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I haven't spent much time posting lately. I've been so busy writing things that for the most part, if I want to say something that I might ordinarily say here, I say it one-on-one to someone instead.

I've been working on the next Turtles fic, which is a light-hearted oneshot. I found it difficult to go from a more serious tone in the multi-chapter to a lighter tone in the succeeding fic and not have it look strange or mismatched, but after I fleshed some things out it looked better and flowed better with the multi-chapter. One problem with lighter ones is that it's harder for character introspection and development, so it's a challenge finding ways to work that in. I really want the stories to be like seasons 3/4, although they will definitely dip into season 7-ish territory sometimes.

I've been tinkering with a website to talk about my Turtles verse, the proposed "episode" ideas, and other things. I wrote a long essay on why I think 1987 Baxter should be able to be redeemed and I'm quite pleased with it. The site isn't live yet, although I've given a couple of people the link to examine assorted things on it.

I finally started that fic I wanted to do detailing Illya being haunted by Mr. Ecks. So far I have two vignettes done and at least two or three others planned. I don't want the story to wear out its welcome, but with a character-developing series of vignettes, it could technically go on and on. I shouldn't have it get too long, though, or it might be harder to align it with later fics in the timeline.

I've also got the WWW fic going again. I'm going back and forth among all of these fics and also hope to work more on Ginger and Lou fics and that Real Ghostbusters fic. (And that Equestria Girls idea I still haven't started.) It's definitely nice to be able to flip from one fandom to another, writing-wise.

I saw some pieces of the new Equestria Girls movie. Honestly, I love Sunset Shimmer more with each film. She and Twilight are definitely the best things about them. From what I saw, though, my fears about this film feeling like Winx Club were not far-fetched. I want to see this film in whole, and I'll probably buy it, but I don't think I'll re-watch it much. I do not like that it looks like Spoiler )

Had a wonderful birthday! I was very touched by all the warm wishes through here and Facebook and other places. Got some lovely gifts, with some belated ones still on the way. And the shopping spree went swimmingly, better than it has a lot of times. I found some things I wanted and some surprises and it was delightful to have money to get them. Somehow I managed to collect a pretty good amount of money for the shopping spree just in the month of September. Usually I start saving in the summer months, but that didn't happen too much this year because of surprise sales and clearances.

I had intended to get a Fashion Style Pony, but while I love them dearly, I still can't seem to justify paying $15 for one of them when it comes right down to it. Sigh. I want a sale. Meanwhile, I found Indigo Zap on clearance for $4.98. Yessss! I am sad that apparently I missed other things clearancing at Toys R Us, but at least I grabbed something before they were all gone.

I also found volume 7 of The Real Ghostbusters for $9.99. The standard price is $14.99, so I wasn't passing that up. I didn't think I'd find it at Toys R Us, but it was an idle hope, and then there it was. I got it mainly for the Egon's Ghost episode, and thankfully, this time I was not disappointed! It was sooo good. So intense and so much friendship squee! Unfortunately, another episode I'd wanted, Slimer, Is That You? turned up in the re-dubbed version with Dave Coulier as Peter and Kath Soucie as Janine. I love Kath's work, but not as Janine. And Dave Coulier was absolutely teeth-grinding. The Time-Life version has the original voice actors for that episode, so now I have one more reason to try to get hold of some of those older DVD sets. It was a really fun episode and I want to hear it with Lorenzo Music and Laura Summer.

At Target, I found season 1 of TMNT 1987, which thrilled me. Wal-Mart doesn't have it anymore and Amazon upped the price, but Target was only charging a few cents more than Wal-Mart had had it. Now I have all the human Baxter episodes. I've watched his season 1 episode twice on YouTube in the past. When comparing it with season 2, it is pretty heartbreaking to see how much he cracked.

Also at Target, I discovered that Tracey West is still active in the kids' anime scene and she has written a YGO anime guide. I have no idea why they put that out this year, unless it's to prepare newcomers for the movie. But it was great! I longed for something like that when the show was airing. Oh, there were some things kind of like that, but I didn't like them as much as I liked this one. And it covered all seasons and characters. I probably shouldn't have, since it was just basic information that a diehard fan would already know, but I couldn't resist and it had to come home with me. I feel like a kid again, going through it.

I bought season 4 of TMNT 1987 at Wal-Mart. I also wanted volume 2 of Miraculous Ladybug, but they apparently sold out after finally getting some in. Sigh. I should have bought it at Target. But oh well; I'm sure there will be other chances for it.

(Oh! Oh! Speaking of Ladybug, I saw a doll giftset at Toys R us with her and Cat Noir! Squeeee. Naturally it was $30, so I am hoping for a Christmas sale. I must have it.)

Between my purchases and gifts, I now have all 1987 Turtles seasons except 9 and 10! I'm less interested in them, since they're darker and someone else takes center stage as the villain, but I'll probably try to get them sometime for completeness' sake.

I made one other purchase that night: another plushie base at Jo-Ann's. As much as I hate sewing, I absolutely love being able to create the characters I want in a couple of weeks instead of commissioning someone for a lot more money and waiting several months for the product. Now I just need to decide whether I'm going to use this plushie base to make Snakes, 1987 Baxter, or a Richard character (probably Steve Drumm). I want to make all of them, so it's mostly a matter of which one first. I kind of lean towards Baxter. It would be a fun challenge working out the hair and the glasses. It's making the clothes that drives me up the wall for any plushie. I shouldn't start any new one until I've finished Barry's shirt and made Mike's jacket, but uggh, I keep dreading working in silk with Barry's shirt. And I hate sewing in sleeves in general. Definitely the most maddening part.

I have an Amazon gift card and I'm having my usual debate on what to buy/when to use it. I could get $25 worth of books, as there are some I want, and then maybe get one other thing to go with them. Or I could bite the bullet and do a splurge and add $29 in cash to my $20 gift card. Ultimately, I'd rather wait until I can get another gift card, but by that time, some of the stuff will have probably changed prices. Uggggh. I hate so much that Amazon changed the rules for free shipping. $49 for free shipping is just outrageous! The only other way to get it (without getting Prime) is $25 worth of books and anything else ships free with them.

Then I have my usual dilemma of what to be for Halloween. Every possibility seems to fall through. I wanted to try being a Ghostbuster, but I can't fit into Mom's (non-Ghostbuster) jumpsuit and I'm not crazy about the idea of spending a lot of money on an official costume. Even if I wanted to try that, I can't find any women's costumes (which is weird, considering the new movie had women Ghostbusters) and the men's ones only turn up in sizes too big. I've also considered either a Turtle or April O'Neil. For April, I'd base her mostly on Megan Fox's April because of the hair, and then she has the classic yellow of the 1987 cartoon April. I have yellow tops, but no yellow trousers. Sigh. For a Turtle, green clothes would be good. I do have green pants, and I could probably dig up some kind of green top. Then I could buy a Turtle shell at Dollar Tree and a blue mask/headband thing and whee. A cheap ghetto thing, but good enough for a church Halloween party.

I've also considered trying to dress up in Ghostbuster Abby's casual clothes, since I probably could find stuff around here that looks somewhat like what she wore. Abby wasn't at all my favorite in the movie, although I warmed up to her before the film was over. But she is the one I could pass myself off as the easiest.

Today I even had the thought of wearing my long green coat, my fedora, and my sunglasses, and saying I'm a random spy/secret agent/whatever. Heh.

Most likely, I'll go with ghetto Turtle. But Dollar Tree was out of blue headband things this past night. Sigh. Hopefully they'll restock.


Aug. 21st, 2016 03:05 am
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More Ghostbusters pondering. I definitely think Peter is in the right when he's upset that Slimer has eaten all the food and doesn't think about the others enough to leave any for them, even when he promises he will. But on the other hand, I think Peter goes too far at other times. It's fine if he and Slimer just want to tease each other, but he actually got Slimer scared in Adventures in Slime and Space and that's definitely what caused the whole problem. It was frustrating that Peter kept wanting to leave and didn't acknowledge his part in what went wrong. Actually, I don't think anyone acknowledged it. Typical of some cartoons, but some others do acknowledge in the scripts when a character has caused something to be set in motion. (And to be fair to the show, they did acknowledge when Peter perhaps went too far in Slimer, Come Home, although that was an occasion where I thought there was definitely reason to be angry.)

