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So most people may remember that I am not a fan of the Pony fiction books in general. I'm very picky about characterization and I think they fall short. But I do like the Equestria Girls books that have original stories rather than just being novelizations of the movies and shorts. I have the first of those kind and a second has just come out. I went to add it to my Wish List and discovered that in the main line of Pony chapter books, one was recently released called Lyra, Bon Bon and the Mares from S.M.I.L.E.

You know, I don't even like Lyra and Bon Bon now that they have canon characterization and it's obnoxious. But the one thing I did like from their episode 100 characterization was making Bon Bon a secret agent, and now there's a whole book about spies and secret agents and friendship squee and the title is totally a Man from U.N.C.L.E. parody! Bon Bon is drafted into her secret agency again, and instead of exposing Lyra to a memory wipe because she knows too much, Bon Bon pleads for her to be allowed into the agency too. She is, and the plot mostly follows them on their first mission. Eventually they have an argument because Bon Bon feels like Lyra is so excited about the new job that she's more focused on that than on Bon Bon, but it gets patched up and they fight the bad guys and hopefully Lyra is going to stay in the agency.

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I have just watched Raid on Rommel. I always knew Christopher was in it, but I thought it was a bit part. And I knew he died, so that made me reluctant to try it. But tonight I was fiddling with the antenna to get the GritTV channel to come through so I can record a Darren movie tonight and I caught the last part of Raid on Rommel. I remembered they were going to air it a couple of times; the next airing is Sunday at 6 AM.

I decided to try to find the movie and see it to see whether I'd want to own a copy. And YES, I DEFINITELY DO. Christopher does not have a bit part; he's very prominent all the way through. He's adorable and precious and this lady he's trying to look after knows it too. LOL. She's all over him, cooing, squeeing, trying to hug and fondle him, and it's very awkward because he's driving the truck. He doesn't know how to handle it at all. But I am so psyched to see someone else knowing what a treasure he/his character is! I want to get the DVD and take pictures and caption one of them "This girl knows where it's at."

Also, of course I must find a way to save him. I refuse to let him die. And unlike with Don Knight's poor Little House character, I think I can do it.

It was a very poignant scene, gah. It was the climatic battle and the main character had just been wounded. Christopher's character, a medic, comes to try to help him and he's cruelly and deliberately gunned down with a handgun, despite the shooter apparently knowing he's a medic. The main character is absolutely furious, picks up his gun, and unloads it into the shooter. Then he looks at Christopher while he remembers what Christopher's character told him about being in the Medical Corps because he's a Quaker and a conscientious objector and that he couldn't help in a mission where he would have to kill anyone. GAH.

**hugs him.**

I hope I can get the next showing recorded. But regardless, I really do want the DVD.
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So on Monday I saw the 10-inch Funrise Scootaloo. All copies had flaws, and I didn't want her enough to get one of the flawed ones, but now I actually have some hope that maybe I'll be able to get the Sunset Shimmer plush after all! Scootaloo was released in the same wave as Sunset. Now I wish I could get to the other nearby Wal-Marts to check their stock.... I want Sunset badly enough that I probably would get a flawed one just to have her, within reason, of course.

And I finally saw a couple of things I meant to get to but pushed aside while watching Carmen episodes: The Fall Guy episode with Richard and the Alias Smith and Jones episode with Joseph. Admittedly, had I really understood what happened in the episodes, I probably would have seen them sooner. I don't always like The Fall Guy or Lee Major's character in it; he is such a grouch sometimes. And I don't like what he did to Richard's character's house. That was just plain immature, no matter his reason. But I did love that even though Richard's character was a little shady, he wasn't responsible for abducting one of Lee's character's friends. And then they had to team up to find out what was going on! And Lee's character even apologized for driving a bulldozer through Richard's character's house! Squee, such fun.

Oddly enough, though, it's the Alias Smith and Jones episode I'm the most thrilled about. Joseph's character in that isn't a bad guy at all. When I discussed the episode with someone who'd seen it, she told me he killed the guy who was killing poker players and she thought it was because he was trying to keep more people from being killed. Which isn't a bad reason, necessarily, but he would probably still be convicted of murder in that case. Actually, he killed the guy because the other murders were to cover up his own murder. He killed in self-defense at the point when he was going to be next.

