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Frankie Valli released a Christmas album this year! Squeeeee. I saw it at Wal-Mart on Friday and I couldn't resist getting it. Somehow I resisted listening until after Halloween. It is awesome and totally puts me in the Christmas mood. And I adore that he's still working with Bob Gaudio after all these years!

I ended up doing three different things for costuming. At the party, I played Rouge. It was nice to pull out that old costume again, but I still wanted to try some new things too. On Friday, when Wal-Mart was having a party and costume event, I threw together a very bad costume of Lydia from Beetlejuice in her casual clothes. I never could find a pink sash I know we have, so I had to use a scrap of cloth left over from a sewing project. And my hair is too long to stand on end, so I had to settle for a ponytail on top of my head. At least the makeup was in both correct colors, but I had a terrible time getting the purple to show up well.

None of us could find those yellow clothes, so now I'm really worried wondering where they are. But I played April on Halloween anyway, doing a combo of the 1987 and 2014 versions. My aunt gave me some blue jeans for my birthday that are so soft and lightweight and comfortable, so I used those and my tan boots as the 2014 elements. Everything else was the 1987 version.

I'm so glad we went to the Trunk or Treat at the church; there were only two groups of kids who came to our door (aside from one or two that came so early they weren't expected and I couldn't get there in time). I think that's the slowest Halloween we've ever had. It's sad how things have dwindled in recent years. It's strange too, considering how much people are spending for Halloween stuff. You'd think the number of Trick-or-Treaters would increase, not decease.

I've started to warm up to at least one of the new Troll characters, as I figured I would. I like Poppy, who is the leader. She reminds me more of the classic Trolls than most of the characters do, so I would like to get a plushie of her, I think. Probably the Build-a-Bear one, as I'm not impressed by the "fur" softness levels of the more mainstream ones. I might even try to see if I can see the movie. I figured I'd really want to give it a try after all, since I've loved Trolls so much through the years. I've always tried any version of them I could find. I loved the computer game about finding baby Trolls (I was playing it just the other day) and the children's novels about a pink-haired Troll coming to the human world and making friends with a human girl, and I would have tried the series Trollz if I had been aware of it and had access to it when it was on. Regarding Poppy, from the trailers I've gathered that rather than being a naively cheerful idiot, she's a good leader who chooses to be cheerful even though she knows there's a lot of things to be unhappy about. I could be wrong, though.

I finally took some screenshots of Baxter and Barney from my DVDs and am continuing to work on my website. I think I almost have it to the point where I'll let it go live. I still need to decide what I'm going to do with my fanarts, if I should post them on dA and link them, or if I should post them on the website only. People on dA rarely seem to give a darn about stuff I post, so I'm pretty bored with posting there. That, and half the time when I try, dA ends up gobbling memory and I have a horrible time even getting stuff up. Ugh.

I'm still ordering Netflixes from that list Dad made of movies we'd seen many years ago and liked. A Mario Lanza movie came yesterday, That Midnight Kiss (ugh, what a stupidly mushy title). The music was beautiful, of course, and I was totally thrilled that Kathryn Grayson was the girl, as I adore her and her singing. But the movie itself was pretty stupid. Some guy convinces a temperamental tenor to trash his room when he's mad and tear up his contract, because they want to bring Mario's character in as the tenor instead and they have to get that guy to go. And it ticked me off how the girl just couldn't bring herself to sing the operas' love songs with the temperamental tenor, not because he's a jerk, but because he's fat, ugh. But that was the typical attitude of the day, that fat always equaled unappealing. Honestly, I liked the guy okay; in physical appearance he reminded me of Simon. And actually, in some ways he had a perfect right to be angry, considering the way he was being treated at different points in the film. And then there's a huge misunderstanding between Mario and Kathryn's characters and they're both acting stupid refusing to talk things out and she's doing the typical "I hate him! I hate him!" immature nonsense when he sends her good luck wishes and she stomps on the poor roses, yet for some reason when she sees him on stage instead of the other tenor, she's totally thrilled and happy and all anger is forgotten, even though they haven't talked anything out yet. Of course, you're supposed to take it that it's because she really loves him instead of hating him, but I was expecting an explosion on the stage before she calmed down.

At least it's just shallow, stupid fluff, though, and not rage-inducing like Kiss Me, Kate is. Ugh, I loathe that production. The guy is such a jerk I can't figure out what she sees in him. Such an egotistical, abusive creep.... And I hate the whole Taming of the Shrew plot in general. I know about the different alternate interpretations of the plot, that she's not really tamed and she's just letting the guy think she is, but to me it's still a really gross and disgusting story.

And then there's The Toast of New Orleans, which I love for the music while I'm unsure what to make of the plot. On the one hand, I think the idea is simply that the high society types changed the main guy too much and that by making him integrate into their world, they're destroying everything that made him unique, and that of course that's a bad thing. But when part of what they did was simply to teach him good manners, I kind of struggle with the whole thing. The character was very obnoxious and crude and annoying, and I found him far more appealing when he learned good manners. I suppose the idea was more that the girl loved him for his bizarre and unique personality and didn't like it being erased or seeing him stifled, instead of simply saying that him learning good manners was wrong, but I have a really hard time seeing the distinction. Of course, it's not a good thing for anyone to have to be stifled if they're not actually doing anything wrong, but eh, I don't know; the way the movie handled the whole thing kind of bugs me. At least she said "We changed him too much," implying that some of the changes weren't bad, but still.
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Crystal and I have decided to do a Simon-only Tumblr: It was her idea, and I'm excited to see this branch of the project go forth!

I am having thoughts of getting another of JoAnn's pre-stuffed dolls to make a Simon plushie, if I could find another one with a bit broader build, like I used for Lou. I've been seeing a lot of Simon this week, and eeee, just seeing him always makes me happy, no matter what role he's playing!

Only problem is, I'm not sure what character I'd want to make a plushie of. Lieutenant Schrank or Tony Vincenzo would probably be among the top choices. If I chose Schrank, though, I wonder what color I should use for the suit. I know it's supposed to be gray, but I always think of it as being more of a purple-gray mix. This icon really seems to tint it purple, and it's what I usually think of when picturing the character, since I don't often watch the movie. Plus, Lou has a gray suit, so I'd rather use a different color for Schrank.

