ladybug_archive: (scofield)
2016-05-12 05:06 am


I have just watched Raid on Rommel. I always knew Christopher was in it, but I thought it was a bit part. And I knew he died, so that made me reluctant to try it. But tonight I was fiddling with the antenna to get the GritTV channel to come through so I can record a Darren movie tonight and I caught the last part of Raid on Rommel. I remembered they were going to air it a couple of times; the next airing is Sunday at 6 AM.

I decided to try to find the movie and see it to see whether I'd want to own a copy. And YES, I DEFINITELY DO. Christopher does not have a bit part; he's very prominent all the way through. He's adorable and precious and this lady he's trying to look after knows it too. LOL. She's all over him, cooing, squeeing, trying to hug and fondle him, and it's very awkward because he's driving the truck. He doesn't know how to handle it at all. But I am so psyched to see someone else knowing what a treasure he/his character is! I want to get the DVD and take pictures and caption one of them "This girl knows where it's at."

Also, of course I must find a way to save him. I refuse to let him die. And unlike with Don Knight's poor Little House character, I think I can do it.

It was a very poignant scene, gah. It was the climatic battle and the main character had just been wounded. Christopher's character, a medic, comes to try to help him and he's cruelly and deliberately gunned down with a handgun, despite the shooter apparently knowing he's a medic. The main character is absolutely furious, picks up his gun, and unloads it into the shooter. Then he looks at Christopher while he remembers what Christopher's character told him about being in the Medical Corps because he's a Quaker and a conscientious objector and that he couldn't help in a mission where he would have to kill anyone. GAH.

**hugs him.**

I hope I can get the next showing recorded. But regardless, I really do want the DVD.