an activity in October for the girls at church where they can dress up for Halloween. I imagine the leaders will participate too if they want, and I want! That would give me another chance to wear the costume for this year. I'm still vaguely considering Sailor Jupiter, but I think I'd really like to try Twilight. I'd just need to buy a long purple wig and a pink attachable extension piece; I think I could put the rest of the stuff together here. There's a blouse Mom has in pretty much the exact shade of blue that Twilight wears when she comes to the human world. It even ties in front with a scarf/ribbon, although it's blue and not red. And it's long-sleeved instead of short-sleeved. But I want to use that, and then I have a nice dark blue skirt that might work. Twilight has a purple skirt in the movies, but she changes outfits multiple times, so if it looks a little different, that shouldn't be a problem. Then I was planning to paint her Cutie Mark/symbol on my cheek, instead of trying to attach a cloth or paper one to the skirt. The dolls have the symbols on their faces, instead of on their clothes as in the movies. And I might try to buy purple socks.


Sep. 6th, 2015 09:13 pm
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This has been a long week of pain, merchandising dilemmas, and mice.

For almost two years, as I've recorded here off and on, I've been trying to find a Belle doll with removable clothing. I don't know why it's so hard to find her that way when some of the other Disney girls are fairly accessible with more than partially molded clothing. I usually only see Belle with removable clothes in expensive sets. There was one with another girl for $25, and that wasn't too bad for two, so I considered that, but then Wal-Mart stopped selling it before too long. Sigh.

A couple weeks ago, when they got in their new Fall stuff, I actually saw a Belle with removable clothes that was an acceptable price! She's part of a new line, I guess. I struggled with wanting to buy her right then, but my plan was to buy her on my shopping spree on my birthday next month, so I didn't. But then I had a random Once dream on Tuesday and woke up worrying that maybe they'd sell out of her by next month and I wouldn't be able to find her, etc. And I decided to get her that day when we needed to go get some stuff for mouse battle.

Crystal suggested maybe I could refrain from de-boxing her until my birthday, since my original intention had been to get her as a birthday present to myself. I decided maybe I would try that. Then I got her home and kind of wanted to de-box, but I ended up in so much pain almost immediately that I decided not to do anything until that was over. I make a big deal out of de-boxing and love to do it when I can really enjoy it.

So all this week I've gone back and forth on should I or shouldn't I. There's always other things to get on the shopping spree; typically I like to get several things. I don't know how much money I'll be able to gather by then, though, since finding stuff I can write has been slow and I'm still paying off some money I owe my church. And I don't know whether I'll be able to do the shopping spree right on my birthday, since it falls on a Saturday this year and that generally isn't a good day for us to go out. So I thought it would be nice to have Belle here to enjoy de-boxing then, especially if I couldn't get out right on that day.

(I'm also debating whether to do the shopping spree before or after my birthday. Usually if we can't make it on the actual day we do it after, but I don't know if I feel like waiting the whole weekend to do it Monday or Tuesday, so we might do it Friday. Still thinking about that. There's also the high probability that I might be cramping on both Friday and Saturday. Ugh.)

I lean more towards trying to hold out and save her for my birthday, but I don't know if that will work in the long run. Today, when I heard that another mouse was loose in the basement stealing bait, in addition to Mom and Dad hearing weird noises in the living room and not being sure whether it was the mouse in Dad's room with the sound carrying through the wall or whether it was a new living room mouse, my willpower just about broke.

It was such a beautiful day when I got Belle on Tuesday evening; it was September 1st, and since I celebrate meteorological seasons, that was my first day of Fall. I saw leaves all over the ground at the cemetery. It was beautiful. And even though nothing has really changed regarding our problems, it felt so liberating to finally have summer behind us. I want to keep hoping that Fall will be better, even though the logical part of me strongly doubts it.

I did finally solve my Amazon problem; I got Octavia, Vega$, and both season 3 Perry sets, as the prices were way down. I only had to pay $4 in cash after the gift cards paid the rest. The package came yesterday and it was wonderful. It was a little like a mini-birthday, getting all of that. It was a mini-respite from all the horrible things happening in our house right now.

Christopher does have some more screentime in his Vega$ episode than in what I saw on YouTube! I was absolutely thrilled! I must take pictures from that soon; he just looked gorgeous. I swear, he grew more and more handsome the older he got. And his hair! Ohmygosh, that beautiful, thick, fluffy, curling at the ends hair....

I really like that show in general, too; the main character seems to have very high morals and it's just very nice and refreshing to watch. I'm anxious to see the other episodes on the set. I introduced Mom to the show via Joseph's episode last night and she liked it too. And Greg Morris is the police lieutenant in it! I love the friendship between his character and the main character.

And it was so exciting to finally have Octavia! The doll Octavia is with my DJ doll, of course; I love the fanon concept that they are friends in an Odd Couple way, and that's become canon recently. The Pony Octavia is with Sunset Shimmer and some other Pony girls. I need to get the Pony DJ now to go with her. I also have Funrise plushies of them both. Build-a-Bear is making a DJ plushie that will come out this month, and I might buy her, but I hope they'd make Octavia too.

(Ugh, I was looking so forward to Build-a-Bear's Ditzy/Derpy/Bubblecup/Muffins plushie, and now they just make her an online exclusive and randomly up her price by $5 more, for no apparent reason. I am so bummed. I might try to get her anyway, because I really wanted that one. DJ will be in stores, so I'll be able to see her in person before buying. I'm not as sure I'll get her, since I have Funrises of both her and Octavia and I don't know if Build-a-Bear will make Octavia, but DJ has one of my most favorite color schemes ever, white and blue, so I might get her regardless. And I love that Build-a-Bear made a unique, original cape just for her, even though I probably won't buy that.)

I'm thrilled to have season 3 of Perry now, too. There's so many of those I haven't seen uncut before, and the ones I have seen uncut I wanted to own. There's lots of Sergeant Brice in season 3; I remember several episodes where Lieutenant Tragg is teaching him things about investigating. I'm anxious to see those again. Sergeant Brice is adorable!

I finally started writing the necklace Perry story, too. It's going to have the Decadent Dean characters in it and the masquerade ball and Tobin Wade laying low but trying to do what he can to help. I do not excuse the character's action in the episode at all; I think he was probably the biggest slimeball in the series. Or one of the top five, at least. But I have always been curious as to whether he might regret what he did to his friends, since it was heavily implied that he was once a genuine friend. Hence how that LJ blurb happened years ago and why my story is going to feature him now. I hope no one will think I'm trying to excuse him when all I'm trying to do is explore a possibility. And when the story will feature themes of repentance and restitution. I don't know that I will have him and Aaron Stuart being able to fully mend things, though. The LJ blurb is more that way because it was self-indulgent, as many LJ-only things I write are, but I am totally skeptical that they could ever have a friendship again after what Tobin did. I guess I'll see how I feel after I've written the story out. While I usually only have a overarching outline for a story in my mind, I generally do try to plan each chapter in detail as I come to it. I think I know what will be in chapter 3 now, so maybe I'll start writing it soon.

