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Recurring locations are one of the weird but cool things I experience in dreams. Another is recurring characters/ideas/fan products.

Yes, fan products.

For the second time I dreamed about reading through a fanfic someone else wrote about Ginger, Lou, and Mike. I received an email from the person in the dream, thanking me for my interest in their fic and mentioning they liked my characterization of Ginger. Then I got out their fic, which I'd printed, and was flipping through it.

There were some scattered comic pages in it, including at the beginning, where Ginger was awakened in the middle of the night by some weird sound and was irritated by it. Lou and Mike also had a sister, around Lou's age or maybe a little older, named Donna. She lived with Lou and apparently Ginger did not live there too, but was visiting. He lived nearby, though.

The main plot of the fic concerned someone who was always being nasty to Mike and involved Lou and even Ginger being annoyed with said person and trying to help Mike not take things to heart. By the end of it, he was able to feel better about things.

It was the same basic fic as the one from the first dream, so the dreams were definitely connected. I don't recall for sure whether Ginger really didn't live there in the first dream, though. It seemed a bit like the fic I read in the second dream was a revised version of the original.

Weird dream, kind of weird but nice fic (aside from Ginger not living there), and I woke up thinking that it would be kind of nice if someone else wrote about/drew the characters too and we could share that fun. But on the other hand, sometimes it's nice being the only one, since I have a particular verse and vision for them and probably wouldn't like reading fics where some key things are different (like Ginger's residence). I have to admit that if someone either had a vision similar to mine and/or wanted to write a fic set in my verse, I would be totally thrilled.

Along those lines, it was pretty fun when I found other people who liked writing about Baby Face and his gang. I guess with The Monkees being a cult favorite show and not having many episodes, it allowed for oneshot character love more than some other series. Number of episodes doesn't necessarily mean that will happen, though; The Andy Griffith Show has 249 episodes and the fans are pretty fond of anyone who stops in for so much as one episode or even one scene in one episode.

Anyway, even though I'm the only one who writes about those Rockford characters (and am honestly one of only a handful of people who write about The Rockford Files at all), I do love that I can talk about those characters with Ladyamberjo, who watched the episode so she would understand what I was talking about. Of course, I enjoy talking about them with other people too, but it is particularly nice when the person fully knows what you're talking about.

And speaking of revising fics, I really should go through my multi-chapter Rockford fic and alter it so Ginger always says "Michael." That is the one thing I most love about the script version of the episode, because it feels so right. When I wrote that fic, I hadn't read the script and I knew it didn't sound right for Ginger to say "Mike," but for some idiotic reason it never occurred to me to have him say "Michael" instead. I also want to change where I intimated that Ginger and Lou were still crooked; being the first thing I wrote about them publicly, characterization is raw and a little different. After that fic, I determined they were definitely going completely straight (aside from Ginger's feeling that he needs to still have guns around for protection, even though as an ex-con he isn't supposed to have them). And I also definitely need to alter an actual screw-up with the episode, where I said that Donny Waugh had never been caught. He was, as mentioned by Mr. Wrongko in the episode's tag. So I need to change it that he was caught and served time and now is out, as opposed to still being on the lam.

I had previously thought I needed to alter that Dennis is still a sergeant in the fic instead of a lieutenant, but maybe I can leave that one alone. If we assume that each season is approximately a year, then perhaps I can say that my fic took place near the start of season 5, shortly before Dennis was made a lieutenant. Then that fits pretty well with my Hawaiian fic taking place shortly after a season 6 episode and taking place after that first fic. I had already kind of determined that Ginger and Lou probably only served a year or so in prison before their company approached the warden with the idea of letting them out early on the condition that they would be re-hired and build up the Los Angeles branch of the company, since they were advanced and skilled graphics designers with over twenty years experience in their field.

... Lovely.

May. 8th, 2016 05:11 pm
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So I've been thinking a lot about Mike Trevino lately, as evidenced partially by the long post I did on Tumblr this past week. He's figured a lot into some of my recent Ginger and Lou pieces. It's been very interesting developing Mike and Ginger's interaction throughout the past three years and actually getting them to a place where they actually like each other and are comfortable being around each other. They don't confide in each other and probably never will, but Ginger finally apologized to Mike for the shooting (whereas previously he had only apologized to Lou).

I've thought off and on for years that I should probably make a Mike plushie to go with my Ginger and Lou plushies, but sewing is such a pain that I've always put it off. I decided I should really do it, so I used a coupon on Friday to get another pre-stuffed doll at Jo-Ann's for half-off and am planning to start work on the plushie this week, since I have materials for ears, hair, and pants already here. I'm already trying to start by finding a good picture of 1970's Joe E. Tata that I can use as a guide in making the expression, which I practice many times on paper before actually applying to the plushie.

On that, I'm running into some trouble, as it seems like most of his 1970's characters don't have much to smile about. I can't use a more recent picture as a guide. And the only 1970's shots I've got of him, save one, are side views. I'm going to need to get out everything I have with him guest-starring and study it for possible shots. If I don't draw the expression from an actual picture of the person, it never looks as accurate.

I finally solved my Amazon problem by waiting for another gift card that was just about ready to come and then using all of that plus a little cash to get the complete Cannon boxset. I waffled a bit on whether to really do that, since I'd end up having to pay a little more cash than before and I'd been hesitant to add that much cash. But the price was right and Cannon is a show we love in general and not just when darlings guest-star, so it seemed like a very wise investment. I don't have a lot of episodes recorded compared to how many there actually were, and I don't know if the ones I have might be cut. Some of them look like they might be. Crystal encouraged me to get the boxset and last Saturday I finally did, with no regrets. It came yesterday and Mom was thrilled. We watched a couple of episodes, including Don Knight's and the second one with Joe E. Tata.

Joe had a pretty big part, unlike a lot of the times when I see him. He appeared to work for an old man who did a lot of crooked things but had never been caught at it. I say "appeared" because he really seemed to be so much more than just an assistant. They'd been together for years; Cannon mentioned a drug operation that both Joe's character and the old man were involved in eight years ago. He spoke as though they were more like equals or partners in the operation, although I admit that could have just been my interpretation. But there was much more as evidence; it seemed like they lived in the same house, either that or Joe's character Higgins was just over there all the time. And when the nutcase in the episode sets a bomb in the old man's car and he's seriously hurt, Higgins is extremely distraught. He goes to the hospital and is there for hours waiting to hear if he'll be alright. Of course, an assistant or other employee could be that devoted to their boss, but all in all, I got the vibe that maybe even if he technically was an assistant, the relationship was more like a surrogate son and father or extremely close friends. We actually never learn the old man's final fate, but I like to think that he did pull through since Higgins would be so sad if he didn't.

In thinking about it in the hours since, I determined that there are two basic criteria that need to be met, in general, if I'm going to be intrigued by antagonist characters to the point of wanting to write about them. #1, For them to show some indication of caring about someone, and/or #2, That there is some indication that redemption is possible.

