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Crystal is doing the 30-Day U.N.C.L.E. meme on Tumblr. I wanted to do it too, but as usual, I'd rather answer everything and post as an LJ quiz. So, here it is.

Day 01 – Favorite season - Probably 3, honestly, because that's when things first started getting really hurt/comforty as more of an expected thing and not an occasional thing. Combining that with a good laugh honestly works great for me. Most episodes are not as horrible as many people would have one believe.
Day 02 – Least favorite season - I usually say 2, because of all the seasons, it seemed the most like it didn't know where it wanted to go: comedy or drama. It seemed ... lackluster compared to the seriousness of season 1 or the hilarity of season 3 or the darkness of season 4. There are some season 2 episodes I like, of course, but overall I find it the least appealing season.
Day 03 – Favorite episode - The Suburbia Affair. Season 3 at its most classic, with Napoleon and Illya trying and failing to be domestic roommates. I don't think I've laughed so hard at any other episode.
Day 04 – Least favorite episode - The Colossal Affair. Season 3 at its worst. Although people will say that season 3 always made a mockery of peril and death, this is really just about the only episode where I felt it was done. Illya in the concrete was one of the most WTH moments in the entire series, topped only by Illya trying to stop a giant stink bomb and suffering for it. Just ... WTH. This is the episode I'd want to chuck out of my headcanon.
Day 05 – Favorite movie/two-parter - The Prince of Darkness Affair, because four times the H.M. Wynant content! And he gets the girl! How could I not love it?
Day 06 – Least favorite movie/two-parter - I think the few episodes I still haven't seen are all two-parters, and the reasons I haven't seen them are because of various iffy things in each one. I still plan to see them; I just haven't got around to it yet, especially since I only have them on tape and can therefore only watch them in the living room. Offhand, I think experimenting on cats in The Bridge of Lions Affair troubles me the most, but I am informed that the effects are temporary, so that's good to know. I am also troubled by Janet Leigh's character taking sexual pleasure from people's misery in The Concrete Overcoat Affair, but at least I hear that wasn't quite so expressly stated in the TV version.... However, ignoring the ones I haven't seen and focusing on what I have seen, that would be The Alexander the Greater Affair. The Big Bad is gross, his plan makes zero sense, and Napoleon and Illya are virtually useless in the climax. It was one of the lamest things I have ever seen, and the fact that it went on for two episodes made it even worse.
Day 07 – Favorite member of UNCLE - That's actually hard for me to answer, as I've usually maintained that Mr. Waverly is my favorite. But I've finally come to terms with the fact that Napoleon is my favorite field agent, so now I'm torn between which character to say.
Day 08 – Least favorite member of UNCLE - Any traitorous agent.
Day 09 – Favorite villain - Mr. Ecks in The Odd Man Affair. He's only onscreen for a few minutes, but he and his partner Mr. Wye managed to be thoroughly fascinating to me for many reasons, all of which I've detailed on my U.N.C.L.E. website (which is here, if anyone hasn't seen it and is curious:
Day 10 – Least favorite villain - Probably the guy who unleashed the stink bomb in The Colossal Affair. WTH.
Day 11 – Favorite innocent - Most likely Shari Lewis's character in The Off-Broadway Affair.
Day 12 – Least favorite innocent - I'm tempted to say any character played by Jill Ireland, but I actually liked her character in season 1. Her snappy exchanges with Illya were just great. So I don't think I could give that answer, even though I don't like Jill Ireland as a person. Most episodes I haven't seen for a very long time, and offhand I just can't think of an Innocent I disliked more than any other.
Day 13 – Favorite recycled set/prop/location - The New York street.
Day 14 – Favorite quote - I couldn't give the exact quote, but probably Illya's insistence on Napoleon's innocence in The Summit Five Affair.
Day 15 – Favorite fight scene/action sequence - Bryn Watson and Illya against Mr. Wye in The Odd Man Affair.
Day 16 – Episode you’ve most recently watched - The Secret Sceptre Affair, I think.
Day 17 – Episode you’ve rewatched the most - The Odd Man Affair.
Day 18 – First episode remember seeing - The very first one.
Day 19 – Saddest moment - Illya brainwashed into attacking Napoleon in The THRUSH Roulette Affair. (And the fact that the whole sequence was so badly handled....)
Day 20 – Funniest moment - The attempts to be domestic in The Suburbia Affair.
Day 21 – Most intense moment - Any scene where it looks like their goose is really cooked. (Honestly, I can't seem to pick just one scene as "most" intense above all....)
Day 22 – Defining character moment - Napoleon Solo - Where he doesn't fall for the THRUSH plot or give in to the girl even while under the effects of an amnesia pill in The Nowhere Affair.
Day 23 – Defining character moment - Illya Kuryakin - When he absolutely insists on Napoleon's loyalty and honesty in The Summit Five Affair. That episode, and that scene, finally made me believe in their friendship after being very skeptical for a long time.
Day 24 – Defining character moment - Alexander Waverly - When he shows kindness and concern for Napoleon and Illya in peril in multiple episodes. Also when he shows he's still got what it takes to be an U.N.C.L.E. agent in The Deep Six Affair.
Day 25 – Something you wish you could go back and change - That The Colossal Affair exists. Or at least, that it was so terrible. Maybe with a few scene adjustments, it would at least be tolerable.
Day 26 – An episode you wish you could have been in - I would like to have had Carol Lynley's role in The Prince of Darkness Affair. So much interaction with H.M.! Lucky, lucky girl.
Day 27 – An ‘OMG did that just happen?’ moment - I suppose this means something that happened in a split-second, but I just can't think of one offhand. So I have Illya deadpanning his way through a performance in The Off-Broadway Affair.
Day 28 – Episode you use to introduce people to the show - The Summit Five Affair. Intensity and friendship/partnership squee.
Day 29 – Favorite cast member - Robert Vaughn.
Day 30 – Anything UNCLE related - I wish there were figures/dolls from the show that actually look like Napoleon and Illya. The 1960s dolls look pretty bad, which was not unusual for celebrity dolls in that era. I wish some retro company would make U.N.C.L.E. figures/dolls today.

