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I meant to put this in the earlier post, but somehow forgot (of course). I think one reason why Once's decline affected me so seriously is because it was the only modern live-action show that I loved enough to keep following for so long. I remember trying three shows that season, and only Once made it past the first season. I loved the characters on all the shows, and I probably would have continued watching the others as well had they continued (but I might not have in the case of Pan Am, as I was just so aggravated that it turned into a primetime soap opera instead of the more adventurous and character-focused show I had originally thought it would be), but Once was the one that spoke to me the most. I saw the ads for it on before it premiered and it looked so intriguing that I wanted in, which was a rarity for me and modern TV. I was onboard from the very first, championing it from the first and encouraging others to watch, and I was so intrigued by it and the characters that in spite of whatever problems I had with it (and I did have some), I stayed. When it declined so badly, it was seriously disillusioning and felt like a slap in the face and a betrayal. And one more reason why modern TV is not my favorite thing and I prefer older shows. Not that they're perfect by a long shot, but I've certainly been less disappointed by them.

Sigh. And then I've never understood why it's so hard to find merchandise for the series. The soundtracks, for example, are seriously rare. I've never seen them outside of the Internet. I just did a search for them on and eBay, hoping that by now the season 2 soundtrack would be cheaper. Instead, it's more expensive, and the season 1 soundtrack is really outrageously priced. And we don't even have any figures, except for those Funko POP things that I'm really not crazy about. Why can't we get some real action figures, like we finally got for Lost? If the show is really so popular that it keeps getting renewed long after its quality decline says it shouldn't, why isn't the merchandise easier to find (and exist)? So illogical.
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I had another Once dream today. This time I wasn't even thinking about the show consciously, but I still dreamed of it. It was another season 2 dream, and it was set in a beautiful snowy, wintery scene similar to that one I documented some time back. It was supposed to be Storybrooke, but there was either a big house or a castle that was very prominent. I'm not sure whether that was Rumpel's place or someone else's, but there weren't any ominous feelings about it.

In the dream, I was introducing Mom to Once and I had decided for some reason that season 2 was the place to start. Of course, this wasn't the season 2 of reality. In this season 2, it seemed like the characters still hadn't figured out who they were in regards to their fairy tale counterparts. Episode 1 seemed to focus on Mary-Margaret trying to solve the mystery about herself. Also, Rumpel and David had both gotten injured somehow and were at the hospital, and for some bizarre reason, both of them had decided to sleep in the windowboxes under each of their respective windows. WTH. Rumpel was very mysterious, as he was in season 1, and someone was talking to him about what he knew and Rumpel seemed to want to make a deal. Or maybe the other person proposed the deal. Hmm.

Mom loved it and I wanted to show her more. But then Dad came up during a scene where The Evil Queen was onscreen and I flipped it off, because even in this different Once, I knew Dad probably wouldn't like what we were watching and I thought it better if it wasn't on when he was around. Heh. (In reality, I don't think I'd ever show Mom Once, although I've told her about it.)

There was some other influence from reality, as I remember thinking and longing for a plotline where Rumpel sacrifices himself for the townspeople and Belle is able to revive him a la Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to write the story if they didn't ever make it. In reality, of course, Rumpel already did sacrifice himself, the last time I really liked the series and not just a stray episode, and the townspeople really didn't care or appreciate it. And they're far worse now (using Belle to force Rumpel's hand in the Underworld arc is the most repulsive last straw; that is not the behavior of true "good guys", especially when Belle actually considers them friends! UGH), so I wouldn't even think they'd be worthy of Rumpel trying to make such a sacrifice for them now.

It's kind of both funny and sad, the deep impact this series made on me. I swear I wasn't even thinking of it yesterday (I even forgot to post the discussion post on Sunday, oh dear), and it still crept into my dreams. Subconsciously, I obviously feel extremely badly about what happened to it, even more than I do consciously.

And ... I don't know, I am seriously heartbroken that they decided to make Robert Carlyle's Trainspotting 2 haircut a plot point in the series instead of just giving him a wig until it grows out again. Maybe it's shallow, but the long hair was one of the first things that attracted me to Mr. Gold. I would have been fascinated by that mysterious, well-dressed man in season 1 no matter what he looked like, but the hair was the icing on the cake. And it made him stand out more from all the other men, since I don't recall any of the other regulars had long hair. After all the OOC changes they've heaped on the character since season 4, the hair was just about the only thing still the same about him. Stupid, but I think in the back of my mind that was always a slight comfort, like the one constant about the character that they wouldn't change. And now they've gone and done that too.

I've always felt guilty for liking the character at all, but I will continue to remember him as he was in the early seasons, especially when he was trying to turn his life around, before the creators deliberately had horrible things happen to him because he was trying to do the right thing (as they admitted they did).
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A couple of weeks ago in Wal-Mart I saw the most awesome playset: a Scooby-Doo haunted mansion! There were trapdoors and ghosties everywhere and a falling chandelier.... I don't have any place to put something like that, but I sure want it. That is epically awesome. It's one of the most creative playsets I've seen in a long time.

There's also a new line of Scooby-Doo figures. For some reason, there's two Scoobies in the line instead of there being a Fred. They'd better still make Fred! All the other original characters were there. Each one comes packaged with one of the supernatural creatures they unmasked on the show. And even though there's two figures and they're around 6 inches tall, they only cost around $7! I so want those, too. So do lots of others; there were three full pegs of those figures two weeks ago, and last week there were only two figures left.

So I had a very interesting and odd Once dream today. It was similar in nature to some LOTR dreams I had years ago, in which I and Mom and other people were acting out the character roles. And there was snow on the ground. I'm not sure why that's a feature of those dreams, but there you go.

I was playing Rumpel (and Regina, apparently, as there weren't enough people for each to take one character). It was around season 2, and the entire cast had been sent to some weird, snowy place with a huge castle. Rumpel was walking with Belle and they were talking about the problems in their relationship. They seemed to be at a rocky stage. One gave the other some kind of native little white flower before they separated. I was having a blast figuring out how to talk with a Scottish accent.

Belle was then walking with one of the girls, and I think I narrowed it down to Ruby. They were talking and seemed to be upset with Mary-Margaret about something, but the details of that conversation have faded. They were climbing up snowy hillsides that were like steps and heading for the castle. Everyone seemed to be going to a funeral, but I don't know who was dead. They walked along the outside of the castle, which weirdly seemed to have different entrances with numbers corresponding to season 2 episodes. Most were bizarre crooked stairs that were at unclimbable angles. They finally found a way up via the stairs marked for episode 2.

Regina was walking down the corridor, heading for the room with the funeral. For some reason, she ended up casting a spell on herself that made her appear as Rumpel to everyone else she passed in the corridor. It was not shape-shifting, like Cora could do, but it was expressly just a spell that warped how everyone else saw her. She got to the room and ... apparently laid down on a low table/slab in front of a row of people. Then she was ... either faking being unconscious or there was some other spell. Everyone thought it was Rumpel and was confused as to why they couldn't wake "him" up. Rumpel was supposed to appear in the doorway and be all "WTH is going on here," and I think he arrived and was trying and failing to get people's attention, and I woke up around then.

A very weird dream. But actually rather enjoyable while it was being had. I woke up missing the good times on Once before the writers decided that Rumpel wasn't allowed to continue his progress being a good guy. I should write some more in my vignette series again.

I wonder if another reason I'm worried about posting it on is that I'm afraid some people won't like that I'm unhappy with the direction the show took starting with 3B. But there's quite a lot of us who feel the same way, so that probably wouldn't really be much of a problem.

Recently I re-watched the season 3 Mannix episode with Don Knight, another British actor with lovely blond hair. He reminded me a little bit of Christopher, while at the same time definitely being his own person. He played the only survivor of a shipwreck, and he knew the truth about the wreck, that it had been hijacked and everyone else deliberately murdered by being thrown overboard to the sharks. He himself had been permanently mutilated; his left arm was gone and he had a limp. He was being sought after by the bad guys to kill him, but he refused to come forward and tell the police what he knew because they were threatening to kill a girl he loved. In the climax, he discovered that the girl was actually one of the bad guys. Heartbroken, in a moment of rage he started choking her, but Mannix rushed in and stopped him. When he calmed down, he insisted that the girl must have been coerced into being a part of things, because she was just too sweet to really be bad. The girl told him that she hadn't been coerced, that she wanted to be there because the Big Bad saw her as she really was instead of putting her on a pedestal. It was heartbreaking, gah. The guy didn't have anyone else in the world and he lost the one person he thought cared about him. Mom wondered if he might end up committing suicide, feeling like he had nothing left, but I hope not. Maybe I will write something about him and see what he's up to.

