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A blurb, but very unpolished. This will go into a story. I'm only posting it here now because I wonder if Vincent looks okay. XD; I've discovered it's hard to write for him and not make him sound too much like Seph. Time period is the current point in the T&D arc.

Times have changed )


Apr. 12th, 2008 08:32 am
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Haven't done one of these in a while. A bonafide blurb, not a completed ficlit. This is part of something bigger, that I shall write eventually. It takes place in my T&D timeline, at about the point we're at now after The Fruits of Jealousy. But it doesn't really have anything to do with the current arc, save for showing how Sephiroth and Cloud behave differently around each other now after everything they've come through. I'm quite proud of it. X3 I like my mixture of detail and dialogue.

I'd wanted to get it done for yesterday's [ profile] 31_days prompt, but it had other ideas and kept getting longer. XD

Basic premise, since it jumps right into the action: Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack, and Angeal have returned to the cave Jenova once used as a base, after rumors of monsters have begun to crop up. They are separated as they battle the creatures.

Back in the cave )

Art dump.

Apr. 1st, 2008 08:26 am
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Here we go, what I've been working on lately, plus a couple of slightly older pics randomly thrown in.

Six medium thumbnails behind the cut. They can be clicked on to enlarge.

Pics )


Feb. 29th, 2008 10:28 pm
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Got the blurb/scene finished. Put it up here: Now if I could just write the rest of chapter 7 too. XD I also have the last scene mostly finished, which is the duel on the roof. Just need to touch it up and tweak it. So the main scene I need to write now is Cloud falling further into his own darkness. And something with Yazoo, I think.
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God Help the Outcasts crossed the 50,000 word mark. That means it can officially be classed as a novella, right? And it's not done yet. I think I've figured that it will be ten chapters and an epilogue.

This wouldn't have really fit with the plot of the story, so I omitted it, but I've been randomly toying with a separate and possibly AU fic (though it would not have to be terribly AU; it could take place the night of the cathedral scene), where Kala-Ansa has captured Seph alone and has him in her house or somewhere. It will be a oneshot thing, if I do it. **shrugs.**

Pondering on the two Sephs, I've been thinking and wondering whether FF7 Seph (in my fanon, of course) is still an agnostic when they're on Earth. I always had this image of Gaia as a God-forsaken planet, because of what a wasteland it is in parts (though I know that was largely the fault of humans) and because of how selfish a lot of the people are. I figured that as being part of the reason for Seph's agnosticism on Gaia, and part of what eventually drove him to wanting to become a god after totally losing it. I'm thinking that on Earth he would probably revert back to his agnosticism, but I'm not completely sure, both because of Earth being so different from Gaia and because of something I probably shouldn't discuss yet. ^^

KH Seph, in contrast, seems to definitely believe in God, but feels completely unworthy to approach Him, as depicted in God Help the Outcasts. And while he would never pray for himself, he has considered praying for the welfare of those he loves.

The RP with Lisa is coming along fun, as always. X3 Seph-tachi went to a business dinner and Alexander talked with Angeal. They'd met once before, when Alexander was out flying and Angeal was flying Zack away from Dr. Portman's base. At the dinner, Alexander tried to discuss wings with Angeal. It was cute! And then Phoenix Wright showed up. XD He was there after being invited by his latest client, Siegfried von Schroider. We're fixing to do a Poseidon Adventure-type RP arc next, with a heart-wrenching scene involving Seph only able to save one of his friends during one of the disasters on the ship, when two of them are in trouble. And he can't handle the horror and guilt he feels over not being able to save both. It's Zack he'll be able to rescue, and he imagines that Cloud thinks Seph didn't care as much about him. And Denzel will scream at Seph. It will be so saaad! But of course Cloud will have to be found alive. X3

In the RP with Kaze, we've done a variation of Genesis's appearance, with him poisoned by Portman and the others trying to find the antidote. It's very interesting playing him in both RPs, but he's probably a bit more prominent in this one. Definitely good practice for fics! I like portraying him as a more mature (and more sane) person, but of course he's still extremely philosophical and literary. He wouldn't be Genesis if he wasn't. XD

And now I'd better hurry and try to get that random T&D scene written for tomorrow's 31 Days prompt: Come Give Me My Soul Again. Seph and Zack squee! X3 This will be the T&D version of the last scene of chapter 5 in Loneliness of a God. And I'm hoping that writing it will push me to write the whole chapter 7 for T&D, though I can't guarantee it. XD;;; Such a bittersweet chapter. I'm anxious to get to it, though!


