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So I finally got my Mikey figure! I've been looking for a Basic one for a while now, without any weird gimmicks. (Seriously, why do we have tongue-popping, eye-popping, spitting figures? Why can't we have Turtles figures with gimmicks that are actually cool and relevant, like the old ones that actually performed ninja moves? Those were awesome! My Donny is from that line and he cartwheels.) Then when I found a couple in a new shipment at Wal-Mart, I still had to wait because money has been extremely tight and I couldn't spare any for fun stuff until I was able to find more things to write at Textbroker. On Saturday I was relieved to finally be able to bring Mikey home. For the last couple of weeks or so, I've been tensely watching the figure section and making sure that the ones I put away were still there. (I put them both away with the idea of choosing between them when I could actually buy one.) I had my other Turtles figures gather around for the de-carding and it was pretty fun having them "reunite".

I also discovered my Raph is now plasticizing, which is not fun. **cries.** But at least it's more logical for an old figure like that to leak plasticizer than it is for figures I bought new nine years ago or so to do it. I've got red plastic dripping off of Vincent's cape and it is not cool at all. I wonder if it's something in these Japanese-made figures, because they are the only semi-recent figures doing it. The American ones don't do it for 20 years or more. (My Raph is 25 years old, actually. Oh gosh, I feel old.)

And I should never judge any series by the first episode. I've been watching more of my 2003 Turtles episodes and the characters are definitely better in the others. Raph seems to have calmed down after his experience in the fourth episode of almost clobbering Mikey in a fit of rage. He was horrified, just like in the TMNT movie with Leo, and he went outside screaming, "What's wrong with me?!" He's been nicer to Mikey since then. Also, Mikey is definitely more likable since the first episode. Maybe I'll like this version of him this round. I loved in the fourth one when Raph accused him of thinking he was better and Mikey said No, he didn't think that at all; Raph was just too cocky right then. Maturity I wouldn't have expected from Mikey.

I also re-discovered the 1987 series. I found a disc with ten episodes in the $3.74 bin on Tuesday, and unlike a previous, similar disc I found that seemed to mostly have episodes with tropes I hate (shrinking, April getting weirdly mutated), this disc's episodes sounded intriguing. I decided to buy it. I knew I'd seen that series sometimes and must have liked it; I saw that before I ever saw the first movie (I think). The 5th season opening seemed really familiar. I like to think I remember watching the show and not that I just saw that opening on YouTube several years ago or something. And the episodes ... oh gosh, they are absolutely priceless crack. One has Shredder getting zapped by his machine and ending up thinking he's Mikey! It's just so nuts it has to be seen to be believed. Another has Leo and Raph traveling to a fairy tale world to get a crystal they need to neutralize Kraang's ray gun and Raph is horrified by everything. ROTFLOL. I almost want to stick Ginger and Lou in such a situation just so Ginger can react to the three men in a tub flying overhead and getting kidnapped by the Giant and other totally bizarre stuff. Of course, it would probably have to be one of F.O.W.L.'s virtual reality worlds, but it would still be highly amusing.

I haven't finished the disc yet, but I love it and all its wonderful, cheesy, 1980s escapism. As much as I like Shredder being a more serious villain as per the 2003 series, I also like him being human instead of something like Kraang. And I have to admit, I always liked April being a reporter. So there are definitely things I like about the older series and now I think I want to get some of the season sets Wal-Mart has for amazing prices.

I also kind of want a plushie in the style of the 1987 series. I still need Donny and Mikey, and there is a Donny in that style. Unfortunately, he's fleecey and not furry. I don't really like the fleecey feel for plushies. Of course, neither is really accurate for turtles, but furry just feels so gloriously soft and wonderful. I'm debating whether to get the fleecey one anyway. It would be kind of nice if all of my Turtles plushies had different expressions, instead of Leo and Donny having the same basic expression. But the Donny in the same line as my Leo is only $9.97 right now if I order on Wal-Mart's website and ship for free to the store like I did for Leo. And he would definitely be furry. On Friday, I plan to go feel the fleecey Raph that Wal-Mart has (and check to see if there are any Donnys behind him) and try to decide which Donny to get. (Of course, if I got the Build-a-Bears for both Donny and Mikey, there would be different expressions. But I don't even know for sure if I want to buy any from their new line; I need to see it in person. And I've never been crazy about Nick's re-design of Donny, so I'm not sure I'd want a plushie that clearly depicts those changes to him. Also, I'll be lucky if I can just get one of them from Build-a-Bear. They've hardly sent any usable coupons in ages and then even with one, money is still way tight. I've only bought two plushies from them this year, and both were paid for largely with gift cards and coupons.)

And on to fic issues. I'm writing a new Perry Mason fic based around a dream I had. I've never liked how short-tempered and angry Andy is in season 8, and I've headcanoned that he's stressed from taking the reins from Lieutenant Tragg, and that Tragg was seriously hurt to prompt Andy having to take the reins. The dream involved Andy finally snapping and screaming at a murderer because of all the stress. So the fic details the case that led up to that scene. My problem is, I'm trying to decide whether Perry's client should be innocent, as they were 99% of the time in the series (yes, there were a couple of guilty clients), or if this should be one of those few times where the client is guilty. Andy hates Perry's law-bending antics in general and he feels that way even more as the stress builds up. He also hates that Perry is defending this particular client, because the case involves an old man being beaten to death and Andy just can't handle that right now, especially while still worrying about Tragg. But if the client is innocent, as per the usual formula, Andy will probably look more like a fool and a jerk than ever. If the client is guilty, it might look like I'm only doing that to try to make Andy look a little better. So I'm not sure which way that element of the story should go at this point. I've planned the story out in just about every other way.

Also, I kind of want to do the utter crack crossover of Kojak/TMNT. Kojak reacting to the Turtles would be kind of epically awesome. He would wonder WTH at first, but I think they'd end up getting along and he would be one of their allies in the city. Kojak is already a fictional series in my main verse (Ginger and Lou watch it), so such a fic would be in my fantasy/magical people verse instead. Which is just fine with me; as much as I love and adore the Turtles, them being real just wouldn't fly in my main verse. As for Kojak, though, sometimes I wish I hadn't made it fictional in my main verse because it would be fun to have Ginger and Lou interact with Kojak. But I needed to keep some series as fictional so they could be discussed, and I chose that one as one of them. Of course, I could always retcon that....
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I always get wary when I get a review on something old. Actually, I tend to get wary whenever I get a review on anything that's never got many reviews. Sometimes I don't need to be. Other times ... eh.

So I get a comment on a Perry Mason oneshot which bears no name and consists solely of "terribly confusing." Which is extremely unhelpful, since it doesn't say WHAT is so confusing. And even worse, when I re-read the fic, it actually is not that confusing IF you've read the author's notes! I don't know why so many people don't. Usually if there's something that might be confusing, it's explained there.

As I recall, I deliberately removed some parts of that oneshot to make it more able to be read by anyone. It was one of my lost scenes from my fic The Case of the Broken Ties, but the main point of it was flashbacks to the episode The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma, so I tried to remove most of the potentially confusing conversation about The Broken Ties' events. And I clearly marked where the flashbacks began and ended. And the only confusing things in the framing story were brief mentions of Paul and Hamilton needing to help everyone remember. Since I said in the author's notes that the framing story took place during my story The Broken Ties, anyone who was confused should have been able to take from that the knowledge that anything confusing was explained in that fic. There shouldn't be any other reason for confusion, unless they don't even remember the episode the story was really all about. (In which case I'd have to wonder why they were reading in the first place....)

Honestly, some people. And while it's a very minor thing, of course, and I won't even be thinking about it in a few minutes, it really wasn't what I needed today. Ugh. I've had about two and a half hours of sleep and don't know how I'm going to function for the very necessary grocery outing tonight. And it's not like we can do it tomorrow; there will be other things going on then.
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So apparently I'm more excited for the Pony premiere next week than I even thought. I had a weird dream on Friday. The mirror had malfunctioned and sent Cadance, Shining Armor, and baby Flurry Heart to the human world. Flurry Heart had got lost somewhere and Cadance and Shining Armor were frantic to find her. For some reason, Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven was there, human as well. Guess he used another Miracle Pin or something. Lieutenant Anderson from Perry Mason was trying to help them find Flurry Heart. He was highly skeptical that they had come through a portal and were really Ponies. But he did believe that their child was lost and was fully into helping them find her.

Even though I don't want to consider that the Pony verse takes place in the same verse as my more reality-grounded shows, I kind of want to make this into a fic (minus Charlie, probably; I don't know what the heck he was doing there and I don't think he'd really fit into this plot in a fic, unless I just decide it's free-for-all crack). I am very amused by the thought of Andy interacting with Cadance and Shining Armor and trying to grasp WTH is happening here.

Also, I love my dad's tablet's camera! Squeeee. I had totally forgot there was a camera in there! He doesn't use the tablet much, as the laptop is his preferred portable technology, so I asked if I could use it. I thought maybe some websites would work better on it than on the old laptop I use. The websites don't always work too well on the tablet, either, but eeee, the camera! It is simply gorgeous! Such clear pictures, unless I accidentally jostle something! It's so much better quality than the cheap digital camera I can't find the installation disc for!

