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So apparently I'm more excited for the Pony premiere next week than I even thought. I had a weird dream on Friday. The mirror had malfunctioned and sent Cadance, Shining Armor, and baby Flurry Heart to the human world. Flurry Heart had got lost somewhere and Cadance and Shining Armor were frantic to find her. For some reason, Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven was there, human as well. Guess he used another Miracle Pin or something. Lieutenant Anderson from Perry Mason was trying to help them find Flurry Heart. He was highly skeptical that they had come through a portal and were really Ponies. But he did believe that their child was lost and was fully into helping them find her.

Even though I don't want to consider that the Pony verse takes place in the same verse as my more reality-grounded shows, I kind of want to make this into a fic (minus Charlie, probably; I don't know what the heck he was doing there and I don't think he'd really fit into this plot in a fic, unless I just decide it's free-for-all crack). I am very amused by the thought of Andy interacting with Cadance and Shining Armor and trying to grasp WTH is happening here.

Also, I love my dad's tablet's camera! Squeeee. I had totally forgot there was a camera in there! He doesn't use the tablet much, as the laptop is his preferred portable technology, so I asked if I could use it. I thought maybe some websites would work better on it than on the old laptop I use. The websites don't always work too well on the tablet, either, but eeee, the camera! It is simply gorgeous! Such clear pictures, unless I accidentally jostle something! It's so much better quality than the cheap digital camera I can't find the installation disc for!

So, here are some pictures I've taken of things people wanted to see. First, my Scott Leonard circa season 2 plushie, as made by HarukaKou:

Scott )

Also, an obligatory shot of my incomplete Barry plushie because I want to show the face:

Barry )

And my Roger Moore figure, which [ profile] kirarakim wanted to see! Close-ups didn't turn out so well; I'll have to re-do those.

Roger )

I've gotta say, I am thrilled with this and I am so happy to finally be able to join the ranks of people who find it commonplace to take pictures and have them instantly ready!
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Found this on Tumblr and thought it looked interesting. But I don't post these types of things on Tumblr, so I brought it over here. Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number. (Or if I have a lot of time to kill/a lot to say, I may just answer all of the questions for every fic suggested.)

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?
2. What’s my favorite part of the fic?
3. What’s the part of the fic I’m most proud of?
4. What part of the fic was the hardest for me to write?
5. What part of the fic am I still dissatisfied with?
6. Who’s my favorite character in the fic?
7. Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?
8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it? (themes, motifs, symbolism, etc)
9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?
10. If I had to sum up this fic in a sentence, what would it be?
11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?
12. Did any thing about this fic’s reception surprise me?
What were my beta’s major comments about the first draft of this fic? This one doesn't apply since I never use a beta. I am my own beta. I don't want to wait for someone else to find time to read each of my fics before I can post them!
13. If I were to write a sequel to this fic, what would it be about?
14. Any other question about the fic!


Nov. 5th, 2015 06:14 am
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... I just realized I have four icons featuring characters by Christopher Cary. I thought I had three. But I have the Ecks and Wye icon, the Ginger and Lou icon, the Captain Scofield icon, and this Snakes Tolliver icon.

Well, what can I say. I adore Christopher, squeee.

I actually got warmed up enough and plunnied enough that I started writing the follow-up to The Peaceful Meadows Affair from this past summer. I'm really excited to finally get that story off the ground (and hopefully have enough material to carry it through to completion now), but I'm worried I've been too active lately and people probably won't want to read a multi-chapter venture I've written. Eh, maybe I'm just worried for nothing because of things that happened in another fandom, but because of what happened there, I feel like I always have to walk on eggshells everywhere else when it comes to oneshot characters. Sigh. So if I seem jittery/worried, that's why. I just don't want to overstay my welcome.... The Peaceful Meadows Affair was quite popular, but I worry I won't be able to capture that same popularity again, especially several months later. I usually write a little spurt of U.N.C.L.E. stuff and then fade back into the shadows for a while, but now the plunnies keep coming. And keep involving those oneshot characters, oh dear. The reviewers have been really sweet and interested and their comments mean a lot to me. So hopefully there will continue to be interest.

I wonder if I should make a website for my U.N.C.L.E. fic verse or if I don't have enough for that yet. I have websites for my Perry Mason and WWW fic verses. Of course, those are just for me to play in; I don't hold out any illusions that anyone else would want to read all the intricacies of my fic verses and why I did this or that with particular characters. (Of course, if I were proven wrong, I would feel rather squeeful about it.) Mainly I just have an urge to write up some detailed profiles for Ecks and Wye and a website seems like a better place to stick them than a journal. Actually, heh, a long time ago I wrote up some detailed profiles for Ginger and Lou and I've ... never posted them anywhere. Oops. But I've used them to guide me in writing for them in the fics. I think some things in their profiles need to be switched, though. Like I wrote that Ginger is more the obsessive-compulsive one, but in actuality I think it ended up being Lou. Hmm.

November is making me very nostalgic this year. It was November, I think, when I saw Carmen episodes on television for the last time. Of course, I'm puzzling how that could quite be, since I saw the latter episodes and I thought those aired in December. It could be I'm mixing up months, but I do know distinctly that I was watching a little here and there around Thanksgiving. I watched one and then discovered Wishbone. Maybe I watched both in November and December.

And I still can't believe how hard it is to find a simple brown shoulder-length doll wig. There is a really nice one on eBay now, but it's $22 and I ... really hoped I wouldn't have to pay that much for a doll wig in this size (13-14).... Gulp.... And since I like to do the hair as one of the first things, I kind of don't even like to start making the Barry plush without knowing I have a wig on hand.... But I'd probably better start anyway.
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Made a few new icons the other day, when I realized The Disappearing Declaration was a season 1 episode with high enough quality that the icons would probably be good. This is my favorite, although I wish I could have gotten Barry in there a little better. But this one still does better than my last attempt, I think, to get them all in fairly equally. And Sean still gets highlighted as lead singer. Awesome.

Yesterday I finally got to go in to use the birthday coupon at Build-a-Bear and I bought the bat plushie. I didn't have enough money to get the cat right then, and anyway, after Halloween the bat will be gone but the cat will still be there. And the bat is so cute! Probably the cutest bat plushie ever made. I had the oddest urge to name her Milly, and yes, it had to be with a Y. So that is what her birth certificate says.

For some weird reason, earlier in the month I was muddledly thinking that bats were rodents and naturally I didn't want any rodent plushie after this summer's disaster. (Note that I still love Mickey Mouse and any other cartoon rodents I previously liked, however. In general, they behave more like people than rodents. Heh.) I'm assuming the misconception is because Batman is sometimes called a rodent by the villains in the 1960s show. But so I Googled "Are bats rodents" and went "... Well, duh, what's the matter with me" at the information that they are not and that was the first step to feeling okay about a bat plushie. Anyway, too, I've cosplayed Rouge the Bat three times and I love Batman, so a bat plushie rather makes sense for me, doesn't it?

Also, at Build-a-Bear I was thrilled to see the online exclusives Zecora and Shining Armor! I didn't have enough money to get one of them, and anyway, I had my heart set on the bat, but I hope I'll have the chance to get them both now that I don't have to buy them online! I was so excited to see them there!

I also had a coupon for half off something at Jo-Ann's, so we went there and I found that the doll I'd put away in the back in hopes of buying it when I wasn't broke was still there, so I bought it. It will become Barry. I just hope I can find a decent doll wig. It's bizarre that I can't find a simple brown shoulder-length doll wig.

