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Mouse count is 10 or 11, with one spotted again in a bedroom. I think it's the same smart-aleck we were fighting with last week and lost when Dad tried to carry it out in a drawer. We wanted to believe so bad that it got out in the garage, but it's more likely it never left his room at all. Oh, we just want this horror to end! **flops over.** Why, why, why....

And last night, a bunch of teenage idiots were using our yard for a trail-way and stood by our back fence smoking something; Dad's not sure if it was regular cigarettes or marijuana. We've found cigarettes and even an empty box in our yard recently; these crumbs are probably responsible. I guess this is going to be our September horror, combined with the cleaning up from mice horror. If they're ever spotted out there again, I say we call the police. Dad was going to last night, but then they started to come towards Dad (not knowing he was watching them) and he yelled at them and they fled. It just never stops, does it?

To be honest, everything has been pretty bad for me in general since May or whenever a personal problem started happening. I always start thinking about it more when I'm going to cramp, and big surprise, I'm going to cramp very soon now. I'm so frustrated and upset by it and I can't get over it, especially after learning that apparently every one of my attempts to clear up the problem only gave the other party the opposite impression of what I meant and made everything worse. I'll admit that I said some things I shouldn't have in the fourth and fifth messages; by that point I was very desperate and hurt and felt very ignored and not cared about. I just don't get what I said that was so awful in the first three messages I sent, since those were my attempts to answer the original issues brought before me. I was stunned and distressed that the issues were even issues and I tried to answer everything. I thought I was showing that I honestly cared about straightening the mess out when I went looking through all my stuff to find the specific things the person was upset by and then wrote to tell what I'd found and why I'd written the things that were upsetting to them. Then when I kept not hearing anything after those messages were sent, not even a "Got your reply; I'll answer when I can", I became so desperate and distressed that I sent one of the messages I shouldn't have. However, in between the things I shouldn't have said, I was also honestly trying to think of anything else related that I might have said that the person had been upset about and trying to explain what I'd really meant by those things, hoping that would make the person feel better. I have a terrible knack for making everything worse when I only want to make it better, and I demonstrated it completely there.

The way the situation stands right now, I'm not supposed to talk to that person any more because they were so stressed by my messages and apparently misinterpreted my intentions from the first reply, or at least, that's the way they came across when they finally said something in response to my replies. I sent one more message after I received that one, trying to explain that my intentions with my replies had not been what was thought, but I don't know if it was even read or that it would even matter if it was. Part of me wishes some mutual friend could try to serve as mediator and smooth things out enough that we could get to where we could have the conversation that I wanted us to have ever since I learned that this person had a problem. Contrary to what they think I think, in reality I want very badly to know why they feel the way they do! The only way to try to fix anything is by knowing both sides of the story. I tried to tell my side and that was interpreted as me not being willing to listen to theirs. The other part of me doesn't want to put the burden of a mediator on anyone and figures that the person would be upset if I even tried that. I suppose all I can do is keep waiting to see if they calm down and feel different. Even if we mutually decided that it would be better to officially break things off afterwards, I wish we could part with this mess straightened out. I'm tired of it hanging over my head and knowing that I gave this person the completely wrong impression and knowing that I caused hurt. I feel bad that I was completely misunderstood in my motivations in sending all of the replies. I honestly wanted to make the person feel better and it just didn't work. And I am very discouraged if we're parting ways over something that should be able to be talked out.

One thing is for sure; I've learned an important lesson. Just because two people had a close friendship at one time before drifting apart doesn't mean that the friend will understand what you mean even if you honestly think they know you well enough that they would. And no, I'm not saying I actually thought friends don't argue; I argued with that person several times in the past. (And the idea that friends become closer after arguing is bull, plain and simple. I've never had it prove true with me.) Back then, it was usually because I really had done something that hurt the other person. I don't recall ever arguing over the things that I felt hurt about; I think the only times I said anything at all were when I was distressed that something I'd said for an RP character was misinterpreted and made them look bad, and then another time when the person thought I was going to do something with a character that I wasn't, because apparently I found it worse for my friend to think poorly of the characters than I did for them to think poorly of me. I usually kept quiet whenever they misunderstood me or inadvertently hurt me, not wanting to cause trouble. But I just assumed that from reading my journal through many years, and from times when they did peg certain things about me right, they would come to understand me a lot better and I ended up stunned when that didn't seem to be the case in this situation. Heh. What a naive child. Some people just come from worlds so different that they never can really understand each other. I hope I'll never forget that now.

