Mar. 21st, 2016

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I always get wary when I get a review on something old. Actually, I tend to get wary whenever I get a review on anything that's never got many reviews. Sometimes I don't need to be. Other times ... eh.

So I get a comment on a Perry Mason oneshot which bears no name and consists solely of "terribly confusing." Which is extremely unhelpful, since it doesn't say WHAT is so confusing. And even worse, when I re-read the fic, it actually is not that confusing IF you've read the author's notes! I don't know why so many people don't. Usually if there's something that might be confusing, it's explained there.

As I recall, I deliberately removed some parts of that oneshot to make it more able to be read by anyone. It was one of my lost scenes from my fic The Case of the Broken Ties, but the main point of it was flashbacks to the episode The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma, so I tried to remove most of the potentially confusing conversation about The Broken Ties' events. And I clearly marked where the flashbacks began and ended. And the only confusing things in the framing story were brief mentions of Paul and Hamilton needing to help everyone remember. Since I said in the author's notes that the framing story took place during my story The Broken Ties, anyone who was confused should have been able to take from that the knowledge that anything confusing was explained in that fic. There shouldn't be any other reason for confusion, unless they don't even remember the episode the story was really all about. (In which case I'd have to wonder why they were reading in the first place....)

Honestly, some people. And while it's a very minor thing, of course, and I won't even be thinking about it in a few minutes, it really wasn't what I needed today. Ugh. I've had about two and a half hours of sleep and don't know how I'm going to function for the very necessary grocery outing tonight. And it's not like we can do it tomorrow; there will be other things going on then.

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