Then I've been contacted by a sweet girl who really loves my Detective Conan fics and especially my Gin/Sherry stuff. She was hoping I could finish Snow White Queen. I doubt I ever will, which I told her, but I told her how I planned for it to end and I let her see an unfinished chapter I'd apparently started years ago, and she was happy with those things.

When I was trying to help her, I ended up re-reading what I have of that fic and pondering on things regarding it and how it happened. The whole idea of Gin/Sherry is twisted to begin with, and then I was trying to figure out how to turn that twisted mess into something that could be happy for both of them. That happened mainly because when I was scoffing at the idea that the pairing could ever be anything but twisted, someone (Claude, I believe) talked to me about different possibilities that could make it end up happy. And I was curious and interested and decided to take up the challenge, so I started writing various things with them, liked it, and eventually started work on Snow White Queen.

I have to admit, I do think it's written fairly well, but it's very strange seeing me try to take the twisted canon information and make something positive out of it. I suppose maybe it's possible, especially considering those characters' backgrounds (both canon and what I invented to flesh out their pasts), but I am still pretty skeptical that it could work realistically.

It's interesting that what started as an experiment became something I genuinely loved and was enthused about. I think I always struggled a bit, though, and I think that's why the story trailed off. I just wasn't sure how to get them from Point A to Point C. Point B baffled me. That didn't stop me from writing stuff after they get to Point C, but I really needed to show how it happened and that problem stopped me in my tracks.

I used to write a lot of darker stuff that handled twisted situations, twisted characters, etc. etc. It wasn't just Detective Conan, but some of the psychological horror fics I did for YGO and maybe other categories. I think a lot of the reason why I did it was because I was encouraged and I really liked the praise I was getting. It was fun to impress people and have them feel like I was smart and deep. But I don't know, I don't feel like writing twisted things was really me. Or maybe it was me then. Eventually I got tired and worn-out and didn't want to play in many of those fields anymore. Maybe I stopped wanting to impress people so much. I still want them to like what I write, but that's not as much of my drive as it used to be.

I'm still tired. Mostly now I just want to write fun things or hurt/comfort. That doesn't mean I don't like deep subjects or exploring how characters' minds tick; that's still a lot of how my stories run. But I don't think I'm really into dealing with twisted stuff like figuring out how to make a positive relationship when the canon is Gin being possessive and sadistic towards Sherry (and of course, Sherry hating him). Somehow in the "after Point C" stories I actually did manage to get them to a more normal place where Gin wasn't sadistic and Sherry wasn't hateful and Gin's possessiveness was softened a bit into more protectiveness. And I know it probably all sounds terrible and like a bad fanfic from what I'm describing. It actually isn't as bad in actual fact; it's certainly not like Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey or something that tries to make it look like the bad stuff is okay. And it's not hearts and rainbows and suddenly everybody is good, wheeee. It's more the characters being able to gradually get past the bad things and grow and mature into better people. But I'm skeptical it could ever really happen in a situation like theirs and I don't think it's a place I want to explore again.

Some of the characters I write for are still somewhat twisted, though, like Ginger. And it certainly took a lot of pondering and struggling to try to figure out how to make it make sense that Lou could both care about Mike and forgive Ginger for shooting him. I think my essay approached the problem from all possible angles the episode hinted at and presented every possible answer. The difference with those characters is that, more unlike Gin and Vodka (or Baby Face and his gang), I do have them try to go straight. They're still antiheroes/unconventional heroes and don't like to get involved in trouble if they can at all avoid it, and Ginger can be dark and vengeful, but mostly what I write about them is cute slice-of-life, conversational fics, and mysteries and hurt/comfort.

And then there's Ecks and Wye, who are in the same sort of situation as Gin and Vodka from Detective Conan regarding employment. (I do, however, try to soften it a bit with the implied idea that Ecks and Wye are in it for the spying part and go after other spies and don't have much, if anything, to do with going after innocent civilians. I also tried to make Ecks a little sympathetic with the idea that he grew up in the organization and couldn't get out, same as I did with Gin, actually....) I honestly probably wouldn't even be interested in them if not for two factors: Ecks is played by darling Christopher Cary and Wye absolutely flipped after finding Ecks stabbed, indicating they were very close. I was immediately intrigued. Actually, the idea of interaction between Gin and Vodka is how I got interested in writing for them, too. But I did keep them with the Black Org and carrying out missions, at least until I developed that Snow White Queen timeline where they and Sherry escape to make a new life elsewhere. With Ecks and Wye's situation, were they to survive their episode, they would very likely have to run for their lives to avoid being killed as traitors to the extremist organization. Which is how I approached that. I wouldn't exactly say they're going straight now, but they are trying to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

The Riddler is in the same situation. I didn't really want to have him completely straight, and he's certainly an unconventional hero in that he's most interested in matching wits with his opponents rather than bringing crooks to justice, but if they're so heinous that even The Riddler is upset by them, then he will go after them for the purpose of bringing them to justice. Of course, since he probably always will be at least a little twisted, his justice would include making them play through one of his complex, booby-trapped mazes. But they would survive; I actually question whether any of the traps set by The Batman's Riddler would kill or if it was only a tease. (Yes, maybe even the bombs were set up in a way that wouldn't have killed Gorman. Possibly. I debate over that because The Riddler wanted Gorman to really experience failure, so maybe he would want to keep Gorman alive to experience it for a good, long while. On the other hand, maybe he wanted Gorman's last thoughts of be of his failure and then the bombs would kill. I just don't know. But anyway....) He seems like the type who might tease, especially considering his first appearance on the show. Batman: The Animated Series' Riddler sets traps to kill, but he is a completely different character.

And then there's Snakes, oh boy. With him, though, he really is trying to go straight. But he's selfish and cowardly and in most verses, is struggling to learn about friendship. I have so much fun developing him everywhere.

I dunno; thinking on things in these lights, I definitely still do a lot with criminal-type characters (even though sometimes I just want more true-blue heroes, like the ACME characters). And even though, yes, I do like reforming them when possible, I always try to keep their personalities intact, especially if they're wild cards. I think the reason why I'm more burned-out on Detective Conan stuff is Gin's specific personality, the absolute twisted mess of the Gin/Sherry pairing, and the fact of not particularly being into writing about enemy assassins at work in their organization. Well, and the fact that I was never comfortable with the series' basic premise. It took me ages to feel like trying it at all, and after playing in the waters for a while, I don't think I'll go back. That doesn't mean I won't, though. I sometimes end up doing a lot of things I hadn't planned on doing again.

Like writing Carmen fics, heh. But I do love the semi-fictional Rockapella and I just couldn't stay away. Once Crystal's enthusiasm started us both on a second renaissance, it didn't take long and we both started writing fics again. And we haven't shied away from hurt/comfort, either, heh. And not just with the Dying Informant character, either. However, I do think the stories are a little more mild this time around, anyway, even mine.

Sometimes it's fun writing about more true-blue hero characters rather than antiheroes/unconventional heroes. They aren't just blandly good guys; they have a lot of personality and they struggle with things too. Not all deep things have to involve dark and twisted characters and situations.

I guess it all depends on my mood. But even though I did kind of like looking at that old Detective Conan fic, and feel a little sad it will probably never be finished, I still doubt that it ever will be.