So, here are some pictures I've taken of things people wanted to see. First, my Scott Leonard circa season 2 plushie, as made by HarukaKou:

Scott )

Also, an obligatory shot of my incomplete Barry plushie because I want to show the face:

Barry )

And my Roger Moore figure, which [ profile] kirarakim wanted to see! Close-ups didn't turn out so well; I'll have to re-do those.

Roger )

I've gotta say, I am thrilled with this and I am so happy to finally be able to join the ranks of people who find it commonplace to take pictures and have them instantly ready!
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Ugggh, I have spent about ninety minutes wrestling with LJ, trying to find, read, and tag entries about The Fugitive, Route 66, Kojak, Charlie's Angels, and Vega$, as I've talked about them enough that they need to graduate from the "TV Shows" tag and get their own. I probably need to do the same thing with Get Smart, but that will have to wait. If LJ's search function would actually work, I wouldn't have needed to go through pages and pages of the TV Shows tag.

I think I need to re-watch more of the good episodes from Route 66. I was disenchanted by The Fugitive for a while and got over that; maybe the same thing would happen with Route 66 if I saw some awesome episodes again.

One thing that really annoys me about Route 66 that I thought I mentioned before but can't find, is that it takes the very stupid idea that people punching each other out is a good way to solve problems. At least twice they had Tod fight with somebody and then decide that everything was all good after they were both beaten black and blue. And one of my least favorite episodes had the idea that to stand up and be a man, one of the guest-stars had to face a gang and get beat up. Just ... what? Okay, so the guy was a crumb with the gang leader's sister and the gang leader wanted to beat him up for that. The crumb probably deserved at least a punch in the mouth. But honestly, why should the gang beating him up be encouraged? What if somebody got seriously hurt or worse? The plot followed that the gang kept coming around every day and bothering the people at the house because they wanted the guy to come out and get beat up, and he wouldn't do it because he was scared. Honestly, the character was lame and pathetic and I didn't like him, but he probably had good reason to be scared in that case. He did need to stand up and be a man, but I fail to see how letting himself get beat up is a good solution. That is just so dumb. It's like they were saying, "Okay, we can't control this gang, so you're going to have to get beat up." Does that mean that if the gang had actually wanted to kill him, going to face them would have still been presented as the solution to making them go away? **headdesk.** It's not the wild West and High Noon and the kid isn't a law enforcement officer, good grief! There are better ways of making reparations!

(Or maybe it was an actual fight instead of just getting beat up, but that's just as dumb.)

I guess that sort of juvenile, immature attitude dates back centuries to stupid things like fighting duels. I remember one time, maybe 15 years ago or so, this politician got so emotional and fired-up that he screamed he wished it was still legal to fight duels. I laughed. So did Mom. It was just such a stupid thing to say and he was so completely serious and sincere when he said it. I still remember his hilarious expression. (And no, I do not remember who it was.)

Also, as much as I adore Kojak, we've hit that stretch in season 5 where it seems like every episode involves some woman with Kojak either past or present. There was the one where he'd known the Mafia don's wife in the past. There was the two-parter where in the past he dated a barmaid and was going to marry a rich socialite (who eventually broke it off because she felt his work was more important to him, which it seemed to be). And tonight there was the one where he goes undercover as a P.I. and one of the suspects starts coming on to him.

I really don't remember this happening so much in the other seasons. I'm honestly pretty bored of exploring Kojak's love life by now, especially every night in a row, so I hope we're out of that stretch. It always kind of irritated me. I remember reading in this book about The Andy Griffith Show that the writers felt they had to have love interests for Andy Taylor or people would start mistakenly thinking he wasn't interested in women. LOL. I have to wonder if that's why they overloaded us with love interests for Kojak in season 5 when I don't recall it happening before. I also kind of wonder if that contributed to the ratings going down that season.

Also, I kind of want to see the TV movies they made after Kojak ended, but on the other hand I'm conflicted, because Kojak is a captain and the other characters from the show are not in the movies (except for one where Crocker is now working in the D.A.'s office). It would seem sad without the other characters still around. Plus, we just passed an episode where Kojak said he didn't want to be a captain and have a desk job; he liked what he was doing. He definitely isn't a desk guy. So him being a captain in the TV movies just doesn't seem right. But it would still be more Kojak to see and Darren guest-stars in one of the movies.... If I could rent them from Netflix, I would, but the only way I can get them is to buy them. Hmm.

In any case, I wouldn't consider them canon any more than I consider the Perry Mason reunion movies canon. It would just be one possibility of how things might go. Thing is, I like watching the Perry Mason movies, but I don't really want to spend money on any of them. I recorded the ones I wanted for keeps (the one with Scott Baio and the one where the murder victim ends up not being dead after all). At least with Kojak, though, he is my favorite character, so I'd still get to have my favorite character in the reunion movies, whereas with Perry none of my favorite characters are present (Hamilton and the police). I just wonder if Kojak is badly written in the movies, though, since they decided to make him a captain when he already stated he didn't want that. Seeing a favorite character badly written is never worth it.


Oct. 18th, 2015 03:17 am
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Every time I think about the fact that I need to sit down and write an entry, I think, "But I have so many other things I need to do that need doing more!" And then things drag on and on until everything I need to write about has piled up so much I wonder how to ever get it done at all. That's why I barely write in my offline journal, which isn't a good thing.

Basically, birthday shopping trip ended up happening the day before, due to a $12 off coupon that expired on Saturday, and then Dad insisted we had to go to a place he wanted to go to or he wouldn't go at all, and they weren't open on Saturday. We didn't end up making it there anyway, and luckily he didn't really mean what he said and he let us go just for a fun birthday time.

I didn't end up getting the doll two-pack, as I couldn't find it for less than full price and I ended up having other things I wanted to make sure I had money for. But I'm still longing to get that. Gazed at it longingly in K-Mart last week. Maybe soon. I also still really want the Applejack archery doll. I just adore her; she's so autumny! And ever since I realized how much I really am like Applejack, I've felt much more of a kinship with her and like her a lot more (although she was already on the rise of my favorites before that).

I got DJ at Build-a-Bear, after an exceptionally long struggle over whether to get her or the cat/tiger I like. I could have got both, actually, with the 2 for $35 sale and the coupon both, but I had other places to go and didn't really want to spend all my available money in one locale. I also noted that the Halloween bat plushie has extremely soft fur, and even though I didn't think I'd want a bat plushie, I really kind of liked that bat and I wonder if I might want to get it sometime this month. I still have my birthday coupon, which couldn't be combined with the $12 off coupon. It's good through the month.

I saw some cat plushies at Toys R Us I absolutely adored, especially a Maine Coon! It's been years since I've seen cat plushies other than tabbies or whites. It was too expensive; $20 for a size that would have cost maybe $12 years ago, but it is an FAO Schwartz plushie, so very high quality. I might have to get it sometime. It was gray and had green eyes, so I'd kind of like it to represent Jane the Silver Persian.

I also had a Jo-Ann's coupon, so I decided I'd go there and look for plushies that might work for Sean and Barry. I only found one that I thought might work, so I got that for Sean and then got some material at Wal-Mart. I immediately began crafting the next day. Unfortunately, I had the wrong yarn color, so I had to wait until Monday to work with that, but I did get the ears and the brown part of the hair done. I just had to use my leftover muslin for the ears (and I think I might still be able to get one more pair out of the piece!) and leftover mohair from the Hamilton plush. I wish it was longer and curlier, but it's okay at least for now. I also started the blue shirt.

I puzzled for ages on how to attach the yarn and worried that I'd have to seal it with an open flame. Then someone at the craft comm presented a solution so simple I could hardly believe I hadn't thought of it: take a piece of yarn twice as long, twist it, and sew it down on the loop. That also saves time, as two braids get attached at once!

On Monday I searched and searched and couldn't find yarn in exactly the right color, but I found something that I hoped was close enough. I also got black fabric for the pants then. I wanted a light pink for the tie, but couldn't find any in the right material. Later I found a strip of light pink in exactly the right color that I had at home from my Rouge costume. I'd forgotten I'd bought that! I decided hot pink worked better for her and didn't use the light pink. I thought it would never get used. But it was exactly the length I needed for the tie! I was thrilled.

I also wanted Sharpie to make the face. I had to borrow a friend's brown Sharpie before, to make Lou, but I felt I should have my own, especially since I keep wanting to make these every now and then and I will be making at least one more (Barry). And I didn't really want to wait several days until I could maybe get my friend's again. Plus I needed a new black marker anyway. It frustrates me that I can only get brown in a set, but when I found a set for only $4 something after think it cost $6 something or even $8 something, I was over the moon enough that I picked that up too. I like making the face right away, as that brings the plushie to life for me.

I wanted elastic for suspenders, but I could never find any in the right color. The elastic was patterned, what the heck. No solid colors! Then I thought of bias tape, but I was low on funds and wasn't sure I wanted to pay for that. I thought maybe I could use leftover black cotton from the pants. It would take longer, since I'd have to do more sewing to use that, but I decided it would be worth it to save a little money.