Also, if I chose either Schrank or Tony, I'd probably also end up wanting to make either Krupke or Kolchak too. I don't know if I'd be up for making two, especially when I've even had thoughts of wondering if I should make a Mike plushie to be with the Lou and Ginger plushies.

I wish they did several kinds of face shapes; if they had an elongated face shape, I'd make a Richard plushie too. But I'm still embarrassed over having the wrong face shape on the Hamilton plush, so I don't think I'll try any more plushies with face shapes that wouldn't work well with the JoAnn's plushies.

I've also been thinking of making a Sunset Shimmer plushie, since I prefer her as a human and there will probably never be human plushies of the girls. A few fans have made some other Equestria Girls plushies, and I'm particularly in awe of some made by Lavim on dA. I would probably try to make Sunset similar in style to that person's. Any movie-accurate Sunset plush would require making the plushie completely from scratch, though, and not starting with a pre-stuffed doll. That is definitely a frightening thought. I would probably have to use the sewing machine for at least some of such a task, instead of doing everything by hand. I might ask Setsuna how much she'd charge to make one, but ever since I discovered I actually can do it myself, I kind of prefer that, since I don't have to wait for several months and I can have the proportions be what I'd like the most, instead of being anything chibi-fied.

I'm also working on my first Table 3 piece for [ profile] 100songs. I decided to use Bridge Over Troubled Water, because I felt the first piece should be serious and profound and use a song that has special meaning to me and actually use the song's lyrics in the piece, as per how I opened Table 1 with Hallelujah. I'm excited with the plot I've chosen for it, and I'm also excited about several other ideas I have in the works. One will involve idiots crank-calling Ginger and Lou and singing Weird Al songs at them, until Lou finally decides to play Weird Al's song Phony Calls any time someone does that. The calls stop soon after.


Mar. 26th, 2015 09:36 pm
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An article popped up on Textbroker for The Phantom of the Opera, to describe the book as well as to write about its impact, why it's a classic, etc. I tried to find out some information on the latter so I could take the article. Unfortunately, I have failed so far.

What did happen was that I wound up reading about the horrid musical sequel Love Never Dies. I don't think I've ever read that detailed a summary of it before. The whole thing sounds preposterous, out-of-character for everyone involved, and horribly, horribly cliche and stupid.

But at the moment, I'm giggling all over because the Phantom goes in disguise as someone called Mr. Y. Of all the possible aliases ... why?


Peter Pans

Dec. 5th, 2014 04:34 am
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So Dad randomly decided he wanted to record the live Peter Pan broadcast, because the girl playing Pan is the daughter of Brian Williams. We watched some of it later and are saving the rest for later today, probably.

I've gotta say, I was lukewarm about the whole thing. Once has kind of soured me on Peter Pan, after I was already exasperated with the character even as he's traditionally portrayed. But actually watching the production, I was impressed that the actress made him somehow endearing in spite of things like not remembering. He did say "What good is remembering, anyway?" but he didn't act like he was forgetting on purpose because he didn't care. That was nice.

I still think it would be a curse to never be able to grow up. Watching the animated Peter Pan and the Pirates show, I found myself shaking my head at Tinkerbelle telling him, "You were never meant to grow up! You're the Eternal Youth!" I wouldn't like never growing up. (Growing old is another matter.) Becoming an adult wouldn't have to mean abandoning the fun and wonder of childhood. And on the other hand, keeping that wonder wouldn't mean believing every strange thing that came along, either.

Back to the stage show, some things about it were definitely silly and ridiculous. Peter saying he ran away on the day he was born ... pah! I know Barrie wrote a story where Peter was seven days old and doing things. That is just pushing the boundaries of believability, even in a kid's story. At least make him old enough to walk! My word.

And Hook's song and dance with the pirate crew ... oh LOL. I really don't like most villain songs in shows. It seems like they're either too preposterous or too dark. Hook's was definitely the former. I was definitely rolling my eyes that he would say how he wanted to kill Pan and in the next breath talk about a pirates' school for boys. So he wants to kill one kid and perform his form of "service" for other kids. How logical. [/sarcasm.]

I've gotta say, though, I felt a lovely burst of nostalgia as soon as I saw the pirate crew. It made me remember happy times of watching Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates. Man, I wish that series would get a DVD release. I still watch the available, cut-up episodes now and then, but I wish for nice, uncut episodes on DVDs.

And it felt really, really good to see Peter Pan with all the characters in their traditional roles, honestly. I never liked the idea of Once making Pan a villain. The only reason I was willing to accept it was it made for further character development for Rumpel and led to him sacrificing himself, something I've wanted to see since season 1. (I just wish they hadn't started screwing the show and Rumpel over after that. They've made such a horrible mess out of his character by now that I just don't think they can ever fix it. I can't bear to consider anything beyond 3A as canon.) And I don't like Once's Hook, either. I tried to; I even genuinely did for a little while, but that didn't last. There's just so many things wrong with the way they suddenly changed him from being a jerk to being good, or at least, trying to convince the audience that he's good. If there had really been development all along the way, it would have been different. But it seems like they just threw it at everyone and tried to pretend that the bad things he'd done hadn't happened.


Aug. 6th, 2014 02:06 am
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Broadway fans, help!

So in the Broadway production of Camelot, Roddy McDowall was playing Mordred. But in the middle of the run, he left or was let go, can't remember exactly what happened. But he was replaced by a blond British darling called Christopher Cary.

Are there any cast recordings that include Chris? I don't care if it's LP only and not on CD; I just wanna know if somewhere out there are recordings of darling Chrissy singing!

Repeat, this is for the stage production, NOT the film.


Jun. 29th, 2012 01:14 am
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There are so many wonderful men on Perry Mason. While I was fiddling around looking through Dead Ringer pictures to make a Steve icon, I saw so many adorable shots of Hamilton that I wanted to stop and icon too. Which makes me wish again that we were allowed more than 15 icons for free. Or to wish that Insanejournal, which gives you 100 free, was a more active place.