That said, my romantic side does still like the idea of the "After Point C" stories where Gin/Sherry are a thing. And I still love the things that others made for me regarding the pairing.


Oct. 26th, 2015 07:58 pm
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So I finally finished A Change in My Life, ohmygosh squeee! It felt so good to wrap it up at long last. I even added some stuff after re-reading it from scratch.

Another thing I had to do was figure out what to do with a vague dream Scott has in chapter 6. Originally the dream referenced In the Arms of the Angel, but that's the one fic I have eliminated from my "official canon". So I could either take the dream out or have it reference something else. Since I don't like to waste perfectly good material, and since it was vague enough that it could refer to something else, I opted for the latter choice.

I ended up, in the final chapter, having Scott tell about the dream and Elliott thinks on what it refers to. Right now I have it set to be about an explosion, with the feathers as part of the packing material for the bomb. And I have it that Scott and Elliott become trapped in another dimension. I toyed with the idea of writing that fic and I thought maybe I could take parts of the Angel fic, especially the dimensional stuff and the subplot with Sean and Barry looking for them. Unfortunately, to do that meant reading the original fic and seeing what could be taken from it, if anything.

I skim-read through it last night/early this morning. I determined that I can't really take any scenes from it and the other fic would have to be written from scratch, if at all. I also renewed my feelings that that story is weird. It's not just the wing thing; it's all the bizarre sci-fi stuff that really has no place in the fandom. None of my other Carmen stories are anything like that. The others are either grounded in reality and human villains or there's mild supernatural stuff with ghosts. Since I believe in ghosts, basically the other stories don't have things that I feel are not realistic. Dimensions collapsing on each other and having to repair broken rifts is definitely not realistic.

Of course, being trapped in some other dimension at all is sci-fi, so I question whether I'd want to do that at all. But it would certainly be more mild than having to save the world from being swallowed into a shadow dimension, oy vey.

If there's one thing I like about the Angel fic, it's having Elliott save the day. Well, that and the friendship squee with him and Scott. And I liked Sean's skepticism as part of his and Barry's subplot. But none of that keeps me from feeling the story is beyond weird.

After I finished the skim-read, I wanted a little brain bleach. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong episode for that; it ended up being the one with the troll song. **headdesk.** As soon as I realized, I stopped the episode and watched the Dancing in the Street parody. However, Latitude Adjustment does have one of the most hilarious lines I've heard in a while, from the ACME Man segment (which I normally find obnoxious): "I see the forces of evil are keeping you from having a balanced breakfast!" ROTFLOL. And I could totally relate to the poor guy struggling in vain to open the cereal box.

I have a bit of a history with that episode, actually; it's one of the season 5 episodes I saw on television back in the day. I took one look at the troll song and had two thoughts: "Why is there a fifth guy there? Who is he?" and "WHAT. THE. HECK."

And I'm toying with an idea for an Equestria Girls fic where Sunset tries to find out what happened to the Sunset Shimmer that's actually from the human world. I have several ideas on that, but the one I'm most curiously considering now is "... What if the human one went to the Pony world and decided she likes it better there?" Then there'd be a "balance", with a Sunset in both worlds, and I wouldn't have to worry that our Sunset will ever have to leave the human world, where she seems to be happiest.

I also have an idea where the girls are investigating a mystery at Applejack's farm. It would be kind of a nostalgic thing, probably similar to Trixie Beldon mysteries and other retro mysteries where the emphasis is more on the relationships between the characters and the innocence of the setting rather than real danger. Although there would definitely be some tense moments and a real mystery and a real culprit up to no good.

Other ideas are Sunset going back to Equestria just for a visit to see Princess Celestia and apologize to her, and a Christmas fic where Pony Twilight comes to visit the human world at Christmastime and learns about Thanksgiving and Christmas and their similarities and differences with her own Hearthwarming holiday. I'm dying to start the latter, but trying desperately to resist until Halloween is over. I always get the Christmas spirit before Halloween....

I'm always nervous to post any Pony/Equestria Girls fics, but I really shouldn't be, as the few times when I've done so, they seem to be well-liked. I finally got a title for one I've had sitting around here for weeks and posted it last night. I've been getting quite a few Favoriting notifications, even though only one person reviewed so far.


Oct. 18th, 2015 03:17 am
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Every time I think about the fact that I need to sit down and write an entry, I think, "But I have so many other things I need to do that need doing more!" And then things drag on and on until everything I need to write about has piled up so much I wonder how to ever get it done at all. That's why I barely write in my offline journal, which isn't a good thing.

Basically, birthday shopping trip ended up happening the day before, due to a $12 off coupon that expired on Saturday, and then Dad insisted we had to go to a place he wanted to go to or he wouldn't go at all, and they weren't open on Saturday. We didn't end up making it there anyway, and luckily he didn't really mean what he said and he let us go just for a fun birthday time.

I didn't end up getting the doll two-pack, as I couldn't find it for less than full price and I ended up having other things I wanted to make sure I had money for. But I'm still longing to get that. Gazed at it longingly in K-Mart last week. Maybe soon. I also still really want the Applejack archery doll. I just adore her; she's so autumny! And ever since I realized how much I really am like Applejack, I've felt much more of a kinship with her and like her a lot more (although she was already on the rise of my favorites before that).

I got DJ at Build-a-Bear, after an exceptionally long struggle over whether to get her or the cat/tiger I like. I could have got both, actually, with the 2 for $35 sale and the coupon both, but I had other places to go and didn't really want to spend all my available money in one locale. I also noted that the Halloween bat plushie has extremely soft fur, and even though I didn't think I'd want a bat plushie, I really kind of liked that bat and I wonder if I might want to get it sometime this month. I still have my birthday coupon, which couldn't be combined with the $12 off coupon. It's good through the month.

I saw some cat plushies at Toys R Us I absolutely adored, especially a Maine Coon! It's been years since I've seen cat plushies other than tabbies or whites. It was too expensive; $20 for a size that would have cost maybe $12 years ago, but it is an FAO Schwartz plushie, so very high quality. I might have to get it sometime. It was gray and had green eyes, so I'd kind of like it to represent Jane the Silver Persian.

I also had a Jo-Ann's coupon, so I decided I'd go there and look for plushies that might work for Sean and Barry. I only found one that I thought might work, so I got that for Sean and then got some material at Wal-Mart. I immediately began crafting the next day. Unfortunately, I had the wrong yarn color, so I had to wait until Monday to work with that, but I did get the ears and the brown part of the hair done. I just had to use my leftover muslin for the ears (and I think I might still be able to get one more pair out of the piece!) and leftover mohair from the Hamilton plush. I wish it was longer and curlier, but it's okay at least for now. I also started the blue shirt.

I puzzled for ages on how to attach the yarn and worried that I'd have to seal it with an open flame. Then someone at the craft comm presented a solution so simple I could hardly believe I hadn't thought of it: take a piece of yarn twice as long, twist it, and sew it down on the loop. That also saves time, as two braids get attached at once!

On Monday I searched and searched and couldn't find yarn in exactly the right color, but I found something that I hoped was close enough. I also got black fabric for the pants then. I wanted a light pink for the tie, but couldn't find any in the right material. Later I found a strip of light pink in exactly the right color that I had at home from my Rouge costume. I'd forgotten I'd bought that! I decided hot pink worked better for her and didn't use the light pink. I thought it would never get used. But it was exactly the length I needed for the tie! I was thrilled.

