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I have been way too busy lately to come here for much. Plunnies have been flowing for the most part and it has been so delightful. I rarely ever have so many plunnies that keep coming and I just want to soak it in for as long as it will last. I've done nine stories for my 1987 Turtles series, with many more planned; I'm just starting the Christmas one. As soon as I finish one, plunnies bite for the next one and so on. Each story builds on the previous one, while at the same each one usually has a stand-alone plot. They also heavily study both Baxter and Barney. Baxter is going up and Barney is going down. I have hardly ever examined an antagonist in-depth while he's doing bad things, as I prefer to write for good guys/reforming bad guys in-depth. Barney is the antagonist of the stories (well, along with Shredder and Krang, etc.) and Baxter is the protagonist. It makes for some interesting compare and contrast between them. It is so fun!

I also finished the Baxter plushie. There are a few pictures of him in my Scrapbook posing with my Build-a-Bear Minty plushie. They released her just for the holidays and I was able to get her last week on a 30% off sale. Squeee.

This is a great time to become intrigued by 1987 Baxter, as they are finally releasing a human figure of him. It's the main thing I'd like for Christmas, but aside from a few that released early, he's not supposed to release until January. And since January releases usually seem to be late January, it might even be February before I can get him. Sigh. It's an interesting figure in a Mutations line. You can change him from fly to human. I had hoped he would be sold in human form, but he's apparently sold in fly form and you have to change him to human if you want that. I hope it won't be difficult to exchange the pieces; I remember some difficult struggles with my Japanese figures that had switchable parts.

There's a description on Toys R Us's website, and I don't know whether they wrote it or if Mega Bloks did, but they describe the human version of Baxter as a maniacal madman. That only happened, debatably, in season 2. (Then he cracked up all the way after being cross-fused.) They seem to be using the season 1 design for the figure, where he was sane and stable and a genuinely nice person. The figure also looks like a sad kicked puppy, just about the farthest thing from a maniacal madman there could be. So ... mismatched description much? LOL. I am probably going make a Tumblr post joking about the irony.

Miraculous Ladybug did their Christmas special and I loved it so much I watched it twice in the same day. Then I got the most bizarrely cracky idea that I should cross over my Ginger and Lou series with Miraculous Ladybug. I've tried to keep the more realistic series separate from the fantasy series, but somehow Ladybug seems different than, say, Sailor Moon or something like that. It feels more reality-based. And I can't seem to shake this nutty idea that Ginger and Lou go to Paris for a business trip and something happens that causes Papillon/Hawkmoth to decide Ginger would be a perfect candidate to be possessed by one of his dark butterflies/Akuma. If I actually decide to go ahead with the idea, I have to think what kind of design Akumanized Ginger would have. I know I would want him to still look human and just have a bizarre weapon-laden outfit or something. It's figuring out what kind of weaponry would work for Ginger and also work for a family-friendly series, because Ginger isn't very family-friendly when it comes to his weaponry. LOL.

The idea was on my mind so much that I dreamed about Luke Andreas. It was a really weird dream, too. It was one of those kind where I was wandering about town, yet at the same time I was watching things unfold like on TV. I was absolutely psyched because I was thinking, "Yay! Finally, here's something else that Luke has a lot of screentime in!"

I found this shop that had some stuff I wanted, including this pen thing with a figure thing of 1987 Baxter on it. I decided to get it, and Luke was/was playing the owner of the shop. We interacted for some time at length and there were other things going on, like a town meeting, that his character was involved with. Also, Luke was dressed like his secret agent character from The Bionic Woman. Epic.


Mar. 29th, 2016 07:59 pm
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Patty Duke is dead at age 69. And from something apparently unexpected and sudden. That makes it even worse than ever. It's so sad to think of her being gone and so sad to think of her loved ones grieving. I was thinking how sad William Schallert must be, since he really ended up like a father figure to her, and then of course Sean Astin and her other kids must be so sad.... I should do some kind of a Tumblr tribute.... I wonder if I have any pictures of her already taken from my DVD sets.

