Mar. 8th, 2017 03:32 pm
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Yeah, the plunnies have really been biting. I just put up #32 in my Turtles fic series.

Since that's pretty much all I've been involved in fandom-wise for the last three months, I haven't posted anything here. Pretty much everything I've been up to can be seen on my site: Both fic links and pages of stuff about the fics. And fun things like figure photoshoots.

After much searching, I did finally get my Baxter figure, and also a second one to repaint as Barney. I also got most of the rest of the TMNT Classics line from Mega Bloks/Construx, including a couple of playsets on post-Christmas prices. I love them! The Turtle Van was fun to put together, albeit frustrating when I'd make a mistake and use the wrong piece. I'd forgotten how fun it is to build things with blocks.

I also bought one Nick series set to get the laptop accessory out of it and use it as the alien computer, who has become a major presence in my series. I will build the Nick playset to use with my Classics figures. I now have the Nick Baxter figure too, which I also turned human. Totally going WTH to Nick trolling the fans by having Nick Baxter turned human again, only he apparently decided he liked being a fly mutant better and wasn't happy about it, despite having wanted to be human again in the past. WTH. Of course, regardless, I don't think Nick Baxter's plight was ever quite as horrifying as 87 Baxter's. I think Nick Baxter was just normally mutated, while 87 Baxter was actually fused with a fly when Krang tried to murder him by disintegration and something went wrong. GAH.

Sometimes I feel guilty for doing what I did to Barney in my fics, given that I have him do far worse things than he did in the series. (That's him in my icon. He has red hair, Baxter has brown hair ... or blond, depending on your point of view.) But at least he did develop a conscience while I was writing the very first fic, so my original plan of "make Barney more like the 2003 Baxter in personality" didn't really happen. And he is finally on the road to redemption now. After reading someone's really dark story where Barney behaves ... really disturbing, I don't feel so guilty anymore for what I did.

In real-life, things were going relatively alright until one of my half-sisters killed herself last month. It rocked the family and I think we're all still dealing with it in our own ways. Me, I cope by writing various levels of hurt/comfort, including finishing the fic I was doing at the time it happened, one where Barney is thought dead, and the one I just did where Baxter is thought dead. I can never get enough of writing tragedies that turn out happy. It's so nice to be able to manipulate fiction since I can't do a thing about reality.


Feb. 1st, 2016 02:02 am
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The last time I was asleep, I spent most of it dreaming about Roger Moore's James Bond. Which ... sounds highly embarrassing out of context, since it sounds like I'm swooning over the character.

The truth is just that I've had the character on the brain for the last couple of days. We had a family thing up at the gorgeous place of one of my paternal aunt's and then I got to go to the big F.Y.E. afterwards. They were clearancing certain stuff and I'm afraid I spent over an hour going through everything.

But first things first. My aunt's house. Gah, I loved it! Cute entryway room, giant living room and dining room, a kitchen with counter space, a hallway with a bathroom for each bedroom and an awesome alcove in the hall for DVDs and collector's dolls to be displayed.... My aunt apparently collects them; they're also all over her room, along with other fascinating old things like old vinyl records. (I know vinyl is popular again, but I'm pretty sure the records I saw were from when it was popular before.) I was in love with the house and the way she styled it. I felt a little like I was in an antique shop. I didn't go in the basement, but I imagine it was pretty amazing too.

Then the big F.Y.E. It's always so nice to go there. I'm there maybe once or twice a year, if I'm lucky; usually I can only go to the small F.Y.E. in a mall closer to home. There's always so many fascinating pop culture collectibles. I'll admit my main purpose in going was on the off-chance that maybe I could find a figure based on Roger Moore's James Bond or some other such memorabilia. No luck there, but I did see all of the movies, naturally. I got scared away from the first one due to the pictures on the case and wasn't sure what to make of any of the others. I decided to take [ profile] 1bigbeatlesfan up on her offer of the Moonraker DVD. Reading the summaries again, as I previously did some time ago, it sounded like it might be the one I'd be the most comfortable with and a good one to start with. Then my brother has the last three of Roger's James Bond movies among the video collection he let us have, but the problem with that is that our only working VCR is in the living room, where there's a high chance of being interrupted while watching....

I also wanted to see if I could find either The King's Thief or Gold of the Seven Saints. No luck there, although I was told they actually do carry the latter and were just out. It'd probably be pretty expensive there anyway, though. And then I sort of hoped maybe a few Ivanhoe episodes had been released to DVD. No apparent luck there, either. I wish Columbia would release that. And Circus Boy, if they've never put that on DVD. I'm still missing a few episodes from Antenna TV's run, and I'm not sure which ones.

Regarding Gold of the Seven Saints, it has one of those rather irritating plots where they're trying to keep the gold but of course lose it in the end. But on the upside, there's tons of friendship squee and hurt/comfort, according to the summary. Roger's character is hurt and some of the plot is taken up with getting him to a doctor. Then later, the bad guys kidnap and torture him and his friend has to save him. Gah! And it sounds like they're always loyal to each other and don't betray each other for the gold, which is a breath of fresh air in movies like that.

(Then I heard Roger sing again, on The Persuaders!, and it was pretty awesome. Squeeee.)

I was also thinking about an amusing James Bond-related moment, although I think this was based on Daniel Craig's Bond rather than Roger's. There's this silly, nutty sketch comedy show called Studio C. Mom doesn't like it and I haven't seen enough to judge, but one time the TV was on to the channel and we came home from getting groceries and I was taking care of them while watching the show and there was this hilarious James Bond parody where he comes to get the new gadgets for his case. I don't even remember now what most of them were, except I remember the girl tried to give him this bizarre gun that would only fire if he wasn't stressed. And he was in disbelief and exclaiming, "My life is filled with stress! People are shooting at me every day!" ROTFLOL. I wonder if I could find that on YouTube....

EDIT: Found it! ROTFLOL.

And switching gears to talk about a character played by my other favorite British-born actor.... I finally got unstuck on the Maverick story where Bret tells of how he and Snakes met. I finished that, wrote the one where he meets Snakes in a saloon, and then started my fic idea of Beau meeting Jack Vandergelt. Snakes features into that one too. It will be another multi-chapter and I look forward to seeing how it will come out. I'm thrilled to have finally been able to pick up my Maverick stories again! I also want to write the one where the Mavericks react to Snakes' death, gah. That is going to be a bittersweet and sad one. And then I naturally won't be able to refrain from writing the story where Snakes comes back through the portal after his revival to find Beau and tell him he's okay. I'm just wondering how to handle that one without getting into the sci-fi elements of being brought back from the dead by a mad scientist, since I'm not sure the Maverick fans would react too well to that strangeness. Maybe Snakes can just say he's alive and let Beau see that he's alive and not get into the details. We'll have to see.
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I try not to let silly things irk me as much as in the past, when after reading a magazine article that showed the writer clearly didn't understand the Marik Ishtar character, I wrote a long letter to the magazine pointing out a bunch of things the writer either didn't understand or didn't know. I doubt I'll write a letter to the publishing company Little and Brown now. But ... I can't help feeling annoyed that on the case for a set of Equestria Girls novels, they made some actual errors about Sunset Shimmer when describing the book plots. You'd think that a case of the books would make an effort to get things right. Instead they make it sound like Sunset is still a problem for the characters following the first movie. They have the idiocy to say that the Dazzlings is her band, when in reality she had nothing to do with being in the band and instead wanted to stop them. And they call her "always rebellious."


Completely aside from the fact that she had a complete change of heart at the end of the first movie and wanted to be good and not rebellious, the books actually portray her as even more insecure in the succeeding adventures than the movies do. Even in the most recent book, the Friendship Games adaption, this is done. In the movie, a key scene has Applejack making a remark that could be taken as guilting Sunset about her past. But Applejack means it as a joke; they are close enough friends now that such jokes can be made. Sunset half-smirks in response; she knows it's a joke. But in the book, Sunset takes it as a way to guilt her and show they'll never forget what she did in the first movie.

Apparently the publishing company will certainly never forget, or forgive, since they want to portray her so unflatteringly on the box and even accuse her of things she didn't do. **headdesk.**

Saturday was an extremely long day. Where to even begin? I feel terrible everything took so long, especially since Mom wasn't feeling well enough to go and we had to leave her home and call in every little while or so. But things can't fully be explained on the phone, so she was still plenty worried and I felt plenty horrible at the time it took. Even moreso since some of the time didn't have to have been taken.