I remember liking that character and the actor before, but I didn't follow up on it. I wanted to this time, but I didn't get around to it until I discovered him in a Hawaii 5-O episode quite by accident over the weekend. That time the character was a bad guy, but he was in danger being kidnapped by the psycho Big Bad of the episode and I hoped the taskforce would save him in time. They did, and I decided to look up the actor. He had turned out an amazing performance and had broke down in hysteria because he was terrified of heights. So very different from the Mannix character. Like all good character actors, he really slips into whatever part he's got.

I found a list of credits and saw that I have one of his Virginian episodes, so I watched that this morning. He was a bad guy again, but he survived the episode. It was a pretty depressing episode, though, called The Mustangers. I don't think I want to get into it right now, but it seems like many season 7 Virginian episodes are depressing. I remember that while many season 6 episodes were high drama, they generally seemed to end well. I'm not sure what was up with the seeming change.

I also found a website run by Don Knight's son, which is awesome. I'm going to go back there and see if there's a way to contact the son. And I'll probably keep looking up his father's credits; I think one of his Charlie's Angels episodes is already on one of the discs I put on the queue.

Don Knight sounds like a sweet man in reality and I know I definitely loved his Mannix character. Apparently he also played a beloved character on Little House on the Prairie, so if I end up deciding I like him enough to make him one of my darlings, finally there will actually be one of them who has appeared on that show. Heh. I've always wondered why none of them ever guest-starred on that. Or at least if any have, IMDB doesn't have a record of it (which is possible).

His character on that has a very famous and tragic death. He works with dynamite, and he's watching some contest that includes his friends Charles and another guy. When they win, he's so excited for them that he doesn't remember he has a lit dynamite fuse that he was dealing with.

They invited Don Knight back for another episode as a different character, but when he got there they paid him and then fired him. They felt that his character's death had been so poignant that the audience would not accept him as another character.


Is it just me or was that a really lame and jerky thing to do? Once they hired him for the episode, they should have followed through with it. And isn't it just a little bit arrogant to think that their show's character death is so powerful that he could never return as someone else? I've watched lots of shows with powerful oneshot character deaths, and very often the actor will be allowed to return later as another character. I never see any problem with that.

Also, speaking of his character's death, it just sounds so pointless and needless that to me it almost seems like they killed off the character for the sheer shock and tragedy factor. Unless the episode was based on something Laura Ingalls Wilder really wrote about as having happened, it seems to me it should not have been done that way. I don't like character deaths that are pointless and needless and exist just so they can point to their show and say, "Look how dark and gritty we made it! It's some kind of artistic achievement!"

And as a closing note, eerily enough, Don Knight follows the pattern of being someone I saw in something many years ago. Apparently he was in The Apple Dumpling Gang. I actually wasn't crazy about that movie; I'd gone in looking for a hysterical comedy and it honestly didn't strike me as being very funny in most parts. The big funny scene seemed to be where Don Knotts' character was being accidentally choked by a rope up the side of a building, which ... really isn't very funny. But maybe if I go back to it and watch it not looking for anything specific, I'd like it.

I know it's stupid, but it still kind of troubles me that I can't think of anything I saw Christopher Cary in many years ago. He's the one darling that doesn't fit the pattern. I did see him on Rockford before I was interested in him, and I did like him, so I figure I've got to accept that as the time I saw him years ago. But it wasn't in the long-ago past, like all the others. I keep thinking there must be something I saw him in years ago and that someday I'll pinpoint what it was.
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So while I was going through stuff tagging it recently, I stumbled on that entry where I was comparing Napoleon and Illya's interaction to Jim and Arte's. That was before I'd seen The Summit Five Affair, so I didn't even really believe there was a friendship between Napoleon and Illya and in any case, if there was, I preferred Jim and Arte's insult-free friendship. It was interesting to read that again. And even though now I have come to believe in Napoleon and Illya's friendship, the comparison still made some observational points that are relevant regardless. I've been thinking about it ever since.

It was amusing about Napoleon and Illya, really. The whole fandom pretty much celebrates their friendship, and then there was this one person who insisted she didn't see their relationship that way at all and felt they were only partners, and then there was me in the middle. I wanted to believe in the friendship, but I wasn't feeling it, and I wondered if she was right. I was thrilled when I watched The Summit Five Affair and finally saw clear and present friendshippiness. Yet in spite of that, and in spite of the fact that I enjoy reading other people's friendship fics with them now and then, I personally don't seem to be that interested in writing about friendshippy, hurt/comforty situations with them. For that matter, I don't really seem to be that interested in writing that sort of thing with Jim and Arte, either.

It could be the fact that I don't actually crush on any of them very seriously. (I do have mild crushes, to varying degrees.) Generally, I reserve hurt/comfort scenarios for characters I'm actually crushing on very seriously. On the other hand, it could be that plus the fact that for both shows, my favorite things about them are the plots and mysteries rather than the friendships. (And some of the guest-stars....) And that may sound strange coming from someone who can get so intrigued by friendships that she'll even tinker with characters she normally wouldn't go near, but considering that mysteries and detective shows were always my first love, it makes sense. I mean, seriously, I was four years old and I knew I just had to watch Carmen Sandiego because it was about detectives in these awesome fedora hats and catching crooks and that just sounded so epically awesome. I'm still puzzling over how I already knew I wanted that type of show. I certainly hadn't been exposed to it before; Mom felt I was way too young for that sort of thing. Then the same thing happened when we got this thingie in the mail telling about upcoming shows and I learned about Darkwing Duck. I was like "... A crime-fighting duck?! I MUST WATCH!"

So yeah. Pretty much if it was a crime show, I wanted it. That was my original motivation for getting into The Andy Griffith Show too. (Well, that and Barney sounded hilarious.) Then I started learning all I could about classic TV and found out about U.N.C.L.E. and WWW and all those great things and I wanted them. But it took years before I actually had access to them. And I was all over the James Bond film Moonraker when I saw it (aside from the bed times). Spy stuff ... yay!

But back to Napoleon and Illya. Their specific friendship type is not being very open about their caring. As Crystal pointed out, the best way to see their caring in most episodes is through their facial expressions. It's a very visual thing. That, of course, doesn't translate to stories (unless they're illustrated). But that could be part of my disinterest in writing friendshippy fics about them too, since in lieu of seeing the caring via pictures, it would have to come out some other way. I don't want things to get too mushy/goopy since that would be OOC for them, but sometimes even them discussing deep things at all can result in them seeming too open/OOC. With them, I usually prefer to keep things pretty much as they are in the show, and hence, my stories usually seem to focus on their adventures instead of being hurt/comforty (aside from one creepy fic). I do like having them discuss deep subjects at times, which they do in The Peaceful Meadows Affair, but it doesn't really feel like I'm having them be so open.

Then we have characters like Brett and Danny, who also have that insult humor I don't like but can also do a 180-degree turn and be very open about their caring like it's the most natural thing in the world to show it (which it should be, but it's understandable/professional/better if secret agents like Napoleon and Illya don't follow that idea). I'm hoping to write more fics with them, but I am wondering if I'll be able/comfortable getting the insult banter into things. I haven't really needed to yet, and come to think of it, I've left that out of the U.N.C.L.E. fics too. The thing I adore about Brett and Danny is their openness and I find that easier and more relatable to write than friends who are holding themselves more at arm's length.

When I really think about it, Brett and Danny may very well be an exception to the usual, as it seems like the friendships I usually enjoy writing about the very most ... are often ones I've developed almost or entirely on my own, rather than being fully in canon. With the exceptions of the canonical friendships of Sephiroth and Zack (as shown in Crisis Core), Joe Mannix and Lew Wickersham, and now Brett and Danny, it seems like most of my main friendships have only really been developed into friendships by me. The familial relationships I've loved to write about are canon, but the friendships ... either hardly ever are or else there's only the slightest smidgen of it shown in canon and the smidgen is enough to intrigue me and make me want more. Even with Seph and Zack, there isn't a whole lot showing them together in canon, although as I recall, someone does specifically identify them as friends in-game.

Usually I characterize working partners as friends, regardless of whether they're actually depicted as such in canon. Other examples would be Gin and Vodka, the bikers, Schrank and Krupke, Ginger and Lou, and Ecks and Wye (although the evidence for the latter being friends seems pretty strong to me, given Wye's actual flipping out after finding Ecks stabbed).

With the bikers, Raph seemed protective of Valon in canon, but Valon and Alister couldn't seem to get along. And usually aside from that, they didn't interact together. But it became a fanon thing to have them be friends anyway, with several people adopting the idea of them deciding to start over together after the Doom arc, since they'd already been through so much together and they were really all each other had.