I still think the premise of the series in general is absolutely ludicrous, but I enjoyed this episode. It was far more serious than the other one I tried, there was plenty of adorable Joseph, there was a happy ending, and there was hurt/comfort! I did enjoy seeing the friendship between the main characters and how worried one was for the other when he was shot.

I don't know if I'll want to try the show any more, as I've heard it's usually lighthearted and silly, probably more like the episode I didn't like. But I loved that episode so much and am so thrilled by the outcome that I feel like getting the disc from Netflix and showing it to Mom. Or we could try watching it on Hulu, like I just did. There weren't even any ads in it, but although it played great for the first half of it, it started screwing up later and it took me a while to get through it all, so I might rather get the disc for that reason alone.

Also, I noticed that I Spy has been taken down. Understandable, but now I'm frustrated wondering when I'll ever get to see the Victor Buono episode. I should have done it before, and I would have, if Hulu worked better for me. I was really surprised that the Smith and Jones episode played so relatively well for me tonight. That is highly unusual for Hulu.

It kind of looks like the only way I could see that I Spy episode at this point is to buy the show. Prices are way down. And I would like uncut copies of the Richard and H.M. episodes. But ... do I really want to buy the show, all things considered? I'll admit I've been extremely disappointed, disillusioned, and disgusted by the revelations about Bill Cosby over the past few months, more than I'd probably be about someone else. He was one of my favorites, probably on the tier right below the actors I actually crush on. I thought he was awesome, hilarious, and I really respected him as a person. Naturally I can never have that respect for him again.

But ... my reasons for getting the show wouldn't have anything to do with him. Still, though, I'd be paying money that I suppose he'd get a part of. Royalties and all. I don't want to give him any money, nor do I want to make it look like I'm still a fan/still loyal/don't care about the horrible things coming out. I'm all for separating actors and characters, but in a situation like this, I don't feel I can apply that viewpoint and fully feel okay about getting the show anyway.

But I want those episodes.... And not digital copies, the physical thing.

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So the Pony episode this past day was really good; I think it was another of the best ones this season. But for me, that was just an appetizer before the entree, the Equestria Girls movie!

I was worried that someone might not put it up tonight, so I decided to try to get in on a live stream, even though those have never worked for me. I tried one on The Brony Network after being unable to find a YouTube one, but the connection just didn't hold. I went back to YouTube and figured I'd watch the first ten minutes clip that's been up, and instead I found a live stream that wasn't in my previous search for some reason. By that time the movie was already on, but I was able to get in on a good chunk of it. The stream kept cutting out and I'd have to start over, but I got to see many of the best parts. And then someone did put it up, so I've been able to see it in full now!

Eeeee, I'm so excited for the DVD release on the 13th.... I wish it would be in time for my birthday, but I'm glad the wait isn't too much longer.

Honestly, I seriously adored the movie. Mild spoilers )

Also, I always get excited because it's so uncanny how Sunset Shimmer runs these accidental parallels with the way I developed Snakes' character. They're both antagonists who ended up being shown true friendship and wanting to turn their lives around and are trying to figure out what friendship is about. And now one of my RP versions of Snakes is starting to try to pay forward the good he's been taught. It's very interesting how RPs can grow and develop and things like that can happen without it being planned on at all. I have no idea how that will turn out, but it's just kind of neat to explore that side of Snakes no matter what comes of it.

I just wish I had a place to really share my enthusiasm with other movie fans. The LJ comm is so dead. And the Pony forum I'm on is so often critical of both the TV series and the movies. Sometimes not without cause, but they also nitpick a lot instead of being able to enjoy the good. I have certain complaints of my own, especially with the series, but I still love it in spite of its flaws. Its missteps haven't reached Once Upon a Time levels of bad; hopefully that will never happen.

Ah well. Overall, such a really satisfying evening and a perfect early birthday present. I'm ecstatic.

So ...

Jun. 29th, 2015 08:23 am
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For years I've loved Milton Selzer about as much as I can love an actor without actually crushing on him. I respect and admire him as a person and I love his acting. I adore that he usually plays very human characters and that, just as with Simon, he almost always makes them sympathetic in some way even if they're the bad guys. I'm also heartbroken when his characters are killed off, such as on Perry Mason and Mannix.