Bottom line: hopefully I will never be surprised by something a friend tells me again, after being so surprised and stunned by the issues that this person brought up that remain unresolved. Perhaps if I hadn't sent the fourth and fifth messages, we would have talked by now. On the other hand, I wouldn't have sent them if there had been some acknowledgment of the original three messages I sent trying to help the person understand the truth about the issues. Saying nothing at all to me in response to any of those was what compounded the problem and hurt so much more than bringing up the original issues did. I would have understood if I was told at that point that there was busyness or other problems going on; I already knew there was a lot happening. But when the issue was brought up, I thought they would want to answer when I tried to explain it. It hurt me very deeply when there was nothing and it dragged on like that for days. I even worried that something awful had happened because I didn't think they would ignore me, but when I peeked on Facebook and they were posting as usual, I thought everything was fine and I was indeed being ignored. It was only after being so hurt that I sent the fourth message and then messaging the person elsewhere to ask if they'd got anything that I was told anything at all about what was happening and was informed that there had been an injury in addition to everything else going on (although nothing as serious as what I had worried might be the case). Then I waited patiently for weeks. I shouldn't have sent the fifth message after all that waiting; I should have simply sent a "What's up/hope all's well" message or something, but it was hard to think of just sending something like that when I was still so hurt, and I guess I felt that after all that time, I would have heard something, even a brief note, if it meant anything to them at all, since they were still around online and doing stuff. I did inquire after their well-being, but then I tried saying some other things regarding explaining myself/things I'd said that I hoped might help the issue. I shouldn't have. Everything backfired.

I know very well that I handled things badly, but it takes two people to screw up a friendship, a romance, or anything else like that. We both made mistakes and I wish we could just talk this mess out and try again. Or talk it out and say goodbye on friendly terms.

I guess I'm typing all this out partially because I hope it will reach the person and maybe explain everything better, but I really know that isn't likely to happen, especially after everything else I tried to say was misunderstood. I'm just frustrated and upset and on the verge of cramping and spouting off stupidly and wishing that I could repair the disasters I've made.

So I've had that hanging over my head for months, and summer really hasn't been great for other reasons, either. June was filled with stress over that. Starting with July, things started being bad for the whole family and not just me. July was filled with the reply at last and being told in it not to send anything more. July was also filled with a variety of minor downers, which only felt bigger because of the major downer. Things got a little better for a bit, but then Mom got really ill and that carried into August. Just as she was starting to feel a little better, the mice started showing themselves. Now we have to clean up from them, catch the one(s) still here, and deal with these unctuous crumbs invading our yard to trespass and smoke.

Part of me wishes we could go back to April and start over again from there. The other part just wants summer gone already and hopes that autumn will be filled with awesome, which seems unlikely at this point.


Jul. 29th, 2015 03:00 pm
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Had lunch at Taco Bell with a local friend today. It was great to see her, and the food was divine! So much cheeeese! And a lovely giant cup of ice water. So cold and good.

It's right by Wal-Mart, so I peeked in there afterwards, but still no Sunset Shimmer plushie. Applejack is still gorgeous and autumny, though, and I don't think I'm going to be able to resist her for long. I should really wait until I have some more money, but we'll see how well my willpower holds up. I'm so glad I didn't get the stamper Applejack; I like this one sooo much better. I think Hasbro is improving more and more with each new line!

Got a Build-a-Bear catalog in the mail today, including another copy of the $5 off coupon they already sent me in the email. There's going to be a Derpy/Ditzy/Bubbles/Muffin plush. (Yeah, such confusion over the name! I kind of prefer Bubbles or Bubblecup, since that goes along with her symbol, but I think I heard that Muffin is the official name now? If there is an official name.) I don't know when she's coming out, though. She wasn't in the catalog. The picture was already released, which usually only happens close to release date, but there's apparently been no word on when she's coming. I was hoping it would be in time to use the coupon, which is good through August. If that falls through, I've been trying to think of what else I could use it for.

Of course, there's that perennial question of whether to buy Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie. They're still possibilities, but what I really have my eye on is one of the house brand plushies. They've released a series of plushies that are in a band together, and I really want the purple cat/tiger. I thought it was a tabby, but it says on the website that she's a tiger. I'm surprised by that, honestly, because the ears look like a house cat's ears, not a tiger's ears. But whatever. I love her design and I like her image song, but I don't like her price: $28! Pretty expensive for a house brand plushie. The $5 off coupon would help, but then there's the fact that this plushie would need clothes, just like my Hello Kitty. So I'm undecided on whether to get her. Maybe I'll see what they have for discount clothes when I'm there and then decide.
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I finally got so sick of my header and background image being gone that I took the time to investigate why. And to my horror, it wasn't Photobucket being stupid. The images weren't even stored on Photobucket, but Image Shack. Apparently Image Shack must have deleted the album they were in. They also decided to go Premium. You can only get a 30-day free trial and then you have to pay. UGH!

So it was back to Photobucket, at least for the time being. I decided maybe it was time for a journal overhaul. There was a new header I wanted to try, and I altered the colors to match. Sort of a typewriter gray.

I feel sad to say goodbye to a layout I've used for so many years, but Image Shack already removed a large part of it for me. So I'd already gotten used to the idea of a change. I may make some customized buttons to match the theme later. I'm happy to learn that I do still have the customized brick buttons, stored on Photobucket. I love those very much and they mean a lot to me, as did the old layout, since Aubrie made them especially for me.
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(Disclaimer: Celestia and Cadance are two of my favorite characters, so even though I'd like to get one of each unique character released in plushie form, I don't think I'd go out of my way like I did here if it wasn't that I wanted these particular characters extremely bad.)

So when I got Rarity three weeks ago, I called Toys R Us to see if they had the Funrise Princess plushies. They didn't.