Fun quiz!

Jul. 1st, 2016 04:14 am
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So I took this interesting quiz here: What Decade Do You Actually Belong In?

And got this result here:

If you are young in this century, you are considered an "old soul". People of the 70s can go anywhere between coo-coo disco and sweet and calm guitar playing. The 70s were where everything started to change. Black Sabbath came in, introducing heavy metal, and the Beatles ended, causing a lot of sadness in teenagers and young adults of the age. To find an old soul like yourself, pay attention to peoples' styles. Look for someone wearing a 70s band t-shirt or a modern hippy. (you may find this in Urban Outfitters)

Music: Queen, Steve Miller Band, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, The Who, Elton John, Foreigner, Journey, Boston

Interesting. I certainly have a great love of the 1970s. The cars were awesome, I definitely like some of the music, many of the TV shows had this wonderful cheesy innocence (Charlie's Angels, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman), and the more serious shows (Mannix, Cannon, The Mod Squad, Hawaii 5-O, Kojak, Adam-12, Emergency!) were also great. I think I said once that the '70's might just be my favorite decade for television. And of course, it can't be overlooked that the characters I love writing about the most are from an episode of a 1970s show. I moved the time period to the present-day, but they still originated in the 1970s. Wow, that is suddenly a weird and wonderful thought. I mean, I knew it, but I didn't consciously stop to think recently about how people have known about Ginger and Lou for almost 39 years. I guess because The Rockford Files just isn't a period piece (i.e., it doesn't have to take place in the 1970s) and to me, it slides into the present-day with absolute ease. And I'm so used to the world I've lovingly created for the past three years where it is the present-day that I have to admit, it feels like that is canon. Whoops.

I thought I might get the 1980s, but I don't know if that was even a choice in the quiz. Given the options they had for each question, the 1970s makes perfect sense.
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So for the last several days I've wondered what would happen if I took a quiz in Ginger's voice. Last night I was prowling around in my journal and reading the DuckTales entries. When I found one with a quiz, I randomly clicked on the Quiz tag and started going through them to find something that looked good for Ginger to take. I ended up fooling around long enough to take several.

Here they all are, below the cut. Just remember that Ginger is a blunt and colorful person, so if anyone gets offended by something written, it's what I honestly felt Ginger would say. (Actually, I think Dutch Ingram is a more offensive fellow, but eh.)

Ginger quizzes )
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Found this on Tumblr and thought it looked interesting. But I don't post these types of things on Tumblr, so I brought it over here. Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number. (Or if I have a lot of time to kill/a lot to say, I may just answer all of the questions for every fic suggested.)

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?
2. What’s my favorite part of the fic?
3. What’s the part of the fic I’m most proud of?
4. What part of the fic was the hardest for me to write?
5. What part of the fic am I still dissatisfied with?
6. Who’s my favorite character in the fic?
7. Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?
8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it? (themes, motifs, symbolism, etc)
9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?
10. If I had to sum up this fic in a sentence, what would it be?
11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?
12. Did any thing about this fic’s reception surprise me?
What were my beta’s major comments about the first draft of this fic? This one doesn't apply since I never use a beta. I am my own beta. I don't want to wait for someone else to find time to read each of my fics before I can post them!
13. If I were to write a sequel to this fic, what would it be about?
14. Any other question about the fic!
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Recently I saw this quiz turn up on Tumblr. It looked familiar and I thought I remembered randomly taking it the last time it popped up. I finally found that. Apparently I never posted it anywhere. I don't post quizzes on Tumblr and I couldn't find it here. So I touched it up a bit and here you go.

