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Since there's only one other fix-it fic with Baxter that I can find, I quite naturally keep comparing and contrasting theirs and mine. The one major difference that I'm thinking of now is how we each portray Baxter.

Theirs is probably closer to what's actually shown in canon in season 2: If you do something nice/helpful for Baxter, he will be endlessly grateful and loyal to you. Shredder busted him out of the insane asylum and Baxter seemed to idolize him for that (until he got fed-up with the abuse). In the fix-it fic, the Turtles deliberately try to help him become human again in the hopes that he will join them in their fight against Shredder. He is so grateful to them that he fully agrees. I admittedly didn't read the whole fic because I didn't want to end up unduly influenced by it into wanting to copy some of their ideas, but it looked like Baxter was immediately fine, no after-effects from the long cross-fusion or the increasing instability.

Mine almost seems to turn all the concepts in theirs on its head, but not deliberately. I started writing mine before I found theirs. Mine takes the increasing mental lapses into account and assumes that Baxter would be much more broken upon finally being free. It's taking him longer to figure out how to put his life back together and there are lingering fly-like impulses from the cross-fusion that he'll have to fight against, such as snatching fruit off April's table. He also turned himself human again, albeit Leonardo kind of helped when he knocked the retro-mutagen ray gun away from them and pointed it at Baxter instead. And while he's grateful to the Turtles for taking care of him during his delirium, he's been so beat-down by life and people by this point that he doesn't want to blindly pledge his loyalty to anyone just because they threw him a bone. Definitely darker than most of the 1987 series, but I felt it fit better with the way Baxter deteriorated during the cross-fusion.

Theirs also assumes that Baxter was the one who betrayed Barney, while I have it just the opposite. Technically, that could work either way, but I wanted it the way I did it because to me it felt more logical considering that Baxter wanted to be honest in season 1, whereas the sole time we see Barney, he's working for a crook. I'm assuming the differences in what they wanted out of life probably separated them, and I have it that Barney scoffed at Baxter wanting to be honest. Barney was the cynical one to start with. Theirs has it that Baxter left to make it on his own, I believe. And maybe he did if Barney didn't want to go honest with him, but their story sort of implied that Baxter was the one in the wrong for leaving. If what split them up was whether to go honest or not, then to follow canon it's more likely that Barney was in the wrong. Of course, on the other hand, maybe they both wanted to be honest at first and each went down criminal paths eventually. There's so little canon information on Barney that almost anything goes for their backstory.

I also mused on how Baxter and April have had some interesting interaction in my fic, while Baxter and Irma haven't even met yet. I still don't want any romance in the fic at all, but I ended up dreaming about a Baxter/April pairing. Only the creepy thing is, it was the 2003 Baxter. Um yeah. Evil unrepentant genius and April? So not happening. I don't really think April would ever be interested in the 1987 Baxter either, even one trying to turn his life around. At least not as anything other than a friend.

Then I wasn't sure the fic would end with the first invention Barney made for Shredder being defeated, as I had last planned. But if I decide to make this entire fic a "season" of the series, that could go on and on indefinitely and I really didn't want that, either. I wanted the fic as more of a "pilot" for a "season." I guess I'll have to decide on that when I get that far, though. Maybe it won't look like a good ending place and I'll need to keep going. I really hope that doesn't happen, though. The longer it is, the more it could scare people away. Plus, I always think about this long, long story about Fang the Sniper that someone wanted me to read, and oyyy, it just kept going on and on and on.... I think it got to 35 chapters eventually, and most of the events were honestly not connected to each other. The person could have easily split the multi-chapter off at an earlier point and wrote oneshots for the other stuff.
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I'm working on my first of the [ profile] 31_days pieces. I'm hoping to keep them all short, a page or two, so that they won't be all I'll write for the month. I think they'll be told in first-person POV, as though Snakes is telling it all to someone, maybe Chita herself. Maybe the last prompt will show that he's been writing a letter all this time, not with the intention to actually send it to her, but just so he can get the whole story written down as part of his own closure. We'll see.

I was thinking that another writing project I've often longed to do is an adaptation of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles combined games. I love them so much, and oddly enough, I think I've only ever read one adaptation of Sonic 3 by a fan. That took place in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog verse. It wasn't a bad read, but I'd like to put my own spin on it and have it take place more in the game verse. Problem is, for me a story like that relies heavily on the descriptions of the amazing surroundings and a fic could get pretty bogged down by excess descriptions. But it always bugged me that the Archie Comics never really took advantage of the awesome zones to write their game adaptations. They mainly just did silly stuff like Sonic sees this box and realizes it leads to several zones Eggman has set up for him to complete, so he goes through it and there's maybe one page of that before he comes out the other end. It's so lame. They ought to have whole chapters devoted to the amazing scenery and adventures in each zone! Plus, I never pictured the zones to be in a box. I figured they were actual areas of the part of the world Sonic happened to be in that Eggman had just booby-trapped during his takeover.

I don't know when I'd ever get around to writing something like that, though. I'm really bad at writing Sonic fics, as I have repeatedly discovered. I used to write lots of Fang/Nack ones, but they were mostly shameless hurt/comfort or occasionally, utter crack. Actually writing big long multi-chapters with plot and purpose keeps seriously failing. Maybe a Sonic 3 & Knuckles one would work better for me since it was during that era that I fell in love with the franchise. I should at least give it a try and see what would happen. The encounters with Knuckles would be the best parts to write, but he only pops up every now and then to play tricks on Sonic and Tails since he believes they're the ones trying to steal the Master Emerald and ruining the Floating Island. I don't want the rest of the fic to basically be, "Oh hey, look at this cool Loop-de-Loop." "Here's a platform with more rings!" "Here's ... yikes, a break-away platform! We're falling!" I guess that's probably why Archie decided not to really explore the zones, but I'm sure there's a way to do it without it looking seriously lame or like script directions.

It's always interesting to see how Knuckles is portrayed in different things. The first time I ever encountered him was in his first Archie Comics appearance and they basically gave him a tough New York accent. I always pictured him like that until probably when I saw the English dubbed version of that bizarre thing called Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. He doesn't seem to have any accent at all in that, but he also sounds rather bland. (I love his hat, though.) Then came Sonic X, and while I loved hearing Yami Yugi's voice coming out of Knuckles' mouth, that really did make him sound pretty old. Sonic Underground gave him a voice more fitting for his age, but he sounded a lot gentler than I really pictured him to act, at least at the beginning. (Of course, contrast that with his creepiest behavior ever, intending to feed intruders to his pet dinosaur. WTH.) I think I've heard some of his non-Sonic X-era video game voices too, and I've also heard Sonic X in Japanese, but offhand I don't recall what I think of those voices. And Sonic Boom ... no, I am not going to go there. It just trivializes everybody and makes Knuckles a brawny idiot with no brains. No thank you. Part of the appeal of the character is that he's a little guy but he's tough. And he does have intelligence, even if he is kind of naive sometimes. He's been alone most of his life, with no interactions with much of anyone. It would be strange if he could get along with people immediately after that.

(Sonic X and also the more recent games seem to have made him more gullible than he used to be, I think. Sonic Boom took it many notches beyond that. I remember in season 3 of Sonic X, when Cosmo encountered Knuckles believing one of Eggman's tales and everyone else is yawning like it's business as usual, Cosmo says that Knuckles likes to believe in the good of people. That sounds cute and all until you really stop to think about the context of the situation. Um.... So he likes to believe that Eggman has some good in him and isn't lying, but at the same time he hates Sonic so much that he jumps at the chance to believe something bad about him. Um yeah. Really logical deduction, Cosmo. And really cringe-worthy behavior, Knuckles. Sonic and Knuckles are rivals, sure, but I think in the earlier games and media Knuckles only believed Eggman twice: in the Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles saga (which is really one whole storyline and not two separate things) and Triple Trouble, which sometimes isn't even seen as part of the main storyline since it was for a portable system and not the Sega Genesis. I think when they argued at other times in the comics, it was because of their differing points-of-view and not because Knuckles kept believing Sonic was actually the bad guy. That's one thing the comics did right, if so; I have many grievances with them on other matters. Game-wise, I think maybe there were one or two later games where Knuckles thinks Sonic is a bad guy again, but that was probably more for the nostalgic factor of his first appearance and not meant to be taken that seriously. I don't think those games, the Sonic Advance ones, are considered part of the main timeline either.)

If I ever were to write my Sonic 3 & Knuckles fic, I think I might return to my roots by giving Knuckles a Brooklyn accent. I always insist on the games taking place on Earth anyway, instead of some other planet called Mobius or whatever. (And none of that comic nonsense about Mobius being a post-apocalyptic Earth millennia in the future. No thank you!) Later games do seem to make it clear that it's Earth anyway, especially Sonic Adventure 2.
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So of course, off and on I've heard the complaints of Trixie Belden fans regarding Nancy Drew. It seems like most Trixie fans can't like Nancy too and I hear the complaints so much I find them a bit tiring. They say Trixie is more realistic and relatable in personality because she's not good at so many things and she has self-esteem issues, etc.