Long story short, everything came together. The face shape wasn't quite right, as I knew it wouldn't be, but I really tried my best. The things I am most proud of are the yarn, the suspenders, and the fedora hat. I wasn't going to make one of those, especially when I couldn't find a decent tutorial, but then Wal-Mart had felt in exactly the right color and I thought maybe I'd give it a go and try to make it from common sense. And honestly, that worked! It looks really good. The only thing I haven't been able to do is dent it like a proper fedora. Still considering ways to do that.

I'll try to get pictures soon, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to, as we don't have a working digital camera and we rarely develop film. And my Twilight costume is not working out (can't find the right wig anywhere and now I'm broke after buying the third Equestria Girls movie, but that's okay; I'd rather have something I'll enjoy many times than something I'll likely only wear a couple of times), so I'll probably have to do something ghetto. I am determined to be a Twilight, but instead of Pony Twilight turned human, I'll probably have to be Pony Twilight as Pony. I have a purple sports suit I can wear, and maybe I can make construction paper ears and bangs/fringe. I'll still paint her symbol on my cheek. But the costume will be so simple, I don't know if I'll want pictures of it. Maybe I'll just use it for the girls' party next week and try to do something different on Halloween.

Anyway, maybe I can take Sean to the party and have one of the other leaders take a couple of pictures of him with her phone. If I don't do that (and maybe I'd rather not, since I don't know what kind of treatment he might get from the well-meaning but hyper girls), then I'll have to find a chance to get some film and take pictures the old-fashioned way. Gah, it makes me cringe that it costs $10 to develop one roll of film these days....

Let's see.... Other projects.... I'm planning the party and I'm trying to think of fun, harmless Halloween songs for it. (I am heartbroken that I likely can't use my favorite Halloween song, Zombie Jamboree, unless I use Kevin's version and I don't care for his version with the zombies falling apart humor in the bridge. I like Sean's versions much better, but a song that goes "I don't give a damn" at a church party for 8-11 year-olds ... yeaaah, not a good idea.) So I listened to Halloween songs on YouTube the other night. When I played Ghostbusters, I got this image of making a music video with pictures from my Ginger and Lou comic and other pictures I could draw that would have them fighting the supernatural. LOL. Of course, no one would even care about that other than me, and I'd probably get a lot of thumbs-down and "WTH is this" if I posted it on YouTube, but the idea really amuses me. Ginger and Lou end up as ghostbusters in my stories very often, sometimes because I'm writing creepy Halloween fics and sometimes because the prompts take me in that direction and sometimes because it just plain amuses me.

I'm looking for a wig for the Barry doll and am annoyed that I'm getting lots of listings for wigs in fancy styles. I can't find one simple brown wig with hair long enough to pull back into a ponytail. (I want the season 1 look; I love that thick ponytail!) There must be one somewhere; I'll keep looking. This trouble definitely makes me amazed that I found exactly the right wig for Ginger, and so easily.

Also wondering if I'll be able to find green fabric for his shirt. I think sometimes he wore light blue, but since I opted to give Sean blue and asked for Haruka Kou to make Scott with a blue shirt, I'd rather not have Barry wear blue too. But I'm worried that I'll only be able to find forest green and that is totally the wrong color. Maybe I'll have to review the colors Barry wore in only season 1 and pick one of those. I really wanted green, though, like the dark green he wore in the full-length Zombie Jamboree performance and in some of the other season 1 and beyond episodes.

Crystal and I have been having fun breathing new life into our steady RP ever since Crystal's enthusiasm started us on a second Carmen renaissance, and we just did a powerful and poignant arc based on The Hardy Boys episode Sole Survivor. Part of me really wants to make a fic version of it. The other part isn't sure I'd be comfortable with that. But I'm going to attempt it and see if I like what starts coming out. Naturally, as with all my fic versions of RPs, some things would be changed. I'd try to patch up a couple of small plotholes, for one thing. And I really want Snakes to be involved, since he was key in the RP, but since his association with the guys is different in the fics, his involvement would be different too. I'm already planning how to work him in.

I also need to finish A Change in My Life, I know. I have chapter 9 started. And I'm almost done with the Perry fic! Just the epilogue to go, squeeee. Then I'm slightly considering a story in three or four parts with Della and Sergeant Brice and maybe Andy puzzling over the mystery I sent them and the others on three years ago in a disturbing place called the Twilight House, based on recurring houses from my dreams. I always meant to return to that storyline, but didn't have the chance. If I could do it at Halloweentime, it would be perfect.


Sep. 11th, 2015 08:46 pm
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Neither of the two mice we know are still here have appeared again. This is very concerning. Aurgh, we can't really start cleaning the house until we know they're all gone! There must be some little nook in Dad's room where that mouse is managing to hide. The other one must be holed up in the wall downstairs. UGH!

Belle remains unopened as I try to save her for my birthday. Still three weeks to go. And I have very little hope that the house will be back to normal by then.

I've been planning out my list of stuff to look for on the shopping spree and trying to decide what I want the most (aside from Belle, who would have been at the top if I hadn't wisely decided to get her and not wait). I think that would be the two-pack with naturally human Twilight and Flash Sentry. And now that I'm more into the dolls than I was two years ago and Hasbro has improved so much since then, I think I'd be willing to pay full-price for the set, which would be $30, I believe. I'd rather get it a bit cheaper, but if I see it for $30, I'll probably go ahead and get it. I'm really impressed by both it and the dolls in general lately. I think this new line is the best yet!

The other top thing would be the Sunset Shimmer plush, which I'm starting to lose hope will ever come to this area. I probably should have taken that Arena member up on her offer to get one for me, but I was worried about shipping costs and I was so sure that we would still get her as Fall merchandise came in. That was two months ago and I am no longer sure at all.

I think I'll probably want to go to Toys R Us first to look for the two-pack, but Target might have it too, and they might more likely have a sale than Toys R Us. Well, we'll see what happens. I wish that Funrise would release Sunset Shimmer in other sizes so that other stores might have her. The 10-inch size is a Wal-Mart exclusive. If I actually find her somewhere, it will be such an exciting surprise.

The Perry fic is moving right along. I have four chapters up and I've started on the fifth. It feels so good to write one of these again! And I remember three years ago, one of my reasons for hesitation on the plot was wondering if I could carry a story with Della as the lead. I must have felt like I came to know her much better in the interval, because it's coming together so well now. I feel like I know much better how Della would act, even determining that she would hope to solve Ellena's murder and Ellena would then manipulate Della because of that and end up taking full control of her due to it. (Ugh.) Della is a very compassionate, romantic person, sometimes taking pity on people in canon whom she probably shouldn't. It never seems to come back to bite her in canon, but I have no doubt that sooner or later it would.

I need to write a tribute for Raymond Burr tomorrow; it's the anniversary of his death. I watched a nice documentary tribute to him recently, so I'm planning to talk a bit about that. I also hope to have chapter 5 ready to post sometime that day.

Also, I'm excited! We're planning an activity in October for the girls at church where they can dress up for Halloween. I imagine the leaders will participate too if they want, and I want! That would give me another chance to wear the costume for this year. I'm still vaguely considering Sailor Jupiter, but I think I'd really like to try Twilight. I'd just need to buy a long purple wig and a pink attachable extension piece; I think I could put the rest of the stuff together here. There's a blouse Mom has in pretty much the exact shade of blue that Twilight wears when she comes to the human world. It even ties in front with a scarf/ribbon, although it's blue and not red. And it's long-sleeved instead of short-sleeved. But I want to use that, and then I have a nice dark blue skirt that might work. Twilight has a purple skirt in the movies, but she changes outfits multiple times, so if it looks a little different, that shouldn't be a problem. Then I was planning to paint her Cutie Mark/symbol on my cheek, instead of trying to attach a cloth or paper one to the skirt. The dolls have the symbols on their faces, instead of on their clothes as in the movies. And I might try to buy purple socks.


Sep. 6th, 2015 09:13 pm
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This has been a long week of pain, merchandising dilemmas, and mice.

For almost two years, as I've recorded here off and on, I've been trying to find a Belle doll with removable clothing. I don't know why it's so hard to find her that way when some of the other Disney girls are fairly accessible with more than partially molded clothing. I usually only see Belle with removable clothes in expensive sets. There was one with another girl for $25, and that wasn't too bad for two, so I considered that, but then Wal-Mart stopped selling it before too long. Sigh.

A couple weeks ago, when they got in their new Fall stuff, I actually saw a Belle with removable clothes that was an acceptable price! She's part of a new line, I guess. I struggled with wanting to buy her right then, but my plan was to buy her on my shopping spree on my birthday next month, so I didn't. But then I had a random Once dream on Tuesday and woke up worrying that maybe they'd sell out of her by next month and I wouldn't be able to find her, etc. And I decided to get her that day when we needed to go get some stuff for mouse battle.