So let's see. We made good time getting to the church and made it for the viewing/wake, as we were aiming for. The following funeral service was lovely and all the kids spoke, but gah, it was so sad. They were all so sad and some of them kept breaking down. These were grown men. It was moving to see how much they loved their mother (and for most of them, she was a stepmother, but they still considered her a mom just like their other mom). But man, it was heartbreaking. I don't often cry at funerals, but it was a struggle not to cry at this one.

The luncheon for the family and close friends was pretty amazing. I've never been to a funeral luncheon like that before. It was Mexican food. There were giant tortillas to fill with beans, chicken, cheeeeese, salsa, avocado spread.... It was so awesome. And there was ice water and several kinds of cake.

We hadn't actually planned to go to the cemetery part of the service, since it was even farther away and Dad just didn't see how he could afford the gas. But then my sister offered that we could go with her and her youngest daughter. We had to make a spur of the moment decision because everyone was leaving right then. I was worried to go with someone else, since then we'd be captive to their whims, but I could tell Dad really wanted to go to the cemetery, and I did too, really, if we could manage it. And I hoped it wouldn't take too long afterwards to come back to the car. So I figured we'd better try it. He left the decision up to me and I didn't want to be responsible for Dad not getting to go.

She didn't seem to know her way around too well for some reason, but her daughter set up the Google Maps app on the phone and used that to guide her up to the city where the burial would be. This was where we all used to live, and the cemetery is one of my favorites ever. It's so huge and old and mysterious.

The burial plot was in the newer section, so we drove over there, my sister got us to the wrong burial service even though we told her it was by the fence, and we had to try again. That time it went right and we arrived early.

I was surprised not to see the jagged triangular headstone in the area. I had thought it was right near the family plots in that area. Since there was a little extra time, I wandered off to find it. That thing creeped me out so bad as a kid, but it morbidly intrigued me too. It's just so unique. And then it's also creepy to me because from a distance, the only thing you can see written on it is the surname going vertically down the stone. The name is unusual and it's similar to the name of an aunt (just minus one letter), which only adds to the unsettling nature of it. I've tried to put it in every cemetery picture I've drawn (albeit I don't put the name).

I finally found it, over near where some family friends are buried. It still creeps me out, but it was daylight and didn't seem so creepy then. I walked right up to it. It's pretty big in person; it was about as tall as I am. Of course, I'm pretty short (five feet even), but that's still pretty big for a tombstone. I wonder why they used such a jagged piece of rock like that for the marker. That would make for an interesting story, I imagine. It's sad too; the person buried there was only 19.

I walked back and they still hadn't started yet; they were waiting for the hearse. When it finally got there, we did a little graveside service and tried to sing some family hymns, but we didn't know all the words, especially on the final one we tried. I'm glad we made it to the cemetery to participate in that final part of the service. It was after we left that the problems started.

We needed to drop my niece off at a friend's house where she'd arranged to spend the night. My sister detoured a bit to look at my dad's birth house (yeah, he wasn't born in a hospital) and the old shop where he used to work with his grandfather. Along the drive up, I had remembered that I wanted to check Marshalls for the rare Adagio Dazzle doll, as she's been turning up in a lot of them lately. The only Marshalls here are up in that approximate area, and my sister agreed we could try one on the way back down.

After some trouble with rush hour traffic, we finally got to the place and I went in to look around. I was really impressed with the store; it looks really upscale, even though it's a discount place. I wish Mom could see it; I think she'd love it as much as I do now. I couldn't find the doll, but I did find the big Twilight Sparkle figure. I'd just been thinking about her and that she wasn't in stores any more. I had wanted the original unicorn one and had not paid attention to the winged version, but I finally knew I'd never get the unicorn one since she's rare and expensive now and I was willing to get the winged one. When I saw her at Marshalls for $10, I figured I'd better snap her up.

We headed back to where we'd left our car at the church. We got off the freeway too early and started wandering around. Even though I saw street signs that said we were not in the right town, my sister didn't believe it. We wandered around some more as it got dark and ended up in yet another wrong town. Finally we all saw a sign proclaiming the name of the place and my sister believed we were lost. She didn't know how to work the Google Maps app, but the directions were still programmed into it from that morning as to how to get to the church. So she brought that up, followed them, and finally we were able to get back to the car.

I suppose I really should have just said for us to go home then, since we'd been out eight-nine hours at that point. But since we hardly ever get out that far and there were sales I needed to see about right then or they'd be kerplunk, I could hardly bear the thought of just going home then. I really tried to hurry regardless, but it didn't work out that way.

We also tried finding some stuff Mom wanted for Christmas presents, but we didn't have any luck finding stuff for the adults. We did get the stuff she wanted for the kids, so that was good.

I checked T.J. Maxx and Ross for the doll and still didn't find her, so then it was on to Toys R Us. They had a 30% off sale on all Pony stuff, and I thought I'd planned I'd get the archery Applejack and that would be that, but when I actually got in there and everything was on sale, suddenly it wasn't an easy decision. I debated for ages over several things I'd wanted, couldn't decide, and then we had to rush to the mall to see about the Build-a-Bear discounts. I had discounts adding up to $15 off, plus there was a 2 for $35 sale on. Both of my discounts worked with that, which meant I could get two for $20! Naturally I couldn't pass that up. I'd planned to get Zecora and Teegan (the purple cat/tiger) if I could get two, so that was what I did. It was fun and the girls were so friendly and sweet and fun. And since Teegan comes with a tank top (as well as sewn-on underwear), I found some cheap swim trunks for her to wear at least for now. Maybe later I'll have money to get her a nice outfit, but right then I just wanted to clothe her good enough and save more money for other things. But it took a lot longer to get two than I'd planned on; it was about thirty-forty minutes later when I got back to Toys R Us.

During the interim I thought I'd decided what to get at Toys R Us, the two-pack with Twilight and Flash. But every single copy Toys R Us had featured a stray glitter problem. It was shedding off of Twilight's skirt and getting everywhere. That didn't seem appealing at all, so I wondered if I'd rather get the characters separately and buy a Twilight without that skirt. I turned my attention more fully to the two-pack I'd tried to get in the summer, with Sonata and Aria from the second movie. There were only two copies of those, they're phasing out, and with the sale they were only $13.99. That was definitely the best deal. (Well, actually, the best deal was Photo Finish and her two band members, but I don't really know those characters other than Photo Finish herself. They don't even have any dialogue.) So I preferred Sonata and Aria. I still debated for a moment, feeling guilty as always to get antagonists, but I knew I really wanted them. They bicker like sisters, which makes me have a certain fondness for them. Plus, I knew I probably wouldn't be able to find the set before long. And I have a chance to get the Adagio doll from someone on the forum, so I wanted to have the other girls in the band right ready in case I could. It would be too sad not to have the whole group.

(Also, I have plans for a story where Sunset finds them post-movie and tries to extend friendship to them. One thing I did like in the book version of the second movie was that she felt some pity for them. I can definitely picture that, since Sunset had some similar goals of wanting to be popular/well-liked.)

With that taken care of at last, I wanted to just try one more Wal-Mart looking for Sunset Shimmer. (We'd tried one around the time we got the stuff for Mom.) That was a fizzle, of course. We had planned to try one more store looking for DVDs for the adults, but it was so late by then and I was exhausted and panicking, knowing Mom would be so upset and worried that it was taking so long. So we went home, arriving over twelve hours after leaving home. GAH. Mom didn't like the long time we'd been gone one bit, but she did like seeing what I'd brought back and was happy I'd been able to get those items, so that made me feel a little better.

I felt awful that I was too exhausted to stay up for long with Ladyamberjo and JP, though. That's the night I chat with them and Ladyamberjo and I have had all kinds of trouble having a conversation the last several weeks. And of course, on the night when Ladyamberjo tried extra hard to be available and awake, I'm so tired I'm falling over in the chair.

With weather reports of storms coming up this week, we decided we needed to look for the other DVDs on Tuesday. That was just two towns over. We left earlier than we do sometimes and spent the latter part of the afternoon checking out the DVDs at K-Mart and ShopKo. I also discovered that K-Mart's two-packs of Twilight and Flash are glitter-free and gorgeous, so I'm back to wanting the two-pack again and not to get the characters separately. I wonder if it would be worth paying full-price for it to get a nice glitter-free one.

I still couldn't find Sunset Shimmer, but I did at last find a good Scootaloo at Wal-Mart! All legs were the same length and her face wasn't shaped weird (yes, those are problems with Funrise sometimes), so I decided I should get her.