Now, I'm not denying that's all true. But what I am saying is that while Trixie may be more realistic, so are her mysteries. And hence, they're a little bit dull for someone who wants lots of action, adventure, excitement, and very dangerous criminals.

Trixie is around 13. Naturally she and her friends are not going to get into mysteries on the same level as Nancy Drew (and the Hardy Boys). It would be rather concerning if they did. Not that there aren't problems, but I think usually they're accidents and not the result of crooks trying to kill young kids. Which is probably a good thing. But honestly, the best thing about Trixie books, as I see it, is the slice-of-life portrayal of a town and a group of friends when things were more innocent. I think the slice-of-life stuff plays a larger part in the stories than the mysteries, or at least, that's been the case whenever I've looked in a Trixie book (or read one).

Nancy Drew is older and while it's true that she was depicted at being good at so many things it seems laughable, I don't think the writers set out to have that happen. The mystery would involve a particular thing and they would decide to make Nancy good at that thing in order to advance the mystery in the best way. To be honest, I barely even notice when it's done; I'm more interested in the mystery than in whether or not Nancy is partially a canon Mary Sue. And I think she is a good role model in spite of that; she's stubborn, determined, won't give up, and is a good and thoughtful daughter and friend (much moreso than the TV series sometimes depicts her as being). And anyway, I think the idea of her knowing so many skills was toned way down by the time they started issuing books #57 and up into the #170s.

It's funny, you know; I hear Trixie fans complaining so much about Nancy, but I don't think I've ever heard a Nancy Drew fan make a rebuttal. The bottom line is, I think Trixie books were really written for a slightly younger audience. The characters are younger and the mysteries aren't as dangerous and there's more of an emphasis on slice-of-life than the mysteries. And I don't entirely think it's fair to compare them to Nancy Drew books since in Nancy books, the mysteries are more important than slice-of-life goings-on, Nancy is older, and the danger is more pronounced. They're really different book series for what different-minded people want.

I've rarely met anyone who likes both book series. My mom does. And I'll admit I find the innocence and slice-of-life stuff in Trixie books rather enchanting. I'd read Trixie books more for that. If I want really intense, dangerous mysteries, I'll choose Nancy.

Also, I made the odd realization that I think I pattern Snakes' speech on my version of Nack/Fang from Sonic the Hedgehog, especially the redo I did of the character for Sonic X. Originally I portrayed Fang as more of a good guy to begin with; when I did the Sonic X fic I decided I'd make him more mercenary, but a diamond in the rough. That's pretty much how I write Snakes, especially in the Maverick fic where it's the 19th century and he's a crime boss for Lucrece Posey.

And I know I was going to say something else, but now I can't think what it was. I'm sure I'll remember the instant I post this.

... Oh! I got The Hunting Party recorded and watched Simon's scenes. I'm not sure I can bear to give the thing up; Simon is absolutely precious, the bright spot in a very dark and depressing film. **hugs him!** I knew I felt for years that I just had to see his scenes in that film, even though the film overall sounded repugnant. I don't regret it for one moment. I only watched Simon's scenes; I ignored everything else. And Simon was so adorable I can imagine wanting to watch his scenes over and over. Help, I don't think I can let this thing go....

Oy vey!

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I am utterly appalled at the trouble I've had trying to post cosplay pictures. It's taken me ages to try getting up some of my Rouge the Bat cosplay pictures, and then when I finally get around to trying, they won't qualify into CosplayLab's strict rules, and only lets you post an icon of the costume! WTH?! I was sure they used to allow galleries! Or at least, one full-length picture!

I didn't feel like wrestling with DeviantArt after the trouble I had trying to post a picture a couple of weeks ago, so instead in disgust I created a Cosplay album here on LJ. I added a few pictures each of the Rouge the Bat and the Riddler costumes.

And I've been writing my Scarecrow fic for The Batman. I have chapter 3 just about ready to post. I'm really excited about this fic. I think it, more than the others I've done, really captures the feel of the series. And it's kind of a season 2/season 3 feeling, with lots of Batman and Alfred interaction, Yin, and the Riddler, while feeling kind of darker the way season 3 does. I bought season 3 and have been watching some of it, and aside from Batgirl setting my teeth on edge, I really like it. It has kind of a more "comic book" feel, for those who felt the show didn't have that, but Alfred is still vitally important to things, instead of fading more into the background like he does in season 4. The stories do take place in season 4, as mentioned, but I prefer capturing the older seasons' feel.

Currently I have Dick away with friends for Halloween (since Halloween was the perfect time for Scarecrow to make his first strike, especially since the fics already take place during autumn) and Batgirl's absence is not explained. She wasn't in about half the episodes after she came in, with no explanation, so I figure I can get away with that. But it will be harder to keep Dick in the background for the whole fic, I think. Although there were episodes of The Animated Series without him, he was older there and it was more understandable for him to be missing from some of the storylines. I ... really kind of don't want the kids in this fic, if at all possible. It's a dark fic, with what Scarecrow's up to, and I already have such a big cast, with Ethan, Penguin, and Joker also along for the ride, that I think the kids would crowd it unnecessarily.

I've also kind of been bouncing an idea around in my head for some future fic, which would be very dark as well. I don't know if I'd really do it, but the basic idea would be that it would be set after Yin and the Riddler have become very close, either platonically or romantically (and I still lean towards platonically). Yin and Batman are trying to stop a crook, and somehow a situation gets set up where Batman has to choose between rescuing Yin and the city, and although he tries not to have to make the choice and find another way to defeat the crook, he isn't able to do that and is finally forced to choose the city. Yin is seriously hurt or even apparently dies (of course I wouldn't really kill her), and the Riddler blames Batman and flips out. He sends Batman a coded message and gets him into one of his riddle obstacle courses. Batman tries to reason with him, initially to no avail, but at the end of the course, as they fight, he finally gets through to the Riddler by telling him that he hates what he had to do but he had to do it anyway and that the Riddler is dishonoring Yin by doing this. Robin would wonder if Batman would have the Riddler arrested and sent back to Arkham, but Batman says No, as the Riddler was only targeting him (as opposed to Robin or Alfred or the whole city), no one was hurt, and he was grief-stricken and angry, as many people would be in the same situation. Yin would be alright at the end and she and the Riddler would reunite. He would probably tell her what he had done and they would have a long talk.

I don't know if I want to do it because it would be so dang depressing and sad. I originally thought of it because while the Riddler is trying to go straight, Yin has observed that there's still a darkness in him, and even though I think he has a greater chance for redemption than some of the others (especially since he regrets being a criminal, unlike most of the rogues' gallery), I think that darkness could flare up if someone he cares deeply about is harmed. And I kind of miss the thought of him never doing any more riddle obstacle courses (although he's probably doing them to catch the crooks he goes after in his consulting/troubleshooting business). The fic would definitely be introspective and soul-searching, exploring the concept of the greater good and how Batman would handle things if he had to make a choice like that, and my intrigue over the idea might win out over how depressing it sounds.
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So I finally ordered a Batman: The Animated Series disc from Netflix so I could watch the first of their Riddler episodes. I've wanted to see it for six years, and Netflix is the easiest access to it, so even though I try not to order things from there unless at least two of us would be interested, I decided to get it instead of waiting until I was ready to buy the set.

I spent the afternoon watching the whole disc. I basically enjoyed all of it, although the first episode really upset me because it involved a crummy company experimenting on animals. Luckily, Batman was able to put a stop to it. And Selina Kyle's cat was one of the ones being used and it was so sad. But the kitty got the cure and Batman brought her back to Selina. It was a squeeable scene: Selina was so sad worrying about the kitty and looking at a picture of her, and then Batman lowers her in a basket to the balcony doors and Selina hears a meow and it's so cute.

Also, the Harvey Bullock in The Animated Series reminds me a little bit of Lieutenant Schrank. Heavyset, dark-haired, cynical police lieutenants wearing fedoras....

And Barbara Gordon in The Animated Series is cool. She's not an annoying Jade clone like she is to start with on The Batman.

It's always kind of a shell-shock to see The Animated Series' Joker, who seems a lot more psycho freak than The Batman character, and yet at the same time, he somehow doesn't seem quite as nuts. I know that probably doesn't exactly make sense, but to try to explain it better, The Batman's Joker often seems more ... feral? He doesn't like shoes and he often crouches instead of standing straight. And I'm eager to watch The Batman and see him again.

