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... not to avoid something that everyone and their dog hates.

Over and over, I find that if I avoid something because of negative reviews, I almost always end up loving it. It happened with season 3 of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., with season 9 of Perry Mason, with TMNT 1987, with Equestria Girls, and with many other things. I also in general love things everyone hates, regardless of whether I initially avoided it myself or not. The Batman series is a good example of that. I enjoyed it from the start, compared to everyone who tears their hair out over it.

I finally got around to buying/seeing Ghostbusters 2, mainly because of the two cartoon episodes it comes with. One of them is a favorite. (The other was WTH territory and I sincerely hope that it isn't typical of the later seasons.) Honestly, I ... ended up loving the movie much more than the original. I think there were only four instances of swearing and a couple of naughty comments, compared to swearing practically every two minutes in the original (or it felt like it, anyway). It was creepy but wacky, had many more character-developing scenes, and Winston had a lot of good screentime. It felt much more like the series, and that may have been the point. They probably knew a lot of kids would be watching it because the series was running right then. Also, the plot point I really wasn't crazy about before I saw it, them being discredited and having gone their separate ways at the beginning, ended up in practice feeling a lot like TMNT, especially Ray and Winston at that birthday party. LOL. So I actually ended up not being too bothered by that after all. I can see myself rewatching this movie and enjoying it, whereas I'm honestly not sure I would rewatch the first movie, at least not in full. I have rewatched my favorite scenes from it.

I can't remember if I mentioned, but Build-a-Bear had a 30% off deal the weekend before this one and I was able to get Michelangelo with that. We were finally going to be in the area and I couldn't pass up a chance to get that much off of him. Then I discovered that the big Slimer plush was on clearance at a Wal-Mart other than ours. I couldn't get him then, but the other day I was able to go back and get one. Our Wal-Mart still isn't clearancing them. It was awesome to get him for $7 instead of $15!

It felt so good to get my [ profile] 31_days challenge done last week. Some pieces I really enjoyed writing, but others were puzzling, and it was definitely frustrating to have to worry about the day's piece each day when I really wanted to be writing my Turtles fic. But I kept on because I wanted to do the challenge too; it was a story I'd wanted to tell for some time. I still think I'll also write the original Snakes and Chita story I was going to tell, though, which was a third-person narrative oneshot involving one of the last times Snakes put up with looking all over town for Chita when she deliberately ran out to make him find her after an argument. I have a very distinctive image of the opening lines of that fic and they have never gone away, so I need to write it.

I tried to basically keep to the prior versions of the Snakes and Chita tale that Snakes related in two earlier fics. When I realized I had some details wrong in a couple of pieces, I went back and redid those parts. For a couple of other parts, however, I decided that I wanted to tell it slightly differently and that would either make more sense or be closer to what I wanted, so on a couple of points I deliberately made it different from the earlier accounts. Like, I didn't have Snakes and Chita go gambling all night long the first night they met. I mean, they'd been beat up in the first casino when Snakes tried to defend her. It seemed much more likely that they'd go try to take care of their battle wounds. And then at the end, I changed the point where Snakes lost track of Chita's trail in 1910. I wanted Chita to turn up again, but not decades older. I drew inspiration from both a role-play where I'd used her and from the fact that she was always intended to be characterized as sort of a flapper wannabe, and had Snakes lose track of her trail in the 1870s. She found a portal to the 1920s, where she fit in and was happily staying for the most part. (I will speculate that the portal was another result of Dr. Faustina's experiments.) But then she returned to the 1870s once, heard that Snakes was alive, and found the portal to the present-day to see him again. They were able to converse and have some closure at last.

Chita was very interesting to characterize in that last piece. Unlike other versions of her, including the role-play version, this Chita actually did mature a little bit. She wasn't as superficial, was willing to touch the scar that she had always avoided before, and felt badly for how her past cruelty had negatively impacted Snakes. But she wasn't ready to settle down and she recognized it; she had finally opted to stay single. She wants parties and material objects and yet she knows they're not what truly bring happiness. Still, she can't make herself not want them. I drew some inspiration from my own feelings regarding her love of material things and not feeling ready to settle down.

She was never meant to really be a likeable character, so I am amused that I kind of got fond of her and developed her a little. Even some of her superficialty is endearing to me. But since she has plenty of negative characteristics, I would totally understand anyone not liking her. What she did to Snakes was horrible. Not that it was worse than things Snakes did canonically, of course, and so there is definitely the possibility of redeeming her. That was kind of where I was going with the final piece.

I would never have her and Snakes get together again, but they parted on civil terms, and this past night I ended up drawing a cute picture meant to take place around that point where Snakes is standing watching her dance as she whips her boa around him. I sketched the whole thing out very quickly and I quite love it. I might ink it before I scan it, though.

Apparently I had Snakes on the brain after that themeset, because yesterday I had a weird dream involving him. It seemed to take place in the Old West, before The Poisonous Posey episode, even though some things ended up not making sense. Dr. Loveless was there too, and Snakes seemed to be working for/with him and there was some explosion planned for Jim West. Snakes seemed all into that, the little weasel (despite the fact that he seemed to not know Jim in the episode, so there's where it doesn't make sense). Then the tables were turned when Jim escaped and Dr. Loveless chained Snakes to a bomb that was set to go off in a couple of minutes. He was begging and pleading to be set free, and finally someone did. His characterization felt very similar to what's seen in the actual episode: pretty much a pathetic coward who likes to set bombs as ways out of his problems and ends up digging his own grave by doing so.

I never at all intended to become intrigued by him with that characterization, and yet it happened when I was fleshing out his character out of necessity in The Night of the Deadly Codename. And of course, that also led to Christopher rightfully taking his place as one of the darlings when I studied the episode more. I wonder if there's any chance at all that I could have seen that episode when I was very young. Mom insists that Dad used to watch WWW in reruns, so I wonder if there's any chance I saw it back then. That would be hilarious. And it would mean I did encounter Christopher years ago, just like all the other darlings. I want to say I have a vague memory of watching that episode in bits and pieces when I was a kid, but I'm probably just inventing something in my mind because I want so badly for there to be a time when I saw Christopher years ago. Still, wouldn't it be interesting? Snakes is one of my favorite characters to flesh out and develop, and if I actually saw him many years ago and just don't remember it now, that would be rather intriguing.

I also started thinking again about maybe making a Snakes plushie. I'd have to learn some basic embroidery so I could make the scar raised up, but that would be an interesting challenge. Now that the weather's cooled down, I feel like working on my other projects too. Maybe I can finish Barry's clothes at last and also make Mike's jacket!

I just love autumn so much. As always, I celebrate meteorological seasons and not calendar seasons, so for me Fall started on Thursday. It was a beautiful cloudy day too, perfect for the first day of Fall. When the sweltering heat of summer fades, my sewing creativity seems to wake up again. I am excited for what this autumn will bring and hope that it will be happy and enjoyable.

I think I'm almost done with the Turtles fic. I have the climax largely written, or all written, unless I add more to it. Then I just need the epilogue stuff. The story will definitely end where I decided it should. And I may or may not continue it in oneshots or other multi-chapters. We'll have to see. One thing I do know is that while I'm totally cool with watching the series in all its formulaic glory, I don't think I could make myself write stories that are all so formulaic like the series' nonsense, with Shredder's crazy plans failing, etc. I think I could only do a handful before it wouldn't feel believable to me any more. It's easy to watch nonsense; not so easy to create it yourself time and time again.

I kind of have a vague idea of the alien computer still being around after all and discovering that Baxter is finally human again. That would be kind of cute. And it would be interesting to see how Baxter would react to the computer while sane, and whether the computer would want to help him like before. That might be one of my oneshots. And if I do continue things, Baxter and Barney need to have a proper conversation again. Maybe Baxter can finally tell him that Krang was trying to murder him when the cross-fusion happened.