Also, I very randomly saw the 12-inch Applebloom at ShopKo. It was frustrating, because from a distance I momentarily thought she was Sunset. Sigh. But it was interesting to see a rare character turn up at ShopKo, of all places. ShopKo doesn't even have any Friendship Games dolls yet! I wonder if seeing her is possibly a good sign. Scootaloo just started showing up last month, and now an Applebloom.... Maybe, possibly, Sunset will still come? I don't hold out much hope of that, though. And I still wish I had taken that person up on her offer to get one for me in the summer. I was worried about shipping costs and I was fully convinced back then that we were just about to get her for fall stock. And then we didn't.

Well, anyway, we had some good luck with the DVDs, and I got a couple of Christmas presents, and it was a pretty nice little outing. We got back in time for me to chat with Crystal.

I also had good luck with one of my survey companies and got an Amazon gift card again already! I got a couple more Christmas presents with it, as well some more Get Smart for myself. Hopefully it will arrive in time for me to send one of the presents on and have it arrive before Christmas....

I also discovered that I need to watch every episode of The Persuaders!, ohmygoshsquee. It's wonderful! I plan to buy the DVD set with my next gift card. Meantime, I found it on YouTube and watched an episode in the morning. The friendship between the main characters is glorious, and it's even more awesome because they start out hating each other, and they go from that to really caring about each other and being really close friends. It's such a shame it only ran one season. It should satisfy my Roger Moore withdrawal nicely. I love his character, and the friendship with Tony Curtis's character, and I won't be surprised if I want to write fanfic somewhere down the line. As much as I love Simon Templar, he's a loner, and it's harder for me to relate to writing for loners if they don't have one good friend or family member to interact with. And if they're the only steady character in the cast. Then they work better in crossover fics. I really love to write about friendships. (Plus, I still worry about the fact that I prefer the TV show Simon while the few fanficcers prefer the book Simon. I'm still going to write that one fic with Simon appearing to be dead and Inspector Teal reacting to it, though. Then it flashes back to tell what led up to it, comes back to the present, and of course Simon will be alright when the drug wears off.)

I also became obsessed with the song Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. It's absolutely haunting and gorgeous. I'm thrilled Ladyamberjo found that song and shared it with me! I am totally going to want to write a fic based around it at some point, although right now I'm unsure what characters such a fic would involve. I'd also like to sing it, but I don't know how well it would go over if I tried recording me singing it, since it really does need to be a duet.


Dec. 3rd, 2015 12:18 am
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Went to the church Christmas party tonight. Yuuum, the food was delicious! I was hoping for a dinner like this one year when people made these amazing potato and cheese casseroles, but I figured it would probably be like it usually is, where it's just roast beef and baked potato and maybe green beans.

Well, this year it wasn't either one! This year there was turkey, and oh man, it was actually really good. Sooo soft and moist and juicy. I wish we could get ours to go like that; it's always so dry and frustrating.

The baked potatoes were divine, of course; potatoes always are. There were leftovers and we took six potatoes to bring home, buwahaha.

There were also many Jell-O/fruit salads. I tried one that I liked, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what kind of fruit in it I was tasting. I still don't remember.

Dessert was ice cream with giant brownies. YUUUM, brownies!

There were also some delicious rolls. And butter and sour cream for the potatoes, of course. And a vegetable platter; I took some olives and a pickle. I know I shouldn't eat them too much, and I don't, but I love me some pickles.

Some people at the table were talking about Jessica Simpson at one point and their kid didn't know who she was. Man, that made me feel old.

Then a local singing group performed a really fun Christmas concert on the stage in the room where we were eating. The group's name was Chantilly Lace; I wonder how many people younger than the group members know where their name likely came from! (A popular Big Bopper song from the 1950s. I got it stuck in my head as we left. I haven't heard it for years, but I remembered most of the chorus.) They sang some Christmas standards and some rare Christmas songs, a couple I knew, but most I was unfamiliar with. That was neat. The only one of the rare ones I thought maybe I'd heard before was about Santa using zebras instead of reindeer, LOL. I absolutely have never before heard one called Don't Wanna Wait, from children's perspectives, and one called Father Christmas (not to be confused with I Believed in Father Christmas). The only rare one I definitely have heard before is I'm Gettin' Nothin' for Christmas, an amusing ditty about a very naughty kid.

All in all, it was a lovely time and I'm so glad they didn't serve roast beef again. I really don't like roast beef; it mushes around in your mouth forever.

This is kind of a busy week. Sadly, the other busyness is not fun times; there's a funeral on Saturday. One of my aunts-in-law died. I don't remember her very well, as we didn't see her a lot, but she was a very sweet person and I feel so bad for my uncle. This is the second time he's been married and the second wife who died. The first wife had cancer, if I remember right, and she didn't want him to be alone, so she wanted him to marry her best friend after she died. That happened, and now it's the friend who just died.

I hate to use a funeral as a reason to do something fun, but we're not often up in the area where the funeral will be, so I am hoping to do a little shopping while we're out. Build-a-Bear sent me my $10 gift certificate because I have apparently spent $100 there since my last certificate. It's used like a gift card, so it can be combined with coupons, and I have a $5 coupon. I'm hoping to get Zecora. Man, I hope they'll still have her. I'll get Shining Armor if they don't, probably, or the cat I've wanted if they don't have either one. Since Zecora and Shining Armor are both leftover stock from the online-only period, I don't know how many were going out to each store or if they'll restock when they sell the ones they had. I've been monitoring the Pony forum hoping for some information on that, but no one has posted on it. Maybe I'll ask, but they probably don't know or they would have already said. I don't like asking on Build-a-Bear's Facebook page, because it seems like the people handling it don't always know what's really going on at the stores.

I'm also hoping to check some Wal-Marts for the Sunset Shimmer plush. Ours restocked with more Scootaloos (still flawed enough that I didn't get her), but no Sunsets, even though they're from the same wave. That's making me lose hope again. Seriously, what is the deal? Why is Wal-Mart being so lazy with new Funrise plushies this year? Or maybe it's Funrise being lazy about sending the new characters out, since they're scarce everywhere. There's Sunset, Sweetie Belle, Lyra, and Sweetie Drops, all in the 10-inch size and all missing from the majority of stores (including eBay)! There's also a 5-inch Sunset, I've discovered, and if I see her in person, I'll probably buy her while I'm waiting for the big one.

Wal-Mart has lowered the price on the archery Twilight doll. I've been debating whether to get her or whether to keep trying to get the two-pack with Flash Sentry. I still lean towards the latter, since the glasses are canon-correct in the two-pack but not the archery doll. And since getting two dolls is awesome and I like Flash Sentry. I don't get the hate regarding the character. He's a nice, sensitive guy. I may not particularly want him and Twilight to really get deeply, romantically involved, since I'd rather the focus stay on friendships, but when it's just an innocent crush, it's cute.

Wal-Mart also suddenly doesn't have any Fashion Styles. The Sunsets disappeared several weeks ago and now Cadance has followed suit. I don't know if they're going to restock or not. I always wanted the Sunset one, but kept hoping there would be a sale. There usually isn't on Fashion Styles, though, and I'm thinking maybe I'd better get her even at full-price if I see her at another Wal-Mart. Of course she'd vanish when I can actually afford to get her.... I also kind of like the motocross Sunset doll, but I don't know if I'll get her since I already have two Sunset dolls. But it's tempting when she is one of my favorite characters. Twilight is the only one I like more. Another reason I've hesitated on the Fashion Style is because I prefer Sunset as a human, but really, I love any incarnation of her. Well, I'm not too fond of the she-demon version when she got overwhelmed by the crown. But I would totally buy Midnight Sparkle if that doll ever comes here. Human Twilight didn't go all demon-ish when she got overwhelmed by releasing the captured magic; she just went dark. (And then was saved by Sunset and Spike, ohmygoshsquee.)

And Wal-Mart has these adorable Hello Kitty pajamas that are only $10! I've been debating getting them. I don't really need pajamas; I have two working sets. But they do last longer in rotation, so the more you have, the longer it takes them to wear out. Still, it doesn't seem very practical to get them. But they're so cute.... And possibly the top wouldn't be too hot to wear when it's lighter colors. I wear a nightgown with my pajama bottoms and only use the tops as shawls when I'm up and around, because they're just too hot to wear to bed. And my nightgown is rather in need of replacement by now....
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... It just occurred to me that I forgot to post that Misguided Missile ficlet to [ profile] 31_days on the 31st. **headdesk.** I was pretty occupied with worrying about getting out to get stuff for Dad's birthday, as well as trying to help him fit the side mirror back on the car, so it makes sense that I'd forget. (It's been attached with duct tape for months and he finally decided to take that particular day to fix it back on properly.) I'll need to look the fic over and see if I can add anything more to it that could be inspired by another prompt. If not, I'll probably post it here or something, just to have it up somewhere. I wouldn't be posting it on, most likely, since the only players are oneshot episodic characters.