Since Adventures in Slime and Space sounded like it had so much promise from the initial summary and then was a let-down, it's tempting to write my own version of it with some things a little different. Slimer would probably run into a cloning machine or a machine that malfunctioned into being a cloning machine, instead of a disintegration machine, because that is too creepy as heck. And there would be some acknowledgement that Peter shouldn't have terrorized Slimer that much, either from Peter himself or from the others. And I think there'd be more detail of how to turn Slimer back from being evil, because that was too glossed over and that was the most interesting part of the episode.

Of course, I don't know that I ever actually would write it. And I'd like to have a better copy of the episode that I could refer to some more before I'd try. Sigh. Someone finally replied to my thread and they found some of the discs still at their Wal-Mart, but theirs didn't have the episode either. I am so bewildered as to why mine did, and so frustrated that they stopped having them right when I would have bought it there despite the higher price....

I also still kind of want one of the Slimer plushies, which are still there. The little ones seem too much for the price ($10, I think), but every time I see them, they look bigger than I remember them as being and the price doesn't seem so bad. And they're really soft! They have a really big talking one that's only $5 more, though. But Dad would probably hit the ceiling if he saw that, LOL. The small one would be much more inconspicuous. Yet the bigger one seems like a far better deal. And I know I really shouldn't get either one of them right now. I should keep the money for DVDs. And then there's a Build-a-Bear coupon I was hoping I could use. They have a Slimer too, but the coupon wouldn't work for that. And actually, I think the ones Wal-Mart carries look more accurate.

And really, I shouldn't spend any money for fun stuff other than perhaps using the coupon. I need to be saving so that I'll be able to do fun things on my birthday. It won't be long now. Sometimes I start saving for that in July.


Oct. 18th, 2015 03:17 am
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Every time I think about the fact that I need to sit down and write an entry, I think, "But I have so many other things I need to do that need doing more!" And then things drag on and on until everything I need to write about has piled up so much I wonder how to ever get it done at all. That's why I barely write in my offline journal, which isn't a good thing.

Basically, birthday shopping trip ended up happening the day before, due to a $12 off coupon that expired on Saturday, and then Dad insisted we had to go to a place he wanted to go to or he wouldn't go at all, and they weren't open on Saturday. We didn't end up making it there anyway, and luckily he didn't really mean what he said and he let us go just for a fun birthday time.

I didn't end up getting the doll two-pack, as I couldn't find it for less than full price and I ended up having other things I wanted to make sure I had money for. But I'm still longing to get that. Gazed at it longingly in K-Mart last week. Maybe soon. I also still really want the Applejack archery doll. I just adore her; she's so autumny! And ever since I realized how much I really am like Applejack, I've felt much more of a kinship with her and like her a lot more (although she was already on the rise of my favorites before that).

I got DJ at Build-a-Bear, after an exceptionally long struggle over whether to get her or the cat/tiger I like. I could have got both, actually, with the 2 for $35 sale and the coupon both, but I had other places to go and didn't really want to spend all my available money in one locale. I also noted that the Halloween bat plushie has extremely soft fur, and even though I didn't think I'd want a bat plushie, I really kind of liked that bat and I wonder if I might want to get it sometime this month. I still have my birthday coupon, which couldn't be combined with the $12 off coupon. It's good through the month.

I saw some cat plushies at Toys R Us I absolutely adored, especially a Maine Coon! It's been years since I've seen cat plushies other than tabbies or whites. It was too expensive; $20 for a size that would have cost maybe $12 years ago, but it is an FAO Schwartz plushie, so very high quality. I might have to get it sometime. It was gray and had green eyes, so I'd kind of like it to represent Jane the Silver Persian.

I also had a Jo-Ann's coupon, so I decided I'd go there and look for plushies that might work for Sean and Barry. I only found one that I thought might work, so I got that for Sean and then got some material at Wal-Mart. I immediately began crafting the next day. Unfortunately, I had the wrong yarn color, so I had to wait until Monday to work with that, but I did get the ears and the brown part of the hair done. I just had to use my leftover muslin for the ears (and I think I might still be able to get one more pair out of the piece!) and leftover mohair from the Hamilton plush. I wish it was longer and curlier, but it's okay at least for now. I also started the blue shirt.

I puzzled for ages on how to attach the yarn and worried that I'd have to seal it with an open flame. Then someone at the craft comm presented a solution so simple I could hardly believe I hadn't thought of it: take a piece of yarn twice as long, twist it, and sew it down on the loop. That also saves time, as two braids get attached at once!

On Monday I searched and searched and couldn't find yarn in exactly the right color, but I found something that I hoped was close enough. I also got black fabric for the pants then. I wanted a light pink for the tie, but couldn't find any in the right material. Later I found a strip of light pink in exactly the right color that I had at home from my Rouge costume. I'd forgotten I'd bought that! I decided hot pink worked better for her and didn't use the light pink. I thought it would never get used. But it was exactly the length I needed for the tie! I was thrilled.

I also wanted Sharpie to make the face. I had to borrow a friend's brown Sharpie before, to make Lou, but I felt I should have my own, especially since I keep wanting to make these every now and then and I will be making at least one more (Barry). And I didn't really want to wait several days until I could maybe get my friend's again. Plus I needed a new black marker anyway. It frustrates me that I can only get brown in a set, but when I found a set for only $4 something after think it cost $6 something or even $8 something, I was over the moon enough that I picked that up too. I like making the face right away, as that brings the plushie to life for me.

I wanted elastic for suspenders, but I could never find any in the right color. The elastic was patterned, what the heck. No solid colors! Then I thought of bias tape, but I was low on funds and wasn't sure I wanted to pay for that. I thought maybe I could use leftover black cotton from the pants. It would take longer, since I'd have to do more sewing to use that, but I decided it would be worth it to save a little money.

Long story short, everything came together. The face shape wasn't quite right, as I knew it wouldn't be, but I really tried my best. The things I am most proud of are the yarn, the suspenders, and the fedora hat. I wasn't going to make one of those, especially when I couldn't find a decent tutorial, but then Wal-Mart had felt in exactly the right color and I thought maybe I'd give it a go and try to make it from common sense. And honestly, that worked! It looks really good. The only thing I haven't been able to do is dent it like a proper fedora. Still considering ways to do that.

I'll try to get pictures soon, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to, as we don't have a working digital camera and we rarely develop film. And my Twilight costume is not working out (can't find the right wig anywhere and now I'm broke after buying the third Equestria Girls movie, but that's okay; I'd rather have something I'll enjoy many times than something I'll likely only wear a couple of times), so I'll probably have to do something ghetto. I am determined to be a Twilight, but instead of Pony Twilight turned human, I'll probably have to be Pony Twilight as Pony. I have a purple sports suit I can wear, and maybe I can make construction paper ears and bangs/fringe. I'll still paint her symbol on my cheek. But the costume will be so simple, I don't know if I'll want pictures of it. Maybe I'll just use it for the girls' party next week and try to do something different on Halloween.

Anyway, maybe I can take Sean to the party and have one of the other leaders take a couple of pictures of him with her phone. If I don't do that (and maybe I'd rather not, since I don't know what kind of treatment he might get from the well-meaning but hyper girls), then I'll have to find a chance to get some film and take pictures the old-fashioned way. Gah, it makes me cringe that it costs $10 to develop one roll of film these days....

Let's see.... Other projects.... I'm planning the party and I'm trying to think of fun, harmless Halloween songs for it. (I am heartbroken that I likely can't use my favorite Halloween song, Zombie Jamboree, unless I use Kevin's version and I don't care for his version with the zombies falling apart humor in the bridge. I like Sean's versions much better, but a song that goes "I don't give a damn" at a church party for 8-11 year-olds ... yeaaah, not a good idea.) So I listened to Halloween songs on YouTube the other night. When I played Ghostbusters, I got this image of making a music video with pictures from my Ginger and Lou comic and other pictures I could draw that would have them fighting the supernatural. LOL. Of course, no one would even care about that other than me, and I'd probably get a lot of thumbs-down and "WTH is this" if I posted it on YouTube, but the idea really amuses me. Ginger and Lou end up as ghostbusters in my stories very often, sometimes because I'm writing creepy Halloween fics and sometimes because the prompts take me in that direction and sometimes because it just plain amuses me.

I'm looking for a wig for the Barry doll and am annoyed that I'm getting lots of listings for wigs in fancy styles. I can't find one simple brown wig with hair long enough to pull back into a ponytail. (I want the season 1 look; I love that thick ponytail!) There must be one somewhere; I'll keep looking. This trouble definitely makes me amazed that I found exactly the right wig for Ginger, and so easily.