Also, today I had another of those "wandering around a place trying to avoid being found, but in a low-key, no danger way" dreams. Those kind seem to often take place at the church, for some reason. This one did, too. I was trying to avoid being found by some dream "friends" whom I didn't really think of as friends. I wandered through empty classrooms, paused to watch a performance on the stage and try to sneak a few chips from the snack table, and then randomly wandered down to the basement and into a cold room? I was almost caught in the cold room and it turned into a sort of hide-and-seek. I think dreams like that are manifestations of my repressed loves of exploring houses and buildings and playfully hiding from people. That was followed up by another Once dream. I barely think about the show in reality these days, but it keeps entering my dreams. I wonder if I'm going to keep dreaming about it with increasing frequency as long as I'm trying to resist de-boxing Belle before my birthday....

Speaking of Once, though, I also noticed a new line of Disney Prince dolls. I'm kind of excited hoping Prince Adam will be in the line and I can get him and maybe figure out how to touch him up a bit to look like Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin.
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So money has been so hard to come by lately that I finally broke down and did something I had vowed never to do: I started writing some articles for the lowest-paying category at Textbroker. I was desperate; the site isn't how it used to be and most everything for the better categories was too technical or about locales I didn't know about and couldn't write about or was otherwise unacceptable for me. At least in the lowest category, I found a bunch of movie and television descriptions that needed writing. It's been hard digging out ones about shows I've actually seen, but it's a triumph every time I've found one. And it's been fun, too.

One of the ones I found that I could write was for one of the Winnie the Pooh shorts. And while I was writing it, it occurred to me that "... Hey, how can a teddy bear eat honey (or anything else) anyway?" Of course you're just supposed to accept it as children's book logic and not question it, but when they keep reminding you within the stories' adventures that he is indeed a teddy bear (stuffing ripping, needing to be wrung out if wet, etc.), it does cause one to scratch their head and wonder what's going on around here anyway. It sounds more like a fantasy that Christopher Robin is acting out with his plushies and isn't something that could really happen. Yet you know it really is happening in the context of the show, because at least four of the characters are not plushies (Rabbit, Tigger, Owl, and Gopher, and maybe Piglet isn't a plushie either; I don't remember seeing stitching on him or other indications that he's a plushie) and they're real and interacting with the plushies, which have apparently come to life yet are still plushies (i.e., Toy Story).

And amazingly, I had another good sleep. I also had weird dreams that also leave me scratching my head. It's so strange to all of a sudden dream about something you weren't actively thinking of while awake.

I was afraid I'd go to sleep dreaming about those terrible Goosebumps books, because I have Ginger and Lou talking about Mike having read some when they came out and hence, I needed to know what year they first came out. Then I got curious, read the whole article, and also read the titles of the books and a few summaries, something I really wish I hadn't done since several of the books deal with my most-hated trope. That, coupled with the fact that R.L. Stine says there are no deaths in the books, means that there must be weirdness on the level of what happened to Once Upon a Time's Mad Hatter, which I ... honestly think is worse than death. **shudders.** I was curious because having read the titles, I couldn't figure out how there couldn't be death in at least some of the books, so I read some summaries, and thankfully just glanced/skimmed at the one in that group of books that involved my hated trope, but it was enough of a glance to understand more of what was going on than I wanted to. Ugh! I wish I wasn't so curious sometimes.

But anyway, I did not dream about those things. The most stand-out dreams in my mind are two that seemed to be happening concurrently: 1, Mom and I were going to get a taxi cab and go to Wal-Mart after dinner, because I wanted to shop baaad and Dad wasn't available to go that day, and deciding to get ready was happening very slowly and I was getting impatient (something that often happens when going for groceries with Dad in reality, since he doesn't like going places), and 2, I was watching/acting out a very convoluted version of Princess Tutu's episode 22.

The taxi dream was taking place at the old house yet again and when we finally called the cabbie, he said we could go out the upstairs back door because that would be quicker. In the dream it made sense, but in reality, there is no road back there to drive out from. (There is a driveway that goes back that far, but when we lived there, we had old cars along that driveway. There wasn't room for another to drive along.) There is just the backyard. And in the dream, the snow was coming down generously (finally; the poor East Coast has gotten all of the West's snow!) and I was hoping the snow wouldn't complicate the drive. I was also a little leery of going out the back way, which fits reality, as I was pretty terrified to go into the backyard at night after the neighborhood started getting so scary. Also, both in the dream and in reality, we kept that door pretty bolted up. In reality, we never went out that door after we found it necessary to bolt it up.

Also frustrating was that the cabbie was a crook who just wanted to rob us. **headdesk.** One dream trope of mine is having extreme difficulty getting anything to go the way I want it when it comes to shopping. Either we don't get there at all, or we get there, but I can't find what I want and the stores are weird and I wander around in them a lot. It's very strange when I actually find what I want in a dream and can keep hold of it. Sometimes I find it but then it mysteriously disappears during the trip.

In the Princess Tutu dream, nothing in Act 22 was going the way it really went on the show except that Autor had been officially introduced. Autor was also being chased by a horrible purple tentacled monster, which he was fleeing from in panicked terror. I knew that in Act 23, it caught up to him in a creepy old house (that looked a lot like a house I know in reality) and Fakir and Ahiru, or even just Ahiru, came in to save him in time and then Autor and Ahiru talked for a bit, so I wasn't too worried. Autor definitely was, however, and when he reached said house, he ran around to the back and hid under a gigantic rock, trying to make himself unseen by the monster, which hadn't come around yet.

Meanwhile, for some reason Fakir was operating a crane. Maybe that was part of him trying to catch the monster, I don't know. Another scene had Ahiru quack and go duck and she was sitting on the steering wheel of Fakir's car, while he was sitting at the wheel and observing something. And I was thinking, "Oh yay, proof that Princess Tutu does take place in the modern day, just in a town that still looks beautifully old, just as I've said."

Weird, weird dreams, as usual. And I wake up kind of wanting to look over some of my Tutu fics. I have two hanging fics for that, I think, but I'm pretty sure they will never be finished, or at least not the one that's more fantasy-like. I don't have any inspiration for oneshots, either, but I still love the characters and it would be fun to revisit them sometime.