Crystal suggested maybe I could refrain from de-boxing her until my birthday, since my original intention had been to get her as a birthday present to myself. I decided maybe I would try that. Then I got her home and kind of wanted to de-box, but I ended up in so much pain almost immediately that I decided not to do anything until that was over. I make a big deal out of de-boxing and love to do it when I can really enjoy it.

So all this week I've gone back and forth on should I or shouldn't I. There's always other things to get on the shopping spree; typically I like to get several things. I don't know how much money I'll be able to gather by then, though, since finding stuff I can write has been slow and I'm still paying off some money I owe my church. And I don't know whether I'll be able to do the shopping spree right on my birthday, since it falls on a Saturday this year and that generally isn't a good day for us to go out. So I thought it would be nice to have Belle here to enjoy de-boxing then, especially if I couldn't get out right on that day.

(I'm also debating whether to do the shopping spree before or after my birthday. Usually if we can't make it on the actual day we do it after, but I don't know if I feel like waiting the whole weekend to do it Monday or Tuesday, so we might do it Friday. Still thinking about that. There's also the high probability that I might be cramping on both Friday and Saturday. Ugh.)

I lean more towards trying to hold out and save her for my birthday, but I don't know if that will work in the long run. Today, when I heard that another mouse was loose in the basement stealing bait, in addition to Mom and Dad hearing weird noises in the living room and not being sure whether it was the mouse in Dad's room with the sound carrying through the wall or whether it was a new living room mouse, my willpower just about broke.

It was such a beautiful day when I got Belle on Tuesday evening; it was September 1st, and since I celebrate meteorological seasons, that was my first day of Fall. I saw leaves all over the ground at the cemetery. It was beautiful. And even though nothing has really changed regarding our problems, it felt so liberating to finally have summer behind us. I want to keep hoping that Fall will be better, even though the logical part of me strongly doubts it.

I did finally solve my Amazon problem; I got Octavia, Vega$, and both season 3 Perry sets, as the prices were way down. I only had to pay $4 in cash after the gift cards paid the rest. The package came yesterday and it was wonderful. It was a little like a mini-birthday, getting all of that. It was a mini-respite from all the horrible things happening in our house right now.

Christopher does have some more screentime in his Vega$ episode than in what I saw on YouTube! I was absolutely thrilled! I must take pictures from that soon; he just looked gorgeous. I swear, he grew more and more handsome the older he got. And his hair! Ohmygosh, that beautiful, thick, fluffy, curling at the ends hair....

I really like that show in general, too; the main character seems to have very high morals and it's just very nice and refreshing to watch. I'm anxious to see the other episodes on the set. I introduced Mom to the show via Joseph's episode last night and she liked it too. And Greg Morris is the police lieutenant in it! I love the friendship between his character and the main character.

And it was so exciting to finally have Octavia! The doll Octavia is with my DJ doll, of course; I love the fanon concept that they are friends in an Odd Couple way, and that's become canon recently. The Pony Octavia is with Sunset Shimmer and some other Pony girls. I need to get the Pony DJ now to go with her. I also have Funrise plushies of them both. Build-a-Bear is making a DJ plushie that will come out this month, and I might buy her, but I hope they'd make Octavia too.

(Ugh, I was looking so forward to Build-a-Bear's Ditzy/Derpy/Bubblecup/Muffins plushie, and now they just make her an online exclusive and randomly up her price by $5 more, for no apparent reason. I am so bummed. I might try to get her anyway, because I really wanted that one. DJ will be in stores, so I'll be able to see her in person before buying. I'm not as sure I'll get her, since I have Funrises of both her and Octavia and I don't know if Build-a-Bear will make Octavia, but DJ has one of my most favorite color schemes ever, white and blue, so I might get her regardless. And I love that Build-a-Bear made a unique, original cape just for her, even though I probably won't buy that.)

I'm thrilled to have season 3 of Perry now, too. There's so many of those I haven't seen uncut before, and the ones I have seen uncut I wanted to own. There's lots of Sergeant Brice in season 3; I remember several episodes where Lieutenant Tragg is teaching him things about investigating. I'm anxious to see those again. Sergeant Brice is adorable!

I finally started writing the necklace Perry story, too. It's going to have the Decadent Dean characters in it and the masquerade ball and Tobin Wade laying low but trying to do what he can to help. I do not excuse the character's action in the episode at all; I think he was probably the biggest slimeball in the series. Or one of the top five, at least. But I have always been curious as to whether he might regret what he did to his friends, since it was heavily implied that he was once a genuine friend. Hence how that LJ blurb happened years ago and why my story is going to feature him now. I hope no one will think I'm trying to excuse him when all I'm trying to do is explore a possibility. And when the story will feature themes of repentance and restitution. I don't know that I will have him and Aaron Stuart being able to fully mend things, though. The LJ blurb is more that way because it was self-indulgent, as many LJ-only things I write are, but I am totally skeptical that they could ever have a friendship again after what Tobin did. I guess I'll see how I feel after I've written the story out. While I usually only have a overarching outline for a story in my mind, I generally do try to plan each chapter in detail as I come to it. I think I know what will be in chapter 3 now, so maybe I'll start writing it soon.

Also, today I had another of those "wandering around a place trying to avoid being found, but in a low-key, no danger way" dreams. Those kind seem to often take place at the church, for some reason. This one did, too. I was trying to avoid being found by some dream "friends" whom I didn't really think of as friends. I wandered through empty classrooms, paused to watch a performance on the stage and try to sneak a few chips from the snack table, and then randomly wandered down to the basement and into a cold room? I was almost caught in the cold room and it turned into a sort of hide-and-seek. I think dreams like that are manifestations of my repressed loves of exploring houses and buildings and playfully hiding from people. That was followed up by another Once dream. I barely think about the show in reality these days, but it keeps entering my dreams. I wonder if I'm going to keep dreaming about it with increasing frequency as long as I'm trying to resist de-boxing Belle before my birthday....

Speaking of Once, though, I also noticed a new line of Disney Prince dolls. I'm kind of excited hoping Prince Adam will be in the line and I can get him and maybe figure out how to touch him up a bit to look like Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin.
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So I decided to try extending the Steve fic and it worked! Now it looks so much better and more complete. I'm thrilled. Maybe now I can do the proofread and feel like it's done. I just wonder if anyone will even be interested in reading it if I post it as the long oneshot it's meant to be (especially since Steve is sadly not a popular character). It's turned out to be around 10,000 words. Maybe I'll have to split it into three or four smaller chapters. I don't know.

Also, I've had Bed of Nails stuck in my head lately. I think Scott said it's about insomnia, so it's a little too perfect for me. LOL. And it makes the scream of frustration take on very relatable meaning.

But I also associate it with the Dying Informant and his misadventures and his fight against V.I.L.E. I think I always thought of it that way, as my first fic involving that character was for The Burgled Bugatti episode and I called it The Weak It Ain't For. This bit especially makes me think of him:

Bed of nails, every point is painful
Bed of nails, a thousand points of spite
Bed of nails, you know the weak it ain't for,
It hurts me just right

Examining things from a fictional POV instead of seeing it as nonsense, he has to be a pretty strong-willed character to continually go up against V.I.L.E. and risk getting hurt (and end up dying so much of the time).

Meanwhile, I got out my Elliott plush and have been looking him over. If I use my imagination/look at him from certain angles, he does resemble Elliott even though the hair is wrong. (Oh, if only I could have had access to better quality pictures to give them.... It must have been baffling trying to deal with those.) Part of me regrets that I didn't wait until I had the money to get both him and Scott at once, as I had planned to do. Since I didn't, that opens up a whole new problem of what to do if I want to have plushies of the other three.

I could always commission SetsunaKou and HarukaKou to make Scott now. But I'd have the same problem with not being able to give them very good pictures and the hair might come out wrong. Plus, it's such a long wait these days. And there's always the question of how chibified he might end up or how well he might be sewn. Elliott seems like a rush job; I think out of all the plushies I've ordered from them, only he really gives me that feeling of seeming like a rush job. Some things, like the arms and the collar, just seem like they didn't have a lot of time put into getting them on quite right. However, if he's the only one who seems that way, then Scott likely wouldn't. I have about six plushies from them in all and have been very impressed with and love them. (Naturally so, or I wouldn't have kept ordering.)

If I tried to make plushies using the JoAnn plushies, they're really too big to align with Elliott properly. At least, certainly if I used one of them to make Scott, who is close to Elliott's height. Also, with Sean and Barry I run into that roadblock of the face shape problem again. I really hadn't wanted to make any plushies if the face shape wouldn't be the same approximate face shape as the JoAnn plushies.

I could try making them from scratch, but that sounds like a nightmare. I really like having a pre-stuffed doll as a base to work with. And it's difficult enough making hair, clothes, and ears, without having to also sew the plushie from scratch! Making the hair actually sounds fun, especially for Sean, and I like the thought of choosing different fabric for the shirts. But if I was making from scratch, who knows how stressed I'd be by the time I ever got to that point. Just doing what I do usually has me ready to scream before the project's over.