Also wondering if I'll be able to find green fabric for his shirt. I think sometimes he wore light blue, but since I opted to give Sean blue and asked for Haruka Kou to make Scott with a blue shirt, I'd rather not have Barry wear blue too. But I'm worried that I'll only be able to find forest green and that is totally the wrong color. Maybe I'll have to review the colors Barry wore in only season 1 and pick one of those. I really wanted green, though, like the dark green he wore in the full-length Zombie Jamboree performance and in some of the other season 1 and beyond episodes.

Crystal and I have been having fun breathing new life into our steady RP ever since Crystal's enthusiasm started us on a second Carmen renaissance, and we just did a powerful and poignant arc based on The Hardy Boys episode Sole Survivor. Part of me really wants to make a fic version of it. The other part isn't sure I'd be comfortable with that. But I'm going to attempt it and see if I like what starts coming out. Naturally, as with all my fic versions of RPs, some things would be changed. I'd try to patch up a couple of small plotholes, for one thing. And I really want Snakes to be involved, since he was key in the RP, but since his association with the guys is different in the fics, his involvement would be different too. I'm already planning how to work him in.

I also need to finish A Change in My Life, I know. I have chapter 9 started. And I'm almost done with the Perry fic! Just the epilogue to go, squeeee. Then I'm slightly considering a story in three or four parts with Della and Sergeant Brice and maybe Andy puzzling over the mystery I sent them and the others on three years ago in a disturbing place called the Twilight House, based on recurring houses from my dreams. I always meant to return to that storyline, but didn't have the chance. If I could do it at Halloweentime, it would be perfect.


Sep. 30th, 2015 01:01 am
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So we need new curtains for a window. Drapes were being used, but one of the @#*&^#&^ mice climbed them and that's how a lot of the chaos happened last month. And we can't find any curtains in the right size! It's ridiculous! And searching for the right size just ends up giving me reversed dimensions! It's like nothing can comprehend 72 inches wide instead of 72 inches long!

Also, shower curtains are apparently no longer sealed up unless they're fabric. WTH? It's very annoying to want a new shower curtain and only have exposed ones to choose from. We had a mold calamity in the bathroom because condensation formed like whoa while the doors were being kept shut to keep mice out and while door sweeps cut off the circulation. I'm still trying to get all the mold off. The curtain was not salvageable.

And my aunt sent a birthday package and it arrived literally torn open all along the middle! We're not sure if all of the presents inside are still there or if something fell out or was taken out, since of course we don't know all of what was included in the package. We are going to be complaining to the post office either way, though; this is preposterous!

And now I have pain. I'm grateful I won't have to deal with it on my birthday, but this isn't a convenient time, either. I won't be able to do much to help with cleaning projects this week.

While we were out looking for housewares things (and presents for a couple of people whose birthdays are today, the 30th), I sort of decided to make a preliminary run of those stores and determine whether to visit any of them on my birthday. No big surprise, but I couldn't locate many of the things I wanted. I did see the two-pack with Flash Sentry and naturally human Twilight Sparkle at K-Mart, however, so if I can't find it a little cheaper at Toys R Us or Target (or if I can't find it at all), I will probably buy it full-price at K-Mart. I hope they'll still have it in a few days, if the other stores don't have any; there was only one there. I was glad to see it; it was mostly a wearying time of not being able to find things.

K-Mart also had the first decent purple wig I've seen for the Twilight costume, but it's not very long. Sigh. But it's the right color and has bangs, so I'll need to consider it.

The main stores I want to visit on my birthday trip will remain the same, probably. And maybe I'll add a party store to the list. It has a lot of Halloween stuff. I don't think we have any actual Halloween stores right now, like we used to. Unless there's one in the mall. We'll have to see.

I'm thinking again of maybe making Rockapella plushies myself, with the JoAnn dolls for Sean and Barry. On Scott, it looks like getting the plushie-makers to make him will work after all, so yay! Pondering on Sean's hair; I had thought of using thin ropes for the braids, but yarn might also work, if I could find it in the right color. I'm wondering how to attach it to the other hair in a way that will make it secure, though. I don't want to just glue it; that seems like the lazy way out and glue can always eventually unstick. I've had it happen. And I worry if I try to sew it, it might slip out under the thread. But there must be some way to do it; I think yarn hair is typically sewn into the seam of doll heads, so I should be able to somehow sew it into/under the other hair without problems. I'm thinking of maybe using mohair for the other hair, but maybe I should get something darker? I know the hair looks darker, but I'm not sure I can find something curlyish that's darker.

If I do decide to do this, I might want to get the JoAnn dolls when I'm out. Something else to think about.

Today is the anniversary of when Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? first aired, too. I'd kind of thought of using one of my blogs to write a tribute, but I don't know if I'll feel up to that any time today.


Sep. 20th, 2015 03:48 am
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Counting down the last couple of weeks until my birthday. Belle is still unopened and by this point I definitely plan to keep her for my birthday. Anticipation is highly mounting and it's fun. The last couple of weeks kind of fly by.

Not to mention, next Saturday is the new Equestria Girls movie. I've been waiting so long for that! I wondered how I'd ever stand waiting the last couple of months. Then the new Carmen renaissance happened and it wasn't miserable waiting at all. I'm so psyched that it airs a week before my birthday. I hope I'll get to see it that night. Since I don't get the channel, I have to rely on YouTube to see Pony stuff.

And the Pony episode this past day was AWESOME. Rarity solved a mystery and it was a detective/noir parody and the detecting scenes were in B&W and Rarity had a fedora and trenchcoat and narrated like it was an old detective show ... ! I am ecstatic. I may have to re-watch this one very soon. I sooo want Rarity as a detective to be a thing. She seems like such an unlikely candidate for a detective, but she was awesome! And she used her knowledge and love of fashion to solve the mystery! Now I want to dress both my Rarity plushies in fedoras and trenchcoats. And I want an icon of Rarity like that, although I don't know where I'd put it. But seriously, so much awesome! That's one of the few episodes without Twilight that I really like. Of course, Rarity is one of my other main favorites.

I was going to make a dream post a couple of days ago and wasn't able to get to it. It has been so hectic this week. I wonder if now I can remember enough details of the dreams to even write down.

I remember my dream redesigned Snakes and gave him longer hair, about like Scott in season 2. It doesn't suit him at all, but it did look very nice in the dream and I woke up kind of wanting to try illustrating it.

There was something weird going on where we were at a mall, I think, and Snakes was with a girlfriend. It wasn't the Chita character I created, but someone else. She wasn't so nice either and she'd done something to make criminals angry. They slipped something into her food and apparently into Snakes' as well, and both of them collapsed unconscious. I think Snakes found out she was a creep first.

Later on there was a dream where we went to a recurring locale that hasn't turned up for a while: a very weird place with aquariums where the fish are huge and can jump out of the aquariums and swim through the air and be held for a little bit. I've been there maybe three or four times in my dreams, so it doesn't recur as much as some other places. It was kind of nice to see it again. So many cute fishies!

The last time I was asleep I had another Once dream. They have definitely been coming with increasing frequency over the past month. I don't know if that's solely because of Belle or if it's also because I sort of wonder if I'll actually be interested in trying the new season. The stuff I've heard about it could make it really good, but I've been burned so much over the last season and a half that I don't know that I dare believe it will be decent. The dream seemed to be about me having watched the first half of the season and being frustrated when the mid-season finale ended with things being left up in the air and the villain biding his time and waiting to do whatever he was going to do, which put Rumpel and Belle in a spot.


Sep. 11th, 2015 08:46 pm
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Neither of the two mice we know are still here have appeared again. This is very concerning. Aurgh, we can't really start cleaning the house until we know they're all gone! There must be some little nook in Dad's room where that mouse is managing to hide. The other one must be holed up in the wall downstairs. UGH!

Belle remains unopened as I try to save her for my birthday. Still three weeks to go. And I have very little hope that the house will be back to normal by then.

I've been planning out my list of stuff to look for on the shopping spree and trying to decide what I want the most (aside from Belle, who would have been at the top if I hadn't wisely decided to get her and not wait). I think that would be the two-pack with naturally human Twilight and Flash Sentry. And now that I'm more into the dolls than I was two years ago and Hasbro has improved so much since then, I think I'd be willing to pay full-price for the set, which would be $30, I believe. I'd rather get it a bit cheaper, but if I see it for $30, I'll probably go ahead and get it. I'm really impressed by both it and the dolls in general lately. I think this new line is the best yet!