And on to the main prize, what I watched first: the Riddler episode. It's a backstory-ish episode, and runs some interesting parallels with the backstory on The Batman. But which one tells the story better? The answer might be surprising.

The major parallels are the following: both Riddlers invented things that were basically stolen from them by unscrupulous businessmen. They both retaliated by putting the businessmen into deathtraps. Both Riddlers are very tech-oriented and designed some amazing things. Both Riddlers first meet Batman when he tries to stop the plots against the businessmen.

The Animated Series' Riddler shows his backstory, as it is, in his first episode. The Batman's Riddler is presented as a complete enigma in season 2 and his story is only learned in season 4. This might cause some people to think The Animated Series makes more sense. But ...

On The Batman, we really learn in-depth about the character's feelings and motivations, once we get into the backstory information. We learned his home life was unhappy, that he was always into riddles and puzzles and eventually got into crime that way. We learn he tried to go straight and was unable to when his reputation was ruined and his invention stolen. Then he was filled with bitterness and turned back to crime and became the Riddler.

On The Animated Series, we only meet the Riddler moments before he's cruelly fired from the company, his "work for hire" contract being waved in his face. The businessman refuses to pay him royalty fees for the game he created. This apparently makes the fellow snap and turn to super-crime.

Um, what?

I was really expecting some build-up, seeing Nygma working on the game and being excited, and the boss being a greedy jerk as he observes, instead of just immediately showing the firing. And the character really is an enigma here; we don't really see into his mind. Of course, what happened to him is highly upsetting and it's understandable he'd be furious, but honestly, the way things are set up makes less sense than what happens to The Batman's Riddler. With him, we see his unhappiness all the way through his life. And knowing he was a crook before and tried to go straight makes his turn to super-crime much more sensible than just seeing an apparently nice guy get fired and snap. If we'd even seen a scene of his home life, or going to work, or something other than immediately showing the firing, it would feel more like we really came to know the character more. The Batman's Riddler feels more "real" and relatable because his backstory was much more fleshed-out and so was the incident of his invention being stolen.

Also, I kind of think The Batman's Riddler is a little more creative? The Animated Series' Riddler just ties the businessman to a platform and sets a time when he'll die if not rescued. The Batman's Riddler makes the businessman actually go through the deathtrap and play the game.

And while both Riddlers apparently had murder on their minds regarding the businessmen, it seems like The Animated Series' Riddler is a lot more cold. The businessman on The Batman has a chance to make it through the maze and get out alive. And with that Riddler putting lime Jell-O in the canisters around town instead of bombs in another episode, I'm not entirely sure he was ever going to actually kill the businessman. The supposed traps might have been as fake as the bombs. He might have only wanted to scare the man. And when he blew up the crates with his stolen invention, he may have intended that the businessman would watch it happen but not actually die himself. (Although by that point, it really does seem more like he meant to kill the guy. But since what he wanted was to ruin him like he was ruined himself, it seems very possible that he wanted the guy kept alive to go through the consequences of that.)

The Animated Series' Riddler also plans to cold-bloodedly kill Batman and Robin because Batman knows who he is. He tells his henchmen that they'll have to get Batman and Robin out of the way. He then puts them in the maze and his traps are undeniably lethal.

The Batman's Riddler tries to kill Batman a couple of times, but it's always a split-second emotional thing rather than precise, careful premeditation.

And it seems like Batman in The Animated Series comes to know/understand the Riddler a little too quick for believability, even saying how the brain is the only thing he respects. True, puzzles and riddles help solve the maze, but it seems a lot more understated here. And there's a lot more interaction with the Riddler himself on The Batman, making it more believable for Batman to get a good grasp of what he's like.

Both businessmen are really nasty people, although Gorman on The Batman is the worst, I think. He's not even grateful to Batman for saving him and tries to kill him along with the Riddler.

And the final blow.... In spite of this, while the businessman on The Animated Series really is the bad guy who stole the invention, and it looks like it's the same way on The Batman, instead it turns out that on The Batman it's the one person the Riddler trusted who betrayed him in order to sell out to the businessman.

I suppose some people might say that the backstory is overly tragic on The Batman, as is the current trend with many villains these days. But regardless of whether it is or not, the fact is that it's more fleshed-out since it follows him from childhood to where he is now.

Overall, I was left unsatisfied and puzzled by The Animated Series' Riddler. I want to watch his other two episodes, but I don't know if he'll be any less of a mystery to me afterwards. People may hate The Batman's Riddler redesign, but overall he seems a much more three-dimensional character.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that I think The Animated Series was the first time they really tried to have a serious Riddler, aside from a few comic stories. I saw a clip where they talked about the Frank Gorshin Riddler and how that is what they kept thinking of and they needed to make the character different so he wouldn't be a Joker clone. The whole thing was very experimental. But it doesn't fully explain why the backstory couldn't have been fleshed out better, when they did well on other characters' backstories.

(Also, totally unrelated, but I think The Batman was closer to comic-book canon on Hugo Strange? He was a doctor at a resort here, but on The Batman and I thought in the comics, he was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. I like that better, honestly.)

I find it rather amusing that I just got through saying not that long ago how The Batman can't really be compared to The Animated Series because The Animated Series is undeniably the top dog, in a class by itself. But suddenly, I'm not so sure. It will always be the better liked show, but honestly, maybe at least sometimes, it wasn't always the top creative genius in story-telling. Maybe sometimes, other approaches made more sense.

While it isn't always the case with me, for this franchise I think I will always love best the version that got me interested in the first place. I always enjoyed watching The Animated Series when I saw some of it six years ago, but I didn't like it better than The Batman and I still don't.

I think The Animated Series is a little too dark for me sometimes, whereas The Batman seems to have a pretty good balance between seriousness and humor. I'm oddly reminded of my feelings regarding the old SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog series and its corresponding comics. I didn't always like the series; I found it too dark and serious for me a lot of the time. When I watched it again more recently, I felt the same, even though I'd acquired a taste for certain darker things by that point. I liked the comics better. Reading the comics more recently, though, they seemed too silly. (And then they got confusing and dark later.) So now I don't seem to particularly like either one. Heh.

It's hard to predict what I'll like and what I won't, though. I have to take it on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes I like funny things, like the 1960s Batman. Sometimes I like darker things, like Gotham. When something reaches a certain amount of darkness, though, I probably won't like it. Same for certain kinds of humor. And I never know exactly when that feeling of "Too much!" will strike me.

Regarding The Batman, sometimes it's hard to put into words other reasons why I love it so much. Maybe because it was a new era, a more modern era, and everything seemed so bright and new, even though the show wasn't some perky laughfest like the 1960s show. It was the first time I was really immersed in the Batman world and I was entranced instead of being bored, as I'd worried I'd be. And I love Detective Yin so much. I sorely missed her while watching The Animated Series. She's so spunky, so determined, and she doesn't make me want to tear my hair out, like The Batman's Batgirl can.

Also, I have this habit of absolutely adoring prequels and "early years" stuff. That's one reason why The Batman appeals to me, too. Also why I really liked Batman Begins of the recent movies. (I liked The Dark Knight too, but not as much. It was a little too dark for my tastes.) And why Gotham totally appeals me. Prequels just excite me so much.

I'm kind of curious about the Beware the Batman cartoon, as it's also an "early years" thing, but it seems to either be using original villains or ones not as prominent in the comics, and I don't think I'd like that very much. I prefer to see things like Batman's early encounters with the characters I know and already care about.
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This is the last day of the Perry Mason Amazon sale. I was desperately hoping my gift card would come this week, but it hasn't. So ... do I pass up the sale, or do I ask Dad for at least enough money as a loan that I could get the one volume I want most? I'd have to try Amazon Prime's free trial if I did that, since it wouldn't be enough to qualify for the Free Shipping.

The volume I want most fluctuates in price a lot. Right now it's approximately $20 (a penny less, heh). It's ran between $23 and $31 lately, otherwise. Usually only cheaper when I can't get it, aurgh.

Also, I still have that dream of getting a big Shadow plush that's furry. I finally found the one I'd decided was the best of the furry ones that's affordable, but it's slightly more expensive than I'd hoped. Do I buy it or not? I already have two Shadows, one small and furry and one large and not furry. I feel so guilty to have more than one plush of a character, but I only do it if I feel like the other plush has something to offer that I really want but don't have with my current plush(ies). And also if I like the character enough. I won't do it for just any character.


Feb. 10th, 2014 06:21 pm
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Well, apparently Sonic Boom won't reinvent the entire Sonic franchise; supposedly it will just be a new branch of it and the original designs and franchise will still be there for people who prefer them. I certainly hope this will remain the case! Even though the trailers weren't terrible, I hate to think of Sonic Boom being all that's left of Sonic and company.