Dec. 25th, 2007 06:25 pm
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On early Monday, I watched It's a Wonderful Life and got plunnied. Well, it was an older plunnie that's been laying dormant for a month or so. Now it's waking up. This is a preview/test of the fic that will come out of this.

Plunnie )


Dec. 18th, 2007 08:11 pm
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And Advent Children Complete trailer.

In the morning I was feeling pretty depressed and discouraged, wondering how it could really be just a week to Christmas and being upset because I wasn't ready. But at least now I have got some stuff more on the road to completion, and have been having some good chats today. ^^

I dunno, I haven't felt very fulfilled this year with the Christmas music stations. None of them are playing all of what I want to hear. XD; And Star has been having a problem where their computer keeps cutting songs off, though maybe it's got fixed now.

And man. **shakes head.** Someone started a topic at an FF7 forum about whether Zack was mad at Cloud for pretending to be him. .___. Probably a troll, from the way they asked, and the responses they got, but eh. Seriously. Cloud did not have a nervous breakdown on purpose! Zack would not be mad at him. **hugs Cloud.**

Here's a blurb I randomly did. Based on an RP, and I'm doing another RP version where it's Angeal who finds him. It takes place after a problem with a mind-control drug, which may be told about later. Mild Crisis Core spoilers.

Wanderer's End )


Nov. 7th, 2007 08:49 pm
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Last night I randomly drew a picture and it randomly inspired this.

Sephiroth and Marlene )
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Still haven't gotten this out of my system yet, so here's another reworking of the RP events, this time with Cloud and Seph in a South American building/pyramid thing. Cloud's reaction seems to differ based on whether he actually sees Seph die or else just wakes up to find Seph laying dead. **likes experimenting.**

More shameless hurt/comfort )
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Fellow FF7 geeks, I direct you to my previous post. X3

I had to pen some of the images bouncing through my mind because of the song Frozen. This short blurb takes on the thought of, What if Seph had not been frozen/encased in stone until after he and Cloud had made peace? Would that have changed Cloud's reaction any?

It is based on the RP scenarios with Lisa, though I'm thinking for the RP Seph is drained of energy until he's dead and not encased in stone. This scenario below will not appear in a full story, but you know what happens when ideas won't go away.

When lies turn into truth, I sacrificed for you )


Oct. 26th, 2007 07:53 am
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I remember mentioning before that my maternal grandfather's death when I was four was probably a large influence in how I became so obsessed with writing/reading/watching death, but I'm not sure I've ever mentioned the influence a Little Audrey cartoon had on my obsession for appearing dead/reviving, and h/c in general. I think I saw it when I was around the same age, or maybe when I was five.

And I can't count the number of times I've tried to say/write "Aubrie"/"Aubrey". XD; The name "Audrey" often doesn't look/sound correct to me.

I wanted to find it and link it for those interested to watch, especially since said cartoon is in the public domain now. But I can't find it. XD; I did, however, find a page with so many screengrabs, the plot is easy to put together.

The whole concept undoubtedly must have had a huge impression on me, being so young. I remember even wanting to act it out with my plush penguins. (Not sure why I picked the penguins, except that they were among my favorite plushes. **wonders where they are now in the huge pyramid to her right.**) And I'm guessing it stuck with me all these years and fed my craving for such scenarios.

Which brings me to ... said scenario. Here is a shameless h/c blurb. Lisa and I have been plotting for the FF7 RP, and I've decided A Simple Mission in Triplicate will adopt much of the plot. But some things will be different in the fic. For instance, in the RP Cloud is probably going to be the one with Seph on the rock, but I don't want to change it from being Zack in the fic. So instead I wrote a random scene where Cloud finds them both, since their rescue was not shown in the Lava blurb. It's subject to change after the RP scenario is done.

