Nov. 5th, 2015 06:14 am
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... I just realized I have four icons featuring characters by Christopher Cary. I thought I had three. But I have the Ecks and Wye icon, the Ginger and Lou icon, the Captain Scofield icon, and this Snakes Tolliver icon.

Well, what can I say. I adore Christopher, squeee.

I actually got warmed up enough and plunnied enough that I started writing the follow-up to The Peaceful Meadows Affair from this past summer. I'm really excited to finally get that story off the ground (and hopefully have enough material to carry it through to completion now), but I'm worried I've been too active lately and people probably won't want to read a multi-chapter venture I've written. Eh, maybe I'm just worried for nothing because of things that happened in another fandom, but because of what happened there, I feel like I always have to walk on eggshells everywhere else when it comes to oneshot characters. Sigh. So if I seem jittery/worried, that's why. I just don't want to overstay my welcome.... The Peaceful Meadows Affair was quite popular, but I worry I won't be able to capture that same popularity again, especially several months later. I usually write a little spurt of U.N.C.L.E. stuff and then fade back into the shadows for a while, but now the plunnies keep coming. And keep involving those oneshot characters, oh dear. The reviewers have been really sweet and interested and their comments mean a lot to me. So hopefully there will continue to be interest.

I wonder if I should make a website for my U.N.C.L.E. fic verse or if I don't have enough for that yet. I have websites for my Perry Mason and WWW fic verses. Of course, those are just for me to play in; I don't hold out any illusions that anyone else would want to read all the intricacies of my fic verses and why I did this or that with particular characters. (Of course, if I were proven wrong, I would feel rather squeeful about it.) Mainly I just have an urge to write up some detailed profiles for Ecks and Wye and a website seems like a better place to stick them than a journal. Actually, heh, a long time ago I wrote up some detailed profiles for Ginger and Lou and I've ... never posted them anywhere. Oops. But I've used them to guide me in writing for them in the fics. I think some things in their profiles need to be switched, though. Like I wrote that Ginger is more the obsessive-compulsive one, but in actuality I think it ended up being Lou. Hmm.

November is making me very nostalgic this year. It was November, I think, when I saw Carmen episodes on television for the last time. Of course, I'm puzzling how that could quite be, since I saw the latter episodes and I thought those aired in December. It could be I'm mixing up months, but I do know distinctly that I was watching a little here and there around Thanksgiving. I watched one and then discovered Wishbone. Maybe I watched both in November and December.

And I still can't believe how hard it is to find a simple brown shoulder-length doll wig. There is a really nice one on eBay now, but it's $22 and I ... really hoped I wouldn't have to pay that much for a doll wig in this size (13-14).... Gulp.... And since I like to do the hair as one of the first things, I kind of don't even like to start making the Barry plush without knowing I have a wig on hand.... But I'd probably better start anyway.
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Made a few new icons the other day, when I realized The Disappearing Declaration was a season 1 episode with high enough quality that the icons would probably be good. This is my favorite, although I wish I could have gotten Barry in there a little better. But this one still does better than my last attempt, I think, to get them all in fairly equally. And Sean still gets highlighted as lead singer. Awesome.

Yesterday I finally got to go in to use the birthday coupon at Build-a-Bear and I bought the bat plushie. I didn't have enough money to get the cat right then, and anyway, after Halloween the bat will be gone but the cat will still be there. And the bat is so cute! Probably the cutest bat plushie ever made. I had the oddest urge to name her Milly, and yes, it had to be with a Y. So that is what her birth certificate says.

For some weird reason, earlier in the month I was muddledly thinking that bats were rodents and naturally I didn't want any rodent plushie after this summer's disaster. (Note that I still love Mickey Mouse and any other cartoon rodents I previously liked, however. In general, they behave more like people than rodents. Heh.) I'm assuming the misconception is because Batman is sometimes called a rodent by the villains in the 1960s show. But so I Googled "Are bats rodents" and went "... Well, duh, what's the matter with me" at the information that they are not and that was the first step to feeling okay about a bat plushie. Anyway, too, I've cosplayed Rouge the Bat three times and I love Batman, so a bat plushie rather makes sense for me, doesn't it?

Also, at Build-a-Bear I was thrilled to see the online exclusives Zecora and Shining Armor! I didn't have enough money to get one of them, and anyway, I had my heart set on the bat, but I hope I'll have the chance to get them both now that I don't have to buy them online! I was so excited to see them there!

I also had a coupon for half off something at Jo-Ann's, so we went there and I found that the doll I'd put away in the back in hopes of buying it when I wasn't broke was still there, so I bought it. It will become Barry. I just hope I can find a decent doll wig. It's bizarre that I can't find a simple brown shoulder-length doll wig.

Then I've been contacted by a sweet girl who really loves my Detective Conan fics and especially my Gin/Sherry stuff. She was hoping I could finish Snow White Queen. I doubt I ever will, which I told her, but I told her how I planned for it to end and I let her see an unfinished chapter I'd apparently started years ago, and she was happy with those things.

When I was trying to help her, I ended up re-reading what I have of that fic and pondering on things regarding it and how it happened. The whole idea of Gin/Sherry is twisted to begin with, and then I was trying to figure out how to turn that twisted mess into something that could be happy for both of them. That happened mainly because when I was scoffing at the idea that the pairing could ever be anything but twisted, someone (Claude, I believe) talked to me about different possibilities that could make it end up happy. And I was curious and interested and decided to take up the challenge, so I started writing various things with them, liked it, and eventually started work on Snow White Queen.