Still working on my [ profile] 100songs challenge. I have one of two short Valentine's ficlets almost done. Writing it was almost like pulling teeth, even though it's just about a nice girl at work having dual crushes on Ginger and Lou and not about them reciprocating and lots of romance ensuing. I'm anxious to get to the second ficlet, although I've already got its basic storyline done in a comic I'll put up at for Valentine's. I drew it out this morning and am pretty pleased with it.

I'm nearly a third of the way through the writing challenge now and am debating how to print this monster. Originally it was supposed to be five segments of 20 prompts each, but now that I'm nearly a third through without having printed anything, I hate to not print the others already done, so I wonder if I should plan to print the first segment once it gets to 33. Either way, this is so huge I wish I could bind it instead of just stapling in sections. But it would cost a lot to buy a binder that big and so many sheet protectors.

It's fun writing these fics. Slice-of-life, hurt/comfort, and lots of friendship squee. And writing at my own pace, without deadlines to worry about, some come out long and some shorter.

Sonic Boom

Feb. 6th, 2014 06:56 pm
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So we finally learn more about Sonic Boom, the new TV series coming in the fall.

Only it's not just a TV series; they're going to reinvent the whole franchise around this concept: video games, toys, the works.

Trailers for both have come out. I have to admit, they're not terrible. I still can't stand the reinvention of Knuckles' design, but if the characterization is good, I can tolerate it.

What I'm also still not sold on is how the TV series is being marketed as a comedy series. I'm worried it's going to be Warner Brothers-ish in nature, like The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and/or have a lot of immature scatological humor, like cartoons always seem to have these days.

If the trailer is a good example of the humor in the series, however, it was both kind of funny and kind of stupid, as Sonic messed with Dr. Eggman about the name of his robot. "That's false advertising!" LOL. I would certainly prefer that type of humor over what I'm concerned about.

Still, though, I prefer Sonic as a more dramatic thing. The two Adventure games and the much-hated Shadow the Hedgehog game are very good examples of a more serious approach.

The trailer does end with an intense moment and even some friendship hurt/comfort and squee, though, so maybe it won't just be some comedy series. Maybe it'll have a good balance.

The best thing of all about the trailer, though? Hearing a familiar voice for Dr. Eggman. OH YES. Welcome back, Mike Pollock! I am so glad they kept him on even though they changed all the other voice actors.


Oct. 29th, 2013 10:43 am
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So I finally decided on what to do for Halloween. Wal-Mart actually still had some of the bat wings (the first time they've had them this late since they introduced them!), so I decided I should grab them up and for once do a proper Rouge the Bat cosplay with the wings included.

It also occurred to me that perhaps I should have considered a human Twilight Sparkle. I adore seeing everyone's ideas on human versions of the Ponies, because each one is so unique and shows their love of the character, and I remember considering such a costume in the past and thinking I probably had something around here that would be suitable for the kind of clothes Twilight would probably wear. The main thing I'd need would be the wig, which ... might be difficult to find, I don't know. Then Hot Topic has those cute accessories sets to cosplay various Ponies, but yikes, the price on those is outrageous, even after the 50% discount I saw when I was there two weeks ago.

I also saw a blurb about the season premiere of the show next month. It seemed so far away when we first heard the season would start in November, and now it's almost upon us.

I'm lukewarm on what I read about it. It certainly has the potential to be awesome, but it could go either way. And I'm still awfully lukewarm on the whole alicorn idea for Twilight. Which has made me waver slightly on the idea of the Build-A-Bear plush again, but in the end it probably won't change my mind, since it's the only Twilight they have and she's just gorgeous.

Amusingly, even though I know their Twilight has the wings, I barely remember a thing about them. I was so focused on her face and the beautiful rooted hair. And the softness. They had a couple of "built" Twilights on display and I was definitely enjoying looking them over and petting them.

I also realized that because of my great love for the character, I probably want at least one type of every incarnation of her. So, one small figure, a Fashion Style figure, maybe also one of each in alicorn form, too; I love the small alicorn figure, a regular plush, an alicorn plush, possibly the very small Ty plush Hallmark carries (it's a lot better looking than the tiny Funrise plushies and even has brushable hair like the big plushie!), and probably even an Equestria Girls doll. I almost bought one of the latter last night, but the design and how out of proportion they look keeps turning me off. Then I wasn't sure if the legs were durable; they looked like they might not be. But some of the fans tell me that the dolls seem to be very durable, so that would make my only grievance the disproportionate nature again.

I don't think I've loved a female character this much since Meroko Yui.

And my October Writing challenge is done, save for some touch-up work I need to do on one of the entries. It feels good to have been triumphant, but bittersweet too. Now I'm back to wondering a bit what to write. The October Writing challenge drove me all through the month. I still have my challenge at [ profile] 1drabble; I have about twelve more themes to tell the rest of my story in 500 word increments, as per the word limit of each drabble. The story is definitely choppy when told this way, but it's an interesting challenge. And I have the story on Dutch Ingram that I started. But the latter is puzzling me a bit, as it was from the beginning. I hope I'll be able to get it done, but I have the feeling chapters will be more sparse than for my first Rockford multi-chapter. I love Dutch, but I haven't bonded with writing his interaction with his wife like I've bonded with writing the friendship between Ginger and Lou. I can't get enough of those two.

Perhaps next month I shall tackle a lot of [ profile] 31_days themes again (maybe with a lot of Ginger and Lou adventures, like I did with most of the October Writing challenge). For the first time in a while, I love a great majority of the prompts! And they were fixed up by a friend, so I'm doubly anxious to work with them. After reading through them again, for the first time in even longer, I feel like possibly taking up the challenge of a month-long commitment and writing a short connecting piece for every theme. They're all so great that I hate to think of picking and choosing, and combined they sound like a grand adventure story.
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So it really just hit me while I was looking out at the beautiful orange and yellow leaves on the trees in the yard and thinking how the sun hasn't quite come over the mountain yet.

Man, October is almost over. This is the last Sunday of the month.

It's quite a bittersweet feeling. I love October so much. And I remember back in the day when we went off of Daylights Saving Time today instead of a week from now. Ah, such good times.

It sure was stupid to extend it with the excuse that it was to keep kids safer on Halloween. Most of them still wait until after dark anyway, at least around here! People don't want to be trick-or-treating in the daytime! That takes away a lot of the spookiness and fun of it.

I remember when I was a kid and Mom and I would go crazy decorating, putting big fake webs all over the living room and kitty cutouts in the windows. (One time a real spider got into the web and sat there with the fake ones. Oy vey.) I always loved that, even moreso because Mom and I would often do some of our fun verbal role-play while we were doing it.

I don't know why it is, but for years now I've found decorating rather tedious, so we haven't done much of it. I get so frustrated when it takes so long with things not going right, like the Christmas lights tangling up or other things, that I really only like doing the barest minimum of decorating. I always think, though, that if I had the money there's lots of lovely Halloween and Christmas decorations I'd like to buy and have around.

I also don't know what I'm even going to do for a costume this year. Money has been tight and when I have it, I prefer to spend it on things that will get used all the time and not just on one night in October. Last year I just did some weird ghetto thing, putting on my M*A*S*H shirt and my YGO dogtags and my camouflage cowboy hat, and I suppose I was just a random nurse or something at the 4077th. I always think maybe I'll buy those fake wings at Wal-Mart so that for once I can do a complete Rouge the Bat costume, but they always seem to be gone when I have money set aside for them, and then this year I'm trying to balance out the money among other things. But we have to go grocery-shopping one more time before Halloween (and get the candy), so perhaps I'll still get the wings, if they still have them.

I actually had four costume ideas or so, but they all would have required the purchase of some pre-made stuff that I just couldn't see myself forking over that much money for. But I thought of Ishizu or a steampunk Mai, and crossplaying Jim West or Snakes Tolliver. I might still do a ghetto Ishizu; my hair is fairly perfect for it. The problem would be not having a dress that looks like something she'd wear.

I've almost got my October Writing challenge completed. The long entry was finished last Sunday and went up on time, even though I didn't think I'd ever be able to manage getting done for the opening of the ten-day window for posting it. Now I just need one final short story. My original idea was to end it with something silly, the way I started it, but then Mom gave me another serious, creepy idea and it immediately took precedence. If I could just think how to start it, I could get cracking on it. I'm puzzling over it because I'm running out of reasons for Ginger and Lou to stop somewhere freaky. I've already had the car break down, run out of gas, and just plain get lost. So I'm trying to think if their last ghost would come to them instead of them accidentally going to her.

I wish I could get to the Build-A-Bear and get Twilight while it's still October. I want one more lovely drive in the autumn leaves before it's November. They usually are mostly down by then.