I also wanted Sharpie to make the face. I had to borrow a friend's brown Sharpie before, to make Lou, but I felt I should have my own, especially since I keep wanting to make these every now and then and I will be making at least one more (Barry). And I didn't really want to wait several days until I could maybe get my friend's again. Plus I needed a new black marker anyway. It frustrates me that I can only get brown in a set, but when I found a set for only $4 something after think it cost $6 something or even $8 something, I was over the moon enough that I picked that up too. I like making the face right away, as that brings the plushie to life for me.

I wanted elastic for suspenders, but I could never find any in the right color. The elastic was patterned, what the heck. No solid colors! Then I thought of bias tape, but I was low on funds and wasn't sure I wanted to pay for that. I thought maybe I could use leftover black cotton from the pants. It would take longer, since I'd have to do more sewing to use that, but I decided it would be worth it to save a little money.

Long story short, everything came together. The face shape wasn't quite right, as I knew it wouldn't be, but I really tried my best. The things I am most proud of are the yarn, the suspenders, and the fedora hat. I wasn't going to make one of those, especially when I couldn't find a decent tutorial, but then Wal-Mart had felt in exactly the right color and I thought maybe I'd give it a go and try to make it from common sense. And honestly, that worked! It looks really good. The only thing I haven't been able to do is dent it like a proper fedora. Still considering ways to do that.

I'll try to get pictures soon, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to, as we don't have a working digital camera and we rarely develop film. And my Twilight costume is not working out (can't find the right wig anywhere and now I'm broke after buying the third Equestria Girls movie, but that's okay; I'd rather have something I'll enjoy many times than something I'll likely only wear a couple of times), so I'll probably have to do something ghetto. I am determined to be a Twilight, but instead of Pony Twilight turned human, I'll probably have to be Pony Twilight as Pony. I have a purple sports suit I can wear, and maybe I can make construction paper ears and bangs/fringe. I'll still paint her symbol on my cheek. But the costume will be so simple, I don't know if I'll want pictures of it. Maybe I'll just use it for the girls' party next week and try to do something different on Halloween.

Anyway, maybe I can take Sean to the party and have one of the other leaders take a couple of pictures of him with her phone. If I don't do that (and maybe I'd rather not, since I don't know what kind of treatment he might get from the well-meaning but hyper girls), then I'll have to find a chance to get some film and take pictures the old-fashioned way. Gah, it makes me cringe that it costs $10 to develop one roll of film these days....

Let's see.... Other projects.... I'm planning the party and I'm trying to think of fun, harmless Halloween songs for it. (I am heartbroken that I likely can't use my favorite Halloween song, Zombie Jamboree, unless I use Kevin's version and I don't care for his version with the zombies falling apart humor in the bridge. I like Sean's versions much better, but a song that goes "I don't give a damn" at a church party for 8-11 year-olds ... yeaaah, not a good idea.) So I listened to Halloween songs on YouTube the other night. When I played Ghostbusters, I got this image of making a music video with pictures from my Ginger and Lou comic and other pictures I could draw that would have them fighting the supernatural. LOL. Of course, no one would even care about that other than me, and I'd probably get a lot of thumbs-down and "WTH is this" if I posted it on YouTube, but the idea really amuses me. Ginger and Lou end up as ghostbusters in my stories very often, sometimes because I'm writing creepy Halloween fics and sometimes because the prompts take me in that direction and sometimes because it just plain amuses me.

I'm looking for a wig for the Barry doll and am annoyed that I'm getting lots of listings for wigs in fancy styles. I can't find one simple brown wig with hair long enough to pull back into a ponytail. (I want the season 1 look; I love that thick ponytail!) There must be one somewhere; I'll keep looking. This trouble definitely makes me amazed that I found exactly the right wig for Ginger, and so easily.

Also wondering if I'll be able to find green fabric for his shirt. I think sometimes he wore light blue, but since I opted to give Sean blue and asked for Haruka Kou to make Scott with a blue shirt, I'd rather not have Barry wear blue too. But I'm worried that I'll only be able to find forest green and that is totally the wrong color. Maybe I'll have to review the colors Barry wore in only season 1 and pick one of those. I really wanted green, though, like the dark green he wore in the full-length Zombie Jamboree performance and in some of the other season 1 and beyond episodes.

Crystal and I have been having fun breathing new life into our steady RP ever since Crystal's enthusiasm started us on a second Carmen renaissance, and we just did a powerful and poignant arc based on The Hardy Boys episode Sole Survivor. Part of me really wants to make a fic version of it. The other part isn't sure I'd be comfortable with that. But I'm going to attempt it and see if I like what starts coming out. Naturally, as with all my fic versions of RPs, some things would be changed. I'd try to patch up a couple of small plotholes, for one thing. And I really want Snakes to be involved, since he was key in the RP, but since his association with the guys is different in the fics, his involvement would be different too. I'm already planning how to work him in.

I also need to finish A Change in My Life, I know. I have chapter 9 started. And I'm almost done with the Perry fic! Just the epilogue to go, squeeee. Then I'm slightly considering a story in three or four parts with Della and Sergeant Brice and maybe Andy puzzling over the mystery I sent them and the others on three years ago in a disturbing place called the Twilight House, based on recurring houses from my dreams. I always meant to return to that storyline, but didn't have the chance. If I could do it at Halloweentime, it would be perfect.

Um, aurgh.

Oct. 1st, 2015 05:49 am
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I remember I had this AU verse where Sephiroth was in a high political position on Earth, or something, and Scott and Elliott were among his bodyguards or something, and there was some blurb I did where one of them was hurt and the other was devastated....

Am I totally having a pipedream about the blurb? I can't find it. Maybe it was Cloud and Zack instead and the version with Scott and Elliott was only a role-play. Only I can't find any blurbs about this AU verse at all, unless I'm overlooking them somehow.


Sep. 30th, 2015 01:01 am
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So we need new curtains for a window. Drapes were being used, but one of the @#*&^#&^ mice climbed them and that's how a lot of the chaos happened last month. And we can't find any curtains in the right size! It's ridiculous! And searching for the right size just ends up giving me reversed dimensions! It's like nothing can comprehend 72 inches wide instead of 72 inches long!

Also, shower curtains are apparently no longer sealed up unless they're fabric. WTH? It's very annoying to want a new shower curtain and only have exposed ones to choose from. We had a mold calamity in the bathroom because condensation formed like whoa while the doors were being kept shut to keep mice out and while door sweeps cut off the circulation. I'm still trying to get all the mold off. The curtain was not salvageable.

And my aunt sent a birthday package and it arrived literally torn open all along the middle! We're not sure if all of the presents inside are still there or if something fell out or was taken out, since of course we don't know all of what was included in the package. We are going to be complaining to the post office either way, though; this is preposterous!

And now I have pain. I'm grateful I won't have to deal with it on my birthday, but this isn't a convenient time, either. I won't be able to do much to help with cleaning projects this week.

While we were out looking for housewares things (and presents for a couple of people whose birthdays are today, the 30th), I sort of decided to make a preliminary run of those stores and determine whether to visit any of them on my birthday. No big surprise, but I couldn't locate many of the things I wanted. I did see the two-pack with Flash Sentry and naturally human Twilight Sparkle at K-Mart, however, so if I can't find it a little cheaper at Toys R Us or Target (or if I can't find it at all), I will probably buy it full-price at K-Mart. I hope they'll still have it in a few days, if the other stores don't have any; there was only one there. I was glad to see it; it was mostly a wearying time of not being able to find things.

