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So a long time ago Dad wanted me to add a bunch of Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and Gary Cooper movies to the Netflix queue. Naturally he wanted dramas, not comedies, so I looked through what they had and tried to add every drama that sounded interesting. Unfortunately, they had an incorrect summary for the movie Only Angels Have Wings and I thought that brief summary sounded so interesting that I got the thing without looking up more in-depth information.

It was ... pretty lame, honestly. Not super terrible, but not great either. It was just kind of ... there. And while the summary made it sound like Cary Grant's character had made some terrible error and was spending the movie trying to regain respect from the other pilots, that ... wasn't how it was at all. It was some other dude who made the error, and honestly, it really was a super bad one. He bailed out of a malfunctioning plane and left his mechanic to die (which he did ... die, that is). Apparently he deliberately left the guy to die because he was a coward. That was the impression given, anyway, rather than that he bailed out thinking the mechanic was bailing out too. And his wife had acted really awful with Cary Grant's character in the past, and she was supposed to be acting really awful about her current husband, but they didn't do a good job of showing that. She wanted to know what he had done that was so horrible it was causing everyone to shun him, which is a normal reaction for anyone. Apparently she wanted to know for her sake and not because of his, but they didn't really bring that out very well. So instead the movie came off looking like it was bashing the idea of a wife wanting to know the skeleton in her husband's closet in general. Naturally she should respect his privacy if there are things he doesn't want to/feels he can't tell her (which was something Barbara Keane on Gotham couldn't seem to grasp and was one of the main things that ticked me off about her), but sometimes if you really love someone you want to know everything that's going on in their life, especially if it's something that's bringing sadness. And honestly, this character was coming off as just being worried about her husband. If Cary Grant's character hadn't gone off on a tangent insisting she was only concerned about herself, I wouldn't have realized that was what they were driving at. It was still hard to believe it after he said it, because the woman just wasn't being portrayed that way.

There were a few moments of humanity, mostly involving the best friend of Cary Grant's character, and I did like that they showed Cary Grant's character felt things deep down but just tried not to show it. That was moving on some level. But mostly the movie felt very cold and emotionless and macho, really. And it was supposed to have a lot of exciting scenes of planes flying, and there weren't that many, honestly. Most plane scenes were close-ups that were filmed on a soundstage. I find it hard to believe that such a blah movie could have actually been the inspiration for a TV series like Tales of the Golden Monkey (which was the inspiration for TaleSpin, according to Wikipedia). TaleSpin, with all of its heart and soul, couldn't be more different from this thing.

And I had a dream today about Charles Nelson Reilly being dead (which he has been for ten years) and them doing some kind of tribute with his All Dogs Go to Heaven character feeling sad about him being gone. Also, H. M. Wynant was in it for some reason. That was a nicely depressing thing to wake up from, especially considering how special Charles Nelson Reilly and that character are to me. I became obsessed with All Dogs Go to Heaven during a very discouraging time in my life and the movie and that character really helped to buoy me up. I really didn't need to have his death fresh in my mind again right now.

I hope tomorrow's Pony episodes are good. I wasn't that impressed by the trailer, but I am remaining ... cautiously hopeful. I'm also not that happy that the main characters and Spike get transformed into sea creatures in the upcoming movie, but hopefully it's just for a scene or so. I am excited that we're getting Sea-Ponies in general. And all the merchandise planned for the movie thrills me and makes me very nostalgic for the G1 era.

Also, now I've gotten so far into my Turtles timeline and Barney has improved himself and his relationship with Baxter so much, it's kind of depressing reading back on the older fics where they're still having problems. I still feel kind of weird about the fact that I created most of the details of their problems, albeit they definitely had some in canon judging from Barney's episode. At least I don't feel outright guilty about it anymore. That dark and depressing and twisted fic I read certainly cured me of that.

It's strange when I have one thing planned for a character and something totally different happens. Both with Baby Face and Snakes, I never intended for them to be anything other than bad guys. Then I got intrigued with various elements of how I was writing them and that's what caused me to flesh them out. With Barney, it was sort of the same thing, as I started out planning to make him like the 2003 Baxter, albeit with a little more humanity. Then I decided that wasn't fair to the character when we knew so little about him in canon and I wanted him to be better than the 2003 Baxter, who was basically sane but evil. So Barney became much more troubled instead, and unlike the 2003 Baxter's idiocy, he regretted being with Shredder and Krang more and more until he started working against them at times and finally turned against them altogether. Now he's actually turning his life around and it's lovely.

