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So yesterday I suddenly remembered the new YGO movie opened in Japan over the weekend, so I hurried to see if a detailed summary was up anywhere. I couldn't find a complete one at the time, but this one told a lot of it up to a point:!_The_Dark_Side_of_Dimensions

It definitely is manga-based, and after I learned that months ago I was never sure I wanted to consider it canon. Now that I know more about it, I realllly don't think I want to consider it canon. I want to like it, but some of it sounds so weird and OOC. Spoilers! )
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So while I was going through stuff tagging it recently, I stumbled on that entry where I was comparing Napoleon and Illya's interaction to Jim and Arte's. That was before I'd seen The Summit Five Affair, so I didn't even really believe there was a friendship between Napoleon and Illya and in any case, if there was, I preferred Jim and Arte's insult-free friendship. It was interesting to read that again. And even though now I have come to believe in Napoleon and Illya's friendship, the comparison still made some observational points that are relevant regardless. I've been thinking about it ever since.

It was amusing about Napoleon and Illya, really. The whole fandom pretty much celebrates their friendship, and then there was this one person who insisted she didn't see their relationship that way at all and felt they were only partners, and then there was me in the middle. I wanted to believe in the friendship, but I wasn't feeling it, and I wondered if she was right. I was thrilled when I watched The Summit Five Affair and finally saw clear and present friendshippiness. Yet in spite of that, and in spite of the fact that I enjoy reading other people's friendship fics with them now and then, I personally don't seem to be that interested in writing about friendshippy, hurt/comforty situations with them. For that matter, I don't really seem to be that interested in writing that sort of thing with Jim and Arte, either.

It could be the fact that I don't actually crush on any of them very seriously. (I do have mild crushes, to varying degrees.) Generally, I reserve hurt/comfort scenarios for characters I'm actually crushing on very seriously. On the other hand, it could be that plus the fact that for both shows, my favorite things about them are the plots and mysteries rather than the friendships. (And some of the guest-stars....) And that may sound strange coming from someone who can get so intrigued by friendships that she'll even tinker with characters she normally wouldn't go near, but considering that mysteries and detective shows were always my first love, it makes sense. I mean, seriously, I was four years old and I knew I just had to watch Carmen Sandiego because it was about detectives in these awesome fedora hats and catching crooks and that just sounded so epically awesome. I'm still puzzling over how I already knew I wanted that type of show. I certainly hadn't been exposed to it before; Mom felt I was way too young for that sort of thing. Then the same thing happened when we got this thingie in the mail telling about upcoming shows and I learned about Darkwing Duck. I was like "... A crime-fighting duck?! I MUST WATCH!"

So yeah. Pretty much if it was a crime show, I wanted it. That was my original motivation for getting into The Andy Griffith Show too. (Well, that and Barney sounded hilarious.) Then I started learning all I could about classic TV and found out about U.N.C.L.E. and WWW and all those great things and I wanted them. But it took years before I actually had access to them. And I was all over the James Bond film Moonraker when I saw it (aside from the bed times). Spy stuff ... yay!

But back to Napoleon and Illya. Their specific friendship type is not being very open about their caring. As Crystal pointed out, the best way to see their caring in most episodes is through their facial expressions. It's a very visual thing. That, of course, doesn't translate to stories (unless they're illustrated). But that could be part of my disinterest in writing friendshippy fics about them too, since in lieu of seeing the caring via pictures, it would have to come out some other way. I don't want things to get too mushy/goopy since that would be OOC for them, but sometimes even them discussing deep things at all can result in them seeming too open/OOC. With them, I usually prefer to keep things pretty much as they are in the show, and hence, my stories usually seem to focus on their adventures instead of being hurt/comforty (aside from one creepy fic). I do like having them discuss deep subjects at times, which they do in The Peaceful Meadows Affair, but it doesn't really feel like I'm having them be so open.

Then we have characters like Brett and Danny, who also have that insult humor I don't like but can also do a 180-degree turn and be very open about their caring like it's the most natural thing in the world to show it (which it should be, but it's understandable/professional/better if secret agents like Napoleon and Illya don't follow that idea). I'm hoping to write more fics with them, but I am wondering if I'll be able/comfortable getting the insult banter into things. I haven't really needed to yet, and come to think of it, I've left that out of the U.N.C.L.E. fics too. The thing I adore about Brett and Danny is their openness and I find that easier and more relatable to write than friends who are holding themselves more at arm's length.

When I really think about it, Brett and Danny may very well be an exception to the usual, as it seems like the friendships I usually enjoy writing about the very most ... are often ones I've developed almost or entirely on my own, rather than being fully in canon. With the exceptions of the canonical friendships of Sephiroth and Zack (as shown in Crisis Core), Joe Mannix and Lew Wickersham, and now Brett and Danny, it seems like most of my main friendships have only really been developed into friendships by me. The familial relationships I've loved to write about are canon, but the friendships ... either hardly ever are or else there's only the slightest smidgen of it shown in canon and the smidgen is enough to intrigue me and make me want more. Even with Seph and Zack, there isn't a whole lot showing them together in canon, although as I recall, someone does specifically identify them as friends in-game.

Usually I characterize working partners as friends, regardless of whether they're actually depicted as such in canon. Other examples would be Gin and Vodka, the bikers, Schrank and Krupke, Ginger and Lou, and Ecks and Wye (although the evidence for the latter being friends seems pretty strong to me, given Wye's actual flipping out after finding Ecks stabbed).

With the bikers, Raph seemed protective of Valon in canon, but Valon and Alister couldn't seem to get along. And usually aside from that, they didn't interact together. But it became a fanon thing to have them be friends anyway, with several people adopting the idea of them deciding to start over together after the Doom arc, since they'd already been through so much together and they were really all each other had.

With Ginger and Lou, you have to look pretty closely to see what's going on there, but there is definitely some kind of chemistry between either the actors, the characters or both. I think that essay I wrote pretty well examines every possibility and shows that it is possible that they could be friends. I develop the idea by saying that they became closer and more open while in prison, thus opening the door for their interaction as I've depicted it. Of course, one could certainly use the argument I made with Napoleon and Illya and throw it back at me, saying I shouldn't portray these two being open either. I've worried about that. But one thing is, we've only seen how Ginger and Lou canonically interact during a high-stress situation. With Napoleon and Illya, we've also seen how they behave during downtime. So with Ginger and Lou, I figure there might be some leeway since we don't know how they behave during normal times. I try to make their interaction as fitting the characters shown in canon even though at the same time I'm trying to develop it a bit beyond that. (I guess I also figure no one would care if I soften Ginger a bit, really, since I doubt anyone really became intrigued by him and Lou in canon like I did. I kind of worry what David Chase, the writer of that episode, might think, though. Yes, that David Chase....) Of course, that's what a lot of the U.N.C.L.E. writers do as well, often with excellent results.