A:Your current OTP. Rumbelle (at least up through season 3A) and Duke/Serenity. Also, I still love Seto/Tea.
B:A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind. Seto/Tea. I used to scoff at it, and then when talking to someone about how unlikely it seemed, I got the urge to see if it could work after all.
C:A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can't. Yugi/Tea. I feel so guilty to not be able to ship it, when Yugi has such a big crush on her, but I just can't. It's Seto/Tea all the way for me.
D:What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom? Oh gosh, I don't know. My Gomer Pyle website, maybe? I think that came even before my All Dogs Go to Heaven website.
E:Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what? Too many things to name them all. Silly fics about Internet lingo and Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack being confused.... Pictures of Lieutenant Anderson ordering from Pizza Hut....
F:What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom? What fandom was it? The Monkees, probably. I'm still in it. I don't leave fandoms except in very rare cases. I do sometimes stop submitting new things for fandoms, though. I still occasionally write Monkees fics, but I haven't done anything for Gomer Pyle in years and years.
G:What was your first fandom? If by fandom we mean connecting with other fans, that would be Balto/All Dogs Go to Heaven.
H:Do you prefer real-life TV shows or animated TV shows? Depends on the show. I don't really actively prefer one over the other.
I:Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why? No.
J:Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr. Marvel Cinematic Universe. I still haven't seen any films in it other than Captain America, but the GIF sets I see floating around make me curious.
K:How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom(s). Basically, they're nice people. Every fandom has its screwballs, though.
L:Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for? ... Honestly, that would depend on what fandom they're my favorite in. I would adore for someone to draw me Ginger and Lou or Snakes art. I love drawing it myself, but it's even more fun when others join in. But if this is pairing specific, I would love fanart or fics for any of my favorite ships. Duke/Serenity could especially use more art.
M:A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to. I'm usually the person pulling people into fandoms. And usually it's more than one person who gets me into a fandom, since it generally takes me a while to want to try something new when I'm busy with what I've got.
N:Your favorite fandom (for the people; not the thing you fangirl over). Good question.
O:Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of? Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). It reminds me of Rumbelle. However, I usually associate it with Ginger and Lou friendship (or Ginger's life in specific) more than anything romantic.
P:Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas). Why does it have to be an AU idea? It's generally more fun to just write in the canon-established verse, unless said canon-established verse has become a disaster and impossible to work with, like Once Upon a Time is now. I have an AU for Once that picks up at season 3B and has Belle save Rumpel a la Beauty and the Beast. It then continues from there with slice-of-life stuff and Neal still very much alive. Maybe one of these days I'll actually write something more for it.
Q:A ship you’ve abandoned and why. When I think something works, I don't tend to abandon it even if I stop being involved in fanworks for it.
R:A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships. ::shrug.:: .... Peter Howard/Nancy Drew, from The Ghostwriter's Cruise episode of the 1970s show. They could have had a lot of fun interaction, if given the chance. And May-December romance for the win. The 1970s Nancy Drew series seemed to be in favor of such things more than once (although nothing ever got serious in any of the cases).
S:What's a headcanon you have? ... For what? I have dozens and dozens of headcanons for many shows. They don't often involve romance, though. Let's see.... I decided to write Lieutenant Schrank from West Side Story as having been married, but then divorced. It wasn't a friendly divorce. Mr. Wye from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. had a similar fate. I believe those are the only canonically single characters I've chosen to portray as having been married before.
T:What are your favorite male/male ships or female/female ships? Don't have any. I absolutely adore platonic life partners, though. Ginger and Lou from The Rockford Files would be in that category.
U:What are your favorite male/female ships? Rumbelle, Duke/Serenity, Seto/Tea, Nephrite/Naru.
V:Do you have any 3-way ships? If so, what? No.
W:5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Duke Devlin, Oscar Goldman, Hamilton Burger, The Virginian
X:3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms. Rumbelle, Duke/Serenity, Nephrite/Naru
Y:A fandom you’re in but have no ships from. The great majority of them. It's rare when I do have a ship.
Z:What's a ship that you want to ship publicly, but everyone on tumblr hates it so you keep your mouth shut about it? I dunno.
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I stole something from Tumblr again. This was on Gwen's Tumblr, but I'm not sure if she wrote it or was just posting it from someone else. (It wasn't a reblog.)

50 question meme )

I was also tagged to answer some questions that Kohaku and Trix wrote. I don't use my Tumblr for posting memes and such, so I decided to bring those over here too. Trix's first, then Kohaku's, which is the order I saw them.

Two more quizzes )
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I like to steal Ask memes from Tumblr and put them on LJ. And since for me Fall started on September 1st and I'm excitedly planning for Halloween, I had to do this one as soon as I saw it on an Autumn blog.

A:What are you being for Halloween this year? Twilight Sparkle! I'm planning already and I'm so excited to try to find just the right wig in a week or so when the Halloween stuff starts coming out.
B:Favorite costume from past Halloweens? I love the Rouge the Bat costume I've worn and slowly perfected over three Halloweens or so. I'm also pretty proud of my Marik Ishtar costume.
C:Do you still go trick or treating? I wish I could. I don't really want to go alone and Dad would probably be appalled if I said I wanted to go. If I knew someone who was going, I would totally go with them.
D:Top 3 favorite scary movies. ... Good question. You know, it may sound sacreligeous, but I don't tend to watch scary movies. Unless someone I love is in them. So we'll say Curse of the Faceless Man. Old 1950s cheese, but the "monster" seems a lot more sympathetic than some, and Richard Anderson is the main character! Also, I like The Uninvited, but really, it wasn't nearly as scary as people toted it as being. It seems like there's one other movie just on the tip of my mind. I wish I could remember. For now, let's just say The Night Strangler, the second Kolchak movie. Lots of Tony being adorable and lots of creepy stuff going on.
E:Top 3 non-scary Halloween movies. I don't tend to watch Halloween-themed movies in general, actually. But is there really such a thing as a non-scary Halloween movie? It seems like an oxymoron.
F:Do you watch Halloween specials on TV? No. I saw It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on a friend's DVD last year. I ... honestly didn't like it that much. I found it preposterous that no one would give Charlie any candy. Adults were seriously so mean that they were giving him rocks everywhere? It would have been funny one time, but for him to receive rocks everywhere was just unreal. However, one thing I do like is watching scary episodes of my favorite TV shows, like Perry Mason and The Wild Wild West!
G:What was your first Halloween costume? Gosh, I don't remember. It may have been this superhero costume. I loved her rainbow hair on the wig.
H:Would you ever wear a "sexy" Halloween costume? No. I'm not the type, mentally OR physically. I don't want to attract the kind of guys who would be turned on by that sort of thing and I'd just embarrass myself.
I:Most ridiculous "sexy" costume you've seen? There's so many silly ones. It's hard to narrow it down to just one! I really think it's stupid when fairly innocent costumes are sexed up. Sexy policewomen annoy me a lot. I want to say I even saw a sexy nun once, but I can't remember for sure.
J:Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating? Trick or treating.
K:Favorite candy to find in your trick or treat bag? Butterfingers! And Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!
L:Candy or other goodies that make you want to **CENSORED!** when someone gives them to you? I don't like Mary Janes too much. Or candy corn.
M:Any Halloween traditions? Have the fake Jack-O-Lantern lit up. Visit the cemetery. Get in costume and stay in costume all evening.
N:Have you ever been tricked on Halloween? I don't think so, thank God.
O:Costumes: make or buy? Both. Around 1995, I decided that they weren't making the costumes I wanted, so I was going to make my own. And I proceeded to do so every year after that. For several years I just cheaply made and colored masks and tails, if I was playing animals. Then I started mostly playing people and just using make-up if I was playing an animal. But I still have to buy some elements of all costumes. I have a whole box of wigs.
P:Have you ever pulled a Halloween prank? No.
Q:Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.
R:You're in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer? Heh, either the first to die or the skeptic.
S:You're in a zombie apocalypse. What's your weapon of choice? A scythe is the first thing that came to mind. Dunno how effective it would be, though.
T:Costumes: scary, sexy, or funny? ... Out of those choices? Scary, I suppose. My favorite costumes are specific character-based, though, so none of the categories really fit.
U:You're a ghost. How do you spend Halloween? Haunting an old house and trying to entice people to visit. And then maybe chilling at a Halloween party.
V:Trick or treating: how old is too old? When you feel too old.
W:Do you pass out candy on Halloween? Yes.
X:Do you go trick or treating even when it's raining? I believe I remember that I used to. These days, if I had a way to go out, I might go if it was just a light rain. I wouldn't go out if it was pounding down.
Y:Top 3 favorite scary stories/books. The Hardy Boys Ghost Stories, Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shady Glen, and any Debi Chestnut books about real ghosts.
Z:Trick or treat? Treats! I'm just too nice to trick people. I expect the same in turn.