Of the two, #2 is the more important reason for me. That could manifest in several ways, including reason #1, or by them doing something decent, or even just by the idea that they will be going to prison and maybe they can be rehabilitated. In this case, while #1 is definitely present, there didn't seem to be any indication that either Higgins or the old man would be or could be interested in changing the way they handled life, so despite being curious and interested in their interaction, I seriously doubt I would write about them.

In the past I somehow got so intrigued by Gin and Vodka that I ended up being willing to write about them performing their jobs as assassins, although the stories were more about them as characters than about what they were doing. But I am still appalled that I did that. That just isn't me. More recently, when writing about Ecks and Wye, I did have to touch on their canonical jobs a bit, but mostly the stories were about them running for their lives after canonically betraying the organization and trying to start over and go straight. I still had to write Wye as having some darker views than I am generally comfortable with writing, but I tried not to touch on that as much and I did have him finally determine, at least, that the organization with which he had been affiliated did do things worse than most governments.

Sometimes I don't intend to get intrigued by a character and I end up doing it anyway because of what I'm writing about them to flesh them out. That was what happened with both Sephiroths (especially KH Sephiroth) and Snakes Tolliver. It also happened with Baby Face Morales. I had honestly originally intended that he would be the dark foil and counterpart to Micky and nothing more. I wrote The Return of Baby Face Morales with that idea in mind and I did not have the character show any redeeming qualities at all, that I recall. But then when I wrote the sequel and had to have Baby Face work with the good guys and later when I wanted him and Tony to patch things up, I got myself intrigued by the idea of him being more of an anti-hero and also developing his interaction with Tony. That was how and why I ended up changing how I wrote for him and started diving into his past and trying to flesh out possibilities of what could have made him such an angry and dark person. Some of it probably went into sob story territory and I might not follow that exact backstory now. I seriously doubt that I'd write about him at all anymore, really, both since his and Tony's story is probably as a standstill and since he really is a dark character and not one I'm that comfortable writing for anymore. If I were to do anything with those characters again, it would probably be to finish that hanging story about them and the Monkees held captive by mad scientists, and/or to keep writing that crossover with Kolchak. Tony Ferano would be the main character in the latter. I toyed a little bit in my last burst of Monkees stories about Tony and whatever goodness he still has in him. If I were to write about him again, I might further that angle and have him finally break away from Baby Face and try to get his life back in some semblance of order again. Even though I'm probably not comfortable writing for Baby Face, I have to admit that I do still love Tony. Jimmy Murphy's portrayal of him was classic.

Of course, Ginger is really quite a dark character too, so it's possible that in the future I will also not want to write about him anymore, either. But in his case, there was that actual chemistry I sensed between him and Lou (which could have been chemistry between the actors) and that is really what set the whole intrigue off. The fact of that chemistry combined with their interaction in general just fascinated me for some reason and led to me being unable to stop writing about them. And in their case, they really are trying to go straight after their stint in prison (something Baby Face would likely never do), so it's not uncomfortable writing about them. So I really hope that I will never feel differently about that, especially now that I've learned some more information that might possibly put a different spin on the elephant in the room of the shooting. I went into that in detail on Tumblr. Of course, as I say there, I will never be fully satisfied on that, but this is the best I can do to handle it. And in my timeline, as I mentioned, Ginger finally has apologized for that.

Bottom line is, I usually really don't want to like or get intrigued by certain characters, but sometimes I do because of those criteria.

Occasionally, I suppose, I can also get fascinated by a character for one other reason: if it feels like they got a bum deal in canon. Dutch Ingram would fall in that category, because the idea that he committed a murder was just shoehorned in, said by Ken Swofford's highly questionable character, and there was no proof it was true. I still don't believe it is, and that is the basis of my Rockford fic featuring him. But if it weren't for feeling like he wasn't the murderer, I doubt I'd write about him. He isn't really the type of character I like either. I don't think just the fact of Christopher playing him would have made me want to write about him, since I don't want to write about every character played by a darling.

And I need to decide what to do about another Amazon gift card I got. There's no chance of any other one coming soon, so with their changed policies I'm thinking maybe I should get a few books with this one. I considered that recent set of Kolchak short stories, which I want to get since I know the author of one of the stories, but I keep hesitating on getting it since I don't know if any of the stories deal with Tony (Vincenzo now and not Ferano, heh) and his and Kolchak's intriguing relationship. I know that in general, the prose stories do not. That collection of 43 short stories I have only has one where Tony really gets to shine, so in a set of 14 stories, there's not much chance Tony will have good screentime. The comics are better than the prose at giving Tony stuff to do, but I don't know if there are any graphic novels out that give him a lot of "screentime" since there are also some comics where he doesn't appear much. If I knew of any I don't have with good Tony content, I would jump to get them.

Other possibilities are Miles Edgeworth manga or Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books or some combination of several things. There are also a couple of new Pony/Equestria Girls books I want, an artbook for the series and a new Equestria Girls novel that will be out a week from ... Monday, I think. I almost always ponder for ages on what to spend gift cards on, since it's a treat I only have several times a year and I want to make sure I get what I really want and what will be meaningful for years to come. Hopefully I'll come to a decision this week.
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Found this on Tumblr and thought it looked interesting. But I don't post these types of things on Tumblr, so I brought it over here. Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number. (Or if I have a lot of time to kill/a lot to say, I may just answer all of the questions for every fic suggested.)

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?
2. What’s my favorite part of the fic?
3. What’s the part of the fic I’m most proud of?
4. What part of the fic was the hardest for me to write?
5. What part of the fic am I still dissatisfied with?
6. Who’s my favorite character in the fic?
7. Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?
8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it? (themes, motifs, symbolism, etc)
9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?
10. If I had to sum up this fic in a sentence, what would it be?
11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?
12. Did any thing about this fic’s reception surprise me?
What were my beta’s major comments about the first draft of this fic? This one doesn't apply since I never use a beta. I am my own beta. I don't want to wait for someone else to find time to read each of my fics before I can post them!
13. If I were to write a sequel to this fic, what would it be about?
14. Any other question about the fic!
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Recently I saw this quiz turn up on Tumblr. It looked familiar and I thought I remembered randomly taking it the last time it popped up. I finally found that. Apparently I never posted it anywhere. I don't post quizzes on Tumblr and I couldn't find it here. So I touched it up a bit and here you go.