Also, I hear the latest round of Funrise plushies have appeared on the East Coast. I'm anxious to get Celestia and Cadance of those when they arrive out here, but I want the Build-A-Bear Twilight more. I might end up asking for the others for Christmas if I don't have them by then. Hopefully the Wal-Marts out here will get them in time for Christmas, as I assume that's the point of releasing them at this time. It would be ridiculous if they're held up as much as Octavia and Applejack were!

And then next week The Queen of Peru (Ginger and Lou's episode) is going to air on MeTV. I'm wondering what to do about that, because while I do have the DVD version, I wonder if I might like a back-up VHS copy. And while I might like to have a back-up, The Rockford Files airs right during the news. Dad already has to watch a later broadcast of news on Sunday because we record Cannon. I'd hate to ask him to miss the other live news and just watch on his computer because of hoping to record something else. **headdesk.** Although if I didn't have any copy already, I definitely would ask.
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Finally got chapter 4 of The Malevolent Mugging done and up. I'm a bit off-schedule, as last week I managed to alternate a chapter for a fic every other day. Saturday threw me off due to ... various things.

It's always a bit difficult for me to write actiony scenes, as in the second half of this chapter and as in the current chapters of The Moving Wound. I love watching action, but it's hard for me to focus long enough to write it. I prefer writing character interaction and introspectiveness, but the action has to be there too.

And it seems like I have some of my weirdest dreams during the little moments when I doze off for maybe fifteen to thirty minutes. In the morning I had one of those moments and at one point dreamed about dancing with a big Sonic plush. A big furry Sonic plush that looked just like the classic Sonic available in Toys R Us right now. Only bigger, more like my 20" Shadow.

I woke up wanting involvement with Sonic stuff again and browsed to see what was new. I try to get there every couple of weeks or so.

When I had a longer period of sleep, I dreamed about playing a Sonic game on some handheld device. I think I was playing as Knuckles, either that or he had some major involvement in the plot. And I think Steve was involved somehow, but I'm not sure if he was featured in the game for some weird reason or if I was watching Perry in the dream or if Steve or Richard Anderson happened to be randomly visiting the house. Weird.

I tend to dream about things both when I have them on the brain and when I haven't had much to do with them for a while and subconsciously want to. I think I need to play a Sonic game again.

I wish there were more furry plush out. I have a furry Sonic from years ago and love him, but since the dream I've idly been wondering if I'd also like the recent one that resembles the one in my dream. I kind of don't think so, though; I like to save my money for things I don't have at all. And though it would be fun to have a Sonic plush whose spikes aren't felt, I love my old Sonic dearly and can't really think of getting another.

Shadow, on the other hand, I seem to keep buying in various versions. I'm interested, maybe, in the 13" GE plush, despite not being furry, because it looks amazing. People say it's the most accurate one in a long time. It looks like it might look even more accurate than my 20" Shadow.

And I would still like a big, furry Shadow, if I could find a good deal on an accurate one at a point when I have the money.

Maybe I'll keep wanting to buy Shadows (even if I don't actually get any more) until I'm satisfied I have the perfect one.
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Since Dreamwidth decided to temporarily open things up for people to get accounts without codes, I decided I might as well get one while I could. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, though. Maybe mainly random assorted musings, like I wanted to use my Insanejournal for. I wish Dreamwidth had that cute ladybug theme that Insanejournal has. And I wish we got more than the standard 15 icons. But it's a nice-looking place. I have a theme called Winter Court, so I decided to be funny and name all my pages court-related things.

You know, it's funny. I've been a Mario fan a lot longer than I've been a Sonic fan. I knew about Mario when I was three or four, about four years before Sonic. And yet the only merchandise I had was given to me: a couple of Valentines, some awesome science card samples I was sent in the mail, and a ROM of an out-of-print game collection.

This year, in the last couple of months, I've ended up with some Nintendo merchandise I purchased. On my birthday I found that Toys R Us was having a sale on all Mario stuff. I went on a mini-shopping spree and bought a blue Mario shirt and a Mario backpack plush. And I got a limited edition scarf free with the purchase.

Even though I love both Sonic and Mario, and think there's no reason why both can't be loved, I honestly felt a little guilty at first. I wondered if I should have bought more Sonic merchandise instead, since his franchise is my favorite of the two. But luckily I soon got over such guilt and am thrilled with my purchases.

F.Y.E. has backpack plushies too, but their prices have become atrocious. They were charging $25 compared to Toys R Us's $16.99! (And I got the Mario plush at a further discount.) However, for Christmas they've had a sale where they charged $16.99. They're the only place I've seen Luigi other than online. So I decided while we were out shopping a week or so ago that I should buy Luigi with my share of some Christmas money friends had given us. I did exactly that. It looks awesome to see Mario and Luigi plushies sitting on my bed after wanting such things for years. I remember cutting a picture of Mario out of a magazine when I was about four and saying it was a plushie for one of my figures. And longing for it to be a real plushie that I could have.

F.Y.E. also had sales on a lot of TV show box sets. I got Perry Mason season 2, volume 1 and The Wild Wild West season 2 for Christmas. Each was only $14.99! And I bought The Wild Wild West season 3 when I got Luigi. With it being such an amazing sale, I decided I should milk it for all that I could.

And my gosh, Mario games are so much harder than Sonic. Or at least the old ones are. With Sonic you have rings, and if you're hit you drop them and you can usually gather at least some of them up again and keep going indefinitely. With Mario the coins have no bearing on whether you live or die. You can be plowed down in an instant by walking into a baddie, even if you have plenty of coins. It's so aggravating!

Also, I find it amusing that while Yoshi is one of the most popular and well-loved characters in the franchise, I barely know anything about him. The games I usually played were the first ones, before Yoshi ever came into it. The characters I'm familiar with are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and Bowser. While I don't know much about Princess Daisy, however, I am very fond of her. Mostly that's a bias due to her name, I suppose. And I know about Wario, despite never playing games with him in them. Luigi's counterpart Waluigi freaks me out. The main thing that creeps me out, for some reason, is the upsidedown L on his hat. I don't know why, but it looks creepy to me.

My latest Perry mystery is proceeding very nicely. I was thinking about the climax, but I don't think I'll muse on the details here, as I may be having some visitors who are reading the story. I want to keep this one's twists a surprise. But I will say that I'm in chapter 7 now and hoping that I can set things up for Paul and Hamilton to interact more. Right now they're separated, each trying to convince certain people who don't remember that what they're saying is the truth. I want this disaster to bring them closer together, even to the point where they might finally consider each other friends.

And you know, I've never been a really big meat fan. I eat it on pizza and in stews and soups, but when it comes to eating it plain, I don't particularly care for it. It always seems so dry. I love cooked cold turkey, but I rarely like it heated unless it's drenched in gravy. And I don't like roast beef. It mushes around and takes forever to eat.

I do, however, have an insatiable love for chicken and pork. Particularly chicken with that wonderful crunchy breaded stuff on it. Pork I happily eat down plain or on sandwiches or with cheese.

I rarely eat meat of any kind, though, other than on pizza. Mostly we use meat substitutes. I love Morningstar Farms, dislike most of Boca's, can't stand Gardenburger, and generally like Veggie Patch. I actually feel a bit guilty for not liking Gardenburger, as I think they were the first. And without them there might not have been any others. But I just don't care for their varieties. There's too much mushroom, too much rice, and too much of something else (maybe seasoning). I've tried several kinds and I just can't get into it.

I really wonder what it is that Hobbits see in mushrooms. I don't hate them, but they're certainly not a go-to food for me.
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I find it ironic and melancholy, that the above is the title of the last Perry Mason episode. I wonder if that was done on purpose? The storyline involves a film set, but the title could easily be a reference to the show's end as well as the plot.

It was a very good ending episode. I liked it a lot better than the color episode overall. But one thing I was surprised by was Mr. Burger's reason for wanting to apologize. Hearkening back to the days of season 1, Mr. Burger had an especially severe outburst during one of the two hearings in the episode, believing Perry was up to his antics of skirting the law and this time, setting things up to make Mr. Burger look ridiculous. (Something Perry would never deliberately do, as he has a great deal of respect for Mr. Burger.) Such outbursts concerning Perry skirting the law happened a lot in season 1 and became tiresome (although at the same time I couldn't fault Mr. Burger that much, because the things he thought Perry did were usually things Perry did do to some extent). But after season 1, that level of outburst began to recede. (So did Perry's eyebrow-raising methods of protecting his clients.) Even when Burger became upset in later seasons, I'm not sure it ever went back to season 1 proportions, until that final episode.

The books' author, Erle Stanley Gardner, appeared in that episode, playing one of the two judges. I have to kind of wonder if he wanted the last episode/the episode he would be in to be more like the books and therefore requested Burger to grow that incensed once more. It was really quite a jolt after season 6.