I have to admit, I do think it's written fairly well, but it's very strange seeing me try to take the twisted canon information and make something positive out of it. I suppose maybe it's possible, especially considering those characters' backgrounds (both canon and what I invented to flesh out their pasts), but I am still pretty skeptical that it could work realistically.

It's interesting that what started as an experiment became something I genuinely loved and was enthused about. I think I always struggled a bit, though, and I think that's why the story trailed off. I just wasn't sure how to get them from Point A to Point C. Point B baffled me. That didn't stop me from writing stuff after they get to Point C, but I really needed to show how it happened and that problem stopped me in my tracks.

I used to write a lot of darker stuff that handled twisted situations, twisted characters, etc. etc. It wasn't just Detective Conan, but some of the psychological horror fics I did for YGO and maybe other categories. I think a lot of the reason why I did it was because I was encouraged and I really liked the praise I was getting. It was fun to impress people and have them feel like I was smart and deep. But I don't know, I don't feel like writing twisted things was really me. Or maybe it was me then. Eventually I got tired and worn-out and didn't want to play in many of those fields anymore. Maybe I stopped wanting to impress people so much. I still want them to like what I write, but that's not as much of my drive as it used to be.

I'm still tired. Mostly now I just want to write fun things or hurt/comfort. That doesn't mean I don't like deep subjects or exploring how characters' minds tick; that's still a lot of how my stories run. But I don't think I'm really into dealing with twisted stuff like figuring out how to make a positive relationship when the canon is Gin being possessive and sadistic towards Sherry (and of course, Sherry hating him). Somehow in the "after Point C" stories I actually did manage to get them to a more normal place where Gin wasn't sadistic and Sherry wasn't hateful and Gin's possessiveness was softened a bit into more protectiveness. And I know it probably all sounds terrible and like a bad fanfic from what I'm describing. It actually isn't as bad in actual fact; it's certainly not like Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey or something that tries to make it look like the bad stuff is okay. And it's not hearts and rainbows and suddenly everybody is good, wheeee. It's more the characters being able to gradually get past the bad things and grow and mature into better people. But I'm skeptical it could ever really happen in a situation like theirs and I don't think it's a place I want to explore again.

Some of the characters I write for are still somewhat twisted, though, like Ginger. And it certainly took a lot of pondering and struggling to try to figure out how to make it make sense that Lou could both care about Mike and forgive Ginger for shooting him. I think my essay approached the problem from all possible angles the episode hinted at and presented every possible answer. The difference with those characters is that, more unlike Gin and Vodka (or Baby Face and his gang), I do have them try to go straight. They're still antiheroes/unconventional heroes and don't like to get involved in trouble if they can at all avoid it, and Ginger can be dark and vengeful, but mostly what I write about them is cute slice-of-life, conversational fics, and mysteries and hurt/comfort.

And then there's Ecks and Wye, who are in the same sort of situation as Gin and Vodka from Detective Conan regarding employment. (I do, however, try to soften it a bit with the implied idea that Ecks and Wye are in it for the spying part and go after other spies and don't have much, if anything, to do with going after innocent civilians. I also tried to make Ecks a little sympathetic with the idea that he grew up in the organization and couldn't get out, same as I did with Gin, actually....) I honestly probably wouldn't even be interested in them if not for two factors: Ecks is played by darling Christopher Cary and Wye absolutely flipped after finding Ecks stabbed, indicating they were very close. I was immediately intrigued. Actually, the idea of interaction between Gin and Vodka is how I got interested in writing for them, too. But I did keep them with the Black Org and carrying out missions, at least until I developed that Snow White Queen timeline where they and Sherry escape to make a new life elsewhere. With Ecks and Wye's situation, were they to survive their episode, they would very likely have to run for their lives to avoid being killed as traitors to the extremist organization. Which is how I approached that. I wouldn't exactly say they're going straight now, but they are trying to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

The Riddler is in the same situation. I didn't really want to have him completely straight, and he's certainly an unconventional hero in that he's most interested in matching wits with his opponents rather than bringing crooks to justice, but if they're so heinous that even The Riddler is upset by them, then he will go after them for the purpose of bringing them to justice. Of course, since he probably always will be at least a little twisted, his justice would include making them play through one of his complex, booby-trapped mazes. But they would survive; I actually question whether any of the traps set by The Batman's Riddler would kill or if it was only a tease. (Yes, maybe even the bombs were set up in a way that wouldn't have killed Gorman. Possibly. I debate over that because The Riddler wanted Gorman to really experience failure, so maybe he would want to keep Gorman alive to experience it for a good, long while. On the other hand, maybe he wanted Gorman's last thoughts of be of his failure and then the bombs would kill. I just don't know. But anyway....) He seems like the type who might tease, especially considering his first appearance on the show. Batman: The Animated Series' Riddler sets traps to kill, but he is a completely different character.

And then there's Snakes, oh boy. With him, though, he really is trying to go straight. But he's selfish and cowardly and in most verses, is struggling to learn about friendship. I have so much fun developing him everywhere.