I spent the afternoon filling out our Netflix queue.... I added a lot of Hawaii 5-O, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and Hart to Hart, although Mom's probably already seen most of the latter episodes. They come on Monday evenings on Cozi and she watches them while Dad and I are getting groceries. I wish I could see the show more often because it's adorable and generally clean. I love cute 1980's series. I think that was the last decade when we really had a lot of nice and safe live-action TV shows, and of course even then, some of them were starting to get kind of bad sometimes.

Among the Scarecrow discs I added was the one with Luke. It's been years since I've seen it and since he was the main guest-star, I wanna see it again. I was thinking the other day about when I got my first Equestria Girls dolls, the original two-pack with Twilight and the Sunset with incorrect hair. That was in November of 2013. I had a big, fun de-boxing session that night and then set them on my desk while I watched that Scarecrow episode. Then I made a silly Tumblr post commenting that I was playing with dolls of Ponies as people and watching old shows with middle-aged men ... and loving it.

PAX TV used to air Scarecrow around 2000, right before Remington Steele. I hardly ever got to catch it, but weirdly enough, the one with Luke was one that I saw at least part of. I distinctly remember the epilogue. And that means I at least was introduced to Luke's name in the credits, even if I didn't see any of his scenes. Kind of eerie.

Wal-Mart currently has season 1 of Remington Steele available for $10 and I've been debating getting it. I loved that show back in the day and saw almost all of them repeatedly, but I wonder if I would still love it today. My only semi-recent experience with it was when I caught one episode on Halloween night on MeTV several years ago, the one about the stolen dog with Tom Baker guest-starring, and I loved it just as I had before. That was season 2, though (I think). I'm wondering if I'd like season 1 as much as the other seasons. Season 1 didn't have Doris Roberts, and one of the things I loved the most was her interaction with the others. Still, after reading over the season 1 episode summaries, it still sounds like a blast.

Among the stuff I added to the queue today were several things with Don Knight. I tried to weed out a few where he either might not be playing bad guys or where he at least wasn't playing the Big Bads. I'll get around to seeing everything I can with him eventually, but when possible I like to start with things where the actor plays nicer people. I didn't add the Little House disc, though, or even see if Netflix has it. I'm still displeased by the sound of his character's needless death. Anyway, I probably have the Little House thing around here somewhere, as I think my sister gave us all of her Little House tapes when she graduated to DVDs. Ten to one I actually saw that episode years and years ago, as I grew up often watching the show on our local PBS station (which lost the rights to it only a couple of years ago or so, after airing it for decades, gah). I liked it okay, especially as a kid, but I don't know if it would have the same appeal for me now since I really prefer shows with more action. I remember being surprised one time when I saw a Little House episode with bad guys invading the town and holding people hostage and somebody (Laura, I think) bonked one of them with a frying pan. Buwahaha.

I also tried adding The Apple Dumpling Gang and was told it's on Very Long Wait. **rolls eyes.** Not encouraging; that usually means it will end up lost. I wonder if the library might have it....

Also, this morning I decided to look for cheap copies of Interrupted Melody, a movie I want to see with Roger in it. I've been trying to get it for a couple of months and finally just decided to wait and get it with my next Amazon splurge. Only problem is, the survey company is taking forever about giving me my gift card. Uggggh. It's been almost two months now. That occasionally happens with them and it's really frustrating when it does. A while back I got Gold of the Seven Saints on eBay when its price came down, so now I decided that if I could find a cheap copy of Interrupted Melody I'd do the same with it.

I ended up finding a sealed VHS for only $6 and free shipping! I had really wanted a DVD copy, but oh man, it is hard to beat a price like that! I opted to grab it up. At the time I was stressed about stuff and worried that maybe getting a VHS wasn't a good idea, since that means I can only watch it in the living room. But after a good sleep and a dream involving the actors in it, I woke up ecstatic to have finally got a copy. I can hardly wait for it to get here. Also, I love the picture on the VHS copy, as it looks like it's probably Roger's character bending down to the leading lady. He plays her brother, so now I am hoping there will be some sibling squee.