One long ago idea for the YGO story I've finally picked up writing lately was that they visit Kinkan Town before leaving Germany and Autor finds some more information for them on the amethyst. When I picked up the story several weeks ago, however, I decided not to do that angle. I don't think I want YGO to co-exist in the same verse with Princess Tutu (even though, yes, I had Siegfried and Leonhard make a cameo appearance in my longest Tutu fic several years ago). The magical girl shows I like tend to have a verse of their own, while YGO shares the more realistic verse with my live-action shows. In spite of the Shadow Realm and creepy magical items and things like Yami Marik, YGO fits a lot better into my live-action verse than any magical girls show does. I have the live-action characters run into weird supernatural stuff a lot, mainly ghosts, evil spirits, and sometimes haunted items, but weird, giant monsters and girls casting magic to save the world? No. That's a whole different category of weird and supernatural that really doesn't fit what I want for my live-action verse.

I guess basically, I can sum it up with that I believe ghosts, evil spirits, and haunted items all exist (I also think there are at least two haunted items in this house), but of course, I do not believe in bizarre monsters or magical girls. For my more realistic, live-action verse, I prefer to stick with stuff that I believe could more easily happen/already exists. (Admittedly, I break that rule now and then, like when I want to do an enchanted death, but not very often.) Of course, YGO has monsters too, but they were only really real in the long-ago past and were locked away in their own dimension, so that's not the same as monsters terrorizing people in the present-day, as they do in magical girls shows. When it comes to the monsters being "real" in Shadow Games, I think of it more as the Item holder influencing things in the other's mind so that they seem to be real. (Of course, they were real in Doom Arc, as I recall, but eh.) But then, I'm an incurable cynic and skeptic about things like monsters, when it comes to shows where monsters exist but so do mind games. :) Pretty much how I write Ginger and Hamilton and other cynical characters.
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So I've been thinking on some of the currently popular cartoons and my various experiences with them. I don't watch a lot of current cartoons; I'll pretty much only give one a go after it's been recommended to me (and sometimes not then, either, depending on the show, my interest level, and my free time).

That one person who kept wanting me to listen to them talk about their assorted OCs tried to get me into Gravity Falls by showing me the Halloween special. That was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my life. LOL. Amusing on some level, but not really my cup of tea. She told me the series proper was not like the special, and I've meant to give it another try, but it's hard to steer myself in that direction when I didn't find the Halloween special or the characters in it particularly endearing.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ladyamberjo introduced me to the awesomeness that is Steven Universe. Ohmygosh, that show is adorable! The characters are very likable and personable. The plots are sometimes a little strange, but sometimes that's tongue-in-cheek and the characters observe how strange things are (like Steven wondering why on Earth there's a secret dimension inside his lion's mane, LOL). And the series pretty much runs on familial and friendship squee.

Ladyamberjo has also talked favorably about many things in Adventure Time. I'd like to give that one a try at some point, too, but I think Steven Universe is much more my type of show. Post-apocalyptic settings are not my favorite things, so I think that and some other things on Adventure Time would make me sad (like the Ice King's backstory, oh gosh). But Steven Universe is set on present-day Earth, and even though sad things happen there at times too, it seems like they like to end things on feel-good notes. The show is just so adorable and such a big squeefest! It always makes me happy to watch it.

I think Adventure Time is the more popular of the two; I can't seem to find much merchandise for Steven Universe beyond DVDs. That's a shame. I would totally buy Steven Universe figures, if they made them. I definitely hope that show will increase in popularity and get renewed!

Another recent cartoon I would like to watch is Star Wars Clone Wars. I saw some of the little three-minute ones of the first Clone Wars series years ago, but I've never seen any of the thirty-minute CGI Clone Wars series. That time period fascinates me and I would definitely be interested in seeing some of the adventures the characters have. There's new Jar Jar and Boba Fett adventures and that would certainly be fun.

Then there's Star Wars Rebels. I skimmed through a kid's book of the plot, and it sounds fun and very Star Wars-ish, but I think I'd be a lot more interested in it if some characters were around that I already know and like. It seems like it's entirely about new characters instead. One of the fun things about Episode I was how it dealt with characters we already knew, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and the droids, in addition to bringing new characters into the fold. It really helped to ease viewers into things. I just don't know what to make of Rebels seeming to focus only on new characters.

And of course, Phineas and Ferb. LOL. That show is very cracky and silly. The constant formulaic repetition of the basic plot structure gets a little monotonous sometimes and I wish something would happen that isn't the norm. Some people actually like the repetition, but I usually don't care for that in any show and usually will try to ignore it if it's in a show I really like (such as Perry Mason, which I watch for the characters more than the plots). But perhaps there is a bit of development later on? I hear that the boys finally learn their platypus is a secret agent, for one thing. **snerk.** Perry the Platypus is totally the best thing about the show. And the mad scientist, naturally.

Littlest Pet Shop has also been recced to me. I've tried more than once to watch it and I just can't seem to get past the super-deformed style of the pets. One of these days, I'm going to give it a go and see if I like it. I think it seems a little young for me, but maybe if I actually watched it, I wouldn't think it was any more that way than My Little Pony.

Curiously, as popular as it is, I don't think Monster High has ever been recced to me by anyone. Which is fine; I don't think I'd care for it.

I've also fallen way behind on Winx Club. Is that even still a current series? I know they're finishing (or have finished) season 6. I don't know if there will be a season 7. I stopped watching when KidsWB dropped it and I have never seen anything from season 4 and beyond. It sounds like it has characterization issues sometimes, and I can believe it, as I had characterization issues with what I did watch. That show was always a guilty pleasure more than anything else. I still don't know if I'll ever get around to trying the other seasons.

Then there's The Legend of Korra, which I believe just finished up? I'm curious about it since I heard it takes place in what looks like the 1920s (?) and that's a favorite time period of mine, but I don't think I'd want to watch it unless I ever get around to seeing Avatar, and I don't know if that will ever happen. That's a long show, so a big commitment. And it would need to be watched in order too. I have difficulty gearing myself towards watching things that need to be seen in order, since I don't have much watching time and I usually like to stick with my current interests since I don't even have much time for them.

I also want to try the CGI Hello Kitty series. I've experimented with a couple of the older series and I thought they were adorable, especially Hello Kitty and Friends. The older series were anime, but I'm not sure what to call a Japanese-made CGI show. CGI I usually think of as a cartoon rather than anime.

My favorite current cartoon is My Little Pony, and I love the two Equestria Girls movies, too. I am often exasperated by the directions the show takes, however, especially how they're not consistent in writing for the characters or their supposed development. I kind of wish Equestria Girls would become a series, if they would focus on Sunset Shimmer's journey to learn about friendship. I just love and adore Sunset Shimmer so much and would want her to be the central figure in any Equestria Girls TV series.

I think if I continue to be exasperated by the writing choices once season 5 of My Little Pony starts, Steven Universe will usurp it as the favorite current cartoon.


Oct. 22nd, 2014 08:05 pm
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I have such absolutely beyond bizarre dreams. Sometimes they're rather frightening.