Last week, out of frustration and curiosity I tried again. I really shouldn't have, because my money was in transit to my account and not currently available. But I tried anyway, and learned that there was a white Pony with wings that was $29.99. That was totally the wrong price, so I didn't know if it was the one I wanted and they were mistaken on the price or if the price had gone up again (horrors!). I didn't do anything, knowing that was waaay too much.

But it kept bugging me, so later that day I called again to try to find out what had happened. This time the white one had vanished, but they had a pink one that was definitely Cadance and at the right price. I agreed to let her be put on hold when the girl offered and suggested she be held through Saturday, since I wasn't sure I could get in on Friday evening.

I had a two-fold problem: how to get there and how to pay. I didn't like to ask to borrow more money from Dad, which left asking to borrow from the friend I'd be asking to drive me there. I didn't like doing that, either, and Dad came along wanting me to practice the song I've been asked to sing in church this Sunday, so since I was still heavily debating what to do, I went ahead with that and didn't get anything accomplished that evening, plushie-wise.

Saturday I still didn't know what to do. Nothing got accomplished again and I had to call Sunday afternoon. I figured that they wouldn't have bothered to put Cadance back on the shelf since it was Sunday, and I was right: she was still on hold. I asked for her to be held through Monday. I tried to call my friend, but wasn't able to get her.

We have a sweet friend who usually sends us some money at holidays, so I started half-waiting for said money, hoping it would arrive and I could take my share to get Cadance. It didn't, and Monday also passed without anything getting done.

Tuesday, still no money, either arriving in my account or in the mail. I called Toys R Us again, explained that I was having some problems getting up there, and learned that a white Pony was being held along with the pink one. This time I got a better description and determined it was definitely Celestia, and at the right price.

That changed everything. Before that, I had half-decided that there was no hope and that I'd have to cancel the hold and hope to get Cadance another time. Cadance can be found online at around the same price Toys R Us is charging, but Celestia cannot. She's not even on Toys R Us's website. People charge $40 and $50 for her and it's just preposterous. So I definitely couldn't bear to let Celestia go. I decided I'd have to leave poor Cadance behind even though she'd been waiting for me and get Celestia.

I called my friend, got her that time, and she agreed that we could go get the Pony on Wednesday. I had tried to explain the problem of my money being in transit without outright asking for a loan, but we usually have a bad telephone connection, so I wasn't sure if she heard.

Well, it was embarrassing to call Toys R Us yet another time, but now that I had a way to get there it wasn't as mortifying to ask them to extend the hold one last time. I wanted to inspect both Ponies, even though I was sure I'd choose Celestia, so I asked for both Ponies to keep being held.

Mom had a bit of money she was able to give me, and Dad agreed to let me have the difference as a loan in order to get Celestia. They both know what a time I've had trying to find these girls since November. So, with both problems solved, I could relax.

The next day, I found out Toys R Us is running a free layaway deal and I decided I could put Cadance on layaway so I wouldn't have to let her go. So I determined that is what I would do. But when we got to the store and I saw both girls, my friend offered to loan me the money to get Cadance too! Squeeee.

So at last I have the Princess plushies safely at home, after they waited and waited on hold for me to come for five days. And my money will arrive next week and I can pay people back.

It was kind of a strange feeling to finally have such a long quest at its end. Currently, there are no more plushies for me to collect! But Luna will be out in June and I'm sure Funrise will be making more characters. I hope they make Lyra and Bon-Bon and Time Turner.

Wal-Mart actually did get Funrise's Trixie and Bubbles plushies right on time (it's a miracle!), and I have those girls now too. Trixie is an early Easter present.

I also thought of some other possible projects. I've been considering making Ginger and Lou dolls, using those cloth dolls from JoAnn's. I need to make a list of the materials I'd need for clothing and check Wal-Mart, since their fabric prices are better. I want to get stuff for both dolls at the same time, since I feel you can't have one without the other and I want to work on them concurrently so that they'll be together no matter what stage of completion they're at. ;)

The only problem with using the cloth dolls is that they're pre-stuffed to be around the same weight, and Lou is broader and heavyset while Ginger is very slight. But making the clothes and hair was enough of a horror for me when I did the Hamilton doll that I don't think I could bear sewing the entire plush from scratch, so either I'll have to try to put more stuffing in (which I don't want to do for fear of damaging the muslin doll) or else try to find one that is a bit plumper, since they all do seem to be a little bit individual.

And I want the Equestria Girls Trixie doll. Eee, I saw her for the first time at Toys R Us and I'm totally nuts about her. Trixie's blue-on-blue color scheme makes her just about my favorite Pony, aesthetically speaking. (Personality-wise, Twilight is my favorite.)


Nov. 26th, 2010 09:00 am
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... I've been wondering why I haven't seen someone around lately. I thought they simply weren't around. I just discovered that they de-Friended me again, which makes it so I can't see their posts in their friends-only journal. **yawns.** And the cycle continues. If the person's reasons from the past are still the case, apparently I just don't post anything they're interested in reading.

Yes, this has happened more than once in the past, with this person. By now it isn't much of a surprise anymore.