In any case, I hope I will like this film way better than Gold of the Seven Saints. That was ... probably one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. I knew I shouldn't expect too much from it, but I was expecting a little more than I got. Still, Roger was cute and there was hurt/comfort and friendshippiness, so it was worth watching.

A dream.

May. 24th, 2015 05:20 pm
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So I never could seem to wake up when I got up for church. So much so that when we got home, I was pretty sure I'd actually be able to go back to sleep, which doesn't often happen after we've been out somewhere.

I slept. And had a weird dream. It was one of those "eluding people and exploring a location" dreams, for the most part. I kind of like those, probably because I had the greatest fun doing that as a kid. I remember how much I loved exploring Sutherlands Lumber. Oh, that place was a paradise for a young kid. Kitchen displays, beautiful lighting, being able to squeeze in between the giant shelves that were back-to-back and walk down the tunnel they created between them....

For some reason, more than once my mind has taken to using churches as the locales in the dreams. That's not too surprising today, considering we'd just come back from there.

Very weirdly, this dream opened with me apparently trying to conduct a writing group and explaining about the prompt for the week and some possibilities of what could be done with it. I have no idea why that was going on in the church. And I was walking away, I heard some of the people irritated because I was a newcomer and trying to instruct them. I realized I wasn't wanted and tried to quietly slip away.

Then the dream proceeded as those dreams usually do, with me wandering all over the building and ducking into darkened rooms when possible, trying to avoid people and just wanting to be alone to explore or think or whatever. Some of the dreams of this type have a definite sense of danger or urgency in my escapes, but this one was just calm and unhurried. There was no danger. Even though I didn't want to encounter people, it was more of a game to see if I could manage not to.

At one point I wandered to where there was some kind of gathering that seemed to be to celebrate a good choir performance. I found Luke Andreas there and was thrilled. I immediately approached him to talk. Hilariously, I informed him that I was having a dream and my mind had dragged him into the dream with me. I don't know if the idea I meant was that my mind had simply conjured him up or that I had somehow summoned him from the afterlife. In spite of my saying it was a dream, it seemed to be more like I was just talking to him in real-life and he wasn't dead; he mentioned going to get his wife at one point. He was amiable and nice and was willing to talk to me about The Rockford Files and such.

Best part of the dream, totally.

After he left, I wandered some more, at one point going into a room where a musical performance practice was going on. I still didn't want to run into anybody else, nor did I want to interrupt them, so there was a bit of me climbing over soft chairs behind a stage curtain to get back out of the room. I thought I was noticed, yet no one came after me to talk or to recruit me, so I figured I was wrong.

Finally I got where I was apparently trying to get all along: a place with refreshments. I was frustrated because I hadn't been informed of it. But there was still stuff left and I grabbed some.

I think it ended around there. There was also another odd, earlier dream that culminated with the family running to get back to the car and I was too close to a drop-off in the asphalt and started to fall, but was pulled back up with the assistance of a pleasant stranger who pulled up. He seemed to like me and I wasn't averse to the idea of a date, but I can't quite recall how that turned out, if he asked me or not. In reality, I would be very leery of going on a date with someone I'd just met, even if he did help me out of a situation.

So overall, weird dreams as usual. But I love the part with Luke.
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So we're watching a cheesy family movie and there's this retired sailor who's dying. He makes friends with a young kid and the scene right before he falls into a coma has them talking and he tells the kid not to feel bad for him; that he's had a good life.

And I promptly have to melt down. Not because of the scene itself, per se (even though I am prone to crying while watching death scenes in movies), but because of what it made me think of. Retired sailors make me think of Captain Scofield, naturally, and that makes me think of Chrissy, naturally. I melted down sort of wondering if that's what he and Luke might tell me to try to comfort me when I'm feeling sad thinking that they died too young. I could imagine Chrissy saying it, from what I know about him. I hope they're both happy where they are.