Ugh, I hope I feel happier later today. That dream really did bum me out and I was also feeling a little depressed from looking in one of the earlier Turtles stories, as mentioned. And then other unhappy memories came to the surface again that I would rather not talk about.
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I do think I'll probably need to do a little altering of my plans for what happens to Amory in The Malevolent Mugging. Basically, the idea was for the bad guys to culminate their weeks of torturing him by making him think they've abducted and killed his wife. Ugh. And that pushes him to the point of a nervous breakdown and he goes into a catatonic state.

The blurb I did several years ago has his wife, Edith, coming to him in the hospital and managing to bring him out of it. I read it over, and have been thinking over the idea, and I think I'm slightly uncomfortable going ahead with the original plan, probably mainly because of the hospital setting. I remember how I burned myself out on writing any hurt/comfort stuff for Carmen Sandiego when I took one fic too far for comfort. I have the sense that I may feel the same sort of discomfort if I proceed with the Amory plan as originally intended.

I'm thinking instead that maybe I'll alter it so that Amory will be needed to solve the mystery and he'll be shell-shocked and catatonic, alright, but maybe not running a fever as in the blurb and not in the hospital. Maybe he'll be with some of the characters instead, with them trying to bring him out of it, and maybe he'll manage to snap out of it when they're confronted by some of the bad guys. And Edith will be found alive, of course, and there can still be the squee reunion with them.

I wrote a little bit of the Riptide fic again, finally. It doesn't seem like there's a very big fanbase for Riptide multi-chapters, at least not if the focus includes characters from a particular episode, and apparently not if there's some hint of possible supernatural activity (and maybe not if it's gen; it seems like so much of the active fanbase prefers slash), so I've mostly had that fic on the back burner lately. I still intend to finish it, though, just for myself if no one else. But it could take a while.

I also keep wanting to do an Equestria Girls scenario based on the Magical Mystery Cure Pony episode, where the characters' memories get switched and each thinks they're supposed to have a different talent/destiny than they do (but they totally flub everything since they don't really have those talents). There are some fun songs as they sing about that and as Twilight tries to help all of them regain their true memories. I would like to see an Equestria Girls scenario where something similar happens, but with Sunset Shimmer trying to help everyone get back to normal. I'd definitely have to think and plan on what would happen to cause such a thing, though, since there isn't the same level of magic in the human world as there is in the Pony world.

Also, I had a weird dream where we were watching a live performance of something or other and at different intervals they'd do these five-minute Talespin plays. There was some screwy thing with Don Karnage undercover as a ship's captain and then a fun big reveal scene complete with him cackling. Maybe that was brought on by my thinking about my OC Karnage (who, yes, started out as the Talespin character but eventually became someone else instead). I can't think of any other Talespin-related stuff I've done lately.

It was an odd dream, but so much nicer than the creepy dream where we went back to the old house, apparently to fix it up to sell, and discovered it was haunted by a malevolent spirit. Freaky. And some animals were hanging out in the house, including the cat that we took care of out there (and brought out here to live with a family member, though he didn't last long here before he died).
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Bleh. Saturday was spent mostly in pain. I hate when that happens, especially when it's so bad I can barely think straight. The only good thing about it is that when it's that harsh, it's usually gone sometime the next day. I'm definitely grateful for that, but I feel bad that I really couldn't converse with people when I was trying to.

This past week I've been amused thinking back to when I first became interested in Boba Fett. I had the figure of my brother's, as mentioned, and I wondered who he was. Mom and I looked on the figure chart and found his name. Then I wanted to see him in action, so we watched the Star Wars films again (or rather, the latter two, since we didn't have a copy of A New Hope back then) and ... well, it was pretty much instant intrigue.

Then I started doing very strange things. I had Kit and Molly from Talespin become Boba Fett's wards. I don't know what happened to Rebecca. I do remember at that time I was on the rocks with Baloo, which was totally unfair to him. I think it started because I didn't like the way he acted in the episode Stormy Weather, which was childish of me since he was only worried about Kit getting in with a creep and doing dangerous things. But so anyway ... Kit and Molly were Boba Fett's wards. And I made up silly posters on some pink paper one of my aunts gave me that said "The Kit and Molly Show! With Boba Fett Too!"