One problem I discovered while writing is trying to keep Barney from feeling too much like a Kylo Ren trope of wanting to go to the dark side/not caring if he has to kill a family member to do so. I fleshed out some of his scenes in chapters before I put them up and had him monologue and have doubts and wonder if he's just acting tough to impress Shredder when he appears as though it doesn't bother him, what he might have to do. I don't really want Barney to be sympathetic, exactly, because really, how much sympathy can you have for someone who willingly joins a megalomaniac while sane because he wants power and recognition? But when he's only in one episode and we just don't know much about him, I don't think it would be fair to paint him as irredeemably evil just to contrast him with Baxter being redeemable because of wanting to be honest at first and then having gone nuts. (Seriously, compare him in season 1 with the season 2 opener. He is sane in season 1 and just wants to invent something that would be helpful to the city's population. He really doesn't know what Shredder's up to. He thinks the guy just really hates rats in the city. He doesn't know Shredder is marketing the Mousers in order to murder someone, nor that Shredder is stamping Baxter's name on them so he'll take the blame. And Shredder is going to kill him just because he saw Shredder and could say that Shredder offered to market the Mousers and was using an old house as a hideout. By season 2, after he's been framed for attempted murder, blamed for the damage the Mousers caused, and thrown in the insane asylum for talking about the Turtles, Baxter is cackling madly about giant talking Turtles and is clearly insane. It is very sad, actually.)

So anyway, this story already inadvertently inverts pretty much all the angles of the other Baxter fix-it fic. I also hope to invert the Kylo Ren trope when it actually comes time for Barney to follow through on his vow to kill Baxter if he interferes. I really like how I've written the climax.

Then I drew Leonardo for the first time since my childhood, and this time he actually looks pretty good! I think I'll be able to draw those Turtles pictures for my "opening" clips that I wanted.

And I always meant to muse on this thought: Coming back to things I like that everyone hates, I actually liked when there was a girl who was part of The A-Team. She seemed to be a reporter if I recall correctly, so I kind of equated the situation as April O'Neil and the Turtles. Heh. The girl seemed to fit just fine into the A-Team's plans and it was nice to have someone around that I could more easily relate to.

Along those lines, I also tried comparing members of The A-Team to the Turtles, but that didn't go so well. Naturally I got B.A. and Raphael, but then I kind of stalled on drawing any other logical parallels. I guess Murdock could be equated with Michelangelo, since they're both the most out there members of their teams. But Hannibal and Leonardo and Face and Donatello don't seem to make very good parallels. And I keep wanting to equate Murdock with Donatello because of their mechanical know-how. So ... heh.
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I believe I've mentioned my desire to have a website devoted to information on all my favorite character actors. Right now it's mostly vintage interviews with or about the darlings that I've dug up, with a few recent ones thrown in the mix as well. What excites me the most is the extended interview I had with Elen Carysfort, Christopher Cary's widow! Today is Christopher's birthday, so I am especially happy to be able to bring this interview to people right now. I am hoping others who knew Christopher and the other darlings will find the site and come forward with stories to share of their own.
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I have just watched Raid on Rommel. I always knew Christopher was in it, but I thought it was a bit part. And I knew he died, so that made me reluctant to try it. But tonight I was fiddling with the antenna to get the GritTV channel to come through so I can record a Darren movie tonight and I caught the last part of Raid on Rommel. I remembered they were going to air it a couple of times; the next airing is Sunday at 6 AM.

I decided to try to find the movie and see it to see whether I'd want to own a copy. And YES, I DEFINITELY DO. Christopher does not have a bit part; he's very prominent all the way through. He's adorable and precious and this lady he's trying to look after knows it too. LOL. She's all over him, cooing, squeeing, trying to hug and fondle him, and it's very awkward because he's driving the truck. He doesn't know how to handle it at all. But I am so psyched to see someone else knowing what a treasure he/his character is! I want to get the DVD and take pictures and caption one of them "This girl knows where it's at."

Also, of course I must find a way to save him. I refuse to let him die. And unlike with Don Knight's poor Little House character, I think I can do it.

It was a very poignant scene, gah. It was the climatic battle and the main character had just been wounded. Christopher's character, a medic, comes to try to help him and he's cruelly and deliberately gunned down with a handgun, despite the shooter apparently knowing he's a medic. The main character is absolutely furious, picks up his gun, and unloads it into the shooter. Then he looks at Christopher while he remembers what Christopher's character told him about being in the Medical Corps because he's a Quaker and a conscientious objector and that he couldn't help in a mission where he would have to kill anyone. GAH.

**hugs him.**

I hope I can get the next showing recorded. But regardless, I really do want the DVD.
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A couple of weeks ago in Wal-Mart I saw the most awesome playset: a Scooby-Doo haunted mansion! There were trapdoors and ghosties everywhere and a falling chandelier.... I don't have any place to put something like that, but I sure want it. That is epically awesome. It's one of the most creative playsets I've seen in a long time.

There's also a new line of Scooby-Doo figures. For some reason, there's two Scoobies in the line instead of there being a Fred. They'd better still make Fred! All the other original characters were there. Each one comes packaged with one of the supernatural creatures they unmasked on the show. And even though there's two figures and they're around 6 inches tall, they only cost around $7! I so want those, too. So do lots of others; there were three full pegs of those figures two weeks ago, and last week there were only two figures left.

So I had a very interesting and odd Once dream today. It was similar in nature to some LOTR dreams I had years ago, in which I and Mom and other people were acting out the character roles. And there was snow on the ground. I'm not sure why that's a feature of those dreams, but there you go.

I was playing Rumpel (and Regina, apparently, as there weren't enough people for each to take one character). It was around season 2, and the entire cast had been sent to some weird, snowy place with a huge castle. Rumpel was walking with Belle and they were talking about the problems in their relationship. They seemed to be at a rocky stage. One gave the other some kind of native little white flower before they separated. I was having a blast figuring out how to talk with a Scottish accent.

Belle was then walking with one of the girls, and I think I narrowed it down to Ruby. They were talking and seemed to be upset with Mary-Margaret about something, but the details of that conversation have faded. They were climbing up snowy hillsides that were like steps and heading for the castle. Everyone seemed to be going to a funeral, but I don't know who was dead. They walked along the outside of the castle, which weirdly seemed to have different entrances with numbers corresponding to season 2 episodes. Most were bizarre crooked stairs that were at unclimbable angles. They finally found a way up via the stairs marked for episode 2.

Regina was walking down the corridor, heading for the room with the funeral. For some reason, she ended up casting a spell on herself that made her appear as Rumpel to everyone else she passed in the corridor. It was not shape-shifting, like Cora could do, but it was expressly just a spell that warped how everyone else saw her. She got to the room and ... apparently laid down on a low table/slab in front of a row of people. Then she was ... either faking being unconscious or there was some other spell. Everyone thought it was Rumpel and was confused as to why they couldn't wake "him" up. Rumpel was supposed to appear in the doorway and be all "WTH is going on here," and I think he arrived and was trying and failing to get people's attention, and I woke up around then.

A very weird dream. But actually rather enjoyable while it was being had. I woke up missing the good times on Once before the writers decided that Rumpel wasn't allowed to continue his progress being a good guy. I should write some more in my vignette series again.

I wonder if another reason I'm worried about posting it on is that I'm afraid some people won't like that I'm unhappy with the direction the show took starting with 3B. But there's quite a lot of us who feel the same way, so that probably wouldn't really be much of a problem.