I've been teetering back and forth between fangirling Steve here, Andy and Amory, and Hamilton for the past couple of weeks. And by extension, their actors. And let's not forget William Boyett. (I just bought the trading card they made of his Star Trek character with the fedora. And we're on season 4 of Highway Patrol again, so it's William B. every night/morning! YES!) It's all rather confusing and overwhelming. I'm a bundle of squeeing, adoring nerves.

Wednesday I was talking to Dad about Richard Anderson and he told me he thinks Richard is the guy who leads the crowd in singing the drinking song in the movie The Student Prince. That amuses me to no end. I didn't even remember Richard sang. I already knew he was in the movie, so now I wanna see it again all the more. I keep picturing Steve singing that song and then cracking up at the thought.

And I've started my Wild Wild West story that's a follow-up to Richard's episode. It's based around my theory that his character had an evil double, because otherwise some things just don't add up. I'm a lot better with writing for Jim and Arte than I was before. I was delving more into their thoughts and personalities and I felt very comfortable with it. It's a very satisfying feeling.

Wednesday I also saw a new Superman movie at Wal-Mart. And they brought George Newbern back! I was so excited I exclaimed right in the store. Seriously, I thought they'd moved on to other actors. It seems like they never keep one for long. And I thought Tim Daly was the fan-favorite Superman voice. But on these recent direct-to-video movies they've been making, it seems like they alternate between using Tim's voice, George's, and one or two various other actors. I wish they had used George for the Doomsday one.

I've gotta get me all the George ones.

So many men, so little time.
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Some morons graffitied our brick wall! Dad called the police and the officer took a picture for their files. And a group's going to be around to clean it off. But seriously, ugh. Things like that make me all the angrier at street gangs and all the more understanding of Lieutenant Schrank's frustrations.

And as much as I love West Side Story and feel that the gang members shouldn't be villainized, I also don't think they should be hailed as heroes. I find it concerning when I read about kids who wanted to be Jets or Sharks after seeing the production. Seeing it should make them realize how stupid being in a gang is. Gangs don't respect other people's property when they plaster graffiti everywhere (or do any number of other asinine things). No, the streets are not theirs alone. No, someone's brick wall isn't theirs at all! They have no right.

We were gone most of yesterday. We discovered that the biggest free-standing F.Y.E. to us is gone, due to their lease being bought out by another company that charged them too much. And they have no hope of relocating unless the economy situation gets better; it's just too expensive for them everywhere.

I'm rather heartbroken that it's gone. That means the only F.Y.E. near us is the dinky, more expensive one in the mall. We'll hardly ever be able to visit a free-standing one again. And F.Y.E. had the best selection of Sonic and Mario and anime merchandise! The mall version is just too small to have much of that at all. And being in the mall means that what they do have is mostly several dollars more than in their free-standing stores.

All we're getting in its place is a Dick's Sporting Goods store. That is not a good trade. There's sports stores everywhere. (And it doesn't help that I hate sports.) But there was only one store like F.Y.E., and that's the one F.Y.E. replaced.

Why, why, why did Dick's have to buy F.Y.E.'s lease?! There's even a perfectly good and vacant building right next to them! Why couldn't Dick's have taken that? Then they could have moved in and F.Y.E. could have stayed!

I am quite giddy and squeeful about something I found while out and about, though. We went to the Jo-Ann's Fabric store in that shopping area. It's so much bigger and better than one we visited last week. I found a couple of possibilities for the skin color and fabric for the plushie I'm going to make, but then Mom found something even better: a cloth doll already sewn and ready to be customized into whatever character you want! And it's 18 inches, which is so much bigger than I thought I'd be able to make if I sewed it all myself! I saw those at Jo-Ann's before, but all memory of them had fled my mind when I decided to embark on this challenge. It was only $7.99, too! Of course I snapped it right up.

It feels lovely and soft, perfect for gentle cuddling. It says it's for decorative use and isn't a toy, but I wouldn't be using it as a toy. And I imagine Setsunakou's plushies are really meant for decorative purposes too, and they've held up extremely well under my loving.

So, now all I have to do is make the clothing and figure out what to do about the hair. I don't want to lazily glue hair on; I want this to be lasting. Does anyone have tips or ideas for what to do about hair?! And also what materials I could use for hair? I don't really want something simple like yarn. I want something more real. Medium brown and a bit curly, too. I know there's doll hair at Jo-Ann's, but it looks very complicated to work with. I'd rather have something already attached to a backing, and then I would just need to sew it all in place.

I was sure a doll community was spotlighted recently on LJ. Was that doll-making or dolls in general? I thought it was the former. I would really like to talk to other people about what I specifically want, rather than just reading generic doll hair articles online.

Making the face, luckily, should not be a problem at all. So all I'm concerned about is the hair, really. The clothing I should be able to figure out fairly easily.

And as a parting, something a bit uncanny and eerie. I first started wanting this plush last August after I had a dream where I was watching The Ballad of Josie and holding said plush. And in the dream, the plush was about 18 inches. I was thinking how amazing that would be, to have one that big. I'd never be able to order one that size. I had no thoughts of making it myself at that time, or at all until a few weeks ago.

And now the doll I found to customize really is 18 inches. Wow. Seriously, I believe that dreams can and sometimes do foretell the future, but even about something as overall insignificant as making a plushie?

Also, I think maybe I'll be able to write my June theme set after all. I completed the first one, and I didn't feel drained! I'm thrilled. Maybe all it took was a little determination to not let those worn-out feelings take over.


Apr. 11th, 2012 01:47 am
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Well, I finished the Spectral Stalker. And in the end, as I knew I would even while quibbling, I kept my original intentions. I finally just kind of gave up and accepted that I wanted to do it with Caldwell being alive. It's been very difficult to get reviews on the last few chapters; Harry has vanished again (although by this point I'm convinced he will be back) and Kaleen is an on-again off-again reviewer (although I'm pretty sure she does read, even if she doesn't review). There has been definite interest, though; my hit counts have been very good. Overall, though, I know it's not as strong or as good as my other Perry mysteries and I'm discouraged about that and disappointed in myself. But I "fixed" what I set out to fix, so in that respect I'm pleased.