Mom thought it would be nice to give her one of the posters, so she could see I was enjoying the paper. So I did, and she read it aloud and Dad was there and went, "... Hey, isn't that the guy from Star Wars?" and I wanted to sink into the floor.

I also remember that one of my first hurt/comfort adventures involved Kit bringing Boba Fett ... somewhere, and saying he wouldn't wake up, or something (I was six; I don't think I knew a big word like "unconscious" yet). And then after a while I was embarrassed by the whole thing and when I had him wake up, I wasn't sure how to have Kit react and it was all very weird.

I used to occasionally draw Boba Fett, but all that armor was confusing to figure out, so I didn't do it very often. I did draw Kit and Molly a lot, badly. Mom drew better, and I'd have her draw paper dolls of all the characters we used in our stories. So there were the paper doll storylines and the action figure storylines. Later on, since later we mostly played with figures and there weren't existing figures for everyone I wanted in the stories, we developed a verbal-only storyline that we still have ongoing today.

I remember other oddball adventures back in the day like Kit being a brat and pretending he had amnesia and saying his name was Guacamole, because I thought that was a hilarious word. LOL. Poor Kit. I did such weird, weird things when I was a kid. And I had no concept of OOCness.

Leonardo Turtle owned a restaurant with his brothers. Probably a pizza parlor. LOL. Later on he sold it to Rebecca.

Don Karnage and Mad Dog hung out together. I wasn't crazy about Dumptruck or Gibber, so they weren't there. Over time, Karnage and Mad Dog pretty much became OCs rather than the Talespin characters. Eventually they really only shared the names and a couple of key personality traits (Karnage's conceit, Mad Dog's whining). I even redesigned them as other animals (Karnage as an Alaskan Malamute, Mad Dog as a Siberian Husky). The OC versions became the central characters in the stories I used to write and sell in the old neighborhood to get money. I also created a skunk character, Jackly the Pew, who was originally based on the Tiny Toon Adventures character Jonny Pew. (Jonny ended up being Jackly's brother.)

I created a whole bunch of skunk characters actually. I loved Fifi on Tiny Toons and she entered the storyline, as did Miss Skunky (an orange skunk who cameos with Jonny Pew in the episode), Red-and-White (a blundered version of Miss Skunky when I couldn't remember what she looked like), and a collection of girls either inspired by Fifi or who were early attempts at drawing Fifi when I didn't have a picture to be looked at: Viva, Vivi, Vifa.... Vifa, who started out as a sweet girl, eventually showed her true colors as a femme fatale and became one of my primary antagonists even today (albeit as a human version, not a skunk). I first tried that in my sixth YGO mystery and it continued from there.

Later, Vifa developed a twin sister named Flo. Flo was originally just Vifa in disguise, but then I wanted her to be another actual character. For the longest time, I had trouble giving her a separate personality from Vifa, but recently I differentiated them by having Vifa interested in money and jewels and Florence interested in power. Vifa could be pettily bent on revenge, while Florence didn't usually bother with that. Lately, however, she has gotten so frustrated with Ginger and Lou overturning her plans against them that she has made it a personal goal to defeat them someday.

Meanwhile, Jackly (or Pew, as we started mostly calling him) started out as an antagonist, frustrated by Karnage doing stupid conceited things and Mad Dog being embarrassed and whining and bawling about it. It was only after Karnage enlisted in the Army that Pew started becoming friends with Mad Dog. Eventually, they actually became closer friends than Mad Dog and Karnage had been.

Karnage drove General Stilton (from The Cat From Outer Space movie) utterly mad with his nonsense of wanting to look in mirrors and shiny hubcaps and anything else that resembled a mirror. Karnage eventually made friends with Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H. Yes, we said "Screw time periods!" and pretty much added anyone we wanted. The setting was the present day, but anyone could wander in from other eras, at the same age they were in the other eras. And characters like Karnage remained anthropomorphic animals, while human characters stayed human. They co-exist together very easily.