I could say "Screw size problems" and make all four from JoAnn dolls so they'd kind of match. But then I'd feel sad for that poor SetsunaKou Elliott. I feel like whatever I do, I need to accommodate him, even though yes, I know it's just a plushie that can't really feel or know anything. I'd just feel really guilty and sad if I didn't include him in whatever plans I make.

Maybe I should go see if SetsunaKou's prices and patterns have changed any. Maybe by now they would do things different enough and I should get Scott from them as per the original plan and then make Sean and Barry myself, even though the face shapes wouldn't be quite right.
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So I got the ficlet written and posted. It felt strange signing into the [ profile] ladybug_tales account again, but it was nice. I altered the information in the intro post, Stickied it, and put up the ficlet. Overall, I felt pretty comfortable with the experiment and will definitely be trying some more.

At this point I'm not sure in what direction the fics are going to go, though, because while I plan to finish the hanging ones and maybe write a new haunted house one, what I seem to be the most fascinated in focusing on right now is the Dying Informant character. I'm pondering on how to write him as knowledgeable and mature, yet unlucky enough to have so many problems and maybe just a little over-dramatic. Maybe I'm so intrigued because he definitely is a fictional character and therefore I feel like I have a bit more license to develop him, but the line between real and fictional seems very blurred when it comes to the Musicnet agents as a group (even though I know it's there, especially after the backstory reveal in season 3). I'm toying with the thought of a short introspective piece of him pondering on his work and his misfortunes, as well as a fic where he meets Snakes. (The others would be around in the latter fic, too.) That should definitely be interesting, considering that in the RP with Crystal, Snakes has latched on to the ACME crew and works at ACME teaching agents the fine points of gambling in case they have to go undercover and appear to know that information. In the RP, Snakes is more awkward and insecure and unsure of himself, because he's with a group of close friends and feels like he's a student, learning from them about friendship. In the fics, Snakes is learning about friendship too, but he usually seems a little more prickly, cynical, and worn-out. He's an interesting series of contrasts.

I also had a dream that I only remember vaguely, but part of it involved Ecks and Wye. They were at some sort of private university/school, I think, held in a refurbished mansion, and they were talking with some scientist. At one point they exchanged a silent look, picking up on information without speaking. They seemed to be thinking about the case as well as being thoughtful of each other's needs. I need to start that next U.N.C.L.E. fic....

Then I'm tinkering with the Steve Drumm noir parody and I'm not sure what to make of it. I was hoping I was wrapping it up, but now I'm not sure it should finish at this point. I'm wondering if I should do the noir twist of the fake ending and have Steve and Brice suddenly realize that the truth of the case is upsidedown and backwards. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions....
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Somehow I don't think I'll have the fic done for Richard's birthday tomorrow. I'm throwing in a lot of deliberate noir cliches and the plot doesn't seem close to being done yet. Now I'm even considering the cliche of the vengeful hero and have Sergeant Brice get hurt and Steve make the case personal. Then again, I might not do that, since the story has a bit of a lighter nature. But I don't know how long the story will be overall and if I want to break it into several parts for posting, so more than likely, none of it will go up tomorrow, but we'll see.

And earlier I had some trippy dreams. One could be plunnie-inducing. It involved a ballet class that I was apparently taking (nooot happening in real-life, even though I enjoy ballet; the dancers have to keep to a much-too-strict regimen for me). Ginger and Lou were also attending (which would also never happen, although curiously enough, Christopher Cary did attend dance classes with his sisters when they were kids). They had gone missing and the ballet teacher was up in arms.

Apparently he held the classes in his house, a huge four-story mansion. Ginger and Lou were somewhere on a higher floor, having gotten into trouble. Suddenly Ginger fell down some of the stairs, maybe a flight or so, and crashed at the bottom. I don't think he was badly hurt, but he was knocked out, and then Columbo randomly wandered in to examine him.

I could definitely do something with that plot, although Ginger and Lou most certainly would not be taking dance classes. **headdesk.** Maybe the little girl Amanda would be and they'd be investigating weird things happening in the house. And I don't know if I'd have Columbo in there, as I'm not sure I can write for him very well. I've only tried once, and I couldn't ever find a place in the ficlet to insert his classic "One more thing" line.
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... It just occurred to me that I forgot to post that Misguided Missile ficlet to [ profile] 31_days on the 31st. **headdesk.** I was pretty occupied with worrying about getting out to get stuff for Dad's birthday, as well as trying to help him fit the side mirror back on the car, so it makes sense that I'd forget. (It's been attached with duct tape for months and he finally decided to take that particular day to fix it back on properly.) I'll need to look the fic over and see if I can add anything more to it that could be inspired by another prompt. If not, I'll probably post it here or something, just to have it up somewhere. I wouldn't be posting it on, most likely, since the only players are oneshot episodic characters.

I think I'll plan to try to get that noir fic with Steve Drumm done in time for Richard Anderson's birthday on Saturday. We'll see how well that works out....

Also, I got out the From N.Y. album and have been skipping around playing some of the tracks while I've been reading emails and such. I remembered something I'd forgot: that I thought the song Fliptop Twister could describe Snakes and perhaps some failed affair he had back in the Old West days. In my headcanon, the only girls he could attract the attention of in the circles he ran with back then were interested in his money and his gambling luck, so he went with that and put on a boisterous facade, trying to get whatever enjoyment from it that he could, since he figured there was nothing else for him. Maybe I'll finally get around to writing something with that song as inspiration. Of course, since I am very disinterested by pairing OCs with canon characters in general, and even moreso if the story would be long, it would probably be either Snakes monologuing in his mind or telling someone about it, instead of actually showing everything that happened. And, unlike the male character in the song, it wouldn't be in Snakes' nature to roam and check out other girls during the time the affair was on, since if he was trying to make something work with someone he would put his all into it. Since the song doesn't cover the end of that dysfunctional relationship, I'd have to think whether the girl or Snakes ends things and why.
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So I've been watching Carmen episodes and loving it all over again. And the Mysterious Woman segments in season 2 have inspired me on what Perry fic to do next: that cracky oneshot noir parody with Steve Drumm. LOL. It's moving right along; I'm on page 7! I don't intend for it to be very long, but maybe it will be and I'll need to post it in several chunks. Then I still wonder what big fic to start next, but I'll worry about that when this one is done.

I've also been loving the Dying Informant sketches in seasons 1 and 2. So cracky and silly, yet hurt/comforty at the same time. And they make my crush on Scott flare up again. Even though I'm not really comfortable writing hurt/comfort for the fandom anymore, I still love the canon h/c.

... So much so that I dug into my old fics to read the couple I did based around canon Dying Informant sketches. And I remembered something I'd thought about years before, how I used to kind of want to see that character as being separate from Scott the musician. (After all, at least some of the sketch characters are undeniably not meant to be the musicians, like Mrs. Pumpkinclanger or Scott the plumber, etc.) I kind of sometimes pictured the Dying Informant as a loner, with Greg his only real friend, and from Greg's reactions in many of the segments, that status was questionable. Reading those fics again, I was actually perfectly fine with them as long as I kept that mentality of the characters being separate. The moment the characters merged into one, I became uncomfortable.

It makes me wonder if I might like to try writing some short h/c fics about the Dying Informant, either keeping to the canon segments or else crafting some new ones similar to those, and also keeping to the idea of the character being separate from Scott the musician. Even if he actually is not (Crystal and I always played/pictured them as one and the same), maybe for any possible fics like that, I just wouldn't tread into that territory so it could be left ambiguous, as the show itself left it.

It just goes to show that I can't be separated from hurt/comfort for very long. And when the show itself encourages it, it becomes almost impossible for sure. Which is probably how it started in the past, but it will never be that way again, since I am still very uncomfortable by any hint of hurt/comfort involving the actual musician personas of the characters, fictional versions or not.
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Well, August is really not off to a great start. I'll be rather surprised if that changes for the better, but not if it changes for the worse.

I did finish my Perry story, which I'm thrilled about. Then I have a slight dilemma of wondering what to do next. I believe long ago, I posted about how a steady reviewer had an idea for a story he was hoping I could write and I liked it. The problem is, even though I like it, I can't figure out how to really flesh it out into a fully workable plot. Right now it involves a possessed necklace and the idea that Della eventually gets hold of it and sometimes the spirit takes her over. I believe I also remember something about the spirit witnessing a crime. And she has a motel or an apartment somewhere.... It's kind of similar to the season 1 episode The Deadly Double, except that there's a supernatural slant instead of the person having multiple personalities.

My puzzlement over figuring out how to fully make it work is not just because it was suggested by someone else. A lot of times, I have an idea but can't give it enough meat to make it work as a story. Occasionally the missing piece will come to me and suddenly I'll know how to make it work. Other times, my mind is just left a blank. Currently I'm not sure how to work that story any more than I was sure when the idea first came up. I also wonder if a story with a definite supernatural slant would be the best thing to have as a Perry fic comeback. I've written a couple of creepy haunted house Perry fics while the big fic was hanging, but it still seems a little different than a fic where one of the main characters is possessed, so I'm a little nervous to think of posting that as my first new Perry mystery following the conclusion of The Malevolent Mugging.