A:Your current OTP. Rumbelle (at least up through season 3A) and Duke/Serenity. Also, I still love Seto/Tea.
B:A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind. Seto/Tea. I used to scoff at it, and then when talking to someone about how unlikely it seemed, I got the urge to see if it could work after all.
C:A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can't. Yugi/Tea. I feel so guilty to not be able to ship it, when Yugi has such a big crush on her, but I just can't. It's Seto/Tea all the way for me.
D:What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom? Oh gosh, I don't know. My Gomer Pyle website, maybe? I think that came even before my All Dogs Go to Heaven website.
E:Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what? Too many things to name them all. Silly fics about Internet lingo and Sephiroth, Cloud, and Zack being confused.... Pictures of Lieutenant Anderson ordering from Pizza Hut....
F:What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom? What fandom was it? The Monkees, probably. I'm still in it. I don't leave fandoms except in very rare cases. I do sometimes stop submitting new things for fandoms, though. I still occasionally write Monkees fics, but I haven't done anything for Gomer Pyle in years and years.
G:What was your first fandom? If by fandom we mean connecting with other fans, that would be Balto/All Dogs Go to Heaven.
H:Do you prefer real-life TV shows or animated TV shows? Depends on the show. I don't really actively prefer one over the other.
I:Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why? No.
J:Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr. Marvel Cinematic Universe. I still haven't seen any films in it other than Captain America, but the GIF sets I see floating around make me curious.
K:How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom(s). Basically, they're nice people. Every fandom has its screwballs, though.
L:Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for? ... Honestly, that would depend on what fandom they're my favorite in. I would adore for someone to draw me Ginger and Lou or Snakes art. I love drawing it myself, but it's even more fun when others join in. But if this is pairing specific, I would love fanart or fics for any of my favorite ships. Duke/Serenity could especially use more art.
M:A person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you in to. I'm usually the person pulling people into fandoms. And usually it's more than one person who gets me into a fandom, since it generally takes me a while to want to try something new when I'm busy with what I've got.
N:Your favorite fandom (for the people; not the thing you fangirl over). Good question.
O:Choose a song at random, what ship does it remind you of? Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen). It reminds me of Rumbelle. However, I usually associate it with Ginger and Lou friendship (or Ginger's life in specific) more than anything romantic.
P:Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas). Why does it have to be an AU idea? It's generally more fun to just write in the canon-established verse, unless said canon-established verse has become a disaster and impossible to work with, like Once Upon a Time is now. I have an AU for Once that picks up at season 3B and has Belle save Rumpel a la Beauty and the Beast. It then continues from there with slice-of-life stuff and Neal still very much alive. Maybe one of these days I'll actually write something more for it.
Q:A ship you’ve abandoned and why. When I think something works, I don't tend to abandon it even if I stop being involved in fanworks for it.
R:A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships. ::shrug.:: .... Peter Howard/Nancy Drew, from The Ghostwriter's Cruise episode of the 1970s show. They could have had a lot of fun interaction, if given the chance. And May-December romance for the win. The 1970s Nancy Drew series seemed to be in favor of such things more than once (although nothing ever got serious in any of the cases).
S:What's a headcanon you have? ... For what? I have dozens and dozens of headcanons for many shows. They don't often involve romance, though. Let's see.... I decided to write Lieutenant Schrank from West Side Story as having been married, but then divorced. It wasn't a friendly divorce. Mr. Wye from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. had a similar fate. I believe those are the only canonically single characters I've chosen to portray as having been married before.
T:What are your favorite male/male ships or female/female ships? Don't have any. I absolutely adore platonic life partners, though. Ginger and Lou from The Rockford Files would be in that category.
U:What are your favorite male/female ships? Rumbelle, Duke/Serenity, Seto/Tea, Nephrite/Naru.
V:Do you have any 3-way ships? If so, what? No.
W:5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Duke Devlin, Oscar Goldman, Hamilton Burger, The Virginian
X:3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms. Rumbelle, Duke/Serenity, Nephrite/Naru
Y:A fandom you’re in but have no ships from. The great majority of them. It's rare when I do have a ship.
Z:What's a ship that you want to ship publicly, but everyone on tumblr hates it so you keep your mouth shut about it? I dunno.
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Very saddened by Casey Kasem's death this past day. Although I didn't grow up with him as Crystal and many others did, I longed to be able to see Scooby-Doo for years before I was finally able to. And JP made me a couple of tapes of the Top 40 show. I was thinking I should get those out again for a listen.

Crystal mused in her post how Casey was somewhat responsible for her interest in the Monkees, due to the Davy Jones episode of Scooby-Doo. Meanwhile, I've mused many times how The Monkees are responsible for almost all of my current interests. How in the world did that happen? Behold:

- Because of The Monkees, episode 25, Alias Micky Dolenz, I became interested in Jimmy Murphy, who played Tony Ferano.

- Because of that, I started looking up all of his roles and finally decided to try Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a show I'd been idly curious about for years.

- Because of that, I got interested in Simon Oakland, whom I knew years before from Perry Mason, West Side Story, and I Want to Live!, although I hadn't taken note of his name.

- Because of that, I got back into Perry Mason while watching Simon's episodes.

- Because of that, I rediscovered my interest in Hamilton Burger/William Talman and added Wesley Lau (from I Want to Live! too), Richard Anderson (from The Student Prince), and H.M. Wynant (from a Nancy Drew episode; see icon) to my list of interests.

- Because of them and Simon (and Darren), I got around to trying The Wild Wild West, The Virginian, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Cannon, Mannix, Mission: Impossible, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and other shows that I liked enough to start watching religiously.

- Because of WWW, I discovered Christopher Cary.

- Because of that, I watched The Rockford Files and discovered Luke Andreas.

- Meanwhile, while watching Mannix, I finally tried season 1 and discovered Joseph Campanella.

All thanks to The Monkees.
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So Netflix has a disc that I thought had the pilot episode of The Rookies on it, because Darren is listed in their cast for the disc and he's in the pilot episode of The Rookies.

Well, the disc didn't have that; it's just the first episode of the series proper, which does not have Darren. And Darren wasn't in any of the other things on the disc, either. Bah.

It was kind of an interesting disc, though. It had the first episodes of five different detective shows of the 1970s. We watched all of them except The Rookies episode, ironically enough. It sounded rather blah compared to the others. Teen gangs, one of my least favorite topics ever. Ugh, I just can't stand seeing obnoxious, disrespectful kids trying to act like adults and fighting with each other over the dumbest things, like pieces of sidewalk. I totally get Lieutenant Schrank's frustrations with the gangs in West Side Story. No, he didn't handle things very well, but after so many years of trying and failing, he must have really been at his wit's end.

Anyway, the disc. Maybe we'll watch The Rookies one, but I'm not sure. When Darren's not in it, and no one else is in it whom I particularly like, and the plot sounds blah, it doesn't seem very appealing.

We watched the Starsky and Hutch episode. I'm always curious about that show because I hear how close the main characters are, but I ... really didn't see much of that in the first episode. The one guy, Hutch, really acted like a jerk at one point, even dumping Starsky's hot dog because he didn't like the idea of everything Starsky was putting on it. LAME! He tried to use the excuse that Starsky couldn't eat it while he was driving, but gosh, they could have taken it along and he could have eaten it when they stopped. Ugh, and in addition to how just plain jerky that was, I can't stand seeing perfectly good food get wasted. It's an extreme pet peeve of mine. I can't bear to watch that scene in the first Monkees episode where Davy and Theodore Marcuse are fighting on the table and ruining the food. The scene is really hilarious other than that, but ugggh, noooo, the fooood!

