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May. 8th, 2016 05:11 pm
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So I've been thinking a lot about Mike Trevino lately, as evidenced partially by the long post I did on Tumblr this past week. He's figured a lot into some of my recent Ginger and Lou pieces. It's been very interesting developing Mike and Ginger's interaction throughout the past three years and actually getting them to a place where they actually like each other and are comfortable being around each other. They don't confide in each other and probably never will, but Ginger finally apologized to Mike for the shooting (whereas previously he had only apologized to Lou).

I've thought off and on for years that I should probably make a Mike plushie to go with my Ginger and Lou plushies, but sewing is such a pain that I've always put it off. I decided I should really do it, so I used a coupon on Friday to get another pre-stuffed doll at Jo-Ann's for half-off and am planning to start work on the plushie this week, since I have materials for ears, hair, and pants already here. I'm already trying to start by finding a good picture of 1970's Joe E. Tata that I can use as a guide in making the expression, which I practice many times on paper before actually applying to the plushie.

On that, I'm running into some trouble, as it seems like most of his 1970's characters don't have much to smile about. I can't use a more recent picture as a guide. And the only 1970's shots I've got of him, save one, are side views. I'm going to need to get out everything I have with him guest-starring and study it for possible shots. If I don't draw the expression from an actual picture of the person, it never looks as accurate.

I finally solved my Amazon problem by waiting for another gift card that was just about ready to come and then using all of that plus a little cash to get the complete Cannon boxset. I waffled a bit on whether to really do that, since I'd end up having to pay a little more cash than before and I'd been hesitant to add that much cash. But the price was right and Cannon is a show we love in general and not just when darlings guest-star, so it seemed like a very wise investment. I don't have a lot of episodes recorded compared to how many there actually were, and I don't know if the ones I have might be cut. Some of them look like they might be. Crystal encouraged me to get the boxset and last Saturday I finally did, with no regrets. It came yesterday and Mom was thrilled. We watched a couple of episodes, including Don Knight's and the second one with Joe E. Tata.

Joe had a pretty big part, unlike a lot of the times when I see him. He appeared to work for an old man who did a lot of crooked things but had never been caught at it. I say "appeared" because he really seemed to be so much more than just an assistant. They'd been together for years; Cannon mentioned a drug operation that both Joe's character and the old man were involved in eight years ago. He spoke as though they were more like equals or partners in the operation, although I admit that could have just been my interpretation. But there was much more as evidence; it seemed like they lived in the same house, either that or Joe's character Higgins was just over there all the time. And when the nutcase in the episode sets a bomb in the old man's car and he's seriously hurt, Higgins is extremely distraught. He goes to the hospital and is there for hours waiting to hear if he'll be alright. Of course, an assistant or other employee could be that devoted to their boss, but all in all, I got the vibe that maybe even if he technically was an assistant, the relationship was more like a surrogate son and father or extremely close friends. We actually never learn the old man's final fate, but I like to think that he did pull through since Higgins would be so sad if he didn't.

In thinking about it in the hours since, I determined that there are two basic criteria that need to be met, in general, if I'm going to be intrigued by antagonist characters to the point of wanting to write about them. #1, For them to show some indication of caring about someone, and/or #2, That there is some indication that redemption is possible.

Of the two, #2 is the more important reason for me. That could manifest in several ways, including reason #1, or by them doing something decent, or even just by the idea that they will be going to prison and maybe they can be rehabilitated. In this case, while #1 is definitely present, there didn't seem to be any indication that either Higgins or the old man would be or could be interested in changing the way they handled life, so despite being curious and interested in their interaction, I seriously doubt I would write about them.

In the past I somehow got so intrigued by Gin and Vodka that I ended up being willing to write about them performing their jobs as assassins, although the stories were more about them as characters than about what they were doing. But I am still appalled that I did that. That just isn't me. More recently, when writing about Ecks and Wye, I did have to touch on their canonical jobs a bit, but mostly the stories were about them running for their lives after canonically betraying the organization and trying to start over and go straight. I still had to write Wye as having some darker views than I am generally comfortable with writing, but I tried not to touch on that as much and I did have him finally determine, at least, that the organization with which he had been affiliated did do things worse than most governments.

Sometimes I don't intend to get intrigued by a character and I end up doing it anyway because of what I'm writing about them to flesh them out. That was what happened with both Sephiroths (especially KH Sephiroth) and Snakes Tolliver. It also happened with Baby Face Morales. I had honestly originally intended that he would be the dark foil and counterpart to Micky and nothing more. I wrote The Return of Baby Face Morales with that idea in mind and I did not have the character show any redeeming qualities at all, that I recall. But then when I wrote the sequel and had to have Baby Face work with the good guys and later when I wanted him and Tony to patch things up, I got myself intrigued by the idea of him being more of an anti-hero and also developing his interaction with Tony. That was how and why I ended up changing how I wrote for him and started diving into his past and trying to flesh out possibilities of what could have made him such an angry and dark person. Some of it probably went into sob story territory and I might not follow that exact backstory now. I seriously doubt that I'd write about him at all anymore, really, both since his and Tony's story is probably as a standstill and since he really is a dark character and not one I'm that comfortable writing for anymore. If I were to do anything with those characters again, it would probably be to finish that hanging story about them and the Monkees held captive by mad scientists, and/or to keep writing that crossover with Kolchak. Tony Ferano would be the main character in the latter. I toyed a little bit in my last burst of Monkees stories about Tony and whatever goodness he still has in him. If I were to write about him again, I might further that angle and have him finally break away from Baby Face and try to get his life back in some semblance of order again. Even though I'm probably not comfortable writing for Baby Face, I have to admit that I do still love Tony. Jimmy Murphy's portrayal of him was classic.