I think I'll plan to try to get that noir fic with Steve Drumm done in time for Richard Anderson's birthday on Saturday. We'll see how well that works out....

Also, I got out the From N.Y. album and have been skipping around playing some of the tracks while I've been reading emails and such. I remembered something I'd forgot: that I thought the song Fliptop Twister could describe Snakes and perhaps some failed affair he had back in the Old West days. In my headcanon, the only girls he could attract the attention of in the circles he ran with back then were interested in his money and his gambling luck, so he went with that and put on a boisterous facade, trying to get whatever enjoyment from it that he could, since he figured there was nothing else for him. Maybe I'll finally get around to writing something with that song as inspiration. Of course, since I am very disinterested by pairing OCs with canon characters in general, and even moreso if the story would be long, it would probably be either Snakes monologuing in his mind or telling someone about it, instead of actually showing everything that happened. And, unlike the male character in the song, it wouldn't be in Snakes' nature to roam and check out other girls during the time the affair was on, since if he was trying to make something work with someone he would put his all into it. Since the song doesn't cover the end of that dysfunctional relationship, I'd have to think whether the girl or Snakes ends things and why.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 04:50 am
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Bought stuff for Dad's birthday this past day, finally. I hope he likes it.

I also dropped in at the Wal-Mart in the town we were in. They don't have the new dolls; they're still clearancing the old. They had one of the Twilight dolls I've kind of wanted for $9 now! I seriously considered getting her. But I wanted to check another Wal-Mart for the Sunset plushie first, only I couldn't because when we tried to go, the freeway signs were messed up and the one claiming it went the right direction actually took us back home instead, not even letting us off until we were almost there, so Dad wouldn't go back. Ugh. Our car gets such bad mileage and money is so tight that he can't stand to waste a smidgen of gas. I can understand that, but it's still disappointing, especially when both towns are only about ten minutes away from here.

He might have gone back if I'd said that if I couldn't find what I wanted most, I was planning to get the other thing I wanted. But I really knew I should save my money for something else, so I just let it go. I already have one Twilight, and I'm planning to get one of the dolls of the naturally human Twilight (probably the one in the two-pack with Flash Sentry, when we get them around here, since I'll likely never be able to get the convention Twilight and I like the one in the two-pack best after that one). Still, when all the dolls are so unique, it's hard not buying several different ones of my favorite characters. This Twilight doll on clearance has her hair up and it looks so retro and classy.

It does seem like the local Wal-Mart still had some of those, so maybe if their price has lowered to $9 also, I'll have another chance to get her this coming week. I really should resist, but I don't know if I can when the price is that low.

At least I was able to get some headphones at a ShopKo sale. I usually get cheap headphones at Dollar Tree, and now they only have earbuds, which I don't like because they're too close to the ear and I get even more headaches that way. When I saw in an email that ShopKo had $10 headphones for half off, I wanted to get some. I just hope they'll last for a good, long while. I got a pair in dark blue. So pretty!

I also got some notebooks, as I always try to get some when they have them for literally pennies during the back to school time period. But I probably shouldn't have, because Wal-Mart had them for 2 cents cheaper. Ah well. I got the last five ShopKo had, so maybe we can get more at Wal-Mart this week. Always good to stock up.

And I am so excited that my Perry fic is so thoroughly on the move! Once I realized that the story didn't have to move so slowly with the bad guys' plot, it picked right up! The other day I read through the chapters and made out a list of important things that I needed to keep straight, and from that I planned the climax. I just put up the climax chapter. Now I only need the epilogue and it's done! That will be such a relief!

I waited to open the document until I was right ready to work on it near-constantly, and for once Avast! didn't give me trouble, which makes me think that it only does that when the document hasn't been touched in a while, as I already surmised. Perhaps if I don't leave them lying around, I won't have to go through the annoyance of turning off the File Shield System when I want to write and save. I looked up other antivirus programs and I really don't want to switch. Avast! takes up so little memory. And when I read that AVG can install a toolbar that hogs memory and is almost impossible to get rid of, I was horrified. I certainly don't want to get into a mess like that.

Crystal's been so excited this week having another Carmen/Rockapella renaissance, thanks to that hilarious new parody the Carmen-era Rockapella members did. She's even going to start writing fics in that fandom again. I kind of want to follow suit. Neither of us wants to do hurt/comfort fics for that fandom again, as we got so dark and twisted with our fics and RP that we both burned out. (It didn't help when Scott got hurt in real-life, either. Oh gosh that was scary.) But while Crystal hopes to write light-hearted fics, I think I'd like to write some slightly creepy mysteries again. I just won't throw in hurt/comfort or angst anymore. I'm already hoping to write a haunted house fic, because there can never be too many of those. My dreams can provide plenty of inspiration. Heh.

And I remembered something I'd kind of forgot I have: a plushie of Elliott, more or less. I commissioned SetsunaKou to make it, but because the only pictures I could find were terrible quality, the hair ended up not being quite long enough and he looks like a cross between Elliott and Kevin. But he's still very cute. And hey, maybe I could get some hair extensions for him or something. I also always meant to order a Scott plushie, but that never quite materialized. I think Elliott is currently under my Turtles; I'll get him out later and look him over.
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I started pondering over the last couple of days why, when I write characters, it's usually the male characters that have aspects of my personality and not the females. Usually the females, whether they're good or bad, will be about as far removed from what I'm like as possible.

For one thing, it might simply be that the male characters I often gravitate towards tend to already have some aspect of my personality and the females don't, at least not much of the time (Pony characters excepted). LOL. However, there's also times where it isn't expressly part of their personality in canon, yet I slip it in when making a backstory if it makes sense (which is what I've done for Ecks, for one). So it might be more that if they're male, I can relate to them at least somewhat through their personality traits, yet they can be far enough removed from me that I don't feel uncomfortable. See, while I adore fictional hurt/comfort, I'm not comfortable at all with real-life hurt/comfort. That's just worrisome and agonizing. If I write a female character I can relate to into hurt/comfort situations, it might feel a little too much like I'm writing myself into it and hurt too much/be uncomfortable for me. With a guy, I wouldn't feel that way, since I am not a guy.

I've had the same sort of problem in the past with putting both genders of OCs of mine into hurt/comfort situations. Since I created them, it feels like it's hitting a little too close to home and I become uncomfortable, like they're a part of me being hurt. Sometimes that doesn't apply as much as other times; I know there have been some OCs that I did end up wanting to put into hurt/comfort situations and did so at least a few times. I haven't done much with OCs for a long time, except as standard supporting characters in various fics, so I can't say whether I'd feel the same or not. Note that this doesn't tend to apply to villainous OCs that get killed off in stories, at least not certain ones. I killed off the bad guy in Lead Me Through the Fire without batting an eye, for one. I guess I felt that he wasn't like me at all and I could eliminate him from the story without feeling like he was a part of myself.

When it comes to the canonical female characters that I do see reflections of myself in, like Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, I'm pretty sure I'd feel uncomfortable writing them into hurt/comfort situations. But I wouldn't mind just writing about them in other plots, if I got some inspiration. While I like Twilight the best, I'm probably more like Fluttershy. And there's a bit of Rarity in there too, especially her love of cleanliness. Those three are my top favorites, and then I've started to love Applejack a lot too, for her practicality, seriousness, and love of family.

I think every writer has a particular formula for characters or storylines or both that they like using the best. My favorite formula for my buddy fics will almost always involve a character who is aloof and serious to some extent. That will pretty much always be the one I'm relating to most strongly. They may in addition have traits I wish I was better at, such as assertiveness or bluntness when called for. I may not relate to them extremely, depending on their personality as a whole. Ginger I don't relate to a whole lot, except through the aloof, serious part of his personality. And that's the same thing with Sephiroth, Gin, and other such characters. They're not really much like me overall, just in that one key element.

The other buddy can be any of a variety of personality types, although it's very rare that they're silly, a prankster, or quirky in a silly way, since I am not generally fond of those character types and do not usually gravitate towards any characters that are that way. I do like Micky of the fictional TV show Monkees a lot, and he's probably the one exception to that rule ... only the Micky I like best is from season 1, where he didn't act so random and could often be serious. Also, Zack from FF7 can be kind of silly, but nothing really extreme, even though that's how some fanon portrayals are. He's more cheery and happy than silly, but he sobers up a lot later, which is bittersweet but kind of cool, too.