My Patty Duke Show fic is coming along nicely. I think I have Act 1 done. That's the halfway point. Then there's Act 2 and the epilogue. I'm idly writing it for [ profile] 31_days's Amnesty Day on the 30th, where you can write for any prompt that month. This is supposed to be for #8, "Change comes from the inside, you know", but I don't know if I'll have it done for sure by then.

I also finished chapter 6 of the Tutu thriller fic. I expect to start chapter 7 in a few minutes.

I was right about the complete set of Patty Duke seasons shooting higher than I can pay. One person really wants it; they apparently set a high maximum bid. But that's alright; I went and bought season 1 using my discount coupon and plan to get hold of season 2 soon. Season 3 I'm discovering I really don't like as much as the other two, saving a few particular episodes, which I'm recording as they air. Oddly enough, when I first came in religiously it was season 3 and after starting over with season 1, I liked 3 better. Maybe the later episodes of season 3 are better than most of the early ones.

They seemed to change the format of the show a bit with season 3. I think season 2 was its high point; in season 1 they were still feeling things out and in season 3 they altered things I enjoyed. For instance, they don't seem to focus on school goings-on. And that cuts down on the scenes with their minor character friends both at school and at the shake shop. I miss those scenes. What's more, the minor character friends around now seem to be entirely new. I haven't seen any familiar faces from the past two seasons.

The good things about season 3 include awesome moments between Patty and her brother Ross. Of course, the other seasons had them too, but I think by season 3 they're noticeably closer. (And Ross looks older and is really getting even cuter....) In general, the episodes I want to record from season 3 have a lot of Ross.

Ross delivers awesomely hilarious straight-faced lines. In the episode this morning, he encountered a weirdo from the drama club who was banging his head on the wall and would only talk to Ross as his character from the school play. As he departed Ross said, "You should stop off at a gas station and have them tighten your bolts." **snarks.** LOL.

The reason I'm getting season 1 first if I like 2 best is because season 1 has the majority of the episodes with the Autor look-alike. Season 2 only has two or three, one of which I have recorded. But I definitely want season 2 as soon as possible. It features two of the minor characters who are important in my fic/verse. Season 1 has the other of them.


Jun. 30th, 2010 11:17 am
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I am not sure what to do today. If someone who has only been around on Wednesdays for the past two weeks will be on this Wednesday too, catching her will be my first priority. If said person sees this, please tell me? ^^; Hopefully before evening.... If I don't hear back, I may or may not be thirty minutes to an hour late.

And here is a random quiz I took for Princess Tutu after stalking someone's journal.

1. The character most likely to fall in love with the wrong person - Femio? LOLOLOL, since he'll only fall in love with himself. XD
2. The character whom I'm embarrassed to admit I adore - I'm proud to admit I adore each character that I adore.
3. The character that would send me screaming in the opposite direction IRL despite being fascinating in fiction - Drosselmeyer. Intriguing villain, but oh my gosh I don't want him writing me into a tragic Story!
4. The character with the most annoying personality quirks - Lilie. -___-; She's obsessed with seeing Ahiru fail because she thinks Ahiru is so cute when she's sad and wants to "comfort" her. Um. Okay. Ahiru needs a new friend.
5. The character I most admire and why - Ahiru. She never gives up on her friends, no matter what. Seriously, how many people would keep believing in Rue after all the stuff she pulled as Kraehe?
6. The character with the worst temper - Probably Fakir, but honestly, Ahiru can have a bad temper too, when something sets her off.
7. The character most likely to fail at everything - Femio. LOL. I don't think he's ever going to get it. But that's what makes him so hilarious.
8. The pairings I prefer in canon - Fakir/Ahiru. It feels so real and amazing, the way their relationship steadily develops.

Mytho/Rue is such a twisted pairing in a lot of ways, but it's also so heart-wrenching and beautiful, the latter moreso when you finally get the whole story.

One-sided Autor/Rue I also support. It's so sad for Autor, but honestly I don't want him to end up with Rue. XD;
9. The pairings I prefer in fanon - Honestly, I don't think there's any. I almost always support the canon pairings and like them above all else. And in Princess Tutu there's so many more interesting things to explore rather than fanon romance. Let's explore fanon friendships or something!

That being said, Autor/Ahiru is kind of a guilty pleasure pairing for me. I don't *really* want them to end up together, especially since the only way it would probably happen is if Fakir was permanently out of the picture. ;__; But their interaction is so intriguing and fans have demonstrated how they could be friends, and I adore [ profile] x0whitelily0x's Autor/Ahiru fics. I kind of think, though, that since I had them officially admit to familial feelings for each other in Think Back on Yesterday, my guilty pleasure over the romantic possibility will fade. But I will still love those fics.
10. The character with the most personal growth in canon - Fakir seems like the obvious answer for this, but I'm going to say Ahiru as well. Someone once said she didn't change throughout the series, and I could hardly believe it. Look at how much she matures throughout the series, from episode 1 to episode 26! Drosselmeyer even canonically makes the observation in episode 23. I honestly can't picture Ahiru as she was in episode 1 being anywhere as mature if she was thrust into the situation in episode 26. She would have epically failed and Drosselmeyer would have had his tragedy. Though, actually, if Ahiru had not matured and grown as a person, I doubt they would have ever got to that point in the first place.