Karnage was in the Army for many years, and then left to marry a mirror. LOL. It was a gag based on something from years earlier, when he'd talked about it and Mad Dog talked him out of it because he wouldn't be able to go on dates with anyone and back then, Karnage was a Casanova and loved dates. But this other time, Mad Dog couldn't talk Karnage out of it and Karnage said he regretted listening to Mad Dog that first time. There was a big wedding in New York City, with Lieutenant Schrank from West Side Story very unhappily running security and Ron Updyke from Kolchak: The Night Stalker being abducted by a bunch of rabid Karnage fans that demanded that Karnage be allowed to marry the mirror or they would keep Ron hostage in a hot-air balloon.

Ah, good times.

Currently the main characters are in Los Angeles, where they've mostly been for three years, since Karnage married the mirror and went to L.A., where he burst into court and got on the witness stand and said, "I solemnly swear that I'm glorious." Hamilton Burger's expression was priceless. LOL.

There was a sanity hearing, which dragged on and on because the judge and Karnage's lawyer were crooked (something Karnage was oblivious to), and Mad Dog and Pew and company came out from their main residence to participate in the hearing. Eventually Karnage was put under the observation of some doctors, who are fascinated by him and aren't much help, except for keeping him from doing dangerous stunts like getting on bridges and screaming about being wonderful.

Both Vifa/Vivalene and Florence pretended to be nice girls and talked with Pew, who wanted to give them a chance to start over despite thinking they were both awful in the past. He learned their true colors later and felt deeply betrayed. Then he met Virginia, a mysterious girl who likes to steal things and then pretend she didn't, and generally is a mercenary out for a buck. Her full origins are still unknown, but she causes trouble for the characters every now and then, including Ginger and Lou.

Fifi worked for a private-eye character called The Tester, who used to test Pew with mystery scenarios to train him to be a detective. The Tester is the English Cat from Scat Cat's Aristocats band in disguise, albeit I've never conclusively revealed that. Fifi eventually disappeared and they're still not sure what happened to her, but a girl resembling her has surfaced in London. She has amnesia and was found wandering by Simon Templar, who took her in as his secretary. She has adopted the name Patricia Holm, the name of Simon's girlfriend in the books. This is the TV Simon, so there is no real Patricia. And since Fifi is an anthro skunk, there is no romance going on between them. If she has any feelings for Simon, she will keep them to herself.

And as if all this nostalgia isn't enough, today I woke up with an urge to finally write my sequel to my fic for the much-hated TV show The Batman. I honestly really enjoyed the overhaul and found the series very fun and fascinating. About six years ago, I wrote a oneshot examining their version of The Riddler and then did a multi-chapter involving him that ended in a mysterious way. I never abandoned my idea and desire for a sequel, but I've just never got around to it. Now, suddenly, I really want to do it.

I re-read the oneshot tonight and will probably re-read the multi-chapter tomorrow. Maybe I'll re-read the three Riddler comics from The Batman Strikes! tie-in comic series, too. I really only liked the first one of those, though. And I especially detested the last one and felt The Riddler was OOC and the issue didn't live up to the awesomeness of its cover. I remember I planned that my sequel would tell the story that I thought that comic issue would, based on the cover.

I also want to bring in the idea from the main comics where The Riddler eventually at least semi-reformed and became a private detective. The first multi-chapter I did ended with him supposedly dead, but his body missing and a paper left in the freezer chamber that had the first riddle he gave Batman on it. I'm not sure I ever will reveal how he got out of the morgue, since there should always be some mysteries surrounding him, but I'm thinking the sequel involves him turning up as a private detective under his real name and staying in the shadows for a while, only revealing his identity to Batman and Yin later on.

I really hated that they dropped the Yin character from the show after season 2. She was awesome! And she certainly should have at least been in the episode where Ethan comes back to himself, since they were partners.

I don't know when I'll actually get a chance to start writing any sequel, though, or if I really will at all despite the abrupt burst of interest. I've got all the October Writing stuff to work with, and an idea to write a book about season 1 of Mannix, and I've been seriously neglecting my Perry blog lately.


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I have such weird dreams. Like today, I dreamed I found what was either a sequel or a TV series based on Oliver and Company. I popped it in and started watching it. At first it was a fairly normal adventure with the dogs and Oliver, and there was some friendship squee with Oliver and Dodger.

Then another of the episodes (ah, it must have been a television series) was about one of the characters (Rita, I think) having previously been a witness to something they were calling the CloudKicker Murder. I thought, Oh wow, Disney is crossing this over with TaleSpin? How does that work when they're different time periods?

But I went with it and watched. It was based on TaleSpin and Don Karnage (who was apparently the murderer) showed up to silence the witness(es).