With Ginger and Lou, you have to look pretty closely to see what's going on there, but there is definitely some kind of chemistry between either the actors, the characters or both. I think that essay I wrote pretty well examines every possibility and shows that it is possible that they could be friends. I develop the idea by saying that they became closer and more open while in prison, thus opening the door for their interaction as I've depicted it. Of course, one could certainly use the argument I made with Napoleon and Illya and throw it back at me, saying I shouldn't portray these two being open either. I've worried about that. But one thing is, we've only seen how Ginger and Lou canonically interact during a high-stress situation. With Napoleon and Illya, we've also seen how they behave during downtime. So with Ginger and Lou, I figure there might be some leeway since we don't know how they behave during normal times. I try to make their interaction as fitting the characters shown in canon even though at the same time I'm trying to develop it a bit beyond that. (I guess I also figure no one would care if I soften Ginger a bit, really, since I doubt anyone really became intrigued by him and Lou in canon like I did. I kind of worry what David Chase, the writer of that episode, might think, though. Yes, that David Chase....) Of course, that's what a lot of the U.N.C.L.E. writers do as well, often with excellent results.

Then there's Autor and Ahiru, who were certainly not friends in the series proper. But Autor seemed friendly in that little follow-up play some of the voice actors did, and given Ahiru's gregarious personality, I have a hard time believing that she wouldn't eventually come to see the good in Autor and accept him as a friend. So that seemed to have good potential even though it wasn't expressly canon and that became another of my favorite friendships to work with.

Then we have Duke and David. There's no indication of who David is to Duke in canon (aside from the dub note that he's the store manager), but since Duke confided in David about his plans, at least partially, and David teases Duke without consequence, I would say it's pretty likely that they're friends.

And of course, things like Ray Norman and Coley Rodman, Snakes Tolliver and Beau Maverick, and Snakes and Duke, are most certainly not canon by the slightest stretch of the imagination. Those characters are not on the same show in canon, nor are Ray and Coley or Snakes and Duke canonically in the same time. It's interesting how things like that can just develop in fics or role-plays and end up feeling so right.

Perhaps I usually prefer focusing on things like that because I feel that either canon or the other fans are handling the main friendships just fine and I'd rather do something different and explore other angles. I know that's how I tend to feel about Rumbelle, even though I still enjoy writing my vignette series now and then. That's more in protest of the way Once has gone downhill, though, instead of a desire to actually write Rumbelle. I like to write them talking, which the show should have done more of, but I am pretty useless when it comes to romantic stuff. In general I find romantic/kissing scenes tedious, boring, and almost impossible to write, and I don't want to let down the fans who want to see lots of that, so I still hesitate to post my vignettes on (That, and the fact that I don't update that story very frequently....)

More yay!

Nov. 17th, 2015 07:35 pm
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Hmm. Maybe Hulu still has I Spy after all; I'm not sure. I tried watching the one season 5 Once episode I was interested in (The Bear and the Bow) and discovered Hulu's search feature is broken, at least on certain searches. I had to do Advanced Search to find the episode.

It was great, ohmygosh. It was heartbreaking to see Rumpel so unnaturally afraid of everything, but he still loved Belle so much, and in the end he came back to himself and rushed to save Belle and had renewed confidence in himself and an epic exchange with Emma and it was just so great. I don't like at all that Emma is the villain in this arc, but I do rather love the idea of Rumpel as the hero. I just hope that won't immensely backfire on him and Belle in the end, as it seems like every time he tries to do the right thing, he gets punished for it in the storyline sooner or later.

I finally got my other Amazon gift card, so it was time for another little shopping spree. Unfortunately, some of the things I thought I was going to get abruptly went off sale prices or went out of stock AGAIN, so I had to revamp some of my plans. I am still going to be able to get the one Perry set I'm missing, so that's awesome. Then I discovered Get Smart was $7.99 a season, except for season 2 at $9.99. I decided to get season 5 to have that epic two-parter in London with Hedley Mattingly (his deadpan reactions to the stupid were so priceless) and season 1 to have the Milton Selzer episodes. But then season 1 said it shipped within 10-12 days. Uggggh. Not acceptable. So I decided to get season 2 instead.

I think season 1 is my favorite, followed by season 2. There were some funny ones in season 4 (especially the honeymoon one, oh gosh), but I think it has impressed me the least of all the seasons overall. I was really disappointed by the wedding episode in particular. Something that momentous should have had a better episode to showcase it. It was just so sad to see 99 doubting Max after everything they've been through together. And then after seeing some of the early Hymie episodes, Max's attitude about him in the bachelor party one did make me cringe when I thought back on it. Season 4 has some serious OOC behavior.

I had wanted season 3 of Mannix, as that's the only Mannix one I'm missing, but it went out of stock again. I also considered season 4 of WWW, since I figure my TV copies are cut up, but it was out of stock too. Then I thought to check The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and decided to pick up season 2 for about the same price I thought I'd be getting Mannix or WWW for. I can't stand the crossover episodes with the characters, at least the ones with Pamela Sue Martin, as Frank just acts so unbearably sexist and doesn't respect Nancy as a detective and it's awful and painful to watch, but luckily I think they only had two of those. I loved all the solo Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew ventures from season 2, and the crossovers with Janet Louise Johnson playing Nancy were not sexist, so I handled those far better.

I finished off the order with the original Equestria Girls movie, which was only $4.74! I like the other two better, as I don't really like seeing Sunset Shimmer as the villain, but those movies wouldn't have as strong an impact without that first one. Sunset's journey from the first movie through the third one is really incredible. I'm so excited to see what comes next.

Then at Wal-Mart yesterday, I found Sweet Dreams Bear! I think she's my favorite female character on the recent Care Bears series. I was thinking I'd have to get a tiny beanbag of her, but then on Facebook I heard that they've made a 20-inch one! So I've been looking, and last night I dug her out of the new shipment on the shelf! I debated for a moment on whether to get her right then, but I decided I should, since I really wanted her, there was no telling when I might see her again, and I could afford it at the moment. I had some really great success on Textbroker last week that should give me some good money to have over the holidays. Maybe I'll be able to get presents for more people this year! We'll see.

So anyway, now Sweet Dreams is sitting next to Bedtime Bear on the bed. They look so cute sitting there. I still kind of want Share Bear and Cheer Bear in the big size too, but I don't know if/when that will happen. Wish Bear is the one I want the most that I don't have, and I can't figure out why I haven't seen the medium size of her yet. I wonder if they might make a big one of her too.


Sep. 20th, 2015 03:48 am
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Counting down the last couple of weeks until my birthday. Belle is still unopened and by this point I definitely plan to keep her for my birthday. Anticipation is highly mounting and it's fun. The last couple of weeks kind of fly by.

Not to mention, next Saturday is the new Equestria Girls movie. I've been waiting so long for that! I wondered how I'd ever stand waiting the last couple of months. Then the new Carmen renaissance happened and it wasn't miserable waiting at all. I'm so psyched that it airs a week before my birthday. I hope I'll get to see it that night. Since I don't get the channel, I have to rely on YouTube to see Pony stuff.

And the Pony episode this past day was AWESOME. Rarity solved a mystery and it was a detective/noir parody and the detecting scenes were in B&W and Rarity had a fedora and trenchcoat and narrated like it was an old detective show ... ! I am ecstatic. I may have to re-watch this one very soon. I sooo want Rarity as a detective to be a thing. She seems like such an unlikely candidate for a detective, but she was awesome! And she used her knowledge and love of fashion to solve the mystery! Now I want to dress both my Rarity plushies in fedoras and trenchcoats. And I want an icon of Rarity like that, although I don't know where I'd put it. But seriously, so much awesome! That's one of the few episodes without Twilight that I really like. Of course, Rarity is one of my other main favorites.

I was going to make a dream post a couple of days ago and wasn't able to get to it. It has been so hectic this week. I wonder if now I can remember enough details of the dreams to even write down.

I remember my dream redesigned Snakes and gave him longer hair, about like Scott in season 2. It doesn't suit him at all, but it did look very nice in the dream and I woke up kind of wanting to try illustrating it.

There was something weird going on where we were at a mall, I think, and Snakes was with a girlfriend. It wasn't the Chita character I created, but someone else. She wasn't so nice either and she'd done something to make criminals angry. They slipped something into her food and apparently into Snakes' as well, and both of them collapsed unconscious. I think Snakes found out she was a creep first.

Later on there was a dream where we went to a recurring locale that hasn't turned up for a while: a very weird place with aquariums where the fish are huge and can jump out of the aquariums and swim through the air and be held for a little bit. I've been there maybe three or four times in my dreams, so it doesn't recur as much as some other places. It was kind of nice to see it again. So many cute fishies!

The last time I was asleep I had another Once dream. They have definitely been coming with increasing frequency over the past month. I don't know if that's solely because of Belle or if it's also because I sort of wonder if I'll actually be interested in trying the new season. The stuff I've heard about it could make it really good, but I've been burned so much over the last season and a half that I don't know that I dare believe it will be decent. The dream seemed to be about me having watched the first half of the season and being frustrated when the mid-season finale ended with things being left up in the air and the villain biding his time and waiting to do whatever he was going to do, which put Rumpel and Belle in a spot.