I dunno; thinking on things in these lights, I definitely still do a lot with criminal-type characters (even though sometimes I just want more true-blue heroes, like the ACME characters). And even though, yes, I do like reforming them when possible, I always try to keep their personalities intact, especially if they're wild cards. I think the reason why I'm more burned-out on Detective Conan stuff is Gin's specific personality, the absolute twisted mess of the Gin/Sherry pairing, and the fact of not particularly being into writing about enemy assassins at work in their organization. Well, and the fact that I was never comfortable with the series' basic premise. It took me ages to feel like trying it at all, and after playing in the waters for a while, I don't think I'll go back. That doesn't mean I won't, though. I sometimes end up doing a lot of things I hadn't planned on doing again.

Like writing Carmen fics, heh. But I do love the semi-fictional Rockapella and I just couldn't stay away. Once Crystal's enthusiasm started us both on a second renaissance, it didn't take long and we both started writing fics again. And we haven't shied away from hurt/comfort, either, heh. And not just with the Dying Informant character, either. However, I do think the stories are a little more mild this time around, anyway, even mine.

Sometimes it's fun writing about more true-blue hero characters rather than antiheroes/unconventional heroes. They aren't just blandly good guys; they have a lot of personality and they struggle with things too. Not all deep things have to involve dark and twisted characters and situations.

I guess it all depends on my mood. But even though I did kind of like looking at that old Detective Conan fic, and feel a little sad it will probably never be finished, I still doubt that it ever will be.

That said, my romantic side does still like the idea of the "After Point C" stories where Gin/Sherry are a thing. And I still love the things that others made for me regarding the pairing.

Quick post

Aug. 11th, 2015 04:13 am
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An attempt at a new Rockapella icon, since my original one is so dark it's hard to see everyone. But I love that one too and will probably still use it on [ profile] ladybug_tales, which is likely where any fics are going to go. And I may not use this one at all past this test run, as Scott and Elliott's motion hands are distracting and Barry is so far in the background. Such a pity it's so hard to get decent screenshots from the episodes, especially season 1 episodes, and season 1 is what I want to screencap the most....

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so hard in love with season 1, since there can be dud episodes with barely any contributions from Rockapella (something that only rarely happened in other seasons). And of course, it was season 1 that had the Office Sketch of Doom that scared the heck out of me at age 5 and that I still refuse to touch at age 28. On the other hand, when they do it right, season 1 is absolutely awesome. I love the wide variety of shirt colors the guys wore in season 1; after season 1, they seemed to settle on standard colors. I liked being surprised by what they'd wear that day! I also loved Sean's gray fedora; I don't think he wore it after season 1. And I loved their hair; Scott's seemed to change every season. And of course, it was season 1 that had the highest concentration of Dying Informant segments.

Also, perhaps the most important reason, I was there right from season 1. I remember when we had a subscription to TV Guide and the issue came out talking about shows debuting in Fall 1991. I saw a blurb on Carmen Sandiego, complete with a cast picture, and I was instantly like I AM GOING TO WATCH THIS SHOW. DETECTIVES AND THEIR HATS ARE COOL.

One thing I would really like to know: how in the world did I know I liked detectives when I was four years old?! Where would I have seen/heard anything about detectives at that young age? Especially since Mom and Dad tried to make sure I didn't see anything very intense?

Well, whatever the explanation, I knew I just had to see that show. And even though Mom was skeptical at first, probably because she was worried about it being a detective show, she was won over quite fast by the educational content and the family-friendly silliness of the guys. We used to watch it together a lot.

When I had my Carmen renaissance in 2008, and I watched The Taking of the Shrew, I remembered it! Very vaguely, I remembered September 30th, 1991 and being right there watching on that very first airing. I remembered the painting calling Greg and complaining. I remembered the very first Dying Informant segment and being a little confused, but loving it. I remembered the Office Sketch and Greg talking about a dying guy dying in his office! And I remembered the Zombie Jamboree parody (probably the only time Sean censored himself when he sang it)! It was magical in 2008 just as it was in 1991. And it's still magical now.

Seasons 1 and 2 are still my very favorite seasons. To me, they walked that fine line between detective show and silliness and kept the balance just perfectly. Starting with season 3, they started getting more and more far-out. There was still a lot to love, but for me, they never quite captured the magic of those first two seasons.

I've also discovered that since 2008, I must have come to love Scott a lot more. I always liked him a great deal, especially from the Dying Informant segments, but in 2008 I was totally okay with watching performances from before he joined the group. A couple weeks ago, I tried that again and I honestly found it very painful for him to not be there.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Scott is the only member from the Carmen seasons I religiously watched that I've met. I've met Jeff too, and like him a lot, but I was not religiously watching by season 5, so he doesn't invoke that same level of nostalgia. LOL, I remember the first time I tried season 5 and I was instantly confused. "Why is there a fifth guy there?! Where did he come from?! Who is he?!"

I still can't remember exactly why I slacked off somewhere in season 4. I think it probably just got too nuts for me. Even as a kid, I could be serious and there were lines of goofiness I didn't like to cross. But I did come back in season 5, a little bit. If I truly love something, I always come back. I remember watching several season 5 episodes. I mention watching one with Mom in a journal I was keeping then. I remember watching several others alone, including the very last episode. I believe it was on one of those excursions of watching season 5, sometime around Thanksgiving, that I discovered Wishbone. And that is a whole other post.