Anime Quiz

Feb. 23rd, 2014 03:43 pm
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Found this on Tumblr. I like to answer all the questions at once like a Livejournal quiz.

1. My first anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
2. My favorite anime: The same.
3. The first anime character I was obsessed with: Yami Bakura and Ryou Bakura concurrently.
4. My anime OTP: Seto Kaiba/Tea Gardner.
5. An anime I can’t stand: Ultimate Muscle. Ugh, Mr. Cheeks.... I can hardly believe they got away with airing that on broadcast television, for kids.
6. An anime I want to watch: Can't think of one offhand.
7. An anime I never finished: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (still need to see the latter half of SuperS and most of StarS).
8. The most recent anime I finished: Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
9. An anime I never thought of watching but fell in love with: If I never thought of watching it, how did I end up doing so?
10. My favorite genre of Anime: Don't think I have one. I watch stuff from many genres. I like magical girl shows a lot, though.
11. Shonen or Shojo: Depends on the anime.
12. My favorite anime character of all time: Just one?! ... Marik Ishtar, maybe. (YGO)
13. An anime that I introduced to a friend: Princess Tutu.
14. The anime that I am currently watching: None.
15. An anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it: Any anime I love.
16. If I own any anime merchandise: Yes! A whole lot, too much to possibly list, especially for YGO. Figures, shirts, DVDs, custom-made plushies.... Also some Sailor Moon dolls. And DVDs of other series I like.
17. Yaoi or Yuri: Neither.
18. If I’ve ever been to an anime convention: No.
19. Who is my favorite anime voice actor: George Newbern.
20. Sub or Dub? It depends on the anime, honestly. For YGO, I can never stop preferring the dub, despite how they removed scenes and changed up some of the dialogue. But for Sailor Moon, the dub makes me cringe and I must watch in Japanese.
21. If I could have any anime character’s hair style, who would it be: I don't know; I like my own hair.
22. Manga or Anime? Anime. Manga moves too fast and is often unnecessarily dark and grotesque and graphic.
25. If any of my friends or family watches anime: Lots of friends do. One of my sisters was trying Sailor Moon, but I don't know how that went. One of my brothers watches and likes YGO. Or he did, anyway. I don't know if he still watches reruns or went on to watch all the spin-offs.
26. If I listen to any anime music: I haven't for a while, but I love anime music.
27. If I’m following any ongoing anime series: I am not.
28. If I’ve ever been to an anime club: No.
29. If I’ve ever cried over an anime: Heck yes.
30. What my last anime wallpaper was: Probably one with the bikers from YGO. Or Siegfried von Schroider. It's been years since I've had an anime wallpaper.


Jan. 21st, 2014 12:57 pm
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I love Belle so much, both the Disney version and Once Upon a Time. She's always my favorite of the Disney Princess crew. And she's most likely my favorite female character on Once (although I like Emma a lot, too).
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So I finally got my Build-a-Bear Twilight. She's gorgeous! I found one without any glue in her tail. Thank goodness that must have just been a bad batch and now there's a bunch of new ones. Fluttershy is really cute too, but I wish they'd had a display one with her hair down instead of up in an elastic. I couldn't really see what her hair was like all done up like that, and I wanted to see if there's really as small an amount of hair as people have said.

Right now I have both the new Twilight and talking Twilight standing together. No Twilight will be left behind!

Also, a while back I did an interview for a Man from U.N.C.L.E. comm, since I've written a few stories for the fandom. It just went up today:
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You Were an Intuitive Kid

As a kid, your power element was water. You were a very balanced and intuitive kid.