I suppose there are much better scenes between Starsky and Hutch in later episodes. The first episodes are rarely the best judge of character relations. But it certainly wasn't very flattering for one of my first ventures into the series. (First venture was the episode where their insane friend is hiring out as an assassin because he likes killing and he kills poor Luke Andreas in a phone booth. Nooo, Lukey! **hugs him!** And then I also saw part of another episode because someone got the numbers mixed up and I started out with the wrong one instead of the one with Luke.)

I haven't really liked the show any of the times I've tried it. I don't mind a little humor in cop shows; Adam-12 and CHiPs are adorably hilarious sometimes. But I don't like when the main characters seem to have so much trouble being serious. That's also why I didn't cotton to Alias Smith and Jones, but adore Maverick. Smith and Jones are so happy-go-lucky in addition to the show being silly, and that tends to irritate me. But on Maverick, the main characters are really the straight men, trying to deal with all the weirdness around them. There's a definite difference.

I enjoyed the Police Woman, S.W.A.T., and Charlie's Angels episodes on the disc quite a bit. I've seen some of all of them before and have always pretty much liked what I saw. Charlie's Angels is so cheesy, but gosh, it's fun. I love good old clean 1970s cheese. And David Doyle is kind of cute in a Simon Oakland-ish way. :) I already liked him from The Patty Duke Show, and I think I may be becoming downright fond of him. Must see more of this wonderful cheesy show.


Jan. 15th, 2014 02:13 pm
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So I got beaned in the head yesterday by an idea insisting on being heard in full-force. I'm so proud of being able to draw Ginger and Lou really looking like themselves, since that's such a rare thing for me to do with live-action people, that I think I should do something with that other than the occasional fanart picture.

And I thought of a webcomic. Mostly slice-of-life, something like Little Tales only with friendship. I love to write slice-of-life fics with Ginger and Lou; along with shameless hurt/comfort, it's my favorite genre with my current writing challenge.

Thing is, while I write the Ginger and Lou fics and even draw the fanart for my own enjoyment, and don't expect comments on those, a webcomic is something I'd be doing hoping it would get attention. I think anyone who likes slice-of-life or gentle humor would probably get a kick out of it, even if they're not familiar with the characters. (And really, I don't think too many people who actually read the fics are familiar with the characters. With The Monkees, when there's so few episodes, the oneshot characters are paid attention to and loved a great deal. But with a series that has a lot more episodes, like Rockford, oneshot characters get lost in the shuffle.)

So anyway ... I'm really excited about the thought and I even have two comics done (just not scanned in yet). But I don't want to embark on the project thinking there'll be interest and then discover there won't be.

Would anyone here be interested, or think there'd be interest from someone, in a cute slice-of-life friendship comic about two ex-cons? I'd probably be hosting it on Tumblr.


Nov. 30th, 2013 12:18 pm
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So I occasionally watch The Time Tunnel on Hulu (usually if someone's guesting whom I love or if the episode sounds particularly intriguing). This past week I got a Time Tunnel disc out from Netflix to share the Chrissy episode and screencap it (301 pics, squeeee), as well as to do the same with the Wesley episode on the other side of the disc. Mom decided she liked the show and we watched the other episodes too.

Seriously, Tony kind of irritated me in both of the other two. First he gets amnesia and ends up causing a lot of grief for Doug. And the thing is "resolved" with probably the lamest thing ever, as Tony suddenly recovers during a fight with Doug (probably just because he hit his head or something) and doesn't seem to remember anything about having amnesia. Naturally Doug wouldn't want to tell him, probably feeling it better than he forgot. But still, dang, I wanted him to remember and feel bad for what he put Doug through. It's so lame to just have him forget everything. A lot of times the show could expand on intriguing angles, but they don't because each episode is self-contained.

Of course, since Tony doesn't remember in most of that episode, it can't be held against him for the way he treated Doug. Mostly what exasperates me is the way the writers chose to end the matter.

And then the very next episode has them having another rift, this time because Tony falls in love with Kubla Khan's daughter in 1287 A.D. Doug knows it just won't work, especially since they're from other time periods, but Tony just gets mad when Doug tries, calmly and rationally, to talk to him about it. They repeatedly have trouble over it.

I do love that eventually Tony comes around and acts mature about the whole thing. I have to give him credit for that. But honestly, I get so tired of the rifts a girl can create in friendships (even when she's not trying to). Just once I would really like to see a friendship where the person falling in love thinks about his friend as well as the girl. That aggravation is why I have Lou say in some of my fics that he won't marry someone unless she and Ginger can get along and she can accept that Ginger will be around.

One of my least favorite Monkees episodes is The Monkees Get Out More Dirt, since they're all behaving their worst and betraying each other at every turn to get the girl. I like it better in its uncut form, but I don't think it will ever be a favorite (even though the opening laundromat scene will forever be classic).

Admittedly, I'm a little curious to write a fic where a woman starts to strain Lou and Ginger's bond, but I'd want it shown that she wouldn't get far at all and they would realize what was happening. If they argued at all, it would probably just be once and never get that heated. I've written some heated arguments between them before, but those were never over a girl and I don't really want to see that happen.

And back to Doug and Tony, so far it seems like Doug is usually the better friend. I'm hoping there's at least one episode where Doug is in trouble and Tony really shows that he can be a good friend, too. I'm thinking of trying the episode Invasion, where Doug is brainwashed to kill Tony. Yikes. That could either be very promising and intense and have friendship squee, or it could fall flat.
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For the past several weeks I've been involved in a new role-play, and for a great deal of those weeks, my RP partner has been detailing her favorite character's fever in every particular. I've ended up realizing some more things about myself and my own tastes along hurt/comfort lines.

My favorite hurt/comfort scenarios still seem to be knockouts and/or characters being thought dead. But where it comes to knockouts, I only seem to like things done semi-realistically. I don't generally go the old media way of having a character wake up and be perfectly fine; they usually are dizzy and have a bad headache for a while. Sometimes there's concern of a concussion, although I usually don't actually have there be one.

But sometimes I will have a character get up and walk around, even with a headache. Depends on how bad the knock was (and the kind of mood I'm in at the time). On the other hand, I once ran across a paramedic who said that when people wake up from a bad hit on the head, they tend to throw up everywhere. Blech! And that is one bit of reality I'm never going to input.

I also realized that in general, I have very little interest in detailing every particular of a fever, illness, and/or recovery. (And I've discovered that I'm extremely grossed out by copious amounts of sweat. Ewww. I abhor sweating in real-life and feel filthy when I do, so I guess it's not a surprise it would extend to fictional scenarios.) Some of my lack of interest may be because characters usually end up in the hospital and I figure the staff is taking care of most of that, rather than the characters' family or friends. And I have very little interest in writing a lot of interaction with the staff.

Some of it may be that when I do things like that, even where the character's family or friends are the ones helping, I quickly lose interest. That old Detective Conan fic I was trying to work out kind of followed a plot like that and I soon got lost on how to help the character recover. And I felt like I was going in circles, repeating the same sorts of scenes over and over.

