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I haven't spent much time posting lately. I've been so busy writing things that for the most part, if I want to say something that I might ordinarily say here, I say it one-on-one to someone instead.

I've been working on the next Turtles fic, which is a light-hearted oneshot. I found it difficult to go from a more serious tone in the multi-chapter to a lighter tone in the succeeding fic and not have it look strange or mismatched, but after I fleshed some things out it looked better and flowed better with the multi-chapter. One problem with lighter ones is that it's harder for character introspection and development, so it's a challenge finding ways to work that in. I really want the stories to be like seasons 3/4, although they will definitely dip into season 7-ish territory sometimes.

I've been tinkering with a website to talk about my Turtles verse, the proposed "episode" ideas, and other things. I wrote a long essay on why I think 1987 Baxter should be able to be redeemed and I'm quite pleased with it. The site isn't live yet, although I've given a couple of people the link to examine assorted things on it.

I finally started that fic I wanted to do detailing Illya being haunted by Mr. Ecks. So far I have two vignettes done and at least two or three others planned. I don't want the story to wear out its welcome, but with a character-developing series of vignettes, it could technically go on and on. I shouldn't have it get too long, though, or it might be harder to align it with later fics in the timeline.

I've also got the WWW fic going again. I'm going back and forth among all of these fics and also hope to work more on Ginger and Lou fics and that Real Ghostbusters fic. (And that Equestria Girls idea I still haven't started.) It's definitely nice to be able to flip from one fandom to another, writing-wise.

I saw some pieces of the new Equestria Girls movie. Honestly, I love Sunset Shimmer more with each film. She and Twilight are definitely the best things about them. From what I saw, though, my fears about this film feeling like Winx Club were not far-fetched. I want to see this film in whole, and I'll probably buy it, but I don't think I'll re-watch it much. I do not like that it looks like Spoiler )

Had a wonderful birthday! I was very touched by all the warm wishes through here and Facebook and other places. Got some lovely gifts, with some belated ones still on the way. And the shopping spree went swimmingly, better than it has a lot of times. I found some things I wanted and some surprises and it was delightful to have money to get them. Somehow I managed to collect a pretty good amount of money for the shopping spree just in the month of September. Usually I start saving in the summer months, but that didn't happen too much this year because of surprise sales and clearances.

I had intended to get a Fashion Style Pony, but while I love them dearly, I still can't seem to justify paying $15 for one of them when it comes right down to it. Sigh. I want a sale. Meanwhile, I found Indigo Zap on clearance for $4.98. Yessss! I am sad that apparently I missed other things clearancing at Toys R Us, but at least I grabbed something before they were all gone.

I also found volume 7 of The Real Ghostbusters for $9.99. The standard price is $14.99, so I wasn't passing that up. I didn't think I'd find it at Toys R Us, but it was an idle hope, and then there it was. I got it mainly for the Egon's Ghost episode, and thankfully, this time I was not disappointed! It was sooo good. So intense and so much friendship squee! Unfortunately, another episode I'd wanted, Slimer, Is That You? turned up in the re-dubbed version with Dave Coulier as Peter and Kath Soucie as Janine. I love Kath's work, but not as Janine. And Dave Coulier was absolutely teeth-grinding. The Time-Life version has the original voice actors for that episode, so now I have one more reason to try to get hold of some of those older DVD sets. It was a really fun episode and I want to hear it with Lorenzo Music and Laura Summer.

At Target, I found season 1 of TMNT 1987, which thrilled me. Wal-Mart doesn't have it anymore and Amazon upped the price, but Target was only charging a few cents more than Wal-Mart had had it. Now I have all the human Baxter episodes. I've watched his season 1 episode twice on YouTube in the past. When comparing it with season 2, it is pretty heartbreaking to see how much he cracked.

Also at Target, I discovered that Tracey West is still active in the kids' anime scene and she has written a YGO anime guide. I have no idea why they put that out this year, unless it's to prepare newcomers for the movie. But it was great! I longed for something like that when the show was airing. Oh, there were some things kind of like that, but I didn't like them as much as I liked this one. And it covered all seasons and characters. I probably shouldn't have, since it was just basic information that a diehard fan would already know, but I couldn't resist and it had to come home with me. I feel like a kid again, going through it.