The other top thing would be the Sunset Shimmer plush, which I'm starting to lose hope will ever come to this area. I probably should have taken that Arena member up on her offer to get one for me, but I was worried about shipping costs and I was so sure that we would still get her as Fall merchandise came in. That was two months ago and I am no longer sure at all.

I think I'll probably want to go to Toys R Us first to look for the two-pack, but Target might have it too, and they might more likely have a sale than Toys R Us. Well, we'll see what happens. I wish that Funrise would release Sunset Shimmer in other sizes so that other stores might have her. The 10-inch size is a Wal-Mart exclusive. If I actually find her somewhere, it will be such an exciting surprise.

The Perry fic is moving right along. I have four chapters up and I've started on the fifth. It feels so good to write one of these again! And I remember three years ago, one of my reasons for hesitation on the plot was wondering if I could carry a story with Della as the lead. I must have felt like I came to know her much better in the interval, because it's coming together so well now. I feel like I know much better how Della would act, even determining that she would hope to solve Ellena's murder and Ellena would then manipulate Della because of that and end up taking full control of her due to it. (Ugh.) Della is a very compassionate, romantic person, sometimes taking pity on people in canon whom she probably shouldn't. It never seems to come back to bite her in canon, but I have no doubt that sooner or later it would.

I need to write a tribute for Raymond Burr tomorrow; it's the anniversary of his death. I watched a nice documentary tribute to him recently, so I'm planning to talk a bit about that. I also hope to have chapter 5 ready to post sometime that day.

Also, I'm excited! We're planning an activity in October for the girls at church where they can dress up for Halloween. I imagine the leaders will participate too if they want, and I want! That would give me another chance to wear the costume for this year. I'm still vaguely considering Sailor Jupiter, but I think I'd really like to try Twilight. I'd just need to buy a long purple wig and a pink attachable extension piece; I think I could put the rest of the stuff together here. There's a blouse Mom has in pretty much the exact shade of blue that Twilight wears when she comes to the human world. It even ties in front with a scarf/ribbon, although it's blue and not red. And it's long-sleeved instead of short-sleeved. But I want to use that, and then I have a nice dark blue skirt that might work. Twilight has a purple skirt in the movies, but she changes outfits multiple times, so if it looks a little different, that shouldn't be a problem. Then I was planning to paint her Cutie Mark/symbol on my cheek, instead of trying to attach a cloth or paper one to the skirt. The dolls have the symbols on their faces, instead of on their clothes as in the movies. And I might try to buy purple socks.


Sep. 6th, 2015 09:13 pm
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This has been a long week of pain, merchandising dilemmas, and mice.

For almost two years, as I've recorded here off and on, I've been trying to find a Belle doll with removable clothing. I don't know why it's so hard to find her that way when some of the other Disney girls are fairly accessible with more than partially molded clothing. I usually only see Belle with removable clothes in expensive sets. There was one with another girl for $25, and that wasn't too bad for two, so I considered that, but then Wal-Mart stopped selling it before too long. Sigh.

A couple weeks ago, when they got in their new Fall stuff, I actually saw a Belle with removable clothes that was an acceptable price! She's part of a new line, I guess. I struggled with wanting to buy her right then, but my plan was to buy her on my shopping spree on my birthday next month, so I didn't. But then I had a random Once dream on Tuesday and woke up worrying that maybe they'd sell out of her by next month and I wouldn't be able to find her, etc. And I decided to get her that day when we needed to go get some stuff for mouse battle.

Crystal suggested maybe I could refrain from de-boxing her until my birthday, since my original intention had been to get her as a birthday present to myself. I decided maybe I would try that. Then I got her home and kind of wanted to de-box, but I ended up in so much pain almost immediately that I decided not to do anything until that was over. I make a big deal out of de-boxing and love to do it when I can really enjoy it.

So all this week I've gone back and forth on should I or shouldn't I. There's always other things to get on the shopping spree; typically I like to get several things. I don't know how much money I'll be able to gather by then, though, since finding stuff I can write has been slow and I'm still paying off some money I owe my church. And I don't know whether I'll be able to do the shopping spree right on my birthday, since it falls on a Saturday this year and that generally isn't a good day for us to go out. So I thought it would be nice to have Belle here to enjoy de-boxing then, especially if I couldn't get out right on that day.

(I'm also debating whether to do the shopping spree before or after my birthday. Usually if we can't make it on the actual day we do it after, but I don't know if I feel like waiting the whole weekend to do it Monday or Tuesday, so we might do it Friday. Still thinking about that. There's also the high probability that I might be cramping on both Friday and Saturday. Ugh.)

I lean more towards trying to hold out and save her for my birthday, but I don't know if that will work in the long run. Today, when I heard that another mouse was loose in the basement stealing bait, in addition to Mom and Dad hearing weird noises in the living room and not being sure whether it was the mouse in Dad's room with the sound carrying through the wall or whether it was a new living room mouse, my willpower just about broke.

It was such a beautiful day when I got Belle on Tuesday evening; it was September 1st, and since I celebrate meteorological seasons, that was my first day of Fall. I saw leaves all over the ground at the cemetery. It was beautiful. And even though nothing has really changed regarding our problems, it felt so liberating to finally have summer behind us. I want to keep hoping that Fall will be better, even though the logical part of me strongly doubts it.

I did finally solve my Amazon problem; I got Octavia, Vega$, and both season 3 Perry sets, as the prices were way down. I only had to pay $4 in cash after the gift cards paid the rest. The package came yesterday and it was wonderful. It was a little like a mini-birthday, getting all of that. It was a mini-respite from all the horrible things happening in our house right now.

Christopher does have some more screentime in his Vega$ episode than in what I saw on YouTube! I was absolutely thrilled! I must take pictures from that soon; he just looked gorgeous. I swear, he grew more and more handsome the older he got. And his hair! Ohmygosh, that beautiful, thick, fluffy, curling at the ends hair....

I really like that show in general, too; the main character seems to have very high morals and it's just very nice and refreshing to watch. I'm anxious to see the other episodes on the set. I introduced Mom to the show via Joseph's episode last night and she liked it too. And Greg Morris is the police lieutenant in it! I love the friendship between his character and the main character.

And it was so exciting to finally have Octavia! The doll Octavia is with my DJ doll, of course; I love the fanon concept that they are friends in an Odd Couple way, and that's become canon recently. The Pony Octavia is with Sunset Shimmer and some other Pony girls. I need to get the Pony DJ now to go with her. I also have Funrise plushies of them both. Build-a-Bear is making a DJ plushie that will come out this month, and I might buy her, but I hope they'd make Octavia too.

(Ugh, I was looking so forward to Build-a-Bear's Ditzy/Derpy/Bubblecup/Muffins plushie, and now they just make her an online exclusive and randomly up her price by $5 more, for no apparent reason. I am so bummed. I might try to get her anyway, because I really wanted that one. DJ will be in stores, so I'll be able to see her in person before buying. I'm not as sure I'll get her, since I have Funrises of both her and Octavia and I don't know if Build-a-Bear will make Octavia, but DJ has one of my most favorite color schemes ever, white and blue, so I might get her regardless. And I love that Build-a-Bear made a unique, original cape just for her, even though I probably won't buy that.)

I'm thrilled to have season 3 of Perry now, too. There's so many of those I haven't seen uncut before, and the ones I have seen uncut I wanted to own. There's lots of Sergeant Brice in season 3; I remember several episodes where Lieutenant Tragg is teaching him things about investigating. I'm anxious to see those again. Sergeant Brice is adorable!

I finally started writing the necklace Perry story, too. It's going to have the Decadent Dean characters in it and the masquerade ball and Tobin Wade laying low but trying to do what he can to help. I do not excuse the character's action in the episode at all; I think he was probably the biggest slimeball in the series. Or one of the top five, at least. But I have always been curious as to whether he might regret what he did to his friends, since it was heavily implied that he was once a genuine friend. Hence how that LJ blurb happened years ago and why my story is going to feature him now. I hope no one will think I'm trying to excuse him when all I'm trying to do is explore a possibility. And when the story will feature themes of repentance and restitution. I don't know that I will have him and Aaron Stuart being able to fully mend things, though. The LJ blurb is more that way because it was self-indulgent, as many LJ-only things I write are, but I am totally skeptical that they could ever have a friendship again after what Tobin did. I guess I'll see how I feel after I've written the story out. While I usually only have a overarching outline for a story in my mind, I generally do try to plan each chapter in detail as I come to it. I think I know what will be in chapter 3 now, so maybe I'll start writing it soon.