Usually, if a character is bad off enough that recovery will be long, I skip over that part of it and just summarize a few bits here and there. I did that with my Alamo fic, because the main point of that fic was the interaction between Emil Sande and Graciela after Emil recovered. I still wonder if I did the right thing there, though. I went back and added another segment, a sweeping look at Emil's recovery through Emil's eyes as his attitude towards people began to change over time. But I kept feeling (and kind of still feel) like I should have detailed his recovery in every particular, even though I didn't want to and felt that it would deviate from the main point of the fic.

I mentioned a few things about Micky's recovery in my Return of Baby Face Morales fic, but there again, it didn't play a big part in the overall storyline because the details of the recovery weren't important to the fic's plot. (And I wasn't really interested in detailing everything, either.)

Part of me wonders: If I don't like detailing recoveries in every particular, can I really call myself a hurt/comfort fan?

And another part of me answers: Yes; just a different breed of one.

I love writing character interaction and I enjoy one character emotionally comforting another one, but if it's a long-term thing like in the Detective Conan fic, I can't seem to do that very long. I like writing scenes of emotional comfort, but not to have the character so broken that a whole fic is required to heal them. (Except in special cases; I liked that fic where Bakura tries to help Yami Bakura recover from being tortured by Yami Marik, although there again, I'm not sure if I wrote it that well.)

I like writing a character helping an injured character to limp along, get in or out of the shower, and treat wounds and burns. But if I were to detail in every particular, I would also need to have them redress the wounds every day, and I realized I wouldn't have any interest in writing that out every time, either. Maybe once or twice, but not more.

I suppose in one way, I'm not sure if this will come out making sense, but I often like instant gratification with my hurt/comfort scenarios, such as the knockouts. But if I were to be completely realistic, it would probably take a while to really recover from those, and I hence wouldn't have much interest in writing a knockout if I was being completely realistic.

Then there's angst fests. A few weeks ago I was musing over the idea of an amnesia fic with Ray, Lafe, and Coley. I figured Ray or Coley would be the victim, and I test-wrote a scene where it was Coley. I realized that I didn't want to write a fic where it was either of them. I could tell just from that scene that a fic would depress me and burn me out.

And that's the way I feel about a lot of angst fest fics lately. Even if I know they'll end well, I don't seem to like writing all the heartache to get there, except in certain cases. In some other cases, for both fics and role-plays, I've almost always felt like I didn't want to do certain plotlines because I felt they'd drag out too long and I'd be depressed with the Hell the characters would be going through all along the way. Sometimes I can be convinced to do the scenarios anyway, and sometimes I end up liking them once I'm into them. Other times, I never do quite come around to them, although I can't think of any specific examples off-hand. And sometimes I don't like reading big angst fest fics, at least unless they're already finished, because it's agonizing reading about the characters in such torture and wondering when it will end for them.

But so, with all that in mind, why in the world do I still like scenarios where a character is thought dead? I think that ties back in with my life-long fascination of death, which is also something I can't fully explain and I know it sounds morbid. And I think I like it mainly for the utter, unmatchable joy of being reunited with the character, alive and well. (Although I also like exploring the grief process for different characters and how they handle it and interact with each other because of it.)

I think to some extent, that's where my relish of knockout scenes stems from, too. That Little Audrey cartoon where she thought she killed the bird and it was only knocked out and revived really has had a huge impact on me ever since I saw it when I was five-ish. I used to write hurt/comfort scenes in my mind where a character was knocked out and thought dead by other characters. Eventually they would revive and there would be much squee.

When I moved to fics and role-plays, I realized quickly that except in serious circumstances, a knocked out character would not be thought dead for more than a minute or two. And so sometimes, if I wanted an extended scene, I would do a form of a fairytale-ish enchanted death that could be broken by any show of true love, not just romantic. Usually there would be no real explanation for the Disney death (something that exasperated some of my past RP partners, haha), but Hamilton got a very big explanation for his in The Broken Ties fic. It was expressly stated to be part of the villainess's plan to put him into a state like that.

These days, I try not to rely on Disney death scenes very often, and when I do have one, it's sometimes a case like Hamilton's.

Bottom line: I am a hurt/comfort fan, but I think I have a mindset far stranger than the great majority of us. Although I suppose that each H/C fan has particular quirks about what they like and dislike and why.

We certainly are an interesting breed in fandoms.


Jan. 6th, 2013 04:08 am
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Finally, at long last, the season 6 set of The Virginian came down in price again and it was at a point when I could get it. It arrived this past day and I skimmed through the episode with H.M. Wynant.

Apparently he plays a hired gun for the main bad guy and follows The Virginian for a lot of the episode. The Virginian tries to be friendly to him, and it softens his heart. At the climax, when he's ordered to kill The Virginian, he refuses.

I can hardly wait to see the episode in full.

This means that every one of my special people guesting in season 6 (Darren, Wesley, and H.M.) played wonderful characters who thrill me. And both of Simon's episodes (in seasons 3 and 4) are glorious, too.

This show is just awesome. It's totally one of the best series, and the best Westerns, ever made. I know I can turn to it for serious and intense plots, well-rounded characters, good moral points, and philosophical stuff, the same reasons I love Route 66.

I just can't understand how a show as silly and stupid as Laredo spun off of The Virginian. There's no real depth to Laredo. A friend of mine actually described it as being like The Monkees in a Western. LOL. (And he was being positive, by the way.) I never thought of it that way, and it's possible that looking at it like that could help me like it better, but I'm not sure. I just don't seem to like my Westerns silly (with the exception of The Marx Brothers' movie Go West). I still haven't got around to watching any of the silly Bonanza episodes, for that reason.

I've heard that the final season of The Virginian (long after Laredo) revamped the show and made things more light-hearted. If that's true, it's a tragedy. Blech. That would ruin everything.

Also, regarding my WWW fic, I'm wondering how far ahead I can believably take the events by the climax. I need a timeskip, but it would only be for a few days/a couple of weeks, probably. Then I might have another a bit later, but probably the most I'd do would be to move ahead a few more weeks. And I might not do the second timeskip at all, but keep the story events moving "in real time" from day to day following the first timeskip. All in all, I'm wondering if that's enough time for Ray and Coley to become believably close that Ray completely breaks down upon Coley's death.

It would probably be more believable with them than with some others, since I've tried to establish that Ray is definitely not fully healed from the emotional and mental torture he went through for two years, and Coley is the first person Ray has really become close to. They've been talking extensively throughout the chapters and have been gradually growing closer. Coley decides to protect Ray more out of wanting to return the favor at first, and because he's angry at the way Ray is being treated, but it doesn't take long for him to start caring about Ray as a friend. And Ray starts thinking of Coley as a friend before that point.

