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Jul. 30th, 2016 04:47 am
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I was sure I never watched the Real Ghostbusters cartoon growing up, because 99% of the time I wasn't interested in people cartoons and preferred animal cartoons instead. But there was that exception with Peter Pan and the Pirates (and oh, Beetlejuice too; that's ... technically a people show), and oy, the more I watch the Real Ghostbusters now, the more the opening and ending both look familiar. It's possible on the one hand that I saw the opening on YouTube when I was just fooling around, but that wouldn't explain the ending. I know I must have seen the show coming and going; perhaps it came right before something I was trying to catch. The big question, whether I actually watched the show itself, I honestly can't answer. It ended the year I turned five and the memories are patchy at best. I'm sure enjoying it now, though. It's just perfect for me: friendship stuff and ghosties and creepy situations.... I don't suppose Mom would remember if I watched it if I asked her. Couldn't hurt to try, though. It would be kind of cool if I actually did watch it and liked it and that's why I was given the pinball game. But on the other hand, Dad sometimes just picked up stuff if it was a cartoon, whether I watched it or not. LOL. Like, I have some toy walkie-talkies from the short-lived Fish Police, which I definitely never watched. But since he's not into supernatural creepy stuff and usually doesn't like my interest in it, it's kind of surprising either way about him getting the Ghostbusters pinball game. Still, he sometimes indulged my love of Turtles stuff even though he didn't really like that. So hmm. A puzzle.

Egon was pretty much immediately my favorite watching it now and that hasn't changed. Not surprising, since he seems to be the most logically-minded of the group and I almost always go for that type in shows. My first (recent) episode was the Boogieman one and I really loved Winston in it too. He was also adorable in another episode, when he was excited about a blueberry fudge cake (yuuuum) and Slimer ate the whole flippin' thing. **headdesk.** Winston was such a good sport about it and it was very endearing. I like the whole group, though. Slimer is still cute, but it is exasperating that he keeps eating everything and not leaving any for anyone else, even when he promises to. Oy, in life he must have been like Sergei on WWW, always wanting to eat. But I love when he manages to do something to help.

I'm going to get to see the new Ghostbusters movie in a week. I went to see my movie-going friend this past day and she gave me a cool mini-poster for the film. At home, I was still tired and took a nap and I had a weirdo dream about watching the film because of looking at the poster. Naturally, in the dream the movie wasn't anywhere as exciting as it probably will actually be. Earlier, I was reading one of my Batman fics, the one where The Riddler comes back alive after they thought he was dead, and I had a dream about that too. It was one of those kind of "run/evade/don't be seen" dreams and he was trying not to let someone in particular know that he was alive. He had to go through a series of ten mazes without being spotted by them. Naturally, he was eventually seen and the chase was on.

On Tuesday I went out to see if I could find the Donatello plush locally for a good price. I couldn't find any at the Wal-Marts we visited, which wasn't surprising. But I finally found the Lyra Pony plush! I've been looking for her for a year and a half, so I didn't want to leave without her. I decided on the best one and brought her home with me. I also got Sweetie Drops. She appeared at our Wal-Mart recently, but I didn't have the money to get her and I'd kind of hoped to find a better one of her. Two were understuffed and a third had a slightly crinkled nose. And I wasn't sure I wanted to get her at all if I didn't know I could get Lyra too, since they're best friends. But once I got Lyra, I immediately wanted to get Sweetie Drops too. Wal-Mart still had one of her and oddly enough, it was the one I felt was the best of the three. I don't know why she wasn't snapped up but the other two were. But that was good for me!

I finally broke down and decided to do the Amazon Prime trial, since they at last got some more Donnies in and I really couldn't afford to add $29 cash to the $25 gift card to get free shipping right now. The two-day shipping certainly was lovely! I got some Turtles DVDs (two season 3 sets and the season 2 one) and Donnie and they showed up this past day. But Donnie is a bit understuffed compared to Leo, which is really frustrating since what I like about these plushies is that they're not understuffed, and gah, it looks like maybe part of his left arm is loose and I'll need to go over it with stitches to make sure it's secure. I already found a small hole near his wrist and had to sew that up. That sort of thing is why I hate buying plushies sight unseen, sigh. But overall he's great and it looks so good to see another splash of Turtle mask color. Now to get Mikey and complete the team.

Also, I went back over my Six Million Dollar Man entries and saw that the previous Dynamite comic arc left a whole slew of loose ends. That makes this new arc even more maddening, because I don't think it's in the same continuity. It doesn't sound like it addressed even one of those loose ends. WTH. They had a bunch of unresolved stuff there and the series really couldn't continue based on that arc without addressing most of it. They should have focused on those things for their second arc instead of starting something completely unrelated. That definitely makes me even less enthusiastic about trying this new arc, sigh.

I am totally in a hurt/comfort mood too, and have been for the past few days. But instead of wanting to write hurt/comfort, I seem to want to watch and read it, and about a random assortment of subjects. I wanted to see some Dying Informant segments (which I finally got around to now). I wanted some Turtles h/c and delighted in re-watching one of my favorite episodes of the 2003 series, Tales of Leo. I also delighted in more Leo h/c in one of the 1987 episodes I watched today. I wanted Riddler h/c and re-read some stuff in my fics. I watched most of my music videos and want to re-read some of my Princess Tutu stuff and get a helping of Autor h/c. I crave Napoleon h/c too, and that I might actually write. I'll have to see; I really don't think I'm much good at U.N.C.L.E. hurt/comfort. At any rate, it doesn't come easily for me when I try to write it, unless it's about Ecks and Wye.