You were probably always more emotionally mature than the children around you. You may have found it easier to relate to adults than most kids.

And while it may have been hard for you to relate to the kids around you, it's likely you had a very close friend or two.

Deep connections were important to you from an early age, and you were the type most able to form a 'BFF' bond with someone.

As a kid, you saw things in the abstract. You did best when you were able to daydream, play, create, and engage your imagination.

You probably found it challenging to sit still in a structure classroom. You may not have made trouble, but your mind was likely elsewhere.

Sounds like me, alright. Still does. I remember in my youth group, I usually preferred hanging out with the leaders than the other kids. But there was usually at least one girl I'd really gravitate to as a close friend.

Last year, I went with Dad to his high school reunion and I felt completely at home there, with music I knew and loved, an awesome restored classic car outside the place, people who grew up in the era I most enjoy the shows from, and yummy food. I wish the things didn't just come every five years; I just love going. (I've been to three.)

I felt a lot more at home there than I generally do with the local people my age. Of course, when I run across someone my age who is interested in the things I like, then I feel completely at home in that scenario, too. So it's less about the ages and more about the shared interests.

I never really was that fond of school. That said, I always had good grades. Things I loved most were History, Earth Science, and some of the literature. I did not like my particular English class/assignments because the instructor and I often disagreed. And I have always hated math. I can do it well when I understand it, and sometimes it's even fun then, but I tire of it quickly. And I always seem to run up against something I don't understand and then spend ages feeling like tearing my hair out. I would absolutely go bonkers in any job that required me to deal with math constantly.

I have loved making up stories for characters I love and role-playing since before I was five. Mom remembers me dictating stories to her about My Little Ponies and Beetlejuice (TV version). I could not get enough of pretending to be Darkwing Duck on the prowl for evildoers. And I absolutely adored making up adventures with my action figures and the paper dolls I'd have Mom draw of all the characters I liked who didn't have action figures.

Ah, good times.


May. 26th, 2013 06:46 am
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I took this quiz and got this result. And I honestly can't figure out if it sounds like me or not.

You blend in and adapt well. You are quite flexible - you can change with the times.
You are an adept communicator, especially with difficult people. You know how to smooth things over.

You are more of a generalist than a specialist. You do many things well and can wear many hats.
You fit in well with any crowd. You immediately take the vibe of every room and adjust appropriately.

The secondary colors are: orange, green, and purple. They are made by mixing two secondary colors.
Like a secondary color, you are good at handling multiple strong personalities. You mediate well.

Quiz is here:

What I do know is that whoever made the quiz is inaccurate about how the colors are made. It's mixing two primary colors that makes secondary colors! Oy vey.

... I guess I think parts of both this result and the other two results sound like me. So if I took the pieces and blended them all together, I'd have something that sounds a lot more accurate. I certainly don't think I'm a mediator, or that I can handle difficult people. I usually feel more like throwing things at difficult people.
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I’m not even really a fan, just a casual viewer sometimes, but this looks fun.

[] You think you’re better than other species
[] You’ve run away from home
[X] You have been bullied
[X] You are frequently sarcastic
[] You have brown eyes
[] You occasionally wear a cape
[X] You wear reading glasses (when my eyes hurt)
[X] People say you’re very wise (some people have, actually, but I don't know if I believe I am)

Total: 4

[X] Justice and righteousness are important to you
[] You are ruthless
[] You like playing the recorder
[] You consider yourself a genius
[] Your pockets hold EVERYTHING
[X] You like hats
[] Your eyes change color
[X] You can be a bit childish

Total: 3

[X] You love science
[X] You want peace between everyone
[] You are a master of aikido
[X] You love playing with gadgets
[] You tend to be optimistic
[] You occasionally perform magic tricks
[X] You also love vintage cars
[X] You can be somewhat bitter

Total: 5

[] You wear long scarves. Very long scarves
[] Yo-yo’s are fun to play with
[X] You occasionally wear floppy hats
[] Would you like a jelly baby?
[X] Your personality is very different from others
[] Your pockets are dimensionally transcendental
[X] People say you’re charming (they have, but again, I don't know if I believe I am)
[] You can tell if you can trust someone or not right away

Total: 3

[] You wear “brainy specs” to look clever, when need be
[] You can be a bit vulnerable
[X] You prefer thinking and problem solving over physical activity
[] You hate violence
[X] You like celery
[] You tend to panic when under pressure
[] Rosemary makes you sneeze
[X] You will openly express your hopes and fears to your companions (on LJ, I will. Offline, not so much)

Total: 3

[] You can be compassionate, but hardly anybody but your friends see this side
[] You also can be very arrogant
[] And melodramatic
[] You decided to become a vegetarian, but have abandoned that practice
[X] You love poetry
[X] You are very fond of cats
[] You have problems with directions
[X] You are very determined to do what is right

Total: 3

[] People don’t really trust you
[] You tend to act like a fool to hide your intellect
[] You have a very dark side, though
[X] You like chess
[X] You would rather use words to resolve problems instead of violence (if I was going to be the victim of said violence, then probably yes)
[] You use umbrellas to accomplish tasks other than keeping the rain off of you
[X] You are very eccentric
[X] You like manipulating people (but only if I can work it out so we both get something out of it. Like, I’ll try to manipulate people into going where I want to go, but only if I can think of a genuine reason why they’d want to go too. I don't like asking favors because I don't want people to go out of their way for me, so I prefer trying to convince them to do something we'd both like.)