Sep. 6th, 2015 09:13 pm
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This has been a long week of pain, merchandising dilemmas, and mice.

For almost two years, as I've recorded here off and on, I've been trying to find a Belle doll with removable clothing. I don't know why it's so hard to find her that way when some of the other Disney girls are fairly accessible with more than partially molded clothing. I usually only see Belle with removable clothes in expensive sets. There was one with another girl for $25, and that wasn't too bad for two, so I considered that, but then Wal-Mart stopped selling it before too long. Sigh.

A couple weeks ago, when they got in their new Fall stuff, I actually saw a Belle with removable clothes that was an acceptable price! She's part of a new line, I guess. I struggled with wanting to buy her right then, but my plan was to buy her on my shopping spree on my birthday next month, so I didn't. But then I had a random Once dream on Tuesday and woke up worrying that maybe they'd sell out of her by next month and I wouldn't be able to find her, etc. And I decided to get her that day when we needed to go get some stuff for mouse battle.

Crystal suggested maybe I could refrain from de-boxing her until my birthday, since my original intention had been to get her as a birthday present to myself. I decided maybe I would try that. Then I got her home and kind of wanted to de-box, but I ended up in so much pain almost immediately that I decided not to do anything until that was over. I make a big deal out of de-boxing and love to do it when I can really enjoy it.

So all this week I've gone back and forth on should I or shouldn't I. There's always other things to get on the shopping spree; typically I like to get several things. I don't know how much money I'll be able to gather by then, though, since finding stuff I can write has been slow and I'm still paying off some money I owe my church. And I don't know whether I'll be able to do the shopping spree right on my birthday, since it falls on a Saturday this year and that generally isn't a good day for us to go out. So I thought it would be nice to have Belle here to enjoy de-boxing then, especially if I couldn't get out right on that day.

(I'm also debating whether to do the shopping spree before or after my birthday. Usually if we can't make it on the actual day we do it after, but I don't know if I feel like waiting the whole weekend to do it Monday or Tuesday, so we might do it Friday. Still thinking about that. There's also the high probability that I might be cramping on both Friday and Saturday. Ugh.)

I lean more towards trying to hold out and save her for my birthday, but I don't know if that will work in the long run. Today, when I heard that another mouse was loose in the basement stealing bait, in addition to Mom and Dad hearing weird noises in the living room and not being sure whether it was the mouse in Dad's room with the sound carrying through the wall or whether it was a new living room mouse, my willpower just about broke.

It was such a beautiful day when I got Belle on Tuesday evening; it was September 1st, and since I celebrate meteorological seasons, that was my first day of Fall. I saw leaves all over the ground at the cemetery. It was beautiful. And even though nothing has really changed regarding our problems, it felt so liberating to finally have summer behind us. I want to keep hoping that Fall will be better, even though the logical part of me strongly doubts it.

I did finally solve my Amazon problem; I got Octavia, Vega$, and both season 3 Perry sets, as the prices were way down. I only had to pay $4 in cash after the gift cards paid the rest. The package came yesterday and it was wonderful. It was a little like a mini-birthday, getting all of that. It was a mini-respite from all the horrible things happening in our house right now.

Christopher does have some more screentime in his Vega$ episode than in what I saw on YouTube! I was absolutely thrilled! I must take pictures from that soon; he just looked gorgeous. I swear, he grew more and more handsome the older he got. And his hair! Ohmygosh, that beautiful, thick, fluffy, curling at the ends hair....

I really like that show in general, too; the main character seems to have very high morals and it's just very nice and refreshing to watch. I'm anxious to see the other episodes on the set. I introduced Mom to the show via Joseph's episode last night and she liked it too. And Greg Morris is the police lieutenant in it! I love the friendship between his character and the main character.

And it was so exciting to finally have Octavia! The doll Octavia is with my DJ doll, of course; I love the fanon concept that they are friends in an Odd Couple way, and that's become canon recently. The Pony Octavia is with Sunset Shimmer and some other Pony girls. I need to get the Pony DJ now to go with her. I also have Funrise plushies of them both. Build-a-Bear is making a DJ plushie that will come out this month, and I might buy her, but I hope they'd make Octavia too.

(Ugh, I was looking so forward to Build-a-Bear's Ditzy/Derpy/Bubblecup/Muffins plushie, and now they just make her an online exclusive and randomly up her price by $5 more, for no apparent reason. I am so bummed. I might try to get her anyway, because I really wanted that one. DJ will be in stores, so I'll be able to see her in person before buying. I'm not as sure I'll get her, since I have Funrises of both her and Octavia and I don't know if Build-a-Bear will make Octavia, but DJ has one of my most favorite color schemes ever, white and blue, so I might get her regardless. And I love that Build-a-Bear made a unique, original cape just for her, even though I probably won't buy that.)

I'm thrilled to have season 3 of Perry now, too. There's so many of those I haven't seen uncut before, and the ones I have seen uncut I wanted to own. There's lots of Sergeant Brice in season 3; I remember several episodes where Lieutenant Tragg is teaching him things about investigating. I'm anxious to see those again. Sergeant Brice is adorable!

I finally started writing the necklace Perry story, too. It's going to have the Decadent Dean characters in it and the masquerade ball and Tobin Wade laying low but trying to do what he can to help. I do not excuse the character's action in the episode at all; I think he was probably the biggest slimeball in the series. Or one of the top five, at least. But I have always been curious as to whether he might regret what he did to his friends, since it was heavily implied that he was once a genuine friend. Hence how that LJ blurb happened years ago and why my story is going to feature him now. I hope no one will think I'm trying to excuse him when all I'm trying to do is explore a possibility. And when the story will feature themes of repentance and restitution. I don't know that I will have him and Aaron Stuart being able to fully mend things, though. The LJ blurb is more that way because it was self-indulgent, as many LJ-only things I write are, but I am totally skeptical that they could ever have a friendship again after what Tobin did. I guess I'll see how I feel after I've written the story out. While I usually only have a overarching outline for a story in my mind, I generally do try to plan each chapter in detail as I come to it. I think I know what will be in chapter 3 now, so maybe I'll start writing it soon.

Also, today I had another of those "wandering around a place trying to avoid being found, but in a low-key, no danger way" dreams. Those kind seem to often take place at the church, for some reason. This one did, too. I was trying to avoid being found by some dream "friends" whom I didn't really think of as friends. I wandered through empty classrooms, paused to watch a performance on the stage and try to sneak a few chips from the snack table, and then randomly wandered down to the basement and into a cold room? I was almost caught in the cold room and it turned into a sort of hide-and-seek. I think dreams like that are manifestations of my repressed loves of exploring houses and buildings and playfully hiding from people. That was followed up by another Once dream. I barely think about the show in reality these days, but it keeps entering my dreams. I wonder if I'm going to keep dreaming about it with increasing frequency as long as I'm trying to resist de-boxing Belle before my birthday....

Speaking of Once, though, I also noticed a new line of Disney Prince dolls. I'm kind of excited hoping Prince Adam will be in the line and I can get him and maybe figure out how to touch him up a bit to look like Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin.
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Crystal inadvertently gave me an awesome idea for a new Once vignette the other day, and today's [ profile] 31_days prompt was perfect for it, so I wrote it and just got it up now. This one fully deconstructs "canon" from 3B on, and acknowledges "canon" in a certain way that gives things more closure than if I was just writing my AU verse without acknowledging "canon" at all. It felt so good. This is probably the only show I'll ever write for where I feel the need to make such a clean break from canon. In general I'll acknowledge all known canon and write stuff after the last canon point, but Once just became too much of a mess. I can't acknowledge anything beyond 3A as canon for that show.

I bought The Virginian season 7 on Saturday, since I had an Amazon gift card and that's how I noticed the sale in the first place, and opted for the cheapest thing possible to push it to free shipping: a cute fish plushie I've wanted for a while. I name all my fish plushies after Perry characters; years ago, I selected this one to be Della Fish. It shipped early Monday and is supposed to arrive on Saturday, but I really hope it gets here before that. Saturday is supposed to hit 100, and it's going to be a busy day, if everything works out the way it's supposed to. I don't want a package arriving on Saturday and sitting in the mailbox for hours on such a hot day.

I'm glad I didn't include the movie as part of the order, because I found that some copies of the movie carry an offer that expires at the end of July, for $4 off the entire purchase if you get a doll with the movie. Squeeee. But I wasn't sure whether to get it while I was at the store or not, because I need to have money for Saturday. I don't know if I'll find any orders I can write this week; last week I couldn't find any. So I need to use what money I've got very carefully. We'll be up in the old area on Saturday and I can go shopping there. It's possible, but not probable, that I could find Octavia or the Sunset plushie. I felt like I couldn't be at peace making the purchase this past night until I know what's up there. I assume that other Wal-Marts will also have copies of the movie with that offer.