K-Mart also had the first decent purple wig I've seen for the Twilight costume, but it's not very long. Sigh. But it's the right color and has bangs, so I'll need to consider it.

The main stores I want to visit on my birthday trip will remain the same, probably. And maybe I'll add a party store to the list. It has a lot of Halloween stuff. I don't think we have any actual Halloween stores right now, like we used to. Unless there's one in the mall. We'll have to see.

I'm thinking again of maybe making Rockapella plushies myself, with the JoAnn dolls for Sean and Barry. On Scott, it looks like getting the plushie-makers to make him will work after all, so yay! Pondering on Sean's hair; I had thought of using thin ropes for the braids, but yarn might also work, if I could find it in the right color. I'm wondering how to attach it to the other hair in a way that will make it secure, though. I don't want to just glue it; that seems like the lazy way out and glue can always eventually unstick. I've had it happen. And I worry if I try to sew it, it might slip out under the thread. But there must be some way to do it; I think yarn hair is typically sewn into the seam of doll heads, so I should be able to somehow sew it into/under the other hair without problems. I'm thinking of maybe using mohair for the other hair, but maybe I should get something darker? I know the hair looks darker, but I'm not sure I can find something curlyish that's darker.

If I do decide to do this, I might want to get the JoAnn dolls when I'm out. Something else to think about.

Today is the anniversary of when Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? first aired, too. I'd kind of thought of using one of my blogs to write a tribute, but I don't know if I'll feel up to that any time today.
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It's always interesting watch season 1 of Carmen. It's such an unusual series of contrasts. On the one hand, they were experimenting and not quite sure what they wanted yet. They knew they wanted to be kind of wacky, but there was also a certain ... classiness? Season 1 episodes seem more restrained than the other seasons in some ways ... yet in other ways, season 1 pushed the envelope more than any other season. It had the highest concentration of Dying Informant sketches, which were definitely treading into black comedy territory, it had a mysterious voice that was heavily implied to be God, and it had terrible things like the Office sketch of doom that scared the heck out of me. It also had more Mrs. Pumpkin-Klanger sketches than any other season, I think. It seemed like she was popping up in nearly every episode back then!

By season 2 they seemed to clearly know what they wanted; Disturbing the Heavenly Peace debuted Carmen in a bit of a different light: the restraints were off (in some ways). Things got much sillier and wackier, in both the Office sketches and Rockapella's antics. On the other hand, the Dying Informant and Mrs. Pumpkin-Klanger didn't appear as much and the Voice was eliminated completely. And things happened like Barry beginning his appearances as a big baby. LOL. Each season gradually got sillier and stranger after that, as they grew more and more bold. But even as they grew bolder, they definitely got gun-shy about things that might be too controversial in kids' shows. I suspect that is the real reason why the Dying Informant no longer appeared (that we know of) after season 3. They wanted to go for a different kind of humor that could be weird, weird, WEIRD as heck, but not something they might get in trouble over.

Something else that intrigues me watching the show is how every now and then they threw in things about interracial romantic relationships. I think it may have been one of the first kids' shows to do that? I remember the Office sketch about the Chief's gorgeous cousin Gladys and Greg totally wanting to set up a date with her. (Actually, that was kind of mean of the Chief to bring up the possibility and then not let him contact Gladys!) And I've wondered a little bit if they were trying to hint at a romantic relationship between Greg and the Chief, or at least, that maybe they had such feelings for each other even if they didn't act on them. Occasional sketches like the one about the changing background music come to mind. The writers seemed to definitely tease and toy with the possibility even though they didn't go beyond that. I'm not sure what I think of the idea, as I love the idea of the platonic relationship between an exasperated boss and her detective. But something intrigues me just a little bit at the thought of the Chief and Greg having romantic feelings for each other.

And then there's the handful of sketches that kind of make it seem like the Chief might be an android instead of a real person. The sketch of doom supports that idea, as do the bizarre ones about the Chief's memory being full and the polarity thing. But of course, those are not meant to be taken seriously and I don't consider them part of the strict canon, as it were. (Not that the show has a "strict" canon....) All other evidence points to the Chief being a human.

I really love the thing in season 1 where she talks about her family or her personal life after the briefing. That was something they did away with after that that I wish they'd kept. She told such interesting snippets. And wow, what a big family!

I also love the music they had during the briefings in season 1. That hearkens back to the idea that season 1 wanted a classy feel. I wish they'd kept that music.

There are things to love about every season, and sometimes, depending on my mood, I prefer the unrestrained silliness of season 2 or even 3 and up, but it doesn't take too much watching of season 1 to remember why I love it a lot. It was what first enchanted me, after all.


Sep. 16th, 2015 10:29 pm
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Crystal found an old pic of the Dying Informant she macroed and I've been toying with it. I darkened it a lot (it was so light you could hardly see it) and made several versions. I also tried icons, like this one. I might not keep it; I'm experimenting. I wonder if it would look better with just the small text and not the big text?

EDIT: Both versions have pros and cons. I can't decide.

I love the aesthetic look of small text on icons, but I like it to mean something. This small text has my favorite part from Bed of Nails, the part I most associate with this character:

Bed of nails, every point is painful
Bed of nails, a thousand points of spite
Bed of nails, you know, the weak it ain't for
It hurts me just right

I'm thinking I may also make a banner version with bigger text and the entire part of the picture I'm toying with. (I cut everything with the macro off.) Maybe I'll prefer the banner and put it up somewhere in the journal instead of the icon. I'm just not sure. I wish LJ allowed more than 15 icon spaces without having to pay for any others!

And I've been pondering on Carmen's backstory. Of course, the most popular and well-known is that she was an ACME agent and decided being a criminal would be more challenging. That fits the Where on Earth cartoon version and is also the story in the games, I believe. But I'm not so sure it fits the game show version.

Of course, Carmen's attitude in the game show is pretty much stereotypical criminal, scoffing at law and order. That's the only side of her we see. It doesn't mean that's all there is. But I don't think the Earth version and the World version can really be the same character. The Earth version is the most well-developed and doesn't like violence. She's in it for the challenge. We don't actually know what the World version's stance on violence is, but we do know that her henchmen can be very violent. What Eartha did in Chumps D'Elysees was brutal. Top Grunge has also done very violent things (throwing the Dying Informant into a volcano?!). And I suppose we must assume that any time the Dying Informant comes back hurt, the crook of the day is responsible. Even if Carmen doesn't commit any of these acts herself, it would seem that she must not have too much of a problem with them happening since she keeps the gang around. On the other hand, the gang has certainly done plenty of things she doesn't like and is exasperated by, but if she really shared the Earth version's stance on violence, it would seem she would put her foot down on that.

Crystal and I have always tried to combine the Carmen versions for our RP, but I have often puzzled over how to really unite the versions in a way that makes sense. I used the ACME backstory in a fic I recently wrote, but even at the time I was unsure about it. Maybe before I print that story, I'll want to alter that plot point since I'm just not sure the World version was ever an ACME agent.


Sep. 15th, 2015 04:25 am
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So Build-a-Bear sent an email on Saturday about the DJ plushie. Looking at the picture there and the one on their website makes me think I very likely will want her. That feeling will probably only strengthen when I see her in person.