I wonder sometimes what prompts these meltdowns. They don't happen over every actor I like who's dead and they didn't used to happen at all. I don't even remember it happening over Simon, and I adore him. I remember it happening for certain over William Talman, Wesley Lau, and now Chrissy and Luke. Maybe it has happened over Simon too, though. I have a hard time believing it wouldn't have.

It's rather awkward when it happens around other people, since I then feel compelled to try to hide that it's happening. I managed to hold off on utterly bawling until I was alone, thankfully.

And my original idea for the Mainsail Pony was that she would represent Giovanna, another character in that Riptide episode, instead of a made-up daughter. I think I finally have that out of my system and now I can't imagine myself writing a story like that. Only problem is, now I'm back to kind of wanting to write a story where Giovanna has some possibly romantic attachment to Captain Scofield. I'm not sure I can picture her being into May-December romance, though. Maybe I could write it as them coming to form a close platonic bond and Nick keeps worrying that it's romantic and feeling bad for Cody, who has a crush on her according to Nick.


Apr. 24th, 2015 06:16 pm
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So I got it in my head that I really want to get Salty and 4-Speed from the same person, because they are to represent Chrissy and Luke and regardless of whether they were friends in real-life, I definitely sense chemistry in their interaction as Ginger and Lou and of course I portray Ginger and Lou as friends. And it seemed squeeable to get them from the same person since then they would already "know" each other and I could think that they were "friends" before they came to me. I'm still absolutely thrilled that I was able to get the plushies at the same Jo-Ann's, and that they fit Ginger and Lou's body types!

The only person I'm aware of who has both is a seller I've done business with before; I bought the Tex Pony who represents Little Pinto/H.M. from her two years ago, along with three girls. (Oh, she is a good saleswoman. I had been considering the girls, but she managed to really talk me into it.) She's also the only person I've contacted about the Ponies whom I've actually heard back from. She replied immediately the same day I contacted her.

I tried bidding on the eBay Pony since the auction was ending and I panicked, but when it was done I was actually hoping to be outbid, so that I could get one of that Arena seller's Saltys instead. (And I was outbid.) All the Saltys I've been considering have flaws, but I'm thinking I'll probably get one of hers who has a few highlighter marks on him, poor thing. I think I'd rather have those than one with age marks. The old plastic discolors as it ages and the Big Brothers have that a lot more than some of the other Ponies, for some reason.

I'll have to get a 4-Speed with a couple of age marks, as he's even more prone to it than some of the other Big Brothers. In his case, I'd rather have age marks than one with unidentifiable brown stains. At least I know what age marks are and wouldn't have to be squicky about them. And since 4-Speed seems to be much harder to come by than Salty, I think it's perfectly reasonable to get this one and be able to get Salty too.

Now if my writing assignments could just get accepted.... I finally broke down and tried to write for a client who pays a lot better than most on TextBroker, but there are so many complex rules to keep straight that I've been too afraid to try writing for them before. And of course, as soon as I did try, I made mistakes, which was what I was afraid of. Sigh. One of them got sent back for revision and I know the other one will be coming back too, as I ended up so confused I didn't realize which things were the keywords.

I also got a mailer from Build-a-Bear and there's a $5 off coupon that's good until way into May! Squeeeee! I was hoping I could get a coupon. Looks like after I get the money for the boy Ponies, I'll be getting Luna at last! ... I hope the nearest Build-a-Bear still has her; the Lunas were flying out of Build-a-Bears all over the country when she was first released. She's definitely been one of their best sellers.

And I'm going to try to write for one of the PicFic prompts at Section 7. The upcoming one makes me think of statues corroding in cemeteries and that gives me a good excuse to get out my haunted house fic and work on it. I've already got several pages done, the cemetery part, and now they're going back into the house. I'm not sure how much of the fic will take place in there. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the fic by Tuesday; I've also been working on work, one of my Ginger and Lou pieces, and the new website and blog. But the Ginger and Lou piece doesn't seem to want to be done, so I'd probably better switch back to the U.N.C.L.E. piece when it comes to fanfiction writing.