The Wal-Mart here is just getting in some new dolls, including an adorable Fluttershy with partially braided hair, and I love her so much that I think I'd be happy to get her instead of the original deluxe Fluttershy that I've wanted. I considered getting her tonight, either her or the Sunset Shimmer doll with the correct hair, but in the end decided I really did need to wait, even though it was torture putting everything back. Hopefully I'll still have the chance for that purchase if I don't find anything at the other stores.

I'm also trying to remember which doll box some kid left their lollipop stick on last week. Ewwwww! I think it was a Rarity box and not the Sunset Shimmer box, but because I can't remember, that makes me a little leery about getting the Sunset doll at my Wal-Mart. I'll be checking other Wal-Marts we're at; I'm hoping to visit at least two Wal-Marts, a Target, a Toys R Us, and the big F.Y.E. I hope it works out; I'm so excited to think of being able to go to those stores again! They might have different stock than the ones down here.

I also need to get some sheet protectors for the final act of my first [ profile] 100songs set. Wal-Mart has been out of the kind I need for the last couple of times. Ugh. Something else to check other Wal-Marts for....
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So I randomly decided I wanted to see if anyone had made a music video with Rumbelle to Evanescence's Call Me When You're Sober. There was one, one that didn't use the whole song, but it was depressing enough that I went in search of something more squeeable. I found a new Hallelujah music video with them, adored it, and decided to finally watch the clip where they do the Beauty and the Beast dance. Then some clips from the two-part season 3 finale came up in the sidebar and I decided to watch some of those, because I wanted to see Emma's expression when she meets Rumpel in the past.

That was priceless. ROTFLOL.

I ended up watching all of the scenes with Rumpel in the past, since those wouldn't be part of the mess that the present-day scenes turned into and hence, wouldn't upset me. He was hilariously wonderful, I love when he tells Emma and Hook they have to fix the mess themselves that they made with time, and then the scene where Emma has to tell him Bae dies in the future is heartbreaking. GAH. She begs him to drink the forgetting potion he made, because the events have to play out the way they did, and she's very emotional saying she loved Bae too and how he died a hero and not to take that away from him. Rumpel finally lets her go and drinks the potion. Once he forgets, he looks around, sees he's in his vault, and exclaims "... What the HELL am I doing in here?!?!"

More pricelessness. It was so unexpected and completely not what I thought he'd say that I burst out laughing. I hope I didn't wake Dad up.

Oh, how I miss when the series made sense. Maybe I'll invest in those earlier season sets I saw on eBay. I'd be willing to get the first three seasons, since I'm willing to accept up through the Neverland arc as canon (and would like to have those scenes from the two-part season 3 finale to re-watch). I will never be willing to get season 4, and I don't have much hope for season 5. But I'll definitely be hanging around to find out what happens in the season 5 episodes, at least. I just can't seem to let the show go and focus on just being happy with the earlier stuff; part of me wants to keep knowing where it's going, even though I'm 99% sure I won't like where it goes.

Maybe I'll try to put my Rumbelle icon back, if I can figure out something to remove. I started wanting it back when I wrote that latest vignette, but I wasn't sure how to fit it in. I'm still not.


May. 22nd, 2015 06:58 pm
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So apparently all I have to do is accidentally see Once DVDs at eBay for good prices to end up dreaming about Once and Rumbelle. I think that show and that pairing mean more to me than I'm even fully aware of, and the way the show has let me down since season 3B has disappointed me even more than I realize. I've dreamed about it several times lately.

Yesterday I finally got up a Mannix season 1 post here: I'd meant to do a Lew Wickersham-centric post, but it turned into season 1/Lew and Joe's friendship, instead. Of course, you can't really discuss Lew for long without getting into the friendship, but now I'm wondering whether to write a post to say some of the things about Lew that didn't quite fit into this post or whether I should not post any more about season 1 and save it for the book about season 1 I want to write.

I also finally got another webcomic page done. I'm hoping to get page 2 done soon, too. I posted 1 by itself because posts have been so scarce lately.

And I am so restless and nervous about a lot of things today, for some reason. I had a horrible time going to sleep for a while, I was so edgy, and the edginess continues after sleep. I'm not even fully sure why I'm so wound up. Among other things, I'm worried about whether I'll have all the content desired in order to open my website next month, and how I'll get said content, and whether a reviewer familiar with Riptide will keep reading and commenting on my multi-chapter fic or if she'll bug out because she doesn't want it to be supernatural and is afraid it will be.... Also wondering if people will get mad at me for toying with a May-December romance between Giovanna and Scofield or if they won't care since a large portion of the fanbase prefers slash and would probably rather Cody didn't have Giovanna.

I'm really nervous about planning the next activity for the girls at church, since I'm pretty much on my own due to a decision that each of us will be in charge of an activity and we'll keep going the rounds like that. I kind of liked when we all planned the specific activities together instead, so that the whole burden for the lesson wasn't on one person. Especially since while kids like me for some reason, I'm really not a good teacher and often get tongue-tied and don't explain things well, so I'd kind of like help. But I wouldn't like to ask and make it look like I can't handle putting it together on my own, since the others can manage fine doing that.

I'm a little sad and disappointed about a couple of things, nothing major, but still, it contributes to the overall feeling of being on edge. I wonder if the activity is the main source of stress, though. I only have a week to prepare it. And I'm pretty worried about the website, too, since things just aren't going the way I hoped in regards to it.


May. 13th, 2015 10:01 pm
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Well, this time I actually got some inspiration to write another Once vignette after looking over my previous pieces. It didn't hurt that today's [ profile] 31_days prompt was perfect. Thank you, Crystal, for inspiring me to try again. **hugs.**

One thing the horrible state the canon is in has done for me, it's virtually eliminated my shyness over posting my Once vignettes to I've worried that I just don't relate to the characters as deeply as some Rumbelle writers do and that hence, my offerings are paltry by comparison to theirs. I still think that. But canon is such a horrible mess that I know I write for them better than the canon is doing. **headdesk.** So I may start posting the pieces on soon.

One thing that's definitely a stumbling block, however, is that as long they're talking and emotionally bonding everything is fine, I'm great with that and I find it very fascinating and intriguing, but the necessary kissing bores me and I know I don't write that well. I also have no desire to write some of the characters, like Hook, and that will prove problematic since to be IC, he has to be involved in the arc I'm doing. I'm also nervous as to how I'll write Emma when the time comes for her to come in. Henry will probably be fine.

And I finally decided what to do about Amazon. As is what happens sometimes when I just can't decide at all, I did something completely and entirely different from anything thought about.

It started when I saw that the Pony book about Celestia and Luna's early life was discounted to $7.17. Of course, that immediately meant I had to get that. I added Gidget, and then I decided that maybe I'd get the Rarity doll I've longed for, because she's at $11.60 and her price never seems to come down at local stores. I just hope they'll be careful shipping her. I've always been leery of getting dolls from Amazon because I'm afraid they'll be damaged in the sending. I'll get more from them in the future if they do well with her.

I could still get some more stuff (and had to, since the free shipping minimum is $35), so I debated between some Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books I've been wanting. I finally chose one of each, but it was torture, as I wanted many. I decided on a Hardy Boys book set in the Caribbean, as I hoped it might provide inspiration for my Riptide multi-chapter, and a Nancy Drew mystery with an Oriental plot that I don't remember at all even though I know I read it many years ago. (I read all of the yellow hardbacks.)

I definitely think that the next time I buy stuff on Amazon, I'm getting more Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I made quite a good dent in getting a lot of the Nancy Drew books, but I don't have too many Hardy Boys. I'd have more of each if Borders hadn't closed. I was using their coupons to get some of the Hardy Boys books shortly before they closed. Barnes and Noble rarely has decent coupons and they don't have many of those books in stock anymore. Ugh.

Of course, I had to buy them at full price on Amazon, but eh. I got great deals on the other stuff.


May. 11th, 2015 05:46 pm
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So I haven't been watching Gotham or Once Upon a Time, but I've been keeping track of what's going on with them, and I'm not pleased with either one.

Spoilers )
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Recently I saw this quiz turn up on Tumblr. It looked familiar and I thought I remembered randomly taking it the last time it popped up. I finally found that. Apparently I never posted it anywhere. I don't post quizzes on Tumblr and I couldn't find it here. So I touched it up a bit and here you go.