Recently I re-watched the season 3 Mannix episode with Don Knight, another British actor with lovely blond hair. He reminded me a little bit of Christopher, while at the same time definitely being his own person. He played the only survivor of a shipwreck, and he knew the truth about the wreck, that it had been hijacked and everyone else deliberately murdered by being thrown overboard to the sharks. He himself had been permanently mutilated; his left arm was gone and he had a limp. He was being sought after by the bad guys to kill him, but he refused to come forward and tell the police what he knew because they were threatening to kill a girl he loved. In the climax, he discovered that the girl was actually one of the bad guys. Heartbroken, in a moment of rage he started choking her, but Mannix rushed in and stopped him. When he calmed down, he insisted that the girl must have been coerced into being a part of things, because she was just too sweet to really be bad. The girl told him that she hadn't been coerced, that she wanted to be there because the Big Bad saw her as she really was instead of putting her on a pedestal. It was heartbreaking, gah. The guy didn't have anyone else in the world and he lost the one person he thought cared about him. Mom wondered if he might end up committing suicide, feeling like he had nothing left, but I hope not. Maybe I will write something about him and see what he's up to.

I remember liking that character and the actor before, but I didn't follow up on it. I wanted to this time, but I didn't get around to it until I discovered him in a Hawaii 5-O episode quite by accident over the weekend. That time the character was a bad guy, but he was in danger being kidnapped by the psycho Big Bad of the episode and I hoped the taskforce would save him in time. They did, and I decided to look up the actor. He had turned out an amazing performance and had broke down in hysteria because he was terrified of heights. So very different from the Mannix character. Like all good character actors, he really slips into whatever part he's got.

I found a list of credits and saw that I have one of his Virginian episodes, so I watched that this morning. He was a bad guy again, but he survived the episode. It was a pretty depressing episode, though, called The Mustangers. I don't think I want to get into it right now, but it seems like many season 7 Virginian episodes are depressing. I remember that while many season 6 episodes were high drama, they generally seemed to end well. I'm not sure what was up with the seeming change.

I also found a website run by Don Knight's son, which is awesome. I'm going to go back there and see if there's a way to contact the son. And I'll probably keep looking up his father's credits; I think one of his Charlie's Angels episodes is already on one of the discs I put on the queue.

Don Knight sounds like a sweet man in reality and I know I definitely loved his Mannix character. Apparently he also played a beloved character on Little House on the Prairie, so if I end up deciding I like him enough to make him one of my darlings, finally there will actually be one of them who has appeared on that show. Heh. I've always wondered why none of them ever guest-starred on that. Or at least if any have, IMDB doesn't have a record of it (which is possible).

His character on that has a very famous and tragic death. He works with dynamite, and he's watching some contest that includes his friends Charles and another guy. When they win, he's so excited for them that he doesn't remember he has a lit dynamite fuse that he was dealing with.

They invited Don Knight back for another episode as a different character, but when he got there they paid him and then fired him. They felt that his character's death had been so poignant that the audience would not accept him as another character.


Is it just me or was that a really lame and jerky thing to do? Once they hired him for the episode, they should have followed through with it. And isn't it just a little bit arrogant to think that their show's character death is so powerful that he could never return as someone else? I've watched lots of shows with powerful oneshot character deaths, and very often the actor will be allowed to return later as another character. I never see any problem with that.

Also, speaking of his character's death, it just sounds so pointless and needless that to me it almost seems like they killed off the character for the sheer shock and tragedy factor. Unless the episode was based on something Laura Ingalls Wilder really wrote about as having happened, it seems to me it should not have been done that way. I don't like character deaths that are pointless and needless and exist just so they can point to their show and say, "Look how dark and gritty we made it! It's some kind of artistic achievement!"

And as a closing note, eerily enough, Don Knight follows the pattern of being someone I saw in something many years ago. Apparently he was in The Apple Dumpling Gang. I actually wasn't crazy about that movie; I'd gone in looking for a hysterical comedy and it honestly didn't strike me as being very funny in most parts. The big funny scene seemed to be where Don Knotts' character was being accidentally choked by a rope up the side of a building, which ... really isn't very funny. But maybe if I go back to it and watch it not looking for anything specific, I'd like it.

I know it's stupid, but it still kind of troubles me that I can't think of anything I saw Christopher Cary in many years ago. He's the one darling that doesn't fit the pattern. I did see him on Rockford before I was interested in him, and I did like him, so I figure I've got to accept that as the time I saw him years ago. But it wasn't in the long-ago past, like all the others. I keep thinking there must be something I saw him in years ago and that someday I'll pinpoint what it was.


Nov. 5th, 2015 06:14 am
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... I just realized I have four icons featuring characters by Christopher Cary. I thought I had three. But I have the Ecks and Wye icon, the Ginger and Lou icon, the Captain Scofield icon, and this Snakes Tolliver icon.

Well, what can I say. I adore Christopher, squeee.

I actually got warmed up enough and plunnied enough that I started writing the follow-up to The Peaceful Meadows Affair from this past summer. I'm really excited to finally get that story off the ground (and hopefully have enough material to carry it through to completion now), but I'm worried I've been too active lately and people probably won't want to read a multi-chapter venture I've written. Eh, maybe I'm just worried for nothing because of things that happened in another fandom, but because of what happened there, I feel like I always have to walk on eggshells everywhere else when it comes to oneshot characters. Sigh. So if I seem jittery/worried, that's why. I just don't want to overstay my welcome.... The Peaceful Meadows Affair was quite popular, but I worry I won't be able to capture that same popularity again, especially several months later. I usually write a little spurt of U.N.C.L.E. stuff and then fade back into the shadows for a while, but now the plunnies keep coming. And keep involving those oneshot characters, oh dear. The reviewers have been really sweet and interested and their comments mean a lot to me. So hopefully there will continue to be interest.

I wonder if I should make a website for my U.N.C.L.E. fic verse or if I don't have enough for that yet. I have websites for my Perry Mason and WWW fic verses. Of course, those are just for me to play in; I don't hold out any illusions that anyone else would want to read all the intricacies of my fic verses and why I did this or that with particular characters. (Of course, if I were proven wrong, I would feel rather squeeful about it.) Mainly I just have an urge to write up some detailed profiles for Ecks and Wye and a website seems like a better place to stick them than a journal. Actually, heh, a long time ago I wrote up some detailed profiles for Ginger and Lou and I've ... never posted them anywhere. Oops. But I've used them to guide me in writing for them in the fics. I think some things in their profiles need to be switched, though. Like I wrote that Ginger is more the obsessive-compulsive one, but in actuality I think it ended up being Lou. Hmm.

November is making me very nostalgic this year. It was November, I think, when I saw Carmen episodes on television for the last time. Of course, I'm puzzling how that could quite be, since I saw the latter episodes and I thought those aired in December. It could be I'm mixing up months, but I do know distinctly that I was watching a little here and there around Thanksgiving. I watched one and then discovered Wishbone. Maybe I watched both in November and December.

And I still can't believe how hard it is to find a simple brown shoulder-length doll wig. There is a really nice one on eBay now, but it's $22 and I ... really hoped I wouldn't have to pay that much for a doll wig in this size (13-14).... Gulp.... And since I like to do the hair as one of the first things, I kind of don't even like to start making the Barry plush without knowing I have a wig on hand.... But I'd probably better start anyway.


Sep. 6th, 2015 09:13 pm
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This has been a long week of pain, merchandising dilemmas, and mice.

For almost two years, as I've recorded here off and on, I've been trying to find a Belle doll with removable clothing. I don't know why it's so hard to find her that way when some of the other Disney girls are fairly accessible with more than partially molded clothing. I usually only see Belle with removable clothes in expensive sets. There was one with another girl for $25, and that wasn't too bad for two, so I considered that, but then Wal-Mart stopped selling it before too long. Sigh.