Of course, Ginger is really quite a dark character too, so it's possible that in the future I will also not want to write about him anymore, either. But in his case, there was that actual chemistry I sensed between him and Lou (which could have been chemistry between the actors) and that is really what set the whole intrigue off. The fact of that chemistry combined with their interaction in general just fascinated me for some reason and led to me being unable to stop writing about them. And in their case, they really are trying to go straight after their stint in prison (something Baby Face would likely never do), so it's not uncomfortable writing about them. So I really hope that I will never feel differently about that, especially now that I've learned some more information that might possibly put a different spin on the elephant in the room of the shooting. I went into that in detail on Tumblr. http://lucky-ladybugs-lovelies.tumblr.com. Of course, as I say there, I will never be fully satisfied on that, but this is the best I can do to handle it. And in my timeline, as I mentioned, Ginger finally has apologized for that.

Bottom line is, I usually really don't want to like or get intrigued by certain characters, but sometimes I do because of those criteria.

Occasionally, I suppose, I can also get fascinated by a character for one other reason: if it feels like they got a bum deal in canon. Dutch Ingram would fall in that category, because the idea that he committed a murder was just shoehorned in, said by Ken Swofford's highly questionable character, and there was no proof it was true. I still don't believe it is, and that is the basis of my Rockford fic featuring him. But if it weren't for feeling like he wasn't the murderer, I doubt I'd write about him. He isn't really the type of character I like either. I don't think just the fact of Christopher playing him would have made me want to write about him, since I don't want to write about every character played by a darling.

And I need to decide what to do about another Amazon gift card I got. There's no chance of any other one coming soon, so with their changed policies I'm thinking maybe I should get a few books with this one. I considered that recent set of Kolchak short stories, which I want to get since I know the author of one of the stories, but I keep hesitating on getting it since I don't know if any of the stories deal with Tony (Vincenzo now and not Ferano, heh) and his and Kolchak's intriguing relationship. I know that in general, the prose stories do not. That collection of 43 short stories I have only has one where Tony really gets to shine, so in a set of 14 stories, there's not much chance Tony will have good screentime. The comics are better than the prose at giving Tony stuff to do, but I don't know if there are any graphic novels out that give him a lot of "screentime" since there are also some comics where he doesn't appear much. If I knew of any I don't have with good Tony content, I would jump to get them.

Other possibilities are Miles Edgeworth manga or Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books or some combination of several things. There are also a couple of new Pony/Equestria Girls books I want, an artbook for the series and a new Equestria Girls novel that will be out a week from ... Monday, I think. I almost always ponder for ages on what to spend gift cards on, since it's a treat I only have several times a year and I want to make sure I get what I really want and what will be meaningful for years to come. Hopefully I'll come to a decision this week.
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Well, I never did actually end up crying about Davy, but I was very badly rattled. I don't think I even realized how much until Thursday morning when I realized I didn't have the heart to write anything and projects were stacking up.

One such project was a post on my Perry blog. I strongly considered not posting at all, yet in another way I wanted to, to mention Davy's passing. So I cobbled together a short post on one of the topics that had been milling through my head. But you can tell I was upset, especially at the beginning and end. It probably looks awful.

I watched several Monkees episodes and plan to watch more in a day or two. The Prince and the Paupers was particularly melancholy, for some reason. But I loved watching it and the others; I had a good laugh.

And oddly enough, that mystery/horror crossover story with Kolchak from last year decided to wake up again at last. I didn't have the heart to work on my Perry chapter on Thursday, but then I got going on Lullaby of Silence again. I already had a few pages done of the next installment, and somehow I was able to breeze through and get the rest of it done. With the Monkees category on FF.net, I was able to post it in the Crossovers section. I'm also crossing it with Perry Mason. It works out too perfect, since The Monkees and Perry both take place in L.A. County. (Kolchak is visiting from Chicago, since I'm not following the Moonstone canon of moving him to L.A.) Pity I can only list two crossover categories on FF.net.

I tweaked the prologue slightly before uploading, so that a Monkee would be present in it. I figured that would be better, since I'm venturing into mostly new territory and these people aren't so familiar with my fascination for Tony Ferano (yet). I just finished uploading The Return of Baby Face Morales to FF.net, so I need to get going on its sequel. But Lullaby could really be read without having read those fics; there's just a slight reference here and there.

Lullaby is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7888603/1/

And I did finally get my Perry chapter done, too. There's a very intense scene with Jerry and his stalker. Now I have to hurry and finish fixing up a oneshot due on Wednesday and hopefully start writing a Kolchak oneshot I got the inspiration for.
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... I almost called it Dreamworks.


Apparently I meant to do this one last May, and never got around to it.

I get restless doing these quizzes lately. I start one because I want a little break, but long before I'm done I start getting edgy and feeling like I'm wasting time. But since I've started it, I like to finish it.