I bought season 4 of TMNT 1987 at Wal-Mart. I also wanted volume 2 of Miraculous Ladybug, but they apparently sold out after finally getting some in. Sigh. I should have bought it at Target. But oh well; I'm sure there will be other chances for it.

(Oh! Oh! Speaking of Ladybug, I saw a doll giftset at Toys R us with her and Cat Noir! Squeeee. Naturally it was $30, so I am hoping for a Christmas sale. I must have it.)

Between my purchases and gifts, I now have all 1987 Turtles seasons except 9 and 10! I'm less interested in them, since they're darker and someone else takes center stage as the villain, but I'll probably try to get them sometime for completeness' sake.

I made one other purchase that night: another plushie base at Jo-Ann's. As much as I hate sewing, I absolutely love being able to create the characters I want in a couple of weeks instead of commissioning someone for a lot more money and waiting several months for the product. Now I just need to decide whether I'm going to use this plushie base to make Snakes, 1987 Baxter, or a Richard character (probably Steve Drumm). I want to make all of them, so it's mostly a matter of which one first. I kind of lean towards Baxter. It would be a fun challenge working out the hair and the glasses. It's making the clothes that drives me up the wall for any plushie. I shouldn't start any new one until I've finished Barry's shirt and made Mike's jacket, but uggh, I keep dreading working in silk with Barry's shirt. And I hate sewing in sleeves in general. Definitely the most maddening part.

I have an Amazon gift card and I'm having my usual debate on what to buy/when to use it. I could get $25 worth of books, as there are some I want, and then maybe get one other thing to go with them. Or I could bite the bullet and do a splurge and add $29 in cash to my $20 gift card. Ultimately, I'd rather wait until I can get another gift card, but by that time, some of the stuff will have probably changed prices. Uggggh. I hate so much that Amazon changed the rules for free shipping. $49 for free shipping is just outrageous! The only other way to get it (without getting Prime) is $25 worth of books and anything else ships free with them.

Then I have my usual dilemma of what to be for Halloween. Every possibility seems to fall through. I wanted to try being a Ghostbuster, but I can't fit into Mom's (non-Ghostbuster) jumpsuit and I'm not crazy about the idea of spending a lot of money on an official costume. Even if I wanted to try that, I can't find any women's costumes (which is weird, considering the new movie had women Ghostbusters) and the men's ones only turn up in sizes too big. I've also considered either a Turtle or April O'Neil. For April, I'd base her mostly on Megan Fox's April because of the hair, and then she has the classic yellow of the 1987 cartoon April. I have yellow tops, but no yellow trousers. Sigh. For a Turtle, green clothes would be good. I do have green pants, and I could probably dig up some kind of green top. Then I could buy a Turtle shell at Dollar Tree and a blue mask/headband thing and whee. A cheap ghetto thing, but good enough for a church Halloween party.

I've also considered trying to dress up in Ghostbuster Abby's casual clothes, since I probably could find stuff around here that looks somewhat like what she wore. Abby wasn't at all my favorite in the movie, although I warmed up to her before the film was over. But she is the one I could pass myself off as the easiest.

Today I even had the thought of wearing my long green coat, my fedora, and my sunglasses, and saying I'm a random spy/secret agent/whatever. Heh.

Most likely, I'll go with ghetto Turtle. But Dollar Tree was out of blue headband things this past night. Sigh. Hopefully they'll restock.


Sep. 24th, 2015 06:08 am
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Since we seem to have caught all the mice except the elusive bugger that was in Dad's room (and may now be in the living room), we're trying to commence some of the cleaning of the rooms hit hardest. We have door sweeps all around now and have been keeping doors closed to protect the rooms from more trouble. In some ways, it looks like Mom's room isn't as bad as we feared; in other ways, there are still going to be problems, not all of them mouse-related.

Mom's been worried to have her best clothes go in the washer because it keeps sporadically emitting some kind of black grease streaks on various articles of clothing. Dad thought he had fixed the problem, but ... I'm afraid he hasn't, not unless one of the things I washed tonight was also washed before he fixed the problem and acquired streaking then. **headdesk.** More likely, it happened tonight, especially since it looks like a second article of clothing might have a bit of it too. I am seriously dreading telling Mom about this.... And seriously wondering what we're going to do. There are lots of clothes in the closet that need washing in order to complete the cleaning, and if the washer is emitting grease, how can we wash them? And Dad probably won't want to believe there's still a problem....