Also, today I had another of those "wandering around a place trying to avoid being found, but in a low-key, no danger way" dreams. Those kind seem to often take place at the church, for some reason. This one did, too. I was trying to avoid being found by some dream "friends" whom I didn't really think of as friends. I wandered through empty classrooms, paused to watch a performance on the stage and try to sneak a few chips from the snack table, and then randomly wandered down to the basement and into a cold room? I was almost caught in the cold room and it turned into a sort of hide-and-seek. I think dreams like that are manifestations of my repressed loves of exploring houses and buildings and playfully hiding from people. That was followed up by another Once dream. I barely think about the show in reality these days, but it keeps entering my dreams. I wonder if I'm going to keep dreaming about it with increasing frequency as long as I'm trying to resist de-boxing Belle before my birthday....

Speaking of Once, though, I also noticed a new line of Disney Prince dolls. I'm kind of excited hoping Prince Adam will be in the line and I can get him and maybe figure out how to touch him up a bit to look like Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin.


Oct. 4th, 2014 09:04 pm
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It ended up being a really nice day after all. Dad was able to find the things I'd asked for, so I got those and some nice surprises, such as a leaf necklace from an aunt. Crystal wrote me a lovely fic and JP's present and card came in time for the day. I received lots of well wishes from people online. And there are other things in the mail now that should come next week, so I have those to look forward to.

I ended up really feeling that the illness had passed and I was just left with post-nasal drip and this blasted lingering cough, so we went out. We didn't make it everywhere I had planned, but I trimmed the list way down and we made it everywhere I especially wanted to go (except we forgot to look in the Halloween store in the second mall, sigh).

Target has apparently eliminated their classic TV shows almost entirely. They used to be the go-to store for cheap Universal releases, but not anymore. Sigh. I was hoping to find some Kojak DVDs. I miss it being on MeTV regularly and the prices are too high at the moment.

But I had a fun time and was thrilled to find that F.Y.E. carries some of the new Sailor Moon plushies by Great Eastern. I'd been debating getting the Chibi Moon one for a while, but I was hoping to see her in person first, and then when I actually saw her in person, and at the same approximate price as Amazon's, I couldn't resist. I seriously adore Chibi Moon and am thrilled to finally have a plushie of her (although I hope in the future to be able to find a bigger one, too).

Then I found a Pony hat at Wal-Mart and decided to get it. I'd already tried to get it at the local Wal-Mart and didn't because it ended up being dirty. Blech. But this one was nice and clean. I can never find a Pony shirt that I can actually fit into, with decent-length sleeves, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and the hat was the same price as the character shirts I usually buy, so it seemed like a good trade. I did see a shirt at Target I might have been able to wear, but it cost $9.99 and that was more than I wanted to pay when it only had one of my special favorites and two others that I don't like as much.

I really don't understand why it seems like girls' shirts always have tiny sleeves these days. It's so annoying! They should have different styles so that everyone can get what they want. The $9.99 one at Target had long sleeves. Maybe if it goes on Clearance later, I'll think about buying it. Another thing I don't like, though, is how thin these shirts tend to be. Shirts in the boys' department have both longer sleeves on the short-sleeve shirts (to the elbow, like they should be) and are generally thicker.

We also went in the Hallmark store and had fun looking at things in there, and the lady knew about Mannix, so we all had a fun little conversation.

One thing I'm a little sad about, though, is that it looks like the lovely store that made custom shirts has closed up. I was actually surprised when they were still there last year. And then it was just in July when I had them make up a shirt with Joe Mannix and Lew Wickersham. But by then, they had a new process and the price had shot way, way up. I had to pay about $24 for the shirt, compared to $14.95 plus tax for the other two! They said the other process was better and made the shirts last longer, but honestly, if you take good care of them, like I do, they last fine with the old process. I think they should have kept both processes and let people pick what they wanted for the price they could afford. I have this feeling that people just couldn't take the more expensive prices and that's why the place folded. Sad.

... Although I also considered maybe they just moved, and after performing a Google search, it looks like they may have done that. I'm getting a listing that's actually closer to me. Yay! I'll have to investigate. I still kind of wanted a shirt with Ginger and Lou, too, although it will probably have to be the last one if I do it.

So yes, the outing was lots of fun. But I was honestly surprised to discover that our local Wal-Mart has the best Halloween selection over the one in the bigger city! Now we need to go to the local Wal-Mart so I can show Mom all the cute decorations, like the knick-knack Halloween shops and eateries and such.


Sep. 30th, 2014 04:09 pm
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Figured out what I wanted from Amazon. I remembered about the Luna plush Aurora made and looked up the current offerings. The last time I looked, there weren't any being fulfilled by Amazon, so she didn't qualify for free shipping. But this time there were some being Amazon-fulfilled, and she only cost a dollar more than she would with tax if I bought her around here. I decided that was what I really wanted most right now, along with the Mannix book. Better to get her with the gift card and save my cash for other things I might find locally.

I like the birthday order from Amazon to be a little unique. So if there's not enough DVDs I want the most that are cheap enough, it makes sense to get something other than a DVD. Maybe my next order can be the Perry set (if only it would be cheap enough again then!) and the Vega$ set.

Now I just hope Amazon packages Luna better than they packaged Shadow or those comic books. I wish they had a box to leave special instructions, like they do on Build-a-Bear's website.

I bought Applejack with my coupon, by the way. I was able to get a friend to take me. Dad came down sick and didn't feel like going, and I didn't feel like asking him again when I realized he was sick. He probably wouldn't have felt like it even if he hadn't been sick, though, since I want to go out on my birthday this week.

I did end up thinking more seriously about maybe getting Rainbow Dash, since she's retiring, but the last one was just being sold, and I really wanted Applejack more, so I'm pretty happy with that. I just hope that I'll have another chance to get Rainbow Dash later, if I decide I want her. You know, I've never even really looked her over very much because I wasn't that interested in buying her. I did wonder at giving Rainbow Dash curlyish hair, though! Maybe if they release her again, it will be properly straight.


Sep. 29th, 2014 09:15 am
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So I'm going through a struggle of trying to decide what I want with my newest Amazon gift cards. This will be part of my birthday splurge, so I want it to be stuff I really want. Not that I don't always strive for that.

But it's difficult, as usual, trying to pick things to fit in with the gift card amounts. I am doing much browsing and going over and over my Wish List and wishing prices would come down on some things.

And in the process of searching for stuff and hoping I haven't forgot to check on something I particularly wanted, I see one of the old Columbia House Perry Mason DVDs listed in a very strange and silly way.

The Case of the Singing Shirt.

Not that the real title of Skirt sounds much less silly, but at least they're using "skirt" as slang for a girl. Shirt ... well, I don't think that's slang for any people, so it just sounds absolutely hilariously ridiculous. LOL.
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Since Dreamwidth decided to temporarily open things up for people to get accounts without codes, I decided I might as well get one while I could. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, though. Maybe mainly random assorted musings, like I wanted to use my Insanejournal for. I wish Dreamwidth had that cute ladybug theme that Insanejournal has. And I wish we got more than the standard 15 icons. But it's a nice-looking place. I have a theme called Winter Court, so I decided to be funny and name all my pages court-related things.

You know, it's funny. I've been a Mario fan a lot longer than I've been a Sonic fan. I knew about Mario when I was three or four, about four years before Sonic. And yet the only merchandise I had was given to me: a couple of Valentines, some awesome science card samples I was sent in the mail, and a ROM of an out-of-print game collection.

This year, in the last couple of months, I've ended up with some Nintendo merchandise I purchased. On my birthday I found that Toys R Us was having a sale on all Mario stuff. I went on a mini-shopping spree and bought a blue Mario shirt and a Mario backpack plush. And I got a limited edition scarf free with the purchase.

Even though I love both Sonic and Mario, and think there's no reason why both can't be loved, I honestly felt a little guilty at first. I wondered if I should have bought more Sonic merchandise instead, since his franchise is my favorite of the two. But luckily I soon got over such guilt and am thrilled with my purchases.