I'm working on my experiment with Hamilton and Mignon and the [livejournal.com profile] 31_days themes for next month. I have three done so far, more or less.


Apr. 8th, 2011 11:44 am
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Last night I spent time putting up The Return of Baby Face Morales at my InsaneJournal. I divided it into even more parts, since after testing some of them at the Yahoo Group I decided they were still too big. It's at 11 this time around. The second half, after the time skip, doesn't even start until part 8.

This morning I got up chapter 2 of the Kolchak/YGO fic at FF.net. I've decided to keep with my original desires for the plot. I've written into chapter 4 by now. I'm not sure how long it will be overall.

I made a few new icons for the InsaneJournal. I recut the one of Tony's classic WTH expression, and made completely new ones with Tony looking serious and one of both him and Vince staring in utter shock and disbelief.

Quick Post

Apr. 5th, 2011 11:50 am
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The fics are advancing. Kolchak/YGO has passed into the third chapter and I've been plotting things in future chapters with Kaze. Lullaby of Silence has moved ahead a couple more pages. I'm about ready to bring the Monkees into it. I'm not sure when Kolchak will appear, but it will be fairly early on, I think.

And unless I've decided to do a separate, paranormal timeline, I've accepted the weird fic, The House of the Setting Sun, into my main timeline. It's referenced repeatedly in Lullaby.

Something I've pondered over for five years is the origin of some of Tony's aliases. I actually had an explanation for "Kissing Clyde", but I forgot it completely, other than that Tony insisted it wasn't his fault. I think he may have tripped and ended up in an awkward position with someone? LOL.

I've also wondered about "Tony the Slasher". It could be taken at face value, but since this is the Monkees, goofy explanations could just as easily be true. (Or maybe goofy explanations are more likely to be true.) After a conversation with Ladyamberjo I got the giggles imagining up a more innocuous explanation for that alias. This dialogue about sums it up:

Mike: ... So, you've helped us out and all.... You don't seem like such a bad guy.... Why do they call you Tony the Slasher?
Tony: ... **silent glare. Slices envelope open rapidly and almost murderously.**
Micky: Ohh! That's why!
All Monkees: ... **really take a look at the sharp letter opener and start wondering if he's ever sliced a person with it.** ... **start backing towards the door, calling nervous goodbyes.**
Tony: **rolls his eyes and sets the letter opener down.**

I think this is my official head-canon explanation.

"Tony the Rock" seems pretty straightforward, considering his cold, unwavering glares.

And "Big Tony", also obvious. Pure irony. He's approximately 5'3".
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I got hold of the final draft script of Alias Micky Dolenz. There are many differences from the aired episode! I have compiled a list of the major ones. If anyone's interested in reading about them, I have it here: http://www.angelfire.com/ut2/daydreambelievin/aliasMDscript.html I'm quite proud of it.

I'm also proud of the prologue of Lullaby of Silence, which I put on the fic journal [livejournal.com profile] ladybug_tales. I'm still debating whether to put it on [livejournal.com profile] monkeesfic.

And chapter 1 of the Kolchak/YGO fic has gone up on FF.net! It is in the crossover category. I decided it really belonged there. I think chapter 2 is almost done, too. It took me a while to decide how to divide it up, which is why it happened like this.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 01:00 pm
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I've been running around and haven't been on too much, but I advanced a little bit on the Kolchak/YGO fic and also got the short prologue done for Lullaby of Silence. It's *creepy.* I'm so proud of it. Part of me wants to post it right now, but I should probably let it set just a little bit to see if I think of anything else to add.

It's going to be a crossover between The Monkees and Kolchak, and it's going to flip back and forth between showing the case in the past and showing it in the present. It's going to be awesome. I hope to achieve the same level of psychological horror I had with White is in the Winter Night. Although this fic sadly won't have as big an audience, it's something I'm going to be very proud of.

I'm also happy with where the Kolchak/YGO fic is going. It's pretty much flowing. I'm going to be exploring Kolchak and Vincenzo's odd but endearing friendship in it. I've already had a scene where Vincenzo freaks out about the investigation and Kolchak deduces that he's worried, which Vincenzo promptly denies. Now Kolchak has arrived at the museum and learns that someone in the Egyptian department wants to see him, which is unusual and a big surprise.
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Something I've noticed, both now and in the past. Baby Face seems to generally be very calm and smooth and relaxed. The only time we actually see him at a murderous level is when Micky accidentally slaps him and his temper bends and breaks and he tries to choke Micky. Even when Micky pretends to be him and is slapping the gang around, he stays cool and collected while doing it.

Of course, there's often the feeling that Baby Face could easily snap at any time. Naturally, if he can become murderous over an accidental slapping, potentially anything could set him off. He's dangerous; there's no question about that.

However, I've wondered if, a lot of the times when people have died at his hands, it's because he didn't control his temper, rather than that he always meant to kill them. I remember having Ruby think so in one fic or another. I'm sure he probably meant to kill some people, such as ones who got in his way, but I'm just not sure if he always meant to. I'm also not sure the title Captain Hargrave gave him, "The Most Vicious Killer in America" really fits. Of course, it is a sixties TV show, and they couldn't show much, but surely there's worse out there than Baby Face. I think there's even been more cold-hearted villains on The Monkees than Baby Face.