Aug. 1st, 2009 11:18 am
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I am *so* glad it's August.

July is my favorite summer month, because of the holidays and all the stuff to do (and the nostalgia factor), but August is my second-favorite. The final stretch of summer, with fall just around the corner (and peeking out). The temperatures gradually begin dropping, until it's too cold to have the A/C on much at night. Days are still very warm, however.

It's fun to sit and watch the gradually shortening days, too. By now the sun is mostly ready to set by eight, and by a little after nine, it's pretty much dark.

And today is Maury's birthday (no one anyone here would know). I wonder how she's doing and what she's up to.
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I forgot one of the upcoming stories, so I edited the previous post with its working summary. Lizzie will probably be very interested.

And so it's Easter weekend. I always get melancholy this time of year. I thought it would start on March 31st, but it waited until now instead. It was Easter in 2002, the last day of March, when JP first came to visit. X3 He subsequently came two following Springs, and while I think in some ways the third time flopped, the first two times were amazingly awesome. (And of course, the third time had some good moments too.) Dang, I miss those times. Sometimes I miss how carefree I was then, too. Not much knowledge yet of how real life and other things can interrupt indefinitely.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to confess: I've read Twilight. Just the first book (and the preview chapter of New Moon in the back), but yeah. I've always wanted to read it, in spite of everything I've heard. I think even it deserves a fair chance. But I wasn't sure when I'd get around to it. Then I was given it as a belated Christmas gift, which made me happy because then I wouldn't have to spend money on it without knowing what it was like. It was about a month and a half ago when it came into my possession. I finished sometime early in March.

The verdict? Well, of course I rolled my eyes at all the lovey-dovey scenes. So sickeningly sweet and downright cheesy. And Bella annoyed me a lot at those times and some others. I didn't like how the author tried to make her some super-smart kid who's already read all the English materials and knows the advanced science stuff, etc. And how she feels she doesn't fit in with the other kids her age. I think the way it was executed fell flat and made her look Mary Sueish.

But ... the overall plot wasn't too bad. In fact, I like it alright. And I like some of the characters. Remember Winx Club as my guilty pleasure? Well, this is also one. Even more of one than Winx, though. And darnit, I want to see what happens next. -.-


Apr. 7th, 2009 09:50 am
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Sometimes I feel old.

It makes me feel old that the real-life Sean and Elliott will have known each other for thirty years this fall ... and that I was born only seven years after that.

**but squees at them having been friends so long!** ^O^!


Nov. 21st, 2007 09:27 am
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Lisa has finally finished the fic of Seph and Zack and Aerith in Junon! X3 It's a oneshot character study, and filled with much friendship and Zack/Aerith cuteness. It's always so wonderful, to read fics other than my own that embrace the friendship cuteness! And I've been waiting for this one for some time. It definitely meets and exceeds my expectations! X3

And today is Wngdngl's birthday! ^^ Hope you have a great day!


May. 13th, 2007 03:17 am
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I finally finished the Disney Castle fic! I really like how it turned out, too. X3 I also got a creepy scene written for Lily Valley, and I'm hoping to get it all done this next week. As well as chapter 8 of I Don't Feel Enough for You to Cry, and chapter 4 of To Bring You Back.

There's now an alternate Kaitou Kid in the RP with Aubrie, from the Freak Dimension. LOL. A place where someone seems to die every time it's visited. XD He's in the main dimension and will help to clear their Kaitou Kid's name. And then maybe the Freak Dimension will be revisited! **can do more with the alternate Baby Face, who's a zealous police officer.** XD

I made a new friend this past week. ^^ [ profile] mein_requiem posted a terrific and fun Axel fic in [ profile] key_blade a week or two ago. So much great Axel snark! XD We started an FF7 RP this past evening that takes place during Sunrise & Midnight, before the statue crisis. It involves Seph and Yuffie and is quite intriguing. XD I love throwing a couple of characters into a situation and see how they react. That's kinda how I do a lot of my KH fics, with the conversations and whatnot.

[ profile] mein_requiem also made me an awesome Zack colorbar when she was making some colorbars. X3 She has a very unique style of putting them together! ^^ **got it up on her profile page.**

And here's a blurb that insisted on being written today. XD It takes place at the end of S&M, after the battle with Jenova and the usage of the modified Safer form and whatnot. It ended up turning into another possible scenario for Zack's and Aerith's restoration. **still hasn't decided what she'll do when she gets that far in the chronological writing of the series.**

This is version one of the blurb, and after talking to Lisa, I've decided there will be a second version, in which Cloud is delirious and Zack is taking care of him. X3

Why don't you just stay here for now? )


May. 9th, 2007 07:33 am
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Happy Birthday, Lisa! ^^ I hope it's a good one! I did that picture of Zack and Aerith that we talked about that time. XD And I'm planning on doing another one, with Zack holding Aerith or something like that. X3 Ahh, the cuteness.