A couple weeks ago, when they got in their new Fall stuff, I actually saw a Belle with removable clothes that was an acceptable price! She's part of a new line, I guess. I struggled with wanting to buy her right then, but my plan was to buy her on my shopping spree on my birthday next month, so I didn't. But then I had a random Once dream on Tuesday and woke up worrying that maybe they'd sell out of her by next month and I wouldn't be able to find her, etc. And I decided to get her that day when we needed to go get some stuff for mouse battle.

Crystal suggested maybe I could refrain from de-boxing her until my birthday, since my original intention had been to get her as a birthday present to myself. I decided maybe I would try that. Then I got her home and kind of wanted to de-box, but I ended up in so much pain almost immediately that I decided not to do anything until that was over. I make a big deal out of de-boxing and love to do it when I can really enjoy it.

So all this week I've gone back and forth on should I or shouldn't I. There's always other things to get on the shopping spree; typically I like to get several things. I don't know how much money I'll be able to gather by then, though, since finding stuff I can write has been slow and I'm still paying off some money I owe my church. And I don't know whether I'll be able to do the shopping spree right on my birthday, since it falls on a Saturday this year and that generally isn't a good day for us to go out. So I thought it would be nice to have Belle here to enjoy de-boxing then, especially if I couldn't get out right on that day.

(I'm also debating whether to do the shopping spree before or after my birthday. Usually if we can't make it on the actual day we do it after, but I don't know if I feel like waiting the whole weekend to do it Monday or Tuesday, so we might do it Friday. Still thinking about that. There's also the high probability that I might be cramping on both Friday and Saturday. Ugh.)

I lean more towards trying to hold out and save her for my birthday, but I don't know if that will work in the long run. Today, when I heard that another mouse was loose in the basement stealing bait, in addition to Mom and Dad hearing weird noises in the living room and not being sure whether it was the mouse in Dad's room with the sound carrying through the wall or whether it was a new living room mouse, my willpower just about broke.

It was such a beautiful day when I got Belle on Tuesday evening; it was September 1st, and since I celebrate meteorological seasons, that was my first day of Fall. I saw leaves all over the ground at the cemetery. It was beautiful. And even though nothing has really changed regarding our problems, it felt so liberating to finally have summer behind us. I want to keep hoping that Fall will be better, even though the logical part of me strongly doubts it.

I did finally solve my Amazon problem; I got Octavia, Vega$, and both season 3 Perry sets, as the prices were way down. I only had to pay $4 in cash after the gift cards paid the rest. The package came yesterday and it was wonderful. It was a little like a mini-birthday, getting all of that. It was a mini-respite from all the horrible things happening in our house right now.

Christopher does have some more screentime in his Vega$ episode than in what I saw on YouTube! I was absolutely thrilled! I must take pictures from that soon; he just looked gorgeous. I swear, he grew more and more handsome the older he got. And his hair! Ohmygosh, that beautiful, thick, fluffy, curling at the ends hair....

I really like that show in general, too; the main character seems to have very high morals and it's just very nice and refreshing to watch. I'm anxious to see the other episodes on the set. I introduced Mom to the show via Joseph's episode last night and she liked it too. And Greg Morris is the police lieutenant in it! I love the friendship between his character and the main character.

And it was so exciting to finally have Octavia! The doll Octavia is with my DJ doll, of course; I love the fanon concept that they are friends in an Odd Couple way, and that's become canon recently. The Pony Octavia is with Sunset Shimmer and some other Pony girls. I need to get the Pony DJ now to go with her. I also have Funrise plushies of them both. Build-a-Bear is making a DJ plushie that will come out this month, and I might buy her, but I hope they'd make Octavia too.

(Ugh, I was looking so forward to Build-a-Bear's Ditzy/Derpy/Bubblecup/Muffins plushie, and now they just make her an online exclusive and randomly up her price by $5 more, for no apparent reason. I am so bummed. I might try to get her anyway, because I really wanted that one. DJ will be in stores, so I'll be able to see her in person before buying. I'm not as sure I'll get her, since I have Funrises of both her and Octavia and I don't know if Build-a-Bear will make Octavia, but DJ has one of my most favorite color schemes ever, white and blue, so I might get her regardless. And I love that Build-a-Bear made a unique, original cape just for her, even though I probably won't buy that.)

I'm thrilled to have season 3 of Perry now, too. There's so many of those I haven't seen uncut before, and the ones I have seen uncut I wanted to own. There's lots of Sergeant Brice in season 3; I remember several episodes where Lieutenant Tragg is teaching him things about investigating. I'm anxious to see those again. Sergeant Brice is adorable!

I finally started writing the necklace Perry story, too. It's going to have the Decadent Dean characters in it and the masquerade ball and Tobin Wade laying low but trying to do what he can to help. I do not excuse the character's action in the episode at all; I think he was probably the biggest slimeball in the series. Or one of the top five, at least. But I have always been curious as to whether he might regret what he did to his friends, since it was heavily implied that he was once a genuine friend. Hence how that LJ blurb happened years ago and why my story is going to feature him now. I hope no one will think I'm trying to excuse him when all I'm trying to do is explore a possibility. And when the story will feature themes of repentance and restitution. I don't know that I will have him and Aaron Stuart being able to fully mend things, though. The LJ blurb is more that way because it was self-indulgent, as many LJ-only things I write are, but I am totally skeptical that they could ever have a friendship again after what Tobin did. I guess I'll see how I feel after I've written the story out. While I usually only have a overarching outline for a story in my mind, I generally do try to plan each chapter in detail as I come to it. I think I know what will be in chapter 3 now, so maybe I'll start writing it soon.

Also, today I had another of those "wandering around a place trying to avoid being found, but in a low-key, no danger way" dreams. Those kind seem to often take place at the church, for some reason. This one did, too. I was trying to avoid being found by some dream "friends" whom I didn't really think of as friends. I wandered through empty classrooms, paused to watch a performance on the stage and try to sneak a few chips from the snack table, and then randomly wandered down to the basement and into a cold room? I was almost caught in the cold room and it turned into a sort of hide-and-seek. I think dreams like that are manifestations of my repressed loves of exploring houses and buildings and playfully hiding from people. That was followed up by another Once dream. I barely think about the show in reality these days, but it keeps entering my dreams. I wonder if I'm going to keep dreaming about it with increasing frequency as long as I'm trying to resist de-boxing Belle before my birthday....

Speaking of Once, though, I also noticed a new line of Disney Prince dolls. I'm kind of excited hoping Prince Adam will be in the line and I can get him and maybe figure out how to touch him up a bit to look like Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin.


Jun. 16th, 2015 05:54 pm
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Made a blog post for the wonderful Christopher Cary's birthday today. And I need to think of one for Wesley Lau's birthday on Thursday. I find it amusing that both of my favorite blond, blue-eyed cuties were born the same week (albeit different years). Wesley's post will be on the Perry blog, and I'm having trouble thinking of a new angle since I've written many entries about him and his Perry characters.

Yesterday our Wal-Mart had a large Cheer Bear again. That is pretty interesting. If she'd been there last week, I would have bought her, and then I probably couldn't have spared the money to get Bedtime when he turned up. And since Bedtime is the one I wanted the most, that's pretty cool that the Cheer was absent so that I'd have the money for Bedtime instead.
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So we're watching a cheesy family movie and there's this retired sailor who's dying. He makes friends with a young kid and the scene right before he falls into a coma has them talking and he tells the kid not to feel bad for him; that he's had a good life.

And I promptly have to melt down. Not because of the scene itself, per se (even though I am prone to crying while watching death scenes in movies), but because of what it made me think of. Retired sailors make me think of Captain Scofield, naturally, and that makes me think of Chrissy, naturally. I melted down sort of wondering if that's what he and Luke might tell me to try to comfort me when I'm feeling sad thinking that they died too young. I could imagine Chrissy saying it, from what I know about him. I hope they're both happy where they are.