But in any case, Burger's awkwardness and guilt at the end was adorable. That's one thing that I'm pretty sure the book version never had. That Mr. Burger would probably never dream of apologizing. I almost wonder if his outburst in the episode was more because he was humiliated at being led into a trap (which was set by the witness alone and not engineered by Perry in any way) and not that he really believed Perry had any involvement. Hence, that would explain why he calmed down without it being expressly said that he learned the truth. (I'm not sure if he did.)

Or maybe it was just the formulaic writing rearing its head again. Mr. Burger and Perry made excellent sparring partners without needing to throw in the extra element of Mr. Burger suspecting Perry of illegal activities (although he was often justified in the early episodes), but the writers always seemed to like to go back to that now and then (despite rarely letting it grow to season 1 levels). Maybe it's kind of like how the Sonic the Hedgehog writers like to keep making Knuckles gullible over and over so that it's really a headache. Knuckles is still my favorite character, and I just try to ignore the awful rehash writing because it doesn't make sense anymore. No one as smart as Knuckles could really be that gullible again and again. But they keep writing it, I assume because they think that makes the Sonic and Knuckles conflict better. It actually just makes Knuckles look stupid.

... And I got a silent giggle when Lieutenant Drumm exclaimed to Perry that Perry must have really turned Mr. Burger on. Of course, Drumm was referring to Mr. Burger's anger and not anything else, but I could imagine how slashers might take it.

In other Perry-related news, I had a very disastrous burst of insomnia yesterday due to my nervousness over a bunch of things that needed to be done later that day. When I finally fell asleep after all was accomplished I had some very interesting dreams, especially one where some creepy witness in court had it in for Mr. Burger and suddenly pulled a gun and tried to shoot him. He failed, but two or three bullets sailed around the courtroom, much to everyone's shock and horror.
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Kim had an excellent idea of taking a 30-Day fandom meme, splitting it in half, and doing a bunch of the questions all at once. I was particularly interested in this meme, so I've taken the first half of it. I'll probably take the second half when she posts it.

01 – Your favorite all-time fandom(s)

Gosh, I’m not sure. I met a lot of my dear friends through my YGO writing, but I try to stay away from the fandom in general. There’s a lot of awesome people, yet there’s also a lot of scary, immature people, and sometimes they’re more prominent.

Princess Tutu has a really good fandom. The fans are mature, agree to disagree, and engage in deep and fun discussions.

When it comes to specific shows, Tutu and YGO both top the list. And I love classic TV shows, but it isn’t always easy to find good fanbases for them. The Perry Mason fanbase is very active, however, which I’m thrilled about.

02 – Your current fandom

Perry Mason. The characters are old friends to me, after spending more than a decade observing their adventures, and I finally realized how fiercely loyal I am to them.

03 – First fandom, the one that made you the fangirl you are today

Gosh, I don’t know. I’ve always been incredibly loyal to shows and characters I love. I suppose my first fandom was probably Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates, when I was four. (And it seriously hurts that most people don’t even know what I’m talking about and are only familiar with the Disney version! Fox’s characters were so much better and more three-dimensional.)

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? would probably fall under that first fandom category too. I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for it again lately, probably because we’re nearing the 20-year anniversary of its debut. (Gosh, I feel old.) Detective shows rule. It was the detective element that made me determined to see the show when it first came out. I thrilled at the picture of the cool guys in fedoras in the TV Guide.

04 –First, current, or favorite fandom crush

First would be … oh, Heavens, I don’t know. It depends on which show came first. But my early crushes were Mr. Rogers (there we go with that older men thing), Chuck, Captain Hook (from the Fox version), and Sean Altman.

Current would be Simon Oakland and William Talman. My favorite of Simon’s characters is presently the controversial Lieutenant Schrank. For William, it’s always been Hamilton Burger.

Overall favorite…. I can’t be expected to pick just one.

05 – Your fandom secret

I … don’t think I have one that I haven’t already revealed.

06 –Favorite song that brings fangirl tears to your eyes

I can’t think of one, honestly. I have lots of favorite songs, and sometimes I do cry over some, but I don’t think I’ve fangirled said songs or their artists. Oh, except maybe some of the Full Moon wo Sagashite songs. They are absolutely phenomenal. And when I remember key scenes in the anime when they were played, I do sometimes tear up.

07 – Your OTP(s)

As most people know, I am not a romantic kind of person. Give me a good friendship any day and that’s what I’ll squee over.

Nevertheless, romantically I do love Seto/Téa (from YGO) and Fakir/Ahiru (from Princess Tutu). Their interactions are highly intriguing. I just wish there had been more canonical interaction for Seto and Téa.

08 – A fandom that you thought you wouldn’t get sucked into, but ended up getting sucked into anyway

Probably Perry Mason. I did my homework when it was on back in the day. But secretly, instead of reading, I was watching it more and more as I became deeply interested in the characters. I looked forward each night to pretending to read while watching it instead. (I was very prideful and unwilling to admit I was nuts over a show my parents were watching. It’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve wound down and let my interest really show.)

09 – One of your favorite characters

It seems it should be someone I haven’t talked about much before. I get tired of rehashing and I’m sure people get tired of reading me rehashing.

So let’s see … let’s go for someone completely unexpected. Knuckles, from Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic was my first favorite until Knuckles came along. I was there right from the beginning, with the introduction of Sonic 3. I didn’t get to play the game unless I was at Toys R Us or a friend’s house, but I loved it and the character all the same. I had the Archie comic where Knuckles made his debut and was thrilled. To this day it’s sometimes hard to imagine Knuckles having a different speech pattern than he had in that comic (which was that of a streetwise tough guy), although I love Dan Green’s interpretation for Sonic X and some of the games.

And exactly why was it that Knuckles appealed to me over Sonic? I’m not fully sure, but I think his mysteriousness had a lot to do with it. And I was intrigued by his and Sonic’s interaction. And I loved that he was an antagonist who turned to Sonic’s side when he realized he had been tricked. Knuckles is also more serious than the happy-go-lucky Sonic, and of course, everyone knows how much I love serious characters.

Also, let's say Hamilton Burger. I've talked a lot about why I love him at the Perry blog, so I don't want to rehash too much here. But I really admire him for his strong sense of justice, as previously mentioned here. He and Perry may sometimes have different ideas on how to achieve justice, but in the end, since they both want the same thing, they cooperate. Plus, I love his hilarious expressions and comments. And the way his character clearly develops through the seasons, starting with being closer to the frustrated antagonist of the books and expanding right away to be so much more than that. Even when he and Perry clash in season 1, it's obvious from a lot of episodes that they are growing close. And it becomes more that way season by season.

10 – Your favorite scene or moment from one of your favorite fandoms

Gosh, just one scene or moment?

Well, I discovered a new favorite Perry Mason scene last night. I was watching The Golden Oranges and Perry is trying to prove that a dog didn’t bite someone. Mr. Burger overhears the court case and comes in to see what’s going on. His expressions are priceless. At the end he goes over to Perry and asks, “Is business really that bad?” LOL. And I have determined that season 6 just may be my favorite season. Mr. Burger is so different from season 1, so relaxed and openly friendly with Perry in, it seems, most of the episodes.

11 – The fan art, fan fiction, cover song, cosplay, etc. that you’ve made that you’re most proud of

I still say Lead Me Through the Fire is some of my best work, and certainly my favorite long fic.

I am also really proud of all of my non-fiction work lately. I co-run the Simon tribute blog and I have my own Perry blog, and I try to make each post on both very mature and intelligent and professional (while still keeping a casual air at times). And I know this doesn't belong on this meme, but I love the articles I’ve been writing for money (which I don’t have the option to share, as I’m ghostwriting for the time being). I was given the highest rating possible for an amateur writer when I submitted my writing sample to the site.

12 – Your favorite fanartist or fanfiction writer

I don’t have one. All of my friends, let’s say.

13 – The best cosplayers of your fandom that you’ve seen; the ones you consider to be real-life versions of your favorite characters, OTP, etc.

There are cosplayers I can think of who are favorites, but I don’t have their links (and usually not their names) handy. I love Puchiko’s Autor, pictured on And there are some incredible Sailor Moon cosplayers out there.

14 – A group of characters from one of your fandoms you’d love to hang out with for a day

The Sailor Senshi, on a day when they’d just be hanging out at the mall and not fighting demons.

15 –Your favorite collectible/merchandise from your fandom that you most cherish, or one that you wished you owned

Just one favorite piece of merchandise? I can’t quite think of one piece I cherish above all else; my favorite material object isn’t from a fandom at all. (Well, I guess technically it could be; it’s a Holly Hawk Hobby quilt. Yeah, when I was little I couldn't say Hobby and Hawk stuck instead.)
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... The fact that Christmas is eleven days away is both frightening and exciting.