My other main idea probably isn't much better, though: that idea of maybe doing a story taking place right after The Spectral Stalker and showing how Captain Caldwell is reintegrating back into society and maybe a mystery coming up. The Spectral Stalker was probably my most self-indulgent Perry fic and very, very sci-fi in nature. A sequel wouldn't be along those lines so much, but having Caldwell around at all, alive, would mean it would tread the path at least a little bit.

I had a vague thought of doing a mystery around The Decadent Dean episode, which I love for wonderful performances by Milton Selzer and H.M. Wynant, but the problem with that is that it would kind of re-tread some of the same ground as The Spectral Stalker, with the character murdered in the episode showing up alive. Although the similarity in plot would end there, more or less, save for the other similarity of a shattered friendship.

The shattered friendship in The Misguided Missile episode is unique among all of the shattered friendships on the series, however, because we don't actually know who was right and who was wrong. We never got Caldwell's side of the story, and I never believed that Jerry was fully in the right. I think they were each telling the truth and that while Jerry really gave the order, Caldwell really didn't ever receive it. But anyway.

In The Decadent Dean, the situation is very different, with the friendship being shattered over the one character being an absolute slimeball to Milton's character. It's disgusting; greed gets a hold of him and he wants to sell the land Milton's character owns, so he spreads lies and tries to shut the private school down. Then he gets Milton's character's alcoholic wife sick and drunk and frames Milton's character for manslaughter by pretending to fall off a cliff during a fight between them. It's even worse because from things said in the episode, it sounds like he actually was a genuine friend at one time, instead of always pretending right from the start. I think out of all the Perry slimeballs over the course of 271 episodes, he's just about the worst.

I ended up reviving him in a Livejournal-only blurb, so that he would have to suffer with what he did while trying to put his life back together. Also because I wanted to explore what would happen if he ever did regret his actions, considering they seemed to have really been friends at one time. But I don't know if I want to bring any version of that blurb into my official timeline. The idea of a friendship being shattered over one character being a slimeball was kind of covered in the story I just finished, too, so there's that to think about. That one remains dead, however, but comes back a couple of times to try to help out, as he regrets what he did.

The thought of writing something based on The Decadent Dean really is appealing, though. I love Milton's character and the wife and it sounds like fun writing for them. Maybe I'd have to come up with a different plot than Tobin Wade coming around alive again. (Although ten to one, if I actually write the story, he'll show up in there anyway and I'll have the same problem of my comeback story having a supernatural slant.) I'm getting an idea of the new school seeming to be haunted and Milton's character or the wife going to Perry for help. Can't I stay away from supernatural plots for long?

Maybe I could write a fic based around The Decadent Dean or The Misguided Missile first, and then I could do the necklace story when it's closer to Halloween. I've wanted to write a Perry mystery set at a masquerade; maybe the necklace could turn up in that. Or maybe I'll get yet another idea for the next mystery (preferably one that does not involve ghosts or returning dead people).

Hey, maybe the story with The Decadent Dean and the necklace could all be one thing. Maybe the necklace is at the new school and Della finds it, and things happen, and the masquerade could be a thing the school is holding! Hmm, I like this idea. But I don't know if it should be my next story. I'd really like it to be a Halloween story and then do something not supernatural-ish as the comeback story.

I could always focus the next mystery more on Virginia, who's been left open as a recurring character, and Jodie, who was set up as a character to play a larger part in a future story. But I'd kind of rather do an episode-based fic.

I could give Daniel Conway his own story now, which I intend to do at some point since he piggy-backed on The Impatient Partner-based story I just finished. But I can't think of another plot for him at the moment.

Maybe I should write a mystery based around Sergeant Brice. I've been wanting to explore his interaction with Della, after that adorable canon scene they have in the uncut version of The 12th Wildcat. Also, there's that idea of a Mannix crossover, but I need to write the fic where Della meets Peggy first.

And now that I have this idea of combining the necklace fic with The Decadent Dean-based fic, I'm getting the most excited to write it next after all, despite the supernatural slants. Oh dear. I really think something else should be the comeback fic....

Decisions, decisions....


Aug. 2nd, 2015 04:50 am
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Bought stuff for Dad's birthday this past day, finally. I hope he likes it.

I also dropped in at the Wal-Mart in the town we were in. They don't have the new dolls; they're still clearancing the old. They had one of the Twilight dolls I've kind of wanted for $9 now! I seriously considered getting her. But I wanted to check another Wal-Mart for the Sunset plushie first, only I couldn't because when we tried to go, the freeway signs were messed up and the one claiming it went the right direction actually took us back home instead, not even letting us off until we were almost there, so Dad wouldn't go back. Ugh. Our car gets such bad mileage and money is so tight that he can't stand to waste a smidgen of gas. I can understand that, but it's still disappointing, especially when both towns are only about ten minutes away from here.

He might have gone back if I'd said that if I couldn't find what I wanted most, I was planning to get the other thing I wanted. But I really knew I should save my money for something else, so I just let it go. I already have one Twilight, and I'm planning to get one of the dolls of the naturally human Twilight (probably the one in the two-pack with Flash Sentry, when we get them around here, since I'll likely never be able to get the convention Twilight and I like the one in the two-pack best after that one). Still, when all the dolls are so unique, it's hard not buying several different ones of my favorite characters. This Twilight doll on clearance has her hair up and it looks so retro and classy.

It does seem like the local Wal-Mart still had some of those, so maybe if their price has lowered to $9 also, I'll have another chance to get her this coming week. I really should resist, but I don't know if I can when the price is that low.

At least I was able to get some headphones at a ShopKo sale. I usually get cheap headphones at Dollar Tree, and now they only have earbuds, which I don't like because they're too close to the ear and I get even more headaches that way. When I saw in an email that ShopKo had $10 headphones for half off, I wanted to get some. I just hope they'll last for a good, long while. I got a pair in dark blue. So pretty!

I also got some notebooks, as I always try to get some when they have them for literally pennies during the back to school time period. But I probably shouldn't have, because Wal-Mart had them for 2 cents cheaper. Ah well. I got the last five ShopKo had, so maybe we can get more at Wal-Mart this week. Always good to stock up.

And I am so excited that my Perry fic is so thoroughly on the move! Once I realized that the story didn't have to move so slowly with the bad guys' plot, it picked right up! The other day I read through the chapters and made out a list of important things that I needed to keep straight, and from that I planned the climax. I just put up the climax chapter. Now I only need the epilogue and it's done! That will be such a relief!

I waited to open the document until I was right ready to work on it near-constantly, and for once Avast! didn't give me trouble, which makes me think that it only does that when the document hasn't been touched in a while, as I already surmised. Perhaps if I don't leave them lying around, I won't have to go through the annoyance of turning off the File Shield System when I want to write and save. I looked up other antivirus programs and I really don't want to switch. Avast! takes up so little memory. And when I read that AVG can install a toolbar that hogs memory and is almost impossible to get rid of, I was horrified. I certainly don't want to get into a mess like that.

Crystal's been so excited this week having another Carmen/Rockapella renaissance, thanks to that hilarious new parody the Carmen-era Rockapella members did. She's even going to start writing fics in that fandom again. I kind of want to follow suit. Neither of us wants to do hurt/comfort fics for that fandom again, as we got so dark and twisted with our fics and RP that we both burned out. (It didn't help when Scott got hurt in real-life, either. Oh gosh that was scary.) But while Crystal hopes to write light-hearted fics, I think I'd like to write some slightly creepy mysteries again. I just won't throw in hurt/comfort or angst anymore. I'm already hoping to write a haunted house fic, because there can never be too many of those. My dreams can provide plenty of inspiration. Heh.

And I remembered something I'd kind of forgot I have: a plushie of Elliott, more or less. I commissioned SetsunaKou to make it, but because the only pictures I could find were terrible quality, the hair ended up not being quite long enough and he looks like a cross between Elliott and Kevin. But he's still very cute. And hey, maybe I could get some hair extensions for him or something. I also always meant to order a Scott plushie, but that never quite materialized. I think Elliott is currently under my Turtles; I'll get him out later and look him over.


Jul. 29th, 2015 03:54 am
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So I played around with the complex settings of the File Shield System thingie on Avast! I told it to exclude .RTF and .WPD files from scanning, because I really can't leave the entire thing shut off, and there's no point in having an antivirus program if I have to do that. So far, the exclusion has enabled me to save whenever I feel like it, so it looks like I'm right and Avast! really was behind this.

I've gotta say, this has been the most idiotic update of Avast! I've ever seen. It's been fine all the other times I've used it. But first there was that Web Shield garbage and it blocked practically the entire Internet, including its own website. And now this trash with the File Shield System!

This is a good example of why I hate Internet filters. The one time we tried using one, it also blocked pretty much the entire Internet. I've always been careful surfing and have honestly never stumbled into a naughty website, except one time when I deliberately tried typing the name of a toy company and discovered that the web address went to a place with entirely different playmates than I was looking for. Whoops. But I realized instantly what had happened and backed out of there before the site finished loading. That was probably about 14 years ago. But so we tried a filter for a while after that incident, but it just ruined the Internet experience and blocked a lot of innocent things, so we took it back off and haven't used one since.