I love to see a character emotionally/mentally grow up, maybe because of my own journey from being silly and random to more serious. The early entries of this journal make me cringe. But I sobered up quite a bit soon after I started it, due to a lot of painful things that were happening in my life right then. I emerged from that quite cynical, even hating myself for several years before that cleared up due to a, well, I don't want to sound preachy, but a combination trial and spiritual experience from God. I never mentioned those dark feelings anywhere, that I recall. I didn't want to talk about it, didn't know how, and I dealt with it completely privately. It was a Hellish emptiness that was always with me; even when I was genuinely happy about something or another, I could feel that emptiness of self-hatred inside of me and I honestly wondered how anyone could care about me or think that I was a good person when it seemed like over and over I was always inadvertently hurting someone or another or snapping at them. (The snapping is, unfortunately, another trait I canonically share with Ginger, as is the trait I gave him of him wondering how he could be cared about.) Sometimes I still go into moods where I hate myself for several hours or days (usually when my emotions are see-sawing). And I'm still pretty cynical overall. I wish I wouldn't go into the "I hate myself" moods and I'm thankful they don't last indefinitely anymore. But I would rather be cynical than silly and random.

Actually, in real-life I was always pretty serious, even as a child, despite times where Mom and I would start quoting some hilarious comedy movies and crack up about them. LOL. Dad always got annoyed saying that we were being too silly. Really, though, I was more serious than most of the kids in the neighborhood, and although I had some moments where I'd blossom and joke a little, I was usually the withdrawn, quiet member of the group when compared to everyone else. And while I was amused and laughed at some of the others' antics, I didn't always appreciate some of their silliness, if they made their silliness directly involve me and I didn't want to participate. Hence, the buddy characters I'm usually drawn to reflect that a lot and both/all members will probably be more serious than silly. That's not to say that they don't joke; Ginger and Lou, and Joe and Lew, have some wonderfully snarky exchanges in my fics. LOL. I enjoy banter, when it's shared and enjoyed between the participants.

I wonder sometimes if my penchant for serious characters and the earliest beginnings of my own seriousness is all because of my dad's influence, which is both ironic and amusing if so, since I always felt, and still feel, that he is too serious. But I know that parental influence can be really strong, even if one doesn't fully realize it's happening.

And of course, any time I start getting seriously interested in characters who are canonically bad guys, I will feel extremely guilty about it for a while, just as I did years ago. Several months ago, I posted more than once about that guilt regarding Rumpelstiltskin, and Ecks and Wye. I still really wonder how I ever wrote about Gin and Vodka with ease. I realize it was their interaction that intrigued me and that overcame all ordinary barriers I have in writing about assassins, but I still can hardly believe I did that. I do not at this time write about any characters who are currently working as assassins, even if that was their occupation in the past. (Ecks and Wye had to leave the spy business due to their canonical actions of betraying their organization and are currently private investigators in my verse.) Unless Lucius Bowen, The Fugitive's Pinto character, counts as a current assassin, but I haven't written about him for some time and I have him working for U.N.C.L.E. now, albeit I have never shown him on an assassination job and probably never would. No matter whether the assassin is working for the good guys or the bad guys, I'm not terribly comfortable writing about such exploits, even though I will admit that I feel more at ease if the character is working for the good guys.
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So recently I was looking up Hedley Mattingly out of curiosity, seeing his other roles and such. I saw he'd been in an episode of Death Valley Days called An Organ for Brother Brigham. I thought, "Oh cool. Must be Mormon pioneer stuff."

I don't know why it didn't dawn on me right then and there. Tonight I was laying on the couch watching Mannix and for some reason I thought about it again and suddenly I realized "... Um, wait a minute. Organ? Oh my gosh, could it really be my ancestor who built organs, including the huge organ that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir still uses today?"

I just went and found the episode on YouTube and watched it. And it was! It really was! I don't know how accurate the episode really was to the real-life event of bringing an organ he'd built from Australia all the way over the desert to Utah; it's been quite a while since I read my uncle's book about our ancestor's life. I know that event happened, just not if the details of the trouble he encountered were accurate (people being annoyed to be bringing an organ, getting stuck in thick sand for days, etc.). I'll have to re-read the book now. But just ... oh my gosh, an actor I'm coming to like played an ancestor of mine!

**runs around squeeing!**
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So last week Dad saw me looking in the Star Wars Insider magazine while doing groceries. Somehow that led to discussing the movies and he decided he wanted to watch some. We convinced him to start at the beginning even though he wanted to watch The Empire Strikes Back first. We're hoping to go through all six films. We've currently done A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

I never saw A New Hope until I was about ten or eleven. For some reason, we only had episodes V and VI recorded. And I was captivated by them from the time I was about 5.

I was also captivated by the figures my brother let me have. I was curious and intrigued about the Boba Fett figure, wondered who he was, and Mom said she thought he was a bounty hunter and suggested we watch the films and see. We did, and I was instantly intrigued by this mysterious character. Who was he? Was he all bad? Was there good in him? (Apparently even at that young age, I was demonstrating my fascination for characters who don't have a lot of screentime.) When I was older and discovered the books and short stories written about him, I found that many explored those questions and depicted him as still having good in him. My love for the character grew and continues growing the more I hear about new stories.

(I don't like, however, that some of the newer stories have decided to depict him as having a vendetta against all the Jedi. Um, no. I'm sure he had a vendetta against Mace Windu, but not everybody. To me, that just doesn't fit the character. I can see him feeling like the Jedi and the Sith aren't that different in some ways, but not him having a vendetta against either group.)

While I enjoyed seeing episode IV again, seeing episode V brought on all this amazing, immense nostalgia and I was overwhelmed by it. I remembered my episode II trading card game, and my Monopoly Star Wars computer game, and dug around to find both. I had thought something had corrupted the game disc because the Gateway wouldn't play it. I was so sad about that; I loved that game! Apparently it was the Gateway's problem; I installed the game on the laptop and have been playing it a little bit this week. It was so exciting to play it again, even though it wasn't quite as enchanting as it was years ago. I started a game with me playing Boba Fett and the computer AI playing Han Solo, and I keep having to save it and pick it up later, because it is going on and on. I remember one time playing Monopoly Jr. with Mom and it lasted two hours. This Star Wars game has, I believe, been going on for over two hours when I add up all the gaming time.

The voices, of course, are not from the movies (except for C-3PO, who is hosting the game) and some don't even sound like the movie voices. But something very curious happened instead.... Boba Fett's voice is deep and has an accent similar to Jango Fett's in episode II. This game was made five years before episode II was released. Certainly they hadn't arranged the episode II cast yet (I don't think, since episode I hadn't even been released). So it's very curious that the voice would be anything reminiscent of episode II!

I hope we are going to get to see all the movies.... I have to admit, as much as I adore the original trilogy, I still think I like the prequel trilogy even more. I love prequels in general, because they set up things in the other films and it's exciting knowing the other things are still coming, whereas in sequels it's sad because those things are all over. I always feel bittersweet watching Return of the Jedi, since that's the last adventure (until episode VII in December, and while I'm hopeful and excited for it, I'm sad that we'll be seeing the characters so old. It's awesome they're all coming back for it, though! I just hope none of them die in it. Or in episodes VIII and IX, if those happen).

I also wonder a bit if I prefer the prequels because they have a different kind of nostalgia.... They were released in my generation and I got to excitedly look forward to them the way older fans looked forward to the first trilogy. There is something very bonding in anticipating films. Episode II was probably the most highly anticipated for me. I was just ecstatic beyond belief that Boba Fett would be in it and we would learn his backstory! Jango Fett was great, too.

Also last week, I discovered the very awkward truth that Dad forgot I love Boba Fett. I thought he would never forget that, since he remembered all through my childhood and surprised me in 2005 by acknowledging that he remembered that. We had several discussions on the character at that time, with me trying to tell of the good in him as depicted in some of the stories and Dad remaining unmoved. But anyway, so I made the mistake of mentioning I liked The Empire Strikes Back the best of the original trilogy and episode II the best of the prequels because of character development, intensity, and ... well, I liked that Boba Fett had screentime. And ooops. I rather wish I hadn't mentioned it, since Dad really had forgotten. I wonder if he remembers at all by now? He briefly brought it up while watching The Empire Strikes Back but let it drop again. I wonder if he would actually not go through the ceiling if I let him see my wonderful big Boba Fett figure?