Then there's Autor and Ahiru, who were certainly not friends in the series proper. But Autor seemed friendly in that little follow-up play some of the voice actors did, and given Ahiru's gregarious personality, I have a hard time believing that she wouldn't eventually come to see the good in Autor and accept him as a friend. So that seemed to have good potential even though it wasn't expressly canon and that became another of my favorite friendships to work with.

Then we have Duke and David. There's no indication of who David is to Duke in canon (aside from the dub note that he's the store manager), but since Duke confided in David about his plans, at least partially, and David teases Duke without consequence, I would say it's pretty likely that they're friends.

And of course, things like Ray Norman and Coley Rodman, Snakes Tolliver and Beau Maverick, and Snakes and Duke, are most certainly not canon by the slightest stretch of the imagination. Those characters are not on the same show in canon, nor are Ray and Coley or Snakes and Duke canonically in the same time. It's interesting how things like that can just develop in fics or role-plays and end up feeling so right.

Perhaps I usually prefer focusing on things like that because I feel that either canon or the other fans are handling the main friendships just fine and I'd rather do something different and explore other angles. I know that's how I tend to feel about Rumbelle, even though I still enjoy writing my vignette series now and then. That's more in protest of the way Once has gone downhill, though, instead of a desire to actually write Rumbelle. I like to write them talking, which the show should have done more of, but I am pretty useless when it comes to romantic stuff. In general I find romantic/kissing scenes tedious, boring, and almost impossible to write, and I don't want to let down the fans who want to see lots of that, so I still hesitate to post my vignettes on (That, and the fact that I don't update that story very frequently....)
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It's interesting how some dreams can stay with you a long time. I don't have recurring dreams, but I do have recurring themes and locations. One of my happiest dreams I had many years ago, when YGO was still in first-run and I was writing my first batch of stories. I seemed to be at some sort of outdoor book sale, even though it was during the holidays and cold. I was utterly delighted because I found a big hardback book of YGO stories, including one with Duke and Tristan. I believe all the stories were holiday-related, but I'm not quite sure on that.

It seems like the booksale was being held on the sidewalk of our old street, right in front of about the fourth house down from us. There was a big lighted wreath on the front door.

The old neighborhood is one of my recurring themes, as is shopping for things. (Although I think at the time I had that dream, we still lived at the old place.) I remember how much I longed for YGO to have some novelizations or even original stories published, like series such as Pokemon had. YGO never even had coloring and activity books, except for, I think, two small ones, and maybe two regular-sized ones, the latter of which were only available online.

Then other recurring themes seem to involve supernatural or other weird occurrences. Sometimes that means dreams of living in a haunted house. I haven't had one of those in a while, actually. They were creepy as heck, but I kind of miss them. They provided the inspiration for two or three haunted house fics I wrote.

Other types of supernatural dreams are like a weird dream I had today, involving Pony characters. I'm not entirely clear on what the heck was going on, but apparently Shining Armor and ... whom I decided was Twilight Velvet had died suddenly and tragically, yet they were still at the house and functioning as though nothing had happened. Twilight Velvet, in the dream, looked more like Twilight Sparkle, her daughter and my favorite, but it couldn't have been her, because she was the main one observing all of this and being really confused as to how the dead could still be there. Although also confusing was that the other one observing this seemed to be Shining Armor, which it couldn't have been since he was one of the deceased. I guess it must have instead been Twilight Sparkle's father. But it really seemed like it was her brother.

Any way you cut it, though, that is a really bizarre dream. Mix that in with one I had when the scene switched and for once I was in my current bedroom (most dreams have me either in the old house or in one of the huge haunted houses) and trying desperately to catch a random blue bug that had flown into the room. I was glad it wasn't a fly, but I didn't want it in there anyway.

Weird, weird dreams.

I've written most of the next chapter of Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart now, following the one I just posted. I am going to have them going to Germany, because the only plane they could get will stop there first. They'll encounter the heavy bad guy in white there and there'll be some intense chase scenes before they finally get back to the plane and go to Egypt.

I decided that I would go with the concept that my stories of Duke in L.A. have happened and Snakes was a major player in finally finding a way to get David back. Duke vaguely remembers Snakes even with time being rewound and people forgetting the truth of what happened, but he doesn't know why. Snakes likewise remembers the name Duke, but is very displeased and angry when David drags him with them, saying he doesn't trust Snakes not to crack under pressure and reveal where they're going.

Despite not really remembering things, however, Snakes will grow to be protective of Duke, just as he was when they were working together to bring David back. When the time comes that he could leave and go his own way, probably in Germany, he chooses to stay.

I'm considering an idea of him being hurt in the climax while protecting Duke from a booby-trap, since I want some hurt/comfort but feel like it would not be a good idea to make either Duke or David the victim. Duke would be very distraught over Snakes, and I think by that point he would finally remember things a bit more, either because time is unraveling or because Snakes being hurt shocked some memories back. I have a distinctive image of Duke pleading with Snakes to hang on and not to die, and that he didn't want to lose one friend while trying to save another. Duke would call him by his real name, Sam, and say that while David was his Sam during the events of Lead Me Through the Fire (meaning a Sam to Duke's Frodo), Snakes was Sam after David's death. Snakes would smile a bit, say that was the last thing he ever expected to be for someone, and appear to die. Of course he would make it out okay, but I haven't decided whether he just wasn't dead to begin with or if maybe there would be some supernatural event that would bring him back. Not another wish with a price on the amethyst, but maybe time setting itself right again or maybe just a wish in general, not on the amethyst, by Duke or Serenity.

Of course, I plan that even when time sets itself right, David will be allowed to stay alive. Time going back the way it was will mainly just have the effect of everyone remembering everything (unless it also has the effect of allowing Snakes to live). I'm kind of leaning more towards the idea of Snakes living either because he wasn't dead in the first place or because of a wish made without a price, perhaps granted because the Chamber of Sorrows is falling apart.

I'll figure it out more as I get closer to that point. But in any case, if I really go through with being able to write this fic to the end, I'm afraid it will have to be mostly for my own satisfaction; nearly everyone who was reading to begin with has either moved on by now or likely doesn't have the time to pick it up again. Or is reading silently; I get a lot of those.

It would be nice to have the audience that I had back then, but I know that it is not to be, and I've always longed to write this fic to its conclusion, so maybe I can be happy with that.
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So last night, after I posted that YGO entry, I wrote a drabble for [ profile] ygodrabble, both because I always wanted to write for that last prompt and because I'm trying to revive the comm. Then I got out Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart and by now have actually finished the next chapter. I'm going to quickly review the rest of the story before I post it, to make sure I haven't left out any important points. I remember there's going to be a traditional heavy bad guy in white, like these adventure quest stories often have, and I had considered having part of the story take place in Germany. I'm not sure now if that latter element will happen, due to information the gang learned in the chapter I did right before this new one.