F.Y.E. has backpack plushies too, but their prices have become atrocious. They were charging $25 compared to Toys R Us's $16.99! (And I got the Mario plush at a further discount.) However, for Christmas they've had a sale where they charged $16.99. They're the only place I've seen Luigi other than online. So I decided while we were out shopping a week or so ago that I should buy Luigi with my share of some Christmas money friends had given us. I did exactly that. It looks awesome to see Mario and Luigi plushies sitting on my bed after wanting such things for years. I remember cutting a picture of Mario out of a magazine when I was about four and saying it was a plushie for one of my figures. And longing for it to be a real plushie that I could have.

F.Y.E. also had sales on a lot of TV show box sets. I got Perry Mason season 2, volume 1 and The Wild Wild West season 2 for Christmas. Each was only $14.99! And I bought The Wild Wild West season 3 when I got Luigi. With it being such an amazing sale, I decided I should milk it for all that I could.

And my gosh, Mario games are so much harder than Sonic. Or at least the old ones are. With Sonic you have rings, and if you're hit you drop them and you can usually gather at least some of them up again and keep going indefinitely. With Mario the coins have no bearing on whether you live or die. You can be plowed down in an instant by walking into a baddie, even if you have plenty of coins. It's so aggravating!

Also, I find it amusing that while Yoshi is one of the most popular and well-loved characters in the franchise, I barely know anything about him. The games I usually played were the first ones, before Yoshi ever came into it. The characters I'm familiar with are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and Bowser. While I don't know much about Princess Daisy, however, I am very fond of her. Mostly that's a bias due to her name, I suppose. And I know about Wario, despite never playing games with him in them. Luigi's counterpart Waluigi freaks me out. The main thing that creeps me out, for some reason, is the upsidedown L on his hat. I don't know why, but it looks creepy to me.

My latest Perry mystery is proceeding very nicely. I was thinking about the climax, but I don't think I'll muse on the details here, as I may be having some visitors who are reading the story. I want to keep this one's twists a surprise. But I will say that I'm in chapter 7 now and hoping that I can set things up for Paul and Hamilton to interact more. Right now they're separated, each trying to convince certain people who don't remember that what they're saying is the truth. I want this disaster to bring them closer together, even to the point where they might finally consider each other friends.

And you know, I've never been a really big meat fan. I eat it on pizza and in stews and soups, but when it comes to eating it plain, I don't particularly care for it. It always seems so dry. I love cooked cold turkey, but I rarely like it heated unless it's drenched in gravy. And I don't like roast beef. It mushes around and takes forever to eat.

I do, however, have an insatiable love for chicken and pork. Particularly chicken with that wonderful crunchy breaded stuff on it. Pork I happily eat down plain or on sandwiches or with cheese.

I rarely eat meat of any kind, though, other than on pizza. Mostly we use meat substitutes. I love Morningstar Farms, dislike most of Boca's, can't stand Gardenburger, and generally like Veggie Patch. I actually feel a bit guilty for not liking Gardenburger, as I think they were the first. And without them there might not have been any others. But I just don't care for their varieties. There's too much mushroom, too much rice, and too much of something else (maybe seasoning). I've tried several kinds and I just can't get into it.

I really wonder what it is that Hobbits see in mushrooms. I don't hate them, but they're certainly not a go-to food for me.


Oct. 2nd, 2011 12:39 am
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I have made a new blog post. This one continues a previous discussion, but can stand on its own and is largely new information on the topic (dissection of Perry Mason's formulaic approach and what it meant for Hamilton Burger).

A few minutes ago (just as the clock was winding down on Saturday) I purchased another movie in which William Talman has a large role as a good guy: One Minute to Zero. I wasn't going to buy it until after I go out to the stores on Monday, but I changed my mind when I saw the price had been upped in the Amazon Marketplace. The price was still the same on the same store's eBay branch, so I decided I'd better buy it before they changed the price there, too. William's character, unfortunately, dies at the end, but I still want the film when he has such a large presence in it and is a good guy. Eventually I want to buy The Racket, too. I've seen it, though, and I haven't seen One Minute to Zero (albeit I know what it's about).

I really love having been born at this time of the year. Autumn is probably my favorite season, with the changing leaves, shorter days, and cooler temperatures. It's also time to start thinking about creepy things, with Halloween right around the corner. And my church's general conference, in which the leaders give inspirational talks on religious/spiritual subjects to the members, always falls right around my birthday. This year it was yesterday and will be today. And then my birthday is Monday, so for me it's like an extended weekend of awesomeness. There's a special feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air. As with Christmas, the anticipation is often times more fun than the actual arrival of the day, since that marks the end of it all.

I remember one October, I believe in 2000, when the whole month was especially neat. Some close relatives had given my brother and me some money that we divided between us. I had so much fun getting things throughout the month that I wanted, such as a book about The Beatles old cartoon series, a book on The Monkees, and a Beatles poster. I picked up some Monkees CDs, too. And some other things. I remember I bought The Beatles' album A Hard Day's Night for JP for his birthday that year. (It was either a belated gift or else I had the money some time before October.) Also, I think that was the same year I formatted a book for someone and I got money from that, too!

I always look forward to my birthday shopping spree. Sometimes, especially of late, they're more window-shopping than anything else. But it's still so much fun. I have some things in mind that I want to look up this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least a couple of them. And this year I'll want to get back in time for Perry; we've moved into season 5 on weekdays, it's awesome so far, and Mr. Burger is a regular cast member again. Good stuff.

As a random note: the opening for seasons 4/5 is one of the strongest memories I have from years earlier. That opening is, I think, the most epic and intriguing. I always thought so. But since Perry is the only character actually shown, my favorite theme is from seasons 2/3, with everyone present. Season 1's theme showed everyone too, but they superimposed the cast list on top of everyone so you couldn't see them. That was ridiculous. In seasons 2/3, the names are placed under every person, so they are easily identified and you can clearly see them.

I think I'll do a blog entry on the openings, maybe next week. I'm trying to get an entry up there at least once a week.

As a final note on the openings, it was in the latter third of season 3 when they altered it so Perry was the only character shown. They did that during that disaster with William Talman. What I don't quite understand is why they didn't put it back with everyone present after William was restored to his position. The only reason I can think of is that William's name still disappeared every time he was absent from an episode. Also, it was season 5 when they brought in Andy to lighten Ray Collins' load, and maybe him appearing less was another factor in keeping the openings the way they were, only showing Perry.

It's kind of sad that things never did fully go back to normal when William returned, since Ray Collins then was around less and less. One more reason why season 2 is just about my absolute favorite season. But season 6 is high on my list too. I have nothing against Andy, Ray Collins was still there sometimes in 6, and Perry and Mr. Burger are very obviously close friends by that point.

Squee! ^O^

Oct. 4th, 2009 07:28 am
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W00t! X3 Picture up!

It was an awesome day. ^O^ And the celebrations will be extended; the shopping part will be on Monday.

Crystal and I are doing an RP of the Duke undercover thing, which is definitely giving me more ideas for the possible fic version. X3 We did a lot of that in the morning and some in the evening. I've also been RPing with Kaze and chatting with her and Lisa.

I got two Clair Poulson novels (my favorite author, a local one who writes suspense), the Sonic X DVD set with the first 13 episodes, and new, soft sleepwear. X3 I also got some awesome cards from family and friends. And a pizza. XD

My aunt sent a gorgeous multi-tiered necklace that reminds me of falltime. *___* And a computer dictionary and thesaurus program! **squees!** So useful! She also sent a check, which I plan to put to use this coming week. X3

I got some wonderful digital gifts, too! Crystal wrote me a mystery fic! *___* So awesome. It was just like a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys story in the Carmen verse!

Lisa made me an amazing Dissidia Cloud and Seph colorbar (which is on my profile; go look)! ^O^ I haven't played in that verse too much, but it's still so intriguing. "Legendary Love" is a perfect tag for it!

And Kaze sent this squee-worthy Sonic X bag! Ohmygosh, it's got my three favorite characters on it: Knuckles, Sonic, and Shadow! And matching pins! ^O^ She also sent an awesome frame thing with the saying "No road is long with a good friend" and our picture in it. X3 Plus a CD of all the pics she took over our three days together in August when she drove up for the concert. ^O^ Which I still need to do a write-up about!