So what do you think, fellow Monkee fans? Is Baby Face Morales truly the most vicious killer in America? Or is he truly dangerous, but not the worst out there?

Going along with the subject, here's a very short blurb I jotted out that's been coming together due to that idea I had from watching High School Big Shot. Baby Face is very calm and cool throughout. He seems to be in a fairly good mood here.

Smuggling )

And I have the urge to call this new creepy fic I want to write, the one based on the [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth/Buffy prompt, Lullaby of Silence. I'm still unsure of exactly what goes on, other than that there's these creepy people wearing white tuxedos and top hats going around trying to kill or harm people. But if I call the story Lullaby of Silence, they're probably going to be trying to kill/seriously harm at least some kids, and I definitely wouldn't want them to succeed in that. I have this image of Tony trying to ask one of the kids what she saw and the kid still not able to speak from whatever the people did to her. Also, rather than it being strictly supernatural, I'm thinking that they hypnotize/mesmerize the people into not being able to speak.


Mar. 31st, 2011 10:55 am
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The prompt I want at [livejournal.com profile] sharp_teeth is the following quote:

"Can't even shout, can't even cry
The Gentlemen are coming by
Knockin' on windows, tappin' on doors,
They need to take seven and they might take yours.
Can't call to mum, can't say a word
You're gonna die screaming but you won't be heard."

I'm told it's from Buffy, a show I have never gotten into. But regardless of the source, it's intriguing. It would definitely work well as a Kolchak fic, and I haven't counted out that possibility.

Another idea came to me as well, however. I've been wanting to write a cop fic. And while watching Highway Patrol I had the thought that maybe I should write the prompt with Tony Ferano and have it take place when he was still on the police force. (Heck, if I wanted, Kolchak could be in the fic too.) It could be a really creepy case he's trying to solve.

What I'm not sure of is, if I use that idea, whether the story should be split into past and present segments. That is to say, whether half should be while Tony's on the police force and half should be after he joins up with Baby Face. If I opted to do it like that, I wonder if the case would be unsolved from years before and then reopen in the present or whether it would have been solved in the past but still reopen.

If I do half-and-half it, that means The Monkees and other characters would probably feature into the present segments. If it's just in the past, then Tony would be the only canonical character involved (other than possibly Kolchak, haha). Tony would not have met Baby Face at that time.

And I've started the Kolchak/YGO fic. I'm liking it so far. Kolchak's voiceovers are fun to write. Currently he's matching wits with a police officer.

Oh, and I posted the final chapter of the weird Monkees fics on [livejournal.com profile] monkeesfic. I also got the whole thing up on the fic journal and linked on [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. I apologize profusely for any brain-breaking experienced while reading it.
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My little ghost plunnie exploded into a full-fledged, multi-chapter fic, and a very strange one at that. Now it's the Monkees discovering the ominous home, there's more than one malevolent spirit, and Baby Face was killed during twisted and unexplained circumstances, not a simple gang war. It will be explained later, but for now neither the readers nor the Monkees know what happened. Tony and the other gang members have come back to the house and are telling the Monkees to leave. They know that if the Monkees stay, the same disaster that befell Baby Face will come to them.

I'm trying to think on whom the disaster should start to befall, if any of them. So far I keep coming back to Davy. I'm not sure why I feel like it shouldn't be Mike. If it were Mike, the others would have to deal with figuring out how to save their leader. And that could be an interesting parallel since the gang was unable to save Baby Face. Maybe the more I write, the more right it will feel for it to be Mike as the victim.

There's far more paranormal things going on now than in the initial first draft, which featured only Baby Face as a vengeful spirit as a paranormal thing. It doesn't weird me out as much as that old RP where Tony was defeated by a Doom Reborn member and unwillingly worked with them under their control until he broke free and pushed Baby Face and the other gang members out of the Doom Reborn circle before it surrounded him and took his soul, but I'm still somewhat weirded out by the fic's concepts. I don't know, when the gangsters are such realistic characters and use guns and brute force and intimidation, I feel like paranormal goings-on ruin the realism. But the fic really wants to be written. It keeps coming. So I guess I'll keep writing until either I finish, stall, or am too weirded out to continue.

I'm thinking I may post the first chapter to the [livejournal.com profile] monkeesfic comm. It's much shorter than the chapters and parts I've been trying to post around lately.

... And I was wondering the other day if I could write for George and Lenny from Monkees in a Ghost Town. I just rediscovered that I did, once. They are the villains in an unfinished Bowery Boys fic I was writing. It looks like I didn't do too badly with their personalities.


Mar. 16th, 2011 12:06 pm
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After watching, re-watching, and pondering over Jimmy Murphy's roles, I have determined that Tony was actually a bit of a departure for him. At that time he was still largely playing either characters referred to as teenagers or petty crooks. Sometimes, as in a Dick Van Dyke Show episode that aired in 1965, he was basically a juvenile delinquent. I definitely think he was getting too old to play supposed teenagers at that point, however. He looked more like he was in his early twenties (and in actuality he was in his late twenties/around thirty).

Most of his characters are either cheery or mischievous/obnoxious (or, in the case of Ernie in a different Dick Van Dyke Show episode, hot-headed). By stark contrast, Tony is mature, cold, and calculating. There's definitely a sense that Tony has been around a good deal, seen a great many things, and is in control. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Baby Face knocked heads frequently over how to handle the gang.