I also keep wanting to try writing a WWW story I tried out in blurbs some time ago, an alternate ending for the Sudden Plague episode where Coley and his gang escape and take Anna Kirby with them as a hostage. I think I figured out how I could make Jim and Arte's scenes interesting, instead of just being "They went thataway!" While they're on the trail of the gang, they talk to Coley's mother and others who have met him and start unraveling some of the mysteries about the outlaw, which surprise them. Meanwhile, Anna is not being mistreated and Coley is insisting he will let her go when they're far enough away. But then Lafe's gunshot wound gets infected and Anna has to try to help him using her father's medical knowledge and things get very intense.

The story is an AU to my main timeline, since The Night of the Lazarus is my main timeline story where Jim and Arte learn of the goodness Coley still has in him. I rarely write AUs of any kind, but I've always really wanted to try this one because I found Coley and Anna's interaction in the episode interesting and I wanted more. (And no, there will not be any nonsense of Anna falling in love with him. Way too overdone and not what I want for the story.)

I never seem to have the time to try starting the first chapter. And then there's the Man-Eating House sequel I've been trying to write for several years. I just find it so difficult to "re-write" the episode, since the story picks up where the episode left off, with them finding the house in reality after Arte spent the episode dreaming about it. I actually managed to get a couple of chapters written and I thought that maybe I'd get it finished soon. But then I got mortified because one of the readers thought that I'd given Jim the black plague instead of a regular poison. The black plague does feature into the episode, so it isn't totally random, but I thought I'd made it clear that Jim has been poisoned, not plagued. But so I wondered if any of the other readers would think the same thing because maybe I'd written it badly enough that there would be those misconceptions. So that kind of discouraged me on that fic again. I've been planning to try to pick it up again and write the rest, since the chapters aren't long and there would probably only be two more, but coupled with my discouragement over that problem and the other projects taking precedence, I just haven't got back to it. But I wonder if I need to finish that before I start the Sudden Plague AU.

I just wish I could finally get it done and out of the way. But it's hard to stick with it when other things keep appearing that I want to write more and that are much easier to write.
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So Livejournal has been a pain for the last 24 hours or so. They're not delivering some of the notifications they should be delivering, and many of the pictures on the Friends page will not load. UGH!

And on to more pleasant matters. **cuddles Captain Scofield.** 56 and still perfectly adorable. And I love how the hair curls up below the hat. It's so thick and gorgeous....

I also love how well Chrissy aged. He was always recognizable. And his voice was always beautiful. Oh wow, I was just amazed at the strength and depth of his voice in the very last project he did. He was sick from cancer when he did that, but you'd never know it to hear that voice.

Another reason why I especially find Scofield a memorable Chrissy character: the episode came out the year I was born. Although it may have been filmed before the turn of the year, not sure on that.

I'm really enjoying the Riptide DVD set. I've been watching some of the other episodes and loving them all. There is great camaraderie between the three detectives. I wrote a oneshot fic to wrap up loose ends in Chrissy's episode; it probably won't be long and I'll start a multi-chapter sequel to the episode. More on that in a bit.

So I mentioned recently wanting more of the boy Ponies to represent darlings. Well, of course, right after I posted that, I discovered Captain Scofield. So the Pony named Salty, a ship's captain, must of course represent him/Chrissy. I've been trying to get one for the last several days, but the boy Ponies always have flaws and it's a debate between which flaws are the least troubling. Plus, it's a struggle getting a decent price and pouncing before someone else does. The boy Ponies are popular.

I thought maybe the pirate Pony could represent Grey Holden/Darren, since pirates have ships too (and that Pony has red hair, like Darren), but I'm iffy on a pirate Pony representing any of the darlings. I assume a pirate Pony is probably more of an adventurer that doesn't steal from people, along the lines of One Piece's crew or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but since that is completely opposite to what a real pirate does and I'd always be thinking about real pirates and wondering what the pirate Pony is considered to be "up to" in canon, I just don't know.