A:Your current OTP. Rumbelle (at least up through season 3A) and Duke/Serenity. Also, I still love Seto/Tea.
B:A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind. Seto/Tea. I used to scoff at it, and then when talking to someone about how unlikely it seemed, I got the urge to see if it could work after all.
C:A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can't. Yugi/Tea. I feel so guilty to not be able to ship it, when Yugi has such a big crush on her, but I just can't. It's Seto/Tea all the way for me.
D:What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom? Oh gosh, I don't know. My Gomer Pyle website, maybe? I think that came even before my All Dogs Go to Heaven website.
E:Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what? Too many things to name them all. Silly fics about Internet lingo and Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack being confused.... Pictures of Lieutenant Anderson ordering from Pizza Hut....
F:What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom? What fandom was it? The Monkees, probably. I'm still in it. I don't leave fandoms except in very rare cases. I do sometimes stop submitting new things for fandoms, though. I still occasionally write Monkees fics, but I haven't done anything for Gomer Pyle in years and years.
G:What was your first fandom? If by fandom we mean connecting with other fans, that would be Balto/All Dogs Go to Heaven.
H:Do you prefer real-life TV shows or animated TV shows? Depends on the show. I don't really actively prefer one over the other.
I:Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why? No.
J:Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr. Marvel Cinematic Universe. I still haven't seen any films in it other than Captain America, but the GIF sets I see floating around make me curious.
K:How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom(s). Basically, they're nice people. Every fandom has its screwballs, though.
L:Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for? ... Honestly, that would depend on what fandom they're my favorite in. I would adore for someone to draw me Ginger and Lou or Snakes art. I love drawing it myself, but it's even more fun when others join in. But if this is pairing specific, I would love fanart or fics for any of my favorite ships. Duke/Serenity could especially use more art.
M:A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to. I'm usually the person pulling people into fandoms. And usually it's more than one person who gets me into a fandom, since it generally takes me a while to want to try something new when I'm busy with what I've got.
N:Your favorite fandom (for the people; not the thing you fangirl over). Good question.
O:Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of? Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). It reminds me of Rumbelle. However, I usually associate it with Ginger and Lou friendship (or Ginger's life in specific) more than anything romantic.
P:Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas). Why does it have to be an AU idea? It's generally more fun to just write in the canon-established verse, unless said canon-established verse has become a disaster and impossible to work with, like Once Upon a Time is now. I have an AU for Once that picks up at season 3B and has Belle save Rumpel a la Beauty and the Beast. It then continues from there with slice-of-life stuff and Neal still very much alive. Maybe one of these days I'll actually write something more for it.
Q:A ship you’ve abandoned and why. When I think something works, I don't tend to abandon it even if I stop being involved in fanworks for it.
R:A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships. ::shrug.:: .... Peter Howard/Nancy Drew, from The Ghostwriter's Cruise episode of the 1970s show. They could have had a lot of fun interaction, if given the chance. And May-December romance for the win. The 1970s Nancy Drew series seemed to be in favor of such things more than once (although nothing ever got serious in any of the cases).
S:What's a headcanon you have? ... For what? I have dozens and dozens of headcanons for many shows. They don't often involve romance, though. Let's see.... I decided to write Lieutenant Schrank from West Side Story as having been married, but then divorced. It wasn't a friendly divorce. Mr. Wye from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. had a similar fate. I believe those are the only canonically single characters I've chosen to portray as having been married before.
T:What are your favorite male/male ships or female/female ships? Don't have any. I absolutely adore platonic life partners, though. Ginger and Lou from The Rockford Files would be in that category.
U:What are your favorite male/female ships? Rumbelle, Duke/Serenity, Seto/Tea, Nephrite/Naru.
V:Do you have any 3-way ships? If so, what? No.
W:5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Duke Devlin, Oscar Goldman, Hamilton Burger, The Virginian
X:3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms. Rumbelle, Duke/Serenity, Nephrite/Naru
Y:A fandom you’re in but have no ships from. The great majority of them. It's rare when I do have a ship.
Z:What's a ship that you want to ship publicly, but everyone on tumblr hates it so you keep your mouth shut about it? I dunno.


Mar. 8th, 2015 08:27 pm
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So it suddenly occurs to me to wonder, I hope the Venus plush is the correct size. The stock picture was the big one, and the weight of the package fits, so one would assume the individual seller was aware of that and listed their product on the right page. One wouldn't think the small size plush would ever sell for that price, but I saw some outrageous prices for her on eBay. All there is now is to wait and see.

And I got up today's vignette, in which Vivalene bothers Ecks. She turns up in most of my fandoms and I thought it would be fun to see her there. The setting is the present-day, as per my preferences, since to my surprise the Cold War didn't really seem to play any part in the series with regards to Illya's presence. (I.E., no one ever seemed alarmed that a Russian was there, etc., so time period seems of little importance.) Nevertheless, for pieces posted on and such, I will probably try as much as possible to be ambiguous and not state a time period one way or the other, since I know most people prefer it to be the time in which the series was made.

Ecks still thinks Wye is dead, and Vivalene is only furthering those thoughts (albeit Vifa really thinks he's dead). I'm still anxious to get to the reunion, but I'm not downright upset like I was last night. I think that had less to do with them thinking each other dead and more to do with my distress over the injury and the treatment and the extended hospital stay. It downright upsets me to write things involving extended hospital stays, as mentioned, especially if said stay includes any length of time in which the patient can't perform normal bodily functions themselves without tubes and machines everywhere (which certainly is the case for injuries like that, probably moreso than some other injuries). That is just disgusting and gross. What I wrote didn't actually touch on any of that, but it was a hospital piece and it upset me just knowing what must have happened that I didn't write about. I thought I was upset more because I can't stand hospitals in general, after my grandmother was in one for so long and we kept going in for long hours several times a week. That's probably part of it too, but I think I figured out it's the other element that bothers me most. But ah well, there was nothing I could do about that, since I wanted the character to survive the injury and that would mean he'd have to suffer through the treatment for it.

And then I also think I'm just plain feeling guilty for writing about some more antagonists. It takes me a while to get used to doing that each time it happens, because I always feel like I shouldn't be doing it. Sometimes I never do stop feeling that way; I slacked off on those Once Upon a Time vignettes because I kept feeling guilty to write about Mr. Gold after all the horrible things he's done.

Anyway ... I'm kind of thinking I'll write the reunion piece for Wednesday's theme, but we'll see.

And apparently my post where I was trying to find out some other details of such an injury made it into the top 25 posts for today, according to Livejournal. That's cool. I never thought any post of mine would be quite that popular.


Feb. 19th, 2015 04:42 am
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So for the first time tonight, they ran a promo for Once Upon a Time on MeTV. I was wondering why I never saw one. Most of what I see are promos for those CW shows I couldn't care less about. And occasionally promos for other ABC shows I couldn't care less about.

I'm still unhappy with the direction Once is taking and will remain so. I'm not planning to watch season 4B (albeit I will keep track of what's happening, as always). But I have to admit, I had a mini-thrill to see the promo (and boy, did Rumpel look good in it, purrrr). And I like their design for Cruella de Vil, even though I still fail to see why disastrous forces of nature like Maleficent and Ursula would even give Cruella a second glance. I hope they're not going to give Cruella magic. She's not supposed to be a magical character; she's just extremely deranged. She's a disastrous force of nature in her own way, but I wouldn't think magical beings would find her concerning or worthy to join them.

I do idly wonder if Cruella's presence will mean that Archie will be thrown into the spotlight, since he owns a Dalmatian dog named Pongo. Worth thinking about, anyway.

I could rant for ages on why I'm more unhappy with the show's direction the longer it goes on, but I don't feel up to it. Suffice it to say that yet another of my problems with it is that I always liked how Rumpel was very aware of his own state and that he was guilty for his own actions. I am very annoyed that the creators have decided to have him suddenly decide that Regina's warped idea of "we're not bad, we're just written that way" is true. Regina has very rarely taken responsibility for her actions or even felt she needed to. And she's on this silly kick of finding out who wrote the Book (which I would admittedly like to know) because she hopes they'll write a happy ending for her. Henry was supposed to be her happy ending, not romance. And she was supposed to have accepted that.

Robin Hood doesn't love Marian any more (sacrilege!), Hook is good for no particular reason because they didn't give him a character-developing arc and just wanted to make him good to please the fangirls, Rumpel is behaving really terribly OOC and has been since the last couple of episodes of season 3....

This show is so messed up on so many levels by this point. I want to say I am so done with it. I was finally pushed to the point of not wanting to actually watch it anymore. But it's like something you don't want to see yet can't look away from. I keep looking up what's happening in the episodes even though I don't watch them, because I keep being too curious about what's happening next and hoping desperately that maybe the tide will turn and the show will get better and IC again.