That episode resulted in the characters first becoming anthro animals to better interact with Karnage and later, ending up human and being tortured. I remember one scene of one of them, with long kind of auburn hair, chained up. He kind of reminded me of Tiger's-Eye from Sailor Moon.

I don't recall how things got resolved, but Kit CloudKicker was apparently not dead and suddenly appeared to help out in the climax. The dogs exclaimed they were glad he wasn't dead and it ended with them back to being regular dogs, striking a pose with Kit.

Weird, weird stuff. I'm guessing my interest in the Amazon Trio from Sailor Moon helped inspire some of that, but I don't know where Oliver and Company came from. I mean, I love it, but I haven't thought about it in a while.

And speaking of Sailor Moon, I keep debating whether or not to buy the big Sailor Mercury doll. I have a set of the 6-inch ones that I treasure from Aubrie, but I still hope to get the big ones too, or at least Mercury if not any others. (I have civilian clothes Usagi, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, and two Chibi Moons.) I'm following two listings right now for MIB Mercurys. It's very difficult not to just snap one up. One of them ends in two hours.

The problem today is that I'm also waiting on the delivery of one or two gift cards from Amazon. I'm wondering just what I want to buy in this batch of Amazon stuff and how far over the gift cards' price it will take me. The prices keep fluctuating, so I can't just pick the stuff now and know what I want. If the prices go up again, I'll have to pick something different for now. I don't want to pay $31 for the Perry DVDs, for instance, when at their lowest price they can be $21. But no matter what I pick, it will probably go over the gift cards' price by at least a few dollars, so I like to have as much on hand as possible until I've decided and made the purchase.

So I'm up in the air wondering when the gift cards will come; one of them is overdue. And I don't know whether to buy the Mercury doll because of waiting on the gift cards and the Amazon purchase. And I don't have much time to decide, with one listing ending tonight and the other tomorrow. Bleh.
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Fanfiction will rule the world, baby.

I was writing fanfiction before I even knew what it was. I dictated silly stuff to Mom and she wrote it down. I remember concocting odd little things about Beetlejuice (TV version) and Darkwing Duck. I was about five then.

My love of it never waned. I wrote stories with the Talespin characters for years. When I got online in 1998 and discovered other people wrote stories too, it was Heaven.

Fanfictions, when well-written, are a treasure trove of new adventures for characters loved and admired and a way to study them out and see into their minds in ways the canon material sometimes doesn't show.

I am still thoroughly enthralled with fanfiction and expect that to continue without end.
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Crystal compiled a list of intriguing, fandom-related questions from a comm. I started thinking about one and decided to answer it. If anyone else wants to do it, knock yourselves out.

What are your five favorite cases of amnesia in fandom?

Cut for Sonic X spoilers )

Also, a week ago I saw some of Sonic Underground. I've always been mad at them for taking Tails away (sacrilege!), but the fact that Knuckles is in four episodes has always been enough to entice me to try those episodes. Honestly, Knuckles is about the only thing that could have gotten me to watch that version. LOL. I found a DVD at Toys R Us with those four episodes, so I bought it.

It's actually not a bad show; I *love* the poignant theme song and was amazed by it. But I don't think I'd be interested in watching it without Knuckles. XD; Especially since it ended without resolving the main storyline.

Sonia's voice is *awful*, but of course, that's because she's played by a guy. LOL. Jaleel White plays Sonic and both of his siblings. **snarks.** Sonia, in personality, reminds me of Amy Rose somewhat. But thankfully, she doesn't hit people with a hammer. And as for the brother, I like his personality ... but Manic?! What kind of a name is that?!

Sleet and Dingo are strange. I love Sleet's voice, though---a clear tribute to Peter Lorre. Dingo has a typical Aussie accent, like I picture Fang having in my Sonic X fic. But ... Sleet can turn Dingo into anything he wants---from a motorcycle to a boat to a safe?! WTH!? That is just BIZARRE. DO NOT WANT.

Knuckles is ... very interesting. After he determines Sonic and the other Hedgehogs are friendly, he makes friends. There seems to be no rivalry with Sonic. Also, his voice establishes him as one of Sonic's contemporaries, instead of making him sound years older. And as much as I love Dan Green playing him in Sonic X, that's exactly what he does. XD;

This Knuckles also has a pet dinosaur (?!). And in some ways, he actually seems more sadistic than any other Knuckles incarnation. I mean, he was pretty much roasting Sleet and Dingo and going to feed them to the dinosaur. .____. Um, no. Just no.