It's difficult figuring out Ponies to represent the darlings, since they must somehow relate to a darling by occupation/interest. 4-Speed, the truck driver, will represent Luke due to Luke playing a trucker at least once. (I want him right after I get Salty. Although I might have to try to get him first, if I can't find a decent Salty soon. I know where there's a 4-Speed or two that's pretty good.) There's a train engineer Pony too, but I'm not sure who he'd represent. I think Jim West is the only character of interest associated with trains, but I could just get the actual Jim West figure to represent him. (Something I still want to do sometime.) Artemus Gordon is honestly not one of my "darlings" on any tier (and Jim is actually only a casual crush, not a dead serious one like Chrissy), although I do like and respect Ross Martin's acting talents and think he has a lovely smile.

Oh, wait a minute! Squeeee, the train Pony will represent Simon, because I remember Simon played a railroad detective on The Virginian! Yay! I'm so happy there will be a Simon Pony. I was wondering who could represent him. I was previously thinking Salty would have to represent Simon as well as Chrissy, as Simon played some wonderful sailors too. But I'd much rather have each Pony represent one single darling.

The two sports-related Ponies, for baseball and football, I'm at a loss about. I don't think any of my darlings have played sports figures. I do know that Wesley played football in real-life, so I thought possibly the football Pony could represent him in a pinch.

Then there's the Mountain Boys, Ponies representing various weather phenomenon. I don't know what darlings they could represent, but a bigger problem is that they're U.K. releases only and very rare and expensive. I'd be lucky just to get the U.S. boy Ponies I want!

I want Chief, the fireman Pony, to represent William Boyett and also be the husband for my Pony Bride. Unfortunately, of the U.S. Ponies, he's one of the most difficult to get in decent condition and at a decent price. But the other U.S. boy Ponies I either planned to keep single or else are otherwise not what I wanted as a match for Pony Bride. Maybe the train/Simon Pony could be the husband, if I can get him easier than Chief.

Then I learned of a girl Pony with a boat theme: Mainsail. She's a beautiful blue and has sailboat symbols all over her. I immediately fell in love with her and she is a big want too. I also decided I wanted her to be connected with Salty, but not by marriage, so either a sister or a daughter. (Or a friend.) That then developed into an idea of considering giving Captain Scofield a daughter in a fic, since Salty is to represent him.

I've been toying with assorted backstories; it would make Scofield another of the few characters I write who had a failed marriage. But since I really don't like the tired cliche of inventing family members for canon characters (other than a mother and a father, which of course they'd have to have), I don't know whether I really want to go through with the idea of a daughter. She could be a liar, someone just pretending to be a daughter, but that would be sad and I wouldn't want the Mainsail Pony to represent a crook just out to get Salty's/Scofield's money (or whatever she'd want from him).

However, the daughter idea was the only idea I had for a Riptide multi-chapter. Maybe, since I want to write more for Scofield, I'll try writing a Sea Hunt story with him in it while I try to figure out the daughter problem for a Riptide fic. I realized Scofield would fit perfectly into a Sea Hunt fic. And I'd love to write Mike Nelson being suspicious of him at first and then realizing, as did the Riptide crew, that he is an honorable man.

But regardless of what I decide story-wise, I want the Mainsail Pony just because she's gorgeous. I'm debating whether to get a really nice one that's available now or if I should keep trying to get Salty first, since he is my first want at the moment. Since it could be a while before I find a Salty that's just right for me, I don't know if I should let the Mainsail sail by in the meantime. I rarely ever see her at the Arena, where I buy most of my Ponies, so I figured I'd just be getting the one I see on eBay. It's possible she's on eBay a lot, though, even if she's not generally on the Arena. Since I just became aware of her, I just started doing eBay searches for her the other day. And now that I want the train Pony to represent Simon, I'd better go back and see the prices for him.