When I slept, I dreamed a Detective Conan dream. I'm not entirely sure why; maybe my mind was equating the bad guys in the YGO fic with the Black Org from Detective Conan. But so it was kind of a role-play and kind of a movie being acted out, with Shinichi on the trail of a new Black Org plot. Yes, he was his normal self, finally, and seemed to be able to stay that way. I was playing Shinichi in the movie we were filming. I don't know anyone else in the cast.

Gin and Vodka chased him down to the docks, Gin shot at him, and he pretended to be shot and fell in the water. When Gin went over to look down, Shinichi pulled him into the water and they started fighting. Shinichi eventually got away and Vodka was worried because Gin hadn't come back up. He was going to dive down and try to find him. I remember that I think my Vodka didn't know how to swim in the fics, but whatever. It was a nice hurt/comforty dream.

... Even though I was having trouble getting the other actors to focus on what I wanted to do and how I wanted the scene to go and they kept trying to move on to other things before I got my fill of hurt/comfort. Apparently I was the director as well as Shinichi. And when I wanted to do the hurt/comfort bits, I said I'd take over as Gin in order to have interaction with Vodka. It seemed like the same person was playing Gin and Vodka, which I know makes no sense for a live-action movie being filmed, but again, whatever.
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Woke up looking for tapes for my shows tonight and happened to glance at my YGO DVD set that's the first half of season 1. I plan to get some more of those at some point, but since I do have video copies of every episode in English, I haven't been bending over backwards to hurry and get more.

I was thinking on how I think my favorite arcs are the first two: Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. I liked Noa's arc up to the point where Tristan had his "accident"; as glad as I was that the robot monkey thing was all virtual reality and not real, that was still getting too, too weird for me. I did like Seto's duel with Noa, though.

When they finally got out of the VR world, the Battle Tower wrap-up of Battle City was mostly tedious. Every duel seemed to take forever. Yugi and Seto was six episodes. Seriously? Joey and Yami Marik was four and Yami Yugi and Yami Marik was five. The best thing about the Battle Tower episodes was the Ishtar family squee.

Doom arc I love for the bikers, but it's a really depressing arc, with Mai going bad because Yami Marik emotionally destroyed her during Battle City and so many characters losing their souls. Of course, there was soul loss during Duelist Kingdom too, but aside from Yugi's grandpa, it was for a much shorter time than in Doom arc. Or it seemed like it, anyway ... though I guess Mokuba spent quite a long time soulless. I love any scrap of screentime the bikers have, and Duke had some great scenes too, but I hate wading through all the depressing stuff.

Grand Prix was honestly a really nice break from all the heavy stuff. I love Siegfried and still delight to remember how he beat Weevil and Rex in one move. It was a fun, light-hearted arc, and aside from the awful Vivian, I quite enjoyed it. I didn't realize how much I and the characters needed a break from the dark stuff until Grand Prix came along. And to think I was lukewarm about it at first because it was filler.

The Pharaoh's Memories arc is ... I'm not sure. I like that they put Seto in it; not having him in the manga version of the arc was a terrible omission. But the anime version doesn't have as many of the deep scenes with Thief King Bakura that the manga does. And I have mixed feelings about the very last saga, where Yami Yugi crosses over to the afterlife at long last. It's great to think that he can finally be at rest and that Yugi has matured enough to stand on his own, but it's sad to think of them being separated. And the dub version cuts out the epilogue scene where it shows what most of the characters we've seen throughout the series are up to.

And I thought about Duke some more, too. He and Tristan have some interesting interaction. Tristan always seems worried about Duke if it looks like Duke is hurt or worse. There's some mini hurt/comfort in Noa's arc when Tristan wakes up and finds Duke slumped next to him. And Tristan really seems to freak out and be upset and distraught when Noa encases Duke in stone.

But it's hard for me to get past Tristan not trusting Duke. They weren't allowed to discuss their strategies when they and Serenity were forced to duel against one of the Big Five, and Tristan decided that Duke was just out for himself because his strategy didn't involve protecting Serenity even though that was not helping anything long-term and it was just causing Tristan's lifepoints to whittle down to nothing. The Big Five guy was deliberately targeting Serenity because he was trying to get the guys to protect her and lose the game for all three of them. Duke's strategy was to try to save all of them, not just Serenity, and he knew that if Tristan just let himself lose it wouldn't help any of them, including Serenity. But he couldn't say anything about it and Tristan didn't trust that he had a plan that would be good for everyone. So Tristan kept doing his own thing and did end up losing. Then it was up to Duke alone to win, since Serenity really didn't know how to play the game. (Although if I remember right, she did end up turning out a couple of cool moves.)

It's one thing for friends to argue all the time, if that's just how they show affection, but when they can't even trust each other during life-and-death situations, it's really hard for me to believe that they're really close. I guess that's why the common fangirl ideas of Duke and Tristan as being really close friends (or even lovers) just leaves me cold. Tristan might be upset for Duke to be hurt or killed, but most decent people would be upset by that. If he can't trust Duke, after Duke should have already proven himself an ally, there's something wrong somewhere.

Of course, there is the fact that from the time Tristan and Serenity were saved from Rare Hunters by Duke to the beginning of Noa's arc was, I believe, one 24-hour period. Yes, this show really crams a lot of adventures into one day, just like what happens in a lot of my stories. Tristan and Duke had that fight on the roof in between (and the dub really made Duke sound awful in it, whereas in the Japanese he didn't say anything like that) and their rivalry over Serenity was definitely well-established. Naturally Tristan's distrust of Duke had a lot to do with his crush on Serenity and his feeling that Duke wasn't good for her (and perhaps anime Duke really wouldn't be; I still detest the changes they made to his character for his anime introduction arc). And the short period of time between events didn't allow for Tristan and Duke to really become friends. Tristan's distress over Duke's fate at Noa's hands was not the distress of someone who has lost a dear friend. They didn't know each other well enough for that.

The rest of Noa's arc may have taken place over the course of one day; I'm still unclear how long they were there. Battle Tower was all one day, I think, and then Duke went his own way again. He and Tristan may have been willing to bunk together out of necessity in both Battle City and Doom arcs, but neither arc had them having known each other enough to be doing that because they were close. However, out of all of Yugi's friends, Tristan is probably the one Duke has had the most interaction with and the one he felt most comfortable with. I can't see Duke bunking with Joey, for instance.

Then there's the fact that Yugi and company didn't even tell Duke about things in Pharaoh's Memories arc; Yugi felt guilty and admitted that he had forgotten. Duke said he understood, and he probably did; he was a loner and only came on their adventures if he either invited himself or was dragged into it by the bad guys. But perhaps he was a loner partially because he didn't fully feel like he had been accepted into the circle. Yugi wouldn't forget to tell Joey, Tristan, and Tea, so for Duke to be omitted definitely says that he is not as deeply in the friendship as the original four. And it doesn't help that his business is right across the street from Yugi's house. It seems pretty hard to forget a friend if they're right there.