As usual, I kind of planned to stop the series with this installment. And also as usual, I ended up with another plunnie before I'd even finished. It was the plunnie that kind of sealed my decision to go ahead and write the rest of the Spectral Stalker without waiting for reviews, as I was anxious to start trying to share the new story. It's going to feature Paul in a large role (and his friendship with Hamilton, although his friendships with Perry, Della, and Steve Drumm will play important roles too). And I'm going to try to keep it from swerving into sci-fi or supernatural territory. Keyword: try.

One thing I've always done quite deliberately that I'm not sure anyone has ever noticed is that Paul never (or very rarely) addresses Hamilton by name when speaking to him. His reason for that is that he's not sure what to call him. "Hamilton" would indicate a level of closeness that they don't have, "Burger" sounds too cold and removed when talking right to him, and "Mr. Burger" sounds too formal. So Paul tried to resolve the dilemma by not calling him anything. When talking about him to others, Paul usually says "Burger", as per canon information. I may eventually force him into a situation in the new fic where he has to call Hamilton something.

I also wrote up something random and dark for yesterday's [ profile] 31_days prompt. It was supposed to end on a tragic note, but in the end I couldn't do it. I wrote another segment after that one. I'm hopeless.

I'm currently working on a crossover conversation I've wanted to do forever, with Lieutenant Schrank and Dan Mathews. It's coming along very nicely. Next step: get a Highway Patrol category requested on I still have that straight-out Highway Patrol fic I want to do sometime, where Dan is shot by a nut and Sgt. Williams (William Boyett's character) and maybe Sgt. Walters (Stuart Whitman's character) come together in righteous outrage to catch the creep.
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I have some thoughts on the recent My Little Pony series, but I'll post that later. Today it's this.

First off! What is your pen name?

Any previous pen names?
I don't think a pen name should be changed. Once it/you are established, you're known by that. Why change it and suddenly make it hard for people to find you/know it's you?

Of course, when it comes to various social networks and the like, I sometimes will use various names. But to post stories, I always prefer Lucky_Ladybug. And I include that as my LJ name too, so that people will hopefully know the insane one is me.

And what does your pen name mean?
It's the name of an old and silly but cute song covered by many people, but specifically Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. It's pretty straightforward, isn't it? It's a ladybug who is lucky.

Any alternate nicknames or pen names?
[ profile] insaneladybug, of course. Usually used on journals. And always with the "Lucky_Ladybug" attached where it gives the name of the poster.

What fandom(s) do you write for currently?
Perry Mason, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Monkees, West Side Story.

And what pairings do you write for it?
None, unless they're canon, such as Tony/Maria for West Side Story.

Why not? Not everything has to be about romance, after all. Try branching out more. Platonic/gen stuff is great, too. And there's a serious lack of it in many fandoms.

What are some current projects of yours?
The Case of the Spectral Stalker, my current Perry Mason mystery. (The one I'm still quibbling about. Now I'm concerned I may lose some of my audience if I do the happier, albeit crazier, ending. And yes, I know the author should be happy first and foremost, but I won't be happy if I lose my audience, either.)

Lullaby of Silence, my three-way crossover with Perry, The Monkees, and Kolchak.

And a Kolchak oneshot concerning a mysterious, healing cloth.

EDIT: And of course, To Blossom As the Rose, the FF7 crossover with the two Westerns. I haven't forgotten about it. I know what should happen next chapter; the problem is fitting it in amid all my other projects.

Do you ever think your OTP will reach a happy ending?
My current OTP ... Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold and Belle from Once Upon a Time ... yes, I certainly hope they will. The whole point is to bring back the happy endings, and they deserve one, too.

If you ever had to kill one of them off, who would you choose and why?
Why would I want to do that? Gah, they've been going through enough already.

... Although, I can't deny that I really hope that in the climax, Mr. Gold will be seriously injured stopping Regina/saving Belle, and then Belle will have to make like her animated counterpart and save his life with her true love.

Will your OTP ever have kids?
... That would be interesting, wouldn't it.

What do you see them doing post-canon?
I want them to stay in Storybrooke, as I've seen some post-canon stories portray. I think they have a better chance for happiness there than in fairytale land. Actually, it seems like that's the case for quite a few characters.

(Plus, I really really love Mr. Gold's character design and personality.)

If a character has multiple 'appearances', which one(s) do you use in fic?
The one I like best, baby. The question should really be, what if I like elements of multiple versions?

For Perry, I will always write about the classic TV series. No ifs, ands, or buts. The characterization is incredible and develops in ways it never did in other versions.

Sailor Moon is what I have a problem with. I think the good guys are better in the manga and the bad guys are better in the anime. The girls spend way too much time cooing over guys in the anime. And Rei is so mean, oh gosh. I've really come to love Sailor Jupiter and appreciate her awesomeness, but it's so annoying when she suddenly goes squeeing after yet another guy who reminds her of her old flame.

I just don't think I can bring my conflicting feelings on the different versions of Sailor Moon together, since it requires either abandoning one element or the other, or else smooshing everything together. I do the latter for YGO, but it's different since I really only like a couple of things better in the manga and can easily insert them into anime canon. For Sailor Moon, the problem is much broader and I just don't know how to deal with it. I don't think I will ever really be able to write for Sailor Moon because of it. I just can't decide how to unite what I like about the different verses. And since the fanfic category is pretty much dead anyway, I'd rather concentrate on current projects.

How do characters sound in your head?
Like they should. Perry is Raymond Burr's voice, Hamilton is William Talman's, etc. etc. (Unless I've been watching too much of something else and when I try to concentrate, someone else's voice is in my head, i.e., hearing Robert Carlyle's voice for Hamilton when I'm trying to channel William. Gah.)

Have you ever written/wanted to write crack fic (e.g. singing in a karaoke bar) for your fandoms?
No. Not unless everyone is in character. What's funny about it if it could be absolutely anyone? It's only funny if you can recognize the voices and personalities of the characters and you're watching them react to silly situations.


Feb. 19th, 2012 01:28 am
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I've only written one entry here this month. But I've been very busy with other writing, including the [ profile] 31_days vignettes I was doing. I have them done now, which gives me a bit more time to hopefully work on some of the other projects, such as that Wild Wild West fic I finally felt ready to start. I loved doing the vignettes, though. I feel a bit sad they're done. Who knows, maybe next month will have another awesome series of prompts and I'll do it again.