But ...

I just saw a picture of Simon with Milton in the background and oh gosh Milton looked adorable and cute smiling up like that and I wonder if I just crossed the line and added Milton to the list of actors I actually crush on.
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So I've been thinking on some of the currently popular cartoons and my various experiences with them. I don't watch a lot of current cartoons; I'll pretty much only give one a go after it's been recommended to me (and sometimes not then, either, depending on the show, my interest level, and my free time).

That one person who kept wanting me to listen to them talk about their assorted OCs tried to get me into Gravity Falls by showing me the Halloween special. That was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my life. LOL. Amusing on some level, but not really my cup of tea. She told me the series proper was not like the special, and I've meant to give it another try, but it's hard to steer myself in that direction when I didn't find the Halloween special or the characters in it particularly endearing.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ladyamberjo introduced me to the awesomeness that is Steven Universe. Ohmygosh, that show is adorable! The characters are very likable and personable. The plots are sometimes a little strange, but sometimes that's tongue-in-cheek and the characters observe how strange things are (like Steven wondering why on Earth there's a secret dimension inside his lion's mane, LOL). And the series pretty much runs on familial and friendship squee.

Ladyamberjo has also talked favorably about many things in Adventure Time. I'd like to give that one a try at some point, too, but I think Steven Universe is much more my type of show. Post-apocalyptic settings are not my favorite things, so I think that and some other things on Adventure Time would make me sad (like the Ice King's backstory, oh gosh). But Steven Universe is set on present-day Earth, and even though sad things happen there at times too, it seems like they like to end things on feel-good notes. The show is just so adorable and such a big squeefest! It always makes me happy to watch it.

I think Adventure Time is the more popular of the two; I can't seem to find much merchandise for Steven Universe beyond DVDs. That's a shame. I would totally buy Steven Universe figures, if they made them. I definitely hope that show will increase in popularity and get renewed!

Another recent cartoon I would like to watch is Star Wars Clone Wars. I saw some of the little three-minute ones of the first Clone Wars series years ago, but I've never seen any of the thirty-minute CGI Clone Wars series. That time period fascinates me and I would definitely be interested in seeing some of the adventures the characters have. There's new Jar Jar and Boba Fett adventures and that would certainly be fun.

Then there's Star Wars Rebels. I skimmed through a kid's book of the plot, and it sounds fun and very Star Wars-ish, but I think I'd be a lot more interested in it if some characters were around that I already know and like. It seems like it's entirely about new characters instead. One of the fun things about Episode I was how it dealt with characters we already knew, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and the droids, in addition to bringing new characters into the fold. It really helped to ease viewers into things. I just don't know what to make of Rebels seeming to focus only on new characters.

And of course, Phineas and Ferb. LOL. That show is very cracky and silly. The constant formulaic repetition of the basic plot structure gets a little monotonous sometimes and I wish something would happen that isn't the norm. Some people actually like the repetition, but I usually don't care for that in any show and usually will try to ignore it if it's in a show I really like (such as Perry Mason, which I watch for the characters more than the plots). But perhaps there is a bit of development later on? I hear that the boys finally learn their platypus is a secret agent, for one thing. **snerk.** Perry the Platypus is totally the best thing about the show. And the mad scientist, naturally.

Littlest Pet Shop has also been recced to me. I've tried more than once to watch it and I just can't seem to get past the super-deformed style of the pets. One of these days, I'm going to give it a go and see if I like it. I think it seems a little young for me, but maybe if I actually watched it, I wouldn't think it was any more that way than My Little Pony.

Curiously, as popular as it is, I don't think Monster High has ever been recced to me by anyone. Which is fine; I don't think I'd care for it.

I've also fallen way behind on Winx Club. Is that even still a current series? I know they're finishing (or have finished) season 6. I don't know if there will be a season 7. I stopped watching when KidsWB dropped it and I have never seen anything from season 4 and beyond. It sounds like it has characterization issues sometimes, and I can believe it, as I had characterization issues with what I did watch. That show was always a guilty pleasure more than anything else. I still don't know if I'll ever get around to trying the other seasons.