So since I finally got to see Rainbow Rocks very early this morning (and it deserves a post all to itself, but I must say I adore Sunset Shimmer much, much more than I even did before and she is such a deep character, unlike what both the series and the movies have done with Trixie), some of that crept into my dream. It started where I was at one of Human Pinkie Pie's sleepovers, although I'm not sure I stayed for the actual sleep part. But I was impressed by the size of the house and the number of bedrooms (Pinkie in the dream was apparently rich).

When I was leaving, Pinkie gave me this backpack with 101 Dalmatians on it. There was also a matching tote bag. I thought that was awesome and I thanked her and started out for home. I was walking, for some reason. Perhaps because I love to walk. But that set the stage for one of my "I'm lost walking and can't find my way back" dreams.

First, for some reason I needed to drop by a school. Cruella de Vil was getting out of a car and getting stuck in some red mud. I decided I didn't want to be seen by her and I ducked through the school and out another door.

Then I decided the perfect thing to do was to get a pizza. I knew there was a pizza place near the cemetery, a little diner-type place called Trixie's. (More Pony influence there, probably.) In the dream, the cemetery is farther away than in real-life, but not so far that I didn't think it conceivable to walk there and to the diner.

I think the diner was inspired by the location of a 99-cent shop that's over in the old neighborhood. It's the same basic location from our house that the diner was intended to be in the dreams. (Yes, it's a recurring locale.) Also, there are mountains very close, which is the case in the dreams too.

So I set out. And somehow I got on a block one over from the cemetery and got lost, ending up in a business park place that had a creek or something running through it and lakes for wading. And of course, the water from sprinkler systems came on and was getting me wet and I had to run for the building.

Then came some Gotham influence, as the building was owned by a local mobster and I knew it. Yet somehow he managed to convince me to come to work for him watching some scientist or something. I was wondering if I could back out if I ended up not liking the hours. I was also supposed to wear outrageous high heels and I was practicing in them and falling all over. Then I asked for directions back to downtown because I still wanted my pizza. One of his henchmen gave me directions.

For some reason, at one point I ended up in an apartment where someone else working for the mobster lived with her kid. I warned her about the guy and said they should stop working for him. I then left.

I ended up in a shopping center where the diner had moved to, but it had become a tiny little stand called Nick's and I was skeptical about getting anything there and prices were bad. And I was worried about getting back home because it was going to be dark soon.

So I climbed back over the brick wall surrounding the shopping center and went back on my way. I got lost again and ended up back in the business park again. I went back in the building and found that one of the legitimate fronts was an opera company or symphony company or something. The lady and her kid were there and the lady was going to perform. I remembered I had somehow forgotten my boots and asked the kid if I'd left them at the apartment. She thought I had and said they could bring them by later, in an hour, maybe. And I figured I'd have to go back to walking home anyway because it really was going to be dark soon.

I woke up around then and was very disturbed by the thought of actually going to work for a mobster.

Weird, weird dreams. Good grief.
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Bleh. Saturday was spent mostly in pain. I hate when that happens, especially when it's so bad I can barely think straight. The only good thing about it is that when it's that harsh, it's usually gone sometime the next day. I'm definitely grateful for that, but I feel bad that I really couldn't converse with people when I was trying to.

This past week I've been amused thinking back to when I first became interested in Boba Fett. I had the figure of my brother's, as mentioned, and I wondered who he was. Mom and I looked on the figure chart and found his name. Then I wanted to see him in action, so we watched the Star Wars films again (or rather, the latter two, since we didn't have a copy of A New Hope back then) and ... well, it was pretty much instant intrigue.

Then I started doing very strange things. I had Kit and Molly from Talespin become Boba Fett's wards. I don't know what happened to Rebecca. I do remember at that time I was on the rocks with Baloo, which was totally unfair to him. I think it started because I didn't like the way he acted in the episode Stormy Weather, which was childish of me since he was only worried about Kit getting in with a creep and doing dangerous things. But so anyway ... Kit and Molly were Boba Fett's wards. And I made up silly posters on some pink paper one of my aunts gave me that said "The Kit and Molly Show! With Boba Fett Too!"

Mom thought it would be nice to give her one of the posters, so she could see I was enjoying the paper. So I did, and she read it aloud and Dad was there and went, "... Hey, isn't that the guy from Star Wars?" and I wanted to sink into the floor.

I also remember that one of my first hurt/comfort adventures involved Kit bringing Boba Fett ... somewhere, and saying he wouldn't wake up, or something (I was six; I don't think I knew a big word like "unconscious" yet). And then after a while I was embarrassed by the whole thing and when I had him wake up, I wasn't sure how to have Kit react and it was all very weird.

I used to occasionally draw Boba Fett, but all that armor was confusing to figure out, so I didn't do it very often. I did draw Kit and Molly a lot, badly. Mom drew better, and I'd have her draw paper dolls of all the characters we used in our stories. So there were the paper doll storylines and the action figure storylines. Later on, since later we mostly played with figures and there weren't existing figures for everyone I wanted in the stories, we developed a verbal-only storyline that we still have ongoing today.

I remember other oddball adventures back in the day like Kit being a brat and pretending he had amnesia and saying his name was Guacamole, because I thought that was a hilarious word. LOL. Poor Kit. I did such weird, weird things when I was a kid. And I had no concept of OOCness.

Leonardo Turtle owned a restaurant with his brothers. Probably a pizza parlor. LOL. Later on he sold it to Rebecca.

Don Karnage and Mad Dog hung out together. I wasn't crazy about Dumptruck or Gibber, so they weren't there. Over time, Karnage and Mad Dog pretty much became OCs rather than the Talespin characters. Eventually they really only shared the names and a couple of key personality traits (Karnage's conceit, Mad Dog's whining). I even redesigned them as other animals (Karnage as an Alaskan Malamute, Mad Dog as a Siberian Husky). The OC versions became the central characters in the stories I used to write and sell in the old neighborhood to get money. I also created a skunk character, Jackly the Pew, who was originally based on the Tiny Toon Adventures character Jonny Pew. (Jonny ended up being Jackly's brother.)

I created a whole bunch of skunk characters actually. I loved Fifi on Tiny Toons and she entered the storyline, as did Miss Skunky (an orange skunk who cameos with Jonny Pew in the episode), Red-and-White (a blundered version of Miss Skunky when I couldn't remember what she looked like), and a collection of girls either inspired by Fifi or who were early attempts at drawing Fifi when I didn't have a picture to be looked at: Viva, Vivi, Vifa.... Vifa, who started out as a sweet girl, eventually showed her true colors as a femme fatale and became one of my primary antagonists even today (albeit as a human version, not a skunk). I first tried that in my sixth YGO mystery and it continued from there.