And Wal-Mart is getting in a bunch of their Halloween stuff now. I didn't see a purple wig either there or at Smith's, though. Sigh. If I remember right, last year Wal-Mart only had the more red-violet wig I saw now and Smith's had the dark purple wig that would probably work better for Twilight. But it wasn't exactly what I wanted, either, or I would have gotten it then. Hopefully someone will get a purple wig in eventually. I wonder what I'll do if no one does.

Another thing I saw at Wal-Mart is Boba Fett costumes. My immediate reaction: "AWESOME.... Must see if there's one in my size.... Even though Dad would hit the ceiling if I actually wore one...."

At first I only saw some in the adult mens' section, and those weren't even as good as the ones I later found in the boys' section. The boys' costume has the whole suit, instead of just the top part! And ... I think if I could find the XL boys' size, it actually might fit me. And if it did, well ... I wonder if I could resist buying it? I'm still determined to do a Twilight costume, but it would be kind of epic to have a Boba Fett costume around just in general, not just for Halloween.

Also, another thing definitely different about this round of Carmen/Rockapella fangirling: I think that in spite of my love of Scott with season 1 hair, I may actually be starting to prefer the season 2 look. The reason being: I think I actually rather like the mild scruffiness now. It makes Scott look older, and as much as I love adorable so-young Scott, older and wiser characters intrigue me the most, so naturally I would end up somewhat intrigued by the style that makes Scott look that way the most. (Also, you can't go wrong with fluffy hair....) Hmm, maybe I'll try a drawing or two and see what I think. I've only drawn approximate season 2 Scott once.
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I've been going through old stuff today, trying desperately to find my plans for Carmen fics unwritten that I could still write now. I found several!

1 - There's a cyber stalker causing problems and the ACME crew matches wits with him. He ups the ante by locking down ACME and sending new dangers at the detectives, maybe mechanical traps that ACME set up to catch intruders?

2 - Something about a power plant. I have no idea what that was supposed to be.

3 - The Beaches of Cheyenne-inspired fic, with a ghost who wants the mystery of her death solved. This is similar to some Ginger and Lou fics I've done, so I may or may not do this one.

4 - Something based around The False-False Teeth episode.

5 - (I remembered this one before, but I'm adding it to the list so I'll keep remembering.) The fic where they're running around in Utah County and maybe Juab County chasing a crook. That one was supposed to come immediately after the stalled Bryce Canyon/Red Shadow fic, since that one also takes place in Utah. I might be able to pick that fic up again, but regardless, I could probably do this fic without finishing the other one first.

There's also one based around The Boll Weevil Retrieval that I started but didn't finish. And some cracky thing about Sean meeting his double, The Food Deliveryman. LOL. I don't know if I'd actually do the latter, but the thought is definitely entertaining.

Also, I learned that the evil double is supposed to kidnap Elliott and take him to Charleston in A Change in My Life, and Scott has to conquer his fears of the place to rescue Elliott. I think I'll probably still go with that idea, because that's far more poignant than them just going there because of wondering if the mystery will be solved there.

I am so glad this search was profitable!


Aug. 17th, 2015 05:41 am
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Finished and posted the story with Snakes and the Dying Informant. I also drew accompanying fanart. Clicking on it usually makes it bigger. This isn't a bad size, though.

Snakes and the Dying Informant

I really love how Snakes turned out. I'm not sure if I'm a little rusty with the Dying Informant or not.
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Oh, well, this is just lovely. Apparently I not only forgot some of the Dying Informant sketches, I forgot the one that was my favorite: Gaaah, it sounds great! And of course, The Case of the Missing Queen is one of the episodes that's now AWOL.

EDIT: Thinking on it, I'm remembering more and more. He came in with a life preserver, as I recall, and he said that Contessa threw him overboard. And I definitely remember what I was describing in that old post, with Greg trying to revive him and getting a face full of water. LOL. I wanna see it again so baaaad....

I also remember wanting to write a fic based on it. I don't think I ever got around to that. I know I never finished such a fic, but I don't think I even started it. Maybe when I did that other cruise ship ficlet, I figured I wouldn't do another. I see no problem with writing one based on that episode now. But oh, I wish I could see it again first....
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So I decided to try extending the Steve fic and it worked! Now it looks so much better and more complete. I'm thrilled. Maybe now I can do the proofread and feel like it's done. I just wonder if anyone will even be interested in reading it if I post it as the long oneshot it's meant to be (especially since Steve is sadly not a popular character). It's turned out to be around 10,000 words. Maybe I'll have to split it into three or four smaller chapters. I don't know.

Also, I've had Bed of Nails stuck in my head lately. I think Scott said it's about insomnia, so it's a little too perfect for me. LOL. And it makes the scream of frustration take on very relatable meaning.

But I also associate it with the Dying Informant and his misadventures and his fight against V.I.L.E. I think I always thought of it that way, as my first fic involving that character was for The Burgled Bugatti episode and I called it The Weak It Ain't For. This bit especially makes me think of him:

Bed of nails, every point is painful
Bed of nails, a thousand points of spite
Bed of nails, you know the weak it ain't for,
It hurts me just right

Examining things from a fictional POV instead of seeing it as nonsense, he has to be a pretty strong-willed character to continually go up against V.I.L.E. and risk getting hurt (and end up dying so much of the time).

Meanwhile, I got out my Elliott plush and have been looking him over. If I use my imagination/look at him from certain angles, he does resemble Elliott even though the hair is wrong. (Oh, if only I could have had access to better quality pictures to give them.... It must have been baffling trying to deal with those.) Part of me regrets that I didn't wait until I had the money to get both him and Scott at once, as I had planned to do. Since I didn't, that opens up a whole new problem of what to do if I want to have plushies of the other three.

I could always commission SetsunaKou and HarukaKou to make Scott now. But I'd have the same problem with not being able to give them very good pictures and the hair might come out wrong. Plus, it's such a long wait these days. And there's always the question of how chibified he might end up or how well he might be sewn. Elliott seems like a rush job; I think out of all the plushies I've ordered from them, only he really gives me that feeling of seeming like a rush job. Some things, like the arms and the collar, just seem like they didn't have a lot of time put into getting them on quite right. However, if he's the only one who seems that way, then Scott likely wouldn't. I have about six plushies from them in all and have been very impressed with and love them. (Naturally so, or I wouldn't have kept ordering.)

If I tried to make plushies using the JoAnn plushies, they're really too big to align with Elliott properly. At least, certainly if I used one of them to make Scott, who is close to Elliott's height. Also, with Sean and Barry I run into that roadblock of the face shape problem again. I really hadn't wanted to make any plushies if the face shape wouldn't be the same approximate face shape as the JoAnn plushies.

I could try making them from scratch, but that sounds like a nightmare. I really like having a pre-stuffed doll as a base to work with. And it's difficult enough making hair, clothes, and ears, without having to also sew the plushie from scratch! Making the hair actually sounds fun, especially for Sean, and I like the thought of choosing different fabric for the shirts. But if I was making from scratch, who knows how stressed I'd be by the time I ever got to that point. Just doing what I do usually has me ready to scream before the project's over.

I could say "Screw size problems" and make all four from JoAnn dolls so they'd kind of match. But then I'd feel sad for that poor SetsunaKou Elliott. I feel like whatever I do, I need to accommodate him, even though yes, I know it's just a plushie that can't really feel or know anything. I'd just feel really guilty and sad if I didn't include him in whatever plans I make.