Then there's The Legend of Korra, which I believe just finished up? I'm curious about it since I heard it takes place in what looks like the 1920s (?) and that's a favorite time period of mine, but I don't think I'd want to watch it unless I ever get around to seeing Avatar, and I don't know if that will ever happen. That's a long show, so a big commitment. And it would need to be watched in order too. I have difficulty gearing myself towards watching things that need to be seen in order, since I don't have much watching time and I usually like to stick with my current interests since I don't even have much time for them.

I also want to try the CGI Hello Kitty series. I've experimented with a couple of the older series and I thought they were adorable, especially Hello Kitty and Friends. The older series were anime, but I'm not sure what to call a Japanese-made CGI show. CGI I usually think of as a cartoon rather than anime.

My favorite current cartoon is My Little Pony, and I love the two Equestria Girls movies, too. I am often exasperated by the directions the show takes, however, especially how they're not consistent in writing for the characters or their supposed development. I kind of wish Equestria Girls would become a series, if they would focus on Sunset Shimmer's journey to learn about friendship. I just love and adore Sunset Shimmer so much and would want her to be the central figure in any Equestria Girls TV series.

I think if I continue to be exasperated by the writing choices once season 5 of My Little Pony starts, Steven Universe will usurp it as the favorite current cartoon.
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So I'm watching MeTV, as usual, and they advertise lots of CW shows on there since the local CW is an affiliate of the same channel that affiliates with the local MeTV.

They advertise the new version of The Flash. And some girl is talking about having a spell of chronic diarrhea, apparently meaning it as a sarcastic quip from her tone of voice.

Ummmm, what?

**rolls eyes.** I can count on Gotham to not rely on dumb, childish scatological humor. It's a nice, intelligent, intense series written for mature people. And tonight's episode was the best they've done yet!

Some spoilers for episode 6 )

I love this show. So much. I can hardly wait for next week's episode!

The last couple of times I've been able to watch it as it airs on TV. So much nicer than playing it online and having it skip around and buffer. I really only want to watch it on TV if I won't be walked in on, so we'll see if that pattern continues.

Next week American Ride is finally back, too, and it'll be in the same timeslot. Sigh. But luckily, it does repeat a couple of times. I could catch the 10 P.M. or the 1 A.M. repeat.

It is really nice to have a couple of current TV shows that are worth following and looking forward to, especially after Once has been disappointing me so thoroughly all year. I just hope Gotham always keeps to the same levels of awesome. Once was really great in its first year too. It was really in season 2 when it started to unravel, but I gritted my teeth and stuck it out and found enough to like about it until season 3B came along.
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Slept off and on and sometimes wasn't quite sure I was asleep. I only remembered one particularly lovely dream after I'd been awake a while.

We were attending some live performance show, something like America's Got Talent, I guess. I have no idea why. But we were there, and Richard Anderson happened to be there watching, and I went over and sat with him and he remembered me from me writing to him and we stayed and enjoyed the program together and it was very squeeable. I enjoyed being with him much more than I enjoyed whatever it was we were seeing.

It makes me wish he'd come to the semi-local Comic Con. It's fun writing to him, and I'm looking forward to making another birthday post and sharing it with him, but man, I'd love to meet him in person sometime. I've never been that interested in attending the Comic Con, but if Richard came, I would be all over it.
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So about 12 days ago I was fiddling around on a celebrity address database. I'd decided to write to Joseph. Why waste time, after all? And while I was there I found Richard's address and some people saying how quick he writes back. I hadn't written to Richard through snail-mail because I'd been under the mistaken impression that he always charges for his autograph. Apparently, however, that's only if you go to a convention. If you write to him at his home, he'll send a picture free.

And squeee, he sent one and it came today! It's lovely and personalized and awesome! Also, I'm pretty sure I had enough postage on the self-addressed stamped envelope I sent for him to use, judging from when I wrote to H.M. and had the same amount of stamps, but he wanted to make sure I got it and he added some more stamps of his own!

Looks like that's another envelope I'll be keeping.

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So for a long time I've avoided season 1 of Mannix because it had a different format than other seasons. Mannix worked for a huge private eye company and his secretary Peggy wasn't there. And I'd heard that he had lots of conflict with his boss.