I'm sure the fault is a bit on both sides; Duke is a loner and maybe Yugi and company think he prefers it that way. Maybe he does, but the fact that he comes right out with Yugi's grandpa as soon as he does find out what's going on suggests that at least part of him does want to be involved. It's a sticky problem, and in my fic Desperado I tried to explore it from both sides.

My YGO fics are mainly divided into two groups. The earlier ones, which I wrote while the show was still airing in first-run, have the whole group as buddy-buddy, including Duke. A couple years after the show finished, I started writing for it again, and reviewing the episodes gave me new perspectives on things, including how Duke sometimes seems excluded from the tight-knit group of the original four. In addition, the manga strongly suggests that Duke is not really part of the group and still doesn't fully grasp the idea of friendship. Those newer fics, up to the present, follow those concepts, especially anime-wise. But he does come to realize the value and reality of friendship, mostly through the store manager character who is obviously pretty close to him judging from their canonical conversation in episode #46.

I'm not sure I can ever un-see those concepts. I always explored the loner-Duke idea to some extent; even when writing the first batch of stories, the song Where Will You Go? was always Duke's image song, and he was quite a loner in the RP with Aubrie. So I guess I've just expanded on those ideas since then.

I feel like re-reading some of those fics and maybe writing some more. I often feel like that and don't really do it, but maybe this time I will.

I kind of wish I could do a Duke RP exploring some more of these ideas, but it would probably need to be a clean-slate RP and not one deeply entwined in canon of its own, so that is unlikely to be able to happen. Once I get an RP going with someone, it very quickly develops canon of its own, which is the case with the one steady RP I currently have going that sometimes involves YGO characters. And its Duke arcs have already covered some of those ideas, as well as the events of my Lead Me Through the Fire and Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart fics.

I miss the days when I had several RPs going at once. But I'm of course grateful to have any RPs still going at all. They are fun times.
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I stole something from Tumblr again. This was on Gwen's Tumblr, but I'm not sure if she wrote it or was just posting it from someone else. (It wasn't a reblog.)

50 question meme )

I was also tagged to answer some questions that Kohaku and Trix wrote. I don't use my Tumblr for posting memes and such, so I decided to bring those over here too. Trix's first, then Kohaku's, which is the order I saw them.

Two more quizzes )
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So I re-read the second of my two fics in what I call the "Alone Again, Naturally" verse. That version of Duke is certainly depressing, having gone through two marriages that didn't work out, still pining for Serenity, and feeling bitter and hurt over believing he was excluded from Yugi's group (whether they meant to do it or not).

I still agree with Duke's feelings on the latter issue and still feel that, whether they meant to or not, in the series Yugi and company did exclude Duke from their tightest circle of friendship. (I don't think anyone managed to penetrate that circle, really; the original four were just too close.) But it was interesting comparing that verse with the "Commiseration" verse, which I invented more recently.

Commiseration verse happened because I still really liked the idea of Duke as a loner and going off to be a professional gambler, but I wanted to see what would happen if he did that in a verse where he really wasn't alone. So it became another possible branch-off of the Lead Me Through the Fire verse and how Duke handled his grief over David's death following that fic. Duke and Serenity are a couple, but Duke still can't come to terms with feeling that David's death is his fault. He feels it's unfair to Serenity for him to be around in such a miserable state, as well as feeling like he just can't deal with being around reminders of David all the time, so he packs up and goes to Gardena in Los Angeles, where casino-style gambling is legal.

Duke in Commiseration verse also feels excluded from Yugi's group, but he's not extremely bitter and cynical over it. He's accepted it and long ago moved on from that. He has Serenity and that's enough for him. He just wishes he still had David too, and is seeking a way to do the impossible and reverse the death.

He meets assorted strange characters along the way, including his cynical and brooding boss, Slim Marcus (from Perry Mason), and Snakes Tolliver, a fellow gambler (of course, from The Wild Wild West). He and Snakes have ended up quite close, with Duke aware of Snakes' true past and Snakes having agreed to a partnership to try to help Duke find a way to get David back. Despite Snakes' cowardice and self-serving nature, he proves a worthy friend when Duke needs him.

I've debated over whether Commiseration verse should tie up with the Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart sequel to Lead Me, with Snakes being involved in the eventual discovery of this strange place in Egypt where Duke goes to reverse time, or if Commiseration verse should be completely separate. If separate, Duke most likely never does come up with a real way to revive David, but he has found Snakes and is grateful for his new friend. If connected, Snakes would forget everything about his and Duke's involvement once Duke reverses time, but he would regain those memories once the spell unravels and everyone starts to remember the truth.

Overall, Duke in Commiseration verse is younger, perhaps more naive, and certainly not bitter like Duke in the Alone Again verse. I kind of think Commiseration verse Duke is more like manga Duke than Alone Again Duke is (who is more like a combination of both anime and manga Dukes). Commiseration Duke, having Serenity, feels no need to reach out to random girls and flirt to be noticed. (And he may or may not have done that to begin with, before Serenity; manga Duke does not, at least not much.) Alone Again Duke, having no one, flirts all the time because he longs to be noticed, even if by someone only superficially interested in him. He thinks that's preferable to being home with supposed friends who ignore him.

Then that runs a slight parallel with Snakes in my headcanon for him, with him having hung around saloon girls a lot when he was a riverboat gambler. He knew they only wanted his money, but he was embittered from girls not wanting him because of his scar, so he took whatever he could get.

Snakes is fond of Duke, calling him "kid" and being rather protective of him. He is, perhaps, to some extent, what Duke could have been in another time and place (like the Alone Again verse; Snakes was always alone). Duke wouldn't have become a criminal, most likely, but the other parallels still stand. Snakes may see in Duke someone a bit like him when he was younger and before he bitterly decided that trying to help people only resulted in hurt. Snakes also, however, envies Duke a bit for having things Snakes never had (a loyal friend, even if dead now, and a loving girlfriend). He feels that Duke should give up the quest of trying to bring back the dead, but will support him in it as long as he pursues it.

Snakes is older, cynical, and knows a harsh reality to the world that Duke doesn't, even with Duke's dark upbringing by his hateful father. Duke, in turn, knows a different type of harsh reality, but also has the light of what he discovered from having David and Serenity around. He and Snakes each have something to offer the other in their unique friendship.

Oh, and one final comparison between the Dukes: Alone Again Duke is obnoxious (mostly as a front). Commiseration Duke is just sad. No front, no facades. He's burned out on them.

I'm not even sure Alone Again Duke had a David as a friend. I never mentioned David in that verse, because I figured he either wasn't there or else was just Duke's manager and nothing more. And if Alone Again Duke never had anybody, gah, how horrible for him.