And also, I think I'm in love with the series I Spy. Just like with WWW, where you can see Robert Conrad and Ross Martin's real-life friendship coming through the characters, I could see Robert Culp and Bill Cosby's real-life friendship coming through on I Spy, right from the first episode I watched. Which makes me think all the more that I'm right about there not being much rapport between Napolean Solo and Illya on The Man from U.N.C.L.E., since I just can't sense that closeness after quite a few episodes. Maybe the characters are supposed to be close but their actors are not, and they had a hard time fully masking that. Hmmm.

At last.

Dec. 28th, 2012 04:21 am
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It has been such a madhouse of scurrying around the past couple of weeks. And I've needed to write and write to meet various deadlines. But I actually managed to do it, more or less.

I even got the Monkees/Perry crossover thing submitted for [ profile] monkees_fest, when I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get any of it written at all. I couldn't think of a decent plot for the longest time, because I kept giggling over a silly oneshot idea involving Micky backing into Hamilton's car but really felt that the plot had to be serious to have justice done to the prompt. And I have that hang-up about the characters being arrested and thrown behind legal bars, which made writing a serious plot rather tricky. But I finally figured out something I was happy with at the last minute, practically, which involves Micky having known Deputy D.A. Sampson years ago. And Micky witnesses a murder and everyone has to have police protection.

The problem is, I wasn't able to get the whole thing written. I submitted what I have, but I don't know if anyone will bother reading it. And if there's lack of interest, I probably won't even try to finish it, because I have so many other projects I need and want to focus on, such as the WWW fic and the Perry mystery that's been on-going since July. And when I'm this unsure as to whether it'll get finished, I figure I'd better keep it off of for the time being, so it's Livejournal only (and hence, not getting as much exposure). I imagine people are probably unhappy that I submitted a work-in-progress.

I am also really intrigued by one of the other prompts, involving Peter being the real Peter Pan. Normally I don't like that sort of thing much at all, as I prefer to think of characters being separate instead of trying to merge them into one, but I had some very specific images that came to mind and I'd really like to at least try to work with them. My ideas are pretty much entirely different from those of the person who filled that prompt, so there shouldn't be any conflict there.

Meanwhile, I've been really wanting to put together an essay on Coley Rodman. I finally found someone who agrees with me about him, and in chatting with her about things, my confusion over the ferret scene has finally been fully cleared. She put some things together much better than I did (even though I kind of had a halfway similar explanation), and with those last puzzle pieces in place, I'm really itching to get this essay written. And I want it to be a pictorial essay. I may need to take a few more shots than what I have, to illustrate specific points. And amid all my other projects, and the upcoming busyness of the next few days, I still don't know when I'm going to get a chance to work on this.
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I have some thoughts on the recent My Little Pony series, but I'll post that later. Today it's this.

First off! What is your pen name?

Any previous pen names?
I don't think a pen name should be changed. Once it/you are established, you're known by that. Why change it and suddenly make it hard for people to find you/know it's you?

Of course, when it comes to various social networks and the like, I sometimes will use various names. But to post stories, I always prefer Lucky_Ladybug. And I include that as my LJ name too, so that people will hopefully know the insane one is me.

And what does your pen name mean?
It's the name of an old and silly but cute song covered by many people, but specifically Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. It's pretty straightforward, isn't it? It's a ladybug who is lucky.

Any alternate nicknames or pen names?
[ profile] insaneladybug, of course. Usually used on journals. And always with the "Lucky_Ladybug" attached where it gives the name of the poster.

What fandom(s) do you write for currently?
Perry Mason, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Monkees, West Side Story.

And what pairings do you write for it?
None, unless they're canon, such as Tony/Maria for West Side Story.

Why not? Not everything has to be about romance, after all. Try branching out more. Platonic/gen stuff is great, too. And there's a serious lack of it in many fandoms.

What are some current projects of yours?
The Case of the Spectral Stalker, my current Perry Mason mystery. (The one I'm still quibbling about. Now I'm concerned I may lose some of my audience if I do the happier, albeit crazier, ending. And yes, I know the author should be happy first and foremost, but I won't be happy if I lose my audience, either.)

Lullaby of Silence, my three-way crossover with Perry, The Monkees, and Kolchak.

And a Kolchak oneshot concerning a mysterious, healing cloth.

EDIT: And of course, To Blossom As the Rose, the FF7 crossover with the two Westerns. I haven't forgotten about it. I know what should happen next chapter; the problem is fitting it in amid all my other projects.

Do you ever think your OTP will reach a happy ending?
My current OTP ... Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold and Belle from Once Upon a Time ... yes, I certainly hope they will. The whole point is to bring back the happy endings, and they deserve one, too.

If you ever had to kill one of them off, who would you choose and why?
Why would I want to do that? Gah, they've been going through enough already.

... Although, I can't deny that I really hope that in the climax, Mr. Gold will be seriously injured stopping Regina/saving Belle, and then Belle will have to make like her animated counterpart and save his life with her true love.

Will your OTP ever have kids?
... That would be interesting, wouldn't it.

What do you see them doing post-canon?
I want them to stay in Storybrooke, as I've seen some post-canon stories portray. I think they have a better chance for happiness there than in fairytale land. Actually, it seems like that's the case for quite a few characters.

(Plus, I really really love Mr. Gold's character design and personality.)

If a character has multiple 'appearances', which one(s) do you use in fic?
The one I like best, baby. The question should really be, what if I like elements of multiple versions?

For Perry, I will always write about the classic TV series. No ifs, ands, or buts. The characterization is incredible and develops in ways it never did in other versions.

Sailor Moon is what I have a problem with. I think the good guys are better in the manga and the bad guys are better in the anime. The girls spend way too much time cooing over guys in the anime. And Rei is so mean, oh gosh. I've really come to love Sailor Jupiter and appreciate her awesomeness, but it's so annoying when she suddenly goes squeeing after yet another guy who reminds her of her old flame.

I just don't think I can bring my conflicting feelings on the different versions of Sailor Moon together, since it requires either abandoning one element or the other, or else smooshing everything together. I do the latter for YGO, but it's different since I really only like a couple of things better in the manga and can easily insert them into anime canon. For Sailor Moon, the problem is much broader and I just don't know how to deal with it. I don't think I will ever really be able to write for Sailor Moon because of it. I just can't decide how to unite what I like about the different verses. And since the fanfic category is pretty much dead anyway, I'd rather concentrate on current projects.

How do characters sound in your head?
Like they should. Perry is Raymond Burr's voice, Hamilton is William Talman's, etc. etc. (Unless I've been watching too much of something else and when I try to concentrate, someone else's voice is in my head, i.e., hearing Robert Carlyle's voice for Hamilton when I'm trying to channel William. Gah.)

Have you ever written/wanted to write crack fic (e.g. singing in a karaoke bar) for your fandoms?
No. Not unless everyone is in character. What's funny about it if it could be absolutely anyone? It's only funny if you can recognize the voices and personalities of the characters and you're watching them react to silly situations.
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Well, I never did actually end up crying about Davy, but I was very badly rattled. I don't think I even realized how much until Thursday morning when I realized I didn't have the heart to write anything and projects were stacking up.