I wonder sometimes what prompts these meltdowns. They don't happen over every actor I like who's dead and they didn't used to happen at all. I don't even remember it happening over Simon, and I adore him. I remember it happening for certain over William Talman, Wesley Lau, and now Chrissy and Luke. Maybe it has happened over Simon too, though. I have a hard time believing it wouldn't have.

It's rather awkward when it happens around other people, since I then feel compelled to try to hide that it's happening. I managed to hold off on utterly bawling until I was alone, thankfully.

And my original idea for the Mainsail Pony was that she would represent Giovanna, another character in that Riptide episode, instead of a made-up daughter. I think I finally have that out of my system and now I can't imagine myself writing a story like that. Only problem is, now I'm back to kind of wanting to write a story where Giovanna has some possibly romantic attachment to Captain Scofield. I'm not sure I can picture her being into May-December romance, though. Maybe I could write it as them coming to form a close platonic bond and Nick keeps worrying that it's romantic and feeling bad for Cody, who has a crush on her according to Nick.
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So Livejournal has been a pain for the last 24 hours or so. They're not delivering some of the notifications they should be delivering, and many of the pictures on the Friends page will not load. UGH!

And on to more pleasant matters. **cuddles Captain Scofield.** 56 and still perfectly adorable. And I love how the hair curls up below the hat. It's so thick and gorgeous....

I also love how well Chrissy aged. He was always recognizable. And his voice was always beautiful. Oh wow, I was just amazed at the strength and depth of his voice in the very last project he did. He was sick from cancer when he did that, but you'd never know it to hear that voice.

Another reason why I especially find Scofield a memorable Chrissy character: the episode came out the year I was born. Although it may have been filmed before the turn of the year, not sure on that.

I'm really enjoying the Riptide DVD set. I've been watching some of the other episodes and loving them all. There is great camaraderie between the three detectives. I wrote a oneshot fic to wrap up loose ends in Chrissy's episode; it probably won't be long and I'll start a multi-chapter sequel to the episode. More on that in a bit.

So I mentioned recently wanting more of the boy Ponies to represent darlings. Well, of course, right after I posted that, I discovered Captain Scofield. So the Pony named Salty, a ship's captain, must of course represent him/Chrissy. I've been trying to get one for the last several days, but the boy Ponies always have flaws and it's a debate between which flaws are the least troubling. Plus, it's a struggle getting a decent price and pouncing before someone else does. The boy Ponies are popular.

I thought maybe the pirate Pony could represent Grey Holden/Darren, since pirates have ships too (and that Pony has red hair, like Darren), but I'm iffy on a pirate Pony representing any of the darlings. I assume a pirate Pony is probably more of an adventurer that doesn't steal from people, along the lines of One Piece's crew or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but since that is completely opposite to what a real pirate does and I'd always be thinking about real pirates and wondering what the pirate Pony is considered to be "up to" in canon, I just don't know.

It's difficult figuring out Ponies to represent the darlings, since they must somehow relate to a darling by occupation/interest. 4-Speed, the truck driver, will represent Luke due to Luke playing a trucker at least once. (I want him right after I get Salty. Although I might have to try to get him first, if I can't find a decent Salty soon. I know where there's a 4-Speed or two that's pretty good.) There's a train engineer Pony too, but I'm not sure who he'd represent. I think Jim West is the only character of interest associated with trains, but I could just get the actual Jim West figure to represent him. (Something I still want to do sometime.) Artemus Gordon is honestly not one of my "darlings" on any tier (and Jim is actually only a casual crush, not a dead serious one like Chrissy), although I do like and respect Ross Martin's acting talents and think he has a lovely smile.

Oh, wait a minute! Squeeee, the train Pony will represent Simon, because I remember Simon played a railroad detective on The Virginian! Yay! I'm so happy there will be a Simon Pony. I was wondering who could represent him. I was previously thinking Salty would have to represent Simon as well as Chrissy, as Simon played some wonderful sailors too. But I'd much rather have each Pony represent one single darling.

The two sports-related Ponies, for baseball and football, I'm at a loss about. I don't think any of my darlings have played sports figures. I do know that Wesley played football in real-life, so I thought possibly the football Pony could represent him in a pinch.

Then there's the Mountain Boys, Ponies representing various weather phenomenon. I don't know what darlings they could represent, but a bigger problem is that they're U.K. releases only and very rare and expensive. I'd be lucky just to get the U.S. boy Ponies I want!

I want Chief, the fireman Pony, to represent William Boyett and also be the husband for my Pony Bride. Unfortunately, of the U.S. Ponies, he's one of the most difficult to get in decent condition and at a decent price. But the other U.S. boy Ponies I either planned to keep single or else are otherwise not what I wanted as a match for Pony Bride. Maybe the train/Simon Pony could be the husband, if I can get him easier than Chief.

Then I learned of a girl Pony with a boat theme: Mainsail. She's a beautiful blue and has sailboat symbols all over her. I immediately fell in love with her and she is a big want too. I also decided I wanted her to be connected with Salty, but not by marriage, so either a sister or a daughter. (Or a friend.) That then developed into an idea of considering giving Captain Scofield a daughter in a fic, since Salty is to represent him.

I've been toying with assorted backstories; it would make Scofield another of the few characters I write who had a failed marriage. But since I really don't like the tired cliche of inventing family members for canon characters (other than a mother and a father, which of course they'd have to have), I don't know whether I really want to go through with the idea of a daughter. She could be a liar, someone just pretending to be a daughter, but that would be sad and I wouldn't want the Mainsail Pony to represent a crook just out to get Salty's/Scofield's money (or whatever she'd want from him).

However, the daughter idea was the only idea I had for a Riptide multi-chapter. Maybe, since I want to write more for Scofield, I'll try writing a Sea Hunt story with him in it while I try to figure out the daughter problem for a Riptide fic. I realized Scofield would fit perfectly into a Sea Hunt fic. And I'd love to write Mike Nelson being suspicious of him at first and then realizing, as did the Riptide crew, that he is an honorable man.

But regardless of what I decide story-wise, I want the Mainsail Pony just because she's gorgeous. I'm debating whether to get a really nice one that's available now or if I should keep trying to get Salty first, since he is my first want at the moment. Since it could be a while before I find a Salty that's just right for me, I don't know if I should let the Mainsail sail by in the meantime. I rarely ever see her at the Arena, where I buy most of my Ponies, so I figured I'd just be getting the one I see on eBay. It's possible she's on eBay a lot, though, even if she's not generally on the Arena. Since I just became aware of her, I just started doing eBay searches for her the other day. And now that I want the train Pony to represent Simon, I'd better go back and see the prices for him.

Decisions, decisions....
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... I'm sitting here having a meltdown because today was the day Christopher Cary died 15 years ago. I totally shouldn't have done my pilgrimage to Find a Grave until I knew there wasn't a chance I'd be walked in on. I do not want to be seen like this, both on general principle because I am aloof and because if I was seen crying over an actor who died that long ago, I think people might worry about me.

I always have such a hard time finding him there, too. I always end up having to resort to a Google Search because Find a Grave's search is virtually useless sometimes. I can't get Chrissy or Luke to come up by searching on the site itself and have to do dumb things like Google Searches to get their pages to appear.

The day Leonard Nimoy died, I was very sad about it, but then I read this neat thing on Tumblr mentioning how he'd had such a rich, full life, and that made me feel not as sad. Only then it caused me to have a meltdown that night while watching Perry, as I started thinking about some actors who died at younger ages and didn't get to experience life for as long as Leonard Nimoy did. Specifically, I started thinking about Chrissy and Luke, who died at 69 and 52, respectively.

Finished the vignette set last night. I really like how it ended up; the final prompt of Wye and Ecks meeting up with Ginger and Lou came out very nicely. I'm going to give the whole set a read-through before re-formatting it in WordPerfect and printing it out. Then I'm going to go on to a fic I've been writing as a sequel to Chrissy's Insight episode and see if I can finish it today. It keeps not feeling done and now I'm thinking it needs a whole other scene, so I'll see if I still think that after another read-through.