I haven't seen enough of Jimmy's later roles to make an accurate assessment on the kinds of characters he took on then. If I remember right, his first Knight Rider character was kind of cautious/distrusting/serious. His second character was distrusting and hot-headed. But he had been a successful businessmen for quite a few years prior to the time of the episode.

One thing that's always been the same is that Jimmy is the master of hilarious facial expressions. No one can express disgust or WTH quite like he can. Without his and Mike Wagner's (Vince's) reactions, the scene in the backroom in Alias Micky Dolenz wouldn't have been anywhere as funny.

Another thing is I don't think he ever played another character similar to Tony.

Switching gears, I was watching Kolchak again and his editor (also named Tony, which could become confusing in this blog) was freaking out yelling about the mess Kolchak had gotten himself into this time and that he could be killed. He also kept saying it was Kolchak's problem and that he himself wasn't emotional at all, even though he was clearly upset. It definitely looked like a classic case of "I am worrying about your safety but I will never admit it!" I loved it.

It's up!

Mar. 13th, 2011 09:11 am
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The complete revised version of The Return of Baby Face Morales has been uploaded to [livejournal.com profile] ladybug_tales. Over the ensuing few days, each segment will be posted to Dreamworld.

Next, to tackle the sequel. I'm looking forward to getting it in ship-shape too. In particular I'm eager to expand a summarized scene with Mr. Fuselli into a real scene.

I also need to finish and upload a couple of Monkees sketches I've been doing, both from Not Your Stepping Stone. One is Baby Face threatening Peter while Tony watches in the background. The other is Peter discovering Micky lying on the roof next to him and trying to wake him.

After reading through the fics of the timeline, particularly This Just Doesn't Seem to Be Our Day, I determined that a couple of things in Not Your Stepping Stone were off. I fixed them. Tony now directs Peter to go into the warehouse when the shooting starts for the second time in part 1, instead of ignoring him. Tony tells him the rival gang will leave him alone if he goes in there. Also, I've altered Vince's line in part 2 where he wonders if Baby Face is going to kill Peter. He still wonders, but he phrases it a bit different. This Just Doesn't Seem to Be Our Day really forced the Monkees and the mobsters to work together, and I think it would have made more of an impression on the next story in the timeline than I made it look. Plus, just in general, since I usually write Tony as a tragic character who really isn't all bad, I don't think he would have outright ignored Peter during the shooting in part 1.
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Yes, Miranda from Mysterious Ways, played by Alisen Down. http://media.battlestarwiki.org/images/thumb/e/e9/Alisenpromo.jpg/200px-Alisenpromo.jpg I adored her aloof, serious, matter-of-fact personality, and the moments where she would let some of her mask slip and be a bit mischievous. It was because of her and her love of black clothes that I decided I wanted to wear black, too. I've never regretted it; black looks good with my complexion. And my skin is so naturally pale that it only adds to kind of a gothic look.

I've been revising my entire Return of Baby Face Morales fic, which is something I've wanted to do for years. I've changed the entire flow of narration so it's not so detached and summarizing, and I've added scenes in place of most of the extended paragraphs with summarized action. I'm pleased with how it's come out. I'll start posting the new version to the Dreamworld group, as well as uploading to the fic journal and linking it up with the Monkees website.

I looked through old messages at Dreamworld to see where I made the breaks between segments, as I figured I'd need to make the same breaks now. That was a burst of nostalgia. Some of the people commenting then are still around now.

I remember I never really wanted to get into Baby Face and Tony warring with each other when I wrote the fic, but I figured it was something I would have to explore since it's canon in the episode that Tony tried to gun down who he thought was Baby Face. Reading over them plotting to kill each other definitely made me a bit uncomfortable. Writing for criminals doing criminal acts isn't really my thing, so it always surprised me that I wanted to write about those characters.

Next project: apply the same revisioning to the sequel. I've already done it with the currently existing chapters of This Just Doesn't Seem to Be Our Day, although I haven't put the new versions up because I wanted to go in chronological order with these fics.

One thing I mused on recently: Tony definitely has a better command of the English language than Baby Face. He may drop his H's occasionally ("Take 'im"/"tail 'im"), but overall he seems to use correct grammar. Baby Face doesn't care if he uses the wrong grammar ("You can't, uh, expect no miracles"). I attribute that probably to their different upbringings. Although for my canon, Baby Face's mentor probably used the right grammar, but by then it was too ingrained in Baby Face to speak other than he already did.


Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:11 am
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I have such bizarre hangups sometimes.

Back in the day, when I'd watch Alias Micky Dolenz, I wanted it to be the last episode in a set. If I ended up watching it at one point thinking that was all I'd have time for, and I'd end up changing my mind and watching more, I'd watch that episode *again* so it would be the last one. That's how much I loved and was obsessive over it. (I've done the same thing with Akt 21 of Princess Tutu.)

It seems I still feel that way. Today I watched Alias Micky Dolenz, thinking that was all I'd have time for. But I kept wanting to see more, so I finally got out Monkees on the Line, another classic. Now I'm wanting to watch Alias Micky Dolenz again. But I can't, because I don't have time. And that's probably going to keep bugging me for a while.