It's weird that when I think of Zack in my mind, I picture the Crisis Core version, where he has hair similar to Cloud's in style, but when I draw him, I want to do that weird punk rocker fluffy puffball style from the original game. XD; Though the picture's joke would not have worked if I'd used Crisis Core/Last Order hair. The next picture I draw of him, though, will have the Crisis Core style. XD **needs to try drawing him with it and see if she can make sure he doesn't look like Cloud.** Which hopefully will be easy, since he doesn't have a big piece of hair covering an eye.

For some reason, Zack having a bad hair day is amusing. LOL. His spikes keep falling in his face during the first chapter of Another Simple Mission, and at the end of the chapter, when the hostage problem is solved, it happens again. Sephiroth just gives him a deadpan look and with perfect seriousness tells Zack that he is no longer allowed to make jokes about his, Sephiroth's, hair. **needs to finish writing that chapter.**

That odd plunnie of KH Sephiroth in Disney Castle has been making me write more of it. XD I know approximately where it's going, though I'm not sure how long of a long oneshot it will be, or what any remaining conversations should be about. **doesn't want them to touch on things already touched on in other KH fics.**

Yesterday I also wrote about half of chapter 8 of I Don't Feel Enough for You to Cry, and had KH Cloud remembering his bad experience with Cerberus. I'm sure that bothered him for a while. One wouldn't just be able to not be affected by the experience of being completely taken into a giant hellhound's mouth. XD; Poor Cloud.

On Lily Valley, I'm trying to think of how to make it not sound like too much of a direct copy of the Hardy Boys story on which it is based. XD; One thing I was thinking of at one point is that when they split up to search quicker, one of them would end up knocked out. Then he would wake up a bit later, find that whatever he had been looking at was gone, and go to find the other, who would have also been knocked out. Shameless hurt/comfort, courtesy of Lily Valley's phantoms! Now I just need to figure out which way to do it. Originally I had been planning to follow Zack and have his kayo be the one shown. Then he would wake up, find Sephiroth, and wake him up. Then I mused over doing it vice versa. Or I could show both of them getting knocked out, but it seems like it would be more interesting to only show it happening to one, and then to have the other just turn up unconscious.

KH Fic

Apr. 14th, 2007 08:48 am
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A quick note, mostly to Lisa: I've tinkered with Reflections for a long time now, adding the things mentioned throughout. Also, I've added more onto the ending, explaining more of why Seph spoke to Sora the way he did, and why he especially seemed weary/despondent. It's kind of a twist ending I've wanted to try with something. Not sure if it works here or not, though it seems like it does. But then I'm really tired, sooo ... XD And it sets things up for a follow-up that could inclue the KH plunnie you mentioned last night! X3

Yay! X3

Mar. 31st, 2007 09:58 pm
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My Cloud figure came. Wow! I wish there hadn't been so many delays. Once they actually shipped, he got here in two days. The consolation poster they allowed me to get because of the long shipping delays hasn't made it here, yet. Probably Monday or Tuesday.

It looks to me like they're trying a new mold style with him, judging by his size and the way his arms and hands were sculpted. Wow, he only comes up to Seph's chest. XD He's really only supposed to be about six inches shorter than Seph. If he was really the size the figure is, compared to Seph, they both would have most likely collapsed in the cave when Cloud was trying to half-drag, half-carry Seph out. Though the mental image amuses me more than it should.

I've started on chapter 3. I borrowed another idea from the Jedi Apprentice series and opened it with Zack having a vague dream that initially spooks him. But then he tries to brush it off, since he doesn't really believe in that sort of thing. Of course, the dream foreshadows future events.

Then comes the Nancy Drew influence as he and Seph start investigating the house and end up in a secret passageway that closes on them. XD Still gotta figure out how they get out.

I'm particularly amused by an exchange that takes place between them right before they start the search. Zack comments on if Seph ever sleeps, and then Sephiroth says that Zack should know; once he sleepwalked into Seph's quarters, fell on him, and woke him up. I love writing their interaction so much. X3

I decided that the warden will not be the one who fights Seph. He just doesn't seem like a fighter, more of a schemer. So the head prison guard will be the one. He'll be a sadistic creep and will fight with Zack, too, during the hours when Zack is held prisoner.

Also, I'm pondering slightly on how to work things near the end. Ponderings )

I've also worked more on T&D. I did a scene where Cloud comes back to get ready for the dinner with Tifa, and Sephiroth is trying to respond to what he says as if all is normal, while Sephiroth actually has about 75% of his memory back. Things haven't fully hit him yet, and he's feeling rather numb at this point. But he hates the current charade with Cloud, and knows that Cloud is going to feel betrayed when he gets his memories back. So I'm thinking Seph probably ends up leaving the house, maybe going back to the company, and that's when the rest comes back and it suddenly hits him full force.

I ended up depressing myself with the scene. XD; It's *sad*! And T&D will only get more angsty as it goes on!

And ah, today's date is March 31st. Always makes me think of the first time JP came out here. The 31st was a Sunday that year, 2002. Good times, good times. I always get a bit melancholy right around this time of year. It was always fun when he came to visit.
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First off, I adore this icon by Strawberrychan. X3 So cute!