Also, I saw Chrissy's Riptide episode yesterday morning. The copy was bad; all the edges fell off the YouTube screen because it wasn't uploaded or resized properly, I'm not sure which. But I could see it well enough to know that Chrissy was adorable (of course). He had so much screentime and his character was a good guy, even though the bad guys tried every dirty trick they could think of to frame him for what they were pulling. Eventually one of them even shot him and tried to say he had a bomb! **cuddles him close.** He struggled up and knocked the guy down, then tried to get to the main characters to cut their bonds with his knife, but he collapsed from the wound before he could. Thankfully, he survived the episode. And I think he's my new favorite Chrissy character. The episode was a lot of fun in general, being just like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, and I am now fully determined to buy the season set to have a proper copy of that episode. It would be so, so worth it, even if the show in general isn't always like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. I simply must own that episode.


Mar. 24th, 2015 07:55 am
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Was fiddling with the below picture over the weekend. Ecks being playful and cheeky and Wye tolerating it.

I could not get the Scrapbook to upload this, for some reason. I had to go into Post Entry and upload from here.

Ecks is the third Christopher Cary character I've drawn. It's interesting trying to make each one look different, yet still recognizable as the actor. Ginger (in my icon) is the oldest and the one I've drawn the most. I try to make him look a bit older and his hair isn't quite as long. It also flips at the back just slightly. Snakes, of course, has that snake scar. I also try to make his bangs a little wilder and more pronounced. Ecks is ... this.

Here )

I'm toying with a picture where Ecks is talking to Illya and displaying his scar; haven't got very far on it yet.
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So after reading the Sailor V manga, it seems really sad to see Venus so flat-out serious and sad in the Crystal anime. I really like her to know when to be serious, and the idea that she's a little more grown-up than the other Senshi, since she's been fighting longer, but for her to lose all of her fun-loving attitude is too sad. Suddenly she just seemed so bland in Crystal.

I ended up ordering the plushie tonight. I have two gift cards I'm waiting to get for Amazon, but those might not come until towards the end of the month and I really didn't think this plush would hang around that long, since there was only one left at the price I wanted. I wibbled a bit over whether I'd made the right choice anyway, but I've calmed down now and I think I'm pretty happy with my decision. I'm glad I got to see the plushie in F.Y.E. this week. I like to see in person what I'm getting, and it was the seeing that made me decide I definitely wanted that plush.

Also, I really like that by buying the plush from this person, I'll still have some money left over to put towards more stuff. If I'd bought the DVDs, with tax it probably would have drained every bit of the fun money for this month.

And after all that U.N.C.L.E. writing and coming up with three possibilities for the fanzine (the third of which I used for submission, as decided), I ended up with other ideas for online fics. I had to review the episode in order for any of the ideas to work, and while doing so, I discovered I'd completely forgotten that Mr. Wye just seems to completely lose it after he finds Mr. Ecks stabbed in the park. He flips out on the retired female agent working with U.N.C.L.E., even blaming her for what happened in the park despite knowing she was not the one who did the stabbing.

I hadn't even taken Mr. Wye into my equation when I wrote the drabbles with Ecks a couple of years ago, but after a review I did of the episode back then, I started thinking he needed to be involved. But I hadn't watched the episode straight through again at that point. Now that I have, I can't shake the idea that Mr. Wye and Mr. Ecks must be very close, and of course, that's the instant trigger for me to become fascinated.

The end result: I decided to do another month-long [ profile] 31_days challenge of vignettes, focused around them. Right now I'm sticking to episode-based, fleshing out my ideas for them to both survive their ordeals. The piece I'm most proud of so far, I think, discusses their organization and its goals and how and why they decided to betray it with Mr. Zed. (Mr. Zed ... LOL. Why do the British hate saying Zee?)

At this point in the vignettes, they are separated and each is afraid the other is dead. And I successfully made myself sad with this past day's piece. (I also successfully grossed myself out by spending over an hour reading about the various possible consequences of being stabbed somewhere in the abdominal region.) I need to get to the reuniting vignette soon or I may burn out (especially since I honestly hate writing extended hospital stays). After I get to that point, I'm not sure where the rest of the pieces will go. Some may flash back to their time in the organization, while others may stick with the present. I may have them encounter Illya and/or Napoleon some more and exchange some unfriendly banter. Or I may just stick with fleshing out the interaction just between them. Naturally I will only post the pieces to 31_Days, unless there's one with Illya and/or Napoleon present as well. I wouldn't imagine anyone but me would be interested in reading/writing about these oneshot episodic characters.

I started the set on the 3rd, so I'll need to do the first two as make-up pieces on the 31st, when we're allowed to post pieces for any day. Hopefully I'll be able to get ahead enough in writing the vignettes that I won't be writing those pieces plus the 31st's prompt all on the same day. It takes me at least an hour to get a good vignette for this series. Currently I'm managing to write each piece on the day it's for. Usually when I do these theme sets I can write some pieces ahead of their time, so I want that to happen again, and it may, if I can get at least one other project done first. I'm thinking prompt #2, "eyes the color of water", will be at least partially about when they first meet. Chrissy has such beautiful blue eyes....

As I wailed on Tumblr, why can't I ever just stick with writing for the good guys for long?

I know the answer to that, really. It's because while friendships between good guys are squeeable, you'd expect good guys to have friendships. With bad guys, it's not always something you can expect. And when I see it, I'm intrigued. It's the same basic principle as to why I find certain antagonists endlessly fascinating, like Coley Rodman. If they show they still have some goodness despite unsavory things they're doing, I must know more about them and write about them and pick their minds apart.

And then sometimes my interest is a little more shallow, like if a favorite actor plays the character. But they still have to have some other reason to warrant me being interested enough to write about them. Being killed in the episode is often, but not always, one thing that will make me write about them, as I'm trying to fix the death. And I may not warm up to them fully for a while. It was that way with Snakes. After I wrote so many stories with him and let him develop as a character, however, I became very fond of him. That also started my crush on his actor. I have little doubt that before I'm done with this theme set, I will be quite fond of both Ecks and Wye.

Another thing I mused on is that while I have one list of my "darlings", then there's a list of "actors I like by association". If they play off of a darling especially well, or even repeatedly, I tend to become fond of them on some level. I'm fond of Pippa Scott because of her playing against H.M. Wynant on I Spy, for instance, and Allison Hayes for being with him on Perry Mason and Shotgun Slade. I started out being fond of Luke Andreas because of him playing off of Chrissy on The Rockford Files. Luke is a unique case, as I ended up loving him so much, he became a darling too. I'm fond of Joe E. Tata for his association with both of them. And I'm fond of Hedley Mattingly for his playing off of Chrissy ... twice. Apparently it was either a weird coincidence or somebody thought they worked well together. About four years after U.N.C.L.E., they're teamed up again on Mannix. Neither of them die that time. Actually, that episode (All Around the Money Tree) is the only really humorous episode of Mannix and is also only one of two episodes out of 194 where nobody dies. That's ... kind of a sad track record, actually.


Jan. 30th, 2015 07:22 am
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So a couple of weeks ago, when I started writing the new Maverick fic, I was having a resurgence of Roger Moore crushing (which, oddly enough, resurfaced because I was reading my WWW RP partner's Maverick fic with Bart. Bart made me think about Beau, and cue squeesville). That remained, but faded a bit in favor of Chrissy crushing, since I always adore him more of the two and Snakes ended up so prominent in the fic and now I'm planning other Maverick fics involving him and Beau.