One such project was a post on my Perry blog. I strongly considered not posting at all, yet in another way I wanted to, to mention Davy's passing. So I cobbled together a short post on one of the topics that had been milling through my head. But you can tell I was upset, especially at the beginning and end. It probably looks awful.

I watched several Monkees episodes and plan to watch more in a day or two. The Prince and the Paupers was particularly melancholy, for some reason. But I loved watching it and the others; I had a good laugh.

And oddly enough, that mystery/horror crossover story with Kolchak from last year decided to wake up again at last. I didn't have the heart to work on my Perry chapter on Thursday, but then I got going on Lullaby of Silence again. I already had a few pages done of the next installment, and somehow I was able to breeze through and get the rest of it done. With the Monkees category on, I was able to post it in the Crossovers section. I'm also crossing it with Perry Mason. It works out too perfect, since The Monkees and Perry both take place in L.A. County. (Kolchak is visiting from Chicago, since I'm not following the Moonstone canon of moving him to L.A.) Pity I can only list two crossover categories on

I tweaked the prologue slightly before uploading, so that a Monkee would be present in it. I figured that would be better, since I'm venturing into mostly new territory and these people aren't so familiar with my fascination for Tony Ferano (yet). I just finished uploading The Return of Baby Face Morales to, so I need to get going on its sequel. But Lullaby could really be read without having read those fics; there's just a slight reference here and there.

Lullaby is here:

And I did finally get my Perry chapter done, too. There's a very intense scene with Jerry and his stalker. Now I have to hurry and finish fixing up a oneshot due on Wednesday and hopefully start writing a Kolchak oneshot I got the inspiration for.
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Davy Jones is dead, of a heart attack at 66.

That is way too young to die. I thought we'd have all the Monkees with us for a long time yet.

I'm in shock from the news, but as it's really sinking in I'm getting sad. I'll probably be crying later and watching Monkees episodes. I wonder if Antenna TV will do some kind of tribute with Davy episodes this weekend.

And eerily, I was listening to a Monkees song Davy sang lead on just as I was discovering the news.

EDIT: This Yahoo article wasn't the first I read, but I like it the best. The tributes by the other Monkees at the end are very poignant. I am very close to crying now.


Feb. 19th, 2012 01:28 am
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I've only written one entry here this month. But I've been very busy with other writing, including the [ profile] 31_days vignettes I was doing. I have them done now, which gives me a bit more time to hopefully work on some of the other projects, such as that Wild Wild West fic I finally felt ready to start. I loved doing the vignettes, though. I feel a bit sad they're done. Who knows, maybe next month will have another awesome series of prompts and I'll do it again.

This entry will be mostly fanfic ramblings, but I want to insert here that we're getting the Miles Edgeworth manga starting in May! I'm so excited. I hope it doesn't take place in the Apollo Justice timeline, though. It's just so discouraging to think about what happened to Phoenix there. Miles and Phoenix are meant to be courtroom rivals. Changing that is sacrilege, like setting Perry up against a regular rival other than Hamilton would be.

And we're also getting the Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga! I think it's the one that adapts the anime. I hope they don't drastically change things. When an anime series comes before a manga, the anime is almost always better. (Although I usually think an anime is better even when the manga comes first, haha.) If the manga keeps track of the story well, I'll probably buy it. Especially since I don't know if/when I'll buy the anime.

And has a Monkees category again! This is very big news. I thought we'd never have one again. I asked in the past why couldn't there be one in the TV Shows category, since that would be for fictional and not real people, but I don't recall ever receiving an answer. I plan to post all of my semi-recent stories (from six years ago on up), but I do not intend to re-post the original Monkees fics I did when we had a category before. Those look pretty terrible now. I may leave old fics on that are already there, but I'd be mortified to deliberately put up old fics in this day and age. Anyway, anyone who wants to read those can still drop in at my Monkees website.

At the new category I've been posting my latest revision of The Return of Baby Face Morales, which I fixed up a year ago. People are reading, but there's no reviews. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother posting on with no reviews. But since this is an old fic and I have got reviews in the past, and I'm trying to build up a brand new category, I figure I'll keep at it for a while. Maybe if I'm persistent I can get some more activity going in the category and eventually some reviews.

This will hopefully force me to finish my revision of the sequel, too. I stopped on it last April when I was writing Kolchak, I think.

Which reminds me of the Kolchak fic I stalled on many moons ago. There were reasons for that. One was that I couldn't find out what happened to the giant worm-things that had become my inspiration for the worms in the story. No one would tell me and Googling did nothing for me. And I forgot to look for the book the handful of times I was in a bookstore. Without knowing what happened to those worms or how the people got away, I couldn't figure out how the worms in the story should be defeated.

Another problem was that I wasn't sure I really wanted to write about Chicago being decimated by a bunch of giant worms. But I couldn't seem to find anything else scary enough that's supposed to be able to cause amnesia. I wanted something existing (well, existing in someone else's fiction/myth/legend), rather than for me to make something up. Fairies ... just didn't seem to cut it.

A third problem was that I was having a hard time keeping the story going. I kept wanting to prematurely have the scene with Kolchak and Tony meeting up in Wal-Mart. There just wasn't enough material to keep the story afloat for long.

So in the end I threw up my hands and wondered what on earth I was to do with it. I still wonder. I'd still be very interested in writing Kolchak, if I had a decent plot.

I would also be very interested in finishing that West Side Story fic about Schrank and the kids he was mentoring, if I could get back on the ball. I open it sometimes and blankly stare at it. Even knowing where the plot was going doesn't help me figure out how to write the rest of the chapter. It's rather exasperating and frustrating.

On the Perry front again, I just got up chapter 6 of the current mystery. Jerry's stalker finally has a large speaking part (although he had a scene last chapter too). I'm a little concerned about keeping this plot rolling, as well. But I think I'll be able to make it. I do know more or less what's supposed to happen, and two of the plot twists have been thrown into the mix now. Also, since I have a timeline, one of the sub-plots is how some of the characters are still trying to heal from the previous venture, The Case of the Broken Ties. So that's interesting. I'm glad I didn't make things a quick fix, with everything hunky-dory for everyone at the end. All things considered, I don't think I could have done that and felt good about it. Things take time to get over. And some of the characters were pretty devastated.

Fanfic Meme

Jan. 1st, 2012 11:43 am
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I decided to try using my Dreamwidth account for something and posted that fanfic meme that's been going around.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 12:39 am
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I have made a new blog post. This one continues a previous discussion, but can stand on its own and is largely new information on the topic (dissection of Perry Mason's formulaic approach and what it meant for Hamilton Burger).

A few minutes ago (just as the clock was winding down on Saturday) I purchased another movie in which William Talman has a large role as a good guy: One Minute to Zero. I wasn't going to buy it until after I go out to the stores on Monday, but I changed my mind when I saw the price had been upped in the Amazon Marketplace. The price was still the same on the same store's eBay branch, so I decided I'd better buy it before they changed the price there, too. William's character, unfortunately, dies at the end, but I still want the film when he has such a large presence in it and is a good guy. Eventually I want to buy The Racket, too. I've seen it, though, and I haven't seen One Minute to Zero (albeit I know what it's about).