I think my favorite line is where Cloud finally decides "... oh screw it." LOL.

Rescue )

I was surprised to discover that K-mart has the best selection of Halloween stuff I've seen this year. They even had some rocker and punk wigs. The rocker one was all crinkly/wavy, though. I didn't really want that for Zack. The punk one would be perfect, if there was one all in black. I only saw one that was red and black. XD; Ghetto Yami Yugi costume!

They also had a gorgeous Renaissance wig that reminded me of Eowyn. X3 If I ever wanted to do a cosplay of her, it would be perfect.
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Based on some RP stuff about one of my alter sets of Seph, Cloud, and Zack.

But first, Lisa made an adorable Crisis Core Seph colorbar. X3 **has been meaning to mention it.** I got it up on my profile page several days ago.

Avoidance )
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It wouldn't stay silent and wait for its turn to be written. **pets it.** Lava )
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Here we have the beginning of a fic I've wanted to write for a while, involving Maryn's return during the T&D timeline. This is after Sunrise and Midnight, and of course won't be posted on until T&D and S&M are complete. The plot's been taking shape during brainstorming conversations and I'm getting excited about it. X3

Chapter One )


Aug. 16th, 2007 10:02 pm
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I love all the banter. XD And ... this is still titleless. **hopes to have one before she prints it out.**

Jenova Corp Shooting )

Blurb Fic

Jul. 21st, 2007 08:16 am
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This is a blurb fic. The author notes explain why I'm posting a whole fic in here.

I quite like how I added onto the blurbs, changed and switched some things, and wrote in other scenes around them. X3

Highway Crash )


Jul. 3rd, 2007 01:02 am
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Firstly, I adore this icon Aubrie made from one of the new Crisis Core scans. Zack and Yuffie! The cute! X3

The weekend was largely spent working on my KH Seph fic for prompt #18 at [ profile] 13_fears, and it seems to be almost done. I'm gonna take a breather and let it sit for a couple hours, then give it another once-over and post.

It's the first time in a while that I really felt sad, even upset, at something I've written. XD; It turns out alright, but it still seemed so saad, the way the antagonists were treating KH Seph, like he wasn't human, and pulling and even stepping on his wings. ;__; I think it has to be the way I did it, to make it the most deep/different it can be, but I still felt awful for putting him through that.

In the morning I got hit with an idea for an intense twist at the end and decided to use it. Its usage makes the story more than random hurt/comfort and angst, and sets up a mini-arc for at least one other fic. I have an idea for said fic, too.

I also finally colored the pictures of Zack trying to untangle his hair and Zack with Sephiroth at the end of Sunrise and Midnight, when Zack announces his restoration. I'll probably scan them later.

The Scottish festival is this weekend. X3 I found out recently that I actually have some Scottish blood, which makes it even cooler.

Been watching LOTR films again lately. **pets them.** And tonight I listened to all three soundtracks. A nice backdrop for my proofreading. It's always so hard for me to pick a favorite film, because each time I watch one, I decide it's my favorite. XD;

Was gonna say something else about them, but I forgot what.
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It looks like the torture fic is going to happen. I just need to work out some more things in the plot and make sure that it's different from Breakdown. It will also be a one installment thing, since I already have a multi-chapter fic of KH Sephiroth trying to recover from something which isn't done yet.

The Alister ficlit has been okayed. X3 **will get that up in a minute.**

And here is another blurb, one that's been in my head for the past few days. It is an alternate ending to the Highway Crash blurb. Version 2 )


Jun. 14th, 2007 09:09 am
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Yet another of Lisa's awesome CC icons. X3

And here is a blurb. It's not the one I was planning to post; I was reading over T&D and got the idea randomly. The weird computer problems at the beginning are inspired by some trouble I had a couple days ago. **particularly amused by the computer's message.**

Time period is both T&D and post-S&M.

Musings )


Jun. 10th, 2007 04:03 am
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Incorporating the events of sentences #4, #41, #47, and #49. This is post-S&M. Highway Crash )

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