Maybe I should go see if SetsunaKou's prices and patterns have changed any. Maybe by now they would do things different enough and I should get Scott from them as per the original plan and then make Sean and Barry myself, even though the face shapes wouldn't be quite right.
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So I got the ficlet written and posted. It felt strange signing into the [ profile] ladybug_tales account again, but it was nice. I altered the information in the intro post, Stickied it, and put up the ficlet. Overall, I felt pretty comfortable with the experiment and will definitely be trying some more.

At this point I'm not sure in what direction the fics are going to go, though, because while I plan to finish the hanging ones and maybe write a new haunted house one, what I seem to be the most fascinated in focusing on right now is the Dying Informant character. I'm pondering on how to write him as knowledgeable and mature, yet unlucky enough to have so many problems and maybe just a little over-dramatic. Maybe I'm so intrigued because he definitely is a fictional character and therefore I feel like I have a bit more license to develop him, but the line between real and fictional seems very blurred when it comes to the Musicnet agents as a group (even though I know it's there, especially after the backstory reveal in season 3). I'm toying with the thought of a short introspective piece of him pondering on his work and his misfortunes, as well as a fic where he meets Snakes. (The others would be around in the latter fic, too.) That should definitely be interesting, considering that in the RP with Crystal, Snakes has latched on to the ACME crew and works at ACME teaching agents the fine points of gambling in case they have to go undercover and appear to know that information. In the RP, Snakes is more awkward and insecure and unsure of himself, because he's with a group of close friends and feels like he's a student, learning from them about friendship. In the fics, Snakes is learning about friendship too, but he usually seems a little more prickly, cynical, and worn-out. He's an interesting series of contrasts.

I also had a dream that I only remember vaguely, but part of it involved Ecks and Wye. They were at some sort of private university/school, I think, held in a refurbished mansion, and they were talking with some scientist. At one point they exchanged a silent look, picking up on information without speaking. They seemed to be thinking about the case as well as being thoughtful of each other's needs. I need to start that next U.N.C.L.E. fic....

Then I'm tinkering with the Steve Drumm noir parody and I'm not sure what to make of it. I was hoping I was wrapping it up, but now I'm not sure it should finish at this point. I'm wondering if I should do the noir twist of the fake ending and have Steve and Brice suddenly realize that the truth of the case is upsidedown and backwards. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions....

Quick post

Aug. 11th, 2015 04:13 am
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An attempt at a new Rockapella icon, since my original one is so dark it's hard to see everyone. But I love that one too and will probably still use it on [ profile] ladybug_tales, which is likely where any fics are going to go. And I may not use this one at all past this test run, as Scott and Elliott's motion hands are distracting and Barry is so far in the background. Such a pity it's so hard to get decent screenshots from the episodes, especially season 1 episodes, and season 1 is what I want to screencap the most....

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so hard in love with season 1, since there can be dud episodes with barely any contributions from Rockapella (something that only rarely happened in other seasons). And of course, it was season 1 that had the Office Sketch of Doom that scared the heck out of me at age 5 and that I still refuse to touch at age 28. On the other hand, when they do it right, season 1 is absolutely awesome. I love the wide variety of shirt colors the guys wore in season 1; after season 1, they seemed to settle on standard colors. I liked being surprised by what they'd wear that day! I also loved Sean's gray fedora; I don't think he wore it after season 1. And I loved their hair; Scott's seemed to change every season. And of course, it was season 1 that had the highest concentration of Dying Informant segments.

Also, perhaps the most important reason, I was there right from season 1. I remember when we had a subscription to TV Guide and the issue came out talking about shows debuting in Fall 1991. I saw a blurb on Carmen Sandiego, complete with a cast picture, and I was instantly like I AM GOING TO WATCH THIS SHOW. DETECTIVES AND THEIR HATS ARE COOL.

One thing I would really like to know: how in the world did I know I liked detectives when I was four years old?! Where would I have seen/heard anything about detectives at that young age? Especially since Mom and Dad tried to make sure I didn't see anything very intense?

Well, whatever the explanation, I knew I just had to see that show. And even though Mom was skeptical at first, probably because she was worried about it being a detective show, she was won over quite fast by the educational content and the family-friendly silliness of the guys. We used to watch it together a lot.

When I had my Carmen renaissance in 2008, and I watched The Taking of the Shrew, I remembered it! Very vaguely, I remembered September 30th, 1991 and being right there watching on that very first airing. I remembered the painting calling Greg and complaining. I remembered the very first Dying Informant segment and being a little confused, but loving it. I remembered the Office Sketch and Greg talking about a dying guy dying in his office! And I remembered the Zombie Jamboree parody (probably the only time Sean censored himself when he sang it)! It was magical in 2008 just as it was in 1991. And it's still magical now.

Seasons 1 and 2 are still my very favorite seasons. To me, they walked that fine line between detective show and silliness and kept the balance just perfectly. Starting with season 3, they started getting more and more far-out. There was still a lot to love, but for me, they never quite captured the magic of those first two seasons.

I've also discovered that since 2008, I must have come to love Scott a lot more. I always liked him a great deal, especially from the Dying Informant segments, but in 2008 I was totally okay with watching performances from before he joined the group. A couple weeks ago, I tried that again and I honestly found it very painful for him to not be there.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Scott is the only member from the Carmen seasons I religiously watched that I've met. I've met Jeff too, and like him a lot, but I was not religiously watching by season 5, so he doesn't invoke that same level of nostalgia. LOL, I remember the first time I tried season 5 and I was instantly confused. "Why is there a fifth guy there?! Where did he come from?! Who is he?!"

I still can't remember exactly why I slacked off somewhere in season 4. I think it probably just got too nuts for me. Even as a kid, I could be serious and there were lines of goofiness I didn't like to cross. But I did come back in season 5, a little bit. If I truly love something, I always come back. I remember watching several season 5 episodes. I mention watching one with Mom in a journal I was keeping then. I remember watching several others alone, including the very last episode. I believe it was on one of those excursions of watching season 5, sometime around Thanksgiving, that I discovered Wishbone. And that is a whole other post.

... And this totally took longer to type than I was planning on. Isn't that always the way?


Aug. 9th, 2015 03:11 am
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Going through old blurbs looking for some specific things (which I found), I also found this, which I didn't even remember writing: I know it's out of season, but oh gosh, it's adorable. LOL. I wonder what happened to that Christmas fic? That wasn't the one I ended up writing to completion as Hold Out For Christmas. Maybe I'll have to try to find it and see if I wrote more for it that I didn't post. Potentially I could write it to completion this year, if I could figure out what I was going to do with it. Actually, though, it looks pretty complete all on its own. Maybe that's exactly why nothing else ever happened with it....

I went through a lot of Carmen stuff this evening. Found a couple of classic season 1 episodes, including one I have on tape: The Disappearing Declaration. I also discovered that The Case of the Creep in the Concorde is one of the most hilarious episodes ever. LOL. After that I didn't have too much luck, but those were some great finds.

I wish I knew all the episodes where The Dying Informant appears. On the other hand, it's kind of fun not to know and to just be surprised, and yet, it would be nice to have an idea of where to look since I want to see those segments again so badly.