... And this totally took longer to type than I was planning on. Isn't that always the way?
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I ended up falling so hard in love with using the Twilight icon that I decided that perhaps after ten-ish years, it was time to alter the default userpic. On the one hand, I hesitated to, because I love the Faye Valentine icon and it's absolutely gorgeous. On the other, I no longer feel like I need to hide behind Faye's identity and of course, I haven't felt like I needed to for some time; the original reason I adopted her name as an alias was because I was trying to hide from certain people I didn't care to talk to and I didn't think I would ever be discovered using the name of a character as unlike me as Faye is. Over time it stuck, even after I didn't need to hide anymore. I'll probably leave my email accounts set to Faye's name, but for this journal right now, I kind of feel like I want to be me, and Twilight Sparkle is a much better representation of who I am.

Crystal had a very good idea that I could use the Faye icon on However, trying that had led to my discovery that I can't use square icons there anymore (if I ever could at all). So part of the picture is cut off. Ugh. I will probably have to make a specific icon for that conforms to the size they want. Meanwhile, I still want to use the Faye icon somewhere, so I will probably either leave it here for now (just not as the default) or else use it on Dreamwidth (where I think I already have it uploaded). I always wanted the Dreamwidth journal to be a separate place from here, but then I ended up getting freaked out worrying Livejournal might crash and I should have stuff backed up, so a little over a year ago I copied all my entries at that time to Dreamwidth. I'm torn between wishing I hadn't done that and being glad that stuff is backed up somewhere. Maybe I'll have to create a second Dreamwidth to be the separate thing I wanted. I remember I started out posting lots of fun Perry Mason-related content there.

I had some strange and lovely dreams. One was a role-play type dream where I was "playing" Jim West, and I and Arte were investigating a weird house. It seemed to be haunted, and we went into the basement and found it was being used as a garbage dump. Lovely. Then some bad guy was there and we got into a shootout with him. I believe the house was fairly modern (there were soda cans everywhere in the basement), so the setting must have been in my time-travel verse, where Jim and Arte can come visit the present-day when they want to. Maybe I'll write it up into a story.

Then I had a dream that culminated in Simon Oakland meeting my dad and being told about me and agreeing to come meet me! We shared a hug and he agreed to talk with me over lunch. It was awesommmme. And in the dream, it felt so real. That was definitely one I didn't like having to emerge from. In the dream, he wasn't dead and it was all okay. He looked about like he did in the 1970s. And from articles Crystal and I have found, he was such a humble and down-to-earth person that I totally believe he would have been happy to share lunch with a fan.

... Sigh.

Apr. 26th, 2015 05:25 pm
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So a couple of days ago I have this bizarre dream about watching The Saint (I think?) and I woke up realizing I needed to put this icon back. I'd removed it to put in the Scofield one. Every now and then I have these bursts of crushing on Roger Moore/Simon Templar/Beau Maverick and I usually go Squee in my mind when I see Roger in something (even if his character isn't very nice, as in The Last Time I Saw Paris). The dream was apparently telling me that's going to continue. So keeping the icon around is a good idea. I hadn't wanted to remove it, but I love Chrissy more and wanted a Scofield icon.

I took out the Perry and Hamilton one to get this one back in, since I haven't been using that icon a lot lately, but I'm not happy with that, either. For the umpteenth time I wish that there were more icon slots. Even five more would be glorious.

I would actually pay for more icon slots, and I used to do that, but I have less money now than I did then and I can't afford to fork any over for that purpose.

Oh, speaking of Scofield, I put up a musing on him at my blog:

The website is coming along well. It's not open yet, but I have sections up for maybe half of the people now. I love all the old articles about them that I'm finding by diving in old newspaper archives. What I don't love is how memory-hogging one of the sites is. Ugh. It takes forever to look up stuff there!
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It continues to exasperate me that there are only 15 icon slots. I wanted to try using a Simon Templar icon for a while, but I couldn't decide how to get it in.

Finally I decided to do the unthinkable: delete this Alister icon. That lasted for about five minutes. I wasn't happy at all and put it back. I've used it since ... I'm not sure when, but I suppose since 2004 or 2005, maybe. It was my default before I fell in love with Aubrie's Faye Valentine icon. And I've stubbornly hung onto it ever since. I don't use it a whole lot anymore, but apparently I still want it here pretty badly.

Finally I decided that since I have three H.M. icons, and two featuring Coley, I would try removing the one of Coley by himself and keep the one of him and Lafe together. I'm not entirely happy with that, either, but I really did want to try using a Simon Templar icon for a while, and at the moment I'm a lot more satisfied than I was when I tried removing the Alister icon.

Jim figure!

Jun. 5th, 2014 09:52 pm
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So yesterday I was looking for Six Million Dollar Man figures. I want the Steve Austin they're supposed to be coming out with that's properly proportioned, unlike the current ones where the heads are too big. But the release date keeps getting pushed back. Right now it's August. Ugh.

But while I was looking, quite by accident I stumbled on a real, official Jim West figure! There is no Arte counterpart, but since I'm one of the few who likes Jim better, I'm okay with that. It would have been nice if they'd done Arte too, though; I love them as friends and as a team.

This Jim figure looks pretty good and is still available for reasonable prices in-box. I definitely think I must invest.

Also, iconning is a delicate art. It can be so difficult to get just the right picture and crop for an icon. The characters have to be standing close enough together that it really works. I like this one I did of Joe and Lew, but I'm hoping to find an even better one when I screencap other discs.