Maybe if I just watch a scene or two....

And this accent problem is driving me nuts. I was so sure Tony's accent was Brooklyn before. Now I'm not sure at all. Could it be Queens? Do Detroit people have accents? (Even though they didn't in that news story I watched.) I just want things to be accurate. And with something like an accent, it just seems terrible to get that wrong.


Feb. 22nd, 2011 11:39 am
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While watching The Spy Who Came In From the Cool I got a very cracky plunnie. What if there was an important case going on and for some reason the CIS needed both The Monkees and Baby Face and his mob to solve it? I'm not sure what sort of case could get a secret agency to turn to gangsters for help. Somehow Baby Face or someone in the gang would have to have some connection with the case or someone involved in it. Oh, maybe it was an operation Baby Face's deceased mentor knew something about. Maybe something to do with diamond smuggling getting mixed up with secret government information and/or drug trafficking. The latter could tie it in with a random idea I was toying with after watching High School Big Shot (a B-grade juvenile delinquency movie) and Monkees a la Carte, which would be Tony objecting to drug smuggling.

The Monkees would be called in both because of their past experiences helping the CIS and because there's an ideal opportunity for them to go undercover and not be suspected. And if they were forced to try to work with Baby Face and his gang, chaos would erupt.

I've also been toying with a plunnie off and on for years that would involve an introspective Tony and the song Early Morning Blues and Greens, which I've thought of as applying to him in my timeline thinking on his deceased (murdered) wife.

If I could get over the plotbump in Prisms, I could tinker with a sequel where Tony's main nemesis (who hasn't been revealed yet in what's posted so far) returns for revenge. After Tony was forced to quit the police department and run for his life, he struck back at the ring of dirty cops by anonymously sending all the information he had gathered against them to another police precinct. As he had hoped, it fell into the hands of honest cops who got the ring broke up and the members sent to prison. The main one causing trouble for Tony has a personal vendetta against him. If he escaped and came back to cause more trouble, The Monkees could get unwillingly mixed up in that calamity, probably because the guy would try targeting Baby Face. He wouldn't know if that would affect Tony at all, but it would be the main thing he would decide to try, as Baby Face is the person with whom Tony has the most interaction now. And hence, Micky could end up in danger.

I'm just randomly musing and don't know if any of these things would actually get written, but since I finished one fic (and have found some interested people to read it!) it's a possibility.
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I watched Son of a Gypsy again. While it's still not a favorite, I like it better than I did before. The non-ending makes me want to write a sequel where they have to rescue Peter from the gypsies. There would probably be a lot of hurt/comfort, and perhaps a bit of torture, especially with that sadist Marco afoot.

I've also pondered on a short oneshot involving how they finally managed to tell Micky and Baby Face apart at the police station. In one of my fics I briefly explained it as Baby Face not being able to sing. But I'm thinking now that it would be more interesting and more logical to have another question session. Baby Face would likely know hardly anything about Micky personally, or his friends. That should fix things up quick.

Another fic project is a revived idea I had years ago, which would be a frightening oneshot explaining exactly why Tony was so nervous and jumpy upon encountering Micky in the parking lot. It would involve detailing the backstory I crafted where Baby Face becomes furious at Tony during the DeWitt robbery and beats him nearly to death after the police mysteriously show up, believing that Tony tipped them off in the hopes of getting in good with them. Vince and Harry finally manage to pull Baby Face away from Tony, but not before the damage is done, both physically and emotionally.

I started posting the new amnesia fic in a Yahoo Group, but I posted a smaller chunk than I attempted posting elsewhere before.

I'm also thinking of reviving the comm Monkeemen. I don't understand why it was deleted. Without it, I don't think there's a general Monkees comm on LJ anymore.

Also, with Angelfire's new system, I can't seem to log in to any of my old websites. I've contacted them to try to figure out how to do it. But part of me wonders if I should just find a different place to host a website. I'm very disappointed in Angelfire. Now the only thing you can get for free is a site made with a GeoCities type site builder. That's for newbies! I went to Angelfire in the first place because I loved their Web Shell and how I could work with basic HTML. You have to pay for Web Shell usage now, it seems. Does anyone know a good place to host a website that lets you work with simple HTML rather than advanced HTML?

I unearthed some random trivia I was putting together concerning the episode Alias Micky Dolenz and added a new item to it. I'll put it on a website if I can figure out how to get into my old one (or decide to start a new one). Meanwhile, here. Have it below.

EDIT: I've added another item I thought of.

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1. What are the ages of the Monkees' characters on the show? Are they meant to be the same ages as the actors or something a bit different? I think Mike's age is the only one we actually know; in episode #12 he says he's 21. But in The Success Story Davy is called a minor. Is it just because he's short and maybe looks younger, or is he really supposed to be a teenager? Peter identifies himself as a "kid" in The Devil and Peter Tork, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a teen. They're also collectively called "boys" by most all adults on the show. Although guys in their early twenties often, or at least sometimes, are called as such.

2. What is Tony's accent? I have always thought Brooklyn, but recently I started wondering if it could be the Bronx, because there was a character on a show and I think he said he was from the Bronx, but later on Mom called him a Brooklyn guy. Are the accents of those boroughs similar?