This entry will be mostly fanfic ramblings, but I want to insert here that we're getting the Miles Edgeworth manga starting in May! I'm so excited. I hope it doesn't take place in the Apollo Justice timeline, though. It's just so discouraging to think about what happened to Phoenix there. Miles and Phoenix are meant to be courtroom rivals. Changing that is sacrilege, like setting Perry up against a regular rival other than Hamilton would be.

And we're also getting the Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga! I think it's the one that adapts the anime. I hope they don't drastically change things. When an anime series comes before a manga, the anime is almost always better. (Although I usually think an anime is better even when the manga comes first, haha.) If the manga keeps track of the story well, I'll probably buy it. Especially since I don't know if/when I'll buy the anime.

And has a Monkees category again! This is very big news. I thought we'd never have one again. I asked in the past why couldn't there be one in the TV Shows category, since that would be for fictional and not real people, but I don't recall ever receiving an answer. I plan to post all of my semi-recent stories (from six years ago on up), but I do not intend to re-post the original Monkees fics I did when we had a category before. Those look pretty terrible now. I may leave old fics on that are already there, but I'd be mortified to deliberately put up old fics in this day and age. Anyway, anyone who wants to read those can still drop in at my Monkees website.

At the new category I've been posting my latest revision of The Return of Baby Face Morales, which I fixed up a year ago. People are reading, but there's no reviews. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother posting on with no reviews. But since this is an old fic and I have got reviews in the past, and I'm trying to build up a brand new category, I figure I'll keep at it for a while. Maybe if I'm persistent I can get some more activity going in the category and eventually some reviews.

This will hopefully force me to finish my revision of the sequel, too. I stopped on it last April when I was writing Kolchak, I think.

Which reminds me of the Kolchak fic I stalled on many moons ago. There were reasons for that. One was that I couldn't find out what happened to the giant worm-things that had become my inspiration for the worms in the story. No one would tell me and Googling did nothing for me. And I forgot to look for the book the handful of times I was in a bookstore. Without knowing what happened to those worms or how the people got away, I couldn't figure out how the worms in the story should be defeated.

Another problem was that I wasn't sure I really wanted to write about Chicago being decimated by a bunch of giant worms. But I couldn't seem to find anything else scary enough that's supposed to be able to cause amnesia. I wanted something existing (well, existing in someone else's fiction/myth/legend), rather than for me to make something up. Fairies ... just didn't seem to cut it.

A third problem was that I was having a hard time keeping the story going. I kept wanting to prematurely have the scene with Kolchak and Tony meeting up in Wal-Mart. There just wasn't enough material to keep the story afloat for long.

So in the end I threw up my hands and wondered what on earth I was to do with it. I still wonder. I'd still be very interested in writing Kolchak, if I had a decent plot.

I would also be very interested in finishing that West Side Story fic about Schrank and the kids he was mentoring, if I could get back on the ball. I open it sometimes and blankly stare at it. Even knowing where the plot was going doesn't help me figure out how to write the rest of the chapter. It's rather exasperating and frustrating.

On the Perry front again, I just got up chapter 6 of the current mystery. Jerry's stalker finally has a large speaking part (although he had a scene last chapter too). I'm a little concerned about keeping this plot rolling, as well. But I think I'll be able to make it. I do know more or less what's supposed to happen, and two of the plot twists have been thrown into the mix now. Also, since I have a timeline, one of the sub-plots is how some of the characters are still trying to heal from the previous venture, The Case of the Broken Ties. So that's interesting. I'm glad I didn't make things a quick fix, with everything hunky-dory for everyone at the end. All things considered, I don't think I could have done that and felt good about it. Things take time to get over. And some of the characters were pretty devastated.

Fanfic Meme

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:43 am
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I decided to try using my Dreamwidth account for something and posted that fanfic meme that's been going around.

... Odd.

Dec. 15th, 2011 01:29 pm
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Some of my strangest dreams are had when I doze off randomly at various points during the day. This morning I dozed for a few minutes while my radio was on next to my head, softly playing Christmas songs. When it was playing Bing Crosby's It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (yes, I was lucid enough to know what was playing then), I dreamed that Bing's ghost was sitting in a non-existent rocking chair on our porch at night, rocking as he smoked a pipe and was observed by a stray cat that hangs around. Only in the dream the cat looked like a calico and not a tabby. Oh, and I think he was singing the song that was playing in real-life, too.

Very strange.

This year's Christmas fic is proving a challenge. It's for West Side Story, using A New York Christmas by Matchbox 20 as inspiration.

Call on your angels
Come down to the city
Crowd around the big tree
All you strangers who know me
Bring your compassion
Your understanding
Lord how we need it
On this New York City Christmas

Yeah I'm sending you a Merry New York Christmas
And a prayer for peace on earth
Within our time
Oh, the sidewalk angels echo hallelujah
And we understand them
Now more than ever

So call on your angels
Your beaten and broken
It's time that we mend them
So they don't fade with the season
Let our mercy be the gifts we lay
From Brooklyn to Broadway
And celebrate each and every day
This New York City Christmas

Yeah I'm sending you a Merry New York Christmas
And a prayer for peace on earth
Within our time
Yeah the sidewalk angels echo hallelujah
And we understand them
Now more than ever
Merry New York Christmas

Call on your angels
Come down to the city
Let's crowd around the big tree
All you strangers you know me
Bring your compassion
Bring your forgiveness
Lord how we need it
On this New York City Christmas

Yeah I'm sending you a Merry New York Christmas
And a prayer for peace on earth
It's not too late
Yeah the sidewalk angels echo hallelujah
We understand them
We understand them
Merry Christmas
Yes a New York City Christmas
(Oh Christmas)
Merry New York Christmas

The plot I've got going (thanks to suggestions from [ profile] ladyamberjo) involves the dead characters on assignment to try to bring a bit of hope to Schrank and Krupke on their Christmas Eve patrol. I have to both think of some discouraging things for them to encounter (which shouldn't be too hard) and some other, quietly hopeful things that begin to cheer them up a bit (infinitely more difficult). Everything has to feel real; I don't want anything that seems sickeningly saccharine or fake-happy or preachy. At the same time, I also don't want things to seem emo.

I've got my work cut out for me. Anyone got ideas?