Nov. 13th, 2013 05:09 pm
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So I've been talking to someone about the Black Org. I'd already been thinking of them a bit because Ginger and Lou remind me of Gin and Vodka in a few little ways. And talking to this person renewed my interest in those characters and I went searching for stuff on Tumblr. I couldn't find much in the way of fanart, even though I'd heard there was supposed to be a lot on there. Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms.

I did find an amusing and brain-breaking "Ask Gin & Vodka" Tumblr. I like the person's headcanon about them living together and dealing with domestic problems, but the person also engages in various antics that I prefer not to have anything to do with, like humans turning into animals and M-preg. Bleh. I had a lot of fun reading the characters' answers to assorted submitted questions, though. And I love the sketches the person makes of them.

I also went and looked through all my icons in the Scrapbook here. I think I lost most of my graphics upon switching computers, except for ones I sent to other people (which may have been most of them) and all of my icons, which I uploaded here. I got a big laugh going through the Gin and Vodka ones. I'd forgotten some of the cracky things I came up with.

Now I kind of want to watch the Countdown to Heaven movie again. Gin and Vodka had some good interaction in that. I have a very old Hong Kong release of the Japanese language version, with bad English subs. I always meant to buy the official English version when they finally released it, but I never had the money at the right time.

I am so far behind on any Detective Conan stuff. I still don't have any interest in really returning to the fandom, but if there's any good scenes of Gin and Vodka interacting in the semi-recent episodes, I would be interested in seeing that.
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This is Wesley's Ray Norman character, from Cannon. Isn't he adorably precious?! **hugs him.**

I've finally got going on the Wild Wild West fic that's supposed to be a lead-in to the time-travel one. I'm very happy with it so far and it's moving along excellently. Tentatively I don't think it will be too long, since it's mainly a lead-in and set-up, but that could change.

Among other things, Arte has teamed up with Coley Rodman. Arte believes Jim is dead, and Coley was found at the scene, so Arte is suspicious of whether Coley had something to do with it. Coley insists he's guiltless in the matter and wants to find out who really was responsible.

Meanwhile, Jim is alive and being held captive by Dr. Faustina so he can witness her remarkable experiments of bringing back the dead. She demonstrates by reviving Lucrece Posey's gang, one by one. Cyril is already alive again at the beginning, and Pinto is revived while Jim is unconscious, to go spy on Arte, but aside from them, Jim is scheduled to be present for all the rest of the returns.

All of these details are a surprise to me. I just love when a story unfolds and practically writes itself!

I am planning for scenes in the future. I know I want Arte and Coley to get in a shootout with someone or several someones, and Coley's prediction that Arte will have to rely on him to save his life will come true. I have an image of someone sneaking up on Coley and either knocking him out or dazing him pretty bad, and Coley staggers up with blood running down his face and manages to shoot one of the antagonists right before he can shoot Arte. He then collapses, probably with a concussion, the way Arte collapsed in the episode The Simian Terror. Arte finds him later, knowing what happened, and takes him back to the hotel to recover, bowled over.

I'm thinking the climax should be in Faustina's laboratory, when she's gearing up for the last revival and there's lightning everywhere. There's an overload in the machines, it rips a hole in the space-time continuum, and Coley is zapped first (arriving in the present day several months ahead of the others). But before the others get zapped too, Arte is horrified and alarmed and shaken, probably thinking that Coley has been vaporized. And in spite of whatever bad Coley has done, he did prove himself a capable ally on this adventure. After they get zapped to the present too, Arte hopes that's what happened to Coley and wants to find him.

This whole team-up angle and everything it will entail completely alters the tone of some blurbs I wrote for the time-travel thing, where Jim and Arte have only encountered Coley while trying to stop him in several nasty schemes. In the blurbs, they are very on-guard and worried about what Coley will do in the present, where crime is concerned. With these new angles, that will still be a concern, but I think Arte will mostly be worried about Coley's well-being.

Coley's a fun character to write for. And I must not be the only one who feels he honestly isn't as bad as some of the antagonists and even has some good in him. Someone on Tumblr liked my thoughts on him so much that they reblogged as well as Liked. Although on the WWW Proboards forum, I don't seem to know anyone who agrees with me. At least if they do, they haven't spoke up.

And I do wish more people knew what (or who) I was talking about. Oneshot characters are so fun to like, but it's not always easy to get an audience that's aware of them. I'm not sure any of the readers know who Coley is, except one person from the forum (and I'm not sure of her opinion on Coley, either). He's from The Night of the Sudden Plague, one of my favorite WWW episodes.


Jun. 29th, 2012 01:14 am
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There are so many wonderful men on Perry Mason. While I was fiddling around looking through Dead Ringer pictures to make a Steve icon, I saw so many adorable shots of Hamilton that I wanted to stop and icon too. Which makes me wish again that we were allowed more than 15 icons for free. Or to wish that Insanejournal, which gives you 100 free, was a more active place.

I've been teetering back and forth between fangirling Steve here, Andy and Amory, and Hamilton for the past couple of weeks. And by extension, their actors. And let's not forget William Boyett. (I just bought the trading card they made of his Star Trek character with the fedora. And we're on season 4 of Highway Patrol again, so it's William B. every night/morning! YES!) It's all rather confusing and overwhelming. I'm a bundle of squeeing, adoring nerves.