I really love having been born at this time of the year. Autumn is probably my favorite season, with the changing leaves, shorter days, and cooler temperatures. It's also time to start thinking about creepy things, with Halloween right around the corner. And my church's general conference, in which the leaders give inspirational talks on religious/spiritual subjects to the members, always falls right around my birthday. This year it was yesterday and will be today. And then my birthday is Monday, so for me it's like an extended weekend of awesomeness. There's a special feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air. As with Christmas, the anticipation is often times more fun than the actual arrival of the day, since that marks the end of it all.

I remember one October, I believe in 2000, when the whole month was especially neat. Some close relatives had given my brother and me some money that we divided between us. I had so much fun getting things throughout the month that I wanted, such as a book about The Beatles old cartoon series, a book on The Monkees, and a Beatles poster. I picked up some Monkees CDs, too. And some other things. I remember I bought The Beatles' album A Hard Day's Night for JP for his birthday that year. (It was either a belated gift or else I had the money some time before October.) Also, I think that was the same year I formatted a book for someone and I got money from that, too!

I always look forward to my birthday shopping spree. Sometimes, especially of late, they're more window-shopping than anything else. But it's still so much fun. I have some things in mind that I want to look up this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least a couple of them. And this year I'll want to get back in time for Perry; we've moved into season 5 on weekdays, it's awesome so far, and Mr. Burger is a regular cast member again. Good stuff.

As a random note: the opening for seasons 4/5 is one of the strongest memories I have from years earlier. That opening is, I think, the most epic and intriguing. I always thought so. But since Perry is the only character actually shown, my favorite theme is from seasons 2/3, with everyone present. Season 1's theme showed everyone too, but they superimposed the cast list on top of everyone so you couldn't see them. That was ridiculous. In seasons 2/3, the names are placed under every person, so they are easily identified and you can clearly see them.

I think I'll do a blog entry on the openings, maybe next week. I'm trying to get an entry up there at least once a week.

As a final note on the openings, it was in the latter third of season 3 when they altered it so Perry was the only character shown. They did that during that disaster with William Talman. What I don't quite understand is why they didn't put it back with everyone present after William was restored to his position. The only reason I can think of is that William's name still disappeared every time he was absent from an episode. Also, it was season 5 when they brought in Andy to lighten Ray Collins' load, and maybe him appearing less was another factor in keeping the openings the way they were, only showing Perry.

It's kind of sad that things never did fully go back to normal when William returned, since Ray Collins then was around less and less. One more reason why season 2 is just about my absolute favorite season. But season 6 is high on my list too. I have nothing against Andy, Ray Collins was still there sometimes in 6, and Perry and Mr. Burger are very obviously close friends by that point.


May. 1st, 2011 12:35 pm
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The first draft of the fic inspired by Kaze's prompt is done! I'll probably need to do a lot of work with it before it's ready for posting, but still, I'm thrilled. I really love how it looks!

And I need to decide whether I should split it up. It's a big one, nearly 10,000 words. I've easily posted oneshots that length before, but I always wonder if it bowls people over and if I shouldn't do it. I really hate splitting fics up if they aren't meant to be split, but if it turns people off if I don't, I probably should.

Today I had what I believe is my first Highway Patrol dream. I was writing a fic for the show in it and I was also watching the show. In real-life, I haven't ever written for it, but I did tweak a policeman's cameo in Will the Real Baby Face Please Stand Up? to be Dan Mathews, once I saw that it sounded like him.

Dan is the only regular character all the way through, but I've taken notice of one of the others who's fairly regular. The actor is William Boyett of Adam-12 fame, and he played Officer Johnson in the early seasons and Sergeant Williams later on. I was thinking I'd read he was only in twelve episodes as that character, and I was feeling sad thinking of him leaving, but I saw that I'd been mistaken. He's in 64 episodes throughout the entire show and he's there at the end. That pleases me; he's become a familiar, welcome face and I didn't want to say goodbye to his characters. If I ever do write for the show, he'll be there as well as Dan.

The only other exposure I've had to writing for Highway Patrol, more or less, is that at some points of writing for Lieutenant Schrank I wasn't sure whether I was channeling him or Dan Mathews into the fic. Dan is also a tough and gruff policeman, but he isn't as jaded as Schrank is. Sometimes I was hearing his voice in my head as I wrote and read over what I'd written. I had to go watch Schrank's scenes to hear Simon Oakland instead.

The first season of Highway Patrol is on Hulu. It's an awesome show; my favorite detective/crime series. And I talk about the show enough that I think it needs its own tag.
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I have the first draft of the Kolchak/YGO crossover done. I may add some more things and tinker around with it before I put the other chapters up. I'm not sure if I think it needs to be longer or not. On the one hand, maybe, but on the other, I don't want to stretch it thin and I can't really think of much else that's necessary.

Yesterday morning I got to a scene I've been looking forward to ever since I decided what the twist should be. And I was supremely thrilled with the results. Sometimes scenes fall short of what I have in my mind, but this one met all my hopes and exceeded them! I am so anxious to share it. It's about the middle scene of chapter 6. Whatever complaints I may have about some of Moonstone's stories, I do think they're amazing at characterization and they do a fantastic job of portraying Kolchak's reactions to situations that really tried him as the TV show never did. My Kolchak in that scene of my fic is, I think, a lot like Moonstone's. Although I can't know for sure until I have that graphic novel to read all the way through. I've only seen some preview pages and read some summaries of part of it.

Other plunnies include a short oneshot involving the Chicago police force. It's interesting, how in several episodes it seems that deep down, they do believe Kolchak---they're just not going to let it get out. The Zombie episode is a prime example, and there were a few others.

And then either before I fell asleep or while I was asleep (i.e., dreaming) a weird scenario went through my mind of the aftermath of a situation where Kolchak was killed by one of the monsters. (He killed it too.) Tony was called by the police to come to the scene. It was really sad and heartbreaking!

Later on I started thinking and wondering if it should be a fic, probably with a near-death experience. I've been toying with the idea a bit since then. I envisioned the denizens of Hell out to get Kolchak because of how he's always out to stop any evil plans of theirs that he stumbles upon. The residents of Heaven, on the other hand, are trying to protect Kolchak and either get him there or send him back. (I always wished the Darkwing episode Dead Duck would have delved into that angle more. The devil didn't make a good case against Darkwing when he really could have, citing Darkwing's arrogance and vanity and love of fame.) I imagine the devil trying to make a case against Kolchak in the fic, citing how he's bent the law a bit to further his investigations into the weird mysteries. (Which on the one hand I can't say I condone, but on the other hand, no one's letting him get anywhere, so how else is he to do it? It is for the greater good, at least.)

... And ten to one, if I do it, the devil is going to be Mr. Zero.

Of course, by the end Kolchak is sent back, probably scaring poor Tony half out of his mind.

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