Later, Vifa developed a twin sister named Flo. Flo was originally just Vifa in disguise, but then I wanted her to be another actual character. For the longest time, I had trouble giving her a separate personality from Vifa, but recently I differentiated them by having Vifa interested in money and jewels and Florence interested in power. Vifa could be pettily bent on revenge, while Florence didn't usually bother with that. Lately, however, she has gotten so frustrated with Ginger and Lou overturning her plans against them that she has made it a personal goal to defeat them someday.

Meanwhile, Jackly (or Pew, as we started mostly calling him) started out as an antagonist, frustrated by Karnage doing stupid conceited things and Mad Dog being embarrassed and whining and bawling about it. It was only after Karnage enlisted in the Army that Pew started becoming friends with Mad Dog. Eventually, they actually became closer friends than Mad Dog and Karnage had been.

Karnage drove General Stilton (from The Cat From Outer Space movie) utterly mad with his nonsense of wanting to look in mirrors and shiny hubcaps and anything else that resembled a mirror. Karnage eventually made friends with Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H. Yes, we said "Screw time periods!" and pretty much added anyone we wanted. The setting was the present day, but anyone could wander in from other eras, at the same age they were in the other eras. And characters like Karnage remained anthropomorphic animals, while human characters stayed human. They co-exist together very easily.

Karnage was in the Army for many years, and then left to marry a mirror. LOL. It was a gag based on something from years earlier, when he'd talked about it and Mad Dog talked him out of it because he wouldn't be able to go on dates with anyone and back then, Karnage was a Casanova and loved dates. But this other time, Mad Dog couldn't talk Karnage out of it and Karnage said he regretted listening to Mad Dog that first time. There was a big wedding in New York City, with Lieutenant Schrank from West Side Story very unhappily running security and Ron Updyke from Kolchak: The Night Stalker being abducted by a bunch of rabid Karnage fans that demanded that Karnage be allowed to marry the mirror or they would keep Ron hostage in a hot-air balloon.

Ah, good times.

Currently the main characters are in Los Angeles, where they've mostly been for three years, since Karnage married the mirror and went to L.A., where he burst into court and got on the witness stand and said, "I solemnly swear that I'm glorious." Hamilton Burger's expression was priceless. LOL.

There was a sanity hearing, which dragged on and on because the judge and Karnage's lawyer were crooked (something Karnage was oblivious to), and Mad Dog and Pew and company came out from their main residence to participate in the hearing. Eventually Karnage was put under the observation of some doctors, who are fascinated by him and aren't much help, except for keeping him from doing dangerous stunts like getting on bridges and screaming about being wonderful.

Both Vifa/Vivalene and Florence pretended to be nice girls and talked with Pew, who wanted to give them a chance to start over despite thinking they were both awful in the past. He learned their true colors later and felt deeply betrayed. Then he met Virginia, a mysterious girl who likes to steal things and then pretend she didn't, and generally is a mercenary out for a buck. Her full origins are still unknown, but she causes trouble for the characters every now and then, including Ginger and Lou.

Fifi worked for a private-eye character called The Tester, who used to test Pew with mystery scenarios to train him to be a detective. The Tester is the English Cat from Scat Cat's Aristocats band in disguise, albeit I've never conclusively revealed that. Fifi eventually disappeared and they're still not sure what happened to her, but a girl resembling her has surfaced in London. She has amnesia and was found wandering by Simon Templar, who took her in as his secretary. She has adopted the name Patricia Holm, the name of Simon's girlfriend in the books. This is the TV Simon, so there is no real Patricia. And since Fifi is an anthro skunk, there is no romance going on between them. If she has any feelings for Simon, she will keep them to herself.

And as if all this nostalgia isn't enough, today I woke up with an urge to finally write my sequel to my fic for the much-hated TV show The Batman. I honestly really enjoyed the overhaul and found the series very fun and fascinating. About six years ago, I wrote a oneshot examining their version of The Riddler and then did a multi-chapter involving him that ended in a mysterious way. I never abandoned my idea and desire for a sequel, but I've just never got around to it. Now, suddenly, I really want to do it.

I re-read the oneshot tonight and will probably re-read the multi-chapter tomorrow. Maybe I'll re-read the three Riddler comics from The Batman Strikes! tie-in comic series, too. I really only liked the first one of those, though. And I especially detested the last one and felt The Riddler was OOC and the issue didn't live up to the awesomeness of its cover. I remember I planned that my sequel would tell the story that I thought that comic issue would, based on the cover.

I also want to bring in the idea from the main comics where The Riddler eventually at least semi-reformed and became a private detective. The first multi-chapter I did ended with him supposedly dead, but his body missing and a paper left in the freezer chamber that had the first riddle he gave Batman on it. I'm not sure I ever will reveal how he got out of the morgue, since there should always be some mysteries surrounding him, but I'm thinking the sequel involves him turning up as a private detective under his real name and staying in the shadows for a while, only revealing his identity to Batman and Yin later on.

I really hated that they dropped the Yin character from the show after season 2. She was awesome! And she certainly should have at least been in the episode where Ethan comes back to himself, since they were partners.

I don't know when I'll actually get a chance to start writing any sequel, though, or if I really will at all despite the abrupt burst of interest. I've got all the October Writing stuff to work with, and an idea to write a book about season 1 of Mannix, and I've been seriously neglecting my Perry blog lately.


Sep. 3rd, 2014 09:39 pm
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I have such weird dreams. Like today, I dreamed I found what was either a sequel or a TV series based on Oliver and Company. I popped it in and started watching it. At first it was a fairly normal adventure with the dogs and Oliver, and there was some friendship squee with Oliver and Dodger.

Then another of the episodes (ah, it must have been a television series) was about one of the characters (Rita, I think) having previously been a witness to something they were calling the CloudKicker Murder. I thought, Oh wow, Disney is crossing this over with TaleSpin? How does that work when they're different time periods?

But I went with it and watched. It was based on TaleSpin and Don Karnage (who was apparently the murderer) showed up to silence the witness(es).

That episode resulted in the characters first becoming anthro animals to better interact with Karnage and later, ending up human and being tortured. I remember one scene of one of them, with long kind of auburn hair, chained up. He kind of reminded me of Tiger's-Eye from Sailor Moon.

I don't recall how things got resolved, but Kit CloudKicker was apparently not dead and suddenly appeared to help out in the climax. The dogs exclaimed they were glad he wasn't dead and it ended with them back to being regular dogs, striking a pose with Kit.

Weird, weird stuff. I'm guessing my interest in the Amazon Trio from Sailor Moon helped inspire some of that, but I don't know where Oliver and Company came from. I mean, I love it, but I haven't thought about it in a while.

And speaking of Sailor Moon, I keep debating whether or not to buy the big Sailor Mercury doll. I have a set of the 6-inch ones that I treasure from Aubrie, but I still hope to get the big ones too, or at least Mercury if not any others. (I have civilian clothes Usagi, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, and two Chibi Moons.) I'm following two listings right now for MIB Mercurys. It's very difficult not to just snap one up. One of them ends in two hours.