Over the weekend, Ran_Mouri82 did a little fic for me and gave me plunnies. XD I was very sad that Gin died in it during the fall of the Black Org, but Vodka's partnership/friendship with him was portrayed so wonderfully and in character that I did squee! ^^ And I decided that I wanted to pick up where that little fic left off, hence came this very odd, character death blurb. And right after I told SN that there probably wouldn't be any more deathfics, too. XD I was debating posting it on, and I still may, but I wanted to get Ran_Mouri's opinion first, since it's a continuation of her wonderful story. :) And I'd love to know what others here think, too. ^^ Plus, I may want to add more, including an omake at the end.

I think I can safely say this is one of the oddest things I've ever written. But I love it. XD

Say Goodbye, Close Your Eyes )
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Take My Quiz on

Can you Ace my quiz?
Let's Find Out!

Take My Quiz on

Can you Ace my quiz?
Let's Find Out!

Yay quizzes. XD And yes, there's two. I didn't make a mistake and post the same thing twice.

I finally finished Friendly Fire! It's so amusing, I thought it was probably 4,000+ words, and when I uploaded it to, I was told that it's 11,310 words. @___@; Wow. I'm pleased with how it turned out! I just love writing for Gin and Vodka. XD

Now to (hopefully) return to the gift fics I'm supposed to write! Lisa gave me a prompt for the Reno and Rude fic, and now I have a plunnie!

Ladyamberjo, I have one of your pictures done!

Ran_Mouri, your icons are tentatively done as well!

I'm planning to deliver all gifts on Christmas Eve or the day before, or even tentatively on Christmas Morning, unless I'm told different. Comment if you want a particular day, or one different from these. ^^
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Isn't my icon purty? X3 Aubrie has been playing with this image of Faye. She looks so glamorous, blatantly imitating Audrey Hepburn. I adore it! And somehow it has ended up as my Default icon. I haven't changed my Default icon for ... years, I think. XD; I get very comfortable with things like that. But I am still using the Alister one too!

Anyway, here is the official Christmas gift request post, because I am poor. XD So no monetary gifts this year. Anyone who hasn't already told me what they want, say so here. The options are:

- A short fanfic
- A piece of fanart
- An icon or two

Within reason, of course. ^^ Well, if you're on my Friends list, you should already know what I will and won't do, so I won't say it again. XD


Dec. 2nd, 2006 07:23 pm
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I come to you with three and a half hours of sleep! Insomnia is getting so old. -.-

I hope Aubrie will be able to get on again soon.... The big storm knocked out something there, power or cable, probably. She vanished Thursday night due to it. And while I know she's probably fine, I am still a bit jumpy anyway, moreso since my cousin and his wife burned to death in their home earlier this week. o.o

I was really shocked when Mom came and told me. It really upset me too, even though I've only met him once or so. I felt like he was a friend, almost, because of how Mom always told fun stories about when she and he would have adventures when they were younger (such as getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a stalled car and having to walk back to civilization and thinking that someone was following them). And it makes me more paranoid wondering if I'll die soon, even though I know that isn't a realistic additude. -.-;

Stuff like that makes me cling to my hurt/comfort all the more, instead of pushing it away, as some might think. XD; I find my hurt/comfort to really be a comfort, since in that world, there is cuteness and often, not real death!

And over the last few days I've gotten really restless about Snow White Queen. I finally said "Screw it!" and wrote the prologue, because I had the feeling that No Way Out will not get written as long as I'm really longing to write the other fic. No Way Out won't *have* to be read first. Snow White Queen will be a standalone fic, though of course it will follow the continuity I started with Ghosts. I rarely post links to my fanfics at LJ, but because I love this so much and I really want opinions: Please, if you'd be willing to look and review at the site, I'd be very grateful!

Also, I was bored and randomly started writing a study of Gin as he appears in my fics. Which now randomly has a few edits/additions of things I forgot I wanted to add. And I would like to note that Gin's weariness as displayed in my fics is based on my interpretation of canon, specifically a page in volume #42. I am aware that there are many ways to look at it, but I have chosen one such way and stuck with it, since that's how I interpreted it when I first saw it and since it fits with my timeline. XD

Gin )


Aug. 11th, 2005 06:57 pm
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» I committed suicide: I'd be sad.
» I said I liked you: In what way? XD
» I kissed you: @___@ What was that all about?!
» I lived next door to you: Yay! We could hang out!
» I started smoking: I would be bowled over, since you have made it clear that you don't like that habit.
» I started drinking: Sigh and hope you wouldn't overdo it. XD
» I stole something: Ask about it.
» I was hospitalized: I'd probably find out from Stacey, and then I would be worried and send get well wishes!
» I ran away from home: Worry and want to look for you!
» I got into a fight and you weren't there: I'd wonder how badly you hurt your victims ... er, opponents. XD

» Personality: Random! Usually you're chipper, but when you're irritated, you have a good reason.
» Eyes: Didn't see them too well. ^^;
» Face: Cool. ^^
» Movie preferences: Hmmm. . . . Wild, morbid stuff. XD;
» Hair: Soft and fluffy-looking!
» Clothes: Haven't seen many of your clothes. ^^;
» Mannerisms: **thinks.**
» Musical preferences: Heavy metal and dance genres. XD