I've been working with various gift ficlets and pics, trying to get them ready and to determine what else I need to come up with. I'm surprising some people, whom I have a good idea of what they would like, but for some others I'm still trying to work out the details. I have a good idea of what some of them would probably like as well, but I'm not entirely certain I can deliver, which definitely prompts a dilemma.

Last night we had a look at what's available in the stores. I saw that some things have finally come into my area, including the Vector and Espio figure set. That caused much silent squeeing. It looks really amazing in person! I looked over each box until I found the one that looked the best, since I know best what errors to look for on the Jazwares figures, and asked for that for Christmas.

I got hold of a Randy Travis Christmas album I'd wanted last year. I was thrilled to find that Wal-Mart had them again. Our local one didn't have any last week, so we went to a different one and I found one there.

I also was able to use the $10 in Borders Bucks I was given by Borders (basically like a gift card/certificate) to get a couple of Hardy Boys books. Combined with a lovely 40% coupon, I only paid $1.25 out of my bank account.

I love Borders so much. Their Rewards program is free, unlike all the other ones I've seen (except the one for Smith's grocery stores). And I get so many discounts. Then every now and then they send me Border Bucks because I'm a preferred customer.

It really is sad, how few Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books Borders has these days. There were only a scant few Hardy Boys hardbacks. There were a few more Nancy Drews and two of the recent paperbacks. For once, Barnes and Noble has actually been having a wider selection than Borders. I've seen many more of those books there.

In reading a recent Hardy Boys book (one of the new kind told in first person), I thought the characters' personalities had been a bit exaggerated and that at times they were OOC. But after reading an old Casefile book, I realized that maybe they weren't. Their personalities in the Casefile book were extremely similar to what I read in the recent book. So now I want some more of the recent ones. I've seen some really interesting looking ones when browsing at Amazon and

We passed one of those private neighborhoods and it had an intriguing name: The Whispering Willows. It sounds like a Nancy Drew book. Now I want to write a mystery fic called that and feature a mysterious old house surrounded by old willow trees. I've seen a house surrounded by poplar trees, which looks rather ominous in its seclusion. I'll probably use it for partial inspiration.

I'm wondering if this mystery will be the American Tutu mystery I've been thinking of. I've been trying to think of more of a plot for it other than "Ahiru, Autor, and Fakir are in America because the ballet class is performing and Ahiru convinced Autor to play their music so he could come with them! And Ahiru has trouble with English and loves touring! And then a mystery comes along for them to solve!" Or maybe there will be more than one American Tutu mystery (i.e., maybe there will be an entire series of mysteries). As much as I love writing paranormal mysteries, I think my true love is mysteries with criminals. And even though the setting for this mystery will be creepy and there will be ghost rumors, I think there will only be mortals haunting this house.


Sep. 25th, 2010 08:39 pm
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I posted this at [ profile] sonicstuff, but I'll ask here too, in case someone here knows the answer.

I'm not 100% sure, but it seems like a while back (at least a year ago, but I think possibly longer) I found an AMV on YouTube of Sonic X clips with the song One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. It focused on Tails and Cosmo, and while this morning I went searching and did indeed find one, the similarities to what I'm remembering end there. The one I saw today didn't seem to be timed very well, except at the beginning and near the end. The one I'm remembering I'm pretty sure flowed near-perfectly, and the most important identifying feature was that during the choruses at "I know you're shining down on me from Heaven/Like so many friends we've lost along the way" it showed clips from some of the other character deaths/supposed deaths on the show. The only character I'm certain was featured in those clips is Shadow; possibly Maria and Molly also were.

Does anyone know if something like this existed?

Also, regarding the G.U.N. Commander. During his intense pursuit of Shadow in his game, did the Commander ever address the fact that Shadow had nearly given up his life to save the world during the events of SA2? I'm wondering whether he didn't know or whether he knew but it made no difference to him. This second question is directed towards [ profile] northeastwind, but anyone who knows the answer, feel free to jump in.


Sep. 19th, 2010 01:39 am
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I want an icon of Shadow with his machine gun that says Indestructible. **first needs to find where you can download decent screengrabs from the games/anime.**

Looking for pro-Chris art involving Shadow seems to get more frightening every time I attempt it. It's very rare to find any at all, and ... it's even more rare to find some that isn't slash. Shadow/Chris. **headdesk.** I really, really don't get the attraction of human + animal pairings. It's rather disturbing.

I attempted drawing a picture yesterday, of Chris holding a lifeless Shadow. Shadow actually came out really well, for being drawn from memory. I only had trouble with the quills on his head and had to look up a reference for them.

I ... kind of wonder if I dare cross-post the picture to dA when I'm done with it, though. I can imagine getting a flood of scary anti-Chris comments. My Sonic fics have been well-received on, however, so I might chance it.

I've also been working on my Sonic X "season 4" project lately, trying to alternate it with Tutu fics. I got chapter 2 done and now have started chapter 3. Shadow encounters Black Doom. And now Station Square is under attack.

The picture I was tinkering with is from the fic's climax. (I outlined the entire fic in my "episode guide" last year.) I'm also a little nervous I'll get people mad for pulling a "Shadow is dead" scenario, since Sonic X gave us two of those (and since there isn't one in Shadow's game). However, I have two reasons: 1, Both times in Sonic X, they didn't have the body; they just believed him dead because of the circumstances. Morbidly, I wondered how the scenario would change if they had the body. 2, I really love the squee part in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 where Sonic is revived after being killed by Mephiles. And ... I couldn't help it, I wanted to try it out with Shadow as the victim.

Also ... while I really love my little Shadow plush, I can't help wanting one that's a better cuddling size. XD; I still regret I was never able to get the now-coveted SA2 Shadow plush before stopped selling them. After much research, I've determined that the next best thing would be the 15" Shadow from the Sega Prize Europe line (seen at the top of this page ). They look wonderfully accurate, furry, and sturdy. I've contacted someone who may still have one for sell.

On a related subject, it really annoys me that a lot of plushies these days seem to be made with a feltlike material. Whyyy? Animal plush should always feel furry! (Well, you know, unless it's a reptile or something. LOL. Though I do have some furry reptile plush that are soft and awesome. Including a crocodile (or is it an alligator?) named Malik.)


Sep. 13th, 2010 08:48 am
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Remember that Sonic merchandise list I posted last year? I think it's time to add to it and post it again.

- Archie Comics #0-3 of the original mini-series; #10-#15, #20, #115, #124, #149, #161, #171, #203-#207 of the regular series; Knuckles' Chaotix Special; Princess Sally three-issue mini-series; #1-#4 and #10 of Sonic Universe; #40 of Sonic X
- Tiger Electronic handheld games of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 (really showing my age here.... I've been a Sonic fan since 1994, when these were out and popular)
- 12-inch plushies of Sonic and Tails from '94-'95 (Sonic was a Christmas present in '94; Tails an Easter present from '95)
- 15-inch Knuckles plushie from ... well, I got him in 2001, but I think they started manufacturing him a year or two earlier. He has the Sonic Adventure design. (Why doesn't sell plushies anymore?! ;___; They had the highest quality ones! The ones that turn up on eBay are usually just blech!)
- 4-inch plushie keychain of Fang the Sniper (made in Japan!)
- Once I bought some gum with Knuckles on the wrapper. I wanted to keep that, but I don't think I still have it. ;__;
- Knuckles figure from the Sonic X line
- Sonic & Knuckles Collection PC games: Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles
- Sonic 3-D PC game (the jerky camera movements make me sick....)
- Sonic R PC game
- Sonic Adventure 2 American release soundtrack (yes, I know half the tracks are missing. Someday I'll get the original Japanese release....)
- One pack of six Sonic X trading cards from season 1 (including a Knuckles card!)
- Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog video cassette with Grounder the Genius and Blank-Headed Eagle (two really bad episodes, from what I remember. But most of the show was really pretty bad. I could hardly stomach it when I tried watching some of it last year.)
- Sonic Underground DVD with four Knuckles episodes
- Sonic X DVD set with the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 adaptions (awesome dub-work, too. I don't care what the dub-haters say. And yes, I have seen quite a bit of Sonic X in Japanese....)
- Sonic T-shirt with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in their Sonic Adventure designs
- 7-8 inch Shadow plushie
- Sonic Heroes PC game
- Sonic X DVD set of the first 13 episodes
- Sonic X messenger bag with Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow
- Accompanying pins of Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow
- Knuckles and Shadow PVC keychains
- Sonic Select #1 graphic novel and Sonix X DVD set of the latter half of season 3
- Red shirt with Shadow

EDIT 10/10/10:

- 3.5 inch Jazwares figures of Sonic, Tails, and Shadow (with his motorcycle)
- 20 inch Great Eastern Shadow plushie (ordered; should be here this Thursday)

I also have various Sonic X episodes recorded from TV.