The problem today is that I'm also waiting on the delivery of one or two gift cards from Amazon. I'm wondering just what I want to buy in this batch of Amazon stuff and how far over the gift cards' price it will take me. The prices keep fluctuating, so I can't just pick the stuff now and know what I want. If the prices go up again, I'll have to pick something different for now. I don't want to pay $31 for the Perry DVDs, for instance, when at their lowest price they can be $21. But no matter what I pick, it will probably go over the gift cards' price by at least a few dollars, so I like to have as much on hand as possible until I've decided and made the purchase.

So I'm up in the air wondering when the gift cards will come; one of them is overdue. And I don't know whether to buy the Mercury doll because of waiting on the gift cards and the Amazon purchase. And I don't have much time to decide, with one listing ending tonight and the other tomorrow. Bleh.


Jan. 21st, 2014 12:57 pm
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I love Belle so much, both the Disney version and Once Upon a Time. She's always my favorite of the Disney Princess crew. And she's most likely my favorite female character on Once (although I like Emma a lot, too).
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So, while I continue to wait for Wal-Mart to get in all the plushies they're supposed to get, I ponder over what to use my wonderful Build-a-Bear giftcard on.

Rarity is supposed to come out soon, but she hasn't been announced yet and I'm expecting perhaps an Easter date. She's also rumored to come with Scootaloo as a Smallfry, which I'll also want.

Meanwhile, when Rarity comes, I'm guessing one of the older Ponies will be retired, so I'll need to get at least one of those fairly soon. I had figured I'd get Pinkie instead of Rainbow, yet there was the problem of figuring Rainbow will be retired first.

Then comes the fact that I've been re-evaluating the three main character Ponies on the lower half of my favorites tier. At this current moment, I like Applejack and even Rainbow better than I did. And Pinkie successfully managed to creep me out after re-watching Party of One. Seriously, there really is something not quite right with her.

But then Pinkie was adorable and wonderful in today's episode, which I found myself enjoying. I was disappointed to only see Twilight for a brief moment, although I was happy to see her at all, and overall it's definitely one of the better episodes of the season, with some more morals I can really get behind. Regardless of whether or not Pinkie is distantly related to the Apples, she is like family because of everything she's been through with them. And families don't have to be perfect; they're going to argue. The key thing is that they'll pull through the rough times. Love, love, love the morals!

I also determined that out of all the Ponies, Rainbow and Twilight are the ones with the most positive development throughout the series. Applejack and Rarity are mostly the same, although Rarity unfortunately leans towards character unraveling sometimes rather than development, and Pinkie and Fluttershy have not had very good development in some of the recent episodes, Fluttershy especially. I cling to episodes like Dragonshy that show how wonderful Fluttershy really can be. Power Ponies ... ugh. Just UGH. Not getting upset when her friends are hurt and then losing it over a firefly instead.... The old Fluttershy would have been upset about all of it!

Rainbow has been so adorable this season, for the most part. I love that she's getting more comfortable with showing her good side to others and fangirling ... even if sometimes she still feels embarrassed and acts like she has to hide her immense enthusiasm over some things (like the musical). I can totally relate to that; some things I like or think I might like are things that I prefer to enjoy in private and would be embarrassed to display open enthusiasm for. I was so mortified when Dad caught me looking at Disney Princess dolls a couple of weeks ago. (Worse, I was fumbling so quick to hide what I was looking at that I knocked several things off the shelves.) I want a Belle doll because of Once Upon a Time, and then I'm thinking of having a Mr. Gold doll custom-made, since there's no figures for the show. Dad is unaware of my interest in the series, and I don't think I'd want to tell him about it because of the disgusting stuff like hearts. So that leaves the surface evidence of being caught on the Disney Princess aisle. EMBARRASSING.

(And in case anyone's wondering why that is embarrassing while colored Ponies are not, it's because I've loved Ponies all my life and have been very open about it. whereas I've generally scoffed and sneered at fairytales and Disney Princess stuff. I always liked Belle, though. But I don't want anyone to think I'm developing an interest in Disney Princess and romance stuff and the like. Although, I have to admit, I'm a little curious about the new series Sofia the First.... Which would totally be a guilty pleasure if I started watching it.)

Then there's still the problem of if I really want to get any Build-a-Bears that aren't my most favorite characters. I've been doting on Twilight and Fluttershy because I love them so much, and I worry wondering if a plushie of Rainbow or Pinkie would get the same level of attention from me. Perhaps I should save the giftcard for Rarity, whenever she comes, and forget about getting the other two.

Problem is, since they're limited editions, I could change my mind later and then not be able to get them, and I prefer not to buy plushies second-hand.

My guess is, I will get them both, with Rainbow first and then Pinkie. But at the moment, I'm still waffling about it.


Aug. 8th, 2013 10:25 pm
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First, yay, it's Richard Anderson's birthday today!

So the elusive Pony plushies that were supposed to come out around April have finally made their appearance here!

... Right when season 7 of The Virginian has at long last lowered in price.

It's so frustrating when everything suddenly becomes available at once and there's not enough money to go around. Things are still very slow with work.

But I bought both Octavia and Applejack last week and I don't regret it, especially since they've already vanished from the local Wal-Mart this week. Eeep. That is exactly what I was afraid would happen and why I felt I needed to grab them up the moment I found them.

All the Apples at my Wal-Mart were floppy, as though they hadn't been packed properly, so I bought Octavia by herself and endeavored to find Apple at a different one, since I knew I was going to have a big day-trip on Saturday. I managed to find a nice, firm Apple at another Wal-Mart that day, but I didn't notice until we got home that she's lop-eared. The machine was sloppy and sewed her right ear lower than her left ear. **headdesk.** I had thought it was just the weight of the tag pulling her ear back, until I got it off and had a closer look.

I wondered a little bit whether to take her back and try again, but I don't think I will. If I had noticed the flaw at the time, I'm not sure it would have stopped me from buying her. And after having her around these days, I'm rather attached to her. And while I know of course it isn't true, I can't keep myself from imagining her feeling sad if I took her back.

Ah, Toy Story, how you encourage the already overly sentimental in their thoughts.

I also finally got around to watching the interview with James Drury on The Virginian season 1 half-set. It was very enlightening and interesting and enjoyable! I was very excited by it. I love reading and watching the thoughts of people from earlier generations, celebrities and average Joes alike. I love that Japanese saying about a room with an elderly person holding a treasure.
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So I was reading about Disney's Lone Ranger movie the other day. It sounds basically quite interesting and good, but ... Some spoilers for those who don't want them )
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The Emil Sande project insists on existing and moving forward. I've been posting the pieces on [livejournal.com profile] 31_days and also on my seldom-used AO3 account here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/482477

I am extremely proud of it so far. Emil is so much fun to write, as is his interaction with Graciela. The story largely relies on character interaction and development through dialogue as well as soliloquies. He and Graciela will begin to cultivate a very deep and beautiful friendship. And as mused, I do plan for them to become romantically involved at the very end. Only at the very end, because I want the focus on more platonic interactions, even though there's supposed to be a current of unresolved romantic tension running underneath.