Wednesday I was talking to Dad about Richard Anderson and he told me he thinks Richard is the guy who leads the crowd in singing the drinking song in the movie The Student Prince. That amuses me to no end. I didn't even remember Richard sang. I already knew he was in the movie, so now I wanna see it again all the more. I keep picturing Steve singing that song and then cracking up at the thought.

And I've started my Wild Wild West story that's a follow-up to Richard's episode. It's based around my theory that his character had an evil double, because otherwise some things just don't add up. I'm a lot better with writing for Jim and Arte than I was before. I was delving more into their thoughts and personalities and I felt very comfortable with it. It's a very satisfying feeling.

Wednesday I also saw a new Superman movie at Wal-Mart. And they brought George Newbern back! I was so excited I exclaimed right in the store. Seriously, I thought they'd moved on to other actors. It seems like they never keep one for long. And I thought Tim Daly was the fan-favorite Superman voice. But on these recent direct-to-video movies they've been making, it seems like they alternate between using Tim's voice, George's, and one or two various other actors. I wish they had used George for the Doomsday one.

I've gotta get me all the George ones.

So many men, so little time.
ladybug_archive: (andy and amory)
Three hours to sew a tie for the plushie. Oy vey. It wouldn't have taken so long, but I kept having trouble with it. At least it looks purty; nice soft sapphire blue satin. And I tied a real tie-knot, or tried to; I'm not sure the material liked it very well. I used the one I thought would work the best.

One of my email hosts has continued to crash today, too. Grrr. It's down again now. Normally I prefer Hotmail over Yahoo (I use both), but Hotmail is driving me mad at the moment.

But I managed to get the day's ficlet and the blog post up. The other day I even updated The Denying Detective.

I'm not entirely satisfied with this icon; I'd rather have separate ones of Andy and Amory, but then I'd have to remove two icons I already have, and I had enough trouble removing one. Oh Livejournal, if we could only have a few more than 15 without paying....

I think that another part of the reason why I always gravitated to Amory (and am doing so again now) is because ... well, it sounds rather terrible to say it, or at least shallow, but ... gosh, I love when Wesley Lau's hair is falling loose. I always wanted to see Andy like that. It looks too cute, and the hair looks so soft.... And poor Amory, feeling so helpless.... I like seeing characters helpless (even though it twists my heart), as long as they're able to get help. Friendship and family hurt/comfort squee for the win!

I think Wesley, with both of his Perry characters, has managed to end up second on my list of Perry favorites, in front of Raymond Burr instead of after him.... I guess it was only a matter of time, really; while I like Perry (and Raymond) a great deal, I don't crush on them. I've crushed on Wesley for months. And I crushed on Hamilton/William Talman for months before that, years really, without even realizing it until last October.

I wish I could remember more of my thoughts on Wesley from years ago. I know I liked Hamilton the first time I ever saw him, but I honestly am having trouble bringing up memories of Wesley or Andy. I know I liked The Hateful Hero episode years ago, which is Andy's finest moments. I think I liked Andy fine, but beyond that, my mind is a blank.

And now I really must run; I shouldn't have lingered to write this.
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These are mostly for my own amusement, as can be clearly seen by the number of icons featuring Hamilton. But I thought I'd put them up anyway. I made some icons specifically for possibly interested others, such as the Perry/Della ones for the pairing's active shippers. And The Twice-Told Twist is too fun to take pictures from, since it's the only color episode.

Park Avenue Beat )

You can be sure these won't be the last, but I thought I'd go ahead and post them, since they're quite a huge batch as it is. Feel free to take any, but I'd like credit.

Quick Post

Jul. 31st, 2011 12:04 pm
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I could do a whole rant on the difficulties of using the website the past week, but I let off my steam in Wordpad while I couldn't post, so I won't bother.

Since regaining use of the site, I have been playing musical icons. I'm more into my live-action fandoms right now, so I wanted the icons to reflect that. I added this one here, of Perry Mason and Hamilton Burger, and a couple more of Lieutenant Schrank. I also added a beautiful icon of Sailor Mercury that I snagged a while back, in anticipation of the revival of Sailor Moon in North America at last! Merchandise is coming in (Hot Topic has shirts!) and the manga starts arriving in September. And this time, we're getting Sailor V! I hope we get figures, dolls, and the anime too!

I've never been fully sure why I always gravitate to Mercury. I feel like I should feel I relate the most to Hotaru, after that quiz result I got that said "You are weak physically but mature mentally. An outcast, slightly morbid." Also, she has very pale skin and likes to wear black. But instead I seem to feel that I relate the best to Mercury. I'm certainly like her in a lot of ways, but one huge difference is that she loves math. It's always been my least favorite subject.

(Maybe I relate more to Mercury because her life is so ... relatively normal compared to poor Hotaru's? And I just can't begin to grasp all the pain and suffering Hotaru went through?)

All the Borders and Waldenbooks are folding. No one was willing to help them continue to stay afloat. I need to get hold of some things at their liquidation sale. And I also need to procure a couple of things on Amazon.

I knew there was still danger it would happen, so I can't say I'm terribly surprised, but I also don't think it's fully sunk in yet. I am seriously cringing, however, to imagine a world where the only big physical retail bookstore is Barnes and Noble, where you have to pay full-price, or nearly so, for almost everything. With little exception, the books I have bought for years have been from Borders. I only bought from other places when Borders just didn't have something. I may have to buy mostly from Amazon in the future. But that would be a pain, as I buy from them in bundles so I don't have to pay S&H costs. And I don't often have $25 lying around that I can use for books.