Sep. 25th, 2011 05:31 am
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For years I've liked the actor Dick Wesson, after seeing him in The Desert Song. I followed him to Destination Moon and wanted to see him in his other works. IMDB reported that he committed suicide in 1979. I always felt sad about that and wondered what had happened.

Tonight I just learned that he did not commit suicide; that was another Dick Wesson, one who served as the announcer for The Wonderful World of Disney. The Dick Wesson I'm familiar with didn't die until 1996, of a heart attack.

I'm sad for the other Dick Wesson, but I have to say I'm very excited and happy to have the news that the one I've admired didn't kill himself and had a long, happy life.
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Kim had an excellent idea of taking a 30-Day fandom meme, splitting it in half, and doing a bunch of the questions all at once. I was particularly interested in this meme, so I've taken the first half of it. I'll probably take the second half when she posts it.

01 – Your favorite all-time fandom(s)

Gosh, I’m not sure. I met a lot of my dear friends through my YGO writing, but I try to stay away from the fandom in general. There’s a lot of awesome people, yet there’s also a lot of scary, immature people, and sometimes they’re more prominent.

Princess Tutu has a really good fandom. The fans are mature, agree to disagree, and engage in deep and fun discussions.

When it comes to specific shows, Tutu and YGO both top the list. And I love classic TV shows, but it isn’t always easy to find good fanbases for them. The Perry Mason fanbase is very active, however, which I’m thrilled about.

02 – Your current fandom

Perry Mason. The characters are old friends to me, after spending more than a decade observing their adventures, and I finally realized how fiercely loyal I am to them.

03 – First fandom, the one that made you the fangirl you are today

Gosh, I don’t know. I’ve always been incredibly loyal to shows and characters I love. I suppose my first fandom was probably Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates, when I was four. (And it seriously hurts that most people don’t even know what I’m talking about and are only familiar with the Disney version! Fox’s characters were so much better and more three-dimensional.)

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? would probably fall under that first fandom category too. I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for it again lately, probably because we’re nearing the 20-year anniversary of its debut. (Gosh, I feel old.) Detective shows rule. It was the detective element that made me determined to see the show when it first came out. I thrilled at the picture of the cool guys in fedoras in the TV Guide.

04 –First, current, or favorite fandom crush

First would be … oh, Heavens, I don’t know. It depends on which show came first. But my early crushes were Mr. Rogers (there we go with that older men thing), Chuck, Captain Hook (from the Fox version), and Sean Altman.

Current would be Simon Oakland and William Talman. My favorite of Simon’s characters is presently the controversial Lieutenant Schrank. For William, it’s always been Hamilton Burger.

Overall favorite…. I can’t be expected to pick just one.

05 – Your fandom secret

I … don’t think I have one that I haven’t already revealed.

06 –Favorite song that brings fangirl tears to your eyes

I can’t think of one, honestly. I have lots of favorite songs, and sometimes I do cry over some, but I don’t think I’ve fangirled said songs or their artists. Oh, except maybe some of the Full Moon wo Sagashite songs. They are absolutely phenomenal. And when I remember key scenes in the anime when they were played, I do sometimes tear up.

07 – Your OTP(s)

As most people know, I am not a romantic kind of person. Give me a good friendship any day and that’s what I’ll squee over.

Nevertheless, romantically I do love Seto/Téa (from YGO) and Fakir/Ahiru (from Princess Tutu). Their interactions are highly intriguing. I just wish there had been more canonical interaction for Seto and Téa.

08 – A fandom that you thought you wouldn’t get sucked into, but ended up getting sucked into anyway

Probably Perry Mason. I did my homework when it was on back in the day. But secretly, instead of reading, I was watching it more and more as I became deeply interested in the characters. I looked forward each night to pretending to read while watching it instead. (I was very prideful and unwilling to admit I was nuts over a show my parents were watching. It’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve wound down and let my interest really show.)

09 – One of your favorite characters

It seems it should be someone I haven’t talked about much before. I get tired of rehashing and I’m sure people get tired of reading me rehashing.

So let’s see … let’s go for someone completely unexpected. Knuckles, from Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic was my first favorite until Knuckles came along. I was there right from the beginning, with the introduction of Sonic 3. I didn’t get to play the game unless I was at Toys R Us or a friend’s house, but I loved it and the character all the same. I had the Archie comic where Knuckles made his debut and was thrilled. To this day it’s sometimes hard to imagine Knuckles having a different speech pattern than he had in that comic (which was that of a streetwise tough guy), although I love Dan Green’s interpretation for Sonic X and some of the games.

And exactly why was it that Knuckles appealed to me over Sonic? I’m not fully sure, but I think his mysteriousness had a lot to do with it. And I was intrigued by his and Sonic’s interaction. And I loved that he was an antagonist who turned to Sonic’s side when he realized he had been tricked. Knuckles is also more serious than the happy-go-lucky Sonic, and of course, everyone knows how much I love serious characters.

Also, let's say Hamilton Burger. I've talked a lot about why I love him at the Perry blog, so I don't want to rehash too much here. But I really admire him for his strong sense of justice, as previously mentioned here. He and Perry may sometimes have different ideas on how to achieve justice, but in the end, since they both want the same thing, they cooperate. Plus, I love his hilarious expressions and comments. And the way his character clearly develops through the seasons, starting with being closer to the frustrated antagonist of the books and expanding right away to be so much more than that. Even when he and Perry clash in season 1, it's obvious from a lot of episodes that they are growing close. And it becomes more that way season by season.

10 – Your favorite scene or moment from one of your favorite fandoms

Gosh, just one scene or moment?

Well, I discovered a new favorite Perry Mason scene last night. I was watching The Golden Oranges and Perry is trying to prove that a dog didn’t bite someone. Mr. Burger overhears the court case and comes in to see what’s going on. His expressions are priceless. At the end he goes over to Perry and asks, “Is business really that bad?” LOL. And I have determined that season 6 just may be my favorite season. Mr. Burger is so different from season 1, so relaxed and openly friendly with Perry in, it seems, most of the episodes.

11 – The fan art, fan fiction, cover song, cosplay, etc. that you’ve made that you’re most proud of

I still say Lead Me Through the Fire is some of my best work, and certainly my favorite long fic.