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May. 26th, 2013 07:21 am
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So I did end up writing a little fic for Footprints and hope to write some others. Gah, it was heartbreaking writing from H.M.'s character's point-of-view. In reviewing the revelation scene, I determined not only that the girl has matured beyond her old desire to be wealthy and rich, but that he was looking for her every day after her disappearance in the past. Oh gosh.

I'm still not quite sure how to interpret her disappearance, either. It seems to be half-metaphoric; it's definitely running parallel to the number of people who had dreams of Hollywood and never made it and quietly faded out of the public eye. But it's also quite literal. She really disappeared, for fifty-two years, and then suddenly popped up, still young, and with amnesia.

So what happened to her? Was she abducted and killed? Hit-and-run? Dead in any number of other ways but was allowed a second chance at life? Did she time travel instead and never died?

The creator encourages the viewers to come away with their own interpretations of things, so I'm guessing that's one of the blanks he wants them to fill in whatever way they feel is best. (I'm also hoping that means he wouldn't frown upon fanfics.)

And then there's the strange crossover piece I wrote with Duke Devlin and Snakes Tolliver. I keep picturing Snakes as a gambler, which makes me think of this idea I have where Duke goes off to Los Angeles to get away from Domino after he has a meltdown following Lead Me Through the Fire. Duke gets hired by one of H.M.'s Perry Mason characters to come work in his casino. And Snakes comes to the casino to gamble, he and Duke play poker, and eventually strike up a weird partnership with Duke excited over Snakes being from the past and hoping Snakes can help him find a way to get David back.

I'm not quite sure how the piece fits into the canon of Lead Me Through the Fire and the sequel, since much less time is supposed to pass between them, while this other, new timeline makes it seem like at least a couple of years before Duke discovers a way to bring David back.

I'm also not sure how it fits in between The Night of the Time Travel and The Night of the Deadly Codename, particularly considering what I had planned for Snakes in the latter.

The latter fic is heading towards the climax, and while I don't want to get there too fast, I don't want to drag it out, either. I'm thinking I need to start preparing to hit the climax within the next chapter or so, however.

It's going to be strange to get done with that fic. It's supposed to be the last in the series, although I will leave things open enough that I can write more if I get a plunnie. And I plan in any case that I'll be writing supplemental Livejournal-only material.


Nov. 25th, 2012 02:34 am
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I won the last round at [ profile] ygodrabble, and I just saw the banner that was made for me. Gah, I love it! **hugs it.**

Enter next time for the chance to win your own banner!
Challenge #079 – Trump Card

Being the winner, I submitted the prompt for the current round, and I just put up my piece for that when I saw this banner from the past round. I can't quite remember whether the person submitting the new prompt can write for that prompt, but I thought so. I figure it can be discounted from the voting if that's not acceptable. I just wanted to get the piece written.
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I made pants!

Not very exciting for the heavily craft-minded people, I suppose, but for someone whose sewing projects through the years have almost always resulted in utter disaster, I was thrilled to have managed to make something that actually fit. They're definitely the work of an amateur; one leg is a bit wider than the other, the waist may be slightly tight, but they fit and I'm so glad. I was terrified that they would be too small.

Also, my sewing has improved. My stitches are so lovely and small and neat. They were big and sloppy and a mess when I was a kid. Yes, I am sewing everything by hand. I prefer it, actually; I can sew anywhere, as opposed to setting up the machine in the living room each time. And I feel I have more control. For an amateur like me, hand-sewing seems the best way to go when it's small stuff. I really only like using the machine if I'm sewing cosplay stuff for myself to wear.

Strangely, what was far more complicated than the pants was making ears. Yes, this pre-made plush did not come with ears. I had quite a battle with them. Each one I had to do over about two or three times. And I probably sewed them on wrong. But I'm fairly happy with the shapes I finally got, at least.

Over the weekend I'll be tackling the shirt and jacket. They don't seem too complicated. For both that and the pants, I've been using these awesome tutorials I found on dA a while back.

What I'm really nervous about is attaching the hair. I'll probably have to use one of those curved carpet needles that I usually use to sew up holes in furry plush. I hate those things.

I found something on eBay that looks like it might work for the hair, and I hope it will, because nothing locally seems to. I hate buying fabric-related items without being able to see and touch them in person, but I figured this thing finally looked close enough in color and style and I should grab it up while I could. I was just in time too; there was only one left.

No one has seen my progress except me. I kind of like that, too. If possible, I'd like to keep it that way until I'm all done, and then display the finished product. It might not work out that way, but we'll see.

And I've been having such fun with this in general that I've actually considered maybe making others in the future. I'd still like a Duke plush. And one of his friend/manager David would be awesome. I'd probably never get around to either project, but it's neat to think about. JoAnn's has the most awesome accessories; they even have little glasses for dolls!
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Today has not been my day for writing. Instead I've been wasting copious amounts of time all over the place!

Here, have this picture before I ramble:

I have learned again that the fanfic situation concerning Duke is ... blah. Pretty much all that turns up is various romantic stuff and/or humor. I think I'm just about the only one on who writes serious, dark Duke stories (except for a couple I have Favorited). And without fail, the only other stories about him that are serious and dark also have the manga backstory as a base. Gah, things would probably be so much different for Duke in the fanbase if the anime had only used the manga for its Duke introduction! He is a serious and dark character in the manga and not really that much of a flirt. Instead, he's mostly remembered by the fans for those awful cheerleaders and other anime-only stunts. Even stuff like his cynicism and realistic outlook, which made it into the anime, is usually overlooked.

I know I shouldn't be surprised at not being able to find anything good to read, but I guess I'm spoiled after all the wonderful stuff that turns up at [ profile] ygodrabble. I wish there were more Duke fics there.

I also wish I wasn't the only person (aside from the occasional fanwork of Crystal's) who writes and draws stuff concerning Duke's snarky store manager. Gosh, he's so fun. And there is an absolutely fascinating relationship that YGO fans are totally overlooking. He and Duke are definitely close. You don't call your boss "Dukey-boy" and get away with it unless there's some kind of friendship or other bond there. I've seen their scene in Japanese as well and feel the same about them being close.

And I am thrilled and excited with Hawaii 5-O! (Old version.) Eeee, an intense two-part opener for season 8 with Harry Guardino as the main good guy guest-star (I will forever have a soft spot for him after seeing him play a wonderful Hamilton Burger in The New Perry Mason) and a plot twist that helps me work out a problem I've been having with my fic The Denying Detective! Now if I can just get over the roadblock of the current scene I'm fighting with.

... And if I can just settle down and get into a writing mood, period. I am bouncing off the walls, wasting time, and rambling away instead.

Also, I am rather intrigued that when I searched "Hamilton Burger" on dA once again, and they searched by popularity of art pieces, my little sketch came up before something that's been there for years.