I didn't much like that first episode with Knuckles, but it does get better. The other three episodes are connected, and they involve him and the Hedgehogs trying to save Mobius after a Chaos Emerald shatters and starts bringing chaos upon the whole planet. o.o At one point, he feels forced to make a deal with Robotnik to save Mobius, by turning over the Hedgehogs in exchange for help in finding the Emerald. And it's treated in an extremely powerful and poignant way, with Knuckles not wanting to betray his friends, yet feeling trapped because of the greater good. As soon as he realizes Robotnik's tricked him, however, he saves the Hedgehogs. They forgive him and they set about trying to save Mobius together. X3

And LOL-worthy dialogue: Sleet and Dingo discuss the warning "Beware the Echidna." Dingo actually asks "... What's an echidna?" **snerk.** Just the way he said it was so amusing! And if Dingo is a dingo, it gets more amusing, since dingoes and echidnas are both native to Australia.
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Notes: I don't really consider anime to be the same as cartoons, so I'm not sure whether I'll include it in this. XD; I'm thinking No. Let this be a trip down memory lane for old American 'toons. As well as extolling the recent ones I'm watching.

**Edited with a little bit more.**

Yay cartoons! )
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I can't remember why, exactly, but when I wrote Ghosts I came up with the idea that Sherry and Vodka don't like each other a whole lot. Though I only described things from Sherry's POV, and how she thought that Vodka was difficult to get along with and uncommunicative. But that idea has stuck with me, and recently I started getting ideas for Vodka's own feelings about her. He believes that one way or another, she'll be Gin's downfall, and hence, he doesn't like her much because of that.

I started thinking about an episode of Talespin I watched recently, the Polly Wants a Treasure one, about Baloo and the parrot arguing. XD They had a great line in that when they both yelled, "The only good thing about you is Kit!" I found it interesting that in that episode, the two rivals did not end up bosom buddies. It seems like that's how things often go sometimes in shows. But that time it ends up with them only respecting/tolerating each other because they each care about Kit.

Hence ... I started writing a blurb with Sherry's and Vodka's different feelings for Gin, and their feelings about each other. I don't know what I'll do with it; it needs some tweaking, and I may just keep it for my own amusement instead of posting it anywhere. Though I do like it, and with tweaking I may find it good enough to post.

I liked a scene I did for an RP with Lizzie over the weekend. Ayumi has been taken, and circumstances lead people to believe that Gin did it. Haibara, who's been developing another, temporary antidote, secretly takes it and goes to confront Gin, wanting to get Ayumi back but believing that she herself won't come out of things alive. They have a very fascinating conversation, and Gin ends up kissing her. XD She's shocked, of course, as is Lizzie's OC, who stumbles on them just then. (And Vodka was probably shocked too, but we didn't see his reaction....)

I tried to come up with a logical, IC reason why Gin didn't kill her when he saw her. I ended up with several reasons. First, because it's a complete surprise to him and he's already occupied with trying to get Ayumi back from Ling. He doesn't want to spend time on this other thing right now, and he claims it wasn't enough of a challenge for them to simply stumble across each other. (I think he somewhat enjoys the hunt for her. It's a test of brains.) Also, part of him doesn't want her dead. Part of him still wants her back. I like to think that the reason he didn't outright, immediately kill her on the roof was a mixture of him wanting to prolong her suffering and the fact that he just didn't want her dead.

I may tweak the scene around and throw it in No Way Out. I'm in love with it. XD

I tried to illustrate him kissing her, and her being shocked, but it didn't come out the way I wanted. I drew it on the wrong scale accidentally, the one that makes it hard for me to draw bodies right, and I see now that it's the wrong angle, too. I should have done it from the opposite side, for the interesting reason that Sherry is poking a gun into his abdomen with her right hand, while her left hand is on his shoulder, as if she partly is enjoying this kiss and partly wants to pull away. I thought the gun could be visible from the angle I used, but I see now that it won't be. Also, the way her head is tipped back made it look weird with her body. I need to find a picture that illustrates something like her pose so I can draw it accurately! (The kiss itself actually doesn't look too bad, to my surprise....)

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