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While watching more Monkees episodes, I've been pondering more on Micky and Peter, my favorite Monkee friendship on the show.

One thing I've wondered about for the longest time is, after Micky, Mike, and Davy realize that Oraculo "freaked Peter's mind!" in The Monkees Blow Their Minds, why does Micky yell at Peter, "Well, bye Pete. See you later, Pete. The door's always open to you, Pete; you can come home to the Pad and all your friends. But write first 'cause we're renting your room!" I mean, it was obvious he was upset about Peter wandering off with Oraculo, but if he knew Oraculo brainwashed Peter, then why yell at Peter?

Then I discovered the answer. When Oraculo says, "He came to me of his own free will," look at Micky. He does a double-take and stares at Oraculo, utterly shocked and stunned. He's reeling and in disbelief and feels hurt and betrayed. That's why he yells that at Peter.

Even though Micky often teases and rags on Peter, he is also very protective. In The Monkees On the Line, he immediately moves to grab at and shield Peter from the irate gambler when the guy is threatening Peter. And in The Devil and Peter Tork, Micky starts yelling, "No, you can't have him, Devil, you can't have him!" when he and Davy are trying to pull Peter away from the Devil. (And off-topic, but Davy trying to get the Devil to take his soul instead of Peter's is one of Davy's most squeeable, ennobling scenes.)

I love the parts where Peter says something naive/stupid and instead of making a sarcastic comment about it, Micky pats Peter on the head. So cute! And when Micky is so excited at the end of The Devil and Peter Tork that he jumps over the table to get to Peter and glomp him, rather than to just walk around it, I squeed.

I also love where Micky is thinking of trying to scare Peter's memory back in The Case of the Missing Monkee and yet he doesn't want Peter to get hurt, so he tells him, "Okay, Peter, we're going to try to scare you, so don't be scared." Nonsensical and counterproductive, but it's a great bit anyway.

Micky has also canonically identified him and Peter as best friends at least twice. In Monkees in Texas, when Micky is trying to be undercover as a hired gun, it all falls apart when they try to get him to kill Peter. "I can't kill him! He's my best friend!" (That's one of the best season 2 episodes where Micky's hair is curly, BTW. Micky acts more like his resourceful season 1 self.) And in The Monkees Blow Their Minds, Micky tries desperately to get Peter to remember him. "I'm your best friend, through toil and hardship, for years and years!"

Strangely, what I'm not always quite sure of is Peter's feelings towards Micky. He does collectively call all of the others his best friends in the whole world, and sometimes he does this adorable "Thanks, Mick!" when Micky helps him in some way. At other times he acts like he might be annoyed by Micky. Check out his expression when Micky suddenly bursts out in hyperactivity at the villains in The Prince and the Paupers, seriously. He looks like he's thinking, "Please tell me I don't know him." Micky probably comes on strong for all of them sometimes, but I was still surprised to see that reaction from Peter. And of course, there's how he seemed a bit colder towards Micky than the others in The Case of the Missing Monkee. Then there's Peter ragging on Micky at some parts of season 2, but we won't go there, because Micky's acting like an idiot in those episodes and I won't acknowledge them as canon.

EDIT: Of course, Peter's comment to Dragonman in Monkee Chow Mein that he would put his arm in the fire for Micky should also be mentioned. I do think Peter thinks of Micky as a friend, of course, even if sometimes Micky frustrates him; what I'm not sure of is if Peter feels as close to Micky as Micky apparently feels to him. Or maybe Peter feels equally close to all of the other Monkees.

I've struggled a bit with how to write for Peter in the fic I'm finishing up, but I'm hoping I've got him right. His discouragement at the beginning has canon basis, I think, due to how he acted in The Audition (Find the Monkees). Some of his comments and actions in that episode really surprised me. On the other hand, even during his spell with amnesia in the fic, his innocence and good heart shine through.

And in analyzing Micky more in specific, I've re-watched A Coffin Too Frequent and decided that, in spite of the ridiculous nonsense of the people insisting they have a right to be in the Pad for the seance that night, it's also one of the best episodes Season 2 offered. Micky is intelligent and resourceful, even with curly hair. (Seriously, most of the episodes where he has curly hair also feature his intelligence going down the drain. Some of the "fluffy hair" episodes, the leftover season 1 offerings in season 2, were leaning that way too.)

(Speaking of those people, BTW, I think the crook showed them a fake lease with the weird clause in it. There's no way that's the real lease. It's too preposterous. What I wonder most is, Why did they pick the Pad to hold the seance? Did Mrs. Weatherspoon and her husband live there before or something? There should have been a line or two explaining that.)

Also, I think Micky jokes when situations are bad because he's either trying to cover up his nervousness or because that's the only approach he really knows/feels comfortable with. (Or both.) It's interesting; you wouldn't think it at first glance, but I think he's the most insecure of the characters. Some episodes hint at that. I saw one or two recently that made me think that, but for the life of me I can't remember which ones now. That's going to drive me nuts.

(I Was a 99 Pound Weakling would definitely support the idea, but I don't support the episode. It's one of those where the characters don't act quite right. There are others, ones where they seem more IC. If I could just remember!)

And I still don't get this dialogue in The Case of the Missing Monkee. It's amusing, but I don't get the basis for it:

Peter: Besides, Dr. Marcovich is an evil man!