Leon did come out looking a bit similar in some respects to David Tanaka, but I tried to make them different. (And Leon really wasn't meant to have hair like that in the first place. It just ... happened.) Poor Leon, another neglected character like David, with close ties to a major main character.
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I know there are at least a couple of Duke fans on the Friends list, so I thought I'd drop a note. I wrote a ficlet yesterday morning revolving around the song Leave Out All the Rest and posted it. Reviews are loved! (I would especially enjoy seeing them pop up on, but I'd be happy seeing them anywhere.)

I tried writing a different version first, one that showed the dream before launching into the scene in reality. But somehow I just didn't like it at all. This second version only takes place in reality, with Duke simply talking about the dream after the fact. I think for this particular fic, that really worked better.

... And I find it absolutely squeeful that Richard Anderson is on Facebook and Blogspot! He hasn't seemed to manage to find time to update the Blogspot, but it's squeeable anyway. If I can figure out how and where, I wanna drop him a line.

And for anyone else who likes Richard Anderson, I am developing a plunnie involving his guest-starring character from The Wild Wild West. The episode itself actually supports the idea, via a costuming mistake!
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I promised I would edit the post with anything else I found that fit, and now I have done exactly that. It's the new #6, with "Human" still claiming the last spot at #7. And for any interested parties who haven't seen this post in the first place, well, the whole thing will be a new experience for you. ;)

Gah, now I want to use my new Duke image song to write a short fic. And I really should be working on my Broken Ties theme set. I did write a whole other scene for theme #19 before I uploaded it earlier, but I must keep going! I still haven't written #24 yet, or #27, #28, or #31. Once they're done, I need to write #1, #3, and #4 for Amnesty Day. I already wrote #2; I couldn't resist because of the subject matter for it.

I forced myself to write the Hamilton and Mignon theme set in order, but I couldn't seem to make myself do that with my current theme set. Maybe because of how important chronology is to this set and there's no chronology in the theme order. Before I print them, I think I'll arrange them in chronological order.

I know I wanted to write an entry for another purpose, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I probably will as soon as this is posted.

EDIT: ... Of course. I remember now. I determined what Florence will probably do when she enacts her plan in the mystery after The Denying Detective. The Forbidden Box hasn't been able to be destroyed, as she was sure it couldn't be, and she manages to steal it back. (Or has someone do it for her.) Then she sets up a world where she rules as dark queen. She has much higher ambitions than Vivalene.

I keep thinking the song Village Lanterne by Blackmore's Night has something to do with the story. I usually associate it with Hamilton. And of course, Hamilton and Paul were the stars of The Broken Ties, which ties in with this plot. But I also figure Hamilton was kicked around enough by Vivalene and Florence would probably mostly ignore him, since she has no grudge against him. I kind of wonder if Perry should feel that it is his responsibility to stop the madness and he sets out on a quest to do so. Of course, everyone joins him. A Fellowship, yay! And I wonder whether there should be something in the climax where it looks like Perry sacrifices himself to stop Florence. If so, I don't think they would have a body; there would be a big magic explosion and after some horrified mourning, Perry would stumble out.

Also, I'm torn between what Florence's world would look like. I usually picture a sort-of pseudo apocalyptic fantasy world in plotlines where a dark ruler takes over the world. And that makes for much more interesting scenery. Much forestry and mysterious things! And yet I don't think that would be Florence's world. I think she would want things to stay technologically advanced and urban. Maybe a forest could play some role in it, though.

It probably will be posted to, especially if Perry has a prominent role. Of course, even if he does, Hamilton will be right there with him and probably Della and most likely Paul as the major main characters.
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... I almost called it Dreamworks.

Apparently I meant to do this one last May, and never got around to it.

I get restless doing these quizzes lately. I start one because I want a little break, but long before I'm done I start getting edgy and feeling like I'm wasting time. But since I've started it, I like to finish it.

I'm working on my experiment with Hamilton and Mignon and the [ profile] 31_days themes for next month. I have three done so far, more or less.


Nov. 8th, 2011 02:11 am
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It's been rather hectic the past couple of weeks. I haven't had much time for writing on LJ, nor really anything I wanted badly enough to report here.

Tonight I've been busy working on this: I'm quite proud of it.

And as the Christmas season comes upon us, I find for some reason that the music and the lights from my little trees reminds me strongly of YGO and makes me want to write something with Duke. What that would be, I haven't the faintest idea. Maybe I should try to pick up Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart again. Or write something in the Alone Again timeline. I was quite intrigued with the two stories I did for that.

Also, Once Upon a Time is a really exciting and original TV series. It, and A Gifted Man, are two shows I'm following this season. I haven't been so interested in recent TV shows for some time. I like Once Upon a Time the best, but A Gifted Man is improving. I've had some serious issues with some of the themes and presentation in that one, which I may or may not rant on later. But I will say Anna is one of the most annoying characters I've encountered lately. The most recent episode is the only time she didn't aggravate me even once, so I hope that's a good sign.
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I had an odd dream that involved David. Because of it I read through the currently existing chapters of Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart and started hoping again to get it going once more. I even finally picked a prompt for the next chapter, something I've been braindead about for months. This time one leaped out at me. Maybe that means it's finally time.

While looking for the file on a floppy, I found something else. One of the other possible follow-ups to Lead Me Through the Fire was this, liked and encouraged by Lisa. I never did quite finish it, and I'm not sure I will for several reasons, including that I like the darker idea of Duke reversing time to get David back much better. (Also because I've never been that crazy about the concept explored here. I only tried it because it brought about some intense interactions.) So here. Have it as it currently is.

While you were sleeping )

Anime Quiz

Nov. 11th, 2010 11:58 pm
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Kaze took this on Facebook, but I didn't really want to post mine on Facebook. I try to keep my fandom life separate from my real life, and Facebook is kind of a halfway point.

I shouldn't have wasted time taking this thing; I need to be writing! But it was fun.

* First anime you remember watching as a child? Yu-Gi-Oh! The original Duel Monsters YGO, the only really good YGO and the sole one I will acknowledge as canon.

* First anime you purchased? Most likely Yu-Gi-Oh!

* First anime series you watched and completed? Ho boy, that's a tough one. Magic Knight Rayearth, maybe?

* Favorite female anime character? Meroko Yui from Full Moon wo Sagashite is definitely way up there, of course. But Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop and Tea Gardner from Yu-Gi-Oh! are also high on my list. Oh, and of course, Ahiru from Princess Tutu. She's adorable! And then there's Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach. If I was going to narrow it down to just one, I would *probably* pick Ahiru.

* Favorite male anime character? Autor from Princess Tutu. He's the aloof, serious, refined type of character I almost always gravitate towards. And he wears glasses, which is just a nice extra. Yes, I think glasses are attractive on guys. It might be because of how intelligent and educated it makes them look.