Decisions, decisions....
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... I'm sitting here having a meltdown because today was the day Christopher Cary died 15 years ago. I totally shouldn't have done my pilgrimage to Find a Grave until I knew there wasn't a chance I'd be walked in on. I do not want to be seen like this, both on general principle because I am aloof and because if I was seen crying over an actor who died that long ago, I think people might worry about me.

I always have such a hard time finding him there, too. I always end up having to resort to a Google Search because Find a Grave's search is virtually useless sometimes. I can't get Chrissy or Luke to come up by searching on the site itself and have to do dumb things like Google Searches to get their pages to appear.

The day Leonard Nimoy died, I was very sad about it, but then I read this neat thing on Tumblr mentioning how he'd had such a rich, full life, and that made me feel not as sad. Only then it caused me to have a meltdown that night while watching Perry, as I started thinking about some actors who died at younger ages and didn't get to experience life for as long as Leonard Nimoy did. Specifically, I started thinking about Chrissy and Luke, who died at 69 and 52, respectively.

Finished the vignette set last night. I really like how it ended up; the final prompt of Wye and Ecks meeting up with Ginger and Lou came out very nicely. I'm going to give the whole set a read-through before re-formatting it in WordPerfect and printing it out. Then I'm going to go on to a fic I've been writing as a sequel to Chrissy's Insight episode and see if I can finish it today. It keeps not feeling done and now I'm thinking it needs a whole other scene, so I'll see if I still think that after another read-through.

Also, I saw Chrissy's Riptide episode yesterday morning. The copy was bad; all the edges fell off the YouTube screen because it wasn't uploaded or resized properly, I'm not sure which. But I could see it well enough to know that Chrissy was adorable (of course). He had so much screentime and his character was a good guy, even though the bad guys tried every dirty trick they could think of to frame him for what they were pulling. Eventually one of them even shot him and tried to say he had a bomb! **cuddles him close.** He struggled up and knocked the guy down, then tried to get to the main characters to cut their bonds with his knife, but he collapsed from the wound before he could. Thankfully, he survived the episode. And I think he's my new favorite Chrissy character. The episode was a lot of fun in general, being just like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, and I am now fully determined to buy the season set to have a proper copy of that episode. It would be so, so worth it, even if the show in general isn't always like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. I simply must own that episode.
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So after reading the Sailor V manga, it seems really sad to see Venus so flat-out serious and sad in the Crystal anime. I really like her to know when to be serious, and the idea that she's a little more grown-up than the other Senshi, since she's been fighting longer, but for her to lose all of her fun-loving attitude is too sad. Suddenly she just seemed so bland in Crystal.

I ended up ordering the plushie tonight. I have two gift cards I'm waiting to get for Amazon, but those might not come until towards the end of the month and I really didn't think this plush would hang around that long, since there was only one left at the price I wanted. I wibbled a bit over whether I'd made the right choice anyway, but I've calmed down now and I think I'm pretty happy with my decision. I'm glad I got to see the plushie in F.Y.E. this week. I like to see in person what I'm getting, and it was the seeing that made me decide I definitely wanted that plush.

Also, I really like that by buying the plush from this person, I'll still have some money left over to put towards more stuff. If I'd bought the DVDs, with tax it probably would have drained every bit of the fun money for this month.

And after all that U.N.C.L.E. writing and coming up with three possibilities for the fanzine (the third of which I used for submission, as decided), I ended up with other ideas for online fics. I had to review the episode in order for any of the ideas to work, and while doing so, I discovered I'd completely forgotten that Mr. Wye just seems to completely lose it after he finds Mr. Ecks stabbed in the park. He flips out on the retired female agent working with U.N.C.L.E., even blaming her for what happened in the park despite knowing she was not the one who did the stabbing.