My camera was doing weird things during that time, and her parents just got digital cameras after that and were getting rid of their manual ones. Kaze had asked to have them, and since there were two, she wondered if I'd like to have one since my camera had been acting up. X3 So that came too! **anxious to try it out.**

In addition, my birthday present to myself arrived on time (LOL): four Sonic comics. I've been buying Shadow issues like crazy. In the past few weeks I've accumulated Sonic Universe #1-#4, Sonic X #40, and the regular Sonic series #124, #149, #161, and #171. I have plans to get more. X3 Plus I still want that Sonic Select compilation with the early Knuckles stories! The four that arrived yesterday were Sonic Universe #1, #3, #4, and Sonic #161. Also, a survey check came. X3

I also started drawing a pic of Duke breaking down after killing the assassin. o.o His pose is actually coming out really well; the hard part is getting the right intensity in his expression. And drawing the assassin face-down on the floor. I have to do that, or the picture won't have the full impact.

And Dad borrowed a VCR! **squees!** I've been watching YGO episodes. #85 (the one where Shadi saves Tristan and Duke), some Noa's Arc stuff (and totally loved Duke even more after watching the three-way duel against Nesbitt), and some Doom stuff (I'd intended to watch Yami Y vs. Raphael, but I ended up watching Joey vs. Mai instead. XD;). LOL, some of those dub lines are hilarious! Like Duke's comment after Shadi pulls them up: "That was *not* fun." **snarks.** And 4Kids recycled that line for Sonic X; Cream says it after one of Bokkun's bombs goes off.

Also, I totally forgot about Valon's hilarious snarking during the duel against Mai. Like when Joey merges Helmos and Time Wizard: "Run! It's a croquet hammer with wings!" LOL! And when the numbers appear above Mai's monsters: "Thanks for the counting lesson, mate! Next time maybe you can teach me the alphabet!"

I just love Duke in the three-way Noa's Arc duel, as I mentioned. He was so logical and practical while trying to save everyone. I doubt Tristan would have lost if he'd trusted in Duke's plan. But he seemed to think Duke was only looking out for himself, and since Nesbitt had forbidden them to discuss their strategies, Duke couldn't explain. ;___;

I'd forgotten that Duke was the first to be turned to stone by Noa. o.o I'd also forgotten that Tristan is the only one shown reacting. (In the dub, at least, not even Serenity is shown or heard reacting, whereas she does audibly react when it's Tristan.) I need to see that scene in the Japanese, just for curiosity's sake. Tristan and Duke really are intriguing. I haven't done a lot with them solo, but in the mystery fics they were often in scenes together. And of course, the conflict between them in Life After the Tears, when Duke seemingly goes rogue....

Why didn't Duke ever go rogue in canon, BTW? It was always Tristan being mind-controlled. I would have liked to have seen it be Duke, even once....

And ... guess what? The dub made Duke sound a lot worse in #85 than he was really supposed to. XD; Dub version has him telling Tristan girls like men of action and Tristan isn't one, he's just a pathetic cheerleader. Original version has him say that since Tristan isn't related to Serenity and isn't her lover, he's got no right to question Duke's motives in connection with her. And he thinks Tristan should just tell Serenity he likes her, though he's sure he knows what her answer will be. (And of course, the physical fight itself was cut too. XD; Even though all that happened was that Tristan threw a couple of punches that Duke dodged, and Duke elbowed Tristan in the stomach.)

But in spite of all its flaws, dub YGO is still the real deal for me. XD; I can't think of one voice I prefer in Japanese over English, unlike with Sailor Moon (where I also started with the dub and then saw the Japanese version). And I love the instrumental scores. *___* The only character I still refuse to call by the dub name is Rishid. XD; And that's mainly because for the longest time I never knew his name had been changed, so when he suddenly was called Odion it was an immense shock to me. Oh yeah, and I always use Miruko instead of Mikey. But other than that, it's dub names for me! And the silly in-joke of Duke's undercover name....

Stuff. X3

Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:01 pm
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URGENT UPDATE! This in from [ profile] angelflare!
EEEE! **sails over the moon.** Look at that gorgeous wing! And it's BLUE! YES!

Well ... This has been an interesting month. On my birthday I got season 4 of The Batman on DVD, another Clair Poulson novel, and a nice hardback of Ernest Hemingway novels, among other things. I really agree with his "iceberg" theory of writing. That's how I've tried to write for the last couple of years or so, letting dialogue tell a lot of the story and not telling every little thing going through the characters' minds. I try to trust that the readers are intelligent enough to pick up on what's suggested but not said. XD

And Kaze sent me a burned CD of FF7 voice actor songs, as well as the two most recent Rockapella Christmas albums! **squees.** They're so awesome. X3 They make me feel really Christmassy. Both of them are after Sean left, sadly, but I love them. ^^ I really like Kevin a lot; I think he was the perfect choice since they had to get another tenor. And it's great to hear Elliott on both CDs and Barry on one of them! They all have beautiful harmonies and sing a mixture of lots of different kinds of Christmas songs. And sometimes they do such silly things, like a monologue Scott does on Please Come Home for Christmas.

Crystal Rose has been sending me Carmen blurbs and pics, which are awesome! We both enjoy writing h/c, so the blurbs have a lot of that. X3 And the pics are mainly illustrations from Walk Like an Egyptian. Much fun and squee!

I've been having lots of crazy dreams of late, one of course being that cemetery one. I had another cemetery one, but it just involved me taking a headstone to use as a visual aid for something and then having to put it back. XD; And finding a bunch of people at a pavilion having a cookout in the cemetery! .__.;

I also had an awesome dream where Rockapella (the current lineup) was going to be giving a concert right here in the neighborhood, and I had gone to help set things up and hoped to meet the guys. X3

Then today I had a weird dream of tape-searching. I found a tape that had a totally different version of Zombie Jamboree on it, where the guys (Carmen era) were singing as they ran and leaped through a jungley/beachy area. LOL. And of course I woke up wanting to hear the song, so now it's been on Repeat for a while.

On the same tape I found a weird, WEIRD thing that said it was Little House on the Prairie but it was more like the Love Comes Softly series ... and it involved Aerith's and Seph's ancestors in a frontier town. And being a couple. And Seph dying. ;___; I despise the Seph/Aerith pairing, but the dream was kind of cute. And then it was so saaad!

In real-life, I heard Harry Belefonte's version of Zombie Jamboree, and it was one of the dumbest things ever. XD; The third verse switches gears completely and randomly talked about Brigette Bardot, and then the fourth verse was mostly the guy complaining about nuclear war. He tried to tie it into the song by saying if it happened, we'd all join the Zombie Jamboree. **rolls eyes.** Please to be keeping your political views out of a cheerful song about zombies, thank you very much!

The Kingston Trio's version, by comparison, is so amusing! The female zombie wants to marry the narrator and keeps bothering him. I was thinking how funny it would have been if Rockapella had sung that version sometime. I have this picture of how it would play out, with the female zombie chasing Sean and him mischievously singing the "I have to run away!" part. **snickers.**
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Love the icon. X3 Lisa made it.

I had a weird dream the other day, involving Zack (and me, but let's forget that part) panic-stricken because Sephiroth was missing and had apparently perished in some kind of disaster. I think it may have been a flood in the dream? But anyway, by the end Seph was found, alive and well. I woke up and thought ... FIC.

But instead of water, it's fire, and Seph's wandering dazed and wounded through Wutai, unable to find anyone willing to help the General who quelled the Wutaian rebellion.

Let It Be has become the image song for the fic. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, except that I was thinking of Aubrie's AMV with Valon and the fire in that and the Let It Be song and I wondered if it would fit my story. So I went and listened and decided it did.

Took me a while to figure out exactly how, though. After all, Zack and Seph could not let the fire disaster be, without trying to rescue those involved. And Zack could not let his belief that Seph was still alive be, and give in to the beliefs of others that Seph was dead. But, the Wutaians needed to get over their hatred and let that be. It was angry rebels who started the fire, and then of course, Seph had a terrible time finding anyone who would help him, when they despise SOLDIERs so much. (Someone finally does help him, later on.) And the "there will be an answer" line makes me think of Zack being convinced that Seph is alive, no matter what, and hoping to find him. As well as a more general thing of an ethereal assurance that there will be an answer for this madness.

Last night I was trying to write Sephiroth's flashback and get it just right. It would not cooperate. I needed to make sure that whatever happened to separate him and the kids would make him look noble and not weak. And I wondered what kinds of disasters might happen in the fire. No one I talked to then seemed to know, so I spent an hour or so looking through something I found called the Gas Explosion Handbook. It didn't help much, except that I decided Almost Anything Goes, within reason. And finally, after turning things over in my mind many times, by morning I knew how to re-write the scene.