Total: 4

[] You love and respect all life (all life? I’m not quite sure what to put on this one. I don’t love and respect certain evildoers very much)
[] You are very romantic (hahaha, heck no)
[] You often have panic attacks
[] You don’t understand the idea of gloating
[] You have a habit of repeating someone’s name when trying to make a point
[] Or when excited
[] You have smoked
[X] You are very afraid of heights

Total: 1

[] You like wearing leather jackets
[X] You can be very emotional
[] Although, you can hide your sorrow with manic behavior and wit
[] You can be ruthless
[] You swear frequently
[] You tend to say “fantastic” a lot
[X] You like bananas (I don’t mind them, anyway)
[] You can be violent

Total: 2

[] You are a happy person
[] You are also enthusiastic, especially at inappropriate times
[X] You feel very lonely (sometimes)
[] You are a fan of Harry Potter
[X] You prefer rock music (prefer it to what? It’s a favorite category, but I have several favorites)
[X] You are a very forgiving person (probably too much so)
[X] You think that life is beautiful
[] Allons-y! (What? This is an in-joke, I assume)

Total: 4


[X] You don’t care if people think you’re eccentric
[] You can be very childlike (childish, unfortunately, yes. Childlike? Not so sure. Childish I see more as being petty or selfish or unthinking. Childlike, to me, is more the innocence and/or being cute, and heck I'm not innocent. I'm a cynic.)
[] Bowties are cool
[X] You have a very good memory
[] You talk with your hands (My dad does, and it’s very aggravating and agonizing, because he even does it while driving and won’t stop!)
[X] You tend to ramble a lot (if I’m enthused)
[] You would rather face situations alone, rather than put your friends at risk
[] You have green eyes

Total: 3
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Ammonia Pine. Yeah, that's about right. I'm not as obsessed with cleanliness as Monk, but to some extent yes. And I love electricity like Megavolt.

... But should I be scared that I came out 50% Negaduck?

Ammonia Pine










Splatter Phoenix


The Liquidator








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I have some thoughts on the recent My Little Pony series, but I'll post that later. Today it's this.

First off! What is your pen name?

Any previous pen names?
I don't think a pen name should be changed. Once it/you are established, you're known by that. Why change it and suddenly make it hard for people to find you/know it's you?

Of course, when it comes to various social networks and the like, I sometimes will use various names. But to post stories, I always prefer Lucky_Ladybug. And I include that as my LJ name too, so that people will hopefully know the insane one is me.

And what does your pen name mean?
It's the name of an old and silly but cute song covered by many people, but specifically Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. It's pretty straightforward, isn't it? It's a ladybug who is lucky.

Any alternate nicknames or pen names?
[ profile] insaneladybug, of course. Usually used on journals. And always with the "Lucky_Ladybug" attached where it gives the name of the poster.

What fandom(s) do you write for currently?
Perry Mason, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Monkees, West Side Story.

And what pairings do you write for it?
None, unless they're canon, such as Tony/Maria for West Side Story.

Why not? Not everything has to be about romance, after all. Try branching out more. Platonic/gen stuff is great, too. And there's a serious lack of it in many fandoms.

What are some current projects of yours?
The Case of the Spectral Stalker, my current Perry Mason mystery. (The one I'm still quibbling about. Now I'm concerned I may lose some of my audience if I do the happier, albeit crazier, ending. And yes, I know the author should be happy first and foremost, but I won't be happy if I lose my audience, either.)

Lullaby of Silence, my three-way crossover with Perry, The Monkees, and Kolchak.

And a Kolchak oneshot concerning a mysterious, healing cloth.

EDIT: And of course, To Blossom As the Rose, the FF7 crossover with the two Westerns. I haven't forgotten about it. I know what should happen next chapter; the problem is fitting it in amid all my other projects.

Do you ever think your OTP will reach a happy ending?
My current OTP ... Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold and Belle from Once Upon a Time ... yes, I certainly hope they will. The whole point is to bring back the happy endings, and they deserve one, too.

If you ever had to kill one of them off, who would you choose and why?
Why would I want to do that? Gah, they've been going through enough already.

... Although, I can't deny that I really hope that in the climax, Mr. Gold will be seriously injured stopping Regina/saving Belle, and then Belle will have to make like her animated counterpart and save his life with her true love.

Will your OTP ever have kids?
... That would be interesting, wouldn't it.

What do you see them doing post-canon?
I want them to stay in Storybrooke, as I've seen some post-canon stories portray. I think they have a better chance for happiness there than in fairytale land. Actually, it seems like that's the case for quite a few characters.

(Plus, I really really love Mr. Gold's character design and personality.)

If a character has multiple 'appearances', which one(s) do you use in fic?
The one I like best, baby. The question should really be, what if I like elements of multiple versions?

For Perry, I will always write about the classic TV series. No ifs, ands, or buts. The characterization is incredible and develops in ways it never did in other versions.

Sailor Moon is what I have a problem with. I think the good guys are better in the manga and the bad guys are better in the anime. The girls spend way too much time cooing over guys in the anime. And Rei is so mean, oh gosh. I've really come to love Sailor Jupiter and appreciate her awesomeness, but it's so annoying when she suddenly goes squeeing after yet another guy who reminds her of her old flame.

I just don't think I can bring my conflicting feelings on the different versions of Sailor Moon together, since it requires either abandoning one element or the other, or else smooshing everything together. I do the latter for YGO, but it's different since I really only like a couple of things better in the manga and can easily insert them into anime canon. For Sailor Moon, the problem is much broader and I just don't know how to deal with it. I don't think I will ever really be able to write for Sailor Moon because of it. I just can't decide how to unite what I like about the different verses. And since the fanfic category is pretty much dead anyway, I'd rather concentrate on current projects.