I mused on something recently: there seems to be two main types of aloof characters, those with/leaning towards ice and those with/leaning towards fire. I will almost always like the ice ones best. The fire ones tend to be less refined, and/or prideful in a way I find annoying. The ice ones are generally proud as well, but not in a way I usually find annoying.

* Most annoying anime character you have ever come across? Lilie from Princess Tutu. She wishes tragedy to befall everyone, even or especially her supposed friends. Who needs an enemy with her around?

* Best ‘bad guy’ you’ve seen in anime? That would depend on what defines "best." Yami Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh! is certainly a good bad guy to use in stuff if you want an intense, angst-driven plot. He has no remorse for anything and wants to kill everyone until he's the last person left. He is messed up. And when he's created from Marik's dark feelings, I doubt he has any good in him at all (contrary to what some fanfic writers like to think).

As far as complex, however, Yami Bakura/Thief King Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh! is definitely the one you want. His past is horrifying and tragic, his views on good and evil are intriguing and have some merit to them, and he's just plain fun. I feel awful saying the latter about an antagonist, but it's true for me, at least. Also, I love the hints throughout the anime and manga that he perhaps cares about Bakura, maybe as more than just a needed vessel.

* What mecha would you love to pilot? A Gundam from New Mobile Report Gundam Wing.

* Which anime ‘world’ would you like to be a part of? I don't know that I'd really want to be part of any anime world. That would be like a self-insertion, wouldn't it? Besides, while I love writing about the characters' adventures, I'm not sure I'd want to go on any of them myself.

I used to want to be a Sailor Senshi from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon pretty badly, but I got over that. I wouldn't really like a lifestyle that those girls have, being forced to drop everything in their normal lives to fight creepy monsters and other villains day in and day out.

* Name an anime that went way above your expectations? Yu-Gi-Oh! And Princess Tutu, also. Though I think just about every anime I've watched was more amazing than I ever imagined it could be. Gundam Wing and Magic Knight Rayearth are others.

* Name an anime that was bitterly disappointing? I can't think of any anime that I found bitterly disappointing. Though I was disappointed by the ending of Princess Tutu the first time I saw it. But over the years I've come to love it. I think it was the best ending possible considering the direction the show started to turn. And there's always fanfictions to continue the characters' adventures and allow Ahiru to be human again.

The ending of Shaman King was quite unsatisfying, but the non-ending in the manga is much worse. I never really liked that show, but I watched it when there wasn't anything on that I wanted to see more.

* Name the most obscure/ ‘unpopular’ anime you’ve seen? Probably Princess Tutu, sadly. We're a small fandom. But we are devoted! Though maybe Sakura Wars is the most obscure, when I think of it. I wasn't able to find much of a fandom at all for it. Which is a shame, because the TV series is really neat!

* Favorite anime theme song? Moonlight Densetsu (Legend) from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. And Morning Grace from Princess Tutu.

* Favorite anime at the moment? Princess Tutu.

* Do you read manga as well? Yes. I don't like reading it (or any books) online, so I will almost always read it in hard copies. I have about half (or maybe a little over half) of the YGO manga. Someday I will own them all. It's the main one I'm working on collecting at the moment, but I have assorted volumes of other manga series as well. And I own all the volumes of both Full Moon wo Sagashite and Tokyo Mew Mew.

* What is your favorite manga? Hmmm. As far as manga stories, Duke's introduction in YGO Duelist manga #9 and #10. Yes, it was dark, but that made it good! And Duke was so much deeper and better than in his anime introduction. Also, the Pharaoh's Memories arc. It was better in the manga; Thief King Bakura had more depth. But other than those things, I prefer YGO in the anime.

As for favorite manga series overall, however, I can't decide whether it would be Full Moon wo Sagashite or Tokyo Mew Mew. Full Moon is deeper, but Tokyo Mew Mew is so cute and sweet.

* What anime are you currently watching for the first time? None.

* What is one anime that everyone should see? Princess Tutu.

Duke Songs

Aug. 21st, 2010 10:48 am
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You know what? I've had this thing kicking around for months. I think I'll just go ahead and post it.

It's a fanmix of sorts, but more of a poor man's fanmix. Songs stream instead of being downloaded. If you want the songs, go buy them. ;) And it's not a full-length fanmix; it's more of an EP. LOL. Finding Duke songs is always difficult. It has to be just right. But if any more turn up, I'll edit this and include them.

EDIT on May 19th, 2012: I found another one!

Where Will You Go? )
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... July 7th? I totally forgot, today is Mokuba's birthday.

I think I just took one of these five questions memes very recently, so I'm not sure I could already think of five new questions to ask everyone. XD; But here's my answers to what [ profile] nuitsongeur asked me. ^^ If anyone really wants more questions, let me know and I'll see if I can think of some.

1. Do you prefer RP or fanfiction writing? It depends. RP is actually sometimes an exercise for fic-writing, because it allows for interaction with others and gives insight into other versions of characters I might write in fics. Then I sometimes am introduced to ideas concerning them that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. So RPs can help improve my writing. And RPs are also just plain fun. I love the interaction. But RPs can also only continue while the other players are around, while fics can be written at any time. And since there are other players, compromises sometimes have to be made in what to do with the characters and the plot. Overall, I probably prefer fics a little more, because I can fully explore and develop my own verses.
2. What is your OTP, of any fandom, friendship-wise? Only one friendship OTP? Oooh, what to pick.... I'm not sure I have any one I love more than any other, since when my attention is focused on a specific one, it's the one I'm most enthused about at that time. But then I focus on others and the circle goes on.

At this particular time, for YGO I am most interested in Duke and David. I really wish David would have turned up more in canon. The scene between him and Duke in the upper room of the Black Crown was so intriguing. What interests me most is that Duke confided in him about his true motives. And David was actually bold enough, or stupid enough, or something, to tell Duke he may have gotten in over his head. And of course the infamous "Otogi-chan"/"Dukey-boy" nicknames. No one could get away with that if Duke didn't trust him. (Well, of course Pegasus gets away with all kinds of silly nicknames for everyone, but that's different.) And it would be very asinine to call your new boss a silly nickname if you didn't know him well. Duke ignores the nicknames in both versions, suggesting that it's something he's used to. Especially note how tense he is in the dub; he tells David never to question him. If he was going to be mad about the nickname, that would have been a good place to insert a scolding for that, as well.

For Princess Tutu, I love the dynamics between Fakir, Autor, and Ahiru. But I also love pairing them off and exploring the friendships between Fakir and Autor and Autor and Ahiru. Of course, Fakir and Ahiru interaction is also very much enjoyed by me. So far I mostly explore the friendship angle, though I have mentioned off and on that they have other feelings for each other. They're pretty young for anything serious, though (especially if Ahiru is around 13), and I'd rather not have romance as a driving factor in my fics, so I largely leave that alone.