I'm also thinking I want a scene similar to one in Beauty and the Beast where the Beast saves Belle from the wolves. In the fic it would be, er, human wolves (leches, not werewolves, thank you). And it would be the first time Emil has ever tried to protect someone other than himself (at least since he was a child and vainly tried to save his parents from being killed). By that point he and Graciela would already be comfortable with each other but not have been able to admit it. After the fight Graciela would tend to Emil's wounds and their friendship would greatly deepen.

Since it's so experimental, I haven't tried petitioning FF.net for an Alamo category yet. (But I have thought of it.) It's such a pain waiting for FF.net to add categories. That's about the only thing I really like on AO3---category-adding is very, very fast. Well, that, and the awesome tagging system. Other than those things, I still prefer FF.net.

Also on 31 Days is that continuing Bonanza-related project. I haven't tried putting it up anywhere else, since oneshot characters are the focus and none of the main ones are likely to appear at all. (Unless Ben comes into it, and I'm undecided on whether that would take away too much from what I'm trying to focus on.)

And now I need to write the next chapter of the Perry mystery. I must say, it's very interesting and odd, writing for four Wesley Lau characters all at once. Each one is so different.

Lieutenant Anderson - The friendly yet businesslike policeman, fully honest and upright. Quite possibly aloof, hiding behind his businesslike persona.

Amory Fallon - The modern-day businessman, also honest but easier stressed than Andy. The only one who's married.

Carl Armory - The childlike gambler and conman, dependent on his sister as the one person who has always been there for him.

Emil Sande - The aloof, snarky, and mercenary merchant, a bit shady but possibly still bearing some goodness deep down.

I am just having a blast writing for every one of them. Sometimes I think I prefer one over the others, but then I get writing for one of the others and I love that just as much.

That musing on those nutty Wild Wild West villains from The Poisonous Posey is continuing to amuse me, too. I have this urge to write a silly crossover fic with it and Perry, largely so I can do that scene of Sampson being lassoed by Pinto. I keep picturing it so strongly and giggling. The bad guys, likely along with Jim and Arte, could end up in the present-day via a time machine Dr. Loveless made. Either that or the canon time-travel device from The Night of the Lord of Limbo.
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Ammonia Pine. Yeah, that's about right. I'm not as obsessed with cleanliness as Monk, but to some extent yes. And I love electricity like Megavolt.

... But should I be scared that I came out 50% Negaduck?

Ammonia Pine










Splatter Phoenix


The Liquidator








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I've made some edits to the previous post; upon thinking further I realized there were a couple of other answers to check off, plus, I wanted to say more on one of the Twilight Sparkle questions.

Here's a classic film era quiz.

1. Favorite classic Disney?

I’m going to assume that “classic” will refer to any time when Walt was alive. So for animated, Lady and the Tramp. I loved the story years before I ever saw the film. I bought novelizations and even scanned in a chapter book I rented from the library, so I would always have a copy. I only scanned the text, though, since we had a B&W printer, so alas, no pretty pictures. For live-action, That Darn Cat!, the 1965 original. Absolutely hilarious, crime-fighting, and an adorable cat. A perfect film!

2. Favorite film from the year 1939?

(Why 1939 in particular? Is there something extra-special about that year?) Probably The Wizard of Oz. I grew up on it and always found it very magical and special. I think the books are seriously messed up, to be honest, but I don’t think I could ever not love the movie.

3. Favorite Carole Lombard screwball role?

I … am not sure I’ve ever seen one of her screwball roles.

4. Favorite off screen couple? (It’s OK if it ended in divorce.)

I love it when I find couples who have stayed married all through the years, or couples who stayed married until one or the other died, even if it was an early and tragic death. Hmmm. I’m not sure I have one particular favorite. I’m not sure whether Simon Oakland and his wife would be considered “classic film era”. They married in the 1940s, but Simon didn’t come to Hollywood until the fifties and then was mostly in TV until about 1958.

EDIT: Also, of course Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

5. Favorite pair of best friends? (i.e: Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford)

Onscreen or off-screen? I remembering loving Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in Road to Utopia. I think that's my favorite Road picture; I didn't care too much for some of them because they all too often seemed to have the guys caring more about their own interests and survival than each other's.

Also, I like Sach and Slip from The Bowery Boys. Their caring for each other is evident in each and every film, even amid all the hat-hitting and name-calling (mostly on Slip's part).

And I like Sach and Duke from later in the series. They care about each other too; Duke is always genuinely upset if Sach ever gets hurt, no matter how much he might threaten to hurt Sach himself. Duke is still my favorite character aside from Jimmy Murphy's Myron, largely because of both his logic and his classiness. He seems higher educated than Slip, so it breaks my brain the few times the writers tried to make him a carbon copy by giving him the same speech pattern as Slip.

6. Favorite actor with a mustache?

I was going to say the guy who plays Captain Stottlemeyer on Monk, but this is for classic film era only, so hmmm. I like both Howard Keel and Clark Gable. It’s hard for me to imagine either of them without mustaches. Oh, and Keenan Wynn. And Ronald Colman and David Niven.

7. Favorite blonde actress?

Joi Lansing. And I don't mind Marilyn Monroe. I don't know; I think most actresses I like have darker hair, but it's honestly hard to tell in black-and-white. Sometimes the script will say their hair is blonde, but in B&W it looks more like light brown to me.

8. Favorite pre-code?

I’m not sure if I’ve seen enough pre-Code to judge. All of the Marx Brothers' films prior to A Night at the Opera were pre-Code, so I think I'll say The Cocoanuts. I remember particularly liking that one. Monkey Business too, but I'm not sure if I'd like that one as much if I saw it again now.

9. Which studio would you have liked to join?

Whichever studio my favorites were working for, haha. William Talman was with RKO in the early fifties, but I’m not sure if he was under contract. Both of his pictures with Robert Mitchum were for RKO.

10. Favorite common on screen pairing that SHOULD have gotten married?

Golly, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about this. After all, even if they have great chemistry onscreen, maybe they wouldn't have gotten along in real-life, or maybe they were already married to other people at the time, so it just doesn't seem like something I could feel comfortable answering even if I did think about it.

11. Favorite "I Love Lucy" episode?

The one with Hans Conreid, where they’re trying to learn how to speak proper English. LOL.

12. Out of these actresses which one do you like best: Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Greer Garson, or Katharine Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn. I love just about every film I've seen that she's made. There are some things about her as a person that disappoint me, but as an actress alone she is still one of my favorites.