But finally, a couple of months ago or so, I decided that it was time to try it. And I was so surprised and amazed and in love! Mannix really doesn't have a bad relationship with his boss at all. They're close friends who respect and trust each other. Even when they disagree, it doesn't get really bad. I like to say they're like Kolchak and Tony without copious amounts of screaming. The actors are close friends in real-life, too, and it comes through in their characters. There's an interview with them on the first two discs and I adored it. Disc 5 features them giving commentary on an episode, and for just about the only time in my life, I had to listen. Usually I don't care about commentary tracks because I just wanna watch the episode or movie.

Well, so disc 1 instantly made me want more and moooore of season 1. Then I heard about a two-parter where the boss, Lew Wickershem, is acting weird because of taking pills that are causing bad side effects, and Mannix has to rescue him from the bad guys. That was disc 5, and I had to order it out of sequence. Usually I try to get the discs in order, unless there's something I have to see on a different disc.

The episode is Deadfall, and I just saw it early this morning. It's everything I'd hoped for and more! It's seriously like some of the fics I used to write. Lew is acting very neurotic because of the pills and starts treating Joe Mannix very nasty. Joe is hurt but doesn't know what's going on. Then Lew starts hallucinating, seeing a traitorous agent everywhere. Eventually he has a fight with Mannix, a real knock-down, drag-out physical beating for both of them, but he thinks he's fighting the traitorous agent. It's really sad and heartbreaking for both of them.

After the fight, Joe stumbles to the apartment of a girl involved in the case. He's dazed and hurt and says that even after it's happened, he still can't believe Lew attacked him like that. Then the girl calls the company doctor for him and the doctor realizes the pills are causing this. Joe instantly feels horrible and says he should have known Lew was sick. They'd been through so much together, so many wars, and they'd saved each other's life. And even though he's badly hurt, and doped up because the girl drugged his drink to try to keep him from leaving in his condition, he tries to leave to go find Lew because he's so worried about him. He collapses on the floor and can't go for a while.

Finally he wakes up and starts out looking. Meanwhile Lew was tricked into going to see the widow of the traitorous agent, only the agent is alive and he and his wife abduct Lew. There's an intense scene where Lew is trapped and hallucinating the agent laughing at him and saying that Joe would know what to do, but this is the first time Lew's been captured and he's panicking and doesn't know what to do. It's very interesting seeing what is quite possibly some of Lew's insecurities coming out like that. Then he hears a kitty meowing and finds a tunnel leading upward. He's able to make a grappling hook and climb out of there.

Eventually he finds out Joe was trying to save him and now Joe may be in trouble, so he goes looking for Joe and they meet up and attack some of the bad guys. Then Joe runs off in search of the traitorous agent, who's just shot somebody else, and ends up cornered with the guy going to shoot him. Lew shows up just in time and shoots the creep to save Joe.

The episode ends with Lew looking to Joe and saying he's sorry for hurting him earlier. He wonders where he's been, mentally, and Joe says he doesn't want to know. Then he collapses in Joe's arms and Joe is supporting him.

Squeeeee! So much wonderful friendship! I'm totally adoring season 1 and that's probably in my Top 10 of favorite episodes across all the seasons now. And I think since seeing disc 1, I've started to have a little crush on Lew's actor, Joseph Campanella. I want to watch the other series he starred in, The Bold Ones: The Lawyers. Cozi airs it. I need to catch an episode of it anyway because Darren guest-stars.

The only problem is, now I'm heartbroken over the fact that there's no more Lew after season 1. I got my season 6 set and I'm eager to start it, and I love Joe's friendship with secretary Peggy too, but gah, I wish Lew was still there. Even when they brought the actor back for a guest-spot, he didn't play Lew. And I don't think they ever mention the character after season 1, even though Joe does pay a couple of visits to the company to get information after he goes off on his own.

There's no way Joe would just forget about Lew. And I don't think there was some argument between them that led to his quitting the company for good. Even if there had been, they would have patched it up. So I insist on believing that Joe is still friends with Lew and sees him often, even though it isn't shown onscreen. And I think if I write Mannix fics, Lew will always be in them, even if I'm writing in the era when Joe has his own business.

It is such a shame that season 1 isn't more appreciated. It's even been left out of rerun packages of the series! This is a great treasure trove of awesomeness here. It should never be left out.