But I really don't have any real hope of that anymore. The creators turned Lost into a twisted mess of nonsense by the time they got to season 3-ish. Their track record continues with Once. I was unhappy with some things all the way back in season 2, but it was still good enough then to keep watching. By the time they got to season 3B, however, just about everything sensible and worth watching had been drained out of it.
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So money has been so hard to come by lately that I finally broke down and did something I had vowed never to do: I started writing some articles for the lowest-paying category at Textbroker. I was desperate; the site isn't how it used to be and most everything for the better categories was too technical or about locales I didn't know about and couldn't write about or was otherwise unacceptable for me. At least in the lowest category, I found a bunch of movie and television descriptions that needed writing. It's been hard digging out ones about shows I've actually seen, but it's a triumph every time I've found one. And it's been fun, too.

One of the ones I found that I could write was for one of the Winnie the Pooh shorts. And while I was writing it, it occurred to me that "... Hey, how can a teddy bear eat honey (or anything else) anyway?" Of course you're just supposed to accept it as children's book logic and not question it, but when they keep reminding you within the stories' adventures that he is indeed a teddy bear (stuffing ripping, needing to be wrung out if wet, etc.), it does cause one to scratch their head and wonder what's going on around here anyway. It sounds more like a fantasy that Christopher Robin is acting out with his plushies and isn't something that could really happen. Yet you know it really is happening in the context of the show, because at least four of the characters are not plushies (Rabbit, Tigger, Owl, and Gopher, and maybe Piglet isn't a plushie either; I don't remember seeing stitching on him or other indications that he's a plushie) and they're real and interacting with the plushies, which have apparently come to life yet are still plushies (i.e., Toy Story).

And amazingly, I had another good sleep. I also had weird dreams that also leave me scratching my head. It's so strange to all of a sudden dream about something you weren't actively thinking of while awake.

I was afraid I'd go to sleep dreaming about those terrible Goosebumps books, because I have Ginger and Lou talking about Mike having read some when they came out and hence, I needed to know what year they first came out. Then I got curious, read the whole article, and also read the titles of the books and a few summaries, something I really wish I hadn't done since several of the books deal with my most-hated trope. That, coupled with the fact that R.L. Stine says there are no deaths in the books, means that there must be weirdness on the level of what happened to Once Upon a Time's Mad Hatter, which I ... honestly think is worse than death. **shudders.** I was curious because having read the titles, I couldn't figure out how there couldn't be death in at least some of the books, so I read some summaries, and thankfully just glanced/skimmed at the one in that group of books that involved my hated trope, but it was enough of a glance to understand more of what was going on than I wanted to. Ugh! I wish I wasn't so curious sometimes.

But anyway, I did not dream about those things. The most stand-out dreams in my mind are two that seemed to be happening concurrently: 1, Mom and I were going to get a taxi cab and go to Wal-Mart after dinner, because I wanted to shop baaad and Dad wasn't available to go that day, and deciding to get ready was happening very slowly and I was getting impatient (something that often happens when going for groceries with Dad in reality, since he doesn't like going places), and 2, I was watching/acting out a very convoluted version of Princess Tutu's episode 22.

The taxi dream was taking place at the old house yet again and when we finally called the cabbie, he said we could go out the upstairs back door because that would be quicker. In the dream it made sense, but in reality, there is no road back there to drive out from. (There is a driveway that goes back that far, but when we lived there, we had old cars along that driveway. There wasn't room for another to drive along.) There is just the backyard. And in the dream, the snow was coming down generously (finally; the poor East Coast has gotten all of the West's snow!) and I was hoping the snow wouldn't complicate the drive. I was also a little leery of going out the back way, which fits reality, as I was pretty terrified to go into the backyard at night after the neighborhood started getting so scary. Also, both in the dream and in reality, we kept that door pretty bolted up. In reality, we never went out that door after we found it necessary to bolt it up.

Also frustrating was that the cabbie was a crook who just wanted to rob us. **headdesk.** One dream trope of mine is having extreme difficulty getting anything to go the way I want it when it comes to shopping. Either we don't get there at all, or we get there, but I can't find what I want and the stores are weird and I wander around in them a lot. It's very strange when I actually find what I want in a dream and can keep hold of it. Sometimes I find it but then it mysteriously disappears during the trip.

In the Princess Tutu dream, nothing in Act 22 was going the way it really went on the show except that Autor had been officially introduced. Autor was also being chased by a horrible purple tentacled monster, which he was fleeing from in panicked terror. I knew that in Act 23, it caught up to him in a creepy old house (that looked a lot like a house I know in reality) and Fakir and Ahiru, or even just Ahiru, came in to save him in time and then Autor and Ahiru talked for a bit, so I wasn't too worried. Autor definitely was, however, and when he reached said house, he ran around to the back and hid under a gigantic rock, trying to make himself unseen by the monster, which hadn't come around yet.

Meanwhile, for some reason Fakir was operating a crane. Maybe that was part of him trying to catch the monster, I don't know. Another scene had Ahiru quack and go duck and she was sitting on the steering wheel of Fakir's car, while he was sitting at the wheel and observing something. And I was thinking, "Oh yay, proof that Princess Tutu does take place in the modern day, just in a town that still looks beautifully old, just as I've said."

Weird, weird dreams, as usual. And I wake up kind of wanting to look over some of my Tutu fics. I have two hanging fics for that, I think, but I'm pretty sure they will never be finished, or at least not the one that's more fantasy-like. I don't have any inspiration for oneshots, either, but I still love the characters and it would be fun to revisit them sometime.

One long ago idea for the YGO story I've finally picked up writing lately was that they visit Kinkan Town before leaving Germany and Autor finds some more information for them on the amethyst. When I picked up the story several weeks ago, however, I decided not to do that angle. I don't think I want YGO to co-exist in the same verse with Princess Tutu (even though, yes, I had Siegfried and Leonhard make a cameo appearance in my longest Tutu fic several years ago). The magical girl shows I like tend to have a verse of their own, while YGO shares the more realistic verse with my live-action shows. In spite of the Shadow Realm and creepy magical items and things like Yami Marik, YGO fits a lot better into my live-action verse than any magical girls show does. I have the live-action characters run into weird supernatural stuff a lot, mainly ghosts, evil spirits, and sometimes haunted items, but weird, giant monsters and girls casting magic to save the world? No. That's a whole different category of weird and supernatural that really doesn't fit what I want for my live-action verse.

I guess basically, I can sum it up with that I believe ghosts, evil spirits, and haunted items all exist (I also think there are at least two haunted items in this house), but of course, I do not believe in bizarre monsters or magical girls. For my more realistic, live-action verse, I prefer to stick with stuff that I believe could more easily happen/already exists. (Admittedly, I break that rule now and then, like when I want to do an enchanted death, but not very often.) Of course, YGO has monsters too, but they were only really real in the long-ago past and were locked away in their own dimension, so that's not the same as monsters terrorizing people in the present-day, as they do in magical girls shows. When it comes to the monsters being "real" in Shadow Games, I think of it more as the Item holder influencing things in the other's mind so that they seem to be real. (Of course, they were real in Doom Arc, as I recall, but eh.) But then, I'm an incurable cynic and skeptic about things like monsters, when it comes to shows where monsters exist but so do mind games. :) Pretty much how I write Ginger and Hamilton and other cynical characters.
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So that problem of getting dA to let me upload pictures? It's still there. I tried again because I scanned in that stuff I was talking about, and it just spun its wheels. Even more insulting, it lets me go to just about every other page very easily. It sure zipped right to the page of talking about paid upgrades, when I clicked on it just for a test! But it refuses to let me upload and it also refuses to let me seek Help. That page spun its wheels, too. I had to scoff at it proclaiming on the main page, "DeviantArt loves you!" I am not feeling the love. At all.

I don't know where I'm going to post these things. I guess I could put them up here, but I wanted a place with a big audience, and dA is the biggest art website. Tumblr is pretty big too, but I use my Tumblr account for other things and I already have a sub-account for my Ginger and Lou webcomic. I don't think I'm allowed more than one sub-account. Maybe I'll have to look into that, just to find out for sure.

I did decide to put this one here, though:

Behind a cut because it's full-size! )

I'm really proud of how Rumpel came out. Belle isn't quite as good, but better than my first attempt at drawing her.

You know, I'm kind of nervous to post this someplace with a big audience. I'm worried that people who have been turned off by the pairing because of seasons 3B and 4A, as well as those who never liked it, might come around just to bash. I don't know if the Once fandom has those types of problems, but considering this mess the show's dug itself into, I wouldn't be surprised. If I do manage to post it on dA (which would take a miracle), I would have to add a disclaimer that I only consider up to 3A canon.

I was thinking about it earlier and realized that I think one of my main problems with the handling of seasons 3B and 4A is this: It was extremely powerful and poignant in 3A, how it was brought out that Rumpel has this survival instinct that always kicks in, and how he's terrified of giving up his life or his power or both, yet at the end of that arc he does both to save not just the people he loves, but everyone, from the arc's villain.