How do characters sound in your head?
Like they should. Perry is Raymond Burr's voice, Hamilton is William Talman's, etc. etc. (Unless I've been watching too much of something else and when I try to concentrate, someone else's voice is in my head, i.e., hearing Robert Carlyle's voice for Hamilton when I'm trying to channel William. Gah.)

Have you ever written/wanted to write crack fic (e.g. singing in a karaoke bar) for your fandoms?
No. Not unless everyone is in character. What's funny about it if it could be absolutely anyone? It's only funny if you can recognize the voices and personalities of the characters and you're watching them react to silly situations.
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I've made some edits to the previous post; upon thinking further I realized there were a couple of other answers to check off, plus, I wanted to say more on one of the Twilight Sparkle questions.

Here's a classic film era quiz.

1. Favorite classic Disney?

I’m going to assume that “classic” will refer to any time when Walt was alive. So for animated, Lady and the Tramp. I loved the story years before I ever saw the film. I bought novelizations and even scanned in a chapter book I rented from the library, so I would always have a copy. I only scanned the text, though, since we had a B&W printer, so alas, no pretty pictures. For live-action, That Darn Cat!, the 1965 original. Absolutely hilarious, crime-fighting, and an adorable cat. A perfect film!

2. Favorite film from the year 1939?

(Why 1939 in particular? Is there something extra-special about that year?) Probably The Wizard of Oz. I grew up on it and always found it very magical and special. I think the books are seriously messed up, to be honest, but I don’t think I could ever not love the movie.

3. Favorite Carole Lombard screwball role?

I … am not sure I’ve ever seen one of her screwball roles.

4. Favorite off screen couple? (It’s OK if it ended in divorce.)

I love it when I find couples who have stayed married all through the years, or couples who stayed married until one or the other died, even if it was an early and tragic death. Hmmm. I’m not sure I have one particular favorite. I’m not sure whether Simon Oakland and his wife would be considered “classic film era”. They married in the 1940s, but Simon didn’t come to Hollywood until the fifties and then was mostly in TV until about 1958.

EDIT: Also, of course Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

5. Favorite pair of best friends? (i.e: Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford)

Onscreen or off-screen? I remembering loving Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in Road to Utopia. I think that's my favorite Road picture; I didn't care too much for some of them because they all too often seemed to have the guys caring more about their own interests and survival than each other's.

Also, I like Sach and Slip from The Bowery Boys. Their caring for each other is evident in each and every film, even amid all the hat-hitting and name-calling (mostly on Slip's part).

And I like Sach and Duke from later in the series. They care about each other too; Duke is always genuinely upset if Sach ever gets hurt, no matter how much he might threaten to hurt Sach himself. Duke is still my favorite character aside from Jimmy Murphy's Myron, largely because of both his logic and his classiness. He seems higher educated than Slip, so it breaks my brain the few times the writers tried to make him a carbon copy by giving him the same speech pattern as Slip.

6. Favorite actor with a mustache?

I was going to say the guy who plays Captain Stottlemeyer on Monk, but this is for classic film era only, so hmmm. I like both Howard Keel and Clark Gable. It’s hard for me to imagine either of them without mustaches. Oh, and Keenan Wynn. And Ronald Colman and David Niven.

7. Favorite blonde actress?

Joi Lansing. And I don't mind Marilyn Monroe. I don't know; I think most actresses I like have darker hair, but it's honestly hard to tell in black-and-white. Sometimes the script will say their hair is blonde, but in B&W it looks more like light brown to me.

8. Favorite pre-code?

I’m not sure if I’ve seen enough pre-Code to judge. All of the Marx Brothers' films prior to A Night at the Opera were pre-Code, so I think I'll say The Cocoanuts. I remember particularly liking that one. Monkey Business too, but I'm not sure if I'd like that one as much if I saw it again now.

9. Which studio would you have liked to join?

Whichever studio my favorites were working for, haha. William Talman was with RKO in the early fifties, but I’m not sure if he was under contract. Both of his pictures with Robert Mitchum were for RKO.

10. Favorite common on screen pairing that SHOULD have gotten married?

Golly, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about this. After all, even if they have great chemistry onscreen, maybe they wouldn't have gotten along in real-life, or maybe they were already married to other people at the time, so it just doesn't seem like something I could feel comfortable answering even if I did think about it.

11. Favorite "I Love Lucy" episode?

The one with Hans Conreid, where they’re trying to learn how to speak proper English. LOL.

12. Out of these actresses which one do you like best: Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Greer Garson, or Katharine Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn. I love just about every film I've seen that she's made. There are some things about her as a person that disappoint me, but as an actress alone she is still one of my favorites.

13. Shadowy film noir from the 1940s or splashy colorful musicals from the 1950s?

Film noir, baby, all the way.

14. Actor or actress with the best autograph (photo preferred).

I don’t typically study autographs, to be honest. I like Pleasant Valley’s answer of Walt Disney; his signature is definitely awesome and memorable. I also like Simon Oakland’s and William Talman’s, but that be more bias than anything else.

15. A baby (or childhood, or teenage) photo of either your favorite actress or actor (or both, if you’d like.)

I've been thinking about that subject for the last few days, actually. I don't think I can find one. Wait, I'll look.... Nope, I don't see any.

OH WAIT! I found one after all! William is on the left. Cute!