Oct. 16th, 2013 05:56 am
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So a few weeks ago I wrote H.M. Wynant a letter, rambling a bit about my favorites of his characters and asking for an autographed picture. (I included a self-addressed stamped envelope, naturally.) And this past day, I received two pictures from him! And he personalized them to me! Squeeeee! I already bounced off of Tumblr's walls about it earlier, but I wanted to write it in here, too.

I totally hadn't expected to hear back so soon; it took months, as I recall, when I wrote to Roy Stuart years and years ago. But I don't think it was even a month ago that I wrote to H.M. He also wrote "Photos" on the envelope, so I must keep the envelope too. Squeeee.


Jun. 16th, 2013 05:56 pm
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So I was attempting to re-read my Bonanza-related story with the Armory siblings.

And I need to keep writing my new WWW chapter.

But I discovered that my Oscar Goldman figure was delivered yesterday and was on the porch.

And he really looks like Oscar/Richard.

So I really want to just bounce off the walls and squee and squee and squeeeeeal!


May. 5th, 2013 02:20 am
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This is a two and a half minute parody of The Twilight Zone, and judging from the host, One Step Beyond as well. It is fun and silly and wacky. And slightly creepy, of course. And I'm swooning and squeeing all over it.

Seriously, our main guest-star is *80* in this clip.


And he still has the same beautifully deep, rich voice from when he was thirty.

He certainly doesn't look eighty, either. He looks at least twenty years younger.

This man is remarkably well-preserved.

**glomps him!**


Mar. 14th, 2013 02:38 pm
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So, in the past week I've seen H.M.'s other two episodes of The Virginian. I am thrilled to report that I love his characters in both of them!

The first season (which isn't as good as the sixth season, in my opinion) has him in the episode 50 Days to Moose Jaw, playing a man married to a rotten woman. She tempts a poor guy and flings herself at him, he tries to get away, and H.M.'s character's brother thinks the guy is flinging himself at her. They end up fighting to the death, with the brother being killed. H.M. is enraged, of course, and demands to know what happened. The crummy wife lies and no one believes the guy about how it started. Some of them form a lynch mob and try to get the poor guy, who killed in self-defense, and H.M. has to stop them, saying they'll take him to town for a trial. But he escapes, and H.M. goes with the sheriff to find him. I'm unsure if H.M. is just deputized for the assignment or if he's a deputy in the first place, but he has a badge in later scenes. And he interacts with Roberta Shore! Epicness achieved.

If it had been an episode in a later season, I think H.M. would have had more screentime and probably would have appeared at the very end for the final resolution. But, being the first season, it's raw, writers are playing with things, and H.M. doesn't get as much screentime. I am ecstatic about what he does get, though!

And I've just come from watching the seventh season episode The Wind of Outrage. H.M. interacts extensively with one of Mom's favorites, Ricardo Montalban (further epicness!), and they're both relative good guys. Ricardo's character was once the leader of a group of revolutionaries, but now is trying to settle down. H.M.'s character comes on behalf of the three biggest fur trappers in the U.S., bringing money to help start the revolution again. Ricardo's character thinks that the fur trappers, as well as H.M.'s character, really just want the usage of the Canadian forests after the war is over. H.M. appears indignant and insulted. I'm inclined to believe that he has no ill intentions or ulterior motives, because of what happens later.

One of Ricardo's character's supposed friends sends H.M.'s character a note, promising to help him achieve his goals. They meet in the woods and the friend reveals that he's going to betray Ricardo's character, despite trying to convince him to join the revolution again. Instead, he'll deliver Ricardo's character to the government for trial and hanging. The twisted plot would end with the friend being the only one to escape, and he would proclaim himself the new leader of the revolutionaries and would allow the U.S. fur trappers use of the woods. H.M. listens to the whole plot, not really giving his opinion on it until the end, whereupon he furiously declares that he won't have any part in the murder and he's going back to St. Louis. The wretched "friend" is stunned that he would refuse, and of course, tries to kill him. It's very hard to see in the nighttime light of the scene, but I think H.M. gets stabbed, judging from his reaction. **cuddles him close.**

Trampas finds him later, lying beside the empty money box. Of course the murdering **bleep** took all the money. There's no further mention of H.M. beyond letting Ricardo's character know of the murder and the betrayal, all of which The Virginian overheard. He got shot, so he was unable to help H.M. character from being stabbed.