It's ... less than a week to my birthday now, as the clock changes to midnight. I was finding myself rather apathetic about it until a few days ago when I was mentioning to Mom what I wanted to do (go shopping, of course; I don't do parties) and that I wanted to get a pizza. Then I started to get excited again. But I still don't even know what to ask for. Last year, when I graduated, I felt like I'd entered the adult world. That birthday, I only asked for one thing, knowing we didn't have much money. Things were a bit better at Christmastime. This year would be the same ... or it would be if I could think of anything at all. What I can think of is what I want to buy myself, either by trying to find it in retail stores (like the KH Cloud figurine and the Within Temptation album) or what I want online (like the AC soundtrack). I was going to ask for the second Darkwing set, but I didn't see it at Wal-Mart and I ended up feeling kinda Eh about it. It has some episodes I'd specially like, but what about the others? I know I won't (and don't) like all of the offerings. Of course, that would be the case with any TV show, but I'm trying to decide if it's worth it right now.

Truthfully, what I wanted most, I've got. **cuddles plush.**
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For 5 of your fandoms, name:

1. The first character you first fell in love with:
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that you don't:
4. The character you love that everyone else hates:
5. The character you used to love but don't any longer:
6. The character 'ship everyone else loves that you don't:
7. The character 'ship you love that everyone else hates:

Answers! )

I greatly enjoyed the shopping excursion. X3 I wanted to go to a music store, so we rushed to get to Day-Murray Music before they closed. I browsed around a bit and found Angels by Robbie Williams. They only had one copy, so I snapped it up. I like collecting the songs that I've used in stories. ^^ I wanted to find piano music for Linkin Park and for Ride of the Valkyries, but no luck. I guess the only music for Ride of the Valkyries that they had was in those big compilation books. I did play Missing on the piano and enjoyed that. I wish Evanescence would release Missing as a new single. Then there'd be individual sheet music released for it. I don't want to buy the Anywhere But Home songbook, because I already have most of those songs in my Fallen songbook.

Then we found a Best Buy on our way to the nearest Toys R Us, so we stopped in. I found the season 2 boxset of Magic Knight Rayearth for $33.99, so I bought that. X3 I have all of the TV show now. I looked for the third Saiyuki Double Barrel set, but I didn't see it.

The Murray Toys R Us hasn't had as good of a selection in the past, so I was surprised when we went there now and found that they'd stocked up on a lot of things. They had some of the new Winx Club dolls that were in casual clothing, but they didn't have the one of Musa where she has a kimono-type outfit. That one looks so pretty.

Across the street was ShopKo, where I rediscovered that they are a very good place to buy YGO shirts. I found a couple that I'd never seen before, including one with Yami Yugi and Dartz. That gives me hope that, somewhere out there, are shirts with the bikers. XD I bought that shirt, BTW. Surprised?

Then we went to Wal-Mart, where I saw the Layla fairy doll. The proportions look off on her, somehow. I don't think I was just tired, because Bloom looked fine. Hmm. Well, anyway, I bought Linkin Park's Meteora, which I've been planning to do for a while now. ^^ Then we picked up a pizza at Domino's and came home.

Speaking of Domino's, that's probably where Valon works. XD Since they stay open really late and all.

And now, I must see if I can write those last two pages for chapter 11 of Life After the Tears. ^^;
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I do believe I'm starting to cramp. I figured it would be happening around this time, but I had really hoped it could hold off for a bit. I hate it when it happens on the weekend. Then it means I'm in agony on Saturday morning. I suppose I can be grateful that the worst of it will be over by Monday.

I did finally type something for Alister again. XD; I don't want his journal to die. It's fun, writing a journal for one of the most underappreciated yet fascinating, complex, and wonderful characters on YGO.

That Doom poster is on eBay right now, and for a good price, too. I think I just may have to snap one up. wwwanimestuffstorecom has a really awesome selection of anime products. I've bought CDs from her about three times now, I think. The prices are always reasonable.

Media Play sold that Alucard wallscroll. XD Not that I would have considered getting it. I was just curious. Now they have some cool T-shirts of Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin. I may consider getting one.

I honestly have not known much of anything to ask for for my birthday. Most of what I want is online, and Dad doesn't do much online shopping. But it wouldn't be practical to ask for books, because I already have so many around that I need to read once I get my school done. Most DVDs I prefer buying myself. And most of the music I like is foreign. XD; I did think of a few things to ask for that can be found around locally, but eh. ^^;

Blah, I wish there'd be more cool YGO merchandise released. There hasn't been much around for a while. There are those interesting figure sets each with Yami Yugi, Seto, or Marik, accompanied by their respective God monster, but I already have the Marik figure, and my versions of the Yami Y and Seto figures are better than the ones that come with the God monsters. XD;
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XD; My mom gets cold so easily. . . . So then the heat goes on and I am soon roasting. Even in the basement it gets too hot.

I'm working on my Valon h/c one-shot fic, but it's moving very slowly. I wish I could get more of a move-on with Candy Clouds. Maybe if I watched Magic Knight Rayearth I'd have more inspiration for it. ^^; I hope it isn't going to take me a million months to finish the Valon fic, like it did with the Duke fic. (Even as it is, I've never been too pleased with the Duke fic. I kinda wanna go back and change some stuff and add some stuff and such.)

Rockman.EXE: Axess is interesting so far. It seems kinda dull when compared to the normal series, though the action picked up in today's episode with Megaman and Roll fighting Flashman. I bet things will get a lot better and darker after Protoman is taken over by the Dark Chip. And I may be in the minority, but I'm actually not a big fan of the whole Cross-Fusion thing. XD; I dunno . . . I don't want to say it's weird exactly (though it kinda is). . . . I just don't care for it. It would be much cooler if Megaman and the other Navis just appeared in the real world along with their enemies and Cross-Fusion wasn't needed.

The RP at Janime's forums is great so far. XD I get to play all of the bikers, which I normally wouldn't like doing since I like having someone to play off of, but since no one else auditioned for them, I decided to take them all so they'd all for certain be in the story. ^^; Can't only have one or two of them being there, after all! That would ruin everything. I'm as protective and obsessive over these guys as I am over the Ishtars. XD Down with biker romances and all that crap! They don't need it! They're a family unit that can survive perfectly well without romance! **Ahem.** Anyway. . . .

Mom's birthday is Saturday. That means that Dad and I will need to go shopping tomorrow. ^^ We'll probably only wind up downtown, though. . . . **wants to go to the Brickyard area and Media Play.** I'm not sure what to get Mom yet. XD; **thinks.**
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Check out my last one, especially. XD

Mega Man
Mega Man - You are Mega Man, the original
Blue Bomber! Built by Dr. Light, you fight
against Dr. Wily's insidious world takeover

Which Mega Man good guy are you?
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You are Roll!
You are Roll. You look awesome in a pink skintight
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hide it well. You are very compassionate,
which integrates well with your healing power.

What Megaman Battle Network Character Are you? (now with new result)
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You're Protoman!

Which Megaman baddy are you?
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You are the all around hero type. You fight for
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What Megaman Character are you?
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You are MegaMan, known also as Rock,RockMan and the
BlueBomber. You are generally good,
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You got Bass! How very unique...

Which Megaman character are you?
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Well, another day has passed of mega computer trouble. On Tuesday night, my entire ISP crashed! @@ On Wednesday Dad decided we needed a new ISP because he STILL couldn't get through to ours (all six of their numbers were messed up!!), so he downloaded a free two-month trial of CompuServe. I hope we can get a different one to be our permenant one. CompuServe has a lot of oddities I don't care for. Like, you have to leave their browser window up to surf the Net. If you close their browser window, you get kicked offline. >< But I wanna use Netscape! Plus, when you do try to close the browser window, it insists you need new file updates and downloads a whole bunch. But come on! They can't get more new features that quickly! Also, once it's done with that, it tries to re-open the browser AGAIN, even though you wanted to close it! Ugh.

I think we're going out on Friday. I'll welcome it. XD I have so many things I need to look for. . . .

Dang, in less than three weeks, I'll be eighteen. And I still don't feel eighteen mentally. (Dad calls this being "Peter Pan-ish." I don't mind. I like Peter Pan, especially the Fox version!) It will be kinda nice to be legally an adult, though. ^^ I'll even be able to write my own checks!

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