At the moment, I've been extremely focused on Autor and Ahiru friendship. They have barely any canon interaction, but there's so much interesting potential. I think Ahiru could come to like Autor in time, especially seeing his kinder side. The follow-up seems to indicate that Autor has softened towards her; he addresses her as "Ahiru-kun" and acts friendly towards her. And while I don't accept the actual events of the follow-up into my canon, the characters' personalities and feelings themselves I do indeed embrace. And it would just be too horribly sad if Autor thinks of Ahiru as a friend and she never reciprocates.

In my timeline, Ahiru does come to like him and is trying to reach out to him in friendship. He is afraid of forming friendships, and covers that up by saying he doesn't need that sort of thing, but deep down he has thought of her as a friend for some time. He eventually recognizes that and their relationship deepens to the point where they decide they have familial feelings towards each other.
3. Which character in YGO do you identify more with? Oooh. Hmmm. I remember the days of Aubrie saying she associated Alister with me, and he certainly has been one I've closely identified with. Blunt and serious and with an apparent interest in impersonations. He acts tough, but deep down he's still a frightened, hurting boy.

Bakura, also, is one I can identify with in some ways. Quiet and reserved, but always full of surprises and a love of eating. LOL.

I guess overall, though, there's no one whom I identify with extremely, especially when the majority of the cast has had all some tragedy in their lives. I probably most closely identify with the ones who have lived relatively normal lives up to the start of the show, like Yugi, Tea, and Tristan.
4. When writing h/c, do you prefer writing the angstiest scene or, rather, the scene where everything gets better, if that happens? I prefer writing the darkest part, either the onset of the scene or the pain and anguish that follows. I love the joyous part at the end, but I sometimes find it hard to write. XD; When I write blurbs, sometimes the happy ending never comes. Characters die a lot more frequently in blurbs than in fics. Or at least they seem to die. LOL. They might actually revive were I to continue the blurbs.
5. Have you ever seen Avatar: the Last Airbender? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, I highly suggest it- it seems like something you would enjoy. :D I have not seen it, but I've meant to try it! It seems very interesting.
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1. Which is your favorite fic? Lead Me Through the Fire, for Yu-Gi-Oh! Life After the Tears, also for YGO, would be a close second. They're both very dark and somewhat departures for me, Lead Me Through the Fire in particular.

2. Which is your best-received fic? If that means the number of reviews, it would be Frantic in Frisco, one of my old YGO mysteries. Last I knew, it had close to 300 reviews.

If it means simply the one with the most praising of comments, I couldn't say.

3. Which is your worst-received fic? Any fic that is ignored? I dunno. Oh, maybe Nose Job for Diagnosis Murder. I had so many people tell me they didn't get the punchline, even though it was so obvious. **sigh.** Also, Lady in Red for the same fandom. It was meant as a "day in the life" snapshot kind of thing, but people hated on it because they said it was boring.

4. Which is your angsty-est fic? Probably Lead Me Through the Fire. Also, that Carmen Sandiego fic where Sean is in a coma, Alive Beneath the Snow. Unfortunately, that one burned me out so bad that I haven't felt comfortable writing angst for that fandom since. Scott falling off the roof in real life hasn't helped, either.

5. Which is your funniest fic? **shrugs.** I think Adventures in Thief-Sitting, for YGO, was pretty amusing. And What Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong, for Final Fantasy VII. I'm planning a hilariously cracky fic for Princess Tutu using the prompt New Jersey Vegetable Monster.

6. Saddest? Lead Me Through the Fire. Disastrous, intense mystery, with Duke forced to pretend he is dead and come back as a harsh, cold person, interacting with Yugi-tachi under that persona while they believe Duke is dead. Also, there was eventually a real character death.

Some of my FF7 fics that focus on Nibelheim and Sephiroth's madness would qualify too.

7. Fluffiest? Probably those Zack/Aerith squeefics. I don't often write out-and-out fluff, but they lend themselves to it so well. XD;

8. Have you ever made someone cry with your fic? Oh yes, on lots of fics.

9. Which fanfic frustrates you the most? Any fanfic I'm having trouble getting written. Think Back on Yesterday, for Princess Tutu, has been causing me grief. But I actually have chapter 7 almost done, so it is no longer the fic frustrating me the most.

Maybe The Diamond Rose Glass, for FF7. I'm so close to finishing it, but I can't quite grasp how I want the climax to go and I'm mad at myself for revealing something in chapter 12 that should have been saved for the next chapter.

10. Which fic was the most fun to write? Oh gosh. Hmm. I really couldn't pick just one. Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, for YGO, is a lot of fun. There's a mystery going on that ties in heavily with Lead Me Through the Fire, one that I'm anxious to reveal. I think there'll be some surprises.

The Diamond Rose Glass, despite my frustrations with it, was a ton of fun. I remember enjoying the descriptions of the bookstore and of Vincent's undercover work especially.

I also really enjoy my Princess Tutu ventures, particularly anything involving Autor and Fakir or Autor and Ahiru friendship. I really enjoyed writing Love is Not a Victory March, for the latter friendship, and the Phantom Hitchhiker trilogy, which more closely followed Autor and Fakir's friendship.

11. Which of the OCs you created is your favorite? Alexander. He inspired an entire race and culture, and hopefully someday, that novel will actually happen. He's like a kid, both with their innocence and their insight, and then occasionally he'll prove he's not as mild as he seems. If he gets blasting you, you're in trouble.

12. Are you better at oneshot or multipart? I think I'm equally good at both.

13. Which character portrayal do you think is your best? I'm particularly fond of my Siegfried von Schroider. He is an obnoxious, snarky jackass, but he's not a villain. He's very conflicted when it comes to his parents, as I've happily explored in detail in the few fics I've written for him.

I also am quite fond of my Autor. Everyone envisions him a bit differently, but I and some others see him as an innocent boy who doesn't really understand the seriousness of what's going on around him. I've matured his character and had him realize what a burden power can really be. He's also quite snarky, but insecure deep down, and he can become excited and enthusiastic over subjects he loves. He's new to having real friendships, but is trying his best with Fakir and Ahiru. He and Fakir mostly snark and banter at each other, or be awkward, while he's more open with Ahiru. He is coming to open up around Fakir as well, though.

A minor character in canon, to be sure, but I adore writing for Duke's store manager. His few lines in canon are intriguing, particularly how he notes Duke may have gotten in over his head. Duke seems to have confided in him, which is an intriguing angle. I like fleshing him out, especially portraying him as just an average guy who really doesn't want to get anywhere near danger and is afraid when he encounters something like a knife to the throat, but he doesn't run and is determined to see things through.

I also really like my portrayal of Duke and how I use mainly the manga backstory and personality for him, while adding the best of his anime counterpart. Duke is hence serious, cynical, and laden with facades.

14. What character is the most difficult to portray? I dunno. I also have trouble with Barry from Carmen Sandiego. I was really worried about my Rue, but I think I've managed to write her well after all. Though she isn't someone I'll be writing a lot for.

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