Jan. 8th, 2016

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Help, I've got a crush on Roger Moore that will not be denied. Nevermind that his good guy characters usually always have many of the same elements about them and hence he doesn't fully slip into parts the way character actors do. I guess in one way, that kind of makes me love him even more, as I then figure the characters are probably much the same as the real person and I love the characters.

I dug up those four episodes of The Alaskans, gobbled them up, and want more. And since I still don't have The Persuaders! DVD set, I just watched two more of those on YouTube. And I need more. Both of those shows are hilarious and adorable. I wish they'd run longer, I wish Roger had played Beau Maverick longer, and I wish The Saint box set wasn't so expensive.

What do you want to bet that I will wear down enough to actually watch some certain James Bond movies? I have never desired to see a James Bond movie in my life, but a couple of times this past year I've been tempted by the Roger Moore DVD sets Wal-Mart has had. If they still have those, I may just decide I need them in my life.

I also apparently need to watch an old 1950s version of Ivanhoe. Wheeeee.

Someday I may take pictures from my DVD of The Last Time I Saw Paris. His character in that is a jerk and a creep and I don't like him, but focusing on the actor and not the character, he is so young and cute and the quality of the DVD is pretty good even though it's one of those dollar DVDs.

Originally Mom gave that to me when we bought it years ago because Micky Dolenz's dad is in it. That is awesome too. I wasn't expecting to ever have another reason to squee over having it. When I was looking it over and saw Roger's name on the case, I immediately set about arranging a time to watch the movie. Naturally I plugged the reason as being to see Micky's dad, and I don't think Mom realized I had a second reason too. Which is just as well, since as mentioned, Roger's character in that is not a nice guy.

I still kind of want to read his autobiography too. Normally I don't like reading those, as I can very easily end up disillusioned. It took me years to decide I was ready to read Micky's very colorful book. But I think (I hope) I already know about the skeletons falling out of Roger's closet, so perhaps I wouldn't end up with too many unwelcome surprises there. And he is, I believe, the only person I crush on whose book I don't have. Most of them haven't written books; the ones who have, I have their books (Micky and Richard). I can't find the book at the library or at Barnes and Noble; thus, the only way I can read it is either by Inter-Library Loan or by buying it on Amazon without being able to skim through it first. I suppose Amazon may have a few preview pictures, at least. I don't like to not be able to examine it all the way through before buying, but the latter would give me some secrecy; getting it through the library loan thing would likely mean Dad might become aware of it since he would probably take the call about it arriving, and um, yeah, I think I'd rather not go that route.

That's because there's still that slight uncomfortable problem that I don't think either Mom or Dad like him. Mom used to, but then was displeased by that movie where his character seduces a missionary. (I doubt I'd be too thrilled with that one myself, although when I looked it up, his character didn't sound quite as bad as Mom was saying. He did offer to marry the girl and Mom hadn't remembered that he did.) I've sort of tried to hide my crush on him and acted blase one time when I showed her Vendetta for the Saint and she wondered if I would end up adding him to my list of guys. (He was definitely already on the list at the time.) But if she isn't aware it's there now, she will be soon. I don't think she placed him when I showed her some clips from The Alaskans (they mostly focused on other characters, the screen was small, and the picture was a little fuzzy), but I have to show her some of this hilarious Persuaders! episode I watched and she'll place him then and most likely connect the dots between him and Silky Harris.

Ah well. I accepted months ago that I am crushing on him, instead of vainly struggling against it. I've definitely been happier since accepting that fact.

And I wanna go write a hurt/comforty and angsty Persuaders! fic.... Help....

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