[1] Who are you? Faye-Faye!
[2] Are we friends? Yep!
[3] When and how did we meet? You added me to your MSN list. XD
[4] Have I affected you? How? You showed me how to have fun with randomness. ^^
[5] What do you think of me? You're fun to talk to and RP with!
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me? Hmm. Hard to pick one. XD
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies? Hopefully we shall always be friends! ^^
[8] Do you love me? In a friendship way!
[9] Have I ever hurt you? I don't think so.
[10] Would you hug me? Sure! ^^
[11] Would you kiss me? Nope. XD
[12] Are we close? Hmm. Not too much, I guess. ^^;
[13] Emotionally, what stands out? You like randomness!
[14] Do you wish I was cooler? Nope!
[15] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I? Hmm. 8 ... 8.5 ...
[16] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. Ra-chan! ^^
[17] Am I loveable? Sure! ^^
[18] How long have you known me? Hmm. About the same amount of time as I've known Stacey, so a little over a year, I guess. ^^
[19] Describe me in one word. Random! XD
[20] What was your first impression? Hmm. Who is this person who has added me? I hope it's not a weirdo. XD
[21] Do you still think that way about me now? Nope!
[22] What do you think my weakness is? Not sure. XD;
[23] Do you think I'll get married? If you want to!
[24] What about me makes you happy? Our fun RPs. ^^
[25] What about me makes you sad? When you can't be on or when crummy things happen to you.
[26] What reminds you of me? Yami Marik, Happy Tree Friends
[27] What's something you would change about me? Nothing!
[29] How well do you know me? Not sure. XD;
[29] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? Don't think so....
[30] Do you think I would ever kill someone? Dunno. XD
[31] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you? This question really is pointless, isn't it. XD


Aug. 11th, 2005 05:03 am
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I figure I'll do the quiz for everyone who does it. XD **pets it.** Yay for quizzes!

» I committed suicide: I'd be pretty confused, then sad.
» I said I liked you: In what way? XD
» I kissed you: .... W ... T ... H....
» I lived next door to you: Whoo! That'd be great. XD **imagines living on the same block with all of her closest friends.** That would rock.
» I started smoking: I'd be like . . . Yikes. And want you to stop.
» I started drinking: Same. ^^
» I stole something: Find out the details.
» I was hospitalized: I imagine I could find out from Elora. Then I'd be very worried and hope you'd be okay!
» I ran away from home: Want to go look for you, even though I'd know that'd likely be impossible. XD;
» I got into a fight and you weren't there: Be worried and try to find out if everything's okay.

» Personality: You have the ability to be hyper while staying intelligent! An amazing talent. XD
» Eyes: Haven't really seen them good. XD;
» Face: Ditto.
» Movie preferences: Action/Adventure, with sibling and friendship cuteness!
» Hair: Purty, from what I remember. ^^
» Clothes: I haven't seen much of your wardrobe.
» Mannerisms: Hmm.
» Musical preferences: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and assorted others!

[1] Who are you? Faye-Faye!
[2] Are we friends? 'Course!
[3] When and how did we meet? You emailed me about my stories. XD
[4] Have I affected you? How? You made me fully realize that one can laugh and have fun joking without being an idiot. ^^;
[5] What do you think of me? You're awesome! Definitely one of my closest friends, along with Aubrie. ^^
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me? Hmm. I do love our jokes about the International Idiots!
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies? Friends always, we must be! **talks like Yoda.** Enemies never, we must be! (You know, I think my tiredness is showing. . . .)
[8] Do you love me? In a friendship way! ^^
[9] Have I ever hurt you? Not that I remember!
[10] Would you hug me? Sure!
[11] Would you kiss me? Nooo. XD
[12] Are we close? Yep!
[13] Emotionally, what stands out? You seem to be cheerful most of the time, and ready for sibling and friendship cuteness!
[14] Do you wish I was cooler? Nope!
[15] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I? 10
[16] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. Weeb! Because that seems to be the only nickname of yours I know. XD
[17] Am I loveable? Yep!
[18] How long have you known me? Not sure.... Over a year, I know. ^^ Maybe a year and a month....
[19] Describe me in one word. Cheerful!
[20] What was your first impression? Yay, a fellow fan of Ishtar sibling cuteness!
[21] Do you still think that way about me now? Sure! ^^
[22] What do you think my weakness is? Dunno.... Maybe ... that you kinda worry too much sometimes? ^^;
[23] Do you think I'll get married? Not unless you find the right person. ^^
[24] What about me makes you happy? That you are fun to be around. ^^
[25] What about me makes you sad? Hmmm. That you are having trouble feeling ill recently.
[26] What reminds you of me? Sibling cuteness!
[27] What's something you would change about me? Nothing. XD
[28] How well do you know me? I think I know you fairly well. ^^; I imagine you could still surprise me, though!
[29] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? Don't think so.
[30] Do you think I would ever kill someone? Nope!
[31] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you? I am, but you did the quiz first. XD

Yaaaay. Wow, I'm getting tired. I'm going into slightly goofy mode. XD; I finally updated Alister's journal, though. (And he stays serious in his entry instead of getting goofy. Goofy Alister . . . DISTURBING.)

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