Now, I of course insist that H.M.'s character is not dead. I insist upon believing that he was left for dead and is badly hurt, but is alive. He was unconscious when Trampas found him and Trampas had no reason to doubt he was dead.

All I have to decide now is if The Virginian and Trampas find him alive when they leave at the end, or if Ricardo's character's fiancee finds him a bit later. Either way, I'm toying with the idea of him and the fiancee becoming close, as Ricardo's character decides to go back to the revolution after all and leaves at the end. I want him to come home alive eventually, though; H.M. and the girl wouldn't have to become romantically involved. It could be a deep friendship.

(And Trampas is awesome in the episode. Yes, he is so, so much better when he's more serious. He really grated on my nerves in the season 1 episode.)

So, although I still love season 6's The Fortress the best of H.M.'s episodes, I am totally thrilled and squeeing over the others, especially the season 7 one. And now I have a future plunnie.
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LOL. Apparently this is International Skeptics Day? That is pretty hilariously awesome. I celebrate with a photoset for Hamilton on Tumblr. Also, I have two Wesley photosets and a bit of H.M. Wynant.

... I think I'm tentatively adding H.M. as a serious interest. Like Crystal, I have tiers of celebrities. The very top ones are the ones I crush on. The next level is ones that are awesome, and that I follow from role to role, but don't crush on. I think H.M. is kind of between those tiers right now, and moving up....

I watched three of his four Wild Wild West appearances in the past couple of days (Sudden Plague, Poisonous Posey, and Simian Terror). And I willingly watched an episode of Perry without Hamilton in order to see him. (The Red Riding Boots.) And his main Perry character, Deputy Sampson, has been attacked in my current Perry mystery fic.

**headdesk.** As if I don't have enough people in the top tier already.... Help!

I have also been squeeing majorly over Wesley today. I think he's my main crush at the moment. But then I squeed over Richard too. And William Talman. Heck, I squee over everyone in that top tier.

And I've got so many active plunnies for or involving oneshot characters bouncing around in my mind, I don't know which one to go for first. I could write about Ray Norman, Wesley's character on a Cannon episode. Or Coley Rodman, H.M.'s character in Sudden Plague. Or Pinto, his character from Poisonous Posey.

I could start the WWW fic where Pinto and the other gang members are revived and Jim is apparently killed in an explosion and Arte can't get over it.

I could start the crazy crossover with that and Perry, just for the heck of it.

I could try to figure out if there's any way to redeem Coley. Pinto will always be a villain, but I think there might be some hope for Coley. At least, he hasn't lost all sense of decency, since he's horrified by the mad scientist's plan to kill entire cities instead of just temporarily freezing the people in place. And he actively fights against the madman when he realizes that's the plan.

There's so many choices!
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In which I will fangirl, squee, post pictures, and occasionally reblog awesome stuff. I already discovered a movie with Richard and Raymond Burr I must see. And I think I need to get some Wesley Lau stuff on the Tumblr, pronto. He is, sadly, ignored on Tumblr. I'd better get cracking on that website for him, too. He's more obscure than Simon. Seriously, Crystal and I thought it was hard finding stuff about Simon. We found a treasure trove compared to what I can find for Wesley!

Also, I have plunnies for The Rifleman. And I find it's connected with Law of the Plainsman, which has one of Wesley's most squeeable characters ever, in the episode Stella. You can bet I'm already plotting a fic where he turns up in The Rifleman verse.

I need to work on the next Perry chapter, too. And it seems like I really meant to write a long LJ post, but I can't think what I was supposed to talk about. I'm squeeing too much to think.
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I have MeTV! YES! My affiliate just started on Monday and I learned about it today! I'm so excited! Seasons 7 and 8 of Perry, finally open to me! So many other oldies shows! Daniel Boone! The Rifleman! Bonanza! The Big Valley! Cannon!

I am cartwheeling and squealing in my mind. This is awesome.

Now I'll still have some Perry to watch on TV when my regular station goes on pledge drive mode again this month, too.



Jul. 25th, 2012 02:08 pm
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One of the few things I have in common with Rainbow Dash is that we fangirl. I have totally been sitting here going "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh" for the last few minutes. While trying to update my Perry mystery, my hands have been shaking in my excitement and glee.