Even though I prefer the SatAM TV show over The Adventures of ..., I think Archie Comics has handled the SatAM universe much better. I never did quite like the SatAM TV show, and while it was because it was too dark for me when I was a kid, now it just doesn't quite click with me on several levels. Part of it is likely because of my preference to Archie Comics' version (which is also pretty dark, actually), but it's also because I really dislike Sonic's characterization in just about everything pre-Sonic Adventure now. XD; Everyone got such better personalities when Sonic Adventure came along that I feel a bit pampered and spoiled. I don't always like Sonic in the early Archie Comics, either, for that matter, but he has developed so much over the years that I just love him in it now. Archie Comics and character development are close friends.

And I am very likely going to do something strange, just as soon as I have more gift card money to spend buying stuff online. I am going to buy Shadow the Hedgehog for the GameCube. That will then force me to stop dilly-dallying and buy a refurbished GameCube from GameStop. (It's $29.99, seriously. If it really works, as they "guarantee" it does, then I can't find a better deal.) I was bemoaning the fact that the two Sonic games I want most, that one and SA2, have never been released for the PC. But they are both on GameCube. And there's some other games I'm interested in for that system, including Sonic Gems. The PS2 version of Shadow's game is half the cost, but the PS2 is much harder to get hold of, plus, there's not many games I'd be buying for it. The GameCube version would be a much more logical choice. And I feel the need to buy it quickly before it stops being sold new at a reasonable price.

It was actually a choice between the game and the DVD set when I picked the DVD set. The reason being, those are already out of print and the price on them is just going up and up. This could be my last chance to get any of them at decent prices, and I don't have many of the episodes from the latter half of season 3. (Just three Aubrie recorded for me because they were on when we were moving and maybe a couple of others.) I realize the dub was worse in season 3, but I still love the voices and want the episodes to own, not just to stream online, so I think it's a worthwhile purchase.

And EEEE! I found this site on Saturday: It's a Sonic collector's dream! XD; I spent literally hours on there and still didn't get through nearly all that there is to see! And after researching all the different figures, I've concluded that the recent small line is the best line to start getting. Gosh, I'm so giddy about them. I haven't been this excited about figures in ages! I kind of burned out on my excitement for them because of my long and frustrating experience trying to get Zack, and then after all that, ending up with one whose legs aren't even the same length, so I'm pretty thrilled to have my figure excitement back.

And! They're making Espio and Vector figures! *___* The prototype pictures have been released and they just look amazing! Charmy is sure to follow soon! **claps!** Chaotix figures! This is so exciting! **squees!** The only thing that could make me sail over the moon even more would be if they'd get the rights to release a Fang figure.

I have also determined that the Sonic X Chris figure would probably be correctly in scale with these smaller figures, since the animal characters (excepting Vector and Vanilla) are supposed to be shorter than him. The problem is actually finding one. Albeit Chris figures are cheaper than others in the Sonic X line. Maybe I'll find someone who hates him but has a figure of him for some reason and would sell it to me.


Oct. 12th, 2009 03:03 am
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Pictures are up! **will color at least some of them eventually, particularly the creepy one.** I'm actually quite proud of it especially.

Squee! ^O^

Oct. 4th, 2009 07:28 am
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W00t! X3 Picture up!

It was an awesome day. ^O^ And the celebrations will be extended; the shopping part will be on Monday.

Crystal and I are doing an RP of the Duke undercover thing, which is definitely giving me more ideas for the possible fic version. X3 We did a lot of that in the morning and some in the evening. I've also been RPing with Kaze and chatting with her and Lisa.

I got two Clair Poulson novels (my favorite author, a local one who writes suspense), the Sonic X DVD set with the first 13 episodes, and new, soft sleepwear. X3 I also got some awesome cards from family and friends. And a pizza. XD

My aunt sent a gorgeous multi-tiered necklace that reminds me of falltime. *___* And a computer dictionary and thesaurus program! **squees!** So useful! She also sent a check, which I plan to put to use this coming week. X3

I got some wonderful digital gifts, too! Crystal wrote me a mystery fic! *___* So awesome. It was just like a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys story in the Carmen verse!

Lisa made me an amazing Dissidia Cloud and Seph colorbar (which is on my profile; go look)! ^O^ I haven't played in that verse too much, but it's still so intriguing. "Legendary Love" is a perfect tag for it!

And Kaze sent this squee-worthy Sonic X bag! Ohmygosh, it's got my three favorite characters on it: Knuckles, Sonic, and Shadow! And matching pins! ^O^ She also sent an awesome frame thing with the saying "No road is long with a good friend" and our picture in it. X3 Plus a CD of all the pics she took over our three days together in August when she drove up for the concert. ^O^ Which I still need to do a write-up about!

My camera was doing weird things during that time, and her parents just got digital cameras after that and were getting rid of their manual ones. Kaze had asked to have them, and since there were two, she wondered if I'd like to have one since my camera had been acting up. X3 So that came too! **anxious to try it out.**

In addition, my birthday present to myself arrived on time (LOL): four Sonic comics. I've been buying Shadow issues like crazy. In the past few weeks I've accumulated Sonic Universe #1-#4, Sonic X #40, and the regular Sonic series #124, #149, #161, and #171. I have plans to get more. X3 Plus I still want that Sonic Select compilation with the early Knuckles stories! The four that arrived yesterday were Sonic Universe #1, #3, #4, and Sonic #161. Also, a survey check came. X3

I also started drawing a pic of Duke breaking down after killing the assassin. o.o His pose is actually coming out really well; the hard part is getting the right intensity in his expression. And drawing the assassin face-down on the floor. I have to do that, or the picture won't have the full impact.

And Dad borrowed a VCR! **squees!** I've been watching YGO episodes. #85 (the one where Shadi saves Tristan and Duke), some Noa's Arc stuff (and totally loved Duke even more after watching the three-way duel against Nesbitt), and some Doom stuff (I'd intended to watch Yami Y vs. Raphael, but I ended up watching Joey vs. Mai instead. XD;). LOL, some of those dub lines are hilarious! Like Duke's comment after Shadi pulls them up: "That was *not* fun." **snarks.** And 4Kids recycled that line for Sonic X; Cream says it after one of Bokkun's bombs goes off.

Also, I totally forgot about Valon's hilarious snarking during the duel against Mai. Like when Joey merges Helmos and Time Wizard: "Run! It's a croquet hammer with wings!" LOL! And when the numbers appear above Mai's monsters: "Thanks for the counting lesson, mate! Next time maybe you can teach me the alphabet!"

I just love Duke in the three-way Noa's Arc duel, as I mentioned. He was so logical and practical while trying to save everyone. I doubt Tristan would have lost if he'd trusted in Duke's plan. But he seemed to think Duke was only looking out for himself, and since Nesbitt had forbidden them to discuss their strategies, Duke couldn't explain. ;___;

I'd forgotten that Duke was the first to be turned to stone by Noa. o.o I'd also forgotten that Tristan is the only one shown reacting. (In the dub, at least, not even Serenity is shown or heard reacting, whereas she does audibly react when it's Tristan.) I need to see that scene in the Japanese, just for curiosity's sake. Tristan and Duke really are intriguing. I haven't done a lot with them solo, but in the mystery fics they were often in scenes together. And of course, the conflict between them in Life After the Tears, when Duke seemingly goes rogue....

Why didn't Duke ever go rogue in canon, BTW? It was always Tristan being mind-controlled. I would have liked to have seen it be Duke, even once....

And ... guess what? The dub made Duke sound a lot worse in #85 than he was really supposed to. XD; Dub version has him telling Tristan girls like men of action and Tristan isn't one, he's just a pathetic cheerleader. Original version has him say that since Tristan isn't related to Serenity and isn't her lover, he's got no right to question Duke's motives in connection with her. And he thinks Tristan should just tell Serenity he likes her, though he's sure he knows what her answer will be. (And of course, the physical fight itself was cut too. XD; Even though all that happened was that Tristan threw a couple of punches that Duke dodged, and Duke elbowed Tristan in the stomach.)

But in spite of all its flaws, dub YGO is still the real deal for me. XD; I can't think of one voice I prefer in Japanese over English, unlike with Sailor Moon (where I also started with the dub and then saw the Japanese version). And I love the instrumental scores. *___* The only character I still refuse to call by the dub name is Rishid. XD; And that's mainly because for the longest time I never knew his name had been changed, so when he suddenly was called Odion it was an immense shock to me. Oh yeah, and I always use Miruko instead of Mikey. But other than that, it's dub names for me! And the silly in-joke of Duke's undercover name....

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