Dec. 3rd, 2014 05:28 am
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Went to Wal-Mart this past evening due to Dad not feeling well. He still wasn't, but we were so badly in need of stuff that we really couldn't postpone it another day. So he gave me some money and I bought the stuff while he waited and rested in the car (and in Wal-Mart, after it got too cold in the car).

I went looking for the pajama pants and didn't see them, and I saw that the set with both pieces was $14. And in the right size. Starry eyes. I immediately grabbed that. But since I didn't have my refund yet, I had to borrow the money for that from what Dad gave me. I was worried to not get it right then, since it had been selling well; several were gone from last week. Hopefully the refund will come in soon; I've written to ask if the DVDs have got back yet. In any case, since that's something I actually need and I wasn't just being frivolous, maybe Dad won't be too frustrated about that purchase.

I also got season 1 of 1960's Batman (finally!). Used my own money for that one. Hoping to watch a Penguin episode or two now.

Still no Joseph movie. I'll have to get it online (and hope Amazon will have some in stock when my other gift card comes in. It should be any day now....).
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(Disclaimer: Celestia and Cadance are two of my favorite characters, so even though I'd like to get one of each unique character released in plushie form, I don't think I'd go out of my way like I did here if it wasn't that I wanted these particular characters extremely bad.)

So when I got Rarity three weeks ago, I called Toys R Us to see if they had the Funrise Princess plushies. They didn't.

Last week, out of frustration and curiosity I tried again. I really shouldn't have, because my money was in transit to my account and not currently available. But I tried anyway, and learned that there was a white Pony with wings that was $29.99. That was totally the wrong price, so I didn't know if it was the one I wanted and they were mistaken on the price or if the price had gone up again (horrors!). I didn't do anything, knowing that was waaay too much.

But it kept bugging me, so later that day I called again to try to find out what had happened. This time the white one had vanished, but they had a pink one that was definitely Cadance and at the right price. I agreed to let her be put on hold when the girl offered and suggested she be held through Saturday, since I wasn't sure I could get in on Friday evening.

I had a two-fold problem: how to get there and how to pay. I didn't like to ask to borrow more money from Dad, which left asking to borrow from the friend I'd be asking to drive me there. I didn't like doing that, either, and Dad came along wanting me to practice the song I've been asked to sing in church this Sunday, so since I was still heavily debating what to do, I went ahead with that and didn't get anything accomplished that evening, plushie-wise.

Saturday I still didn't know what to do. Nothing got accomplished again and I had to call Sunday afternoon. I figured that they wouldn't have bothered to put Cadance back on the shelf since it was Sunday, and I was right: she was still on hold. I asked for her to be held through Monday. I tried to call my friend, but wasn't able to get her.

We have a sweet friend who usually sends us some money at holidays, so I started half-waiting for said money, hoping it would arrive and I could take my share to get Cadance. It didn't, and Monday also passed without anything getting done.

Tuesday, still no money, either arriving in my account or in the mail. I called Toys R Us again, explained that I was having some problems getting up there, and learned that a white Pony was being held along with the pink one. This time I got a better description and determined it was definitely Celestia, and at the right price.

That changed everything. Before that, I had half-decided that there was no hope and that I'd have to cancel the hold and hope to get Cadance another time. Cadance can be found online at around the same price Toys R Us is charging, but Celestia cannot. She's not even on Toys R Us's website. People charge $40 and $50 for her and it's just preposterous. So I definitely couldn't bear to let Celestia go. I decided I'd have to leave poor Cadance behind even though she'd been waiting for me and get Celestia.

I called my friend, got her that time, and she agreed that we could go get the Pony on Wednesday. I had tried to explain the problem of my money being in transit without outright asking for a loan, but we usually have a bad telephone connection, so I wasn't sure if she heard.

Well, it was embarrassing to call Toys R Us yet another time, but now that I had a way to get there it wasn't as mortifying to ask them to extend the hold one last time. I wanted to inspect both Ponies, even though I was sure I'd choose Celestia, so I asked for both Ponies to keep being held.

Mom had a bit of money she was able to give me, and Dad agreed to let me have the difference as a loan in order to get Celestia. They both know what a time I've had trying to find these girls since November. So, with both problems solved, I could relax.

The next day, I found out Toys R Us is running a free layaway deal and I decided I could put Cadance on layaway so I wouldn't have to let her go. So I determined that is what I would do. But when we got to the store and I saw both girls, my friend offered to loan me the money to get Cadance too! Squeeee.

So at last I have the Princess plushies safely at home, after they waited and waited on hold for me to come for five days. And my money will arrive next week and I can pay people back.

It was kind of a strange feeling to finally have such a long quest at its end. Currently, there are no more plushies for me to collect! But Luna will be out in June and I'm sure Funrise will be making more characters. I hope they make Lyra and Bon-Bon and Time Turner.

Wal-Mart actually did get Funrise's Trixie and Bubbles plushies right on time (it's a miracle!), and I have those girls now too. Trixie is an early Easter present.

I also thought of some other possible projects. I've been considering making Ginger and Lou dolls, using those cloth dolls from JoAnn's. I need to make a list of the materials I'd need for clothing and check Wal-Mart, since their fabric prices are better. I want to get stuff for both dolls at the same time, since I feel you can't have one without the other and I want to work on them concurrently so that they'll be together no matter what stage of completion they're at. ;)

The only problem with using the cloth dolls is that they're pre-stuffed to be around the same weight, and Lou is broader and heavyset while Ginger is very slight. But making the clothes and hair was enough of a horror for me when I did the Hamilton doll that I don't think I could bear sewing the entire plush from scratch, so either I'll have to try to put more stuffing in (which I don't want to do for fear of damaging the muslin doll) or else try to find one that is a bit plumper, since they all do seem to be a little bit individual.

And I want the Equestria Girls Trixie doll. Eee, I saw her for the first time at Toys R Us and I'm totally nuts about her. Trixie's blue-on-blue color scheme makes her just about my favorite Pony, aesthetically speaking. (Personality-wise, Twilight is my favorite.)
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I'm a third of the way through the [ profile] 100songs challenge now. I just put up the 33rd installment this morning and have been tinkering with the 34th. I like to have several ideas waiting in the wings, so I've been trying to think of how to utilize some of the other songs on the chart.

One that I suddenly realized might prove a problem is My Immortal. While I swapped out a couple of songs for ones of my choice, and added some Writer's Choice ones at the end, that one was already on the chart and I kept it because I've always liked it. Problem is, it also has some deeply painful personal meaning to me and I started wondering how to use it with Ginger and Lou without it being absolutely ungodly depressing. There's two basic ways the song can be interpreted (either that someone has died or someone has betrayed or abandoned someone), and using either way with them would be potentially very depressing.

I think I finally figured out how to use it without completely slamming myself into the dumps, though. I decided to set it more from Lou's brother Mike's POV, and it will mostly be a flashback to the time from some of the [ profile] 31_days prompts where they thought Lou was dead. Perhaps Mike will get into a rare argument with Ginger, with both of them grieving in different ways. And then in the present, there will probably be some squee at the end, since Lou is really alive.

Another song I've wondered about is one of my Writer's Choice ones, I Hope You Dance. It's such a beautiful song that not just any old story plot will do. I want something very uplifting and joyful, a celebration of life and love and friendship. I'm thinking that since scenery is such important imagery in the song, I'll have scenery play some part in the fic. Maybe Ginger and Lou are enjoying a day trip in the canyons for some reason.

Then I also wondered about There You'll Be. Another beautiful song, it's also somewhat bittersweet, as it implies physical separation between the people. I'm still pondering what to do with it. Then I had to go and remember that it was the song sung at the funeral of a cousin and his wife when they both died in a fire several years ago. And it was the grandkids singing it, making it all the more heartbreaking. Gah. It really upset and stunned me when that happened, and remembering it again today, I almost ended up crying. I'm sure I'll figure out something nice to do with the song, as it's another of my favorites, but I'll probably set it aside for the time being.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 12:39 am
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I have made a new blog post. This one continues a previous discussion, but can stand on its own and is largely new information on the topic (dissection of Perry Mason's formulaic approach and what it meant for Hamilton Burger).

A few minutes ago (just as the clock was winding down on Saturday) I purchased another movie in which William Talman has a large role as a good guy: One Minute to Zero. I wasn't going to buy it until after I go out to the stores on Monday, but I changed my mind when I saw the price had been upped in the Amazon Marketplace. The price was still the same on the same store's eBay branch, so I decided I'd better buy it before they changed the price there, too. William's character, unfortunately, dies at the end, but I still want the film when he has such a large presence in it and is a good guy. Eventually I want to buy The Racket, too. I've seen it, though, and I haven't seen One Minute to Zero (albeit I know what it's about).