I was reading a very interesting and mostly factual article on Maverick an hour or so ago. Included was a picture of Roger Moore as Beau, staring at something in adorable wide-eyed wonder (and wearing what looks like a top hat, yesss). Cue another squee as I recall anew why I love Beau.

And now I want to do a Maverick h/c fic with Beau as the victim this time. It might be another fic with Snakes, or it might have Bart again. (Or both.) Or it might just be a blurb. Whatever, it's probably going to happen.


Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:20 pm
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Halloween was so much fun. I ended up going to the Trunk or Treat my church always has, and it didn't last as long as I thought, so I was also able to answer the door. I saw more kids at the Trunk or Treat than at the door. But it was fun times. It was awesome to see a lot of costumed kids again, after seeing hardly any for years. And I really enjoyed putting together my Riddler costume and it felt so good to finally do it after six years. The character was recognized by people and I saw three Batmen and a Joker, so that was cool, and then we went out to see decorations and drop in at Wal-Mart. A girl in a Batman shirt complemented me.

Sometimes it's really nice to dress up as characters that are more easily recognizable. I really soaked up the praise and recognition and I had a blast.

As I said, I was of course playing the version of the Riddler from The Batman cartoon, with my long hair and the black makeup I'd found. But since I was never crazy about doing the jumpsuit for the clothing, I'd decided to wear Mom's green blazer and a black shirt and pants. I put a construction paper green question mark on the shirt. I also made a construction paper mask, as talked about, and it actually held together and things stayed tied and attached and it was wonderful. I did see a solid green eye mask at Wal-Mart when we went afterwards, but the one I'd made was actually closer to the right shape and it had held together so well that I think I'd be sad to replace it if I ever use the costume again. So I didn't buy that mask at Wal-Mart to save for another time. I figured I wouldn't be able to have a hat, and then I decided I'd invert the colors and put a green question mark on my black fedora. I was very pleased with the results. I need to take the question marks off my hat and shirt now, yet I don't seem to have the heart to do it yet.

You know, I had so much fun that I was really sad to get out of the costume at the end of Halloween. A lot of times lately I'm just weary and tired and discouraged and am anxious to get out of it. This time I just didn't want to give it up.

In the sequel to my first multi-chapter Batman fic, I have the Riddler attempting to go the way of his comic-book counterpart by taking on the work of a police consultant. In the story, however, he calls himself a consultant and troubleshooter, and is more of a private detective than a consultant alone. He also decides to try wearing a suit, so his clothing in the story is similar to what I wore for Halloween.

I was rather giddy yesterday when I stumbled on a picture of Frank Gorshin's 1960s Riddler wearing the suit of later episodes and he had a black hat with a green question mark! I hadn't remembered that. I thought the Riddler's hat was always green, when he wore one.

I love The Batman version of the character the best: serious and intriguing and voiced by Robert Englund. But I appreciate Frank Gorshin's giggling Riddler for being the first to really make the character popular. And I like that Frank wasn't comfortable with wearing the skintight jumpsuit and that's why they made that later outfit for him to wear.

I'm slightly wondering if I might be developing a slight crush on Frank Gorshin. If I am, it is highly amusing because he's also someone I've seen and been aware of for years, thanks to Disney's That Darn Cat! (the original). I suppose it's silly of me, but it kind of bothers me that I still can't think of anything I've seen Chrissy in years and years ago, because he is the only one who breaks the pattern. Absolutely everyone else I'm crazy about I saw in stuff many years ago. Yes, even Luke Andreas. I did see Chrissy on Rockford before I became a fan, and thought he was one good-looking British cutie, but that was only a year or two before I started really being crazy about him. These others, I saw them as much as ten or fifteen years before being nuts about them, and I liked them back then, too. I keep thinking I must have seen Chrissy somewhere, in something, many years ago and someday I'll find it.

They're finally releasing the 1960s Batman series on DVD starting on the 11th, with complete sets and individual season sets. Season 1 will be out on the 11th, with the other two individual seasons to follow sometime later. They're actually cheaper bought individually, according to current prices, and I'm seriously considering picking up season 1 when it comes out. I love the 1960s Batman series; it's so silly and fun and adorable and always makes me laugh and smile. I wasn't too crazy about one Joker episode I saw, but that was the only one I haven't liked. Maybe I don't care for Cesar Romero's interpretation of the character? I'm not sure. I'll have to see how I feel watching other Joker episodes. But I'm happy with most of the other characters, so I should be fine.

I also stumbled across a plunnie I had six years ago for some space-time dimensional accident to happen and The Batman's Riddler and the 1960s Riddler end up in each other's verses. LOL. The serious Riddler would be appalled and confused and alarmed and horrified at the weird world of the 1960s show, while Batman and Robin and Yin and maybe Batgirl (not sure if I'd include her) of The Batman series would be bowled over and weirded out and disturbed by the 1960s giggling Riddler. ROTFLOL. I might really write the thing sometime, just for cracky fun. But for now, I'm content to focus on my current Batman fic.


Aug. 6th, 2014 02:06 am
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Broadway fans, help!

So in the Broadway production of Camelot, Roddy McDowall was playing Mordred. But in the middle of the run, he left or was let go, can't remember exactly what happened. But he was replaced by a blond British darling called Christopher Cary.

Are there any cast recordings that include Chris? I don't care if it's LP only and not on CD; I just wanna know if somewhere out there are recordings of darling Chrissy singing!

Repeat, this is for the stage production, NOT the film.
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So as if I don't have enough on my mind with Chris characters real and imaginary (thanks, dream), and all the other people I post pictures of at Tumblr, now I'm being bombarded by that old crush on Kunzite. He was in the first episodes of Sailor Moon I chose to see many years ago and I was instantly intrigued by him. Then I also became intrigued by Nephrite when I saw his episodes, especially the ones with Naru. Jadeite and Zoisite were never favorites, although I wished someone would have got Jadeite out of the ice! That would have been interesting.

I wish I could find my document of the prologue and first two chapters of my Sailor Moon fic. I can't find where I put it and I had to just open a new document to write up that new chapter I posted this week. But I did re-read the other chapters online first, to make sure everything would flow. I need to find the other chapters, however, so I can make those adjustments I realized I needed to.

Also, Naru is awesome. I had so much fun writing for her in the chapter. So she's a magnet for supernatural beings. She can still be really epic when she's allowed the chance. She's spunky and won't just lay down and roll over when there's trouble, especially when we get to the episodes with Nephrite. I really want to bring out that spunkiness and determination in the fic and show how Naru can be awesome just being a regular girl without special senshi powers.

Then I feel guilty for wanting her with Nephrite because she and Umino are definitely cute, and Umino tries so hard. But I can't help it, I want her with Nephrite because they intrigued me so much and I loved how Naru's love was changing Nephrite for the better (and I have this insistence on wanting doomed romances to have a chance to succeed).

Also, I found that when I was writing the chapter, I kept picturing her talking in a Brooklyn accent. I use Japanese names in the fic, and in some cases I prefer them, but I guess Naru will always be Molly in my heart.

EDIT: Oh, I found the document, finally. I made the tweaks and now I should probably replace the chapter on

I also decided, out of utter curiosity, to look at my original version of the fic, the one I took down six years ago when I decided it needed an overhaul and only a complete rewrite would do. I saved the original version, since it was so different.

And how. It was based on the dub version and was very ... dubby. And not as deep and insightful and knowledgeable of the characters. I can certainly tell how my writing style has improved, as well as my familiarity with the characters and my ability to get into their minds. I'd still like to be assured I'm doing alright with the characters in the current version, but I can definitely see a positive difference between the two versions. The current version feels a lot more like Japanese Sailor Moon and is darker and deeper.