In fact, off-topic, but here's the link to the article it came from. Read, guys! It's just new this month. I'm so excited by this. William is still remembered and loved, and honored for his courage in being the first celebrity to speak out against the dangers of smoking.
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Second quiz edited!

Hmmm.... Interesting. I think I'm more like Twilight Sparkle, actually. Or maybe a mix of her and Applejack.


Full personality description:

A real hard worker you are, yup. If there's one thing you hate, it's being inactive or coming across as lazy. You'll put in more effort than anyone else, even if it may be against your better judgement or even if delagating your work is a smarter option. It's not surprising to see you working all day long, even if it's to help friends out. However, friendship is still important to you, so you will always, always stick to your commitments and keep your promises.

You're a tell-it-like-it-is pony, not holding your tongue and telling whoever whatever's on your mind or what your true thoughts are. Thankfully, you can still pick your words carefully and still keep some sensitivity towards what you say. But, others may find you irritable in appearance if you're not getting your way or you feel against something.

You are also most likely to be athletic and into staying fit, knowing that if you're not, you won't be able to keep up with your work. Fashion and looking good aren't on the top of your priorities, to say the least. You also tend to be very protective of your friends, standing up for them against anyone who is causing them problems, and usually succeeding in warding off any foes. You'd gladly lose a limb if it meant saving a friend's life.

This other quiz was made by [ profile] mippa:

Twilight Sparkle
[x] You have a huge collection of books.
[x] You value your alone time.
[x] You have trouble making friends. (... Not trouble, really; I just don't tend to make the effort, offline at least. (Online I'm more than happy to try to make the effort.) I think Twilight also just didn't really make the effort, and she rejected offers when they were presented to her. She could have had friends earlier, but she wanted to devote her time to other things.

EDIT: On the other hand, the more I think about it I realize that the whole reason I don't make the effort offline is because I've had trouble in the past. I have a hard time finding people who are interested in what I like, and sometimes I've reached out without much response, so I rarely bother anymore. I don't like butting in where I don't belong, which is like Twilight too.)
[x] You are very intelligent.
[x] You write letters regularly. (... I hate letter-writing, to be honest, but I do write emails regularly, so would that count?)
[x] You find a lesson in everything.
[x] You have trouble doing things "the old-fashioned way." (... What does this mean, exactly? I love living in modern times, but occasionally the old-fashioned way is the best way for some things.)
[] You've recently moved to a new town.
[x] You're rather sarcastic.
[] You're often accused of being a know-it-all.
Total: 8

Pinkie Pie
[] You're the black sheep of the family.
[] You're majorly hyper.
[x] You love to siiiing!
[] You're known for throwing great parties!
[x] You're great at baking.
[x] People sometimes don't get your jokes.
[] You're a prankster.
[] You're a super-intense personality.
[] You have strange pets.
[] You are known to go to extremes.
Total: 3

[x] You're very stubborn.
[x] You find great joy in working. (Only if it's something I love doing.)
[] You prefer the country to the city.
[] You speak with an accent.
[] You HATE cheating.
[] You have freckles.
[x] You prefer casual wear rather than flashy things.
[x] You wear your hair in a ponytail. (Outside of the house I usually put it through the hole in my baseball cap so it won't be in the way/so my hat won't fly off in a big wind.)
[x] You have a large family.
[] You have trouble lying. (... That would depend on the lie, honestly. I will lie to protect someone's feelings and often do it without much, if any, guilt or trouble.)
Total: 6

Rainbow Dash
[x] You love winning.
[] You like sports.
[] You have a funky haircolor.
[x] You have fangirl tendencies.
[] You have no problem speaking your mind. (Depends on the situation and the company I'm keeping.)
[] You will give up anything for your friends. (Depends on context and ability to follow through. And I try to do what I can, but I often wish I could do more.)
[x] You like being recognized for good things.
[] You have no problem being 'one of the guys'.
[] You act now, think later.
[] You're very brave. (I'm one of the biggest cowards you'll ever meet. I hate doing anything even the slightest bit dangerous. I love being alive and healthy, thank you very much.)
Total: 3

[x] You love being the center of attention.
[] You have a cat.
[] You sew well.
[] It's well-known that you're somewhat vain.
[x] You love the excitement of the city!
[x] You will overwork yourself to do something nice for your friends.
[] You wear makeup.
[] You're prone to whining.
[] You have expensive tastes.
[] You enjoy 'girl-time.'
Total: 3

[] You HATE being the center of attention.
[] You struggle with sharing your mind.
[x] You love animals and help them however you can.
[] You're graceful.
[] You're very quiet or soft-spoken.
[x] You have a secret mean-streak. (True, but when I act on it I feel horribly guilty and awful moments later and wish I could take back whatever it was. I've yet to see Flutter's mean streak or how she feels afterwards.)
[] You've been told you could model.
[] You're the eldest of your friends.
[x] You like wearing your hair loose and long.
[] You're very nurturing.
Total: 3
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... I almost called it Dreamworks.

Apparently I meant to do this one last May, and never got around to it.

I get restless doing these quizzes lately. I start one because I want a little break, but long before I'm done I start getting edgy and feeling like I'm wasting time. But since I've started it, I like to finish it.

I'm working on my experiment with Hamilton and Mignon and the [ profile] 31_days themes for next month. I have three done so far, more or less.


Jan. 16th, 2012 02:23 pm
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I made a couple more quiz posts over the weekend at Dreamwidth. I still haven't decided what I'm really going to do with the account, but for the time being it looks like it's my drop for quizzes and other random things.

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