I hadn't even taken Mr. Wye into my equation when I wrote the drabbles with Ecks a couple of years ago, but after a review I did of the episode back then, I started thinking he needed to be involved. But I hadn't watched the episode straight through again at that point. Now that I have, I can't shake the idea that Mr. Wye and Mr. Ecks must be very close, and of course, that's the instant trigger for me to become fascinated.

The end result: I decided to do another month-long [ profile] 31_days challenge of vignettes, focused around them. Right now I'm sticking to episode-based, fleshing out my ideas for them to both survive their ordeals. The piece I'm most proud of so far, I think, discusses their organization and its goals and how and why they decided to betray it with Mr. Zed. (Mr. Zed ... LOL. Why do the British hate saying Zee?)

At this point in the vignettes, they are separated and each is afraid the other is dead. And I successfully made myself sad with this past day's piece. (I also successfully grossed myself out by spending over an hour reading about the various possible consequences of being stabbed somewhere in the abdominal region.) I need to get to the reuniting vignette soon or I may burn out (especially since I honestly hate writing extended hospital stays). After I get to that point, I'm not sure where the rest of the pieces will go. Some may flash back to their time in the organization, while others may stick with the present. I may have them encounter Illya and/or Napoleon some more and exchange some unfriendly banter. Or I may just stick with fleshing out the interaction just between them. Naturally I will only post the pieces to 31_Days, unless there's one with Illya and/or Napoleon present as well. I wouldn't imagine anyone but me would be interested in reading/writing about these oneshot episodic characters.

I started the set on the 3rd, so I'll need to do the first two as make-up pieces on the 31st, when we're allowed to post pieces for any day. Hopefully I'll be able to get ahead enough in writing the vignettes that I won't be writing those pieces plus the 31st's prompt all on the same day. It takes me at least an hour to get a good vignette for this series. Currently I'm managing to write each piece on the day it's for. Usually when I do these theme sets I can write some pieces ahead of their time, so I want that to happen again, and it may, if I can get at least one other project done first. I'm thinking prompt #2, "eyes the color of water", will be at least partially about when they first meet. Chrissy has such beautiful blue eyes....

As I wailed on Tumblr, why can't I ever just stick with writing for the good guys for long?

I know the answer to that, really. It's because while friendships between good guys are squeeable, you'd expect good guys to have friendships. With bad guys, it's not always something you can expect. And when I see it, I'm intrigued. It's the same basic principle as to why I find certain antagonists endlessly fascinating, like Coley Rodman. If they show they still have some goodness despite unsavory things they're doing, I must know more about them and write about them and pick their minds apart.

And then sometimes my interest is a little more shallow, like if a favorite actor plays the character. But they still have to have some other reason to warrant me being interested enough to write about them. Being killed in the episode is often, but not always, one thing that will make me write about them, as I'm trying to fix the death. And I may not warm up to them fully for a while. It was that way with Snakes. After I wrote so many stories with him and let him develop as a character, however, I became very fond of him. That also started my crush on his actor. I have little doubt that before I'm done with this theme set, I will be quite fond of both Ecks and Wye.

Another thing I mused on is that while I have one list of my "darlings", then there's a list of "actors I like by association". If they play off of a darling especially well, or even repeatedly, I tend to become fond of them on some level. I'm fond of Pippa Scott because of her playing against H.M. Wynant on I Spy, for instance, and Allison Hayes for being with him on Perry Mason and Shotgun Slade. I started out being fond of Luke Andreas because of him playing off of Chrissy on The Rockford Files. Luke is a unique case, as I ended up loving him so much, he became a darling too. I'm fond of Joe E. Tata for his association with both of them. And I'm fond of Hedley Mattingly for his playing off of Chrissy ... twice. Apparently it was either a weird coincidence or somebody thought they worked well together. About four years after U.N.C.L.E., they're teamed up again on Mannix. Neither of them die that time. Actually, that episode (All Around the Money Tree) is the only really humorous episode of Mannix and is also only one of two episodes out of 194 where nobody dies. That's ... kind of a sad track record, actually.

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