I really love having been born at this time of the year. Autumn is probably my favorite season, with the changing leaves, shorter days, and cooler temperatures. It's also time to start thinking about creepy things, with Halloween right around the corner. And my church's general conference, in which the leaders give inspirational talks on religious/spiritual subjects to the members, always falls right around my birthday. This year it was yesterday and will be today. And then my birthday is Monday, so for me it's like an extended weekend of awesomeness. There's a special feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air. As with Christmas, the anticipation is often times more fun than the actual arrival of the day, since that marks the end of it all.

I remember one October, I believe in 2000, when the whole month was especially neat. Some close relatives had given my brother and me some money that we divided between us. I had so much fun getting things throughout the month that I wanted, such as a book about The Beatles old cartoon series, a book on The Monkees, and a Beatles poster. I picked up some Monkees CDs, too. And some other things. I remember I bought The Beatles' album A Hard Day's Night for JP for his birthday that year. (It was either a belated gift or else I had the money some time before October.) Also, I think that was the same year I formatted a book for someone and I got money from that, too!

I always look forward to my birthday shopping spree. Sometimes, especially of late, they're more window-shopping than anything else. But it's still so much fun. I have some things in mind that I want to look up this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least a couple of them. And this year I'll want to get back in time for Perry; we've moved into season 5 on weekdays, it's awesome so far, and Mr. Burger is a regular cast member again. Good stuff.

As a random note: the opening for seasons 4/5 is one of the strongest memories I have from years earlier. That opening is, I think, the most epic and intriguing. I always thought so. But since Perry is the only character actually shown, my favorite theme is from seasons 2/3, with everyone present. Season 1's theme showed everyone too, but they superimposed the cast list on top of everyone so you couldn't see them. That was ridiculous. In seasons 2/3, the names are placed under every person, so they are easily identified and you can clearly see them.

I think I'll do a blog entry on the openings, maybe next week. I'm trying to get an entry up there at least once a week.

As a final note on the openings, it was in the latter third of season 3 when they altered it so Perry was the only character shown. They did that during that disaster with William Talman. What I don't quite understand is why they didn't put it back with everyone present after William was restored to his position. The only reason I can think of is that William's name still disappeared every time he was absent from an episode. Also, it was season 5 when they brought in Andy to lighten Ray Collins' load, and maybe him appearing less was another factor in keeping the openings the way they were, only showing Perry.

It's kind of sad that things never did fully go back to normal when William returned, since Ray Collins then was around less and less. One more reason why season 2 is just about my absolute favorite season. But season 6 is high on my list too. I have nothing against Andy, Ray Collins was still there sometimes in 6, and Perry and Mr. Burger are very obviously close friends by that point.
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**points dramatically.** [ profile] ladyamberjo, I am holding you personally responsible for the zombies that appeared in my dream!

I can also explain the presence of a few other things, but overall, this dream was really whacked out and really really creepy. ;___; As I told Lisa: We were in Idaho, visiting my paternal grandmother (who in reality never left the state and is dead now). Then we drove around and found an old abandoned factory/plant thing where apparently some horrible calamity had happened in the twenties or thirties? o.o And there was a huge monolith/monument/something in the middle of the place, commemorating it. And as we drove through, some water dripped down an old building's wall and that seemed to be an indication that lost spirits were afoot. They then began exclaiming and wailing to be helped. ;___; Oh my gosh it was creepy. Then later, a few of them were coming around as zombies.

One amusing thing: the dream had continuity. XD; At one point, earlier, we were in a creepy cemetery and there was a monument with water dripping down it. I had been told about something like that from Crystal before we left, as she had vacationed there before, so I thought that was the one she had mentioned. Then later, at the factory, I reread the printed email and saw that she was talking about the monument at the factory site.

I'm pretty sure the wandering spirits are inspired by the spirits of Kul Elna. (Thanks, guys.) Monolith, probably because I was talking about them the other day. (They are freaking creepy. I honestly think having Solomon's and the Kaiba brothers' soul cards on monoliths is creepier than the crosses in the original Japanese.) Zombies, because Ladyamberjo showed me some stuff about a show that included a zombie episode. LOL. Even my grandmother's appearance could be explained because I was thinking the other day that it would soon be four years since she died. But the rest of the stuff---Idaho, an abandoned plant ... just not sure. (Well, plant, possibly because the movie F.I.S.T. was on the other night, involving a factory?...) And in any case, my gosh, my mind put everything together so creepy!


May. 20th, 2009 11:13 pm
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**falls over.** What a long day. XD;

... And you know something's really weird in your mind when you dream about a sequel to the WB cartoon The Scarlet Pumpernickel that has Daffy and Porky as a team like in the Buck Rogers parody cartoon and show, only Porky hates Daffy (like in the Scarlet Pumpernickel cartoon) and ends up betraying him by forming an alliance with Daffy's enemy the Grim Reaper (?!??!).... And somehow Scott was involved in the mess, but I'm not clear on how....

Okay, I confess, I watched The Scarlet Pumpernickel cartoon recently, but that was two or three weeks ago. XD; And I certainly wasn't thinking about it when I went to sleep this time!

(The cartoon, BTW, is one of the few WB cartoons that doesn't have their trademark violence. Daffy hits a couple of walls, but nothing bizarre happens when he does. XD; I think I read that the cartoon was partial inspiration for Darkwing Duck. X3 It does have a famous ending that is often censored, but I don't know that I think it should be, because censoring it could completely give the wrong impression of what happens. Though in any case, I don't think really impressionable kids should watch it. XD I was always okay with it, but I wouldn't have ever tried to pull a stunt like Daffy did. Even at a young age, I was shocked by it.)

Anyway, relatives were coming over today, so it was hectic finishing getting everything ready. And the visit was really nice! The little boys are so cute! I read to both of them and looked at some of my old books with the older one. I love interacting with kids. X3

Then we needed to go out and do a few things, but I didn't think we'd be long. XD; And I don't think we would have been ... except we had tire trouble. -.- Darn thing has a leak and kept going down, and finally got so flat it came off the rim. And the only spare was smaller than the other tires. So we had to drive home going through the towns and not on the freeway.

I did get phases 2 and 3 completed. At least, I think so.... I may need to add something, because some of phase 3 didn't come out as good as it indicated it would here at home. XD; Oops.

Aurgh. XD;

Nov. 21st, 2008 06:47 pm
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The curse of the LJ messages not delivering has spread to me! The email notifications were working in the morning, but now they aren't.

This has been a busy week, but filled with so much win.

On Sunday there was the program put on by the kids I teach music to. That went really well, a lot better than last year. X3 Last year I was a nervous wreck. This year I was pretty calm. And I did the leading a lot better than before.

Dad was in such a good mood afterwards that I decided maybe I'd actually tell him about the ... well, haha, I just realized I haven't mentioned the thing in here yet, either. **was thinking of her physical journal, which she actually does write in sometimes.** Let's just say ... I actually have plans for New Year's Eve this year, and I wasn't sure whether he'd like them.... But I found out Mom had ended up telling him that day, and he has been nothing but supportive. ♥ That means so very much to me! **had been planning originally to get it all arranged and then tell him.**

As for what the plans are, I think I'll wait a bit longer to mention them here. A couple of people already know, including the one who first made the discovery and told me. ♥

We had a wedding reception this week, so we went to that. X3 It was decorated so beautifully, with lots of pink and white ball thingies that looked like those Oriental decorations. And the food was amazing! Little turkey or chicken sandwiches **not sure which** with salad dressing, and all different kinds of brownies.... And peanuts and M&M's for a side dish.... *___* It was so awesome to visit with the family, too. We saw some people we haven't seen in a long time. On the downside, I've never been to a reception that loud. XD; Everyone was talking so loud that we could hardly hear each other a lot of the time!

The next day (yesterday), my brother and his wife were in a play. (These are the same ones who were in Oklahoma! a couple years ago.) So we went out to see that. X3 It was a long drive, so I entertained myself by playing the Carmen soundtrack, as well as a tape I'd made on Wednesday morning of variously assorted Carmen-era Rockapella songs. The play is awesome! I wanted to link to the website for it, but I can't get it to load right now. XD; EDIT: My mistake. I typed it wrong. But there's not too much there right now. XD It's called "Mighty Change Through Christ" and is a retelling of a scripture story from The Book of Mormon about how a man leading a wicked life ends up being touched and completely turns his life around because of how he comes to believe in Jesus. My brother and his wife were fantastic, as always, and so were the rest of the cast. X3 The songs were so beautiful! Most of them were serious, though there were a couple of humourous ones, and one of them made me laugh out loud in the place. LOL. It involved a few lines about the villain being conceited, and for some reason songs about conceit almost always get me to crack up.