I am really annoyed and disgusted that the Avast! update is just about as paranoid as that filter. Stupid, stupid Avast! Why can't they iron out these bugs? The one affecting Word keeps coming back every few updates or so, according to that thread. I don't really like excluding all .RTF and .WPD files from scanning, but until there's a better update, I don't have a lot of choice.

I did finally get the next Perry chapter done and up. After I supposedly fixed the problem, I was able to settle down, proofread, and add whatever I felt I needed to. I ended up lengthening the chapter by about a page, all in all. I think I'm barreling towards the climax, and I'm so excited at the thought of finally getting this fic done! Over the past few months I've been able to finish several things I've had hanging, and it feels so good every time.
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I do think I'll probably need to do a little altering of my plans for what happens to Amory in The Malevolent Mugging. Basically, the idea was for the bad guys to culminate their weeks of torturing him by making him think they've abducted and killed his wife. Ugh. And that pushes him to the point of a nervous breakdown and he goes into a catatonic state.

The blurb I did several years ago has his wife, Edith, coming to him in the hospital and managing to bring him out of it. I read it over, and have been thinking over the idea, and I think I'm slightly uncomfortable going ahead with the original plan, probably mainly because of the hospital setting. I remember how I burned myself out on writing any hurt/comfort stuff for Carmen Sandiego when I took one fic too far for comfort. I have the sense that I may feel the same sort of discomfort if I proceed with the Amory plan as originally intended.

I'm thinking instead that maybe I'll alter it so that Amory will be needed to solve the mystery and he'll be shell-shocked and catatonic, alright, but maybe not running a fever as in the blurb and not in the hospital. Maybe he'll be with some of the characters instead, with them trying to bring him out of it, and maybe he'll manage to snap out of it when they're confronted by some of the bad guys. And Edith will be found alive, of course, and there can still be the squee reunion with them.

I wrote a little bit of the Riptide fic again, finally. It doesn't seem like there's a very big fanbase for Riptide multi-chapters, at least not if the focus includes characters from a particular episode, and apparently not if there's some hint of possible supernatural activity (and maybe not if it's gen; it seems like so much of the active fanbase prefers slash), so I've mostly had that fic on the back burner lately. I still intend to finish it, though, just for myself if no one else. But it could take a while.

I also keep wanting to do an Equestria Girls scenario based on the Magical Mystery Cure Pony episode, where the characters' memories get switched and each thinks they're supposed to have a different talent/destiny than they do (but they totally flub everything since they don't really have those talents). There are some fun songs as they sing about that and as Twilight tries to help all of them regain their true memories. I would like to see an Equestria Girls scenario where something similar happens, but with Sunset Shimmer trying to help everyone get back to normal. I'd definitely have to think and plan on what would happen to cause such a thing, though, since there isn't the same level of magic in the human world as there is in the Pony world.

Also, I had a weird dream where we were watching a live performance of something or other and at different intervals they'd do these five-minute Talespin plays. There was some screwy thing with Don Karnage undercover as a ship's captain and then a fun big reveal scene complete with him cackling. Maybe that was brought on by my thinking about my OC Karnage (who, yes, started out as the Talespin character but eventually became someone else instead). I can't think of any other Talespin-related stuff I've done lately.

It was an odd dream, but so much nicer than the creepy dream where we went back to the old house, apparently to fix it up to sell, and discovered it was haunted by a malevolent spirit. Freaky. And some animals were hanging out in the house, including the cat that we took care of out there (and brought out here to live with a family member, though he didn't last long here before he died).


Jul. 26th, 2015 04:14 am
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So I got another Ellery Queen disc out because Victor Buono is in an episode and I thought that would be great fun. Unfortunately, they underused him, only featuring him in one short scene, and with a great talent such as his, that is totally a crime.

Overall, though, I've liked this disc way more than I liked the other one. Even though it's supposed to be a period piece, they don't hit you over the head with that fact. It felt like they were doing that on the other disc I saw, especially in the episode where Ellery had a girl helping him who was basically a ditz in the style that 1940s women were written when they were used for comic relief. I did not like that and found it annoying. I also didn't like one of the other episodes on that first disc, so after only liking two, I hadn't been impressed and hadn't ever planned to try the show again. I'm glad I did.

I think shows work the best when they don't drill it into you that it's a certain time period. If the mentions just come naturally, it's easy to slip into the feel of things. For this show, though, it never really feels like it's the 1940s for some reason, even when it's hitting you over the head with it and even though the hair and clothes and cars are all very accurate. I'm not sure why it really feels more like the 1970s, since there are period pieces made in the present day that really make it feel like the time period they're depicting.

I'll be seeing a little more of the show, since William Schallert is on yet another disc, and then I'll probably just say What the heck and see the others, too. I've even thought of buying it, which is certainly something I hadn't considered before.

One thing I always liked was the theme song. It totally rocks. Sooo jazzy and noir-ish and mysterious. I ended up picturing in my mind a story with Lieutenant Drumm that is noir-ish in nature, including him in his office and a mysterious woman coming to him for help and dark alleys and weird nightclubs and intriguing investigations. Steve is the most hard-boiled of the three Perry Mason Lieutenants, which is why I immediately pictured him. Sergeant Brice would be there too, I imagine.

One amusing thing: I don't think Steve ever wore a fedora on the show. All the other police did, including Sergeant Brice. I'm trying to remember if Steve possibly wore one during the train scene in The 12th Wildcat, one of the few episodes I really don't like. I'll have to double-check that scene.

Fedoras look sooo good on people. I saw Ken Swofford wear one on Ellery Queen and it even looked good on him. His characters generally seem to be purposely obnoxious, and this one was too, but he wasn't as bad as the Rockford characters and I found him just a little bit endearing.

And Microsoft Word totally borked on me tonight. I had big plans, and it ruined them by giving me a horrible thing called a file permissions error when I tried to save and then it deleted my file. At least, it certainly seems to be gone. It's nowhere to be found, not in the Recycle Bin or under complex searches. I have never had this happen in all the years I've used the blasted thing. Thank goodness I emailed myself a copy of the fic as it stood a couple of hours before I got back on. I only had to retype a couple of pages, and they're probably better the second time, but I am furious. I figure the original document must exist somewhere, but hidden files are visible and it's not there. The chapter went up two hours later than it was supposed to.

It's a chapter for my unbelievably long and twisting Perry fic, too. I figured out that I could move the plot along better by condensing the time Amory is tortured by the bad guys. The original plan was several weeks to enact their latest scheme, but I can't really do a timeskip at this point, especially since I had to do one before they could start this latest plot. He's already been through so much, so I think if the torment goes on for a much shorter period before doing the thing that tips him over the edge in both outlines, it will still be too much for him to deal with. It's supposed to lead up to a squeeable scene I have planned for him and his wife Edith, one I already did in blurb form. But I might end up changing those plans, even though some form of the squee will remain.


Jul. 25th, 2015 05:10 am
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Well, I know for a fact I'm crushing on Milton Selzer now. I have that excited tingle at the mere thought of finding something to watch with him in it today.

I'm a little overwhelmed by his credits, though! I'm not quite sure where to start. Perhaps with The High Chapparal, if I can locate the episode. And I was rather elated to discover that I have The Mod Squad episode he's in! It also has David Cassidy, and I remember I liked the episode and hung onto it even though I knew I probably shouldn't because I needed the tape space. But I kept it, and now I have a new reason to want it more! Yessss.

And I just had to giggle when I saw that he once played a character called Mr. Gold. LOL.

A couple of weeks ago, I started digging out some Mission: Impossible episodes to re-watch, including The Field, which Wesley wrote and H.M. is in, along with Milton. (They appeared in several things together.) I idly wondered if Milton had been in any other episodes and what they were. Then the next night, I popped in Richard's episode and ... ohmygosh, there Milton was again! LOL. That was hilarious. I was totally surprised. I even exclaimed to Mom, "That was totally an accident." I'm surprised she isn't getting suspicious by this point. But the truth is, he's really been in so very many things that 99.9% of the time, it really is an accident when we run across him. It's only been lately that I've started trying to deliberately re-watch some of the stuff we have with him. And, as Mission: Impossible proves, sometimes even that's an accident.

Also, I'm testing a Captain Caldwell icon. (Simooon....) The local station was airing his Perry episode this week, so I made plans to watch my uncut DVD copy. Even though he dies in it, I still like to watch the episode because I love the character. (And because he's among the characters I insisted on reviving, once I figured out how....)

After I watched the episode, I got plunnied some more. I wrote a oneshot of Jerry Reynolds visiting Caldwell's grave and thinking on their decimated friendship and wondering if they were both responsible for that, instead of it just being Caldwell. (I have always believed that they were both responsible, especially since the episode is so vague on Caldwell's side of it.) He also ponders on what the other cast members thought of Caldwell's death. I plan to post it on Amnesty Day at [ profile] 31_days.