Poor Borders.

I worked a bit on my Perry Mason fic yesterday. I think it will probably be multi-chapter. And I thought of a great twist, as right now the plot looks pretty cut and dried. It won't be in the finished version! Also, I am very pleased that so far the characters' voices have been coming to me. I guess after watching off and on for thirteen years, it shouldn't be so much of a surprise. But out of everything I like there's only a small percentage that I actually have ideas to write for, and sometimes I start writing for something and realize that it's just not working out, so it always feels like a triumph when it comes together.

I've been working on a cute, short West Side Story fic. I'm hoping to have it up on Monday.

Also on Monday, I think Crystal and I will be ready to unveil one part of the project we've been working on. We've been putting a great deal of thought and effort into this, and I'm excited.


Jul. 4th, 2011 09:01 am
ladybug_archive: (sephiroth) If anyone wants to look. There will probably be more later.

I've had a fic idea that would go a little more into Schrank's backstory and some of the kids he had tried to mentor. He would end up having to deal with some of them in the present. I'm tinkering with the idea in a role-play, and it looks like I might end up using a combination of an idea of mine and Crystal's where someone is out to get him. In the fic, it would be one of those kids, in his twenties now and bitter over some imagined grievance he believed Schrank was responsible for. I scrawled down a bunch of notes and musings for the story and I have a good idea of how a lot of it goes.

Now I'm wondering whether I should combine this idea with one where Schrank is contacted by a hate group (and is disgusted when they want him to join them) or whether the two fics should be separate. One of the things this hateful kid is doing is spreading rumors that Schrank is racist, and since there already were rumors like that, he only makes it worse. So the hate group could contact him as a result of that. That would probably make that part be just one scene, though, instead of a full-length story. But I don't know how a full-length story with the idea would work, since from a Route 66 episode it looks like it's the FBI that handles hate groups. Maybe if some delinquent kids from his beat got involved, however, Schrank would be involved with trying to bring the group down.

... But I'm kind of liking the idea of the hate group contacting him because of what this guy has been saying instead of any other reason (as it would be if the hate group idea was a full-length fic). That would really make Schrank furious and add more tension to the story.

And I finished the multi-part fic yesterday. I think. It really did turn into a vignette series.
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I was going to ask someone in the West Side Story comm if they could Zip up all of the screengrabs with the police from a huge screengrab set that someone made, because I didn't think the computer could handle the downloads of all four parts. But at the last minute I decided to see what I could do before asking.

Each part took about 45 minutes to come through, but I got them all! I had to change them to JPG from PNG, too; 600 KB per picture was a nightmare, considering that each set was 1,400+ pictures. I deleted a bunch of stuff I wasn't that interested in, but I still ended up with way more pictures than I'd planned on. I have very many of Maria and Anita, and quite a few of Maria and Tony together.

This gal is about as meticulous as I am about capturing each moment! Which made me squeal for joy when discovering her Schrank screengrabs. There's so many! She's only missing a couple of shots, but I want them too, so I'll still need to get my mom's DVD out and cap those.

One reason I wanted them was to make icons. I have several now, but I plan to make some more before I put any up. So far I like what I have.
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On Monday morning a plunnie hit me in the head for a short fic where Schrank and Maria are conversing post-movie. I wrote the first draft within less than three hours. After giving some time to smooth out the wrinkles, I finally picked a title I liked and got it up.

I know there are at least a couple of people on my Friends List who like the production, so if they're interested in reading, it's

I don't really expect any interest to come from among people roaming the category itself, although I wondered if maybe Maria being in this one would make a difference.

I think the category needs a character filter. It's popular enough.

I decided I should get an icon for the category on my fic journal. And, since I don't like to use the same icon across two journals, I decided to make one. The only problem is, I like it so much I kind of want to use it on this one now, where it would get more use.

I advanced a bit on chapter 3 of the Kolchak amnesia fic, too. Hopefully now that this ficlet is up, I can devote more concentration to the Kolchak one. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do the climax in it, but I am really anxious to get to a scene where Kolchak and Tony encounter each other in the grocery store. It's been one of the most distinctive images for the fic since the idea first appeared. I've been writing a lot of scenes out of order, so I might do the same for this one. Chapter 3 opens at a point where I find it difficult to focus for very long because I'm more interested in other scenes. Hence, that's probably one of the reasons why I got so distracted by the West Side Story ideas.
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I watched The Night Strangler again, snapped a bunch of random pictures throughout, and made a few icons. Kolchak and Tony have so many awesome scenes in that film!

One thing I noticed more strongly this time around was that Tony really did try to help Carl, repeatedly, and I don't think Carl always really recognized it or appreciated it. At one point during an argument Carl is yelling at Tony for not printing the latest story about the murders and Tony calls him ungrateful/unappreciative, which isn't entirely unjustified.

Tony was not pleased to discover Kolchak in the bar at the beginning, but he could have just ignored him. Only he wouldn't do that, because he's such a softie. So he resignedly smiled and went over and ended up offering Kolchak a job.