I found the blue blouse I wanted to use for my Twilight costume and tried it on after I washed it. It's a little tight. Not uncomfortably, but the buttons are strained a bit. It's so frustrating to not be able to fit into clothes I once could.... I'll probably still use it, because it's so perfect, but ugggh.

A direct casualty of the mouse problem was a cardboard box that had originally been used as a house for the Turtles figures. I remember when I was a kid and Mom had the fun idea to make a house out of a box. We did that, and we made partitions and fit wrapping paper around as wallpaper and carpet.... In recent years it became a box to store things in Mom's room, but it still had the original features of the house. I salvaged the upstairs floor, which was protected inside, but the box itself had to go because the mouse did its thing on the roof. Ugggh. I was very sad to lose that piece of my childhood, but there wasn't anything else to do.

(Also, the Rockapella paper dolls Mom made for me are still AWOL and I've been afraid now that if I do find them, it will be my rotten luck that they'll be more casualties.)

And I had to store some of my stuff in Mom's room because I don't have room for it here. At the old house I had several places to put my stuff, but here it's largely crammed into one room, so some stuff had to remain in boxes, like my dolls. I always liked plushies better, but that doesn't mean I didn't love my dolls. (Baby/little girl and boy dolls, with the occasional Barbie, etc. I am not referring to dolls I've collected in more recent years, like Sailor Moon dolls. Those I have on display.) I was relieved that the mice hadn't been into the box, but saddened to see that some of the dolls have not weathered the passage of time well. One of them had some plastic age spots on her face; several others have plastic turning odd colors. And a plastic tote one doll is in is suffering plasticizer leakage. I felt a little like crying, honestly; suddenly it felt like such a long-ago era that I was looking upon and I thought of Mom's sadness when her childhood dolls suffered ill fates. (Far worse than mine, and I'm glad I still have mine with me.) I think she only has one left now, a bridal doll that's been stored with mine. She is actually in better condition than some of mine! And I felt sad that the dolls have been boxed ever since we moved here. They used to be on the top two shelves where I keep some books now. I wish I had room for everything in here....

I did have fun playing house and such with my dolls sometimes. I'd pretend they were all a big family. There are maybe 11-ish non-Barbie size big dolls; it's been a while since I've counted. I think what amused me the most was when I gave ridiculous names to some of the dolls. I still find that fairly hilarious. LOL. One of my oldest dolls, in a red and yellow dress, is Table. One in pink and white overalls is Chair. One in a blue jumpsuit is Picture. **snerk.** I think they had more conventional names once, but it just didn't stick; I wanted the funny ones. Thankfully, I think all the others have normal names. One is named after the half-sibling I'm the closest to.

The same day I discovered the dolls, yesterday, I started the day off by accidentally making a tear in my quilt worse. That's the quilt I've literally had all of my life, minus a few days; the sibling I'm closest to gave her to me. She's a Holly Hobby print quilt, handmade by his paternal grandmother. I remember when we'd have visitors when I was a kid and I'd carry her in with me. One of our favorite neighbors commented that there would be a day when Mom would put her in a drawer until I was grown-up and would ask to have her again. I said "I don't think so!" Everyone was amused. I was probably seven then; I'm twenty-eight and that neighbor's prediction never did come true. LOL. I still cuddle with that quilt every sleep session, even though I no longer take her to show visitors. Heh.

Well, so yesterday was not a good day for my childhood. I have a square of yellow cloth I specifically bought to repair some of the tears, though, and I decided it was time I did that. So last night I found time to sew a patch on over the tear I'd lengthened by accident. It actually looks pretty spiffy. Now to figure out how to repair the other worst tear without damaging what's left of what always looked like a cute little face in one of the corners. Wondering how to do both is why I didn't repair the tears as soon as I bought the cloth. I know I should just sew a patch over that entire corner, but when a couple of little holes there have made what looks like two eyes and a mouth and that's what I've seen most of my life, it's hard to think of covering that up. I have to do something with it, though, because part of that cloth had torn a lot worse since I was a child.

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