Then I had a second plunnie to maybe follow up on the story I did where I revived him, and show how he's integrating back into normal life and maybe depicting a bit of the hearing where he has to prove he's really him (if that actually happens, as suggested in the first fic). I'm not sure if that will be a oneshot or if it might blossom into a multi-chapter mystery.

Long ago I vowed not to start writing any Perry Mason mysteries until I finished the current one. But I'm so overwhelmed by the current one and I've made such a mess of it that sometimes it is very tempting to start another one anyway. I did think maybe I finally was starting to iron out some of the twists, though, so maybe I need to just get enough drive to stick with it and I'll be able to actually finish the thing once and for all. What a glorious thing that would be!
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I did some spring cleaning over at Dreamwidth. I haven't been happy with having made it a mirror of this journal, as I had wanted it to be something different. I found out I could delete all imported entries. I did that, and then created a different DW account to use specifically as an LJ back-up. For now, I think I'll go back to using my main DW account to post silly Perry Mason song parodies and maybe quizzes. It's the same account name as here: The archive account links from there, too.

I don't suppose anyone here is on Insanejournal? I had an account there, but it got borked. I liked that silly place, because they let you have 100 free icons and they had an actual ladybug mood theme! It was so cute. And now I can't make a new account there because they decided they had to do that frustrating "invite-code only" thing for free accounts. Ugh.
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I'm not sure whether to keep this icon or not. It's adorable and squeeable and so cute, but it stands out so colorfully from every other icon I'm using, even the other color ones. (There, in fact, I'm showing my Twilight side of liking things to be in order.) Still, I've wanted a Pony icon for a long time, and even though sometimes I feel like I'm a doormat like Fluttershy, in the end I really think I'm more like Twilight Sparkle (with some Applejack mixed in; once I got both of them on a Pony personality test). And regardless of which one I'm most like, I simply love Twilight the very most.

I finished the U.N.C.L.E. fic and printed it. As usually happens, it turned out a little different from my initial idea. I had planned to have a silly subplot where Napoleon and Illya start spying on Ecks and Wye to try to figure out how they get along under the same roof when Napoleon and Illya have trouble doing the same thing. I eliminated that and pretty much focused the story completely around the mystery. I'm still amused by the idea, though, so maybe I'll write it sometime as a random stand-alone piece.

I'm not sure if in the end it moves too fast; I was thinking to myself how it's like the manga version of Sailor Moon in that it stays strictly to the plot and doesn't have fillery detours, except an occasional character-developing conversation. I think the Sailor Moon manga moves too fast; I prefer for there to be some filler, as it's both a nice diversion from the heavy stuff and it serves character-building purposes. But I was hesitant to do filler in the fic, knowing that a lot of people don't care for that. And it never seemed like there was a good place to insert it, either.

Towards the end of the story, I got the idea that Napoleon and Illya should meet David McCallum's meek and mild Perry Mason character. By the time I wrote the epilogue, I had decided to make that the next fic and also to have it continue from the one I was finishing, with them on the trail of a missing enemy spy from Ecks and Wye's organization. I'm going to call it The Fifty Millionth Frenchman Affair, in tribute to the Perry Mason episode, and also signaling for those in the know that it's going to bring in that character.

It's interesting writing in a way that leaves the time period completely vague. I managed to get through the story without encountering one issue where I'd have to reveal the truth, which is unusual. It will be even more interesting seeing if I can pull it off in the next story, since they'll be in Los Angeles and therefore probably crossing over with all of my L.A. shows. I'll probably drop a couple of small mentions to the WWW fic Deadly Codename, since Napoleon, Illya, and Mr. Waverly were in that and trying to stop THRUSH from destroying the world, along with WWW, Cannon, and The Fugitive characters.

And there's a challenge running soon to write fics showing Napoleon and Illya's first meetings. I'm toying with the idea of participating, probably just to the extent of showing a short, first conversation fic. That is probably going to be the most interesting experiment of all, trying to write that and show distrust between them and somehow not reveal that it's the approximate present-day (several years ago). I've even been doing some research of Russia in the 1990s to start crafting my own backstory for Illya in my timeline. Even though it's highly unlikely that I will actually write that backstory into the story, I think crafting it in private will still help me figure out how to write him in a first meeting piece with Napoleon.

As to why hiding the time period is even a thing, the explanation is fairly simple. Most people prefer U.N.C.L.E. to be a period piece, even though the episodes are really timeless and rarely ever show an indication that it's meant to be a period piece. There's not even consternation over a Russian being around in a law enforcement position; it's just accepted everywhere, by most all the characters they encounter. So to me, it only takes place in the 1960s because it was made then and was taking place in the present-day of its time. And I think it fits seamlessly into the present-day of this time. But since most people want it to be a period piece, I try to compromise by not revealing any time period at all. That way, everyone can picture it as they want and everyone's happy.

I do reveal it's the present-day in the Ecks and Wye solo pieces, though, since I figure I'm the only one who'd be reading those. Ecks seems to like the (1970s?) band Queen, as Wye mentions him listening to them once, Mr. Zed has a DVD collection as well as his actual vintage film collection, and Ecks uses a rock song as his ringtone (probably a Queen song, although I didn't specify that). It's also mentioned that he hacked into U.N.C.L.E.'s computers, whereas in the stories with Napoleon and Illya I just say he reprogrammed the computers and don't mention how.

... There was a slight place in the mystery story I just did where the time period was accidentally alluded to, now that I think of it. When Illya's communicator pen goes off in chapter 2, no one around him seems that confused. The reason is because they figure it's a cellphone going off, but I didn't mention that in the story. It wasn't a deliberate thing, but once Illya's pen went off, I realized that how the characters behaved about it would definitely indicate time period.

Another fic plan involves a Mannix story where Roger Bard shows up wanting Lew Wickersham's help because he's got some important documents and all kinds of people are after him. If I write that, Napoleon and Illya would be among the pursuers, as well as Ecks and Wye (and other characters from Roger's Mannix episode). It's based on a role-play I've been doing.

I also need to finish the two Mannix stories I've got going, the one showing how Joe and Lew first met and one where they're trapped in a town without pity. The latter is the shorter one, but I'm having trouble getting inspiration for it beyond some of the horrors Lew goes through. If I launch into those now, though, it's probably too soon and the story won't feel natural. That's how I ended up stalling on that one in the first place. After re-reading both, I have more inspiration for the other one, yet I really wish I could work on the town one since it's the shorter one.

Then there's two Mannix oneshots, an old idea and a new one. The old one involves Joe going to Lew's office around season 8, getting a drink from the decanter (as he really does multiple times in season 1), and flopping on Lew's couch for a tired rant. He's so sick of so many friends turning out to be crooks. Seriously, sooo many episodes have that plot twist. I think Joe really would be getting sick of it by season 8. And he wants to reassure himself that Lew is still the same honest, upright person he remembers.

The new one would be Joe, Peggy, and Lew in a weird, creepy house, because there can never be too many weird, creepy house fics. I love figuring out how to make each house different from all the others.

I still want to do my idea of Della Street meeting Peggy, too. They could have an awesome friendship.

I also have some less distinctive plunnies that I nevertheless might like to do sometime, like another Sunset Shimmer fic, maybe with backstory for her from her time as a Pony, because I don't entirely agree with the comic's portrayal of her and I want to show my version. The comic had her portrayed as really nasty all the way along as a Pony, but to me that doesn't align with the movies. In the first movie, Celestia says she only became nasty when things didn't happen for her as soon as she wanted. And she's such a sweetheart in the second movie that I feel she must have been sweet as a Pony too, until her impatience got the better of her. I also kind of like an idea I saw in a fan-made video where she was bullied as a Pony. It could definitely help explain why she turns to bullying when she first arrives in the human world. She doesn't want to be anything less than the best, and by this point she thinks being cold and cruel is the only way to be the best. She doesn't change her mind on that until Twilight and the human counterparts of her Pony friends are able to defeat her when magic is activated by the power of Twilight's friends trying to protect Twilight.

I picture the fic opening with a nightmare, maybe with bullying going on, and then it zeroes in and shows that Sunset is being bullied by her bad self. Sunset awakens in horror. It would take place between the two movies and show how she's dealing with her actions and how she's trying to turn back to being good again after being so bad. Throughout the fic, there would be little flashbacks to her time in Equestria.

Writing about it, I'm getting really excited for it again. Maybe I'll start writing it soon and see how it starts coming out. I had wanted to finish the U.N.C.L.E. fic before I started it, and now I have, so maybe I should test it out before I start the next U.N.C.L.E. fic (even though I'm excited for that, too).

Another idea would be very surreal and have Sunset talking to Snakes, even though I generally have the show as fiction in my main verse and it's something Snakes knows about. I just have this urge to see what would happen if he and Sunset conversed, considering all the canon parallels of Sunset with my fanon version of Snakes. It's really interesting how that happened entirely by accident.

I also found someone on the Pony forum who likes The Batman, so I'm getting plunnied again for my idea where The Batman's Riddler meets The Animated Series Riddler. I looked over my notes for the story and hope to test that out soon.

So many stories, so little time.

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