I got a reply from Richard Anderson! I had just about given up on that. Ohmygosh. Squeee! Yes, contacting via private messaging pays off.

I also drew this, which I shall link to on the blog post tomorrow:

(No, I did not show this to Richard, if anyone's wondering; I think I'd feel a little embarrassed to do so. But I'm sure he'd be gracious.)


Also, I like Sampson now, I learned I've been spelling Chamberlin's name wrong and have to start fixing that, and I got a really cracky idea for a group of crazy villains from The Wild Wild West to time-travel and for the sadistic cowboy played by H.M. Wynant to lasso Sampson right in his office. I'm not sure what would horrify and shock Sampson more: to be lassoed by an evil-doer from the 1870s, or for this evil-doer to look just like him. Oh the crack! What I have seen in my mind I cannot unsee!

I think I'll need to say that the Wild Wild West is a category readers will be seeing regularly at [ profile] ladybug_tales, instead of occasionally as it currently reads. I have a plunnie for a story after the one I'm doing! (And of course, I have to finish my Man-Eating House fic too.) I wanna do a follow-up to The Night of the Poisonous Posey episode, the one with those nutty villains. Everyone except Posey and one guy bought the farm by the end, and I wanna write a fic where the others are starting to be mysteriously revived, one by one. Because they're just too nutty and fun to stay dead!

I don't think The Poisonous Posey is one of the most well-liked episodes, but I get a big kick out of it. I think it's because the gang reminds me of an 1870s version of V.I.L.E. Posey is so a Carmen Sandiego counterpart! And H.M.'s character is about the only other serious one. Everyone else is off-the-wall to varying degrees.

(I also think H.M.'s character has a crush on Posey. He's always getting up to politely pull out her chair for her. No one else does. Odd for such a sadist to have manners!)
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While trying again to figure out how to contact Richard Anderson privately, which I finally managed to do via one of his Facebook accounts, I discovered that he's going to be at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend (on Thursday, I think, from 10:30 to 2:30). AWESOME. Of course, there's no way I can go, but awesome nevertheless.

Apparently it's in connection with The Six-Million-Dollar Man, and a new figure line coming out this year! (The one of Richard's character will be out in October, I think. OH YES. I've never seen the show, which will be remedied soon, I assure you, but I am psyched for the figure in any case.)

Well, anyway ... I don't suppose anyone here is going to Comic Con and could say Hi for me? :)


Jun. 29th, 2012 01:14 am
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There are so many wonderful men on Perry Mason. While I was fiddling around looking through Dead Ringer pictures to make a Steve icon, I saw so many adorable shots of Hamilton that I wanted to stop and icon too. Which makes me wish again that we were allowed more than 15 icons for free. Or to wish that Insanejournal, which gives you 100 free, was a more active place.

I've been teetering back and forth between fangirling Steve here, Andy and Amory, and Hamilton for the past couple of weeks. And by extension, their actors. And let's not forget William Boyett. (I just bought the trading card they made of his Star Trek character with the fedora. And we're on season 4 of Highway Patrol again, so it's William B. every night/morning! YES!) It's all rather confusing and overwhelming. I'm a bundle of squeeing, adoring nerves.

Wednesday I was talking to Dad about Richard Anderson and he told me he thinks Richard is the guy who leads the crowd in singing the drinking song in the movie The Student Prince. That amuses me to no end. I didn't even remember Richard sang. I already knew he was in the movie, so now I wanna see it again all the more. I keep picturing Steve singing that song and then cracking up at the thought.

And I've started my Wild Wild West story that's a follow-up to Richard's episode. It's based around my theory that his character had an evil double, because otherwise some things just don't add up. I'm a lot better with writing for Jim and Arte than I was before. I was delving more into their thoughts and personalities and I felt very comfortable with it. It's a very satisfying feeling.

Wednesday I also saw a new Superman movie at Wal-Mart. And they brought George Newbern back! I was so excited I exclaimed right in the store. Seriously, I thought they'd moved on to other actors. It seems like they never keep one for long. And I thought Tim Daly was the fan-favorite Superman voice. But on these recent direct-to-video movies they've been making, it seems like they alternate between using Tim's voice, George's, and one or two various other actors. I wish they had used George for the Doomsday one.

I've gotta get me all the George ones.

So many men, so little time.

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