I am also really proud of all of my non-fiction work lately. I co-run the Simon tribute blog and I have my own Perry blog, and I try to make each post on both very mature and intelligent and professional (while still keeping a casual air at times). And I know this doesn't belong on this meme, but I love the articles I’ve been writing for money (which I don’t have the option to share, as I’m ghostwriting for the time being). I was given the highest rating possible for an amateur writer when I submitted my writing sample to the site.

12 – Your favorite fanartist or fanfiction writer

I don’t have one. All of my friends, let’s say.

13 – The best cosplayers of your fandom that you’ve seen; the ones you consider to be real-life versions of your favorite characters, OTP, etc.

There are cosplayers I can think of who are favorites, but I don’t have their links (and usually not their names) handy. I love Puchiko’s Autor, pictured on And there are some incredible Sailor Moon cosplayers out there.

14 – A group of characters from one of your fandoms you’d love to hang out with for a day

The Sailor Senshi, on a day when they’d just be hanging out at the mall and not fighting demons.

15 –Your favorite collectible/merchandise from your fandom that you most cherish, or one that you wished you owned

Just one favorite piece of merchandise? I can’t quite think of one piece I cherish above all else; my favorite material object isn’t from a fandom at all. (Well, I guess technically it could be; it’s a Holly Hawk Hobby quilt. Yeah, when I was little I couldn't say Hobby and Hawk stuck instead.)


Aug. 20th, 2011 01:55 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I saw a very fascinating Perry Mason episode on the local station, The Shoplifter's Shoe. It's Leonard Nimoy's episode (or one of them; I think he may have been on twice), and lucky for me, a fangirl decided to compile all of the scenes he was in into one video. Among those is a wonderful scene between Perry and Mr. Burger that really depicts how close they are by season 6. And then they pin the guilty party down together. It's very unique all around.

And while reading my West Side Story book, I see that the author shares my opinion that if Schrank is racist, it's against more than just the Puerto Ricans. Of course, she is also of the opinion that he most definitely is racist. It looks bad for him, I know, but with his canonical shame and guilt there has to be more to it than just flat-out racism. If he's racist, he can't be hardcore. Hardcore racists don't give a darn. They say whatever they please and are beyond feeling. It's possible that for Schrank, it's a combination of his frustration and despair ending up turning a bit racist over time. Or it could still be like I've said, that his frustration and despair just caused him to blurt out things he didn't mean.

In any case, I'm wondering if I pussyfooted too much in my defense of him at [ profile] hated_character and if I should have been more firm in my declarations of why I believe it's not as simple as deciding he's racist. I'm also wondering if I should edit it now or whether I should instead write a second, more hardcore defense to begin with.

And speaking of Schrank, I was rather unsettled that, while answering yet another reviewer's questions about my old Detective Conan fic Breakdown, I suddenly realized that if I had previously written a partnership similar to Schrank and Krupke, it was probably Gin and Vodka. Vodka and Krupke definitely have their parallels as the bigger, slower members of the team. Schrank and Gin are the sharper, more hardened members. (And they both smoke, albeit I have never had Schrank smoke in a fic.) Schrank's speech pattern, however, is worlds away from Gin's. Schrank is rough and uncultured, often using slang and bad grammar (and just plain not caring, even if he knows what he's doing). It's actually a very different experience writing for him. Most of the main characters I write for, including or especially Gin, have a more refined manner of speaking.

Of course, the other major difference is that Schrank and Krupke are police, the good guys, while Gin and Vodka are criminal assassins. I still don't know what I was thinking, writing for a bunch of crooks. That's not like me at all. Although my attempt to find some good in Gin and craft a dark past for him is like me. I do the same thing with Baby Face Morales, it's true, but it seems different with him somehow.


Aug. 17th, 2011 01:59 pm
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First and foremost: Does anyone have links to the very old Phoenix Wrong parodies? They were so hilarious. I'm not too interested in the newer ones that have been coming out; they're largely dirty all the way through, compared to the old ones being mostly clean, if not completely. I used to laugh at almost every clip, but in the recent ones I'm lucky to find one thing to laugh at.

My order arrived yesterday! At last I was able to read two more Kolchak Moonstone graphic novel stories I've been interested in for some time: Lambs to the Slaughter and Eve of Terror. I may review them on Amazon later. For now, I just want to say that according to the Moonstone canon, it looks like Tony is (or was) married. There was a kid killed in a drug-related shooting and Kolchak did an article on it. Tony praises his work but then becomes emotionally pained. Kolchak realizes why and says he's sorry for bringing it up. Tony says "Not your fault ... my boy ... went the same way." It was heart-breaking; he looked so down-trodden. He and Kolchak have a quiet moment and then Kolchak says they should go out for a drink like the old days. Tony says in the old days, Kolchak insisted Tony pay. Kolchak says he still does. It was a wonderful friendship scene. And it's begging to have something done with it. It's the first thing from Moonstone that I've really wanted to bring into my TV show canon, or at least tentatively experiment with. There's a ficlet I'm thinking of writing. I'm thinking along the lines Crystal suggested, that the son's death dissolved the marriage, because it really does seem like Tony is a bachelor by the time of the movies/TV series. Maybe I'll try it as a disconnected piece and then decide if I want to incorporate it into my full canon.

I also got a West Side Story book and the first Phoenix Wright manga (a real manga, with cases!). The West Side Story book I've been eagerly devouring as I skip around in it (I rarely read books like that straight through). It gives character summaries and it was very fair, and I think kind, to Schrank, which I was thrilled by. But it seems to mostly focus on the Broadway production, with little being said about the movie version by comparison. And a lot of what is said about the movie version leans more towards the negative, at least from what I've read. I also want to get another book, one that does focus more on the movie version, and even tells how Simon Oakland ended up part of the cast. (One of the co-directors was Robert Wise, and he specifically wanted Simon after directing him in I Want to Live!)