Micky: What about me?!

Peter: You're not evil! Is he, Mike?

Mike: No, you're not evil. Crafty and selfish, maybe, but not evil.

Crafty, yes. Definitely yes. It's one of the things I love about him. But I'm having a really hard time thinking of any time on the show where Micky was noticeably selfish, other than in The Monkees Get Out More Dirt, and everyone was equally at fault there. Sometimes he makes selfish-sounding jokes, but they're clearly jokes.

I went over Prisms and have fixed the writing style for all but one of the chapters. It wasn't as much of a headache as I worried it would be. But I discovered again why I stalled halfway through writing a chapter. I'm hoping to get past it once and for all this time. It's really exasperating; if I could just get past this scene, I think the rest of the fic would be easy to write.

Oh wow.

Feb. 17th, 2011 12:11 am
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Borders has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This, thankfully, means reorganization, not liquidation. But some stores are closing. Check the master list to see if your store is safe. http://www.bordersreorganization.com

I've been aware of this impending problem for a while, largely thanks to Crystal, and I've been hoping that if they filed, it would be for Chapter 11 and not Chapter 7. It could still happen if Chapter 11 doesn't work, but I'm hoping it will work. Look at K-Mart; they filed for Chapter 11 and emerged stronger than ever. They bought Sears instead of the other way around, as I'd originally thought. I have high hopes for Borders and fully support them in this move.

My store, by the way, seems to be safe.

Does anyone find it odd that Tony behaved so strangely in the prologue of Alias Micky Dolenz? I mean, it was all for humor effect, of course, but he seemed so different there than he did later on. He acted downright afraid of Baby Face and then kept whacking Micky with the newspaper while apologizing for it. LOL. Later on he seemed far tougher. I can't imagine him apologizing in the later scenes. Maybe he felt tougher with Vince and Harry there to back him up? Or maybe he just needed to get over the initial shock of Baby Face being out of prison?

I even wondered if Jimmy Murphy was pulling double-duty and playing two characters in that episode, but I don't really think so. In the prologue the character was dressed just the same; the only thing different was the sunglasses. He surely must have been Tony.

And I've been working feverishly on my Monkees fic. The first draft is, I think, about done. I made a lot of edits in the morning, too, so I'm hoping the whole thing is almost all the way done. I may end up posting it to [livejournal.com profile] monkeesfic before Amnesty Day at [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

It's depressing to see the Yahoo Groups so dead. Five years ago I thought they were slower than usual, but they were still going. Now it looks like people haven't been posting stories at all. I was hoping Antenna TV would jumpstart a new generation of Monkeemania, as well as to invigorate older generations. It was so exciting eleven years ago when Monkeemania was going strong. That was a wonderful time to become a fan. This year is the 45th anniversary of the start of the TV series. I'm hoping to see more fan activity as it goes on.

I wonder what to do and where to post the other chapters of fics I've already started, if I end up writing more. I'm trying to remember what Groups I was in before. I was hoping someone would step forward and let me know which ones I was in. Maybe I can look through the posting archives and see if I can find my posts. I don't want to suddenly post chapter 5 or 9 of something to a Group where I hadn't even posted any of the previous chapters.

The last time I skimmed through what I have posted of This Just Doesn't Seem to Be Our Day, I determined Tony would be dead when I ever got back to it. This time I'm feeling far less cruel. Under the circumstances, it would be all too easy for the drugs and the microchip and the whatever else to slow his vital signs enough to make him look dead. He'll recover.

I had a terrible, summarizing writing style at that time, though. Both that fic and Prisms Of No Color really need overhauls in their writing styles. I was cringing reading through them and seeing both the summarization and how detached the narration was.


Sep. 24th, 2006 01:21 am
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There's a third possibility for the RP that I didn't think of until later. That would be, for Gin and Vodka to both be hurt, to varying degrees. That's what I ended up deciding would work the best, and Aubrie was receptive, so that's what we've ended up doing. XD

Runihura caused an early snowstorm, and after Vodka and Vermouth heard on the radio about some car crashes, they went out to make sure that Gin wasn't involved, since he had been driving recklessly. They ended up getting separated after going to look for help after Vermouth's car died, and Yaminah found Vermouth later and has taken her back home to recover from a fight she was in. XD Oh, Baby Face is not gonna like it! He doesn't like the Black Org in general, and he doesn't get along with Vermouth.

Vodka got caught by a gang, and was fighting them and shooting them down. He got stabbed twice, and Gin found him and killed the other gang members when they were attacking. He tried to help Vodka with his wounds, and they've had a very nice conversation. X3 I'm starting to think that I like this version better than either of the previous two. I may alter the final chapters of Breakdown, when I get there, in order to do this instead of what was written originally.

Naturally I must throw in some more stuff from So Cold, so they'll have to stay in the snow for a while. Vermouth will wake up and tell Yaminah about the misadventures, and then they'll go out to find the guys.

But that will have to wait till Tuesday, because it seems that Aubrie has fallen asleep, and I don't think I'll be on Monday. (Though if Aubrie were to wake up and couldn't go back to sleep, I might very well stay on with her for a while because of the Monday factor.) XD; We have to get the final things with the closing resolved, which have been delayed by various efforts of the International Idiots Association.

And here's a quiz.

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