And there were more surprises! One of them was that our old bishop (someone like a pastor in my church) was in the play, too! I had no idea he had even moved out to that area. And I didn't even recognize him at first because of all the makeup. I only realized it was him during the meet-and-greet afterwards, when my dad told me. XD We've all always thought really highly of him, and it was really exciting to see him again. He gave me one of the medallions the cast was passing out to commemorate the play. X3 **wearing it now.**

Another surprise involves the fact that at least two of my brothers like Rockapella too! **squees.** Though I really thought there were probably others in the family who did. X3 Rockapella is just so fun!

On the ride home, we got lost. XD; It's really dark on the freeway out there, and it doesn't help that the signs all over that area (and even in the capital city, too!) have been known to be wrong. So my dad followed the signs ... and they did it again. We ended up going the opposite way the sign said we would, and were heading towards the state border. LOL. Luckily we realized before we got more than a few miles. So we turned and finally figured out where we were and what went wrong, and managed to get onto the right path.

I played one of my Rockapella Christmas CDs on the ride back. X3 That's the first time I've played one of them in the car, and it was almost kind of an awe-inspiring experience. I usually feel that way when I'm playing/watching something beloved in a new way for the first time. **can imagine how she'll feel if she ever manages to get some of those early Japanese import albums!**
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First, I finally picked one of Lisa's Cloud icons. ^^ I didn't like only having Cloud in the icon with Zack and none of him by himself, since he's one of my three favorite characters.

Today was my niece's wedding, and this is probably the only time I'll say this expression in this way but ... OH. MY. GOSH. The groom is an FF7 nut. Seriously. He was dressed as Cloud! I can hardly wait to get pictures. X3 When we went in to the reception room and I saw him it was absolute disbelief/excitement/SQUEE. And I didn't realize he was the groom at first, but I'm amused that I came to that conclusion before any indication of that was given. Seriously. **bounces.** We chatted a bit, and I talked to my brother-in-law too and found out he's also familiar with the games/characters. He's not an obsessee too, but he definitely knows his stuff and it was much fun.

Randomly, I found a blue feather fan at Dollar Tree and I adore it. X3 The feathers are close to being royal blue, so I think of KH Sephiroth. And it feels so wonderfully soft to run it over my face.

And I listened to The Heart of Everything on the drive up and familiarized myself better with the songs. I think I'm ready to do a type-up on what each song gives me an image of. X3

Open your eyes, it's truly the heart of everything )


Aug. 16th, 2006 06:33 am
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I've felt for a while now that Blow Me Away hasn't been complete. Today I finished finished the edits I wanted to make and stuck them into the version. There's two added scenes, and some tweaks here and there throughout the rest. Opinions on the new version are appreciated. ^^

Bourbon is alive and well in the RP with Aubrie, though she was killed off both in my stories and in the RP with Lizzie. XD She's as paranoid as ever, and since I get such a kick out of making fun of ridiculous pairings, Bourbon is an immature girl with a crush on Gin, and she believes that Vodka took him away from her. XD; Even though firstly, she never had a chance with him to begin with, and secondly, Gin and Vodka are definitely not in a romantic relationship. LOL.

Vermouth knows about this, too, and she hinted at it to Gin and Vodka, and teased them of course. **is going to illustrate that.** She said something like that maybe Bourbon was jealous of Vodka, Gin said it was ridiculous, and Vermouth said, "Oh, of course it is. After all, the two of you aren't anything more than partners, are you?" You can imagine their expression. XD Classic WTH stuff there. And when Bourbon actually did come out and accuse Vodka of taking Gin away from her, hoo boy. LOL.

Oklahoma! was fun. XD My brother and his wife were awesome in their parts. They played the main supporting couple. And they sang better than the leads did, at least better than the male lead. XD;;; Oy. The poor guy could not sing on-key sometimes, nor could he always hold the notes as long as he needed to. All of the casting was excellent, though, and the acting and the dancing. ^^ In general, I never have liked Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals (with The Sound of Music being the main exception), but those darn songs really get stuck in your head! I wanna watch the movie now and see how it compares. I think Gordon MacRae is the main guy in that, and I do really like him. He was in The Desert Song. And I have an urge to get the soundtrack....

My favorite musicals are the ones by Hammerstein and that other guy, can't remember his name. They did The Desert Song (though the movie was better than the play) and New Moon, and some others too, I think (maybe The Student Prince?). And of course Webber's Phantom of the Opera. EDIT: And Fiddler on the Roof! How could I forget to mention that one? LOVE it!

I started work on a one-shot, combining a couple of ideas. I've wanted to explore what would happen with Gin if Vodka was dead. Gin has refused to get another partner and now works alone. Sherry is dead, too, having been killed by him and sent on to Akemi. Gin seems to have mixed feelings on it now that she's actually gone. After all, going after her was one of the main things he did. I like the twisted idea that maybe partially why Gin wanted to kill her is because he knew that that would be the only way she could be free from the Black Org. With the fine line and all that, he loved her even as he hated her.


Jun. 23rd, 2006 09:22 pm
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I showed that scene I wrote to Paul, and he got a kick out of it. ^^ I figured he'd enjoy it. He's been hoping for a while that I could write something more humorous with the Boys. I may use that as part of another fic I have some assorted blurbs for. The other blurbs are a lot darker (involving Sach and Duke found out by the mob and being beaten for information), but I'm becoming known for my dramedies. XD; M*A*S*H proved once and for all that a dramedy is highly possible.

Though some people don't agree. In one of my books about The Andy Griffith Show, the author compares it to other well-known comedies, including M*A*S*H. He addresses the fact that they killed off the Colonel Blake character and said that it was an unfunny way out of a casting problem. But he misses the whole point! It wasn't *supposed* to be funny. It was supposed to be dark and dramatic and tragic, because that's the kind of thing that happens in war, and M*A*S*H was not only funny, it was realistic, and it worked. That's why it was so great.

Tomorrow there's a family renuion type thing. Mom doesn't feel well enough to go, and Dad is hoping that I'll go with him. I don't really like those things much, because it seems like in general it's mass confusion and I don't have much to do or many people to talk to anyway. Plus, it'll be outside, during the peak heat hours. Blurgh. But if I go with him, he might take me to Borders on the way home. ^^ Plus, it's been a long time since the two of us have really gone and done anything together. Mom and I hang out by watching movies and verbal RPing, and Dad and I always used to hang out by going on errands and such together, but that hasn't been happening all that much as of late. XD; It's not just because of the moving, though, I don't think. It's been like this for a year or more, with a little journey back to the good old days at Christmastime. There's trips for groceries, of course, but that's not the same as the traipsing all over the county we used to do. Ah, I miss that. Anyway, I'm warming up to the idea of going more and more. I can take my notebook and a Star Wars book, after all. **is still reading that trilogy from Christmas.**
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1. Reply with your name and I will write something random about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal, or else!

So on Saturday we went to the housewarming party, as planned. I overslept before we left, probably because of how wonderfully cool the house felt thanks to the working air conditioner. XD; So Dad didn't want to go to Borders first. We went to the party first, and ate food. Then we relaxed in the parlor of the red couches and huge, soft pillows. Before we left we played a board game that was kinda like Monopoly. I wasn't extremely interested in playing, but I did anyway, especially since Dad was also going to play.

We barely made it to Borders. XD; And the Sailor Moon manga they've had there for months was suddenly gone, while the computer still reported it available. -___-; I wanted it because it was S movie adaption, and it had a story about Rei in the back. In the manga, Rei is so awesome. She reminds me of Alister, being all aloof and mostly serious. I think I can still get it at the Murray branch, though. Or possibly the copy uptown was misplaced and will be returned to its proper location in the manga section.

Anyway, I had to use the coupon for something, so I decided to break down and get a Saiyuki manga. I picked #6, since I've skimmed through it already and am slightly familiar with its plot. Other than the swearing, it's perfect for me. XD This series runs on friendship cuteness and hurt/comfort! **actually went and whited out the worst swearing so she wouldn't have to look at it.** XD I guess that's one advantage of manga over anime.... I can't white it out in the anime. Anyway . . . **pets manga.** I must see more. I'm going to check Circuit City for the movie.

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