The Phoenix Wright manga is very interesting. It plays out like a combination of Detective Conan and Perry Mason. When characters are introduced, they seem to use the same format as Detective Conan, with a blurb showing their name, age, and occupation. And the trials are filled with intensity (and kooky witnesses, as per the games). They even have Winston Payne as the first prosecutor encountered! And everyone looks IC. Phoenix is wonderful as the straight man with sardonic comments, Maya is her typical ditzy self, and Larry is nuts over his latest girl. LOL. Miles has not appeared, but he is thought about, and Phoenix comments that he hasn't seen Miles in a while. That's usually a signal that something exciting is planned, and I know for certain that Miles will be in volume 2. And I learned of the manga's existence shortly before that volume will release in America! If it comes out on time, it will be out in less a week. I hope I can get it right away! Even if B&N has it in stock on time, I cringe to think of buying it there. It's $10.99, and I'm sure they won't offer a discount (unless by some miracle I get a rare 10% coupon). On Amazon, it's only $8.79, but I'd have to wait to buy other things with it and get free shipping. Oh, Borders, why wouldn't anyone help you stay afloat?!

And I watched an amazing Wild Wild West episode. I've been devouring episodes lately, and it was a show Mom liked and watched back when it was on, so I'm having a ball sharing my new love of it with her. It's just what I love: friendship and adventure and mystery and crook-fighting and hurt/comfort! And the romance level isn't high enough to get on my nerves. It's just perfect, as far as I'm concerned. The steampunk angle is just the icing on the cake, too. I just love Western stuff and steampunk adds a whole new level of awesome to it.

The episode I saw was The Night of the Death Masks. The whole ghost town angle, and the wax dummies that keep popping up with the masks, were so creepy! And it was heart-breaking when the crooks manipulated things so Jim thought Arte was the crook due to Arte being forced into a disguise while unconscious. They have a gunfight and Arte ends up thinking he shot and killed Jim when he comes over closer.

Well, the whole episode was extremely plunnie-inducing. It would make such an intense role-play or fic. I think I might write a blurb of Schrank and Krupke having gotten into a gunfight like that, with the end result being Krupke thinking he's shot Schrank. I don't know yet whether he really would have or not.
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I remember I forgot to post the link of the last oneshot here. And now there's another.

Language Barrier: In which Schrank's already terrible day is further turned upsidedown by Maria's little cousin stowing away in the squad car.

A Conversation of Lost Souls: In which, after a gang-related shooting, Schrank encounters the spirits of Riff and Bernardo (and Tony, briefly).

I believe I was going to post a long, musing entry, but it will have to wait. (And I will also have to remember what I was going to say.) Meanwhile, I have also posted a musing on Vern St. Cloud from The Rockford Files at the Simon blog.

Quick Post

Jul. 31st, 2011 12:04 pm
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I could do a whole rant on the difficulties of using the website the past week, but I let off my steam in Wordpad while I couldn't post, so I won't bother.

Since regaining use of the site, I have been playing musical icons. I'm more into my live-action fandoms right now, so I wanted the icons to reflect that. I added this one here, of Perry Mason and Hamilton Burger, and a couple more of Lieutenant Schrank. I also added a beautiful icon of Sailor Mercury that I snagged a while back, in anticipation of the revival of Sailor Moon in North America at last! Merchandise is coming in (Hot Topic has shirts!) and the manga starts arriving in September. And this time, we're getting Sailor V! I hope we get figures, dolls, and the anime too!

I've never been fully sure why I always gravitate to Mercury. I feel like I should feel I relate the most to Hotaru, after that quiz result I got that said "You are weak physically but mature mentally. An outcast, slightly morbid." Also, she has very pale skin and likes to wear black. But instead I seem to feel that I relate the best to Mercury. I'm certainly like her in a lot of ways, but one huge difference is that she loves math. It's always been my least favorite subject.

(Maybe I relate more to Mercury because her life is so ... relatively normal compared to poor Hotaru's? And I just can't begin to grasp all the pain and suffering Hotaru went through?)

All the Borders and Waldenbooks are folding. No one was willing to help them continue to stay afloat. I need to get hold of some things at their liquidation sale. And I also need to procure a couple of things on Amazon.

I knew there was still danger it would happen, so I can't say I'm terribly surprised, but I also don't think it's fully sunk in yet. I am seriously cringing, however, to imagine a world where the only big physical retail bookstore is Barnes and Noble, where you have to pay full-price, or nearly so, for almost everything. With little exception, the books I have bought for years have been from Borders. I only bought from other places when Borders just didn't have something. I may have to buy mostly from Amazon in the future. But that would be a pain, as I buy from them in bundles so I don't have to pay S&H costs. And I don't often have $25 lying around that I can use for books.

Poor Borders.

I worked a bit on my Perry Mason fic yesterday. I think it will probably be multi-chapter. And I thought of a great twist, as right now the plot looks pretty cut and dried. It won't be in the finished version! Also, I am very pleased that so far the characters' voices have been coming to me. I guess after watching off and on for thirteen years, it shouldn't be so much of a surprise. But out of everything I like there's only a small percentage that I actually have ideas to write for, and sometimes I start writing for something and realize that it's just not working out, so it always feels like a triumph when it comes together.

I've been working on a cute, short West Side Story fic. I'm hoping to have it up on Monday.

Also on Monday, I think Crystal and I will be ready to unveil one part of the project we've been working on. We've been putting a great deal of thought and effort into this, and I'm excited.
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I think I've determined that my most favorite West Side Story characters are Schrank, Krupke, and Doc, then Maria, Anita, and Bernardo. Of the Jets, I'm partial to Baby John, Anybodys, and Ice. However, I actually didn't notice/like the Jets as much as some of the other characters. Also, sometimes I feel like they got a little too much screentime in comparison with the Sharks.

A oneshot idea hit me in the head the other day and I've since quickly jotted it down and posted. It involves Doc and Schrank interacting, something that intrigues me a lot.

I've also continued to muse on this Perry Mason fic. Tentatively it might be called The Case of the Persecuted Prosecutor. I think it would open with some hot-head criminal threatening Mr. Burger in court. Then later something would happen and he would apparently turn up dead. The readers would learn he was alive before the other characters did, but the readers would probably be led on a bit too.

And finally this weekend, I saw a couple of Outer Limits episodes I haven't ever seen before, except for brief excerpts: I, Robot and Keeper of the Purple Twilight. They were both really good and deep. And Edward Platt was in the latter! That's the third Outer Limits episode I've seen him in.

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