13. Shadowy film noir from the 1940s or splashy colorful musicals from the 1950s?

Film noir, baby, all the way.

14. Actor or actress with the best autograph (photo preferred).

I don’t typically study autographs, to be honest. I like Pleasant Valley’s answer of Walt Disney; his signature is definitely awesome and memorable. I also like Simon Oakland’s and William Talman’s, but that be more bias than anything else.

15. A baby (or childhood, or teenage) photo of either your favorite actress or actor (or both, if you’d like.)

I've been thinking about that subject for the last few days, actually. I don't think I can find one. Wait, I'll look.... Nope, I don't see any.

OH WAIT! I found one after all! http://www.hourdetroit.com/Hour-Detroit/March-2012/One-Brave-Precedent/Talman%20family%20Tim%20Talman_cx.jpg William is on the left. Cute!

In fact, off-topic, but here's the link to the article it came from. Read, guys! It's just new this month. I'm so excited by this. William is still remembered and loved, and honored for his courage in being the first celebrity to speak out against the dangers of smoking. http://www.hourdetroit.com/Hour-Detroit/March-2012/One-Brave-Precedent/
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My dad told me earlier tonight that Harry Morgan had died. We were standing in line for food at the church Christmas party and I almost cried right there.

I think the first time I saw him was in Disney's classic The Cat From Outer Space, where he portrayed General Stilton (a character I loved so much he was a regular in the role-plays with Mom). As we watched other Disney movies we found him there, too. The Barefoot Executive, Snowball Express ... good stuff. I must have been around 10 or 11 or 12; I can't remember which. I only remember that I think I was 9 when I saw That Darn Cat! (old version), and that was what started me on my love affair with Disney comedies. Oh, I also remember that by February 1997, I knew who General Stilton was. That was when he entered our role-play. So I was 9 or 10, depending on when I watched The Cat From Outer Space the first time.

... That means that for the majority of my short life, I've been aware of Harry Morgan and been a fan.

Then a couple of years later there was M*A*S*H. I'd heard about it for years, and when I finally got to watch I was delighted that Harry was a regular from season 4 on. (And his guest-spot in season 3 is just an absolute classic.)

I've also seen him in assorted non-Disney movies through the years. I loved his role in The Glen Miller Story, as the close friend (and I think manager?) of Glen Miller.

As previously mentioned, I'd known about his role in Dragnet 1967 for years, but only recently started to watch the series. As soon as Antenna TV started airing it I began making time to see it. Which is a testament to how much I wanted to see it; I don't watch a lot of TV shows, even oldies that I would honestly like to see, because I just don't have the time.

I was just watching Harry Morgan this past morning. We've moved into season 3, which I've heard is often put-down for not being as actiony as other seasons. It looks like an important season, though; Jack Webb was trying hard to improve the public's opinion of the police.

I had previously thought that Harry had probably died years ago, as I'd known he was getting on. I was surprised several months ago when I found out he was still alive at 96. I knew his time was likely pretty limited when he was getting on that much, but it was still a blow to find out he died now.

I wonder if I'll end up crying when I watch Dragnet 1967 later in the morning.
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I had occasion to see about thirty minutes of Disney's A Christmas Carol from two years ago. I've always been curious about it, but haven't got around to watching it. That remains the case for most Disney movies from 1997 on. I can probably count the Disney films I've seen that were made after that on one hand.

Anyway, I've heard that it's quite dark in places and sticks very close to the original Dickens text, bringing out some things that he wrote that are generally not portrayed in the film adaptions.

That holds true to the thirty minutes I saw. I was quite intrigued and in love with it. The animation is simply amazing.

However, I did take issue with one thing. During Marley's visit, when he screeches "Business! Mankind was my business!" there was a stupid bit of dead people humor: he screamed so ferociously that his jaw became quite unhinged and fell on his chest. He had to work to get it back in place and could not, so he had to manually move it for a while. Then he got things terribly out of order again and couldn't speak at all. It was all played for humor and was very irritating. It completely broke the seriousness of the moment, and of that important speech!

I went looking in the original Dickens text to see what happened there. To my surprise, there was a similar issue earlier on in the visit. However, it was quite different in that the literal jaw-dropping happened when Marley removed that bandage around his head. The implication was that he knew it would happen and it was a deliberate action, perhaps as he tried to further demonstrate his current state to Scrooge. It was played for horror in the book, adding to the seriousness of the scene, and it was not extensively dwelt on at all.

Anyway, I'll admit it rather turned me off in the movie. I'd still like to see the rest of it, but I don't know that I'd want to buy it. I hate that kind of dead people humor. I hated it in the movie Anastasia; I felt it completely ruined a beautiful film. And it ruined the scene in the Christmas Carol movie. Marley's visit is one of my most favorite parts because of the friendship squee of Marley wanting to help Scrooge avoid his own fate. There's a book out this year about Marley and I am dying to read it. I'm sure it will treat things in the serious manner that it should.

So, moving on, and in complete contrast, I want to absolutely squee about something. I've meant to post about this for the last couple of days. I've been watching both Dragnets lately, the 1950s version and the 1960s version. I love them both dearly. I used to think that the 60s one just wouldn't be the same without Frank Smith as Joe's partner, but then I saw the 60s version and loved Bill Gannon too. (It doesn't hurt that he's played by Harry Morgan, an actor I've been a fan of for years and years.)

This week has been only the second time I've seen the 1950s Dragnet after watching a lot of the 1960s version. And I remember how awesome Frank Smith is too. I'd forgotten a bit, with the awesomeness of Bill Gannon.

And the 1950s Dragnet has probably the most intense, heart-wrenching, and friendship squeeable episode of both versions. It's called The Big Frank, from season 2. (All episodes in the 1950s version were "The Big ..." something.) Frank ends up shot during a case and Joe has to finish out the case on his own, while not knowing if Frank is even going to live.

I wasn't expecting the shooting at all; I think I literally jumped when the criminal started shooting and Frank went down. And something else I expected every bit as little was Joe's reaction. I did expect him to be utterly furious at the creep, which he was. But he also shows an absolutely adorable, heartbreaking soft side that I didn't imagine I would ever see from the stoic, serious Joe Friday.

At the hospital he keeps wanting to look in on Frank and asks the doctor more than once if he couldn't just look in one moment. The doctor refuses. And the most heart-shattering line is when Joe says, either to the doctor or his lady friend, or both, that if anything happens to Frank he doesn't know what he'll do. He's so vulnerable in that scene! It comes through so well how close they are and how much Joe cares about Frank. It adds a whole new dimension to Joe's personality.

I am just in love with the episode. I say everyone who loves friendships in shows should watch The Big Frank, even if they've never seen Dragnet and/or have no interest in it!

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