Tony was not pleased for Kolchak to stumble over another weird mystery, but after Las Vegas who can blame him? In spite of that, he did a lot for Carl. He brought in a sketch artist to sketch the murderer as described by a witness. He published some of Kolchak's early stories on the murders, even ones that got into the creepy stuff. He even tried to print the big story, exposing the full truth. It was pulled after 20 copies, but that wasn't Tony's fault. He tried. Carl should not have blown up at him the way he did, accusing him of selling out. It was their boss who refused to let the story go through. Tony even said he was stupid enough to think that things would be different in Seattle and that they would be allowed to print the crazy-sounding story.

Seriously, after the events of the two movies (and being fired himself at the end of the second one), it's no wonder that Tony outright refuses to publish most of Carl's stories on the TV show. Once he did try to get out a story of Carl's, but their superiors pulled it again.

According to Robert Palmer, the devil's advocate, Kolchak blames Tony for most of his problems even though he knows deep down that he himself is at fault. The blaming comes into play full-force in the second movie. It isn't seen as strongly in the TV series. I wonder if Kolchak was forced to take a long look at himself after the events of The Devil's Platform and didn't blame Tony so much after that.

In any case, Tony definitely deserves more understanding and appreciation. Long-suffering is a good term for him. I love Kolchak dearly, but I love Tony too, and he doesn't deserve all of the blame thrown at him in The Night Strangler. And in the TV show, too, he tries to help Carl out where he can. Even in the middle of the night, he'll come to bail Carl out of jail. One episode had him turn up in a robe and slippers to get him out.

And eeee, I learned that there's an awesome Moonstone story where Kolchak and Tony are trapped in a haunted house! And it will be included among the stories of the graphic novel The Rise and Fall of Carl Kolchak that I've ordered! I can hardly wait to see that one.

I suppose it was largely that story that was responsible for me listening to the Partridge Family song Only a Moment Ago and coming up with a far different interpretation than one is meant to get. The song is fairly innocuous and innocent, and a bit introspective:

But I ended up picturing it taken literally, as in: there really were people and music, and suddenly they all vanished. The plunnie started developing of Carl and Tony lost in a mysterious ghost town where people appear and disappear at random and the town itself doesn't linger for long. I've done a couple of stories involving towns like that (Cooperstown and Lily Valley) for other fandoms, but I'd be game for another. This town would be different from both of those.

But seriously, a Partridge Family song inspiring a Kolchak fic? It's hard to imagine two more different fandoms.


Apr. 10th, 2011 03:17 am
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I am absolutely loving my InsaneJournal backup. In between stories, I'm posting a few musings here and there. It really feels like a professional blog, even though of course it's not. But I think weaning myself off of emoticons has really improved my non-fiction writing and made me more proud of myself. The InsaneJournal feels more ... grown-up, somehow.

Since the fics I plan to post are all Monkees fics, I'm using my Kolchak icons for most of the musing posts. Of course, if websites keep breaking, I may decide I need backups of everything. I couldn't get into tonight, either. Although the site was working; I just couldn't log in.

Now if I just knew where to go to find a nice nest of Kolchak fans....


Apr. 8th, 2011 11:44 am
ladybug_archive: (micky_gun)
Last night I spent time putting up The Return of Baby Face Morales at my InsaneJournal. I divided it into even more parts, since after testing some of them at the Yahoo Group I decided they were still too big. It's at 11 this time around. The second half, after the time skip, doesn't even start until part 8.

This morning I got up chapter 2 of the Kolchak/YGO fic at I've decided to keep with my original desires for the plot. I've written into chapter 4 by now. I'm not sure how long it will be overall.

I made a few new icons for the InsaneJournal. I recut the one of Tony's classic WTH expression, and made completely new ones with Tony looking serious and one of both him and Vince staring in utter shock and disbelief.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 11:30 pm
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The last couple of days I've been toying with an interesting plunnie. I wonder what would happen if Carl Kolchak ended up matching wits with Yami Marik. It's a disaster waiting to happen, of course, but it certainly has the potential to be very interesting. I think mainly what intrigues me about the idea is the thought of them having a verbal confrontation. Most of the things Kolchak tries to stop don't talk to him, even when he talks to them. In the episodes I've seen, he was only able to talk with the witch during the climatic battle.

Yami Marik would probably thrust them into a Shadow Game, too. I don't know whether there would be Duel Monster cards or something else, though. I'd be leaning more towards something else; I don't want to write out a duel and I doubt Carl would know how to play.

Now I just need to figure out whether Kolchak would go to Domino City investigating something or whether Yami Marik would be in Chicago. I think I'm leaning more towards Yami Marik being in Chicago, maybe seeking some destructive artifact in a museum.

And I actually would have a bit of an audience for a fic; I've found a few other people who are familiar with both shows. But one thing I don't like is having to put it in the crossover section of That leaves it available to a much narrower audience.

I might actually put it, and my other Kolchak fic, on dA. There seems to be a nice-sized following there. I was surprised.

And I've had the same default userpic on my fic journal since I opened it in late 2007. I really like the picture, Sephiroth standing in the sun, but it doesn't have anything to do with writing. I've often thought the default should be either writing or reading.

The other day I took three Kolchak icons from [ profile] dangelos_song. Two I have here; the third I decided to put on the fic journal as the default, as it's Kolchak at his typewriter. It seems strange to have a different default there. But it's such a pretty icon and it works well as the default for a fic journal.

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