Then 3B comes along and he's revived from the dead, tortured and assaulted for a year, manipulated by the new villain's usage of the dagger that controls him, and his son is killed. After all that, he's so damaged that he goes back to feeling that of course he is not giving up his power and he is not going to let anything like this happen to him again. Cue 4A and all the lying and manipulating and character development backsliding he's been doing.

It feels like the writers have been punishing him ever since 3A. He certainly did horrible things and needs to pay for them, but it should not be at the expense of his character development! The character development should instead play a large part in how he tries to get back to his life and tries to begin to pay for his wrongdoings. To get to the point he was at by the end of 3A was extremely powerful. He gave up everything to save everyone. And not only do the majority of the characters not care, the writers and creators don't seem to, either. Otherwise, why would they choose to bring him back in a way that completely destroyed him and set him back even farther then where he was when the show started? There is something seriously wrong with that. Why did they even let him develop to that point if they knew they were just going to strip it all away? It doesn't make sense.

Of course, these guys don't seem to know how to make sense for very long. Judging from what I know of Lost, they're just doing the same thing all over again with Once.


Dec. 8th, 2014 05:18 pm
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So for the last couple of weeks or so, I've been working on a picture of Scarecrow and Riddler fighting. I used the concept art of The Batman version of Scarecrow, since that's the verse the story takes place in. Man, that version of Scarecrow looks freaky. I think the picture is coming out pretty cool. I just finished the inking last night. I'll scan the inked version and then color it and scan that version.

I still haven't tried to get back on dA and post the inked version of the Riddler standing under the lamppost. Now I have the colorized version of that, too, only I lost my flesh-colored pencil (well, the smidgen of it I had left, anyway) and since the Riddler's skin is so pale in this verse, I currently haven't colored it in at all. Not sure whether I'll keep it like that or not, but I'm really not sure what to do without that pencil. The other possible colors I could use are too dark.

Also, the continuing nonsense on Once is making me retreat further into my little post-3A world and insist on imagining that it's what happened instead of 3B and 4A. I also started considering more seriously the idea of buying seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. Maybe season 3, even, when the price drops, to have the first half of the season. (One of the only times I ever wished for a season's release DVDs to be split up. I also wish that would happen with Gotham, so I could rewatch the first half of season 1 in the privacy of my room and not have to wait until fall for the whole season set.) I still don't know that I really will buy any of them, but more and more I'm missing how good the show used to be and I want to relive those times again.

I miss the good times so much that I actually sat down and starting drawing a picture of Mr. Gold from memory. I didn't quite get the hair right and I'll have to alter that, but I went for that gentle, sort of awed expression he gets around Belle and I really love how that came out. Then I tried putting Belle in the picture too. She came out awful at first and I had to try again. That time she came out pretty nice. I'm looking forward to touching up the sketch and scanning it in. Don't know if I'll color it; I tend to not color the stuff I draw of realistic people, because I want each soft strand of hair to be more visible than it would be colored.

Pondering on whether to buy anything at the store tonight. I need to start getting Christmas presents for people, and then I'm still considering getting volume 1 of Batman: The Animated Series. I could ask for it for Christmas, but there's so many Batman things at Wal-Mart that I wouldn't be surprised if Dad might get confused and get the wrong thing. Then I'm also considering season 1 of Once, if they still have any in stock. There's the DJ Pon-3 doll I wanted, and if the $9.98 sale is still going on, it's the perfect time to get her. There's a cool Batman charm necklace. I've even thought of getting their Hello Kitty plush. It's about the same size as Build-a-Bear's, but eight dollars cheaper and already dressed. I'm not really into Hello Kitty a whole lot, but I think she's cute and I kind of casually would like a plush.

Naturally, I would only pick one of those things, if I get anything.

Peter Pans

Dec. 5th, 2014 04:34 am
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So Dad randomly decided he wanted to record the live Peter Pan broadcast, because the girl playing Pan is the daughter of Brian Williams. We watched some of it later and are saving the rest for later today, probably.

I've gotta say, I was lukewarm about the whole thing. Once has kind of soured me on Peter Pan, after I was already exasperated with the character even as he's traditionally portrayed. But actually watching the production, I was impressed that the actress made him somehow endearing in spite of things like not remembering. He did say "What good is remembering, anyway?" but he didn't act like he was forgetting on purpose because he didn't care. That was nice.

I still think it would be a curse to never be able to grow up. Watching the animated Peter Pan and the Pirates show, I found myself shaking my head at Tinkerbelle telling him, "You were never meant to grow up! You're the Eternal Youth!" I wouldn't like never growing up. (Growing old is another matter.) Becoming an adult wouldn't have to mean abandoning the fun and wonder of childhood. And on the other hand, keeping that wonder wouldn't mean believing every strange thing that came along, either.

Back to the stage show, some things about it were definitely silly and ridiculous. Peter saying he ran away on the day he was born ... pah! I know Barrie wrote a story where Peter was seven days old and doing things. That is just pushing the boundaries of believability, even in a kid's story. At least make him old enough to walk! My word.

And Hook's song and dance with the pirate crew ... oh LOL. I really don't like most villain songs in shows. It seems like they're either too preposterous or too dark. Hook's was definitely the former. I was definitely rolling my eyes that he would say how he wanted to kill Pan and in the next breath talk about a pirates' school for boys. So he wants to kill one kid and perform his form of "service" for other kids. How logical. [/sarcasm.]

I've gotta say, though, I felt a lovely burst of nostalgia as soon as I saw the pirate crew. It made me remember happy times of watching Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates. Man, I wish that series would get a DVD release. I still watch the available, cut-up episodes now and then, but I wish for nice, uncut episodes on DVDs.

And it felt really, really good to see Peter Pan with all the characters in their traditional roles, honestly. I never liked the idea of Once making Pan a villain. The only reason I was willing to accept it was it made for further character development for Rumpel and led to him sacrificing himself, something I've wanted to see since season 1. (I just wish they hadn't started screwing the show and Rumpel over after that. They've made such a horrible mess out of his character by now that I just don't think they can ever fix it. I can't bear to consider anything beyond 3A as canon.) And I don't like Once's Hook, either. I tried to; I even genuinely did for a little while, but that didn't last. There's just so many things wrong with the way they suddenly changed him from being a jerk to being good, or at least, trying to convince the audience that he's good. If there had really been development all along the way, it would have been different. But it seems like they just threw it at everyone and tried to pretend that the bad things he'd done hadn't happened.
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Still doing the Once post-season 3A vignette series on [ profile] 31_days. I did manage to get one done that was Thanksgiving-themed. And I have a plan for the next one. Not sure whether I'll write it tonight or save it for sometime this week, though.

Fiddled with my Interests and added Gotham. I've also put Rumbelle in, but I don't know if I'll keep it in since I don't want to give the impression I'm okay with what the show did at the end of 3B and all through 4A. I first removed Monk to get it in, since some things about the show bug me, but I like enough about it that I put it back. Then I removed Rurouni Kenshin, since Kenshin himself is pretty much the only character I like in the series (well, I do like Sanosuke too) and the manga has too many instances of my most-hated death just in the first five volumes and I had to quit collecting it because of that. I still don't know, though. I might take Rumbelle out and put Kenshin back, or put something else in.

Hoping to get to the store tomorrow. I want to look at a Batman/Batgirl (same logo both ways, but it's Batgirl on the package) pajama set I saw and see if I can find a price. Online it seems to go for $29.99, which is more than I'd pay. I was hoping Wal-Mart might have it for $19.99; any more than that would be too much for me. And if it's too much, I thought I might try on that lone pair of Batman pajama pants and see if it would fit even though I figured it would be too big.

Also contemplating getting either season 1 of 1960's Batman or volume 1 of Batman: The Animated Series. I remembered that six years ago, most of the episodes of the latter that I saw were early ones and I adored them, so I decided maybe I'd like the first set better than the second set. I'd been hesitant on getting the first set because it doesn't have any Riddler episodes, but now that I've seen The Animated Series Riddler and ... really don't like him that much (other than his amazing voice), that would no longer be an issue. And $14.99 for a set of 28 episodes is hard to beat.

It's almost time for me to get two gift cards in, so I've been debating waiting just a little longer and getting the 1960's Batman with the gift cards. If Wal-Mart doesn't have any more in stock, that would end the matter right there. But if they do, and if I have my refund from the faulty DVDs, I would probably go ahead and get it at Wal-Mart and use the gift cards for other things. I watched some clips on YouTube the other day and am getting antsy to see the show again, especially the Penguin episodes, since Tom Kenny's portrayal is based on Burgess Meredith's.

Of course, if Wal-Mart would actually have Joseph Campanella's Christmas movie, that would trump everything else. But it looks like I'll have to buy it online.

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