Jul. 30th, 2016 10:12 pm
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So I participated in an U.N.C.L.E. poll that was an exercise for people to come up with story plots. I may be able to get my Napoleon h/c, if I decide I can really put the story together from my answers. We'll have to see what happens. I jotted down a few ideas and I'll probably give it a try.

One question would be whether to write it totally chronologically or whether I should jump into the action at some point and then brief the readers on what happened to get them to that point. I'm considering starting it on the flight to their mission, instead of showing the briefing first. I might flashback to the briefing, though. Or I could open it even farther ahead, after an abduction occurs and the other is trying to go about with the rescue, and have some level of flashbacks.

I of course am planning that Ecks and Wye will turn up on the mission, having been hired by a mysterious client to solve it. But the only hurt/comfort victim will probably be Napoleon. Well, I imagine there may be some level of Illya h/c too, since it wouldn't be easy to abduct him without harming him first.

It's frustrating when I really kind of want to write U.N.C.L.E. fics but I just can't seem to make them come. The last time I tried to write an U.N.C.L.E. fic and insert hurt/comfort, it was like pulling teeth. It would naturally be so much simpler if I actually, fully crushed on either Napoleon or Illya (or one of the actors). I like h/c best when I'm crushing on one or both of the characters involved. It's just almost impossible for me to write it otherwise. I have the same problem in the WWW fandom. A mild crush, like I have on both Robert Vaughn and Robert Conrad, still brings the desire for some h/c, but doesn't make it easy to write. I do like to write mission fics for U.N.C.L.E., but I need to have a strong desire to write it like I did with The Peaceful Meadows Affair. And overall, I really prefer writing character studies instead of adventure. The main reason why The Peaceful Meadows Affair worked for me was because I loved the conflict between Napoleon and Illya and Ecks and Wye. It clicked and it was so much fun to write. And people loved the plot. There hasn't been a great deal of interest in anything U.N.C.L.E.-related I've done since then. There probably would be if I could write fics along the lines that everyone else does, but I can't do that. I have to write what makes me the happiest. I still wonder and wish I could recapture whatever it was that made people love The Peaceful Meadows Affair, since I loved it too.

I watched a bit more of the Turtles DVDs. Even though 1987 Raph isn't angry/sullen a lot and he doesn't have a rivalry with Leo, there is a lot about him that mirrors the other versions of the character. He's sarcastic, often seems to want to charge into fights, and does seem to think Leo is a bit too optimistic. He's a cynic and sometimes cocky. And he is the most likely to get mad of the group.

And I pondered a bit on why I decided to get the season 2 set since it had several episodes with tropes I don't like. One reason was because it was one of the cheapest options and I needed something cheap to fill the last bit of the gift card. Another was because I wanted to see some of the other episodes. A third is because one does have to have a certain tolerance for mutations to watch any Turtles series at all, so that is slightly easier to tolerate than something like shrinking (ugh). That said, I decided to pass on the episode where April ends up mutated for now. I figured it would be easier watching it happen to Baxter Stockman than April.

It really is terrible seeing all the horrible things happen to Baxter in the various series, though. Of course, the 2003 series seems the absolute worst. The first time or two, it was a "Yikes" moment but felt realistic. The loss of an eye and then a limb. Not cool, Shredder is horrible. After that, it quickly started descending into utter outlandishness and it soon became clear to me that the creators were not taking it seriously. Dismantling him to the point that he's a brain, an eyeball and a spine, floating in fluid? Seriously, that is just utterly sick. In all his states, though, he acts so arrogant and like he's pleased to still have survived. There is an unaired episode held back because they felt it was too disturbing where he goes absolutely bonkers, decides April is responsible for all of his troubles, and tries to kill her. It ends where they think he's been killed, but he somehow still isn't. And he's really upset that he wasn't finally able to be put to rest. Even though he was always an out-and-out villain in the 2003 series, he certainly wasn't the worst villain out there and having such horrifying things happening to him makes it seem like they're saying he is the very worst and deserves all of this crap more than even someone like Shredder does.

Of course, the fly-monster from the 1987 series was not a good fate either. And since the problem was actually being cross-mutated with a fly, over the course of the episodes he loses more and more of his mind each time he's shown, becoming more like a fly and less like a human. The final episode with him, I read, has him try to steal a ray that will finally turn him human again, but it seems he still fails and is unable to use it before it's taken away from him. And in this series, from what I read, he actually started out as a fairly nice person who wanted to create an honest invention. Then he saw the Turtles, got thrown in an asylum for talking about them, and his mental state started to deteriorate from that. He certainly did some bad things when he worked for Shredder, but the fly fate still seems undeserved. And his mind deteriorates so bad after that that he can't even remember why he wanted revenge on the Turtles. One wonders if being free of the fly would give him his mind back or if he would still be in an irreversibly damaged state.

A lot of people felt sorry for him in the 1987 version. Sometimes, even if I don't particularly like a character, I want to give them a better fate if I feel like they got a bum rap. I'm tempted to attempt writing a fic where he finally is able to become human again. I'm guessing it would be a hard road back to complete sanity after that experience, though. Part of me wonders if this version of the character might ally with the Turtles, especially if perhaps they helped him to reverse the transformation. I'll admit I like those types of storylines. But even if I toy with them in my mind, it doesn't mean I'll actually write them. I do know that I would have him finally be able to regain his mind altogether, or at least, as much of it as he had before the fly mess happened.

Ah, if only there was more time to write in the day....

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