Offhand, the ones I can remember are:

The Taking of the Shrew
The False-False Teeth
The Burgled Bugatti
The Taking of the Towers
Who Copped Khufu?
Chumps D'Elysees

Then there's The Bouncing Informant from the Pipeline episode, who may or may not be the same character. There is that mediocre Dying Informant sketch from season 3 where the dog is attacking him (Might Takes Wright, Crystal thinks), and The Falling Informant in The Bee-Bird Burglary. The latter sketch is pretty funny, albeit it's unreal how long it takes just to fall from Mrs. Pumpkinclanger's window. LOL. And there's the Informant sketch Crystal discovered is from Now Museum, Now You Don't, but we don't know the quality level of it (or which Informant he is, although we're guessing The Dying Informant).

I also remember there were at least a couple of other Dying Informants, one of them a woman. I liked her too, honestly. But of course Scott's version is my favorite. And I know I'm forgetting a lot of sketches, because there were several where the Informants were stabbed with weird things. All I can remember now is a miniature palm tree. And ... maybe a miniature train car? Ewww....

I also went through a bunch of stuff on my memory stick, which is where I have the entire My Documents from the old Gateway computer. I found my original headcanons for the show/my fics and I'm thinking maybe I'll re-post them here, since I'm planning to join Crystal in writing some stuff. I think I might start by finishing the fics I left hanging, though, because both of them were largely written after I burned out and therefore are pretty mild.

So, under the cut, the old headcanons, with some tweaks and some new items added. As inspired by Crystal's post, I've been thinking about my versions of some of the items on her list, especially regarding timelines and The Dying Informant.

Carmen Sandiego/Fictional Rockapella headcanons )

Also, here are my short bios for fictional Rockapella. I read them over and I think everything in them will still apply to how I plan to write them now.

Musicnet Dossiers )
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So I've been watching Carmen episodes and loving it all over again. And the Mysterious Woman segments in season 2 have inspired me on what Perry fic to do next: that cracky oneshot noir parody with Steve Drumm. LOL. It's moving right along; I'm on page 7! I don't intend for it to be very long, but maybe it will be and I'll need to post it in several chunks. Then I still wonder what big fic to start next, but I'll worry about that when this one is done.

I've also been loving the Dying Informant sketches in seasons 1 and 2. So cracky and silly, yet hurt/comforty at the same time. And they make my crush on Scott flare up again. Even though I'm not really comfortable writing hurt/comfort for the fandom anymore, I still love the canon h/c.

... So much so that I dug into my old fics to read the couple I did based around canon Dying Informant sketches. And I remembered something I'd thought about years before, how I used to kind of want to see that character as being separate from Scott the musician. (After all, at least some of the sketch characters are undeniably not meant to be the musicians, like Mrs. Pumpkinclanger or Scott the plumber, etc.) I kind of sometimes pictured the Dying Informant as a loner, with Greg his only real friend, and from Greg's reactions in many of the segments, that status was questionable. Reading those fics again, I was actually perfectly fine with them as long as I kept that mentality of the characters being separate. The moment the characters merged into one, I became uncomfortable.

It makes me wonder if I might like to try writing some short h/c fics about the Dying Informant, either keeping to the canon segments or else crafting some new ones similar to those, and also keeping to the idea of the character being separate from Scott the musician. Even if he actually is not (Crystal and I always played/pictured them as one and the same), maybe for any possible fics like that, I just wouldn't tread into that territory so it could be left ambiguous, as the show itself left it.

It just goes to show that I can't be separated from hurt/comfort for very long. And when the show itself encourages it, it becomes almost impossible for sure. Which is probably how it started in the past, but it will never be that way again, since I am still very uncomfortable by any hint of hurt/comfort involving the actual musician personas of the characters, fictional versions or not.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 04:50 am
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Bought stuff for Dad's birthday this past day, finally. I hope he likes it.

I also dropped in at the Wal-Mart in the town we were in. They don't have the new dolls; they're still clearancing the old. They had one of the Twilight dolls I've kind of wanted for $9 now! I seriously considered getting her. But I wanted to check another Wal-Mart for the Sunset plushie first, only I couldn't because when we tried to go, the freeway signs were messed up and the one claiming it went the right direction actually took us back home instead, not even letting us off until we were almost there, so Dad wouldn't go back. Ugh. Our car gets such bad mileage and money is so tight that he can't stand to waste a smidgen of gas. I can understand that, but it's still disappointing, especially when both towns are only about ten minutes away from here.

He might have gone back if I'd said that if I couldn't find what I wanted most, I was planning to get the other thing I wanted. But I really knew I should save my money for something else, so I just let it go. I already have one Twilight, and I'm planning to get one of the dolls of the naturally human Twilight (probably the one in the two-pack with Flash Sentry, when we get them around here, since I'll likely never be able to get the convention Twilight and I like the one in the two-pack best after that one). Still, when all the dolls are so unique, it's hard not buying several different ones of my favorite characters. This Twilight doll on clearance has her hair up and it looks so retro and classy.

It does seem like the local Wal-Mart still had some of those, so maybe if their price has lowered to $9 also, I'll have another chance to get her this coming week. I really should resist, but I don't know if I can when the price is that low.

At least I was able to get some headphones at a ShopKo sale. I usually get cheap headphones at Dollar Tree, and now they only have earbuds, which I don't like because they're too close to the ear and I get even more headaches that way. When I saw in an email that ShopKo had $10 headphones for half off, I wanted to get some. I just hope they'll last for a good, long while. I got a pair in dark blue. So pretty!

I also got some notebooks, as I always try to get some when they have them for literally pennies during the back to school time period. But I probably shouldn't have, because Wal-Mart had them for 2 cents cheaper. Ah well. I got the last five ShopKo had, so maybe we can get more at Wal-Mart this week. Always good to stock up.

And I am so excited that my Perry fic is so thoroughly on the move! Once I realized that the story didn't have to move so slowly with the bad guys' plot, it picked right up! The other day I read through the chapters and made out a list of important things that I needed to keep straight, and from that I planned the climax. I just put up the climax chapter. Now I only need the epilogue and it's done! That will be such a relief!

I waited to open the document until I was right ready to work on it near-constantly, and for once Avast! didn't give me trouble, which makes me think that it only does that when the document hasn't been touched in a while, as I already surmised. Perhaps if I don't leave them lying around, I won't have to go through the annoyance of turning off the File Shield System when I want to write and save. I looked up other antivirus programs and I really don't want to switch. Avast! takes up so little memory. And when I read that AVG can install a toolbar that hogs memory and is almost impossible to get rid of, I was horrified. I certainly don't want to get into a mess like that.

Crystal's been so excited this week having another Carmen/Rockapella renaissance, thanks to that hilarious new parody the Carmen-era Rockapella members did. She's even going to start writing fics in that fandom again. I kind of want to follow suit. Neither of us wants to do hurt/comfort fics for that fandom again, as we got so dark and twisted with our fics and RP that we both burned out. (It didn't help when Scott got hurt in real-life, either. Oh gosh that was scary.) But while Crystal hopes to write light-hearted fics, I think I'd like to write some slightly creepy mysteries again. I just won't throw in hurt/comfort or angst anymore. I'm already hoping to write a haunted house fic, because there can never be too many of those. My dreams can provide plenty of inspiration. Heh.

And I remembered something I'd kind of forgot I have: a plushie of Elliott, more or less. I commissioned SetsunaKou to make it, but because the only pictures I could find were terrible quality, the hair ended up not being quite long enough and he looks like a cross between Elliott and Kevin. But he's still very cute. And hey, maybe I could get some hair extensions for him or something. I also always meant to order a Scott plushie, but that never quite materialized. I think Elliott is currently under my Turtles; I'll get him out later and look him over.

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