I am somewhat amused by how Dr. Portman plays an even larger part in the first version. She keeps experimenting on Kunzite and has a tracking device implanted in him. Gah. It certainly feels like one of my fics, but it doesn't exactly feel like Sailor Moon. Portman will be important to the current version too, more than she is right now, I mean, but she hasn't been doing any experimenting with tracking devices and pain devices since Kunzite broke free. I'm not sure I'll even still go that route; Kunzite will have enough on his mind with getting back his memories of the Silver Millennium and with other things I have planned to go on.

Nephrite visits Naru in ghost form. I'm not sure what I was planning to do with him in the first version, although I must have been planning to eventually bring him back to life.

Kunzite releases Jadeite from the ice on purpose. And they get along a lot worse than in the current version.

Kunzite is more bitter in general. Perhaps that would actually be more accurate to write him that way, but since in the current version he's getting back bits and pieces of memories, I thought it would be more realistic to have him finally see that he was brainwashed and finally be outraged at Queen Beryl. His bitterness is currently being directed at her and he is extremely determined to find out about the lives he and the others led before she brainwashed them.

... What.

Aug. 2nd, 2014 02:00 pm
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So I bought some stuff on Amazon, including three of the new Six Million Dollar Man comics. But whoever packed the stuff must not know how to pack comics. There were no cardboard slips for protection and the comics were not even at least lying flat. The box was too small and they couldn't. So they curled up at the top and got bent.

They also sent my paperback book creased and the box wasn't tall enough for everything and the flaps bulged above the top item, one of two DVDs.

I complained. Amazon has a thing where you can review the packing, and I didn't hold back. I even outright said it was an incompetent packing job, which it really was. But then, because I really am a lot like Fluttershy, I immediately started worrying that I'd been too harsh on them and I shouldn't have said that. **mushroom sigh.** I wasn't rude and I didn't scream at them or anything, I was just very blunt and honest. And I'm sure I should have said exactly what I did. But it doesn't keep me from worrying that maybe I shouldn't have said it that way.

Now I'm wondering again how to get more of the Six Million Dollar Man comics. I thought I'd just found a way to get them without paying an arm and a leg for shipping, but I'm sure not keen on using Amazon for comics again. The local comic store is no help, as usual. They immediately sell out, don't plan to get more unless it's a special order, and it takes THREE WEEKS for a special order to come in. Um, no thank you. Why can't that store ever be useful? You know, one time I even tried to special order something in, and then they called back and told my mom they couldn't get it! Lovely. Apparently the only way I can get the comics from that store is if I actually subscribe (which basically entails them holding each issue for me as it comes out), but I didn't want to do that either, because we don't often get up there and I worry about the comics piling up and me having to drop a bundle to pick up a whole bunch at once, which I just wouldn't have the money for.

And completely switching gears, I was re-reading some of my completed Rockford Files fic and then fell asleep and had an odd dream. My mind created a new episode, which I announced in the dream I'd seen before. Chris was in it and so was a little guy playing a friend of his, but I can't think who that actor was supposed to be. I don't think it was Joe E. Tata or Jimmy Murphy. All I really remember is that he was short and slight and was wearing a plaid newsboy hat with a dark overcoat and vest. Chris had a dark brown overcoat. And their characters had names in the dream-isode that I can't remember upon waking. I almost want to say one of them was called Chip (Chris's, I think), but I can't swear by that.

The important thing about the dream was that they seemed to be part of some sort of rebel group or resistance movement. Chris's character was more experienced; he looked about like he really does in the two existing Rockford episodes he's in (puuurrr). His friend was younger and more inexperienced. And the bad guys eventually caught up to him when he was running from them and shot him repeatedly at the side of his and Chris's car. Gah.

Chris and Rockford came running up, and I can't recall if the bad guys were still there and got caught or if they were gone. Chris cried out his friend's name and bent down to look him over. Of course, the poor man was dead, and Chris was devastated. He slowly stood up, shaken and sobered, and said he was going back to London (presumably for another assignment). I knew that he and his friend had shared a house (much the same as Ginger and Lou do in my fics) and it would be so lonely and sad for him.

There also seemed to be a bit before the death where the friend encountered an old flame of his and they were making plans to get together again. The girl did not reappear in the dream after the death.

I said in the dream that I would have to write a fix-fic, because the friend being dead was unacceptable. Now that I'm awake, part of me actually wants to write a fix-fic despite the fact that these characters don't even exist!

I wonder if I could use them in my novel. I need more human characters. They could be G-Men or else actually be part of the resistance movement that's in the novel.
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Very saddened by Casey Kasem's death this past day. Although I didn't grow up with him as Crystal and many others did, I longed to be able to see Scooby-Doo for years before I was finally able to. And JP made me a couple of tapes of the Top 40 show. I was thinking I should get those out again for a listen.

Crystal mused in her post how Casey was somewhat responsible for her interest in the Monkees, due to the Davy Jones episode of Scooby-Doo. Meanwhile, I've mused many times how The Monkees are responsible for almost all of my current interests. How in the world did that happen? Behold:

- Because of The Monkees, episode 25, Alias Micky Dolenz, I became interested in Jimmy Murphy, who played Tony Ferano.

- Because of that, I started looking up all of his roles and finally decided to try Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a show I'd been idly curious about for years.

- Because of that, I got interested in Simon Oakland, whom I knew years before from Perry Mason, West Side Story, and I Want to Live!, although I hadn't taken note of his name.

- Because of that, I got back into Perry Mason while watching Simon's episodes.

- Because of that, I rediscovered my interest in Hamilton Burger/William Talman and added Wesley Lau (from I Want to Live! too), Richard Anderson (from The Student Prince), and H.M. Wynant (from a Nancy Drew episode; see icon) to my list of interests.

- Because of them and Simon (and Darren), I got around to trying The Wild Wild West, The Virginian, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Cannon, Mannix, Mission: Impossible, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and other shows that I liked enough to start watching religiously.

- Because of WWW, I discovered Christopher Cary.

- Because of that, I watched The Rockford Files and discovered Luke Andreas.

- Meanwhile, while watching Mannix, I finally tried season 1 and discovered Joseph Campanella.

All thanks to The Monkees.
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Well, it didn't take long and I got back into thinking about the Pony things I still want. But I still planned to look at the Raph plush if they still had it. They did, and I looked it over and decided against getting it, at least right then. I have to weigh everything I want against the available money and then choose only what I really want the very most. And I found out that I might have a way to get to Jo-Ann's very soon, so that excitement manifested as the place that currently has what I want most.

I also looked for the stuff I'll need to make my Ginger and Lou plushies. And good grief, Wal-Mart didn't have any of it! No solid gray cloth for making suits and nothing that would qualify as beige either, to my way of thinking. It was all either too light or too bright. I am not going to make Ginger a suit in a color called Banana. **headdesk.** Maybe I'll have to go for one of the lighter colors, if I can't find something at another Wal-Mart or at Jo-Ann's. They did have a material that looked nice for the coat, but only if I want to give him a brown one instead of beige or black or very light gray.

And to get the brown Sharpie I'll need for Lou's eyes, I'll apparently have to pay $6 and get a whole set. I am not doing that. Hopefully someone I know who's been making ragdolls of Frozen characters for personal use will have a brown Sharpie I can borrow.

Also, I've been thinking of making up a shirt with Ginger and Lou that I designed a while back for giggles. It has some pictures of Ginger looking calm and then a couple of him with a shotgun and says "Do not mess with men named Ginger!" It'll cost a little more, since it's color pictures instead of B&W, but I'd like to have a shirt with Chrissy.


Apr. 5th, 2014 08:58 pm
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I was right to trust that company. They took 5 days to ship, but it came within 3 days of actually shipping out! And they sent the right film! I was worried since there's two with the exact same title and some similar elements. (It's Lifepod, the 1981 version.)

**cuddles movie.** Oh, darling Chrissy.... I took 250 pictures of him from the film. It was everything I'd hoped for and more!

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